• Review: Sonos Bundle 150 with loudspeakers (and more)

    We’ve reviewed a lot of home audio solutions, and they all offer different benefits and drawbacks. The big trend is “music everywhere”, whether through powerline networking or wirelessly. Most of these products require a specific music source to feed into the system. Sonos brings something rather more complete to the goal of “music everywhere”. Read on for… Read More

  • The 500GB Moxi HD DVR is finally available

    Digeo finally has made their next-gen HD DVR somewhat available. Amazon has a soft launch of the $799 box and as much as I dig the Moxi’s UI, I hope it has the right stuff to justify spending $200 more than a 1TB TiVo HD XL. True, you don’t have the monthly subscription with the Moxi box, but it’s half the storage for HD Desperate Housewives recordings. Eventually TiVo will… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Samsung NC10 for $450 with Paypal

    I hereby declare 2008 to be The Year of the Netbook! They’re like the Beanie Babies of the technology sector. Here’s Samsung’s offering, the NC10, for $449 on Buy.com if you pay with Paypal. The NC10 got Laptop.com’s editors’ choice award thanks to its “spacious keyboard and more than 6 hours of battery life” – so there you go. Specs include… Read More

  • Skimlinks Thinks It Has Solved That Annoying Affiliates Schemes Issue

    As is often the case, a startup comes up with one idea and then quickly realises there is a better model. UK startup Skimbit started out with a decision-making tool with affiliate links, but has now realised the method used to aggregate those affiliates could be offered to other publishers. Similar schemes leave little room for editorial control, but it’s new Skimlinks off-shoot… Read More

  • The Lenovo+China Mobile OPhone sure does look familiar

    First there was the iPhone, then came a bunch of stuff no one cared about. Now we have what appears to be the OPhone, a cellphone developed by Lenovo in conjunction with China Mobile. It’s using Android as its operating system, a move that took a great deal of bravery for China Mobile to accept. (Apparently the firm doesn’t like the idea of relying on outside technologies for… Read More

  • AdSense For Domains Now Available For All US Publishers

    Any US publisher with a domain name he or she isn’t using (yet) can now squeeze a couple of extra dollars out of it by using Google AdSense For Domains, another way for the search giant to make more money from online real estate and give some of it back to people with parked domains. The company is opening up to ‘English-language AdSense publishers located in North America’… Read More

  • Lenovo OPhone, the most gorgeous Android handset you can probably never have

    Unless you happen to be one of the few reading MobileCrunch from China, look away. The gorgeous little piece of Android-powered fun you see up above isn’t leavin’ the People’s Republic, so don’t torture yourself by falling in love with it. Purportedly a work-in-progress by Lenovo, this one’s carrying the name “OPhone” behind closed doors. It’ll… Read More

  • Polaroid done with instant film, the world tears up

    Polaroid was once the hipster of photography but their day is gone. Digital cameras have pushed the need/fun of instant photos to the wayside and the storied company is going to stop manufacturing the instant film at the end of this year. I’m sure most of us have pleasant memories waiting for the sub-par photos slowly emerge from the grey film. Those still enjoying the format should… Read More

  • YouTube HD via Netgear EVA9000

    We spied Netgear’s latest home media streamer at a pre-CES event just the other day, but it seems like we missed a tasty little detail. The EVA9000 appears to be the first set-top box to fully support the very new YouTube HD streams. Plenty of devices can put YouTube on your main screen, but none of have been updated for the new YouTube format. Read More

  • Race And The Web: Going After Niche Markets Or Practicing Digital Segregation?

    This is a guest post by Angela Benton, Founder & Publisher of Black Web 2.0, a site that covers the internet industry from an African-American perspective. It was co-written by Black Web 2.0 General Manager Markus Robinson. The release of Blackbird, an African American focused web browser sparked quite a bit of controversy this past week. The TechCrunch post about it elicited reactions… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Jungle Edition

    New MIMOBOT drives
    It’s a wiimote swaddled in hemp – what?
    The Perfect Unison x Parra: Wooden headphones with pretty pictures painted on
    Evernote now works with Eye-Fi cards (and it’s about time)
    The Sony lampshade that turns light into energy Read More

  • Holiday Gift Card Management Startup Leverage Has Very Little Left

    The idea behind Leverage was simple and had some potential: it offered an advanced management system for gift cards, hugely popular worldwide especially this time of year, so you could register all of them and keep track of how much you have left or stored on each one. You were also able to buy gift cards, or swap them with others. The service also let you manage all of your loyalty reward… Read More

  • IT Factory's Bagger Super Sorry For The Massive Fraud

    The beginning of what promises to be a fascinating story (and possibly a Hollywood movie) around the rise and fall of Denmark’s IT Factory is starting to emerge. In late November celebrated CEO Stein Bagger went missing in Dubai – it later turned out he abandoned his wife and child and fled to New York as his company fell apart. He then borrowed a friend’s car and credit card… Read More

  • Now you too can buy all your mobile apps on SD cards. Wait, what?

    Best Buy announced today that they are going to start selling Smartphone software applications from their in-store “Mobile Genie” system. They also announced that Handango’s In-Hand client will be custom branded for Best Buy, and automatically downloaded into each device so customers can continue to purchase apps with Handango and Best Buy after they leave the store. In… Read More

  • Nintendo is rolling in it; Wii sells a gazillion units

    Can the Wii juggernaught be stopped? It doesn’t look like it. Wii sales are consistently high and even though they’re shipping them as fast as they can make them, there may be shortages this holiday season for the third year in a row. With more than two million Wiis sold just last month, equating to a profit of about infinity dollars, rumors are circulating that every Nintendo… Read More

  • Fallout 3 mod tools now ready to roll

    I’m sure we’re going to be seeing a lot of extra Vaults out there in a couple weeks — Fallout fanfiction forums are, I’m sure, just flamin’ hot right now. With any luck, they’ll make a few dungeons that are actually challenging. On normal difficulty (I know…) I ended the game with about 80 stimpacks and at least 20 mini-nukes unused. At that point… Read More

  • New MIMOBOT drives

      I always like MIMOBOT usb drives since they’re kinda like vinyl figurines, but are actually functional. These new ones are no different. Choose from a new selection including the Pirate Nero, Fairybit and Pastaio. Make sure to check out the great deals on the site too. My personal favorite, the Boba Fett (which features a helmet cap which when removed reveals Boba’s face) is on… Read More

  • How Many Bodies Exactly Is CBS Interactive Trying To Hide? Try "275-ish."

    The pink slips were passed out on Thursday throughout the various business duchies that make up CBS Interactive—CNET, CBS.com, CBSNews,com, CBSSports.com, BNET, GameSpot, TV.com, last.fm, and CHOW. While CBS confirmed to me and other reporters that layoffs did happen across the board, it refused to talk about how many total people are losing their jobs. That left us scrambling… Read More

  • Tiny tripods galore

    We’ve seen baby tripods before, from DIY to possibly useful to questionably safe. This Manfrotto looks pretty decent, (although it’s not technically a tripod) but I’m not sure I trust those little springs. And I’d want the feet to be bendable. For $30 it’s an okay bet but kind of chunky; a commenter mentions the Millipod, which is more compact, looks simpler… Read More

  • When it comes to mice, how small is too small?

    I’ll tell you. When it’s the size of a matchbook. This is the kind of mouse a spy might use — if he or she was unaquainted with the magic of trackpads. Really, all you need to make a mouse is an optical sensor and a couple contact sensors for buttons, and they can make those on a molecular scale these days. I wouldn’t be surprised if these mousemakers (I’m… Read More

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