• Judge upholds stop on RealDVD sales: Don't expect to see it for a long time (if ever)

    Like Achilles, it looks like RealDVD has lived a short but glorious life. Its name will echo for eternity. And so on, and so forth. Right, so that judge that RealNetworks was so confident would rule in its favor did the exact opposite, ruling in favor of the movie studios. The temporary injunction on the sales of RealDVD will go on indefinitely; the odds of RealDVD coming back, especially… Read More

  • Google Turns On Text Ads In Google Maps

    With Google’s stock down $100 in the past two weeks, the company all of a sudden isn’t so shy about pulling every advertising lever it can reach. So far this week, we’ve seen new click-to-buy buttons on YouTube (YouTubevertorials), AdSense for Flash games, and now text ads are appearing at the bottom of Google Maps. This may be bucket testing, but when I enter “New… Read More

  • T-Mobile G1 gets its first user review

    Not tethered by the likes of embargoes and bravely challenging the heavy hand of their employer, a T-Mobile employee (Update: They work for a T-Mobile Master Dealer, not corporate) who doubles as a member of the AndroidCommunity forums has posted a user review of the T-Mobile G1. Fortunately, the giddiness of being one of the first in the world with the G1 didn’t keep… Read More

  • Magnetic battery discovery may lead to cooler laptops

    Remember the word “spintronics” as you may be hearing more and more about it over the coming months. It’s basically a phenomenon that creates magnetic currents that behave much in the same way that electric currents work, except with out all the heat that electric currents generate. In the computer world, advancements have already been made toward magnetic RAM, which is said… Read More

  • Amazon S3 Customers Now Benefit From Economies of Scale

    Amazon has introduced a tiered pricing scheme for S3, its cloud storage service, that will take advantage of increasing economies of scale and go into effect November 1st. Currently, American customers pay $0.15 for each gigabyte of data they store each month. With the new scheme, this will remain the price only for users who require less than 50 terabytes of storage. Once demands exceed… Read More

  • MSI Wind U120 means business with a 3.5G modem

    The fine folks over at Fudzilla have managed to wrangle photos of the upcoming MSI Wind U120, which should be available at the end of the year. Specs appear to be very similar to the current MSI Wind U100, except that the U120 will feature a SIM-based 3.5G wireless chip, presumably to attract a more business-oriented crowd. The netbook will still have a 10-inch screen and decent keyboard… Read More

  • Tokyo Game Show: More impressions and pictures

    This year’s Tokyo Game Show, which currently takes place in Chiba (1 hour east of Tokyo), is expected to be the biggest yet and it was actually quite crowded today already, at day one of the show (that ends Sunday). Here are my first impressions: 1)
    Microsoft makes a very strong showing this year. They have Tekken 6, Resident Evil 5, Streetfighter 4 and most importantly they have many… Read More

  • PlayStation Store coming to the PSP

    This was surely in the works long before Nintendo made their DSi announcement, but I’ll be damned if Sony wasn’t a little PO’d about Nintendo stealing some of their thunder. Come October 15, in Japan, you’ll have access to all sorts of downloadable content and service. All forthcoming UMD titles from Sony Japan will come in downloadable form as well. Some titles will… Read More

  • T-Mobile to launch the Samsung T919 "Behold"

    Looks like T-Mobile is finally bringing the F480 Tocco to their lineup – albeit with a bit of a name change. It’s now the Samsung T919 “Behold”. Fortunately, though we don’t know all that much about this one’s insides, we know the important bits: it’s got a full touchscreen display, a 5 megapixel camera with flash, Samsung’s TouchWiz UI, and… Read More

  • Onkyo has wireless headphones for the iPod now

    Tired of the tyranny of headphone wires when listening to “Headphone Silence” on your iPod 200 times in a row? Who isn’t! Lucky for you there’s Onkyo’s MHP-UW2, a pair of unfortunately named wireless headphones that operate on the 2.4GHz frequency. You have to plug a receiver into the bottom of your iPod in order for it to work, but once that’s out of the… Read More

  • Wakoopa Begins Tracking Web Apps Alongside Their Desktop Counterparts

    The team behind Wakoopa, a social network that tracks and shares information about the desktop applications used by its members, noticed that Firefox and Safari were consistently ranked as the network’s top two applications by usage. So they took this as a cue to start measuring web apps in addition to desktop apps, since their data confirm (at least among the developer types drawn to… Read More

  • QikCom Adds Its Own Twist To Enterprise Twitter: The TabStore (Invites)

    We now have a horse race for who will become the enterprise version of Twitter. Today marks the beta launch of QikCom, which is aimed at companies that want their employees to communicate with each other privately in a Twitter-like fashion. QikCom joins Yammer (winner of this year’s TechCrunch50), and Present.ly. We have exclusive invites for TechCrunch readers (sign up here with… Read More

  • iPhone flaw could expose your text messages to others

    There’s a flaw in the way the iPhone (with the latest firmware, mind you) handles supposedly secure text messages. Here, a secure text message is one that says something along the lines of, “You have a new text message” when it initially flashes across the screen. Insecure text messages are, “Hey, dude, are we still going to get smashed later tonight?” (Yes.) When… Read More

  • A rumor: $800 Apple laptop imminent

    The Inquisitr is quoting some unnamed source and saying Apple is ’bout to drop an $800 laptop. Yup, according to them and an alleged retail price sheet showing 12 price points starting at $800, Apple is about to break their mold and break into a whole new market of lower priced laptops. And since these price sheets aren’t printed too far in advance, we should see this laptop real… Read More

  • 8-megapixel LG KC780 made official

    As they so sneakily mentioned they would do in last week’s Renoir announcement, LG has announced the 8 megapixel KC780 slider phone. When the promo shots of the KC780 were leaked back in September, rumor had it that LG had been internally boasting that their 8 megapixel handset was the slimmest of the bunch. Seems like the Samsung Pixon may have just barely nabbed the title from them… Read More

  • Trap door pool table is a good weekend project

    Finally, a solution to the whole “I wish I had a pool table” problem for those of us living in cramped city apartments. All I’ve needed to do this whole time was cut a big four foot deep rectangular hole in my living room floor and add a hydraulic lift mechanism. I’ll just swing by the Home Depot tomorrow and pick up the supplies. In all seriousness, this looks like… Read More

  • Apple Announcing New Notebooks on October 14th and CrunchGear will be there [Update]

    The invites are out and the rumors can be laid to rest. Will it be new “Brick” aluminum-cased MacBooks/Pro? Or just plain old plastic ones with Nvidia chipsets? Will they be under $1,000? Be sure to tune in for CrunchGear’s live blog of the event on October 14th at 10AM PDT. Update: Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster weighs in on pricing for the new MacBook along with… Read More

  • PS3 bundle packaging images appear

    ‘member those PS3 bundles leaked yesterday? Yeah, we found some images making the leak just a tad more official showing the two new 80GB options – along with Sony’s announcement so yeah, they are now official. The Gran Turismo 5 Prologue edition is going to carry a 39,980 yen price tag ($397USD), while the LittleBigPlanet Bundle will run a bit higher at 44,980 yen ($446USD). Read More

  • Tokyo Game Show: Streetfighter IV for PS3 and XBOX 360 looks awesome (videos)

    One of my favorite games of this year’s Tokyo Game Show is Streetfighter 4, which made an equally great impression on the XBOX 360 and PS3. Capcom made massive efforts to promote the game, for example with this very cool trailer you can watch below. Read More

  • SlingCatcher now available

    Boy, the SlingCatcher has been in the works for sometime, but it’s finally shipping to eager nerds. The $299 streamer gives owners access to all their SlingBox’s without the need a computer. Plus, almost anything can be streamed off a Windows PC and eventually via Sling.com media portal. It’s a great looking device from a celebrated company, but is launching into a… Read More

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