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    A huge thanks to both our headline sponsors Olswang and our CrunchBoard jobs advertisers for supporting TechCrunch UK and Ireland! You guys rock! Here’s a selection of recent CrunchBoard jobs: Mobile Applications Developer – Invitation Digital Senior ASP.NET/C# Web Developer – HotPrints Professional Services Engineer – Pluck Corporation Media Sales and Business… Read More

  • The iPhone is grand, but is AT&T reaping the benefits of a new Apple "halo effect"?

    Right now our biggest stories are about the iPhone 2 and how it’s going to revolutionize mobile communications. Apple did it before with the original iPhone, setting the stage for a number of wannabes and imitators. This means the bar for the follow-up handset is high, though Apple is likely able to hit the mark. With its shortcomings, there’s plenty or room for improvement in… Read More

  • The past week on MobileCrunch

    Top stories for the week of 6/1/08 – 6/7/08: Rumor Roundup: 3G iPhone A chat with Qik about Windows Mobile, giving birth, and the future Photos of the iPhone 2 leaked Smartphones considered more of a security risk than laptops VLC media player ported to iPhone/iTouch Microsoft wants to turn your phone off Good shots of the Samsung i900 finally surface Read More

  • Ummm…

    Here we see a youngster in Japan’s Harajuku District exploring its sexuality. Great little pick me up, right? Check out more photos at the JapanForum. Seriously. People dress like this. Read More

  • MS to release Blu-Ray drive on Monday

    Tipster JJ writes: I’ve got a close friend who works at Microsoft, previously with the HD-DVD division and now in the E&D division (Xbox, zune). I’m told MS will upstage Apple with a Monday 9am PDT announcement (1 hour before WWDC) via press release that the Xbox 360 will get Blu-Ray before Christmas. Price was “under the current Elite”, but i could get any… Read More

  • Apple WWDC 2008 Keynote Live-Blogging Tomorrow

    Matt, Michael, and Mark (the M-Team) will be reporting live from WWDC tomorrow at 10AM Pacific, 1PM Eastern. We will be posting on CrunchGear. You can talk about the event with us at CrunchChat. It it all goes pear-shapes we’ll revert to a static HTML page in place of the dynamic page for the duration of the event. TC will have a copy of the coverage as well. If you will be away from… Read More

  • "Daddy, what's an NDA?" A reader's guide to understanding gadget sites

    See: Spy shots, NDAs, Review Samples Given the excitement about the iPhone 2, the suppositions that carriers are getting huge shipments, and idea that hundreds of media are currently running around with the IP2 as we speak, surreptitiously shooting pictures of our underwear with the phone’s 12-megapixel X-Ray camera, I thought I’d take a moment to explain how Apple — and… Read More

  • Does the Bilderberg Group have anything to do with the iPhone?

    The Bilderberg Group is meeting in Chantilly, VA right now, right outside of DC, and Bilderberg conspiracists are pretty excited, blaming Hilary’s decision to bow out on the machinations of the secret group. The Bilderberg Group is a meet-up of all the major figures in media, politics, and finance where all of the decisions that will effect us, the masses, are decided in airy ballrooms… Read More

  • HTC Shadow II on the 'Bay

    eBay has an one “beta” HTC Shadow 2 for sale for $499. As the breathless prose says “Here is a Beta Test Verstion of the Not out yet HTC Shadow 2!!” It has WM 6.1, Wi-Fi, MP3 playback and supports MyFaves. Not sure if it supports HotSpot@Home, though. Read More

  • Ashton Kutcher's Katalyst Media To Preview Blah Girls Next Week

    More details on the some of the interactive new media properties being created by Katalyst Media (the production company created by Ashton Kutcher and Jason Goldberg). Last week Kutcher and Goldberg gave me a preview of some of the new properties and the business model behind it. Next week the two will be meeting with a number of big media buyers at Internet Week in New York to show them five… Read More

  • Asus eee 901 unboxed, hooker-style

    Laptop has some first shots of the Asus eee 901. Instead of a lab, the unboxed the sucker on a bed and next to a breakfast tray, suggesting that Laptop is more attracted to their review products than we initially realized. I do know that Laptop publisher Ed Brown successfully mounted and procreated with an IBM ThinkPad back in 2002, but to see it happen again is perverse. How did they get it? Read More

  • Can Google Trends Predict The Election?

    If more people are searching on Google for “Obama” than “McCain” does that mean he is more likely to win the election? Not every voter in the U.S. uses Google, or even uses the Internet, for that matter. But enough of the population does use Google that its search patterns cannot be ignored by either candidate, the press, or anyone interested in the outcome of the… Read More

  • Beema: Add freaky avatars to your video messages

    Poor Jason over at TC had to pretend to be an animated cat to try out a new video messaging platform, Beema. You log in, call a 1800 number, and leave a message. A short time later you get an SMS and an email containing your cellphone ready video. We gave it a go and were amused by the… Read More

  • T-Mo sues Starbucks for making its latte too frothy… wait…. for dumping them

    T-Mobile is crying “collusion” in response to Starbucks’ decision to take on AT&T Wi-Fi service in its stores. Reuters writes: T-Mobile is seeking unspecified damages against Starbucks for breach of its contract and unfair competition. According to a transition agreement reached in February, T-Mobile was given the exclusive right to “sell, market and promote… Read More

  • Creep out all your friends with Beema

    I tried to fight it. I really did. But everyone was doing it. I couldn’t resist any longer. I had to have a Beema of my own. The idea behind Beema: You sign up, call an 800 number, talk a bit, and they make a video of an animated avatar synced up with your voice. The avatar selection is pretty big – about 400, currently. Clever? Yep. Easy to use? Yep. Creepy? Absolutely. See… Read More

  • Inuk secures £9.5m second round for IPTV

    Welsh broadcaster S4C and Wesley Clover have put in £9.5million of second round investment into IPTV startup Inuk Networks’ freewiretv.com product. The money wil be used to further develop the platform and fund expansion in the UK, Ireland and North America. The move is not overly surprising. Wesley Clover is the venture vehicle of Wales-based Sir Terry Matthews, one of the… Read More

  • Goojet opens mobile service

    Goojet, a French startup which is best described as a new kind of platform for mobile widgets, has come out of stealth mode to launch a full-blown public version. The desktop portal allow users to configure the set of widgets they want to appear on their mobile phone. On the mobile side, a java-based application (which runs on over 300 handsets and the iPhone this summer) gives access to… Read More

  • More Moscone spy shots

    Our spy shots might be fake (we doubt it) but these Moscone shots surely aren’t. RoughlyDrafted has a bunch of pictures from the San Fran convention center including plenty of action shots of App store apps blowing around like beautiful leaves. Here’s hoping that there will be more than just XCode debuggers at the keynote. Read More

  • Windows Mobile, she is dying

    Microsoft Watch has a good examination of the slow improvement in market share for Windows Mobile. Their assessment? The interface is hampering sales. Duh! Symbian is, of course, the number one smartphone OS in the world simply because Nokia runs them exclusively and Nokia is doing pretty well (14 million Nokia phones shipped in Q1 2008 with 18.4 million Symbian phones shipped) while RIM is… Read More

  • The Story Behind Google's New Favicon

    Recently people have been noticing that the Google favicon, the small icon in your browser’s address bar when you visit a Google site, has changed from the familiar upper-case G to a lower-case one. Google has not changed this design in over eight years, so the change caused speculation that more design changes might be afoot. Well, it turns out that the new Favicon is part of a new… Read More

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