• Daily Crunch: Hikikomori Edition

    With the number of landline telephones decreasing, telecos scramble to replace lost revenue
    Really, really flat-packed furniture
    Homemade total isolation gaming pod, not nerdy at all
    Cyber Clean keyboard cleaning spooge Read More

  • Running, Jumping, Standing Still

    It hasn’t been a month yet and the parachutes are floating at Microsoft. Kevin Johnson’s sudden move to Juniper Networks comes less than 24 hours before the Microsoft analysts meeting. This is the new Microsoft, where Steve Ballmer and Ray Ozzie start running the company. It’s also the beginning of the end for the classic power centers at Microsoft – and not a moment… Read More

  • Opposing Views Launches As A Debate Site Where Experts Go Head-To-Head

    Getting average know-nothings to create content for your site is easy enough and well understood by now. But how do you get experts to create in-depth topic pages about the hot-button issues of the day, complete with videos, links, and healthy commenting? Russell Fine is trying to do that with Opposing Views, a site that launched a few hours ago. It pits experts against each other on topics… Read More

  • Zimbra Releases Version 3 Of Open Source Email Client, And It's Awesome

    Yahoo’s Zimbra launches version 3 of its open source desktop email client this morning that is designed to compete with Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Mac Mail, etc. This is a new iteration of their browser-based offline product announced in March 2007. Zimbra Desktop, which is built on Mozilla Prism, is available for Windows, Mac and linux machines. It weighs in at 40 MB, about double… Read More

  • Playfish: Using Facebook As Its Gaming Console

    If you glance at the top lineup of gaming applications on the Facebook or MySpace platform, you’ll notice an interesting fact. Not one is the product of a major gaming publisher. Instead a group of independent gaming startups have been the leaders in publishing games within social networks. Co-founders of the gaming publisher Playfish, Kristian Segerstråle and Sebastien de Halleux, chalk… Read More

  • AT&T uses software trickery to get voice recognition on the iPhone

    AT&T has been working on a research project based on the WATSON speech recognition engine. The project, named Speech Mashups, is a web service that is only activated when the iPhone (or any other modern phone) connects to it. So that means that the actual voice recognition is happening on a remote server and not the phone itself; there is no need to install a plug-in or any other software… Read More

  • 3 phone commercials which screw up the intended message

    Cell phone commercials are boring as hell. A phone pops up, a bit of hip hop or techno plays while the phone spins around, and then it all fades to the company logo. If the budget is big enough, some dude might talk over the whole thing to tell you how awesome it is. Whether its because formulaic commercials don’t work or because they’re just bored of making the same crap over… Read More

  • HP merges Voodoo into consumer unit

    Voodoo, which had been a stand-alone unit in HP’s portfolio, will no longer continue to sell its products independently. What was once known as high-end gaming PC’s will now be sold alongside consumer brands such as the Compaq Presario and HP Pavilion. Raul Sood, original founder of VoodooPC and now HP’s CTO, looks upon the merge as a positive move. Ultimately it means… Read More

  • Fast charge electric car… for about a quarter million dollars

    Lightning Car Company (LCC), unveiled the Lightning GT at the ongoing British Motor Show this week. Capable of 0 to 60 MPH in just four seconds, the speedster is powered by a 120 kW electric hub motor attached to each 20” wheel. The whole package provides over 700 HP. As interest in electric cars (once again) heats up, a common concern surrounds the most mundane of tasks: How long does… Read More

  • Samsung MediaLive coming to Samsung HDTV’s

    MediaLive accessory introduced by Samsung allows for the streaming of digital content to most 2008 Samsung HDTV’s. Using Windows Media Center, photos, music and movies can be streamed in real-time. It has the capability to connect via an existing wireless network or using old–fashioned wires. With access to online content providers such as Vongo, MovieLink, Showtime TV, XM Radio… Read More

  • A Xobni Executive Leaves The Red-Hot Startup. But Why?

    Xobni, the Y Combinator email startup that turned down an acquisition offer from Microsoft earlier this year, has just lost its VP Engineering and first employee, Gabor Cselle. Cselle joined the company in March 2007, sporting a seemingly perfect resume that included work on the Gmail team and a Master’s thesis on “Organizing Email”. The departure may not be abrupt… Read More

  • Red iPhone for XMas?

    Rumors have been propagating through several popular Mac blogs that Apple will be releasing a red iPhone 3G model for the holiday season. The release will be well-timed, considering the initial iPhone hype will start to slow, and people will be opening up their wallets more for the holiday season. (Photo via MacBlogz) The red iPhone will presumably be sold as part of the (PRODUCT) RED… Read More

  • Hello Kitty dresses up Dior

    Japanese Vogue’s successful spread in June of Hello Kitty dressed in John Galliano’s latest Dior line, has hatched these couture mobile accessories. The Hello Kitty Dior Mobile accessory kit will make fashionistas purr with two Hello Kitty charms showing off the autumn and winter looks, the purrfect pair for the Dior mobile phone. Via ChipChick, to order the 65 euro set, see Colette. Read More

  • Samsung's ToC line of LCD monitors double as a mini HDTV

    Also announced today from Samsung is the Touch of Color line of desktop monitors. These LCD monitors double as HDTVs thanks to a built-in digital ATSC/QAM tuner. The ToC line features two HDMI ports, a 5ms video response time, 10,000:1 contrast ratio, 16:10 aspect ratio and comes in 22-, 24- and 26-inch models. No word on when these will be out, but prices range from $429 to $599. Read More

  • SF mayor retrieves keys to the city

    Charismatic San Franciso Mayor Gavin Newsom, did it again, this time convincing rogue network administrator Terry Childs to hand over passwords to the city’s captive network. Childs was jailed July 13 after hijacking the city’s multimillion network and refusing to hand over passwords to the system. Though city officials said the network had been functioning without error… Read More

  • Digg To (Finally) Integrate OpenID, If This Picture Is To Be Believed

    When Digg’s Lead Architect Joe Stump took the stage at the Facebook Developer Conference in San Francisco earlier today, something in one of his screen shots caught our attention. He was there to show how users will soon be able to log in to Digg without an account via their Facebook credentials (the new Facebook Connect product). But also included prominently in the screen, but not… Read More

  • Electric Minis on sale next summer

    Nobody knows exactly when, how many will be available, their price, charge time, range, or pretty much anything about the electric vehicles BMW is planning on selling. But we do know that they plan on selling them, probably in about a year. Not really big news unless you were one of those people planning on investing in an electric car sometime in the middle of 2009. Oh wait, that’s… Read More

  • Samsung announces holiday lineup of HDTVs

    Series 9 is pictured above
    Announced earlier today were updates to four of Samsung’s varying HDTV lines. First up is the Series 6 LCD HDTVs that feature ToC (Touch of Color), you know, the red bezel on top of a 40,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, full 1080p picture, and Auto Motion Plus 120Hz technology. A flash memory drive is also onboard so you can drop in music and images via USB port. Read More

  • Palm tweaked our browser

    More from the cheeky Inquirer, this time with some finger pointing from Japanese software firm Access, which makes the Netfront Mobile browser and bought PalmSource back in 2005. While the firm lists Garnet OS (Palm’s OS) as a compatible system for its Netfront mobile browser version 3.5, the company told the Inquirer that if Palm wants it to make the new browser available for… Read More

  • Round up: Mini notebooks

    Here’s a quick look at six mini-notebooks whose main appeals are size, price and mobility.
    The recently launched Eee PC 1000 is available with either a 40 GB or 80 GB hard drive. Both have 2 GB of RAM and run a 1.6 GHz processor. Keyboard is sized at 92% of full size. WiFi, Ethernet, and Bluetooth enabled.
    Recent price: $549 Read More

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