• Tokyo Game Show: Footage from Sony's Little Big Planet (PS3)

    Here is a video I shot featuring gameplay sequences from Little Big Planet for the PS3, the game Sony heavily promotes at this year’s Tokyo Game Show. The game looked very interesting but I doubt it will turn into the system seller Sony obviously hopes it will become. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Garmin nuvi 350 GPS for $180

    Prices for portable GPS devices seem to be dropping like people’s pants at a pants store where there’s some sort of insane pants sale, except you really want to try the pants on before you buy them because you can’t return them due to the insanity of the sale prices. Take the Garmin nuvi 350, for instance. Amazon’s got it for $180, which Navigadget says is down from… Read More

  • Nokia announcing something on October 13th

    Another day, another viral campaign. This time, the mystery fun is brought to us by Nokia. Visiting the page will playback a video outlining the woes of three people who have lost their phones, highlighting the idea that their phone “knows everything” about them. It then switch to the countdown shown above. They’ve even given all three of the video’s stars –… Read More

  • Is this a video of the new MacBook?

    Here’s a video from that Apple.pro website – the same site that’s been leaking all of these supposed photos of the new MacBook. I would take this video with a grain of salt for the following reasons: 1. They never zoom out and show the whole thing. 2. It looks kinda like a MacBook Air. Also, the material around the screen seems to be different from the material around the… Read More

  • Research in Motion to be scooped up by Microsoft?

    Pigs flying over Montana? John Biggs turning down a free watch? These are all events that might just happen before the zombie apocalypse, with the RIM event a tad more likely than the other two. Bears are tearing up tech stocks and with RIM down 45% over the last four months to $67 a share, some analysts are predicting a Microsoft takeover. One guru is even stating that he is… Read More

  • Pandora Radio now on the Samsung Instinct: Sprint charges $2.99 per month

    Pandora Radio is now available on the Samsung Instinct on Sprint. The application, which works much the same as its iPhone counterpart, creates your own radio station of sorts based on your musical tastes. So, if you’re into Soundgarden, Pandora will create a station around that—plenty of Alice in Chains and the like. The application costs $2.99 per month, which is strange because… Read More

  • Modder sends Xbox to fat camp, builds ‘Xbox Slim’

    Ooh la la, will you look at this? There’s an Xbox stuffed in that little white case. A modder over on the Xbox Scene forums turned his big, fat, portly Xbox into a svelte, nimble “Xbox Slim” and added some key upgrades: slim DVD/CD-R drive, 60GB 2.5-inch hard drive, Logitech wireless controller, integrated Wi-Fi connection, and more. More photos and a video after the jump. Read More

  • Unboxing: Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 stripped of its cardboard coverings

    Now that the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 has stormed European shores, eager owners are rushing to share the unboxing process with the rest of the world. The best we’ve spotted so far is that of Sweden’s Fosfor magazine – for the most part, the rest of them have been “Here’s the box.. HERE’S THE PHONE!”, skipping the oh-so-crucial step-by-step… Read More

  • Firefox Mobile to be tested first on Nokia N810

    Next week should mark the alpha release of Mozilla’s Firefox Mobile web browser. Interestingly, it’ll first be available on the Nokia N810 Internet Tablet, according to PC Advisor. The alpha will be available for Windows Mobile devices over the next few months, as well. Mozilla’s interested in testing out the touchscreen interface and the plugin development, so it’s a… Read More

  • TELUS rolling out 3.5G in Canada by 2010

    Even as some US carriers are just rolling out their 3G network, TELUS has announced that they will have their HSPA (“3.5G”) upgrades up and running with a “full national” launch in early 2010. This comes as part of a network sharing agreement with Bell, allowing them to get things up and running faster and cheaper than if they had to front it alone. It’s no… Read More

  • False alarm: Wal-Mart will keep its music DRM servers online after all

    Wal-Mart will not pull the plug on the DRM servers for its online music store. You can put down your pitchforks now. The Arkansas-based retailer had announced last month that it would no longer support the DRM servers for its music store. Had it shut down the servers, all the DRM’d music bought from there would have been unplayable. But, you know, DRM is great, long live… Read More

  • Fallout 3 leaked: On top BitTorrent sites, Usenet

    Fallout 3 for the Xbox 360 has leaked onto the Internet, and it’s available on all the big BitTorrent sites, Usenet, etc. You’ll needed a modded console to play it, obviously. The 6.52GB file leaked sometime yesterday, only a few days after the game went gold. I would say this is the second biggest leak of the year—Grand Theft Auto IV‘s leak, I think, was a… Read More

  • CrunchDeal: Crucial 8GB SD card for $9.99 shipped

    Note: this Newegg deal is while supplies last so when it goes live at 11:00 EST or 8:00 PST, jump on it fast. An 8GB SD card for 10 bucks is a hell of a deal, especially with free shipping. via GearDiary Read More

  • SteelSeries drops WoW-oriented 15-button mouse, yes 15 buttons

    When I was talking to SteelSeries about this beast, they insisted that this wasn’t part of an “arms race.” No, because in a battle of ergonomics, doubling the buttons isn’t always a good idea. But they assured me that they have been working really carefully on this thing to make it usable in the first place, and actually useful in the second. I’m thinking that… Read More

  • SteelSeries Zboard released, plus WoW:WotLK special edition

    Remember the Zboard? Remember how Ideazon got swallowed by SteelSeries? Well, they’ve regurgitated the Zboard and it looks pretty nice. I like the typeface they’ve used, although this keyboard in particular appears to be permanently marked up with WoW-related commands. Doubtless the non-special-editions will be a little less WoW-y, but in the meantime it’s BlizzCon out there… Read More

  • Google Employees Watch In Horror As 60 Percent Of Their Stock Options Drown

    The entire stock market is taking another drubbing today, and Google is no exception. Its shares tried to rally in the morning, but are now trading below the $329 they closed at yesterday. That’s a key price level Google employees are watching because a huge chunk of their options (1.7 million across the company) were granted with a weighted average exercise price of $329.78. The… Read More

  • Rumor: upcoming MacBooks will be two-tone

    M’kay. Apple is launching some sort of laptop next week. We know that, but we don’t know the details. Rumers are still swirling and the latest concerns the laptop lid shown in the Apple event invitation. You see, if you take the Apple logo at the standard dimension, a little math and photoshop’n will reveal that the laptop shown is more than likely a 13.3-inch… Read More

  • Just to clear this up: Halo 3 Recon is Bungie's last Halo project

    Just in case you didn’t figure it out by now, famed Halo developer* Bungie has reiterated that Halo 3: Recon will be the company’s last Halo game. Don’t worry, though: there’s a map pack scheduled for early next year and another one due for around the time of Halo Wars‘ release. *Perhaps the company didn’t want to be forever pigeon-holed as “the… Read More

  • Gorgeous HTC T8290 WiMax phone leaked

    Leaked photos have surfaced showing an absolutely, drop dead sexy HTC handset loaded with WiMax data capabilities. The HTC T8290 runs Windows Mobile and allegedly works on GSM + Wimax networks, with a large 800 x 480 3.8-inch screen and WiFi/Bluetooth enabled. Plus, there appears to be a front-facing camera in the top right to compliment the rear facing one. Yota’s, a Russian… Read More

  • Verizon Wireless to implement $0.03 charge for certain text messages

    Either Verizon Wireless is hurting for money or there’s a guy there who’s job it is to aggravate the blogosphere. Get this: the company is set to charge a $0.03 (three cents) levy per text message sent to its customers. Now, this only affects companies and services—iPhone users won’t be asked to cough up the $0.03 when they text their VZW buddies, for example. Think of… Read More

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