• Boost picks up the ultra rugged Moto i335

    Boost announced this morning that they’ll be carrying the rugged i335 handset, available immediately. It’s not exactly a visual stunner, but it can take a beating. The i335 is like the Donald Gibb of cell phones. You might not want him around when you’re flirtin’ with the ladies at the bar, but he’ll be the one that walks away unscratched when their boyfriends… Read More

  • Arrington reviews the Flip Mino

    Seeing as how our review unit of the Mino is ‘lost in the mail’, I thought I’d share with you what our boss thinks of the Mino. Michael doesn’t actually have one himself, but I trust his judgment and he’s done some perusing of the Web to see what everyone else is saying. I’m sorry we couldn’t share our thoughts on the Mino with you, but Flip only seems… Read More

  • Yahoo's First Search Gallery Apps Leaves You Searching For The Right Results

    I want to love the search apps in Yahoo’s newly opened Search Gallery. I really do. Opening up its search engine to outside developers is an idea worth applauding (although it could still do more). That’s why I was excited when Yahoo announced its SearchMonkey platform, which essentially allows outside developers to create their own search “applications” that changes… Read More

  • 280 Slides: Like Apple Keynote, But Online

    What happens when two former Apple employees – one from the iPhone team and one from the iTunes Store team – go off and start their own Y Combinator-backed startup? Apparently they come up with an online slideshow tool that looks highly reminiscent of Keynote. 280 North first presented 280 Slides (now available in public beta) earlier this Spring at YC’s biannual demo day. Read More

  • Firefox 3 Release Candidate 2 available

    Head on over to Mozilla.com to grab the latest release of the almost-finished Firefox 3 if you’ve been keeping up with the various betas and release candidates. The second release candidate should probably be the last one before the browser makes the leap to the final version and word on the street is that this latest iteration is definitely stable enough to use full-time. Firefox… Read More

  • Nasty footage of Canon cameras destroyed due to shipping error

    Gah. Canon had all of these cameras — and a bunch of DSLRs and a bunch of point and shoots and video cameras — destroyed in a warehouse due to a problem with shipping and storage. Apparently all this stuff was worth $500,000. It makes my brain bleed to see this kind of destruction. Refurb this stuff and resell it. Give it to kids in developing countries. There’s your… Read More

  • BengalBoy is back with the SEX1

    WARNING: Do not ingest self-tanner. I haven’t seen a BengalBoy post in almost a year and for a minute I had all but forgotten about our soft-core brother from another Best Buy who gets brand new, unreleased phones and then makes strange women hold them in bikinis. Lucky for us, BB got himself the Sony Ericsson X1, the phone we call “Lipstick on a Pig” for it’s melding… Read More

  • Rumor: Tony Hawk T-Mobile Sidekick LX being announced tomorrow? [Update]

    It is according to the BGR, but it won’t be available until mid-July. The Birdman’s limited edition Sidekick will supposedly have a “skateboard look and feel with a grip-tape-texture and his well known hawk graphic.” Stoked for the signature Hawk graphic since it’s something I mentioned that I’d like to see on this limited edition SK from T-Mobile. More… Read More

  • Why the Wii sucks: Part 15

    This video basically describes what I think of every single Wii game I’ve ever played: strange men have come to my house to sell me something they made in a far-off planet. They do nothing to explain or expand upon why these things exist or why they are superior to other things. Then they make me wash dishes. Or maybe I’m just old. via Kotaku Read More

  • TotSpot: Finally, An Activity Stream For Your Baby

    TotSpot, the site that we described as a “social network for babies”, has launched in public beta. The site gives parents a way to securely share pictures, videos, and important milestones of their children with selected friends and family. The term “social network” isn’t really appropriate for TotSpot – this isn’t a place for parents to connect… Read More

  • The Next-Gen Web: HTML5 – Will We Ever See A Real Standard?

    Last week we looked at how some browsers and plug-ins were adopting storage-related API’s that are a part of the new HTML5 draft specification. While Gears, Opera and Webkit have implemented structured storage API’s, the remainder of the HTML5 spec currently remains mostly unimplemented and also in a state of flux. HTML5 is a super-sized effort to bring all the browsers under a… Read More

  • ASUS plops out a laptop with a built-in projector

    Out in the boondocks of Computex ASUS was showing off an odd laptop with a built-in projector. Apparently this is just a demo unit, but tiny DLPs are about to take over the business world so don’t be surprised if your next Lenovo can display powerpoint on your airplane seatback. Read More

  • Nile Guide's Investor List Grows Longer

    Nile Guide, a sophisticated travel planning site that launched just over a month ago, has raised $8 million in Series B from Austin Ventures, Lehman Brothers, and existing investors Draper Richards and KPG Ventures. The round brings Nile Guide’s total to over $9.5 million. We’re told that since launch, the site has added support for 5 more destinations: Istanbul, Vienna, Sedona… Read More

  • Pentax rolls out new waterproof digital camera in Japan

    Today Pentax announced [JP] the release of a new camera, the Optio W60, which will be available in Japan at the end of June. The W60 is the successor of the Optio W30 the company released in this country in February 2007. The new model can be used under water (up to 4 meters) for 120 minutes. It can handle temperatures of down to minus 14 degrees Fahrenheit. Pentax says the camera was… Read More

  • VLC media player ported to iPhone/iTouch

    Whooo! VLC media player, which tends to be one of the first things I install on any new system, has been ported over for use on jailbroken iPhones.
    The crazy-talented ZodTTD (the guy behind snes4iphone) has released a beta version of the port, vlc4iphone, which allows for drag-and-drop playback of a number of media formats not […] Read More

  • Sanyo Xacti rocks the 1080i HD, Slow-Mo, and 10x optical zoom

    These Xacti cameras are real monsters. The earlier models shot in HD but this is full 1080i and it records directly to SD cards. It also takes 4-megapixel stills and can shoot up to 300 frames per second for slow-motion shots. It also has 12 subject face-detection and runs off of human blood. I made up that last part. Generally, however, the Xacti line is showing just about everyone how to make… Read More

  • New 3 in 1 HD recorder from Victor-JVC

    Yesterday Victor-JVC unveiled a new recorder [JP] in Japan, which is capable of simultaneously recording two programs on either VHS, DVD or HDD. The DR-HX500 comes with the following features: – HDMI connection
    – D4 connection
    – 500 GB HDD
    – VHS player / recorder
    – DVD player / recorder (DVD-RW/-R)
    – Digital / Analog TV tuner
    – DTS and Dolby… Read More

  • Explorer Jöl Jönson attempts to talk to the natives with a VRT

    http://p.castfire.com/Xu7m0/video/13954/bbtv_2008-06-03-180404.flv VRTs are used in Iraq to converse with folks who might not speak English and or/might want to kill you. Jöl uses the gear in the mean streets of Brooklyn where he amuses the local populace with Democracy-bringing phrases like “Down on your knees.” Read More

  • In thirty seconds time…

    Pretend you’ve got no money. via BB Read More

  • Yahoo celebrates SearchMonkey launch by shipping out boxes of beer

    Sometime on Tuesday morning, a mystery box was delivered to the crew over at Photojojo. The attached freight slip barely served to demystify things, reading: “Call to arrange delivery. Do not let consignee know shipment is from Yahoo until delivery is made.” Odd – surprise packages from Yahoo aren’t exactly an every day thing. What could it be? Turns out, it was a… Read More

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