• Olympus E-520 dSLR: Image stabilization, on-the-fly white balance adjustment

    By July you’ll have another (mid-range) digital SLR to choose from, the Olympus E-520. Improvements from the E-510, released last year, are incremental at best, focusing on “extras” rather than core photographic technologies. It’s a speed bump, to put it in Mac terms. New (or better) this time around, according to the carefully worded press release: improved in-body… Read More

  • Wetpaint Emerging As A Leading Social Publishing Platform

    Seattle based wiki startup Wetpaint has always been ahead of the pack in terms of design and usability. Now, a couple of years after launch, they’re starting to see real usage traction as well. The product isn’t just about wikis – they also have social features (profiles, friends, etc.), and added things like forums and, more recently, photo uploads, over time. In many ways… Read More

  • Texas Instruments drops world's first WUXGA DLP chip into projector

    When Devin and Matt were in town for the CrunchNetwork party we decided to go and see Iron Man on opening day. When I was picking the venue on Fandango I decided to opt for the DLP projection room and I’m glad I did. I couldn’t really put my finger on it, but it just looked better. It was brighter and crisper. DLP makes good stuff. Today, TI announced that the DLP group has… Read More

  • Are You Hyperconnected

    A survey conducted by research firm IDC and sponsored by Nortel Networks asked 2,367 people what item would they choose to take with them if they had to be absent from their homes for 24 hours. More than 38% chose their mobile phone over things like keys, a laptop or music player. Less than 30% thought their wallet was the most important item. It looks as though many of us have bought into… Read More

  • T-Mobile delays Nokia duo, drops Motorola, slashes prices

    It’s been nine months since Nokia announced the 5310 and 5610 music phones and now the rumor going around is that T-Mobile has delayed their launch here in the US. I actually can’t recall when these were supposed to launch, but the 5310, which comes in red, orange and purple will see an early June launch while the 5610 won’t show up till early July. Motorola was slated to… Read More

  • Facemash Returns As (What Else?) A Facebook App Called ULiken

    Before Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook, he launched Facemash, a short-lived HotOrNot-like site that almost got him kicked out of Harvard. Now Facemash is back as a Facebook app called ULiken. Written by two developers in New Jersey , Sam Bensalem (22) and Mike Woods (23), ULiken was inspired by Facemash—in particular from parts of Zuckerberg’s diary that came out during the… Read More

  • Hey, Mario, wanna to mounta youra iPhonea to youra bike?

    i’m just going to go nuts here and paste this straight from the product page: Wanna to have music with your bike? How you could do that? A possible way is to have an armband, but this way will make your music (screen) device not visible and turn your device to a pure music device (e.g. if it has GPS, you may be not able to view it in the front). Here is a way that may help. It is designed… Read More

  • MSN Messenger accidentally blocks YouTube links

    Last Friday and Saturday, MSN Messenger users found themselves unable to send YouTube links to each other. Microsoft acknowledged and fixed the problem, pointing the finger at “a 3rd party that is a Microsoft partner” responsible for managing potentially harmful URLs that are sent through the Messenger program. A company blog post says: “Microsoft did not request to block… Read More

  • Keep your datacenter green with AMD's quad-core Opteron

    If you’re a datacenter manager with power consumption on your list of things to reduce, then you’re in luck. Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) announced Monday it will be releasing, low-power(High Efficient) quad-core Opteron processors, targeted at servers. The processor has a thermal envelope of only 55 watts, other quad-core processors have higher thermal envelopes of 105 watts or… Read More

  • Schmap launches city guide web app for iPhone and iPod Touch

    Schmap, publisher of over 200 free online travel guides, has opened access to their guides for iPhone and iPod Touch users by way of a remarkably nifty web application. The guides cover cities throughout the US, Europe, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand, and provide information on everything from the city’s historical background to the best places to get your drink on. As portrayed in… Read More

  • BlackBerry Thunder to be exclusive on Verizon

    Did I just say that the norm is for AT&T to get RIM’s latest BlackBerries first? FAIL. According to the BGR, Verizon will have exclusive rights to the Thunder aka 9500 aka Storm aka the first touchscreen BB. But fret not BB fans for the Thunder will be a world traveler like its 8800 series brethren and run GSM HSPA. It’s a bit unclear whether it will be EV-DO or possibly 4G… Read More

  • Blackline looks out for mobile workers with LonerMobile

    It took me a few passes to realize that the “Mobile” part of LonerMobile should be read like it would in “mobile phone”, not “Batmobile”. I thought they had announced the Lonermobile, the ultimate car for people with no friends. Having a down day? Lonermobile thinks you look amazing. Stuck alone in traffic, and the carpool lane is wide-open? Activate the… Read More

  • Fifty Android Developers Get $25,000 Each: The List

    The winners of the first round of the Android Developer Challenge have been announced. Fifty developers will receive $25,000 each to build out their Android mobile phone apps. Only 46 were announced (the other four prefer to remain stealth—wimps). From this list, ten will receive another $100,000 each, and another ten will receive $250,000 each. The Phandroid blog gives a rundown of… Read More

  • AT&T gets first dibs on BlackBerry Bold

    As is the norm, AT&T will be the first carrier to sell the BlackBerry Bold from RIM. “AT&T will be the only U.S. carrier to offer the [Bold] when we begin selling it later this year. I also want to make sure you know that AT&T will be the only U.S. carrier to offer a BlackBerry that has international 3G capabilities and the only U.S. carrier to give its customers the ability… Read More

  • TokyoFlash S-Mode Oberon: When legibility isn't an option

    I’m a watch purist so maybe the S-Mode Oberon isn’t for me. However, it is another cool creation from TokyoFlash and at about $150 it’s a considerable bargain. It has a stainless steel body, mineral crystal, and shows the time in a series of bright blue LEDs. You press the button once to view the time and again to view the date. Again, I totally dig what Paul is doing at… Read More

  • Picky Traveler? TripKick Rates Individual Hotel Rooms

    It’s been a long day. You’ve finally gotten to your hotel room, and the only thing you can think of is the twelve hour snoozefest you’re about to enjoy. Just as you’re about to nod off, you hear it: the slow, metallic squeal of the ice machine next-door that will test your sanity for the rest of the night. TripKick, a new travel review site that launched today, hopes… Read More

  • Microsoft's LifeCam VX-5000: Fun webcams for people who like that sort of thing, like perverts and telemedicine purveyors

    The VX-5000 webcams are VGA-quality cameras that sit quietly on top of your monitor and include a Windows Live Call Button for bringing up your Windows Live contacts. Best of all, One-Touch Blogging lets you blog a blog to Windows Live Spaces blogs using the one-touch blogging for bloggers who blog software. It should cost $49.95 but and will be available in June. It’s quite small, so… Read More

  • HTC Touch Dual up for pre-order on BestBuy.com

    Speaking with HTC representatives at CTIA, I was told that the HTC Touch Dual would be available through Best Buy and that it would be unlocked. Well, it looks like it’s indeed up for pre-order through Best Buy and it’ll indeed be unlocked. The Touch Dual, as you’ll remember, is the successor to the HTC Touch. The Dual has a slide down keypad, making it much easier to enter… Read More

  • Photobucket Introduces Group Albums to Make Sharing Simple

    Photobucket, one of the web’s most visited sites and home to billions of photos, is introducing a new feature dubbed “Group Albums”. The feature will allow multiple friends to add their photos and videos to a shared album, which can be password protected and moderated by the Group’s owner. Group Albums aren’t currently active on the site – Photobucket… Read More

  • MeeMix Remixes YouTube To Create Personalized Music Video Channels

    MeeMix keeps plugging along on its journey to attract more users to its personalized Internet radio service. Today the company is adding a new feature which complements users’ radio stations with “twin” music video channels. While Last.fm introduced video recommendations exactly a year ago, MeeMix thinks this will help make its service more attractive. The company has always… Read More

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