• Zune marketplace going international, could hit your living room

    Zune may be closer to expanding internationally than we thought. A few new job postings at Microsoft point to the possibility of seeing a 10-foot-interface for Zune designed for TVs – perhaps via the XBox – as well as a call for more music reviewers. Ars found the two postings here and here. The gist: Read More

  • Woman falls into hole at golf course, dies

    Horrible news from Japan: A 38-year-old woman from Sapporo died yesterday after falling into a sink hole that suddenly opened up when she was playing golf with her husband and two children. The golf course is located in Abira, a small town in Hokkaido, Northern Japan. Read More

  • IBM could buy Sun

    IBM is in talks to buy Sun Microsystems for $7 billion. This would turn IBM into a one-stop shop when it comes to Unix server sales, a fairly lucrative niche in this cloud-happy world. Read More

  • Happy Cheese Weasel Day!

    Unknown to most, April 3rd is Cheese Weasel Day, the holiday where the Cheese Weasel brings dairy goodness to all the good boys and girls in the tech industry. While the origins are murky, it seems to have started around 1992 when a weasel was spotted carrying a Kraft Single. This, they assumed, must be the Cheese Weasel, and therefore, that it must be Cheese Weasel Day. What was the weasel… Read More

  • Proporta 3G iPod shuffle sleeve: Always wear protection

    Proporta has announced their most recent addition to the iPod accessory train, the Silicone Sleeve for the 3G iPod shuffle. From just a personalization point of view, it’s a pretty cool product. They offer three options to choose from currently, and all of them seem to be fairly tasteful and well designed. We have seen their products before, and they passed muster from Biggs. Given the… Read More

  • Mitsubishi develops super-efficient RFID tag reader

    Radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags are widely used today to identify and track persons or objects using radio waves in a number of areas: payment systems, electronic toll collection systems, transportation systems, logistics etc. Existing RFID tag readers can only be used for tags moving several km/h, but now Mitsubishi has developed a device that’s able to read tags moving as… Read More

  • Legends of Zork: This is not the Zork you're looking for

    Remember Zork? Sure you do. It was great. The grues, that scary white house, the keys, the puzzles… it was the ur-game, the game that defined many of our childhoods and the game we’ve been trying to find ever since. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wished that the latest 3D RPG for XBox 360 or PC was more like Zork. There is only so many Hobbit knock-offs you can… Read More

  • Review: Fujitstu 400GB HandyDrive

    A man becomes preeminent, he’s expected to have enthusiasms. Enthusiasms, enthusiasms… What are mine? What draws my admiration? What is that which gives me joy? The Fujitsu 400GB HandyDrive 5. This small drive quite portable and amazingly light. It is the first drive I’d consider traveling with simply because it comes in a solid, no-frills case and is powered over USB. Read More

  • Time Warner looks for best way to drive away customers

    In a bold move that will probably cost them a large portion of their informed customer base, Time Warner cable is going to add a bandwidth cap to their internet services. Essentially, once you exceed your bandwidth for the month, the meter starts running. And since the allocated amounts for each user’s bandwidth each month are, lets face it, kinda low, this looks to be a huge cash cow for… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Pool Fun Edition

    How did the world get a workprint of X-Men Origins yesterday? Blame terrorists
    Just in time for summer: Super-cute Hello Kitty ventilator
    Star Wars: These are the pool toys you’re looking for Read More

  • Some of our speakers for Geek 'n Rolla – Tech Startups Rock! – April 21, London

    Our first ever TechCrunch Europe conference for tech startups old and new, Geek ‘n Rolla, is shaping up pretty nicely, even if I do say so myself. Today I’m going to share with you the amazing profiles of just some of our speakers and panelists. And on Monday we’ll continue with even more profiles of those appearing. Geek’n Rolla is sponsored by Viadeo one of the… Read More

  • Dubious Claims Dept: ArcSoft says 1080p video salvageable from 480p

    I’ve asked for some clarification from ArcSoft, or at the very least some larger screenshots, to settle this business, but haven’t gotten any word back yet. In the meantime, I’m going to call BS on this. Fine detail is a one-way street, and even the best upscaling software can’t make something out of nothing. The best you can do (which is fine with me) is to make… Read More

  • Sources: Google In Talks To Acquire Twitter (Updated)

    Here’s a heck of a rumor that we’ve sourced from two separate people close to the negotiations: Google is in late stage negotiations to acquire Twitter. We don’t know the price but can assume its well, well north of the $250 million valuation that they saw in their recent funding. Twitter turned down an offer to be bought by Facebook just a few months ago for half a… Read More

  • DiggBar Keeps All Digg Homepage Traffic On Digg

    DiggBar, the new shortURL and toolbar service from Digg, is certainly useful. I expect it to become my default short URL service on Twitter since it is so easy to create a short URL by simply adding Digg.com/ in front of any URL. It will redirect to a short Digg URL like digg.com/d1npNz, which is this story rendered with the DiggBar (click that Digg button!). The Twitter crowd already loves… Read More

  • HTC Magic to be delayed by up to a month

    Aw, man – we were just starting to get excited. April, long listed as Vodafone’s launch windows for the HTC Magic, is upon us, and we’re ready to play with a new Android device. Unfortunately, there’s now good reason to believe that it may be up to a month before the device hits the shelves. Pocket-Lint contacted Vodafone’s sales line, who told them that the… Read More

  • Spray-on nanocondom… yeah, that sounds real safe

    Looking to spice up your love life? Try this. Light a fire, get some tumblers, and then mix up 2 parts Hennessy, one part Lovage. Once you’re nice and cozy, tell her softly that you want her to spray silver nanoparticle foam in her hoo-hah. Read More

  • PhoneBook Arranges Your iPhone Contacts For You

    PhoneBook (iTunes Link) is a new iPhone application looking to make it as easy as possible to call your most important contacts. The application plugs into your AT&T account, allowing it to dynamically rearrange your list of contacts depending on how often you call them. After entering your carrier account information, PhoneBook can suck in your call data, which it can then use to update… Read More

  • Behind the scenes at Netflix

    Boston.com, that recent powerhouse in photojournalism (or at least in presenting it), has gone and documented a process I personally thought was automated: the returning and sending out of Netflix DVDs. As it turns out, there aren’t powerful robots checking each disc and whatnot, just an army of hundreds of worker bees with their noses to the grindstone. I would go insane after a week… Read More

  • Health Control Game Timer for DS helps you stop playing Pokémon

    The DS is the favored accessory all over Japan, and like every other game or electronic device there, some people find themselves playing it until they nearly die. What it is about that island nation that makes people do this, I don’t care to guess, but the fact is some people need an electronic mom to flip the switch when it’s clear they’ve been playing too much. The… Read More

  • Digg To Finally Fix Search – See The Screenshot

    Digg may have 19 million unique visitors and nearly 85 million pageviews (Comscore worldwide, Feb ’09), but one thing it’s never had is a decent search engine. There’s no rhyme or reason to the ordering of results. A lot of stuff just seems to disappear. And the filters are overly complicated. That’ll change in the near future, the company noted in a blog post today. Read More

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