• VLC media player ported to iPhone/iTouch

    Whooo! VLC media player, which tends to be one of the first things I install on any new system, has been ported over for use on jailbroken iPhones.
    The crazy-talented ZodTTD (the guy behind snes4iphone) has released a beta version of the port, vlc4iphone, which allows for drag-and-drop playback of a number of media formats not […] Read More

  • Sanyo Xacti rocks the 1080i HD, Slow-Mo, and 10x optical zoom

    These Xacti cameras are real monsters. The earlier models shot in HD but this is full 1080i and it records directly to SD cards. It also takes 4-megapixel stills and can shoot up to 300 frames per second for slow-motion shots. It also has 12 subject face-detection and runs off of human blood. I made up that last part. Generally, however, the Xacti line is showing just about everyone how to make… Read More

  • New 3 in 1 HD recorder from Victor-JVC

    Yesterday Victor-JVC unveiled a new recorder [JP] in Japan, which is capable of simultaneously recording two programs on either VHS, DVD or HDD. The DR-HX500 comes with the following features: – HDMI connection
    – D4 connection
    – 500 GB HDD
    – VHS player / recorder
    – DVD player / recorder (DVD-RW/-R)
    – Digital / Analog TV tuner
    – DTS and Dolby… Read More

  • Explorer Jöl Jönson attempts to talk to the natives with a VRT

    http://p.castfire.com/Xu7m0/video/13954/bbtv_2008-06-03-180404.flv VRTs are used in Iraq to converse with folks who might not speak English and or/might want to kill you. Jöl uses the gear in the mean streets of Brooklyn where he amuses the local populace with Democracy-bringing phrases like “Down on your knees.” Read More

  • In thirty seconds time…

    Pretend you’ve got no money. via BB Read More

  • Yahoo celebrates SearchMonkey launch by shipping out boxes of beer

    Sometime on Tuesday morning, a mystery box was delivered to the crew over at Photojojo. The attached freight slip barely served to demystify things, reading: “Call to arrange delivery. Do not let consignee know shipment is from Yahoo until delivery is made.” Odd – surprise packages from Yahoo aren’t exactly an every day thing. What could it be? Turns out, it was a… Read More

  • New Sanyo Xacti HD Cam May Please Michael Arrington, You

    With all this talk about lightweight video cameras, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that Sanyo has updated its lightweight Xacti line. The HD1010 records in 1080i HD and offers 300 frame-per-second slow motion recording along with 12-subject face recognition. Sure it will cost $799.99 in July, but just think of the elevator pitches Erick could record. Quick tip: Lay off the… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Looking for Lost Gadgets Edition

    Joy Division Zune coming June 17
    Lego robot driven by an iPhone
    Vibering watch warns deaf of possible danger
    LED shower light turns blue when cold, red when hot
    Remote Control Finder helps you find your remote controls Read More

  • Experts: Smartphones a Greater Security Risk than Laptops

    According to survey of 300 senior IT staff, smart phones pose more of a threat to business security than laptops, largely due to user mentality; for one reason or another, many smart phones just don’t seem to be getting the protection their lap dwelling counterparts might. While 4 out of 10 (that’s it?) IT guys were encrypting the crucial stuff on company laptops, 9 out of 10… Read More

  • The Flip v. My Cheap Canon Camera: Flip Loses Across The Board

    The Flip Mino, the third version of the popular Flip video camera, launched today to a torrent of well orchestrated press coverage. We’ve been a little harsh on the Flip in the past, so I was pleased when they reached out to us under embargo to write about the new launch. The only problem was, they wouldn’t send a test unit until after the embargo was over. We declined. But I… Read More

  • Gary Krakow is off his f'ing rocker, tells Jobs what to do to make the iPhone better

    http://services.brightcove.com/services/viewer/federated_f8/1079049304 Krakow thinks Apple needs to “bite the bullet” and hook up with Windows Mobile or RIM for corporate e-mail support. This is a f*cking joke, right? Is he serious? Are his glasses upside down? Read More

  • VUDU Wireless Kit now available for $79

    VUDU, makers of the Internet-connected set-top movie streaming box shown above, has just released a new wireless kit that can be added to your existing VUDU box for $79. It’ll also be available as part of a new package for $349, which will include the VUDU set-top box and the wireless kit, saving you about $30. The wireless kit is really easy to set up and doesn’t require any… Read More

  • Review: VUDU Wireless Kit

    I got the VUDU wireless kit a few weeks ago, set it up, and promptly forgot it was there — a sign of a good wireless networking product. The VUDU service (see our initial review here) requires a broadband Internet connection in order operate and, up until now, your options were to either connect the box to your router with an ethernet cable or use a wireless bridge. Read More

  • Don't Mind Rainy Vacations? Try To Get One For Free At Priceline

    Priceline is offering a new “sunshine guarantee” over the summer that refunds 100% of airfare, hotel and car rental charges booked through them if your vacation gets rained on. It only applies to certain destinations, and it has to rain .5 inches per day for at least half the trip, but there is no additional fee for the insurance. My guess is a few people may actually try to book… Read More

  • Slide Opens Sales Office in New York, Seeks to Justify Huge Valuation

    Slide is a peculiar Web 2.0 company. Perhaps the most interesting thing about it is founder Max Levchin, who co-founded PayPal and has been profiled as a workaholic by the New York Times. Its operations themselves aren’t terribly fascinating: they consist of cranking out fun, but trivial, widgets and social network applications for the likes of Facebook and MySpace. But whether its… Read More

  • Walter S. Mossberg tells us whether or not Macs last longer than Windows PCs

    In this week’s Mossberg’s Mailbox, Walter S. Mossberg answers a few questions you may or may not have wanted to ask about computers. The most notable of the three is the question regarding whether or not Macs last longer than Windows PCs. It’s a pretty dumb question if you stop to think about it. We all know the main difference between PCs and Macs is the OS and not hardware. Read More

  • Most popular stories for Wednesday, June 4, 2008

    Todays Top Posts: HTC to launch Touch Pro for biz users this year Daily Crunch: Office Warp Edition LED shower light turns blue when cold, red when hot 2K Marin to develop BioShock for PS3; new screen shots Pentax goes wide, long with new lens KDDI au releases 12 new cell phones in Japan Flip ‘Mino’ flash-based camcorders available today Cool yet complex DIY video… Read More

  • Uh oh: Asus' bamboo laptop is only green skin deep

    It was December of aught seven that we first heard about Asus’ admirable efforts to make a green (beige) bamboo laptop. Then there were more, and it was good. But it looks like somewhere along the line, the designers and engineers decided that the high-efficiency insides, cardboard lining, recycled plastic, and paintless finish had to go, leaving just the bamboo shell as a testimony… Read More

  • Radiohead's back catalog of EMI released albums available on iTunes

    One of my favorite bands from way back when has finally decided to unshackle their EMI catalog and distribute their music through iTunes. Before this, Radiohead (or EMI) was adamant about selling their music bundled and not per track whereas Apple refuses to sell albums as is. You can find all the EMI released albums, the new Greatest Hits album, and videos in the iTunes Plus store. All tracks… Read More

  • Remote Control Finder helps you find your remote controls

    So here’s a problem many face: You’ve got your various remotes for you home theater set up, and you haven’t gotten yourself a high-end universal yet. The problem is the less you use certain remotes the more likely they are to become lost in couch cushions and the like. That’s why some people think you need this remote control finder. You attach these space-age caddies… Read More

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