• Dell intros the OptiPlex 160 Tiny Desktop Computer; it's a nettop

    Dell is jumping into the world of tiny Intel Atom-powered desktops with the OptiPlex 160. There really isn’t anything fancy or special about this nettop. It lacks an optical drive but has the standard Atom CPU, Gigabit Ethernet, Wifi, and a trio of hard drive options including a 160GB HDD, 64GB SSD, or 20GB “Ultra Performance” drive. Prices start out $536 for the base… Read More

  • And now Epic Games denies that Gears of War 3 is in development

    Well! So Epic Games has denied, in the harshest terms, that it has already started working on Gears of War 3. “Total nonsense,” said Epic’s Mark Rein. Fair enough, sir. Fair enough. The rumor, which said that the game would be out by Christmas 2010 and have five-player co-op, originally started in the latest issue of EGM, no doubt a stunt to keep the magazine’s name… Read More

  • Twitter And HuffPo Take A Post-Election Breather

    After showing hockey-stick growth leading up to the U.S. Presidential Elections, Twitter took a breather in November. According to comScore, unique U.S. visitors to Twitter.com grew less than one percent sequentially from October to 1.466 million. U.S. pageviews declined more precipitously to 19.7 million, from 37.2 million in October (a 47 percent decline). These numbers suggest that about… Read More

  • Pantech gets back to the basics with $40 C630 for AT&T

    Looking out for all those crazies (read: the majority of people) who don’t seem to think that dropping a few hundred greenbacks for a phone is a good idea but still want their handset do to a few cool tricks, Pantech has announced the C630 candybar. For $30 after a 2-year contract and mail-in rebate, you’ll walk out with a bit of 3G, aGPS and AT&T Navigator, Bluetooth, a 1.3… Read More

  • New Hello Kitty point-and-shoot camera available in Japan (but not in pink)

    Tokyo-based Exemode is selling a new digital camera [JP] that has been designed with French design company Courrèges and Japanese toy giant Sanrio. The 5.17 million megapixel camera features the cutest cat in the universe, Hello Kitty. The device comes with the following specs: 4x digital zoom, CMOS sensor, one USB 1.1. port, 32MB of internal memory, compatibility to SD memory cards (up to… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Panasonic Blu-ray player and 6 titles for $209

    Blu-ray players are starting to take off thanks to killer deals like this one. Amazon is running a deal on the Panasonic DMP-BD35K with four Warner Blu-ray titles through December 13. But that alone isn’t good enough to be considered a CrunchDeal. Thankfully, Panasonic is throwing in Ratatouille and The Nightmare Before Christmas via a rebate which makes it worthwhile. Panasonic… Read More

  • iPhone hope? Pastebud bringing Copy and Paste between Safari and Mail

    Ladies and Germs, we have news. Copy and Paste might finally come to your iPhone. This clever method bypasses the App Store by utilizing two Javascript bookmarks and web services that don’t require any software installation. The service, dubbed Pastebud, is launching tomorrow and according to the video above, seems to work well. Perfect? Nope, but a hella big step forward. Read More

  • Fast-Fingered Domain Squatters Flip Bush Library URL For $35K

    Doh. Domain squatters snatched away the domain name GeorgeWBushLibrary.com and made an easy $34,990 profit on promptly selling it to back to Yuma Solutions, the web development company that let it expire. Yuma has been a contractor for the Bush family for quite some time, and the domain name they accidentally let expire belonged to the George W. Bush Library Foundation. It originally bought… Read More

  • Everio GZ-MG880: Victor/JVC rolls out another YouTube-friendly video camera

    JVC started selling the Everio GZ-MG880 [JP], a video camera that’s especially geared towards YouTube freaks in Japan on December 5. It costs around $800 and is available in black only. Measuring 53x113x68mm (weight including battery: 350g), the device comes with a 120GB HDD, a 1/6’’ CCD sensor with a 32x optical zoom, 720×480 maximum resolution, a USB 2.0 port, microSD… Read More

  • Tumblr Pulls In $4.5 Million In Funding, Puts Out Premium Services

    Tumblr, one of the companies that significantly lowered the bar for starting a blog, has just raised $4.5 million in a Series B round led by Union Square Ventures and Spark Capital, the same investors that put in $750,000 in the first round. CEO David Karp says the investment will give the startup a runway of at least two and a half years, and is introducing paid features at the same… Read More

  • Duo Digital: touchscreen for laptops and LCD's

    PNF (Pen And Free Co.) released the Duo, so you can turn your laptop into a touchscreen without ripping it apart. You just install the receiving station on top or on the side of your screen, define the area you want to use as a tablet and that’s all. However, you have to use a stylus to operate. The laptop version supports up to 15.4″, the monitor version to 22″. Oh and it… Read More

  • Use CrashTheInauguration To Find A Place To Stay In D.C. And See Obama Become President

    The government is issuing around 240,000 tickets to President Elect Obama’s inauguration on January 20. But many more people than that want to be there, and there are plenty of parties and other activities for them to attend. The big problem, though, is finding a place to stay. Hotels were sold out long ago, and without a place to stay it’s basically impossible to be there. Read More

  • Quite Simply The Best Commercial Ever Made

    Only the Danish could get away with something like this (but how great would it be to see Amazon do commercials like this). Danish ecommerce site Fleggaard recently made the commercial below. I don’t know if it was shown on Danish television (I’m trying to find out), but I wouldn’t be surprised. It most definitely contains nudity and is NSFW. I think it would be just as… Read More

  • TuneUp Brings Its iTunes Cleanup Wizard To The Mac

    TuneUp, an iTunes plugin that helps correct wrong or missing song meta data and album art (and also offers a number of complementary features) has released a Mac-compatible version to the public. We originally covered TuneUp last May (click here to see our full overview of the features), and since then not much has changed in terms of the plugin’s functionality. The application sits as… Read More

  • Buffalo LinkStation 240GB SSD

    It seems like the price/value ratio of the SSD drives is slowly improving. The Buffalo LS-WSS240GL/R1 costs about 1200$ and has an appealing 240GB of storage. It provides USB, RAID 0, 1 and DLMA/iTunes server capabilities while you can turn the whole thing off when you turn your computer off. Don’t get too excited although because the 240GB is actually two 120GB SSD’s next to… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: In Storage Edition

    5 Days of Cleaning Out My Office-Mas Contest: Day 1
    Robot Overlord Field Guide: The Bumblebee
    Photty = cool key holder + mini photo frame from Japan
    Nintendo just found a boatload of money and it’s called Dragon Quest X
    Review and Giveaway: HP MediaSmart 1TB Server Read More

  • Mercedes first to implement SPLITVIEW COMMAND

    We told you about it back in February, but Merc is the first company to have it in a production vehicle. The system will allow you to have two viewers using the same screen, while viewing different content. Ideally, this would allow the driver to view travel information while the passenger watches a movie. Or vice versa if you know where you’re going and love getting in accidents. This… Read More

  • YouTube Opens Enhanced Abuse And Safety Center

    YouTube has just launched a new Abuse And Safety Center meant to help make the site as safe as possible for families (YouTube is only meant for ages 13+, but kids still flock to the site in droves). While the site has previously offered safety guidelines, they used to be bundled in the same section as product help and had far less information. The new section offers tips from… Read More

  • Got a new Apple? Time to get your firmware update on

    Unibody Macbooks and MacBook Pros, along with newer MacBook Airs, have gotten a firmware update from Apple, ostensibly addressing “stability issues.” I think they’re talking about that RAM thing because a firmware update isn’t going to change your 9600M’s faulty high-lead solder into eutectic. Oh yes I went there! Read More

  • Screw The Downturn. Accel Raises A Cool Billion In New Funds

    Twenty five year old venture capital firm Accel Partners is announcing two new funds today that add more than $1 billion to their war chest: Accel Growth Fund at $480 million and Accel London III at $525 million. The Growth Fund will focus on later stage investments information technology, internet, digital media, mobile, networking, software, and services. The London fund will continue to… Read More

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