• Forget the front desk: Hotels go high tech

    There’s nothing like a bit of luxury when staying at a nice hotel. Be it in-room dining or the staff waiting on your every need, feeling like a king for a day is a matter of taking advantage of the hotel’s services. Unfortunately, the systems in place for requesting such things are years behind, teetering on the edge of archaic. You can stare at the minuscule writing on the… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: IOGEAR Mobile Digital Scribe for $60

    Normally about $80 to $100, Office Max has the IOGEAR Mobile Digital Scribe for $60 until October 18th. The device captures your writing from just about any normal paper surface (up to Letter or A4 size) and then digitizes it to be archived on your computer. You can also hook the Mobile Digital Scribe directly up to your computer and record your handwriting in real time. Seems like a great… Read More

  • Arizona testing Cactus microchipping to prevent theft

    If someone asked me to help them steal a gigantic cactus, I’d be like, “Have you ever touched a cactus? Those things are really prickly. Find yourself another cohort, kind sir.” But apparently the giant Saguaro cactus, found mostly in Arizona, can sell for over $1,000 which, in turn, has given rise to a pretty active poaching trade. In order to cut down on such thievery… Read More

  • Giggity, Giggity, Giggity: Quagmire piggy bank

    Here’s a piggy (piggity?) bank of Glenn Quagmire sitting atop a zebra-striped blanet on a black leather couch. I’m not quite sure where you’re supposed to stick the coins (ewwww) but I think I see a little slit on the top of the sofa, so hopefully that’s it. It’s $40, plus whatever your therapist charges you per hour after the thing finally creeps you out. After… Read More

  • Samsung NC10 Netbook: ETA 10/23/08 for $480

    Samsung’s impending NC10 netbook is up for pre-order on two US online stores. The price is nice, too, at $480 – that’s less than we originally thought. The first store, PCNation, lists the netbook at $480.56 with free three-day shipping. The item’s status is backordered, saying it usually ships in 1-2 weeks. The other site, Bottom Line Telecommunications, gives us… Read More

  • Apple working on networked television sets?

    Jason Calacanis apparently has it on good authority that Apple’s next big thing might be networked high-definition television sets — basically, a TV with all the Apple TV stuff already built into it. This actually makes a lot of sense, as Apple’s been pretty good at the whole digital content thing. It’s got iTunes onto most people’s computers and has made… Read More

  • Twitter to IM: Drop Dead

    It took a worldwide financial meltdown for Twitter to finally cough up the IM hairball. At BearHug Camp, I spent about 10 of the 30 minute executive visitation trying to pin down Jack Dorsey, Biz Stone, and Alex Payne on when exactly Track and IM would be back, and in what order. Turns out the IM part isn’t coming back; it’s been moved from Broken to Build. Evan Williams delivers… Read More

  • During Tough Times, The Echo Chamber Can Be Your Best Friend

    We are witnessing either an epic financial meltdown or a long overdue resetting of existing business practices and the hollow markets they create. Or, perhaps we’re experiencing both of these phenomena. Either way, it has the nation gripped with fear, uncertainty, and an unsettling eruption of questionable advice confusing everyone, everywhere. While the floor is crumbling for many… Read More

  • WeAre.Us is (Almost) Like Ning, But With A Heart. Wins First VenCorps Prize.

    When you are suffering from a chronic disease, sometimes the only people who can understand what you are going through are other people with the same condition. But when that condition is rare, it can be difficult to find them. WeAre.Us wants to help. It is a platform of 16 social networks that connect people with chronic illnesses. And it just launched a revamped version (which mainly… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: William Tell Edition

    Portal: Prelude released; now you know what you’re doing this weekend
    SteelSeries drops WoW-oriented 15-button mouse, yes 15 buttons
    Tokyo Game Show: Footage from Sony’s Little Big Planet (PS3)
    Won’t you relax with some high-speed photography?
    Leaked Apple MacBook image roundup Read More

  • Portal: Prelude released; now you know what you're doing this weekend

    The fan-made (but reportedly very professional) prequel to Portal I mentioned last month has been released! Thought you guys might want it, Portal fans as you are. Download it here, it’s about 775MB(!). Torrent here (meg a second, woo-hoo). Yeah, you can probably get through an hour or so before you have to meet your better half for date night. Just don’t mention how good your… Read More

  • Crack WPA ten thousand percent faster with CUDA!

    If you’re really in a hurry to “recover” that password from the WPA-secured wi-fi network you’re “sharing” with a neighbor, you’re going to be waiting a long time for that brute force crack to work on your old traditional processor. Why not make yourself a tool using NVIDIA’s parallel processing environment CUDA and run it on a nice GeForce GTX… Read More

  • Nice total breakdown of a PS3

    Curious about what’s inside that big black box? No, not that one. Not that one either (it’s full of stars, obviously). The Sony one. Doubtless many of you want to know what its guts look like in extreme detail but are too cowardly to smash it open and see for yourself. Craven fools! You’re lucky there are sites like Hardware Secrets that are willing to do the dirty work for you. Read More

  • Yamli Makes It Easy To Use Arabic On The Web

    Approximately 60% of Arabic-speaking Internet users dislike using an Arabic keyboard, according to Yamli, a Massachusetts-based startup that launched last year. CEO Habib Haddad explains that many users have to use a Latin keyboard for their jobs or school, which makes the keyboards impractical (and many think they’re just hard to type with). When it comes time to type in Arabic… Read More

  • British Technology Awards announced and you'll never guess what won

    The iPhone. Not that it matters much, but the stinking iPhone brought home 2008 Gadget of the Year, Best Mobile Technology, Most Stylish Technology and Technological Innovation of the Year from the British Technology Awards. The iPhone has been sweeping similar award lists like LOTR: Return of the King did in the 2004 Academy Awards. Apparently ‘coss the Pond, 2008 is already done and… Read More

  • Video: Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe Kollector's Edition cover revealed

    Alex Ross is living the dream, man. The comic book geek dream that is, which is why Midway tapped him to create the cover for the Kollector’s Edition of Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe. Watch the video to see how he went about hand painting the whole thing. The KE will also come with a removable print and bonus video content. Hit the jump to see the finished product. Read More

  • As Rome Burned, Team Cyprus Danced

    [blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/gcQW0sUssnI%5D Yes, the meme is just getting started it seems. 1938Media does his own take of the Team Cyprus video, set to the tune of AC/DC’s HighWay To Hell: Read More

  • Zuckerberg: Facebook Connect will be delayed for "months"

    After previously hinting that that Facebook Connect would be coming shortly after early to mid-October Mark Zuckerburg said on stage at FOWA today that the official, out of beta, launch was still “months” away. Unlike the fairly quick launch of the F8 platform, he said they were going for an “extended beta”. When asked by Ryan Carson on stage at FOWA when Connect… Read More

  • Help sink Circuit City faster with this 15% off coupon

    Dar be rough waters ahead for ‘ol Circuit City and coupon code CAAXJ9DA8E will get ya 15% off a CircuitCity.com order from 10/12 to 10/18. Enjoy! via GadgetReview Read More

  • Apple has lost its mind; invites field trips to Apple Stores

    In a move that can be considered either innovative or madness, Apple has extended an invitation for K-12 students to run a muck through an Apple Store now through November 21. The Field Trip lasts an hour and lets the students create everything Macs are designed to do: websites, iPhoto albums, iMovies, ect. The Field Trips seem to be free, but you know, I’m thinking parents are… Read More

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