• Qik Expands to Windows Mobile Platform

    Tomorrow Qik, the popular webcasting service that streams video from your phone, will announce support for Microsoft’s Windows Mobile platform. Actual support for phones will be rolled out in the coming months. To get things started, the site has launched an invite-only alpha for the Motorola Q and Samsung BlackJack. We’ve got invites for the first 50 TechCrunch readers who… Read More

  • The New CrunchBar, Upcoming Conferences, and Thanks to TechCrunch Sponsors

    The New CrunchBar We are pleased to announce a new TechCrunch sponsor. Conduit has deployed a new TechCrunch community toolbar (dubbed the “CrunchBar”) that includes: A newsreader with RSS feeds for every TechCrunch network website to stay on top of our news no matter where it breaks Direct access to TechCrunch podcasts (catch up with the Gillmor Gang, for example, now recorded… Read More

  • Transformers 2 gets a title, and boy does it suck Ravage balls

    I really hope this is a joke. It’s a very, very bad title. When word leaked out that Star Wars II would be called Attack of the Clones, people went nuts. To George’s credit, the title ended up fitting nicely, and it was a pretty badass movie. But the new Transformers 2 title is something I couldn’t even come up with as a joke. What is it? You’ll have to hit the jump to… Read More

  • A chat with Qik about Windows Mobile, giving birth, and the future

    Tomorrow Qik, the popular webcasting service that streams video from your phone, will announce support for Microsoft’s Windows Mobile platform. Actual support for phones will be rolled out in the coming months. I had the chance to sit down and chat with Bhaskar Roy, Co-Founder and VP Product Management of Qik, and Jackie Danicki, Director of Product Marketing. The transcript of the… Read More

  • Sony's new Bravia HDTVs can now get YouTube, among others

    Sony’s new HDTVs have another feature you’re not going to find on many other models: YouTube. Using the optional Internet Video Link, users can browse and view almost all of the content on YouTube with their remote. YouTube isn’t the only vieo content available, with other providers like AOL, Sports Illustrated, Comcast’s FEARnet and many others… Read More

  • How to spot e-vote tampering?

    Our permanent campaign marches on here in the U.S., with preparations for 2012 already well underway. To that end, some dude has asked proto-blog Slashdot what to look for when it comes to electronic vote fraud. (He’s an elections official, so he has some modicum of power to stop any shenanigans.) The suggestions are rich in thought and content. • Look for a paper trail. If… Read More

  • Next-gen Ion engine twice as powerful and efficient

    This isn’t really new, but it’s certainly awesome. You read that right, an ion engine. It’s not just a science fiction trope, it’s a real thing. Ion engines produce very little force but can run continuously for extremely long times (like years), providing an aggregate thrust not achievable by traditional engines. They might as well be magical for as much as I… Read More

  • Sony launches new line for high-end HDTVs loaded with features

    As a guy who’s really, really into HD, I’m kind of excited about Sony’s new XBR series of Bravia HDTVs. Like the latest MacBook Pros from Apple and other laptops from makers like HP, the new HDTVs feature LED backlighting instead of the standard lighting most HDTVs and LCDs use. This means a more natural color, brighter and more uniform whites, and deeper blacks. Not only… Read More

  • Thieves disguised as Comcast installers rob, shoot man; Man still likely more angry about mystery charges on cable bill

    I’m not the first technology pundit to think that Comcast is constantly ripping us off, but this is a little ridiculous. Thieves, somehow outfitted with a Comcast truck, broke into a man’s apartment in Baltimore, MD, demanding money. The fake Comcast techs then shot him. He was then handcuffed. Seeing an opportunity, he jumped through a closed bedroom window and called for… Read More

  • OS X Leopard/iPhone banners appear at Moscone

    Image courtesy of Gernot Poetsch The Leopard banner reads: “The world’s most advanced Operating System.” The iPhone banner reads: “The world’s most advanced mobile platform.” I’m so happy I’ll be in Berlin during the keynote getting drunk and not dealing with this nonsense. Read More

  • FCC: XM-Sirius merger action 'soon'

    We’re all waiting on this guy The FCC “will hopefully be able to do something on it soon.” “It” is the proposed XM-Sirius merger, while “soon” means whatever you want it to mean. Yup, the FCC chair, Kevin Martin, said today that the deal has taken as long as it has because of all the different regulatory matters involved. Or, maybe, because the likes… Read More

  • Social Gaming Pwns The Industry

    This guest post is written by Jeremy Liew, a Managing Director at Lightspeed Venture Partners where he focuses on investments in gaming, internet and consumer enabling technology companies. Jeremy is co-producing the Social Gaming Summit next Friday, June 13th, at UCSF Mission Bay. Most of the companies mentioned below will be presenting. This post comes a year after venture capitalist Susan… Read More

  • New robo-teddy with built-in drunk driving prevention and navigation system

    Japanese robotics company iXs Research Corp. unveiled a new robot with a built-in car navigation system, which is also able to scold drivers wanting to drive while drunk. The robot comes in the shape of a teddy bear. It is 1 foot tall and can move its arms and legs when giving directions. The bear is equipped with sensors for light, touch, alcohol and accelaration. Besides being able to… Read More

  • Lead investigator in Pirate Bay raid worked for Warner Bros

    It turns out that the lead investigator of the Pirate Bay raid from a few years ago has been working for Warner Bros. Naturally, that’s causing all sorts of commotion online, with cries “corruption,” “conflict of interest,” and whatever other insult you can think of. The Pirate Bay is already spinning the news, calling the officer’s Warner Bros. employment… Read More

  • Duke Nukem Forever footage! I felt the earth move!

    What are you doing reading this sentence? Link is down there! Skip to about 4:15 in the video in this link and watch about 30 seconds of footage. [via Shacknews] Read More

  • One Prediction We Got Right: The Presidential Nominees

    Six months ago, we went out on a limb and endorsed Barack Obama and John McCain as the most tech-friendly candidates of each political party. McCain clinched the Republican nomination long ago, and now with Obama as the presumptive nominee for the Democrats, those endorsements are getting some renewed attention. Today, the LA Times wrote a lengthy article on Michael and his efforts to… Read More

  • Snapped: Old-school Game Boy spotted in non-ironic action

    If Indiana Jones can come back, why not the first real handheld console? It’s a Game Boy, on a train to Philly, but it’s not one of the Game Boy Advances or even one of the ones that came after that, it’s just a Game Boy. Green screen, janky volume knob, and two hour, AA-battery-eating life. You can have your Guitar Hero for DS, or even your iPhone as a game platform. In… Read More

  • Rock Band 2 cover art revealed?

    The blokes over at Joystiq just received two potential cover art samples for Rock Band 2. A survey conducted by Listen Research appears to be the venue from which these scans were obtained. Participants in the survey were asked the following questions. * Indicate which of the two covers below would attract you more if you were shopping for a new game in a store.
    * Indicate which game… Read More

  • Asus' Xonar HDAV 1.3 sound card looks pretty serious

    It’s a dark day for Creative. If you’re budget-minded, you can get an excellent Razer sound card for $50 today from Woot, and if you’re an A/V snob, Asus’ top-shelf media card, the Xonar, will probably beat the pants off any X-Fi — for a price. Judging by the amount of this post that I do not understand, this sound card is in some deep media-handling territory. Read More

  • Great Moments in Non-Greatness: No Dell netbook until 'later this summer' because of the keyboard

    Some reporters (not me) met in Austin, Texas at Dell’s headquarters to hear about a bunch of stuff that’s going to be happening over the coming months. Most notably were some scant details about Dell’s netbook that’s supposed to be released this year. APC is reporting that members of Dell’s staff “refused to elaborate on the hardware specs, target price or… Read More

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