• Man alive, 15 Xbox mods that are marginally impressive!

    Oh, lists. Nothing is quite as boring as the “Top 10 Who Cares of Current Year.” (Speaking of which, we’re wrapping up our own end-of-the-year lists right now. Look for them next week!) Speaking of lists, Unreality Magazine, which seems to be where lists go to die (“Most Soul Sucking Video Games,” “Best Movie Gunfights,” “Memorable Movie… Read More

  • Elevator Pitch Friday: Duck Duck GO, The Hybrid Search Engine

    It’s Elevator Pitch Friday, which means another startup has created a video that’s worth showing you. This week’s presentation comes from Duck Duck Go, a start-up that wants to make it easier for you to find what it is that you are looking for on the Internet. Duck Duck Go combines a search engine’s algorithmic search technology with Wikipedia’s user generated… Read More

  • JumpStart's Virtual World Teaches Kids While They're Busy Having Fun

    When it comes to educational software, the trick is to make kids think they’re just playing a traditional escapist game, while they’re really being surreptitiously fed facts and logic problems that put their brains to work. But while many games have done this for years, the technique hasn’t really made the jump to online virtual worlds – most of the kid-friendly… Read More

  • Free market: President Bush not too supportive of free national W-Fi

    Everyone hates President Bush for their own reason, but now us techies have a reason of our own: he refuses to endorse the FCC’s plan for free national Wi-Fi. Instead, Bush says that a government-mandated Wi-Fi scheme is a bad idea, and it’s one that goes against our “free market” thingamabob. Unfortunately, as Fast Company points out, there’s a reason why the… Read More

  • What happens to satellite radio when Howard Stern calls it quits?

    Flickr’d Sirius’ Howard Stern made a strange comment yesterday that’s causing people to freak out, speculating wildly till they pass out. Discussing his possible plans vis-à-vis [satellite] radio, Stern said, “This is my sawn song.” Now, what he was actually referring to was his aversion to returning to terrestrial (“regular”) radio, but it does raise… Read More

  • Capcom promotes Biohazard (Resident Evil) Degeneration with branded military food rations

    Capcom (or more precisely Sony Pictures) will start selling Biohazard Degeneration (Resident Evil Degeneration), a CGI movie based on the Resident Evil game series, in Japan on December 26. In order to promote sales of the DVD and Blu-ray of the movie, the company is also offering Miri Meshi, branded military food rations. The Japan-only rations are available since today and come in three… Read More

  • Estonia becomes first nation with mobile voting

    Estonia has become the world’s first nation to recognize mobile suffrage after passing legislation to allow its citizens the ability to cast their votes in the 2011 parliamentary elections with their cell phones. This is the second time Estonia has adopted such an innovative, pro-tech law, having given Estonians the ability to vote in the parliamentary elections over the Internet for… Read More

  • Review: Energizer 15-minute charger

    There are only a handful of gadgets in my possession that can’t be charged over USB: TV/Cable/Blu-ray player remotes and my DSLR. My Xbox 360 controller was a battery hog once upon a time, but the Nyko Charge Base took care of that. The remotes aren’t as taxing on batteries as my SLR — that puppy is constantly draining my supply of batteries. I could always cut back on the… Read More

  • Zentact Wants to Turn You Into A Super-Connector (Invites)

    There is something about great sales people or deal makers that is entirely social. They are connectors, as Malcolm Gladwell calls them—people who know the interests, skills, and needs of everyone in their social or business circle and connects them together. If you are really good at this, like Sidney Weinberg (a legend who helped build Goldman Sachs), you are a… Read More

  • Don't forget! HP MediaSmart Server giveaway ends in 24 hours!

    This is just a friendly reminder that our contest ends in 24 hours for a 1TB HP MediaSmart Server giveaway. Oh, and yeah, HP is going to provide the winner with a brand-spanking new model so we don’t have to giveaway a used, review unit. 24 hours! Read More

  • Toshiba Japan intros two new Qosmio laptops

    Toshiba today announced a number of new laptops in its Dynabook and Qosmio series [JP] in Japan. More notable than the Dynabook models are two Qosmio notebooks that are geared towards the heavy gamer segment and will go on sale in Japan at the end of this month and at the beginning of January, respectively. The Qosmio FX (15.4- inch screen) and the Qosmio GX (18.4-inch screen) are equipped with… Read More

  • DIY electroencephalogram

    I’ve always been impressed by hardware hackers. Whether it’s a simple DIY digital picture frame, or a full-scale conversion of a gasoline car to electric, there’s something about the “can do” spirit of these guys that really impresses me. I marvel at the stuff in Make Magazine on a regular basis. Read More

  • No Steve Jobs Macworld Keynote this year? This can't be right.

    The Steve Jobs’ Macworld Keynote is Apple Fanboy’s Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and Boxing Day all rolled into an one hour event, but there isn’t one scheduled this year according to the Macworld Website. It’s kind of strange that with the event less than three weeks away that the site wouldn’t put the event’s main attraction on the schedule. Jobs… Read More

  • Review: Nyko Charge Base 360

    What’s worse than having your Xbox 360 controller die during the middle of a game? Not being able to find replacement batteries, of course. Rechargeable batteries are a viable option, but those don’t seem to last as long as we’d like, right? They can be spendy as well. Read More

  • "Green" Japan's newest products

    Japan is turning greener and greener by the week, it seems. This weekend, during the Eco Products 2008 exhibition in Tokyo, a total of 750 companies showcased a few hundred new environmentally friendly products and services. Four noteworthy examples are shown in the video above [JP]. The first segment is about a water heating boiler that is powered by bricks made of dried newspapers, with the… Read More

  • Last minute gift ideas: The UroClub

    No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Come on, man. The UroClub is a screw-top container shaped like a golf club that you urinate into behind a built-in privacy towel. NO! It’s a simple three step process, according to the UroClub web site: “Unscrew the UroClub’s triple seal, leak proof cap, clip the privacy towel to the UroClub and your belt or waist band, discreetly relieve yourself… Read More

  • RadioShack to sell 3G Aspire One for $99 with AT&T

    And the subsidization of 3G-equipped netbooks starts to slowly take shape here in the US. Starting Sunday, RadioShack will be selling the Acer Aspire One for $99 with a two-year contract from AT&T at $60 per month for 5GB of high speed data. If $60 sounds like a lot to be paying for 5GB of wireless data each month, it is (if you ask me). Maybe you could wait for future offerings with… Read More

  • 5 Days of Cleaning Out My Office-Mas: Day 3

    We have two special gifts for all you today. The Blu-Ray packs have been sent out but if you added me in Twitter you’ll have discovered a super secret Blu-Ray pack that I won’t mention here. Luckily, we have two great prizes today so get cracking. Read More

  • Slingbox update now brings automatic 4:3, 16:9 switching

    Flickr’d So Sling released a tiny update, up to version 1.0.7 now, to its Sling Player software that, among other amazing things, is said to improve video quality. (Imagine that.) I was never quite bitten by the “location shifting” bug, so I can’t speak to the improvements first-hand, but PC World just raves about it. Other goodies include the ability to switch between… Read More

  • Get the new Motorola AURA for just an arm and a leg

    Move over LG Prada and Co., there’s a new outrageously priced (mobile) sheriff in town – the (previously mentioned) Motorola AURA.  For just shy of $two grand (unlocked), Motorola’s high-society handset can be yours, complete with its very own 62 Carat Sapphire Crystal Lens. But wait, there’s plenty more where that came from.  With stainless steel housing, the… Read More

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