• TechStars Startup Ignighter Raises $1.2 Million For Group Dating

    Ignighter, the group dating site that is part of the TechStars class of 2008, has closed a $1.2 million angel funding round. CEO Adam Sachs says that the money will be used to expand its team (particularly its development staff), and will also be used for a marketing push to increase awareness. Ignighter allows small groups of friends to collaborate on a group profile, where they can… Read More

  • It really was “Echoes of Doom” in World of Warcraft yesterday

    Blizzard named yesterday’s gigantic World of Warcraft patch “Echoes of Doom.” How prescient. Right, so Blizzard “dropped” patch 3.0.2 yesterday. Servers were done for a good 24 hours while the company’s elves did their magic. The full patch notes, as always, are available online. Among other things, Stormwind now has a harbor and my Hunter, Fredfresno, has a… Read More

  • CrunchGear Live Podcast

    You can chat with us during the show via AIM by pinging username “crunchtips” or call into the show at (646) 200-4163 should the mood strike you. Here’s the link for today’s show… Read More

  • CrunchDeal: Samsung Blu-ray player and Matrix deal drops to $214.44

    Hey! What are you waiting for? This was one hell of a deal when it was $249, and now you can get Samsung’s BD-P1500 Blu-ray player and the Blu-ray Matrix Collection for $214.44 with free shipping from Amazon. Who cares what the price is speculated to be on Black Friday, you get a 10-disc Matrix Collection and you don’t have to fight my mother-in-law’s psycho shopping… Read More

  • Best Buy Mobile stores growing up; to start pimping computers and iPods

    Best Buy is set to take over your local mall with small stores designed for your “life on the go”. These locations are going to be stocked with not only cell phones, but also ultra-portable notebook computers, PMPs, and of course, accessories. The upgraded Best Buy Mobile stores build on the cell-phone only model that the company started rolling out last year but will now… Read More

  • Sit-down arcade driving sim with built-in kegerator – wait, what?

    This site Dream Arcades has a huge range of arcade machines to put together or order pre-built, from cocktail tables to stand-ups to sit-down racers. Great, right? Well, their latest model, the Octane 120, has a extra perk, and it’s not exactly — well, appropriate. It’s got a kegerator. Now before you blast me as a teetotaler, you should realize that this arcade machine… Read More

  • Freehands gloves have removable finger tips for touchscreen phone use

    A quickie for those of you who own, or are about to own, a phone with a touchscreen. You know, iPhone, G1, et cetera. The guy who founded Cool Hunting—an online version of the “strange but true” section of your local newspaper—started Freehands, a company that creates gloves with removable fingertips. The idea here is that whenever you need to call someone, answer a… Read More

  • An egg-beater turned centrifuge can save lives

    Developing countries might look towards this $2 contraption to help safe lives. From what we can gather, it’s simply a piece of tubing attached to the end of a manual egg-beater and spins fast enough to separate the blood enough for Hepatitis B and cysticercosis tests. A user can even do multiple blood tests by taping more tubes to the beater. It just goes to show that a… Read More

  • The fbFund Gives Out Cash To 25 Facebook Developers

    Facebook has just announced 25 winners of cash grants from the fbFund. These grants are given to the Facebook developers that are creating some of the most promising apps on Facebook. The fbFund is a $10 million fund announced a year ago by Facebook, Accel Partners, and the Founders Fund. Below is a list of the 25 winners, out of 600 applicants. They each received about $25,000 and will… Read More

  • Opinion: The SanDisk SlotMusic player is a good idea

    My good friend Peter Ha isn’t sold on the Sandisk SlotMusic hoopla (see his post here). I think it’ll work, though. You have to approach it from the mindset of the casual consumer for it to make sense. Think of the player like a Walkman or a Discman and MicroSD cards as blank tapes or CDs. Then remember that entire albums used to be sold on tapes and CDs and that for many… Read More

  • Three Years Later, Buying MySpace Looks Like One Of Murdoch's Smartest Bets

    Three years ago today, Rupert Murdoch bought MySpace and its parent company Intermix for $580 million. That turned out to be money well spent. The last time we ran the numbers, we figured that MySpace alone is worth between $3 billion and $20 billion, depending on how much you value each user. Fox Interactive Media (which is mostly MySpace) accounted for about $850 million in revenues… Read More

  • Blip.fm, The "Twitter for Music", Gets Its Own API

    When Fuzz launched a microblogging service for music aficionados called Blip.fm last May, no one in the company expected it to rise above the status of an experiment. But before long, Blip.fm’s traffic began to eclipse that of Fuzz’s main site, which provides an altogether different service for bands that want to cultivate their fan base. Fuzz’s attention has now turned… Read More

  • The Martyr nightlight will give your kids nightmares & voices in their heads

    Hey, I’m stuck! HELP! ‘martyr‘ lamp by the play coalition Read More

  • Japan gets a portable Hello Kitty DVD player, the rest of the world doesn't

    First NEC’s supercute (and very pink) Hello Kitty laptop, now this: A portable DVD player shaped like Hello Kitty’s head [JP], this time sold by Sanrio itself (the company behind the brand). The player comes with a 7-Inch LCD screen (resolution: 480×234), a built-in battery with a life span of 2.5 hours (an AC adaptor is included in the package) and an extracute remote control. Read More

  • Nokia N79 clears the FCC

    The Nokia N79, which is essentially a 5 megapixel N78 revised with a keypad that doesn’t make your thumbs cry, has toughed its way through the FCC’s testing chambers. Toting North American 3G, GPS, WiFi, and Carl-Zeiss optics, the N79 is one nice little candybar. With the FCC hurdles out of the way and the handset prepped on the radio front, it’s not too hard to imagine a… Read More

  • Sonoa appliance knits APIs and Cloud together

    Enterprise IT looks at the emergence of cloud computing with mixed emotions. On the one hand, financial tough times breed layoffs, consolidation, and outsourcing away from IT’s control. On the other, a new breed of cloud-aware managers look to rationalize the metrics, security, and regulation challenges a distributed model brings. In the middle are companies such as Sonoa Systems, who… Read More

  • No Blu-ray on MacBook makes Homer something something?

    Steve Jobs rubbished Blu-ray yesterday, calling format a “bag of hurt,” no doubt putting a tear in the eye of message boarders everywhere. (How much do you want to bet that he’ll call the next revision of the iMac “epic”?) But is that a big deal, that Apple, apparently, has no interest in incorporating Blu-ray into its computers, especially when plenty of… Read More

  • New LCD screen from NEC makes 3D images viewable with naked eye

    Older 3D screen from NEC (showcased last year) NEC today announced the development of a 12.1-inch LCD panel [JP] that allows viewers to see 3-D images without having to wear 3D glasses. NEC’s 3D screen uses smaller displays (sized at 2.5 inches) that were produced back in 2004 as a technical basis. The new amorpheus silicon TFT features SVGA resolution (800×600). Read More

  • Discovery Channel's Prototype This premiers tonight

    Mythbusters fan? You might want to check out Prototype This which premiers tonight on Discovery Channel. It sounds like a geek hacking dream team show. Tonight, the guys build a mind-controlled car and later create what sounds like a full-size, human movement-controlled rock-em sock-em robots. The video preview on the official site should provide a little more insight. So tonight at 10 est… Read More

  • Nokia finally showing signs of a coming Ovi Suite for Mac

    After Nokia announced their Ovi Suite for the PC, most Mac users felt left out in the cold. Sure, third-party solutions were available as alternatives on a function-by-function basis, but none challenged the simple one-stop, one-click syncing/media handling of Ovi. Looks like the Apple crowd might be getting the attention they’ve clamored for. On Monday, a “Macintosh Software… Read More

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