• T-Mobile 3G launching in 27 markets on October 1st

    From TmoNews: “This poster, taped (poorly we might add) on the wall outside a meeting is our glass slipper, our unwavering proof of a date that will live in T-mobile infamy. Mark your calenders folks, October 1. Wake up, walk outside and breathe that 3G air.” “Hey Bob – we’ve finally set the date for when we’ll be launching 3G services in 27 launch markets. Read More

  • The Telemegaphone: No good can come from this

    If there’s one thing that’s missing from Bunker Hill, it’s a giant megaphone that’s hooked into payphones spread throughout the city. I live at the base of Bunker Hill and it would be just grand if I could listen to everything on everyone’s mind, all day and all night long. Such will be the case for the fine citizens in the small town of Dale, Norway from August… Read More

  • Google Acquires Omnisio To Spice Up YouTube

    Google has acquired Atherton, CA based startup Omnisio, the companies are announcing this afternoon. Omnisio, which is a Y Combinator company, first demo’d to us in early March 2008, and it launched later that month. The price is not being disclosed, but we hear the deal is all cash and is in the $15 million range. The company was founded by three Australians (Ryan Junee, Julian Frumar… Read More

  • Rumor: Apple ditching Intel chipsets for unknown alternative

    While the Core and Core2 Duo processors have been very good to Apple and have almost certainly driven sales, there are murmurs that the chipset it’s running on is perhaps no longer adequate. As Apple Insider suggests, it may be that Apple has had enough of thinking not-so-differently from other laptop makers. They may be headed to another provider for the boards, integrated graphics… Read More

  • Samsung Instinct gets its first firmware update, second coming soon

    Earlier this morning, Sprint rolled out the first firmware/software update for the Samsung Instinct. What got fixed, you ask? No one’s exactly sure, just yet. As the update lacks patch notes, finding the fixes has become a bit of an Easter egg hunt for Instinct users. Noted so far are perceived performance enhancements, and a battery meter fix – Let us know if you find anything… Read More

  • Create Your Own Free SMS Campaign With Tagga

    As one of the most popular forms of communication in the world, SMS has become a favorite channel for advertisers to reach out to their audience. Everywhere we go, billboards and TV shows try to convince us that we should “Text MAGIC to 9340”, with promises of goodies like free ringtones and coupon codes. Now Tagga, a Canadian startup launching today, is looking to help you… Read More

  • Qwest begins offering Verizon Wireless services

    Qwest and Verizon made it official: as of now, Qwest will be reselling Verizon Wireless phones and service to its residential and business customers. Qwest announced plans earlier this year to dump Sprint Nextel, saying that it was exploring other partnership options. As part of today’s announcement Qwest said its current wireless customers (who use handsets and service from Sprint) will… Read More

  • Electronic Arts to build Crysis-ready gaming PCs?

    Gotta admit that I didn’t see this one coming. Apparently in anticipation of Crysis Warhead, Electronic Arts will be getting into the hardware business with some gaming PCs made to “correspond to Crysis Warhead’s levels of graphical detail, with a likely price range being $600-$800,” according to Remowned. The rumor was overheard at EA’s Comic-Con booth. A rep… Read More

  • Insanity: MSI jacks ‘Wind’ MSRPs up to $499, $549 and forces retailers to cancel pending orders

    Oh wow. Wow. This is a really odd decision. MSI has raised the prices of its Wind notebook (see our review here) from $479 to $499 for a version with Windows XP and a three-cell battery and from $499 to $549 for the version with XP and a six-cell battery. An MSI rep told Laptop the following: “Since the cost of the battery and materials raise (sp), we had no choice but adjust the MSRP… Read More

  • Dell’s 13-inch Inspiron laptops coming in August

    My rule for purchasing laptops (or for recommending laptops to family and friends): nothing over five pounds. That’s been unfortunate for Dell, as I haven’t been able to recommend many of the company’s laptops over the years. They’re finally starting to shed some weight, though, so the company can expect to see sales spikes in the low teens thanks to an increase in word… Read More

  • Sidekick 2008 goes for $1,000 on eBay just one day before it's $149 in stores

    Between 2 thousand dollar PS3s and 30,000 thousand dollar hoverboard props, eBay is no stranger to things selling for absurd prices. However, most things that have any value on eBay are those that are .. you know, hard to find. Someone probably should have mentioned that to the winner of this Sidekick 2008 auction. Just a day before the new Sidekick was readily available at T-Mobile spots… Read More

  • ‘Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince’ trailer

    Wow, for the first time I’ve found that Twitter can actually be useful. Here’s a new trailer for “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” that I wouldn’t have known about if it weren’t for someone I happen to be following on the big blue machine. The film will be in theaters November 21st, if you’re into watching young wizards battle the awkwardness… Read More

  • Nuvifone delayed

    As part of its quarterly earnings report, Garmin announced delays for its first mobile phone. While they had previously announced the Nuvifone would be available sometime during the fourth quarter, don’t expect to see one now until the first half of next year. Here’s what the press release said: The nuvifone will not be available in fourth quarter as previously announced. While we… Read More

  • Sony Ericsson K330 and W890 gettin' new hues

    Looking to pick up Sony Ericsson’s new K330, but not feelin’ the color selection? According to a tipster over at the Unofficial SE Blog, you’ll soon have at least one more option. Joining gold/black and green/black is a gold/white variant (Pictured above). Also getting a color revamp is the 5-month old W890, with the addition of a silver/gold model. Tons of pictures of both… Read More

  • LG, now with surround sound

    LG announced plans to launch mobile phones that include Dolby’s Mobile audio platform, which according to the release, is built on “Dolby’s extensive portfolio of technologies,” and has been “optimized for mobile applications.” Dolby announced its mobile platform in February. LG said it is the first handset maker to include Dolby Mobile in handsets geared… Read More

  • Karmazin appears to reassure fans during Opie and Anthony

    Possibly their worst photo ever, and one that’s several years old Mel Karmazin, the CEO of Sirius XM Radio, was just on the Opie and Anthony show</a to discuss a few post-merger items. For the most part, it looks as if Opie and Anthony are safe, and that Karmazin wants them to be a part of the new company (i.e., renew their contract). At the same time, Karmazin once again expressed… Read More

  • AT&T introduces TAP for disabled iPhone users

    While most people wouldn’t ever notice that you can’t buy an iPhone without a calling plan, that fact inadvertently shafts a huge group of potential subscribers: the deaf, hearing impaired, and those with difficulties speaking. If you don’t use the voice features to communicate, you don’t really need hundreds of minutes. With this in mind, AT&T yesterday unveiled… Read More

  • Comcast’s throttling deemed illegal by the FCC

    In the wake of the FCC versus Comcast brouhaha, wherein Comcast has been accused of illegally slowing down connections to file sharing services like BitTorrent without informing its cable internet subscribers first, the Federal Communications Commission has ruled that Comcast acted outside of the law. According to a report in the Washington Post, the five-member panel will formally vote… Read More

  • Can't stop stinking in the office? Try these deodorant suits

    All people having problems with their body odor when wearing suits during these hot summer days should come to Japan and visit the Aoki stores. Aoki is a well-known menswear retailer in this country and a supporter of Cool-Biz, a program initiated by the Japanese government to combat global warming. The aim of the program is to politically encourage white-collar workers in Japan to dress… Read More

  • Labmeeting: A Social Network For Scientists

    Scientists are not the most social people on the planet. Many of them would rather be holed up in their labs trying to make the next big discovery than hanging out on Facebook throwing virtual pies at each other (although there are exceptions). But what if they could organize their all their scientific papers online and share them easily with other members of their lab? Mark Kaganovich… Read More

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