• Beejive IM for iPhone to go on sale tonight at midnight

    As the proud owners of some of the most callused thumbs you’ll ever see, we’re pretty fond of the landscape keyboard and overall stability offered up by Beejive for the iPhone. What we’re not so fond of, however, is the $16 dollar price tag. For the sake of the folks out there looking to give away copies of BeejiveIM as e-stocking stuffers (and, presumably, as an effort… Read More

  • Book brush: a brush with a spine

    As a book collector (I have that same 1st Hemingway!), I can understand why someone would want to brush their books all the time. It’s like grooming a horse. But to have a specialized tool for it begins to reek of book-madness. My books are up so high that I can’t see the dust on them, but that doesn’t mean I don’t worry. The booklike back of the brush means it can… Read More

  • Foodista Tries To Prove That More Cooks In the Kitchen Will Produce A Better Recipe

    How many cooks does it take to produce the perfect recipe? I’d say one, a really good one. Barnaby Dorfman thinks that 1,000 cooks can come up with a better recipe than any single chef, and earlier today he launched Foodista around that premise. It is a Wikipedia for food. Each recipe can be collaboratively edited and improved. Scrumptious photos for each dish are pulled in from… Read More

  • Video: SteelSeries World of Warcraft MMO Gaming Mouse & its changing LEDs

    An update to the ongoing Steelseries Word of Warcraft saga. As you know, there’s no Mac drivers for the mouse thus far, but one of our readers, Jim Krenz, pointed me in the direction of ControllerMate, a $15 application/driver/thing that lets you use the mouse as intended. I bought it late last night, and after about an hour of trying to figure out how to use it, got the mouse up and… Read More

  • Cloudlet Plugin Brings Tag-Based Search To Google; Yahoo

    Simple and useful, exactly the way I like ’em: Cloudlet effectively brings tag-based search to Google and Yahoo in the form of an add-on for the Firefox browser (except for the latest 3.1 beta). That’s about all it does, and it does it well. You really have to try before you judge it, but as far as I’m concerned it’s a winner even if experimental and still in beta. Read More

  • Management Shakeup At LinkedIn: Reid Hoffman Takes Back CEO Role, Jeff Weiner As Interim President

    Big changes at fast growing professional social network LinkedIn this afternoon. Founder Reid Hoffman has retaken the CEO role, which he relinquished to former Intuit exec Dan Nye in early 2007. Nye is leaving LinkedIn in January, although the company says he will stay on as an advisor. Former Yahoo executive Jeff Weiner is joining the company full time as interim President. Weiner is currently… Read More

  • CrunchGear Live Podcast

    You can chat with us during the show via AIM by pinging username “crunchtips” or call into the show at (646) 200-4163 should the mood strike you. Here’s the link for today’s show… [Podcast RSS Feed | Podcast in iTunes] Read More

  • Review: Waterfield Cargo Mambo Combo Messenger-Style Laptop Bag

    This is one tough, yet elegant bag that will carry your gear in style. I have a
    lot of bags, a whole closet full of ’em. Although I usually don’t get bags in
    the $200+ dollar range, (I’m kinda cheap that way), this bag is worth the price
    if you need an incredibly well made bag that can go from casual to client
    Read More

  • Why Track will be back – Fred Wilson says so

    For those of you new to the Web since the end of May, you can be forgiven for having no clue about why Track is the shit. Despite months of denial, an open source clone war, a VC-backed API counter offensive, and unknown secret plans to force Twitter into a business model, Twitter still has not returned Track to service. As a consequence, no one really knows what the world would be like if… Read More

  • Buffalo introduces a super-slim 16GB thumb drive

    Thin is in! The RUF2-KL, introduced in Japan, would be your run-of-the-mill 16GB thumb drive, if it weren’t for the fact that it’s only 8mm thick. (0.315 inches) The lilliputian thumb drive is expected to sell for about 5980 Yen ($70). Since Buffalo claims they’re not selling flash memory here, it’s unclear if it will hit state-side. Read More

  • PR and the fine art of not being crazy

    Our buddies Rich and Eric got a delightful missive in their email boxes after replying to a CES meeting request about TVs. See, Rich and Eric run PhoneScoop, the best phone site on the web. They don’t write about TVs. The result of their polite email? A crazy message from HWH president Lois Whitman. CES publishes a list of press. You are one of a few thousand. Everyone has access to… Read More

  • Transparent solar cells put windows to good use

    Windows are so boring. All you can do is look through them. In this age of convergence, where devices do more than one thing, windows are so old school, right? Wrong! RSi Solar has introduced “the world’s first, transparent, photovoltaic-glass window which generates 80 to 250 watts of electricity”. It offers “an enclosed super-tempered glass window system, with a … Read More

  • TV-B-Gone winner is…

    Spolier alert! TheColor who hated “It’s a Wonderful Life.” Clearly he didn’t get hugged enough in his adolescence. He writes: It’s a Wonderful Life… ’cause honestly, it’s a bit lack luster at the moment. :( Thanks for playing and thanks to TV-B-Gone for the prize. Read More

  • Don't forget about our DVDO Edge giveaway

    There is only 24 hours left in our DVDO Edge giveaway. I found that the processor worked wonders and we are giving it away to one lucky contest entrant. Hop over to the review for the full details. Read More

  • The Apple Expo Paris has been cancelled

    Sorry, Euro Apple fanboys. The main Apple event on that side of the globe has been canceled. The company has slowly been pulling out of trade shows, most notably Macworld as of yesterday, so canceling the Apple Expo Paris isn’t too much of a shock. The aftermath of yesterday’s announcement is sure to be felt deep into the Apple community for sometime as the company once… Read More

  • Behold the world’s thinnest QWERTY phone

    German company Neoi has apparently developed the world’s thinnest QWERTY phone. That’s bold! Know what’s even more bold? A company inserting its name into Einstein’s mass-energy equivalence formula as a marketing ploy (see upper right hand corner of the above photo). That, my friends, takes some brass ones. This better be one amazing phone, a phone the likes of… Read More

  • Act now & this $1,200 Steampunk keyboard could be yours!

    Is this Steampunk keyboard, the Aviator, worth $1,200 to you? It looks unique, sure, but in my world a keyboard is a merely a tool; there’s no need for flashing, Las Vegas lights or clankity-clank keys. Anyhow, one of these Aviators is available right now since someone cancelled its purchase last minute. It’s a build-to-order kind of thing. via Born Rich Read More

  • "Screw You Yahoo" Says Former Consultant

    Michelle Chappel, who created the video above, writes in to give us her view of the fall of Yahoo from an insiders perspective: I have a news tip about a topic you’ve covered: the Yahoo layoffs. I’ve been a consultant/contractor at Yahoo three different times. It’s one of my favorite companies to work for–including AltaVista, Google, TiVo, and eBay–because the… Read More

  • Taptu closes £6.45m Series B round

    UK-based mobile “social search” engine startup Taptu has secured £6.45m ($9.86m) in Series B funding from existing investors 3i and Sofinnova. The company has also appointed Andreas Bernstrom as its new COO to grow the company commercially and work on monetizing search engine. Bernstrom was previously COO at Internet marketing company TradeDoubler. He joins founder and CEO… Read More

  • Nikon D3X hands-on, worldwide release this Friday

    As Nikon’s new flagship model, the successor of the D3 – or “the Boss” as photo nerds call it – the D3X has plenty of new features for a lot of money. The first part of a recent showcase in Budapest, Hungary was a 30-minute long presentation of the D3X, comparing the D3X to the D3. We were also able to confirm that the “world premiere” will be… Read More

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