• New iMacs in November

    AppleInsider is saying there will be “refreshed 20- and 24-inch” iMacs next month. Sucks if you just bought one, right? People familiar with the company’s plans have said changes to the iMac family will largely consist of performance improvements and technology refreshes. And while there’s admittedly been few concrete details to go by since the August report, this… Read More

  • Team Fortress 2 on MacBook Pro

    File this one under, “Duh.” If you had any doubts that the new MacBook Pro’s could suffice as a mobile gaming rig, shove ’em out the door. This video above is allegedly – but why would he lie? – a clip showing TF2 running at native resolutions with zero lag on a new 2.53GHz MacBook Pro via Windows XP through Boot Camp. Granted, the GeForce 9600M GT… Read More

  • VMWare Update: Two Rough Quarters

    VMWare, is best known as a market leader in virtualization software, a type of software that simulates hardware for the purpose of separating a computer’s operating system from its hardware. For the consumer this allows one computer to run multiple operating systems, like Apple computers running Windows. For enterprise users, virtualization lets them run multiple virtual servers off of… Read More

  • Latest BlackBerry Bold launch date: October 27, 2008

    If BGR is right, and he generally is concerning RIM activities, AT&T will be launching the BlackBerry Bold on October 27, 2008. No word on why exactly the launch was pushed back from the last date of October 20, but at this point we will take whenever for our BlackBerry craving readers.  Read More

  • VC Financings For Internet Startups Down 16 Percent in Third Quarter

    The MoneyTree Report from PricewaterhouseCoopers and the National Venture Capital Association came out this morning. It shows that total VC financings in the third quarter were down 7 percent compared to the same period last year, to $7.1 billion. That is also down about the same amount from the second quarter. In the chart above, I’ve plotted the dollar value of VC investments for… Read More

  • Destruction Of Bloglines Now Complete; Founder Prepares To Switch To Google Reader

    Users who hadn’t already left Bloglines for Google Reader and other functional RSS readers are doing so now, largely because Bloglines has stopped working and the company has done absolutely nothing to communicate to users what is going on or when it might be fixed. Even Bloglines founder Mark Fletcher, who sold the company to Ask.com in 2005, is ready to jump ship. In a Twitter… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Trick or Trap Edition

    Line 6 releases POD Studio and POD Farm
    Review: Philips Sonicare Flexcare Toothbrush
    Denon Japan releases turntable with built-in USB port
    iPhone Jack-O-Lantern
    High Fructose Corn Syrup mob tries to take down our own Doug Aamoth Read More

  • Pressflip Founder Quits: "I'm Tired Of The Fight"

    One thing investors don’t really like to see is founders abandoning the startups they funded. But that is exactly what Ted Dziuba is doing with his startup PressFlip. In a blog post Dziuba wrote that he was leaving the company “mostly because I’m going to be a father in March and need some stability, but also because I’m tired of the fight.” Read More

  • Qwitter is about to break up a lot of twitter 'friends'

    Qwitter is an interesting new Twitter app. It basically sends you an email telling you when someone unfollows you on Twitter and includes your last twitter update in that message. Whether they unfollow you for that last tweet or not, who knows, but it may have some relation to why someone unfollowed you. The site is up and down right now as it seems to have got a lot of interest, for… Read More

  • In which an affront to our dignity and privacy is admitted for your judgement

    While I’m not usually one to start pissing matches with parties I was formerly unaware of, I’m proud to note that our inimitable Devin Coldewey has come to the attention of our former Colonial rulers and has made them quite angry. One Leon Bailey, a young man of some intelligence, I’m certain, commented on our five reasons you don’t want to break your new MacBook… Read More

  • Review: TokyoFlash S-Mode Oberon LED Watch

    Unlike John Biggs or Flavor Flav, I am no timepiece purist. In fact, most watch lovers might consider me a heretic; in an age where every TV, DVD player, camera, and cellphone totes a clock, I’ve come to consider watches less of a tool, and more of an accessory. Hell, I once wore a watch with a dead battery for over a month. As such, I’ve always been interested in TokyoFlash watches. Read More

  • Some Of These Layoffs Aren't Really Layoffs

    I’ve spoken to a lot of CEOs this week who are going through layoffs or who are thinking of going through going through layoffs. The list of those who’ve pulled the trigger gets longer every day, and the unparty seems to just be getting started based on the email flow that we’re seeing. Why are companies doing this now? Based on the CEOs I’ve spoken with, it… Read More

  • Economy Got You In The Dumps? Get A Life Coach With Noomii

    With the economy apparently descending into oblivion and wave after wave of depressing layoffs, the next few months (or years) are looking pretty bleak. Fortunately Noomii, a startup that launched two weeks ago, is here to help you get your life back on track. The site aims to help friends pair up and life coach each other in an effort to set and achieve their goals more effectively than… Read More

  • Vladimir Putin's dog gets a satellite collar; now ruled over by a rolled up iron newspaper

    The days of running free are over for Koni. The most powerful dog in Russia, perhaps the world has she could kick Barney’s presidential tail any day, now has her own 6 ounce GPS-like collar. Russia’s GLONASS satellites will provide the Prime Minister with 24/7 info about his beloved dog. I actually don’t know if he loves her, but who doesn’t love black labs? I mean… Read More

  • Wii-controlled guitar

    Rob Morris added a Wiimote to his guitar and ran the accelerometer output through his synth gear. The result is quite cool, in a “I taped a Wiimote to my guitar” kind of way and but he sadly doesn’t include instructions for us who would like to be about to rock, Wario-style. Read More

  • Using corrugated signs to heat your house (Tip: Don't burn them)

    This little experiment is fairly complex but it’s an interesting examination of forcing heat through corrugation in order to absorb head and blow it through your house this summer. Doable? Sure. Cheap? Sure. Kind of weird? Absolutely. Read More

  • Cuddle up with a nice keyblanket

    Is it art? Is it furniture? And does it make a clicky noise when you roll on it? All these questions and more remain unanswered regarding this fascinating “fabric” made from 22,528 recycled keys. Actually, it’s an “interactive sculpture” that “documents its own creation” because the keys spell out emails between the artist and the fabricators. Wait, is… Read More

  • FriendFeed to add Realtime APIs next week

       Standard Podcast: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download Twitter appears to have an unassailable lead in users and their resultant Follow clouds. Though Track is dead and IM is postponed indefinitely, the service has added a political track page with a company-selected keyword cluster around the political race. The result: a rapid flow of unmoderated comments with no social graph… Read More

  • Low-level MS guy says: Windows 7 is different, better

    This enormous and allegedly unsolicited blog entry by an “ordinary Joe developer” (is he related to the plumber?) details some of the under-the-hood stuff that’s going on with Windows 7 development. Although Ballmer has described 7 as being “Windows Vista with clean-up in user interface [and] improvements in performance,” this guy seems to think it’s a… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Pure silver HDMI cable for only $1,300

    If you scoff at Monster Cable’s prices, please don’t keep reading – you’ll have a stroke. This Ethereal HDMI cable has been submitted to DPL Labs with the hopes and dreams to be the longest Class C, Level 5 HDMI cable which means that it can handle the maximum throughput on the scale. This is similar to the testing that Monster Cable showed off at CEDIA ’08. Read More

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