• Wall Street points out Apple's soft spots

    Apple’s shares took a little bit of a hit today, after a Wall Street analyst lowered his rating in the short term on their stock. The analyst said that while Apple is still strong, in the short term they may find it difficult to reach sales targets on the MacBook Pro, and the ever popular iPods. He also said that it’s appearing unlikely that Apple will release a new product at… Read More

  • Gaia Online Cuts 13% Of Staff Despite Claims Of Record Earnings

    Gaia Online, a social network/virtual world hybrid that includes one of the web’s most popular forums, has laid off 36 employees, or around 20% 13% of its staff. Of those laid off, 16 were full time and 20 were contractors. From what we’ve heard the layoffs were unexpected by most affected employees – the site raised $11 million in July, and has been hiring employees as… Read More

  • Leaked shots of long forgotten BlackBerry Application Suite for WinMo unveiled

    Waaaaay back in April of 2007, RIM announced that they’d be bringing a virtualized version of the BlackBerry OS to Windows Mobile handsets. In other words, it was pretty much the BlackBerry OS running as a Windows Mobile application, complete with support for BlackBerry services and applications. It would be made available “later this year” (again, this was 2007), said RIM. Read More

  • How much would you pay for an original lightsaber?

    Say you had to bid on an original lightsaber that Mark Hamill wielded in both Star Wars: A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back. Go ahead, pick a number. $1000? $5000? $50000? How about a quarter of a million dollars? Yes indeed, some fanboy laid down $240,000 for what is perhaps the holy grail of sci-fi memorabilia. I don’t know that I’d pay that much for a real lightsaber. For… Read More

  • Palm gets in on the app store game, launches Palm Software Store

    With Apple and Google’s on-device application stores already peddling the wares and RIM’s BlackBerry Application Center just around the corner, Palm’s making an effort to not get left behind. This evening, Palm launched an official on-device application store for both Windows Mobile and Palm OS powered handsets. With “App Store”, “Market”, and… Read More

  • Magnetic field used as micro-tweezers

    German and American scientists at the Max Plank Institute have discovered a way to use a magnetic field to assemble parts on lab-on-a-chip devices. This system uses coils that induce magnetic fields on little ferrous particles causing them to arrange themselves into tiny cogs and diamond shapes. The researchers then use the little shapes to move liquids around the chip, a technique they… Read More

  • SEC Gives Social Investing Site kaChing Green Light To Take On Mutual Funds

    Every social investing site wants to turn the insights of its trading members into financial products that people can actually link to their brokerage accounts. Finding the few brilliant stock pickers in the crowd and then letting everyone else follow their portfolios while taking a cut of the management fees is the business model. KaChing, which is the most popular investing application… Read More

  • Study shows playing RTS games keeps old brains healthy

    Good news for older gamers: that secret desire to rush your enemies’ base can be healthy! A study published in the medical journal Psychology & Aging shows that playing games like Rise of Nations and other real-time strategy titles can actually help elderly gamers maintain or improve their ability to reason, and help them with short term memory. To me, this seems like a great thing. Read More

  • SlideShare Sends PowerPoint To The Cloud With New Plugin

    SlideShare, a startup that we’ve likened to a YouTube equivalent for PowerPoint presentations, has released a new plugin for Microsoft Office 2007 that allows users to edit and publish presentations directly to their SlideShare accounts. You can download the free plugin here. Beyond publishing new PowerPoint documents to the web, the SlideShare plugin can import SlideShare files from… Read More

  • Blu-ray DRM: Slysoft and studios do battle

    You may or may not be aware, but there has been and still is a war being waged over Blu-ray DRM. Slysoft announced that they cracked the BD+ algorithm back in March this year and has been including Blu-ray backup with AnyDVD HD since March. That was just eight months after Richard Doherty from Envisioneering Group predicted that BD+ would stand for 10 years.  But! Just because BD+ plus has… Read More

  • Binoculars transmit video and voice

      Popular Mechanics has a cool article in their January 2009 issue about a new binocular technology for the U.S. military. Called LightSpeed, these binoculars have high-power infrared LEDs that allow them to transfer data and voice at up to 1 megabit per second and 32 kilobits per second respectively. There is a receiver in the left eyepiece and a transmitter in the right, which can emit… Read More

  • MusicBox: a truly powerful visualization of your music library

    I’ve been looking for something like this my whole life — and of course now that I’ve found it, I can’t have it. MusicBox is the Masters thesis project of MIT Media Lab student Anita. I’ve never been impressed with things like Coverflow and Genius because they seem so shallow; there’s so much metadata in and around our music libraries that something more… Read More

  • MacBook Pros may not have faulty GPUs after all

    Last week the Inquirer asserted that NVIDIA had knowingly put faulty moble GPUs into the new MacBook Pros — a serious allegation. The 9600M the Inquirer’s well-informed friends examined had the same high-lead solder that failed in so many other laptops. NVIDIA hit back today, saying that although they had promised a “new materials set,” what they meant was that the… Read More

  • Yamli's Powerful Arabic Search Engine Continues To Innovate

    Yamli, the powerful Arabic transliteration search engine that allows users to easily search for Arabic phrases using their Latin keyboards, has launched a revamped version of its site that introduces a number of enhancements, including a way to automatically search for phonetically similar words that are spelled differently – a significant feature that could further bolster… Read More

  • Netflix, now with 9 million subscribers, still trying to figure out how to make money off streaming

    Flickr’d So now Netflix has 9 million subscribers. A million here, a million there, sooner or later we’re talking about real people. If there’s a silver lining to the company’s success, it’s that the new streaming service, which works quite well on the Xbox 360, costs the company money, with CFO Barry McCarthy calling it a “tax on the P&L [Profit and… Read More

  • Phantom's game store actually launches, pigs fly

    I believe I will now have to eat my hat. Phantom, the aptly-named gaming console which has been vaporware for going on six years now, has actually launched a game store kind of like what they said they were planning so very long ago. Although it’s not as slick as Steam or as friendly as Good Old Games, it does appear to have quite a large selection of games to choose from (looks like… Read More

  • The Matrix standalone Blu-ray release is coming

    The Matrix was the de-facto DVD for years, and while it may never reach the same Blu-ray sales numbers, the movie is still near and dear to many. Thankfully, the original film is going to be available on Blu-ray without the need to buy the expensive Ultimate Matrix Collection box set. So mark your calendar for March 24, 2008 and make sure you have $34.99 ready to go. Read More

  • Hey guys, it's a $550 leather keyboard

    Even when I was reviewing the cream of the crop in the high-end keyboard review week, I never saw anything like this. The Gokukawa is, if I am not mistaken, a leathern keyboard. I’m not usually at a loss for words, but this is… yeah. It’s by the same people who make these lovely keyboards, which explains the price. I feel like suede would be nicer on the fingers, but… Read More

  • Treo Pro and a pink Instinct coming to Sprint in January

    The Treo Pro is coming to the U.S. via Sprint on January 25 for $549.99, before rebates. Also expect to see a pink Instinct available in early January. I’m curious to see how many pink Instincts they actually sell. My guess is that we’ll see a few of them among the pink-loving teenage girls who text each other every 10 seconds. Maybe this and a new Android phone will help Sprint… Read More

  • Bush Shoe-Dodging Video Already Watched More Than 5 Million Times On YouTube.

    The video of a man throwing his shoes at President George W. Bush during a press conference in Baghdad on Saturday is sure to live on in infamy for many reasons: the sheer brazenness of the act, the incredible lack of adequate security surrounding the President of the United States (a journalist had to take the shoe tosser down), and the sad commentary on the President’s standing in… Read More

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