• Psystar is whipping out the big guns against Apple

    Well it looks like the case between Psystar and Apple is going to get interesting. It’s been reported that a law firm that has taken on Apple in the past and won, has been retained by Psystar. The name of the California law firm is Carr & Ferrell and they specialize in intellectual property cases. You may remember them from the Burst.com case where in the end, Apple settled and paid… Read More

  • iubo launches public beta for searching your stuff

    iubo, a start I wrote about in December last year, has launched its public beta. The idea is that you input all your data (contacts, photos, bookmarks, calendar, etc) and then iubo lets you search across all that data to create a useful service. iubo calls this ‘your own private Google’ for your stuff, which you can then tag up and share (if you want). The service was sparse back… Read More

  • Esquire's upcoming 75th Anniversary e-ink cover begs to be hacked, deputy editor condones it!

    BBG’s interpretation of the upcoming cover Joel over at BBG has a great interview with deputy editor Peter Griffin from Esquire and I’m excited to see the e-ink cover for the 75th anniversary issue that hits stands this October. Griffin divulges that Ford’s advertisement for the Flex crossover SUV on the inside cover defrayed a good chunk of the cost to Hearst, so we… Read More

  • Video: BlackBerry KickStart gets fondled

    You’ve got to hand it to CrackBerry. They really are addicted to anything and everything churned out by RIM. My addiction is slowly waning. Anyway, here’s a hands-on video of RIM’s upcoming flip phone. Read More

  • Warhammer Online system req's: quite low

    It’s nice that the Crysis effect isn’t applied to every game — that is to say, not everything that comes out thinks it needs to leapfrog the system requirements of its competitors. Warhammer Online is a property that is aiming squarely at the uncommitted World of Warcraft crowd (and there are plenty), tabletop RPGers, and old-school gamers. These are three groups that… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Refurbished Core Xbox 360 for $170

    Sure it lacks a hard drive and comes with a wired controller, but it’s only $170! Wait. What the heck do you do with an Xbox 360 that’s sans HDD? Another stinker is the two-month warranty. Yikes. via The Gizza Read More

  • WANT: Spray on laser shielding

    Well, I don’t want it, the U.S. Air Force does. I don’t think I have much practical use for a coating that would shield me from laser blasts. Yet. Real life laser weapons are a reality. Maybe not a common reality, but they do exist. As such, at some point the military will want to protect their missiles. If the Air Force gets what it wants, the tech will only need to be able to… Read More

  • Locify makes mobiles location aware

    Manchester-based Locify is a project about GPS on java-enabled mobile phones which enables a web service to offer location relevant services. Users can explore what is “here” or “there”, can tweet their location, explore nearby Wikipedia articles, update their location on Fireeagle, show a map where they are or seek for “caches” about their current location. Read More

  • iPhone 3G has a crack problem

    Wuh oh – It’s the G4 Cube all over again. Less than a month after launch, attentive iPhone 3G users have begun to notice nasty little cracks showing up along the edges of the plastic rear casing. It doesn’t seem to be a matter of user-damage, either – even amongst the handsets that have been pampered from day one, cracks have been spotted. While white iPhones seem to be… Read More

  • Apple tells resellers to buy more Apples

    Apple has advised its retail partners to stock up on iPods and on MacBooks, possibly indicating a shift away from the older products. Three MacBooks were said to be specifically mentioned, the 13 inch MacBook, and the 15 and 17 inch Pros. The MacBook Air was not mentioned, which leads to speculation that Apple isn’t going to bother with any upgrades (or new announcements) for that version. Read More

  • Dell's pocket projector outed, we told you so

    We first broke this story earlier in the month and now there’s photographic evidence to back it up. Details are still still scant at the moment, but it looks like this tiny Dell projector weighs 1.1 pounds and is LED powered just like the pico projectors from Texas Instruments. Read More

  • Video: New Star Wars: The Clone Wars trailer

    http://www.mtv.com/player/embed/wp/ You guys know my thoughts and feelings on trailers for any geek-related movies, so I can’t tell you anything about this trailer. But feel free to tell us what you think of it in comments. Read More

  • Sylvania enters the netbook race

    This whole netbook thing is getting out of control with the latest entrant being Sylvania. Don’t they make light bulbs or something? Yeah, anyway, Sylvania’s little 8.9-inch netbook dubbed g Netbook Meso has a nice set of features. The Meso comes equipped with a 1.6GHz Intel Atom proc, LED-backlit screen with 1024×600 resolution, 80GB HDD, multi-card reader, 512MB of RAM… Read More

  • More about Microsoft's mythical Midori OS than you probably need to know

    The Software Development Times has run an extremely long and in-depth article on Midori, the post-Windows cloud-computing chupacabra-OS that is supposed to be coming down the line one of these years. From what I understand, it’s still in a completely larval state, although the article talks about it as if its about to be launched next week. It’s to be extremely modular and… Read More

  • Yahoo Exec Makes Yuil: Looks Like Cuil, With Better Results

    It was only a matter of time. Cuil, the “massive” new search engine that was supposed to be able to keep up with Google, has just gotten its first knockoff. It’s Yuil, a Yahoo-powered mashup that looks almost exactly like Cuil. And, oddly enough, Yuil might actually work better than its much-hyped predecessor. In a surprising (and hilarious) twist, Yuil is actually the… Read More

  • FireWire catching up to USB with 3.2 GB/s spec

    The IEEE has approved a new standard for IEEE 1394, introducing support for faster data transfers, marking a significant improvement for the serial bus interface. The new IEEE 1394-2008 specification will introduce support for S1600 (1.6 GB/s) and S3200 (3.2 GB/s). It will be fully backward compatible with previous ports, S400 and S800. Many older FireWire and i.Link devices are still running… Read More

  • Call your Twitter pals with Phweet

    Would you like to talk to your Twitter friends or set up a spontaneous conference call? Normally you’d have to agree to hook up over Skype or something else. But soon you could be making calls via Twitter. Phweet is a new service which does just this (thanks to Pat Phelan of MaxRoam and Twitterfone for the tip-off). After signing in with your Twitter name and password you select how… Read More

  • Zorap Launches Drag-and-Drop Media Sharing, Conferencing

    It may have an awful logo, but Zorap, a video conference and media sharing startup, has developed a browser plugin that makes sharing movies and pictures both simple and surprisingly fun. The Windows-only plugin is currently working on Ning and MySpace, with support for more social networks (and Macs) coming soon. If you’d like to try it out, head over to this Ning page. Zorap is… Read More

  • Lenovo doing the netbook dance

    Seeing as every other laptop maker worth its salt is making some kind of subcompact notebook or netbook or tiny laptop or what-have-you, Lenovo has decided to get in on it. Who’ll be providing the hardware is up in the air, though Pegatron (love that name) is an option, having made Lenovo’s Ideapads, and Wistron is as well, having put together nearly a million X-series… Read More

  • Low-tech/No-tech: Bear gets jar stuck on head, shot

    DISCLAIMER: This story has nothing to do with gadgets or technology. A wild bear in Minnesota got a jar stuck on his head, wandered fifty miles over six days through the forest, and then finally stumbled out in to the middle of Frazee – about 10 minutes from where my family’s cabin is located — during the city’s annual “Turkey Days” celebration. Read More

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