• Sony Ericsson Cyber-shot C905 made official

    As expected, Sony Ericsson has given their 8.1 megapixel C905 the official treatment at a press conference in Singapore. Not too surprisingly, everything that leaked out last week turned out true: face recognition, a big ol’ lot of photo fix features, Xenon flash, a-GPS, Geotagging, WiFi, and DLNA support. Its got a 2.4″ inch 240×320 screen, with up to 380 hours of standby… Read More

  • Comfort: Thanko cushion lets you type from the floor

    What makes you look like a dork, yet could actually be worth the embarrassment? Maybe this Thanko cushion, chief. It’s for those of you who sit in front of your computer (laptop) all day long. You lie down on your belly and type, type, type away. It’s supposed to ease the stress on your frame. Might leave you susceptible to “pantsing,” however. I’m not a… Read More

  • Adobe Breakthrough! Flash Working on the iPhone . . . In The Labs, On An Emulator, Oh Well

    From CrunchGear’s Nicholas Deleon: Adobe already has a version of Flash for the iPhone running on emulation software, and would, fingers crossed, be able to bring that over to the phone itself if Apple allowed it. That’s what Adobe said yesterday at its Q2 conference call. Or: We have a version that’s working on the emulation. This is still on the computer and you know, we… Read More

  • Create Your Own Flash Games At Sims Carnival

    EA has launched Sims Carnival, a collection of Flash-based games that can be played, modified, and shared with friends. Users are free to play pre-designed games, or to create their own. To celebrate the launch, Sims Carnival has also opened a “Galactic Game Challenge” that will award the best designer a cash prize. The site offers a number of options that allow users to build… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Mystical Journey Edition

    Ist dies das iCar? Nein, es ist der VW Von Morgan
    New stylish Bluetooth headphones from Sony
    Why the hell not? It’s a keyboard made of leather
    Sega introduces a planetarium for your bathroom
    NVNews reviews the insane new NVIDIA GTX 280 “FTW Edition” Read More

  • Technorati Launches Blog Ad Network, Technorati Media

    Blog-focused advertising networks are all the rage right now, with both Federated Media and Glam pulling down big valuation financing rounds in the last few months based on very early growth metrics. Other startups, like Six Apart, have launched their own blog advertising networks as well. As we predicted, Technorati now joins them with the launch of Technorati Media later this morning (the… Read More

  • Most popular posts for Monday, June 16th

    Todays Top Posts: New stylish Bluetooth headphones from Sony Wii Fit seemingly blamed for £20.1 million worth of damage in the UK, don’t believe the hype Raw-looking hard drive enclosure for 5 HDDs Why the hell not? It’s a keyboard made of leather Shock report: Teenagers have pirated songs on their mp3 players Google looking to develop tool to monitor ISP network… Read More

  • Len Wiseman confirmed as director for Gears of War movie adaptation

    If you’ve seen “Godzilla”, “Independence Day” or the latest addition to the “Die Hard” franchise then you’re familiar with what Wiseman is capable of and now he’s been confirmed as New Line’s man to helm the adaption of GoW. Chris Morgan is taking over the duties as head writer. Cliffy B. will act as executive producer to ensure… Read More

  • Funambol Raises $12.5 Million Series B: AOL Signs Up As Customer

    By taking an open-source approach to mobile mail and contact syncing, Funambol is cracking the problem of creating applications across 850 different mobile handsets. The company raised $12.5million in a series B financing led by Nexit Ventures. Castile Ventures and existing investors Walden International and H.I.G Ventures also participated. Funambol previously raised $5 million in a series… Read More

  • Technology and Politics Collide at the 2008 Personal Democracy Forum

    If you caught last week’s Los Angeles Times coverage of the TechCrunch Primaries, you know we’ve tried to underline the increasingly important relationship between technology and politics – we have to know the candidates’ positions on tech issues. That’s why I’m happy to announce our support for this year’s Personal Democracy Forum event in New York… Read More

  • Upcoming Sony PSP update to include Google search app

    Googled Image result
    The Google Internet search experience you’ve all grown to love is coming to your PSP’s XMB, says Eric Lempel, the Director of PlayStation Network Operations. The search history for the upcoming app will cache the previous 20 entries. Also included in v4.0 of the PSP software upgrade will be: the ability to change viewing speed during playback of videos stored… Read More

  • Brightcove Gutted and Rebuilt

    Not a week after we derided Brightcove for its difficult user interface in a story about newly emerged competitor Delve Networks, the Cambridge-based video hosting company is releasing a completely rebuilt version of its service into private beta. Existing SaaS customers now have the opportunity to try out Brightcove 3 Beta, which will be made available to new customers sometime in the Fall. Read More

  • Apple says "Mercy" in visual voicemail lawsuit

    Back in December 2007 it was reported that Klausner Technologies was suing Apple and others for stealing its patent on visual voicemail. Today, Reuters is reporting that Apple will finally settle and license its patents on the technology. Details of the deal were not disclosed, but I’m sure it’s less than the $360 million suit originally filed against Apple and AT&T, I… Read More

  • DocSyncer Merges With The Deadpool

    DocSyncer, the service that allowed users to sync their desktop documents with Google Docs, has closed its doors. At first glance, the move seems surprising. DocSyncer had established a strong user base, having accumulated over 6 million documents since its launch last October. A mere six months ago we reported that the company was “going gangbusters”, and was the web’s… Read More

  • HP Blackbird 02 to sport dual GeForce 280s. In other news, give me a break

    When the 9800GX2 cropped up, I thought, “That’s ridiculous. Who could possibly need that much power?” Yet now NVIDIA has eclipsed its dual-card beast with a single next-generation wonder, and people are already asking for two of those. HP’s Blackbird 02 gaming computer recently got refreshed, but no one saw this coming. Configurate here.
    [via UberGizmo] Read More

  • Supernova Mobile Connections Forum

    Today at the Supernova conference there was a Techcrunch panel on the next great ideas in Mobile. The panelists were Michael Arrington, Kevin Werbach, Roelof Botha and Andreas Kluth. The companies that presented focused on important themes to advance innovation in the mobile environment including mobile goods, avatars, games and interfaces. For more information on the technology some of… Read More

  • A new entry-level phone from Samsung for T-Mobile

    Starting today new T-Mobile customers or existing folk with an expired contract can get the Samsung SGH-t229 for only $29.99 with a two-year agreement. It’s not the flashiest phone out there, but Samsungs in this form factor are as reliable as they get. The new phone has a simple flip phone design with an active red finish with gray accents. It includes a built-in camera with 4x… Read More

  • Mac Users Invited to Play InstantAction's "Ball" Games

    InstantAction is a GarageGames project focused on bringing free high-quality games to the browser. Like Kongregate, InstantAction is highly social and quickly accessible. Both sites appeal to casual gamers who don’t want to install software or learn complex user controls before competing with friends or strangers in short rounds of play. InstantAction, however, differentiates itself… Read More

  • Need new headphones? In-ear are all the craze lately

    In the exciting world of headphones, in-ear buds are getting a lot of attention, which kind of bugs me since I find this style very uncomfortable and they have a tinny sound. Well, the fine folks at Marantz and Maxell would like to try and prove me wrong. Marantz just released aluminum earphones with 9.5mm drivers that produce a frequency response of 20Hz-20,000Hz, and a pressure sensitivity… Read More

  • iPhone 3G facing resistance in IT circles

    For all of Apple’s huffing and puffing (wow I use that phrase a lot), there still seems to be some resistance to incorporating the iPhone 3G into corporate and enterprise environments. And it looks like iTunes may have something to do with it. Read More

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