• Sweet Honey: The MP3 player concept with built-in aroma therapy

    Can you tell it’s summertime yet? This delightful little concept that’ll never actually be manufactured, called Sweet Honey, combines aroma therapy with lossy MP3s, which just has to be a match made in Heaven. The little bulb thing on the other end of the headphone wire contains a scented tablet. Depending on the type of music being played, different scents are released. Fact: when… Read More

  • Having Won his Board Seats, Icahn Decides To Skip Yahoo Shareholder Meeting

    Secure in knowing that he will get minority seats on Yahoo’s board, Carl Icahn has decided to skip tomorrow’s shareholder meeting. He doesn’t want to cause a “media event,” he says. (Because he’s so shy, you know). Seriously, it’s probably a good idea for him not to show up. On his blog he explains his reasons, and his thinking on why he settled for… Read More

  • Apple hands out Push Notification Service API to developers, background apps FTW!

    My biggest gripe with the iPhone thus far has been the inability to run apps in the background. It’s something I’ve become accustomed to after having been a loyal Sidekick user and now BlackBerry user. Sure, Apple’s argument against it makes perfect sense, but it’s a necessity for power users like you and me. It was revealed at WWDC that Apple would soon push out a… Read More

  • Sony looking for Playstation Home beta testers

    Sony’s virtual world, Playstation Home, has been delayed multiple times since it was first announced in July of 2007. But an outreach for beta testers in Japan should give Sony PS3 owners a glimmer of hope here in the US. It’s unclear why the beta testing is being limited to Japan, but hopefuls can apply starting today until August 11. Sony plans to offer 10,000 gamers access to… Read More

  • Google Maps for Mobile 2.2 brings transit directions to WinMo and S60

    When Google announced that they’d added transit information to the Google Maps for Blackberry application, I was beyond pumped. A lingering artifact of a time when pen-and-paper was the only option, transit maps make me angry. Now Google’s gone and freed S60 and Windows Mobile users from ever having to deal with transit maps either. With the release of version 2.2, both platforms… Read More

  • Texting dangers real, not funny

    Because looking both ways before crossing the street is harder than following laws, Illinois has introduced a bill that would ban texting in intersections. Ken Dunkin, the representative who introduced the bill, says texting in the street is no laughing matter: “This legislation is not laughable. On the surface it’s like, ‘Oh wow, what is this?’ But it’s… Read More

  • Yamaha Japan's new electric bike reacts to your driving behavior

    Yesterday Yamaha Motor unveiled [JP] their PAS Brace, a new electric bike with an assistance system that adopts to the gear position and the driver’s running speed. The 8-gear bike will be available in black, red or white for an MSRP of $1,150. Yamaha says the bike’s so-called S.P.E.C.8 mechanism is the main selling point. The system automatically recognizes when a driver shifts… Read More

  • Samsung Soulb (U800) gets pink'd up

    When the Samsung Soul went pink back in June, we were a bit surprised that it’s younger brother, the Soulb, wasn’t getting the same treatment. Turns out, it was – it’s just a few months late to the party. The UK’s Phones4u has announced that they will be exclusively offering a pink Soulb starting in October. It’s all the same inside (HSDPA, 3 megapixel… Read More

  • Verizon Blitz looks really beautifu—aw, I can’t do it!

    Like a shot in the eye from squirt gun filled with horseradish juice, here comes the Verizon Blitz. Gah! I’m guessing that early photos don’t do the device justice but, then again, it’s going to be offered as a pre-paid INpulse phone so maybe looks aren’t as important as features. And features, it does (sorta) have: VCAST, microSD expansion up to 4GB, stereo Bluetooth… Read More

  • Delicious 2.0 Launches. Really. It Totally Launched.

    YAY! The long awaited, much promised, never delivered Delicious 2.0 will launch in the next few minutes, just like they promised again last week. The new Delicious is just like the old Delicious, except for the way it looks. They’re also promising that it will be “faster, easier to learn,” and “hopefully more desirable.” Speed: We’ve moved to a new… Read More

  • SEC To Recognize Corporate Blogs as Public Disclosure. Can We Now Kill the Press Release?

    For several years, Sun CEO, Jonathan Schwartz has lobbied the SEC to allow disclosure of financial information through corporate blogs. In a landmark announcement, it seems that Mr. Schwartz may indeed get his wish, and with it, a historical decision that could break the age-old shackles that bound businesses to traditional media and distribution channels in order to satisfy full disclosure. In… Read More

  • JVC ‘Gumy Air’ Headphones: Cheap, hopefully comfy

    Welcome to the exciting world of inexpensive headphones! JVC has a new contender in the “Gumy Air” line (they spelled “Gummy” wrong, ROFL!) that promises to “set a new standard for comfort in the ear bud category” thanks to its silicon rubber air-cushioned ear doodads. The headphones cost about $15 and appear to be aimed at those of you who have… Read More

  • Some Thoughts on Standards and Dare Obasanjo

    I’m a big fan of negative gestures, something I’ve talked about over a long period of time. What I mean by that is the power that can be derived from not saying something, not liking something, not tipping a hat to something, etc. I’ve used (jokingly with a smidgen of truth) the John Dvorak test, where if John comes out strongly against something (blogging, podcasting… Read More

  • DISH Network rolling out big 1080p update tomorrow

    I’ll be honest. I’ve never met anyone in real life who subscribes to DISH Network, but I’m fairly convinced that the company does exist and probably turns a profit. If you happen to be a DISH subscriber and you have one of the HD packages, then you, my friend, are in for what appears to be some sort of treat. Tomorrow, DISH will start rolling out a big, fat update to all of… Read More

  • Video: Proof of concept Traktor interface

    So this guy, djmocap, has created a new interface for the Traktor DJ application. The video is only a proof of concept, so don’t expect how-to directions for a little while. The song totally reminds me of Ridge Racer 4. You know, that last good Ridge Racer, for the original PlayStation. Read More

  • Hitachi to ship their 1TB Cinemastar HDDs next month

    It has been in development for quite some time now but Hitachi Global Storage Technologies finally announced they will start shipping the first CinemaStar 7K1000.B hard drives. The 3.5-inch devices feature a recording capacity of 1 terabyte, holding up to 247 hours of MPEG4 video in high definition. Hitachi says their CinemaStar drives are particularly suited for video equipment. The HDD… Read More

  • Apple Releases Push Notification Services Developer Kit, Background Apps FTW

    I think it’s safe to say that iPhone OS 2.0 is far from perfect and anyone saying otherwise must be on Apple’s payroll. Other than the horrendous battery life (on the iP3G), what else do we all hate about the OS? The inability to run background apps! Sure, Apple’s argument against a Windows Mobile-like task manager makes perfect sense, but the ability to run background apps… Read More

  • Madden 09 demo on Xbox Live

    The demo for Madden 09 is now—or will be in the next few hours—available on Xbox Live. (PS3 owners: a demo is salted to appear on PSN around the same time.) Go crazy, football fans, playing the same game you’ve been playing for the past 20 years. That’s two NFL stories in as many days. Clearly something has gone wrong here. Read More

  • T-Mobile lets your parents control your phone

    T-Mobile announced its new ‘Family Allowances’ service, to promote ‘responsible’ use of cell phones by children, or whoever’s phone you are paying for. Available starting in August, the new service allows parents to easily control and how their family members use their T-Mobile phones and service. Using the online tool, parents can set and change limits for… Read More

  • Should Apple go with an nVidia chipset this time around?

    By now you’ve probably heard and re-heard the rumor that Apple is considering dumping Intel’s chipset (not the processor, mind you) for its next line of laptops. Now there’s reasonable assertions out there that Apple may well go with an nVidia-developed chipset. That’s Ryan Shrout’s (of PC Perspective fame) prediction, and it’s not as far-fetched when you… Read More

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