• Mac Users Invited to Play InstantAction's "Ball" Games

    InstantAction is a GarageGames project focused on bringing free high-quality games to the browser. Like Kongregate, InstantAction is highly social and quickly accessible. Both sites appeal to casual gamers who don’t want to install software or learn complex user controls before competing with friends or strangers in short rounds of play. InstantAction, however, differentiates itself… Read More

  • Need new headphones? In-ear are all the craze lately

    In the exciting world of headphones, in-ear buds are getting a lot of attention, which kind of bugs me since I find this style very uncomfortable and they have a tinny sound. Well, the fine folks at Marantz and Maxell would like to try and prove me wrong. Marantz just released aluminum earphones with 9.5mm drivers that produce a frequency response of 20Hz-20,000Hz, and a pressure sensitivity… Read More

  • iPhone 3G facing resistance in IT circles

    For all of Apple’s huffing and puffing (wow I use that phrase a lot), there still seems to be some resistance to incorporating the iPhone 3G into corporate and enterprise environments. And it looks like iTunes may have something to do with it. Read More

  • Rumor: In-store activation for iPhone 3G not required after all?

    When we reported last week that Apple and AT&T would require iPhone 3Gs to be activated in-store or else no dice, the Internet let out a collective sigh. There are many who want to use the handset on non-AT&T networks, like T-Mobile. Being that they’re subsidized heavily, AT&T doesn’t like that idea at all, thus the policy. But there comes word today that the notion… Read More

  • Shock report: Workers buying their own laptops, cell phones

    If you’re like me, you spend a lot of time on the road, and a laptop and cellphone are vital to your work. I’m fortunate enough to have a job that takes care of the hardware issue, but many aren’t so lucky. Some people who travel have to buy their own equipment, and some people aren’t happy about it. But there’s a question there. What should an employee reasonably… Read More

  • Google's Joe Kraus Discusses the Social Web At Supernova Conference

    Google’s Director of Product Management Joe Kraus (the guy behind Open Social and other Google products) is talking today at the Supernova Conference in San Francisco on the topic of “social computing” and the how Google Friend Connect fits into the ecosystem with OpenID, OAuth, etc. The live stream is below. Note: The video halts around the 9:23 mark because of bad reception. Read More

  • Say It Ain’t So: XPERIA X1 keyboard is a ‘major flaw’

    Oh, that’s unfortunate. I’ve been eyeing this device since it was announced and have always thought the keyboard looked phenomenal. BGR is reporting, however, that the keyboard on the XPERIA X1 device is a “major flaw” – that’d definitely be a deal-breaker for more than a few people, myself included. Not to say that this keyboard is absolutely terrible… Read More

  • LG Decoy has a built-in hands-free headset, available today

    The LG Decoy, which we’ve covered once or twice before is available today from Verizon Wireless. The Decoy has something other phone manufactures will soon copy, a built-in Bluetooth headset. The little headset docks on the back of the phone and is very discreet. So far this is the only phone to offer a feature like this. The Decoy also features a snazzy 2.2-inch LCD screen, a… Read More

  • NVNews reviews the insane new NVIDIA GTX 280 "FTW Edition"

    I could tell you about the list of improvements as long as my arm, including vastly increased memory bandwidth, 65nm fabrication, and huge increases in shader and thread counts. I could bore you with more technical specs and statistics. But I think what you really need to know is that it runs Bioshock at 2560×1600 with 4x anti-aliasing and 8x anisotropic filtering at nearly 60fps. If… Read More

  • Raw-looking hard drive enclosure for 5 HDDs

    I actually could have used one of these last night when I was swapping and backing up my internal HDDs and didn’t have enough space in my case to hold ’em all. This multi-hard drive enclosure is not really a new kind of product, but it is by far the simplest (and the price is right). They’ve essentially just ripped the HDD cage out of a computer case and are selling it as… Read More

  • Hippopost Lets You Send Free Postcards From Facebook

    Who says Facebook apps are useless? Hippopost has launched a new Facebook application that allows users to send their friends customized postcards free of charge. For now the service is limited to recipients in the United States and Canada, though we can expect the range to expand if Hippopost catches on. To create a card, users select an image from one of their Facebook photo albums, which… Read More

  • The Matrix? ESPN Axis camera technology brings Euro 2008 to life~!

    http://sports.espn.go.com/broadband/player.swf?mediaId=3440591 Who here’s been watching Euro 2008? All you English lads, I’m sure, and right from your living room. Anyway, I only mention the Euros because of this neat camera technology ESPN has this year, Axis. It’s a 360-degree camera the network uses to show instant replays. It makes plain ol’ telestrators look… Read More

  • Twidox Is Like Scribd For Academics – Get 500 Beta Invites

    Back in January Google launched a huge repository of science data at research.google.com. The idea is to create a home for terabytes of open-source scientific datasets built on the data visualization technology from Trendalyzer. Storage and access to the data is free and documents have YouTube-style annotating and commenting features. But they aren’t the only one interested in this… Read More

  • Sue Decker's Email To Yahoo Employees On Weiner's Departure

    The news is now official – Yahoo’s EVP Jeff Weiner has officially bailed. President Sue Decker addresses the troops in an all hands email, below. These types of emails leak regularly, of course (I actually think companies would be disappointed if they didn’t), so they tend to read like a press release. Nevertheless, it is amazing how she can talk about the “amazing… Read More

  • Webjam Introduces Portable Mini Feeds, Friends Lists

    http://www.webjam.com/techcrunch/~ShowBadge?title=markmhx%20on%20Webjam&location=true&activity=true&webjams=true&friends=true Widgets are the most consumer-friendly means toward data portability. Users who want to establish a “centralized me” – whether that be on a blog, personal website or favorite social network profile – often just need a simple… Read More

  • Ist dies das iCar? Nein, es ist der VW Von Morgan

    What with all the hullabaloo about syncing your car with your phone or mp3 player, it’s only natural that rumors would arise about Apple having exclusive dealings with some company — and maybe even helping in the design of the car. Well, here’s some more fuel for the fire. This VW concept car featured in the German car mag Autobild looks more Apple-inspired than… Read More

  • Confirmed: Yahoo's Jeff Weiner To Split Time at Accel And Greylock

    Jeff Weiner, the executive VP in charge of Yahoo’s network division (which includes the portal, search, media, and communications products) is officially leaving.
    The news, which already leaked last week, is that Weiner will become an executive in residence at both Accel Partners and Greylock Partners. He will advise portfolio companies for both firms, and help evaluate new… Read More

  • Microsoft announces ‘WiENR’ system for GPS devices

    Microsoft will be making a move into the portable GPS space with what it’s calling Windows Embedded NavReady 2009. Should companies like TomTom and Garmin be scared? We’ll see. Windows Live Maps is a pretty good service, I suppose. It’ll be more than just maps, though, as WiENR 2009 (as I’ll call it) will also do some Bluetooth tricks, harness MSN Direct services… Read More

  • Google looking to develop tool to monitor ISP network tampering

    Google will develop tools that allow people to determine if their Internet connection is being tampered with by their ISP. Net Neutrality, filthy customers, and so on. The comments here? The name-calling, the “I’m smarter than you,” the “Net Neutrality is good, Neutrality is evil!” back-and-forth… wow, I can’t stand that. Go plant a tree or something. Read More

  • Shock report: Teenagers have pirated songs on their mp3 players

    I don’t think this article could have featured a more ridiculous bit of research. I love how incredibly precise they are (14% of kids’ CDs are copyrighted, mp3 players hold 1,770 songs) when they must know their research is completely inaccurate. It’s far more likely that a person’s library of music is entirely pirated, or else entirely legal. These… Read More

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