• Motorola Aura cell phone has a circular display

    [blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/1knU2xaJwTw%5D A few years ago on April Fool’s day, Geeks.com put up a product page for a 15-inch circular LCD monitor for $199.99 (if memory serves). The monitor looked pretty cool and everyone had a good chuckle at the thought of being able to somehow manufacture a display in anything but the shape of a square or rectangle. Fast forward to the present day… Read More

  • VLP-100: Scitec Japan releases palm-sized video projector

    Osaka-based electronics company Scitec Japan today announced [JP] it will start selling the VLP-100, a mini video projector, on the Japanese market at the end of this month. Scitec says the main selling point is the size of the product. The VLP-100 is sized at just 180x110x55 mm and weighs 1kg. However, the projector’s resolution is just 320×240 (QVGA), which is – according to… Read More

  • Video gallery: Watch the Augmented Reality Tuttuki Bako Box in action

    Two weeks ago, I blogged about Bandai Japan’s Tuttuki Bako augmented reality-ish toy box, which is due out in Nippon on November 15 (price: $30). Bandai has set up a dedicated web site for the product in the meantime. The site is Japanese only but quite easy to understand. In addition to the strange (but official) video above, a few other clips cropped up in the last 24 hours… Read More

  • Metaplace Raises $6.7 Million For Custom Virtual Worlds

    Metaplace, a startup that allows users to craft their own virtual worlds, has closed a $6.7 million funding round led by Charles River Ventures and Cresendo Ventures along with Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz. The round brings Metaplace’s total funding to $9.4 million. Alongside today’s announcement the site is also opening an invite-only private beta, and 200 TechCrunch readers… Read More

  • Ignoring Downturns Is Unhealthy And Dangerous

    Ok, here we go again. As soon as people get tired of blaming the venture capitalists for the downturn and layoffs, they start to point the finger at bloggers and journalists who write about them. In a blog post, SocialMedian founder Jason Goldberg criticizes us for our coverage of layoffs and deadpooled companies, saying it’s “sensationalist journalism,” adding… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Train in Vain Edition

    Q-Train: Takara Tomy sells super-cute, remote-controlled toy trains
    For collectors: McFarlane Guitar Hero World Tour figures
    Singer defends ‘offensive’ LittleBigPlanet song, says it was meant to attract people to Islam
    DroboApps: exactly what it sounds like
    And the BlackJack II Winner is… Read More

  • Just Have Your Gmail Contact My Gmail

    Google takes humans one more small step towards irrelevancy. They released a new feature in Google Labs this evening that lets users create “canned responses” to emails. So if you find yourself typing the same response over and over again to emails, you can just create a canned response and use it repeatedly. And they’ve also gone one step further…you can also set… Read More

  • Samsung: fine then, SanDisk! Be like that! Never mind on that offer to buy you

    Oh, these multi-billion dollar companies and their flings! I thought they would have made such a cute match, too. Actually, probably not, but still. Was Samsung’s game just not good enough? Was SanDisk playing a little too hard to get? Romantic conceits aside, it looks like SanDisk just wasn’t willing to give in and give up control of such a strong brand to the beast that is Samsung. Read More

  • SMART Table: You know, for kids

    Well here’s the first multi-touch, multi-user device for teaching early childhood skills. Like the surface, you can drag things around the surface and play word and picture games with multiple people just by dragging images around the screen. The table launches on Thursday and will cost an actually amazingly inexpensive $7,000. • What is the SMART Table? It has multitouch… Read More

  • Cool sunglasses give you super vision

    Reader Billy May sent us these concept sketches for the Nike Hindsight, specially design biking glasses with specifically tuned Fresnel lenses for keeping an eye on approaching taxis/cars/baby strollers. Writes Billy: Nike Hindsight is, put simply, like giving bicyclists a pair of bifocals for their peripheral vision. By using Fresnel lenses on the sides of eye wear, riders can detect motion in… Read More

  • Like.com's Perfect Timing: $32 Million Series C Round

    Silicon Valley based Like.com managed to raise a monster round of financing at just the right time: $32 million in Series C round of funding that closed in August, led by Menlo Ventures. Crosslink Capital also joined the round, as well as all previous investors. Prazan Vazirani from Menlo also joined the company’s board of directors. The valuation was north of $100 million, says a… Read More

  • AdMob Closes $15.7 Million Series C Round Led By Sequoia

    AdMob, a popular mobile advertising platform, has closed a 15.7 million Series C funding round led by Sequoia’s Growth Fund with participation from Accel Partners. The company says that it will use the money to help expand abroad in India, South Africa, and Europe. The round is a strong vote of confidence from Sequoia, especially given the fact that the famous firm recently presented… Read More

  • Navy designing UAV-borne drug-sniffer bots

    Do they have so many boats to inspect that they can’t just hover over them to detect the good stuff? I guess so, because the Navy is spending a mint to create a “sensitive miniaturized sniffer” that can be placed on board (or stowed away in, or fired onto) suspicious vessels. After only six seconds, it’ll relay its findings back to the mothership or whatever… Read More

  • Consumer Alert! Stay away from the Monster Cable AVL300 Remote

    My second Monster Central Control System AVL 300 universal remote just died shortly after one year of use. The first one did the same but sucked it up then and purchased a second one; not anymore. To be honest, the remote seemed nice at first (my original review), but shortly after a month or two of use, it began to show it’s true evil Monster Cable side. The charging system sucks… Read More

  • Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO revealed

    The long-awaited announcement for the joint venture between LucasArts and BioWare has taken place, and it’s pretty much what everyone expected: an MMO set in the world of Knights of the Old Republic. Players will choose between the Galactic Republic and Sith Empire, and will be able to use lightsabers early in the game — which presents kind of a problem (aren’t they like… Read More

  • Apple sells 6.9 million iPhones in Q4 of 2008, beats RIM at their own game

    Hot off of Apple’s Q4 earnings call comes a bit of iPhone news: Alongside 2.6 million Macs and 11 million iPods, Apple managed to sell 6,892,000 iPhones in the fourth fiscal quarter of 2008. In contrast, they sold just 1,119,000 iPhones in fiscal Q4 of 2007. Feeling a bit spunky, Jobs’ mentioned that they’ve outsold some significant competition, saying “We’ve… Read More

  • Biomimetic jumpbot powered by buzzer motor

    I love this thing! And not just because I get to use the biomimetic tag. These French (?) researchers have created two different biomimetic robots: this jumping one and a phototaxic glider. Whose side will they be working for in the imminent Robocalypse? Maybe they’re looking for some hot government research contract action? The jumpbot is really extremely small, and it uses the same… Read More

  • 54 Hours To Build A Company: A Look At Startup Weekend Phoenix

    It’s been some time since we last covered Startup Weekend, a series of events that bring a roomful of developers and entrepreneurs together to develop new startups in only 54 hours. When the program originally launched last year, each weekend was geared towards building a single application, of which every participating member was a cofounder. Since then the format has changed… Read More

  • SanDisk developing 128GB MicroSD cards for a 2011 release

    It’s generally accepted that flash memory eventually doubles in capacity and apparently SanDisk is looking towards the future when 128 GB MicroSD cards are available. ‘cording to the Deccan Herald and SanDisk’s CEO though, those cards will not be available until 2011 and I am assuming they will be of the new SDHC flavor. Seeing as the largest widely available MicroSDHC… Read More

  • WTF is on the wall in The Big Bang Theory apartment

    I love The Big Bang Theory TV show and while yesterday’s episodes wasn’t the greatest, it did provide a great close-up of something on Leonard and Sheldon’s wall, but I still don’t know what it is. Call me crazy, but I enjoy identifying different objects in movies and TV shows and I haven’t been able to figure out WTF this thing is. It appears to be to a row of… Read More

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