• GigPark: Recommendations From Your Friends

    Yesterday at the Mesh conference in Toronto I met Noah Godfrey, one of the founders of GigPark. A social recommendation Website that launched last February, the site recently pushed out a major redesign. It’s like Yelp, but only with recommendations from people you know. The point of GigPark is to collect and share recommendations of local services with your friends. You import… Read More

  • Official: No XBL dashboard update this spring; crappy XBLA titles to be delisted

    Your Xbox Live update will have to wait, according to Marc Whitten of Microsoft. There’s no dashboard update scheduled for awhile. Not only that, certain Xbox Live Arcade games will be delisted if they’re unpopular enough, something many fans may not like. Of course, those games have been out awhile and users will get a three-month notice before they’re pulled. We’re… Read More

  • Mobissimo Has Raised 1/223 The Capital Of Kayak (And Out Executes Them)

    Connecticut startup Kayak has raised $223 million in venture capital and employs 58 people to build and grow its travel search site. Its chief competitor, San Francisco based Mobissimo, has raised $1 million and has just 15 employees. Mobissimo also became profitable last year, and the company doesn’t have to raise more money unless it’s to fuel faster growth or… Read More

  • Aussies to get fastest iPhone in the world?

    As we gear up for the WWDC in a couple weeks — and the likely launch of iPhone 2 — we get weird news that the Australian version, which should launch around the same time as the American version, will be the fastest in the world. According to a loudmouth at Telstra, Australia’s iPhone company, the Australian version could be up to 42mbs, which is over 5 megabytes per second. Read More

  • Intel thinks it's time to take SSD mainstream, bundles it with Centrinos

    SSDs are starting to make their big debut, and I for one welcome our new solid-state overlords. We’ve already seen these in a few high-end laptops and of course all those subnotebooks, but for the most part, mainstream laptops still rely on HDDs. It seems Intel is making a push this year to include SSDs in Centrino-based laptops, and although capacity and performance are becoming less of… Read More

  • Deskputer: why don't we all have these?

    Now this is a desktop computer. It seems like a pretty obvious idea, and nothing occurs to me off the top of my head that would make it impractical. A custom motherboard with rotated PCI slots, a few extender cables, and you’ve got a really great setup. There’s plenty of room for vents and heatsinks, a natural place for drives, ports, and so on — really, why aren’t… Read More

  • Zinio allowing iPhone users free access to Playboy, PC Mag, and other popular magazines

    Zinio partners up with a number of popular real world magazines to offer online, paperless versions for a few bucks a pop. They’ve got a fairly hefty selection, offering everything from Organic Gardening magazine to the slightly less work friendly Penthouse. They just started rolling out an iPhone optimized version of their service, currently covering 20 different magazines. The best part? Read More

  • Japanese thief uses GPS to track, steal rented cars

    Finally, GPS working for the thief, rather than against him. A Japanese car thief devised a clever little planto steal cars with the help of GPS. He had his two ex-wives (so you know he’s a gentleman) rent cars, often expensive ones. Then he’d plant a small GPS device inside the dashboard, after which he’d make a copy of the its key. Once the rental cars were returned, he… Read More

  • Icebar waterproof speakers for your Nano

    These waterproof speakers seem to hit a pretty good combination of price, looks, and functionality — assuming they sound good. The set can hang by a strap for the shower, or you can use the built-in stand to put it in the soap dish if you’re the bath type. It’s only for iPod Nanos, but there are plenty of you with those out there. The touch wheel area has a little membrane… Read More

  • TechCrunch Barcelona Meetup Pictures

    Here are the pictures I took at the TechCrunch Barcelona Meetup this week (and some more). Thanks to everyone who came and thanks also to our sponsors, Nuroa and High Growth Partners (see below). This is part of my TechCrunch Euro tour this summer to meet startups. Prior to the meetup I was a judge at Startup2.eu, a European tech startups competition where Zilok (France), UnLtdWorld (UK)… Read More

  • Hints of a Facebook Operating System In New Design

    It’s become a common trope to say that Facebook and Google are vying to become the operating system of the Internet. But there are some very clear hints of that in Facebook’s upcoming new design, which it just opened up to today in a developer sandbox. (You can see it at http://www.new.facebook.com, although you’ll need to download some libraries to start testing apps… Read More

  • Video: Weezer's latest is all about the YouTube

    Let me start by saying I’m one of the biggest Weezer fans in the world. Or was. Weezer is like that friend you’ve had for years who keeps stealing from you, and you know they do it, but they never fess up, but you keep being their friend because you know that deep down they might still be good inside. Or at least you hope they are. This is the new video for the first single of… Read More

  • Telectroscope 'telescope': From London, look at New York

    A new art installation in London and New York lets passersby look clear across the Atlantic. The Telectroscope, a 37 by 11-feet telescope of sorts, connects the two cities using fiber optic cable, with an HD camera on either end. If you’re in New York, looking through the Telectroscope shows you London, and vice-versa. Pretty cool, and much better than other New York public art… Read More

  • Live feed from the CrunchNetwork Prague Meet-up

    http://qik.com/player.swf?playback=false&polling=true&user=jbiggs&userlock=true&username=anonymous Say hello to your Czech counterparts in sunny, beautiful Prague courtesty of Nokia and Qik. http://share.ovi.com/tools/twidgets/ticker.swf?feed=CrunchNetwork.CGEurope Read More

  • Nokia promises to allow you to transfer N-Gage games

    Yesterday we reported that games purchased via Nokia’s N-Gage platform weren’t transferable to new devices. The Internet was outraged! Today, however, Nokia has responded with refreshing speed and Madeleine Albright-like diplomacy, stating that it will fix this problem once and for all. Nokia’s Conversations blog states the following: We’ve dug in deeper and… Read More

  • Newt Gingrich Talks Tech, Presidential Aspirations

    Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich is in Silicon Valley today talking about his American Solutions organization, which recently opened an office in Palo Alto. I spent about thirty minutes on the phone with him talking about a wide range of issues: the upcoming elections, tech issues in general and his own presidential aspirations. The podcast and transcript is below. Last night I… Read More

  • Protein[DS]: Now your DS is sorta like a turntable! Crazy!

    Another touchscreen DJ thing to point out, this time for the Nintendo DS. It’s called Protein[DS] and will apparently be released for your homebrew pleasure in a couple days. I think it’s more for kicks than a Godskitchen residency. One can dream, though, I suppose. Read More

  • Guitar Hero: Aerosmith spotted in the wild

    How I Met Your Mother is one of my favorite TV shows and this week’s episode featured Marshall shredding away at Guitar Hero, but not just any ole version of GH. If you look closely at the photo above or the thumbnail below you’ll see that the guitar cover is the Aerosmith version that’s set to launch sometime in the coming weeks. It’s not a leak or anything, but cool… Read More

  • MSI Wind to get US release, two versions available

    MSI is coming out swinging against you-know-who with the US to be the first place the company’s Wind notebook will be released. IDG News Service is reporting that… “The U.S. edition of Wind will come in two different versions, one for US$549 running Microsoft’s Windows XP. A few things set Wind apart from competitors, including the 1.6GHz Atom microprocessor, larger… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Freestyle Audio 512MB MP3 player

    The FA MP3 player I reviewed way back in August is on sale at Dogfunk for $30. Yeah, it’s only 512MB, but $30 is relatively cheap for a waterproof MP3 player. Read More

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