• Open Tech launches!!!!11!1!

    This is it, folks. The moment everyone has been waiting for. Hot off our tip line (and that of every other gadget blog on the planet, according to the CC): “Open Tech computers are now on sale! We have officially launched all products in our Web Store.” Open Tech: Because nothing says quality like stock photos hosted on Freewebs.com Read More

  • Sharp introduces entry-level line of 1080p HDTV’s

    Three new models of 1080p LCD HDTV’s were introduced by Sharp today, starting at a MSRP of $1400. Sharp hopes to attract borderline customers with what they are calling the entry-level line. The three screen sizes available are 52”, 46” and 42”, making the line competitive with other manufacturers. All models have a dedicated PC input and HDMI inputs, 4 on the big one and… Read More

  • Exclusive: Q and A with THQ’s Brian Farrell

    THQ CEO Brian Farrell recently participated in a Q and A session here at the Pacific Crest Technology Leadership Forum in Vail, Colorado. While most of the focus at this particular conference is on financial performance and investing, Farrell’s session shed light on a few things that might interest gamers. In particular, Farrell spoke candidly about his company’s recent… Read More

  • Analysts sort of recommend iPhone for enterprise then go play golf

    Gartner analyst Ken Dulaney wrote a report entitled “iPhone 2.0 Is Ready for the Enterprise, but Caveats Apply” and essentially stated: Enterprises should approach expanded use of the iPhone slowly and with close examination That’s right, IT shops: don’t go jumping into the iPhone pool like a bunch of drunk frat boys in Cabo. “Close examination,” like… Read More

  • The Global Reach Of The First Million 3G iPhones

    Medialets has posted the results of a recent Goldman Sachs Global Investment Research report that details the breakdown of the first 1 million iPhone 3Gs sold worldwide. Earlier this month Apple announced that it had reached the milestone in only three days, compared to 74 days for the original iPhone. Of course, the two figures are hardly comparable, as the the 3G version launched… Read More

  • 11 new tracks confirmed for Guitar Hero World Tour, five remain a mystery

    The September issue of Stuff Magazine contains a four-page spread on Activision’s upcoming GH title and while 90 percent of what was documented has been public knowledge for some time, several new tracks were made known and one clever GH forum member scanned in the piece for the rest of us to see. Six new tracks and five other artists with unknown tracks were listed. The other rumored… Read More

  • LaunchBox Unleashes Its First Nine Startups

    What does $25,000 and 12 weeks get you? If you are a startup funded by LaunchBoxDigital, it gets you a working alpha or beta site. Based in Washington, D.C., LaunchBox is the latest seed-fund incubator to take the “Build ’em cheap and build ’em fast” approach to startup creation. (In the same vein as Y Combinator, SeedCamp and TechStars). LaunchBox gives small teams… Read More

  • Everything you need to know about the HTC Touch Diamond and HTC Touch Pro for Sprint/Verizon

    <center With the HTC Touch Diamond and HTC Touch Pro finally on their way to the states for both Sprint and Verizon, its gettin’ tough to keep track of which carrier-specific model will have what. Which will have an accelerometer? Which packs more ram? Who the hell is Victor? Fortunately, PhoneArena‘s gone and done all the digging you need. It’s all summed up nicely on… Read More

  • YouLicense Gets $1 Million For Online Music Licensing

    Over a year since launching its music licensing marketplace into beta, Israeli startup YouLicense has raised $1 million in funding from the Logia Group and Ofer Media. YouLicense is positioning itself as a marketplace for low cost music licensing, similar to what iStockPhoto did for stock photography. YouLicense’s system lets music sellers (licensors) and buyers (licensees)… Read More

  • Mod your old NES into a DVD player

    Yes! This is awesome. Of course, anything related to modding an NES is awesome. Personally, I don’t watch DVDs that much — or if I did, the player’s guts wouldn’t fit into a Nintendo. Still, this is a cool mod and if you have a non-working NES sitting around (that you don’t feel like fixing), it won’t run you more than $40 or $50. Now if I were modding an… Read More

  • Mega Man 9 producer talks about challenges of making an 8-bit game in 2008

    In this great interview with Hironobu Takeshita at Gamasutra, the producer of the hotly anticipated upcoming Mega Man 9, the hardships and fun bits of developing an 8-bit game in the modern era are discussed. It’s as clear from this conversation as from all the shots and details leaked before that the dev team is in love with the old games and interested in exceeding them in ways… Read More

  • DailyCandy Bought by Comcast for $125 Million

    Silicon Alley Insider is reporting that Comcast has bought newsletter service DailyCandy for an unconfirmed $125 million. The site caters to women interested in fashion, food, travel and other cosmopolitan topics. Comcast apparently beat out Viacom with its willingness to pay $5 million more than Viacom’s offer of $120 million. Bob Pittman of Pilot Group Ventures, the holding company… Read More

  • Some guy: Go naked to the Beijing Olympics

    David Rice, an expert in the process of creating hysterical hype that is attractive to second-tier Washington, DC newspapers run by the Moonies, states that the Chinese will steal your crap and leave you for dead unless you buy a new, disposable camera, cellphone, and laptop. In short, he believes that the Chinese intend to spy on every single tourist in the country and the only way to… Read More

  • Qik Launches Support For iPhones Running Old Firmware

    Qik has released its mobile video streaming application for jailbroken iPhones to the public. The service allows users to broadcast video live from their phones using Wi-Fi or the EDGE network which can be viewed on Qik’s site or through its embeddable player. Unfortunately, the application is only compatible with phones running the 1.1.4 firmware, which has been obsolete for nearly… Read More

  • TechCrunch Talk and Seedcamp party – a great combination

    This September TechCrunch UK will be hosting TechCrunchTalk, an afternoon of discussion and debate about the trends in European start-ups, involving investors and key players, which will explore several themes, including: • What’s the experience of raising venture capital for startups in Europe?
    • What are the major trends in European tech startups?
    • If Mobile 2.0 is the next… Read More

  • Samsung i7110 phone surfaces

    Photos for Samsung’s new i-series phone surface along with some details. Rumored details, that is; Samsung has not confirmed. For a rumor though, that’s a pretty nice photo. All this time I thought it was required for them to be blurry. The business class, Symbian-powered i7110 will incorporate multimedia functions on its QVGA display. An expansion slot for a microSD card will… Read More

  • Review: Soundcast OutCast Wireless Speaker

    Everyone wants to have parties outside, music thumping under the sun. It just feels classy. Plus you get to show your neighbors how many friends you have. Thing is, most boom boxes turn to breathless junk as soon as they’re outside and, between wiring and weather proofing, rigging up a high-quality speaker solution outdoors is a bit past the average consumer. The $699 OutCast speaker… Read More

  • The new Sonos controller… under water!

    I think what they’re trying to say in this video is that the new Sonos CR100 remote is completely water proof which means you can can leave it by the pool next to that bottle of Jack Daniels without worrying that your “house guests” might drop it into the deep end. Note: you can probably stop watching this at about the 2 minute mark. Read More

  • Images of Nokia Tube keep on comin'

    I’m not really sure what to make of these images. They’re clearly showcasing the Tube‘s Web browser, but images clearly don’t do anything to get us excited about this device. How about some video, dailymobile.se? Read More

  • Netflix charges more for Blu-ray discs; loves streaming

    Confirmation came Monday from Netflix that the movie rental giant is charging more for Blu-ray discs in a test program. No hard and fast pricing is available yet as the company is determining a pricing model. One thing for sure though, is that Blu-ray discs cost more, and Netflix is looking to pass along the extra charge. While Netflix is charging more for some DVD’s, they are charging… Read More

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