• Motorola is Really Getting Jazzed About That Android Social Networking Phone

    Motorola, which is recruiting as many as 350 people to work on Android phones, is gearing up to make its first one:the Android Social Smart Phone. Last week, Android Guys spotted a job posting for the project, and now BusinessWeek has more details, including a mention of the Motorola job posting pictured at left on Monster looking for an Android application developer. If the people pictured… Read More

  • Netbooks take Europe by sturm

    Gartner and IDC are reporting that netbooks, those ultralight PCs everyone loves, have taken Europe by storm, hitting about 10 percent of the PC market. These mini-PCs are essentially a brave new world for PC makers who have been facing falling prices, profits, and demand in standard laptops and desktops. Asus and Acer are winning the race and many of the sales come through cellphone suppliers… Read More

  • For Those Who Need Help Picking a Car, There Is CarZen

    Are you compatible with your car? A new site set to launch in a few days called CarZen aims to help you find the car that is perfect for you. The main feature of the site is a car consulting tool that asks you basic questions about the qualities you are looking for in a car (price, size, fuel economy, reliability) and then spits back a list with the best matches. CarZen is extremely detailed. Read More

  • Vacheron watch uses unique anti-counterfeiting techniques

    The Vacheron Constantin Quai de I’lle can be specially customized using 400 little deterrents and styles including impossible to recreate ink patches and mini writing on the clear watch face. The watches cost between $6K and $12K. Sadly, these things will probably be sufficiently knocked off next week. If the watch is popular enough, China will stop at nothing to sell the bastards for… Read More

  • Going to England? To buy a cellphone? And are a terrorist? Bring a passport

    In an enlightened effort to prevent terrorism, you may soon need a passport to buy a cellphone in the UK. The Times is reporting that officials are thinking of creating a register of prepaid phone purchasers. The pay-as-you-go phones are popular with criminals and terrorists because their anonymity shields their activities from the authorities. But they are also used by thousands of… Read More

  • Fascinating Bond trivia

    Who doesn’t enjoy a little James Bond trivia? The influence of the Bond films is so great that Nasa was thrilled to let 007 give the world its first view of the Space Shuttle in Moonraker  –  two years before the launch of the real thing. Jane Seymour was cast in the role of tarot priestess Solitaire in Live And Let Die after producers saw her in the BBC shipping saga The… Read More

  • Location of Obama's ad in Burnout Paradise

    Obama’s ad spot in Burnout Paradise garnered both praise and criticism – mostly the later – but in case you wanted to see it for yourself, the map above marks the location. Just like we said originally though, this ad will only appear in the Xbox 360 version and you have to live in either Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Indiana, Montana, North Carolina, New Mexico, Nevada… Read More

  • This MotoArt Boeing Flight Simulator will get you laid

    The normal flight sim isn’t something the ladies will appreciate but MotoArt’s Boeing Flight Simulator is just so damn sexy that it’s dying to have a pin-up girl all over it. The sim is made from vintage aviation parts all polished to a retro finish. Technical details are a bit slim but it appears to have two screens, one for aviation controls and the other for live… Read More

  • Two Ways Google Is Trying To Juice AdSense: Ad-Only Search Boxes And Syndication Pages

    Google turned in healthy third-quarter earnings largely thanks to the fact that Google is finally getting serious about cost containment. But that is only half the story. Going into the expected economic downturn, Google is now turning on every additional source of advertising revenues it can. For instance, so far earlier month it began offering AdSense in Flash games, new AdSense links at… Read More

  • Create No Download Screencasts In Seconds With ScreenToaster

    New Paris based startup Iteria, Sarl has released ScreenToaster into private beta. The service is to screen capture software what Tokbox is to Skype – most of the functionality you need, without any downloads. The demo video below, which was created with the software, shows how easy it is to use. Click start, bring up a different website, and click a Option-S to record.Hit Option-S again… Read More

  • OMG Britney! On Twitter!

    This is perhaps the most exciting news since the May launch of TomCruise.com: I’d like to welcome Britney Spears to our world. She (or rather her people) have launched both a Twitter account and a bloggy sort of site with near constant updates on her fascinating life. Her new song Womanizer also jumped from no. 96 to no. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. It’s not for me, I’m more of… Read More

  • Star Trek vs. Star Wars

    Old, but nerds love old. Read More


    Blast has a story about the cars of the future, a collection of kickass concept vehicles from all over the world – well, mostly Europe and Japan but there is one Buick. American makers are busy figuring out how to get a cup holder next to the gas pedal. One interesting little car is the Mini SUV with Center Globe. The Globe is a glowing orb that shows most of your GPS and read-out… Read More

  • Review: Heineken Draught Keg

    Think back on the last party you attended. Perhaps you enjoy sitting around an impeccably decorated living room and sipping glasses of cold, frosty beer poured by a nattily attired waitress named Nicole hired for the night so the hostess could mingle with the glitterati in attendance. Or perhaps it was at your friend Terry’s house where you ended up puking all over his couch after… Read More

  • Fender Bender: It's not a guitar anymore

    This old girl has been stripped of all over component parts, hollowed out and filled with a CPU and lots of cool audio circuitry. The result? The Fender Bender, more machine than guitar, more monster than musical instrument. The creator, Dan, even made a pickguard out of an old motherboard, soldering out each resistor with a burning cigarette that he held in his mouth threateningly. It… Read More

  • Yahoo's Profile Mess

    Yahoo launched their new profile product last week as part of their big plan to social networkize the entire Yahoo world. Every Yahoo profile was reset, and users were asked to go through a process of recreating it. The comments from users were unambiguous – they were pissed off. Common complaints include the fact that the new profile must include your full name, which your… Read More

  • Blu-ray Indiana Jones collection coming soon?

    Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skill just dropped on Blu-ray and the special features showed clips of the first three films in HD. Could this mean that we will soon see the entire four film set on Blu-ray shortly? For the love of Pete, I sure hope so! The older flicks should feature quality pictures thanks to the era’s use of film that just so happens to transfer… Read More

  • 23 years later, the "Take On Me" video finally relates to the song

    What does this have to do with gadgets, you ask? Pipe wrenches were all the rage in the gadget world when they were invented in 1869. Fine. It has nothing to do with gadgets. But it’s awesome. Read More

  • Battery-powered Mini E revealed

    BMW is jumping into the niche market of battery-powered automobiles with the Mini E. The car is set to be unveiled next month at the LA Auto Show, but all the details have been just been released. Read More

  • Free Bluetooth headset if you get a ticket for not using a one

    Well, this is awful nice of Headsets.com. If you happen to earn a ticket for talking on your cell phone while driving, the site will give you a free Plantronics Discovery 925 Bluetooth headset. All you have to do is fill out a form and in the name of safety, they you the headset. The small print reads as the offer is only valid for the first 734 claims so get out there and starting breaking… Read More

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