• Sony Sountina glass speaker now available for a lot of Yen

    Sony will release a spectacular new speaker system in Japan as early as June 20th. The so-called Sountina (a combination of the words sound and fountain) comes in the shape of a glass tube, which is 184.5 cm tall. To be more specific, the device measures 325×184.5x325mm and weighs 12.5 kg. Sony said today they plan to sell their stylish speaker not only to affluent individuals but also… Read More

  • H&R Block’s Emerald MasterCard Adds Text Mobile Banking Service

    H&R Block, the tax preparation company, has teamed up with Metavante and Monitise Americas to provide Emerald Prepaid MasterCard cardholders access to mobile phone text messaging to check their balances and receive account reload mobile alerts. “While the Emerald Card has proven to be a safe, lower cost and convenient way for customers to receive their tax refunds, we are continuing… Read More

  • New solar-powered portable media player

    Today, Japanese maker Thanko started selling its newest product, a portable media player powered by a small solar panel. The so-called “Solar MP4 Player” is Nippon-only and costs $95. It supports MP3/WMA/WAV audio and AVI/RM/MPG/VOB/DAT/RMVB video files. Additionally, the player can serve as a voice recorder, an FM radio and it also displays JPEGs. Several games are preinstalled… Read More

  • Mini Bluetooth keyboard for cell phones

    Yesterday Japanese accessory maker I-O Data presented a cute little keyboard which can be connected to cell phones for easy typing. The CPKB-BT is equipped with Bluetooth 2.0 and is targeted at hardcore-users of mobile blogs and email. The wireless keyboard is just 151.5×92.1×14mm and weighs only 170g. It is powered by a pair of AA batteries, lasting a total of 2-3 months if the keyboard is… Read More

  • Fake: Guy doesn't draw a picture of himself on the world using GPS unit

    Update: The whole stunt was fake. DHL is backtracking now, saying they didn’t have anything to do with it. Plus the guy looked like Devin and you should never trust Devin. This guy wanted to make the biggest drawing ever. So instead of a pen, he put a GPS unit (plus a bunch of batteries) in an indestructible briefcase and sent it on an incredibly long and complicated journey around… Read More

  • ExitReality Launches With Carl's Jr Deal

    Webpage to 3D space provider ExitReality has soft launched today via a cross promotion with CKE Restaurants (Carl’s Jr and Hardee’s) that will see the product promoted to millions via the Carl’s Jr website and through a MySpace advertising campaign. I originally sat down and spoke to the ExitReality team (the company has its HQ in London, but the dev team and CEO are in… Read More

  • Skyfire Raises $13 million in Series B Funding

    Skyfire Labs Inc., makers of the “game-changing” Skyfire mobile browser, announced today that they have raised $13 million in Series B funding. This round of funding is led by Lightspeed Venture Partners, and includes previous investors Matrix Partners and Trinity Ventures. This brings the total funding up to $17.8 million, following a $4.8 million Series A round in June of last year. Read More

  • Skyfire scores $13 million in funding

    Skyfire Labs Inc., makers of the “game-changing” Skyfire mobile browser, announced today that they have raised $13 million in Series B funding. This round of funding is led by Lightspeed Venture Partners, and includes previous investors Matrix Partners and Trinity Ventures. This brings the total funding up to $17.8 million, following a $4.8 million Series A round in June of last year. Read More

  • CiPhone: The "C" is for quality

    I’ve seen some iPhone fakes in my day, but this just about takes the cake. Meet the CiPhone, an almost note-perfect copy of the iPhone. I’ve said this again and again: if Chinese engineers focused on making their IP devices as cool and as clearly high-end as this fake, they could take down Apple, Microsoft, and most of the international IT infrastructure in a few years. Instead… Read More

  • Productivity Tips: Take a Tech break and use paper

    Since this is Productivity Week, I was told to come up with some short and sweet tips for you to enjoy. So I quickly started to brainstorm. At first I was using my computer to try and find tips, but I found myself getting distracted. So I moved to a piece of paper I had lying around. As soon as I put my pen to the paper I thought, “Wow this could be my first productivity tip.” If… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Head on a Pike Edition

    Buckle up, this pen also detects Wi-Fi signals
    Mouse Phone: It’s only copyright infringement if you use the actual logo… oh, wait
    Trailer released for second Futurama movie, The Beast with a Billion Backs
    Now people are turning busted gaming consoles into casemods. That’s just crazy talk!
    Building your productive workspace: Yes you can! Read More

  • Windows 7 debuts at D6: Video! Multi-touch! And a dock?

    Video: Multi-Touch in Windows 7 What with an exciting (ahem) interview and a batch of kind of insane screenshots of Windows 7 already blowing up the internets today, you’d think Microsoft would be patting itself on the back. Nope, it’s got one more little trick up its Ultimate Home Sleeve. It looks like Windows 7 has actually made… Read More

  • Google reveals App Engine pricing plan, APIs, no more waiting list

    Google is planning a few announcements for their web application platform, Google App Engine, at tomorrow’s I/O Conference, but the folks over at ReadWriteWeb managed to get the details a bit early in a pre-conference interview. One of the announcements will be pricing plans for resource allotments past what Google offers developers with their free accounts. Though free accounts come… Read More

  • Most popular stories for Tuesday, May 27, 2008

    Today’s Top Posts: Monsoon Multimedia to announce HAVA player for S60 tomorrow VIA launches “open source” notebook iPhone coming to Baltic region AnswerOil: Lubricate your gadget purchases Apple could use the magical powers of the sun to charge the next iPhone Sega releases cheap photo frame for fickle, inscrutable Japanese youth Lawsuit against AllofMp3.com dropped by… Read More

  • CrunchGear update: Comments require emails and names, kids!

    Just a note for you, our faithful readers. Starting right now you’ll have to leave both a name and valid email address to leave a comment. This is to reduce the amount of spam our server has to deal with which should make everything faster for our readers, like you. Don’t worry, we don’t sell, trade, bargain with, mutilate, rub, smell, flaunt, or otherwise do anything with… Read More

  • Video: Check out Ford's new car computer system, with Microsoft's Sync

    http://videos.streetfire.net/vidiac.swf?video=dfa695ce-4979-4ab4-a172-9a9c0185249c&versionfile=flash/FlashPlayerVersion.txt Ford thinks Sync is cool, but not quite cool enough, so it’s developed this interactive next-gen dash system that takes Sync and adds its own goodness, such as touchsreen GPS and real-time traffic. It’s not a replacement for Sync, but rather a… Read More

  • Trailer released for second Futurama movie, The Beast with a Billion Backs

    I heart Futurama. I dig the series and, even though I made the typical fanboy mistake of assuming a movie would suck something terrible, I really enjoyed Bender’s Big Score. With the release of the trailer for the second flick, The Beast with a Billion Backs, I’m starting to get all giddy again. It apparently follows up on the events of the first, so if you didn’t hate the… Read More

  • Live From All Things Digital: Gates and Ballmer Preview Windows 7, Multi-Touch

    Michael is at the D6 conference in Carlsbad, California where Steve Ballmer and Bill Gates are set to take the stage this opening night and preview the user interface of Microsoft’s next operating system, known as Windows 7. It is expected to be released in 2010 and to replace Vista. During the keynote, Corporate VP Julie Larson-Green demoed new multi-touch functionality based on the… Read More

  • Citysearch Sued For Click Fraud

    Los Angeles based law firm Kabateck Brown Kellner, LLP has filed a class action lawsuit against Citysearch, accusing it of promoting click fraud. The suit was filed on behalf of plaintiff Tom Lambotte, who has charged that Citysearch has failed to recognize or reimburse him for the clickfraud that took place on an ad he placed between December 11 and 31, 2007. The suit also applies to anyone… Read More

  • CrunchNetwork Prague Meet-up Wrap-up and Take-aways

    http://share.ovi.com/tools/twidgets/ticker.swf?feed=CrunchNetwork.CGEurope The Prague CrunchNetwork Meet-up was a roaring success, the kind of drunken brodeo full of tech geeks and one or two of the women who love them we in the Valley and New York take for granted. Best of all I got to see a few nascent start-ups in the Prague tech scene and even a few well-established products that we might… Read More

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