• Steve Jobs, we call on thee to "reshape enterprise software"

    Listen to the words of the Great Vinnie Mirchandani, who of old was called Artemis, Astarte, Dione, Melusine, Vinvin, Vino, the Mircher, Arienrhod, Brigid, and by many other names: "Whenever you have need of anything, once in the month, and better it be when the moon is full, you shall assemble in some secret place and install enterprise applications. There shall you assemble, who have… Read More

  • Invites For Jibe Mobile

    There are plenty of ways to upload photos and other content from your phone to the Web. But the premise behind Jibe Mobile is simply to be able to use your phone to share social media already on the Web with your friends, whether they are online or out with their phones. The service is launching today in private beta. We have invites for the first 300 people to sign up here. Jibe is a… Read More

  • Android Delayed

    Google is finding that launching an entirely new cell phone platform is taking longer than expected. When it first announced its Android mobile operating system, Google said the first Android phones would be available during the second half of this year. Now the mobile carriers that signed up as Android partners are pushing out their launches, with only T-Mobile still trying to get an… Read More

  • The Mouse That Roared

    Our visit the other day to the GooglePlex was extraordinary on a number of levels. At its simplest, the Gmail group opened its kimono to bloggers and what’s left of the mainstream media – full stop. We were asked not to live video the announcements of Gmail Labs, and to clear photographs with the team in case we accidentally revealed some strategic details. by Steve… Read More

  • Om reviews the HP 2133 miniNote

    Cloudbooks or MIDs or ultralights have been around for years. These are basically tiny laptops with puttery processors that you’re supposed to drop into your murse and carry around the city with you. With the rise of the Asus eee, however, these things are getting much more attention. Om Malik of Om’s House of Web Reviewery took a look at the latest, the 2133 miniNote, and… Read More

  • Modeling The Real Market Value Of Social Networks

    Is MySpace worth $3 billion, or $20 billion? It depends on how you value a user. It’s time to start comparing the big global social networks on something other than unique visitors and page views. I believe an effective way to value a particular user is based on the average Internet advertising spend per person in the country they live in. The higher the spend, the more value the… Read More

  • Japanese company sells earphones shaped like "cute and wild" pigs

    Japanese accessory maker Green House today announced its GH-ERC-PIG series [JP], earphones shaped like little pigs. The animals, which the company says look “cute and wild”, are made of soft silicon. The earphones feature an impedance of 16Ω and a frequency response of 20Hz-20,000Hz.  Ear pieces in 3 different sizes are available: small, medium and large.
    The Japan-only Buta… Read More

  • Employee fired for updating Wikipedia

    A bit more Wikipedia news simply because it’s interesting, sad, and startling. When Tim Russert collapsed last week and was eventually pronounced dead – an absolute tragedy – NBC news held on reporting the news until Russerts family could be notified. It was a noble act, all said. However, a “junior-level” employee – read someone who knows how to use the… Read More

  • Atari sues German website over review of potentially pirated game

    From here. There’s a tactic in the movie industry where a movie is released quietly without press previews. When this happens it’s because the movie is a stinker and they want to put as much space between the first critical line (“I’d rather wet my pants and sit in my own filth than recommend that you watch this movie.” – Myra Conklin, Cat Fancy) and the… Read More

  • CrunchGear Week in Review: Spectator Sport Edition

    Tokyo Toy Show 2008: All award winners, first impressions, pictures
    Anti-sleepyhead sun warrior kit from Japan
    Meet Buzz Buzz Doggy, Japan’s newest disgusting toy
    Meet Keromin: Half stuffed frog, half musical instrument
    Because walking is far too difficult Read More

  • T-Mo releases Nokia 6301 and Samsung SGH-t339 Hotspot@Home phones

    Well isn’t this the day for pop announcements? T-Mobile has just released the Nokia 6301, above, and the Samsung SGH-t339. Both have Wi-Fi and allow you to make calls over T-Mo’s Hotspot@Home service using UMA. The Samsung has Bluetooth, a 1.3-megapixel camera, and music player. The Nokia is a bit sexier with 2-megapixel camera. Both are nothing to call my analyst about, so… Read More

  • Motorola launches MOTOZINE ZN5

    Remember zines? Well, this is nothing like that. This is Motorola’s latest “Z”-themed phone featuring a 5-megapixel sensor from Kodak (it actually takes some nice photos). The camera launches instantly when needed by sliding the front lens protector and you can upload images automatically or use Kodak’s EasyShare Suite to edit and move the photos on the PC. Read More

  • Breaking: Germany's Plazes Acquired By Nokia

    Berlin, Germany based Plazes, a location based social network (and one of the first startups we ever wrote about here on TechCrunch, back in 2005), has been acquired by Finland-based Nokia, the companies are announcing today. The price is not being disclosed. We most recently wrote about Plazes new iPhone application in May 2008, which will take advantage of the cutting edge location… Read More

  • Parents blame kids' failing test scores on Wikipedia

    Dumb kids in Scotland are failing tests not because they’re dumb, or because they haven’t properly prepared, but because Wikipedia is evil and mean and “littered with inaccuracies.” Shucks, and I thought Wikipedia was to be trusted 100 percent of the time. Right, so the Scottish Parent Teacher Council, which just sounds like a fun group, hated on Wikipedia the other… Read More

  • Cable companies still bickering over FiOS advertising

    Comcast, Verizon, and Time Warner Cable are all sniping at each other, emphasizing the minor advantages their overpriced service has over the competitor’s overpriced service. They’re trading whiny potshots over whether the fiber goes to the house, what “compression” means, and so on, when they should be doing that other stuff cable companies do, like throttling my… Read More

  • The Pirate Bay adding SSL encryption in response to Swedish wiretapping law

    You may remember that a couple days ago the Swedish Parliament passed a controversial law allowing warrantless wiretaps and monitoring of internet traffic. While I’m sure this is ostensibly for fighting terrorism or something, it’s too tempting for media companies and telecoms to eavesdrop and listen for the newest Kid Rock album being transferred. In response to this law, the… Read More

  • 2K removes BioShock install limit (but SecureROM still present)

    2K Games has removed an annoying piece of its DRM restrictions in the PC version of BioShock, a game I refuse to play because of its violent content. While SecureROM and all that other DRM goodness remain, you’re no longer limited to the number of PCs you can install the game in. A victory for freedom, to be sure. Seriously, how do you PC gamers put up with all that DRM nonsense? It… Read More

  • CrunchBase: Now With Maps, Advanced Search, Jobs, And Milestones

    We’re proud to announce today a slew of new improvements to CrunchBase, our directory for information about the tech startup ecosystem. Maps Company and financial organization headquarters are now geocoded and locatable on an interactive map using the Google Maps API. Say you’re checking out Yelp and want to see just where the company is located and what other startups are nearby. Read More

  • Bill Gates and Co. in 1978 looked groovy

    Bill Gates leaves Microsoft on June 27, and every news outlet is now running their own version of “What happens now?” Newsweek’s is among the least annoying, comparing a photo taken in 1978 at a mall in Albuquerque to one taken a few weeks ago. All the big players are there, from Gates himself to friend and Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen to a then-programmer who’s now… Read More

  • What does Metal Gear Solid 4 tell us about ourselves?

    The world is spinning out of control, but the New York Times still finds time to analyze what Metal Gear Solid 4 means to the medium of video games and to humanity as a whole. Super. An article there today goes around asking some of the guys from Kotaku and 1UP what they think of the game’s heavy story. Is the game too preachy? What does it say about America’s position in the world? Read More

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