• Microsoft files new patent, reaches deeper into your wallet

    Microsoft thinks they may have come up with a new way to print money. In a patent filed on Christmas day, Microsoft outlined a new model for pay-as-you-go computing. Read More

  • Soldering for dummies me

    Make has a great piece on how to solder, a skill I’m sorely lacking. My buddy Paul actually built me a Nixie clock from scratch, soldering each freaking component on by hand. Impressive, to say the least. Read More

  • RjDj Continues To Be The Most Trippy App On The iPhone (And I Love It)

    Back in October I wrote about a new iPhone app called RjDJ, which I described as “An Awesome, Trippy Soundtrack For Your Life“. The application includes a set of entrancing songs that go on forever, using the iPhone’s internal microphone to ‘listen’ to the noises and voices heard in your proximity to dynamically create music. It’s a bizarre and totally… Read More

  • Discover manhole covers of Japan with a new community website

    This isn’t really a fetish of mine, but there are some who find joy in discovering the various manhole covers of Japan. Those who stress over not having enough time to explore all the manholes can use a new community website called Ittemaia Zensen, which launched in August this year. Read More

  • Bugs, filtering problems with Playstation Home

    Playstation Home is having problems again after a rough start. Following numerous delays and a less than smooth rollout, Sony’s new virtual world is still far from perfect. Some users are having issues with the censoring system, like this gamer from Norwalk Connecticut who is unable to start a gay-straight alliance club because words like “gay” and “lesbian”… Read More

  • Fennec shaping up to be the mobile browser to beat in '09

    We’ve seen Fennec in an early form before, but apparently the new beta alpha is much more featured, and the promises being made for Mozilla’s mobile browser are going to really shake up the scene if they follow through. Read More

  • New iMacs to include hotter components, new cooling?

    The new line of iMacs due early this coming year are likely to sport some pretty serious upgrades, most notably (we reckon) a quad-core processor and new NVIDIA chipsets. Of course, this more powerful hardware will be producing more heat, and if Apple wants to keep the iMac and Mini lines trim and svelte, they may be putting a bit of work into a new cooling system. Read More

  • Lady actually inserts credit card into Wii slot, breaks Wii

    A clueless (but probably innocent) mother bought a Wii for her kids for Christmas, and having been told by someone that she had to “put in her credit card when prompted,” actually inserted not one, not two, but three credit cards into the Wii’s poor little disc slot. The Wii, predictably, choked and died. Mom, you got some splainin’ to do! Read More

  • Spy shots: Android on OpenMoko hardware

    I swear to god, if you have a real lens (as I can see in the 2nd pic), use manual focus for things like this. I guess beggars can’t be choosers, since this guy is the only one with pics of Android running on the OpenMoko hardware, but jesus! Click on for the rest of the shots — such as they are. Read More

  • HDMI/Component trickery at Best Buy

    As I recall we had an issue a few months back with another big box store but someone just caught Best Buy also using HDMI cables and comparing them to component cables. Consumerist just found another example. While this is obviously a massive fraud it might have been the only way the Best Buy folks could think to stream the same signal from the Blu-Ray player to both TVs – besides… Read More

  • Zephyr iPhone app: Pass wind

    I don’t get this app, but I’m sure the many people the makers filmed in Las Vegas understand it perfectly. Apparently you “gently compose” that is translated into wind sounds and transmitted around the world. In this way you share love, fear, and joy with millions of strangers around the world. Read More

  • Review: Slingcatcher

    This review comes from DemystifyingDigital.com and was written by Ted Kritsonis Sling Media’s Slingcatcher has been touted as the device that would give users the opposite benefit of the company’s popular Slingbox products. Rather than “placeshift” a TV signal to be viewed remotely on a computer, the Slingcatcher would allow a TV to display content from a computer. Read More

  • Wireless midi guitar is not really a guitar

    I like the idea of controlling synthesizers with my guitar. It would be so great to do some sick solos with the sound of my Virus. Read More

  • PS3 losing the race

    The Wii and the 360 are holding the first and second sales spots this season while the pricey PS3 is now number three with a sales decrease of 19% from the same month last year. Sales on the Wii doubled while the 360 rose 8%. Read More

  • Second Authority-Based Twitter Search Engine Launches: Twithority

    As bloggers continue to debate the finer points of nothing, yet another entrepreneur has gone out and just built a filtered search engine for Twitter. A couple of days ago Twitority launched (although it appears to be down now). Today, it’s Twithority, by the same guys at Tsavo that created Daymix. Twithority is notably faster in returning results, and it looks farther back (1,000 results v. Read More

  • Borange: A Social Activity Timeline For Your iPhone With Free Group Texting

    Borange, a new app that just went live on Apple’s App Store, is looking to turn your iPhone into a casual social planner. The application effectively adds a basic calendar function to the iPhone’s address book, allowing users to view a timeline that details when their friends will be free to hang out that day. You can download the 99-cent application here. Borange is very well… Read More

  • Programmable vent cover for home heating customization

    Wow, I tried really hard to make that headline exciting, but it just didn’t work. That’s okay, because I think this little device is a good idea, even if it’s not particularly flashy. These automated vent covers let you control airflow to individual rooms on whatever schedule you choose. No, it’s not cool, but if you own a house it sure is practical. Read More

  • The Drought of '09

    We’re now in Week at least Two of the great drought of ’09, where the blogosphere has woken up to the poverty of its attention algorithms and is frantically searching to harness the Gesture model as quantified by Twitter et al. Before I go much further, let me say that this problem has already been tackled and largely solved. But the fact that this hasn’t gotten much… Read More

  • Vertor offers a safer BitTorrent site

    Vertor is a new BitTorrent site that aims to eliminate fake torrents and spam. Every torrent on the site is checked for viruses, DRM and password protected archives by Vertor’s software. Read More

  • The 2008 Misties: this year's top vaporware

    Wired’s annual top 10 vaporware award list is out, and although it’s not technically called the Misties, it should be. As usual, there aren’t too many surprises, but I think they’ve cheated a little in their inclusions. I’d say that partial delivery of the product (e.g. Home, Android) counts, even if it’s underwhelming. Read More

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