• Fact: Banjo-Tooie on Xbox Live Arcade on April 29

    Good news, gamers with taste. Rare announced today that the Xbox Live Arcade version of Banjo-Tooie, the 2000 sequel to 1998’s Banjo-Kazooie on the N64, will be released on Wednesday, April 29. That’s exactly two weeks from today. Read More

  • Samsung HD i8910 (OmniaHD) is a witch. [Plus a video sample]

    It looks like Samsung might have hired the same folks responsible for their last Omnia viral video to conjure up one for the HD i8910 (which, depending on where you live, may or may not go by the OmniaHD.) This one doesn’t seem quite as creative as the last one (though, as that one was a play on something us gadget bloggers do on a weekly basis, we might be a bit biased toward it)… Read More

  • Review: V-Dimension Helius Solar Backpack

    Quick version: V-Dimension’s Helius Solar backpack provides portable power and an ample amount of storage to those who are constantly on the move. While it won’t charge your laptop, it will charge your iPhone/iPod, Samsung, Motorola, LG and Nokia devices. And anything with a mini-USB port or adapter, which is just about everything these days. And thanks to The Gadgeteers for… Read More

  • Confirmed: CNN Acquires CNNBrk Twitter Account (Updated)

    Earlier today The Business Insider reported that CNN may have acquired the massively popular CNNbrk Twitter account, which is currently in a heated race with Ashton Kutcher to attain 1 million followers. Thing is, up until recently CNN didn’t actually own that account, which made the story’s coverage on the cable network over the last few days all the more bizarre. I just got off… Read More

  • iRobot NOT working on autonomous killing machines

    Doug Aamoth here in Boston at the 2009 RoboBusiness Expo with some fodder for the “Robots Will Eventually Rise Up and Kill Us All” debate. No matter which side of the argument you support, if you’re someday killed by an autonomous robot it won’t have been made by iRobot. Read More

  • Universal Search Takes Off: Kosmix Posts 419% Growth In March

    Kosmix, the universal search engine that dynamically generates guides to search queries using dozens of different content sources, is quickly gaining momentum. According to today’s latest comScore numbers, the site has jumped up to 3.2 million monthly uniques in March – a 419% growth since February. Kosmix is meant to serve as a search engine for when you want to get a quick… Read More

  • Survey Says Baby Boomers Think Playing With Your Blackberry During A Meeting Is Rude

    The generation gap all too often expresses itself as a technology gap. A survey of white collar workers (most of them in the legal profession) commissioned by NexisLexis offers a glimpse at changing attitudes towards technology between Baby Boomers, Gen Xers and Gen Yers. One thing Baby Boomers apparently really hate is when the rest of us are not paying attention during meetings and… Read More

  • Hej! TechCrunchTalk Nordic, May 27, Stockholm

    TechCrunch Europe is putting on an event for the tech community in Stockholm and you’re invited! TechCrunchTalk Nordic on May 27 will include an afternoon of panel discussions and presentations followed by a networking reception. We’ll be bringing together the startup, Angel and VC communities to debate the next phase of the startup world in Scandinavia, Finland and the Baltic… Read More

  • SCiB update: Toshiba develops world's most powerful li-ion battery for cars

    Electric vehicles usually have one major problem: The battery. But now Toshiba might have a new battery in development that could pave the way for better electric/hybrid cars in the very near future. Dubbed, SCiB (Super Charge ion Battery) Toshiba already shipped prototypes to a handful of Japanese, European and American automakers. Read More

  • Let's spend our tax rebates on high-tech junk we don't need!

    Once again it’s Tax Day here in the United States of America. (Unless, of course, you’re with the Anti-Tax Tea Party brigade. Have fun you guys, and don’t do what the French are doing in this picture. Violence only begets violence!) This is the part where we ask you if you intend to spend your tax rebate, provided you get one, on any “cool” tech. A monitor? A… Read More

  • Fluid Uses Facebook Chat And Status Updates To Help Retailers Make Shopping Social

    The integration of shopping and social networking features is not a new phenomenon. eBay launched eBay Neighborhoods a few years ago, Hearst acquired social shopping service Kaboodle, and there’s Jellyfish, which was bought by Microsoft. Retailers themselves have half-heartedly embraced social networking as a marketing tool, adding branded Facebook pages, creating profiles on social… Read More

  • Roxy and JBL team up on portable music products

    Surfer girls take notice: the Roxy-branded headphones that are coming out shortly are made by JBL and should sound great. Generally, when a fashion brand launches random electronics, they are of the low quality, but Roxy seems to have bucked that trend thankfully. No word on pricing or what exactly the line will include just yet. Read More

  • Rumor: Microsoft extending Halo into the mobile realm?

    What would tech journalists/bloggers do without cryptic-yet-seemingly-revealing job postings? Many a solid rumor has started as a result of these suggestive job position descriptions. Take Microsoft’s recent posting on CareerBuilder.com (now listed as “expired”), for example. “[Microsoft is] looking to blend console, web, and mobile to create an immersive Halo world… Read More

  • Kicker Conference Phone aims to make conference calls suck less

    The opening line of the Kicker Conference Phone product page tells you just about all you need to know about the motivation behind this thing: “Conference phones suck.” Amen, brother! I hate sitting around a conference table, speaking either too loud or too soft for the conference phone, straining my ears to hear what’s being said, and wondering when the hell this madness… Read More

  • Eee PC hacked into a digital picture frame

    Digital picture frames are worthless. Seriously, trust me. However this Eee PC packs much more into the same form factor, which is a huge improvement over the standard Wal-Mart model. Just think: full Internet access, Wi-Fi, a good screen, the Eee PC is perfect for this type of mundane task. Read More

  • Will Twitter Be Acquired in 2009? You Can Bet On It.

    Forget the pundits. If you want to know the real odds of something happening or not, follow the money. And at least one online bookie is saying that it’s more than 50% likely that someone will acquire Twitter this year. Panama based BetOnline is letting people place bets on whether or not Twitter is acquired in 2009. They’re paying even money on a Google acquisition, the most… Read More

  • Double Review: Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy for the iPhone/iPod Touch

    Quick Version: You’re a fountain of useless knowledge and desperately searching for an outlet to convey your brain power. Sony Pictures Television has the perfect solution for you with two iconic game shows for your iPhone or iPod Touch: Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy. (Editor’s note: By the way, we’ll be giving away copies of these games in the coming days as part of a… Read More

  • Pioneer rolls out three new Blu-ray players in Japan

    Pioneer gave up producing flat TVs and buried the LaserDisc, but the company seems to still believe in Blu-ray. Yesterday, Pioneer Japan announced a total of three new Blu-ray players [JP], covering the low-end and high-end segments. Read More

  • Shakeup at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe: New CEO will lead us to freedom

    Bit of a shakeup at Sony today. The president and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, David Reeves, is stepping down, to be replaced by one Andrew House. Mr. House previously was the chief marketing officer. Read More

  • New York Times Roars. Too Bad They Live In Oz.

    This Tesla-related story is now bordering on the absurd. In November the New York Times trashed Tesla in a much criticized article by Randall Stross (now retitled and rewritten, trying to get a copy of the original). In “Only the Rich Can Afford It. Should Taxpayers Back It?” Stross attacks Tesla for requesting government loans along with the rest of the car industry, saying… Read More

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