• Your next favorite game will have been designed on a Lenovo ThinkStation

    We’re about to head off to GDC in San Francisco and mix it up with a bunch of game developers.
    Sounds nerdy, yes, but these guys are on par with Hollywood FX artists in the depth and complexity of their craft. It’s no surprise that they need a bunch of beastly machines to make games like Mass Effect and Gears of War. Lenovo’s in the business of making said machines, and… Read More

  • Video: Wall-E, Watchmen trailer mashup

    This is one of the best mashup trailers I’ve seen this year. It’s crazy what the Watchmen soundtrack can do to everyone’s favorite little trash compacting robot. Read More

  • Video: Quake demoed on Pandora gaming handheld

    Pandora just put out this video of their pre-production gaming handheld and so far, so good. The final production models will be black and this test model is white, so that they can stress points. The OS on Pandora handheld is Linux and the video shows Quake being played at full resolution of 800×480 at 60FPS. Looks pretty good. Read More

  • Nintendo DSi to get Virtual Console, Sega on-board?

    Wouldn’t it be rad if Nintendo announced Virtual Console for the DSi at GDC this week? We’re unsure if this will actually happen this week, but there’s a rumor going around the web that this was mentioned last night at an event for Club Nintendo members. If true, you’ll be able to download classics from the Gameboy and Gameboy Advance era, but they’ll be limited… Read More

  • Microsoft pushing out Power Pack 2 for Windows Home Server tomorrow

    Microsoft is getting set to release Power Pack 2 for Windows Home Server tomorrow and it looks to be a pretty decent update. Some of the improvements coming with PP2 include beefed up functionality for Windows Media Center, improved remote access configuration, and streaming support for Windows Media Center Extenders. Read More

  • Warner Bros launches on-demand DVD service

    With the massive onslaught of downloadable and/or streaming content from service providers like Netflix, Vudu and Hulu; Hollywood studios are hurting for revenue from DVD sales, but Warner Bros may have an ace in the hole. They’re now offering the WB archive of over 6800 films for a new “made-to-order” service. To date, WB has only released 1200 of those films since entering… Read More

  • GDC 09: Crytek shows off CryENGINE 3

    About two weeks ago, Crytek announced their next-gen dev platform, CryENGINE 3, and with the start of GDC today they finally showed it off. Check it out after the jump. Read More

  • Zeebo console launches in Brazil, racks up a few publishers

    Is there room for yet another next gen console? Maybe not in the US or Japan, but how about Brazil? Upstart console makers Zeebo are counting on the fact that they can get into developing countries that maybe Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo have ignored. Read More

  • CrunchArcade Roundup

    As I mentioned before, a few of us are in San Francisco this week for GDC, so expect a few bombs to drop this week in the gaming world, we hope. Atari announced today that Alyssa Milano is playing the love interest of Dr. Venkman in the upcoming Ghostbusters video game. Yeah, crotchety old Bill Murray has a thing for hottie Samantha from Who’s the Boss. Can you blame the guy? Read More

  • Balloonimals iPhone app, you know, for kids

    OK, it’s a pretty lame app, but I’m sure your kids will love it. Grab it off iTunes here if you’re interested. There’s one more video after the jump. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Steam's "Week of Ubisoft"

    Heads up bargain hunters, Steam is running a special, “Ubisoftweek” which is featuring one game a day, 50% off, for the week. Today’s deal is Assassin’s Creed for $9.99 (I’ll admit, I bought it). No word on what the other games will be, other then they will be Ubisoft titles. Personally I don’t see that as a bad thing. Steam Read More

  • Twitter Starts Serving Ads For Third Party Apps (But They Aren't Charging For Them)

    Twitter has started to advertise a number of applications using the small box on profile pages that it first introduced earlier this month. Before today Twitter had reserved the space for links to its own services like Search, but now they are advertising a number of sites and apps, including Tweetie, a popular iPhone client. Other links popping up include Twittervision and ExecTweets, which… Read More

  • iZ3D announces new and improved 3D glasses for TV and gaming.

    And so it begins. With GDC this week, expect a flood of press releases and other media type news regarding new products. When we see a release that warrants a second look, we’ll definitely try and track down the product for you at the show. iZ3D announced today that they are releasing their new “linear polarized” glasses. Read More

  • Facebook Hockey Sticks, MySpace Languishes

    What was a bad situation in November 2008 is starting to turn outright ugly – Facebook is now well over twice the size of MySpace, according to recent worldwide Comscore data. And what’s worse, MySpace is losing audience while Facebook absolutely hockey sticks: MySpace lost 2% of users in just one month, while Facebook grew by nearly 40 million members in February alone. Read More

  • Fwix's Regional News Feeds Come To The iPhone

    Fwix, a social news site that skims through dozens of web services to generate a ‘News Feed’ for your city, has just released its free iPhone application (iTunes Link). The application revolves around your ‘City Feed’, which offers an automated list of stories pulled from sources including local newspapers, blogs, and Yelp, to help users quickly find the most… Read More

  • FreeAgent Central secures Angel round for growth

    FreeAgent Central, the money management and accounting tool aimed at small businesses, has secured an undisclosed amount of Angel funding for the service – though I understand it’s in the low six figures Sterling. The UK firm came out of beta in February last year and has users across the UK and US. The investors are Christoph Janz, Martin Armstrong and Sebastian Serfas. Janz… Read More

  • Mozilla Labs Plays With Circle Of Sites Design To Fill Blank New Tabs

    Mozilla Labs is experimenting with a design for a new tabs page in the Firefox browser that will show a circle of the top sites you visit that is reminiscent of the circle of friends design you see on many mobile phones. (Except, who needs friends, when you’ve got the Internet?) When you open a new tab, instead of a blank page, you would see a watermark of icons representing the eight… Read More

  • British police accept the true power of the holy Hand Grenade of Antioch

    A replica of the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch was found under a hydrant cover in Shoreditch, East London, causing the bomb squad to be called and creating a general tizzy in nearby pubs and shops. Police evacuated their bowels and the streets with excitement and, after discovering that it was, in fact, a toy, they went off to hunt down the killer rabbit could have been the grenade’s… Read More

  • Laser sundial tells time anachronistically

    This simple laser sundial uses a micro-controller, an Arduino board, and a laser level to tell the time using bright and magic laser light. A small motor slowly turns the laser on an axis, marking off the hours of our days as surely as old death takes our lives piece by piece. Read More

  • Follow The Hires: Twitter Looking To Ramp Up Search And Platform APIs

    If you want to know what the strategic priorities are for a startup, sometimes you need to look no further than the positions they are trying to fill. Twitter, which is growing like crazy and just raised $35 million, is hiring engineers and business development people. But three new positions recently popped up for what appear to be Twitter’s first product managers. They are for… Read More

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