• AMD and HP combine to form nicely featured 12-inch notelet

    Nestled between the $400-$500 netbooks and the more fully-featured but far less portable laptops like Thinkpads and MacBooks at say $1200 is what we like to call a market vacuum. People who don’t want the limitations of a tiny laptop but need something more portable than a full-size laptop either have to comprimise one way or the other, or else pay through the nose for a MacBook Air… Read More

  • Apple ditching DRM? 3G iTunes downloads?

    Looks like the gods at Apple have been listening. People have long complained about Apple’s DRM protection on music available on iTunes and the inability to download songs to the iPhone over 3G (I mean come on). That might change tomorrow. Read More

  • SanDisk announces push button backup flash drive. Hold me back!

    SanDisk announced today that they are creating a USB thumb drive based backup system, where you essentially plug the drive into your computer, and then push the button. The drive will then magically back up your files using their new software. Sounds like a good option for mom and dad… or baby. Read More

  • Apple's new notebook leaked!!!


  • Think Laser Tag is dead? Guess again

    Laser Tag is not dead. At least, not in central Oregon. Some of the people there have way too much time on their hands and they are producing some exceptionally cool looking weaponry to shoot each other with. Check out the gallery inside and see some of the craziness they’ve hacked together. Read More

  • Coming Soon From Sling Media: Watch Cable TV From Your iPhone

    Sling Media, the company behind the popular (and very cool) settop boxes that allow you to stream cable from your house to your computer, looks like it has outdone itself. At this week’s Macworld the company will be showing off its upcoming iPhone application, which effectively gives iPhone owners instant access to their Cable TVs and Tivos from anywhere they have a network connection. Read More

  • Motorola announces A3100, Renew, and Tundra VA76r

    Gettin’ a head start on CES, Motorola has announced 3 brand spankin’ new handsets. Here’s what we know so far. From left to right: MOTOSURF™ A3100: Hey everyone, it’s the Motorola Atila! We’ve known the basics about this guy for some time, but now we know a bit more spec-wise. Behind that 2.8″ touchscreen, its totin’ WinMo 6.1, aGPS… Read More

  • Following The Twitter Hack Trail To DigitalGangster

    One thing that didn’t make a lot of sense about the 33 celebrity Twitter accounts hacked this morning – the messages left on the various accounts weren’t consistent and were clearly written by different people with different agendas. Fox News got “Breaking: Bill O Riley is gay,” and Rick Sanchez from CNN got “I am high on crack right now might not be coming… Read More

  • Mysterious screenshots of a Zii device interface

    “Fire the Zii device!”
    “But my lord! We still have men on the ground!”
    “Silence, fool! Move the X-Fi gunships out of the area and prepare the Audigy for a ground assault. And fire the thing.”
    “We don’t even know what its effect is, my lord!”
    “Lieutenant, everything you know is about to change.” Read More

  • T-Mobile to launch BlackBerry 8900 sooner rather than later?

    If this screenshot from TmoNews is legit, which I’m inclined to believe it is then (even though they originally said it would be the 18th as well as BGR) the 8900 will be in my nerdy paws a few days before the expected February 11th launch. I don’t see a whole lot else that we didn’t already know about the Curve II. I just wish it were 3G. *sigh* Read More

  • NEC announces Magnetic Flip-Flops

    NEC has just announced a new memory component called the magnetic flip-flop (MFF). No, not that kind of flip-flop — although that’s not a bad idea. So what are these things and what do they mean for us? Read More

  • Shapeways creates first online market for 3D fabrication models

    You hear about 3D printing here and there, but for the most part it’s a bit irrelevant to the average person because fabrication is messy, difficult, and prohibitively expensive. Even dedicated DIYers have to get their stuff custom made. Hopefully that will all change with Shapeways, a new service which bills itself as a sort of Etsy for 3D models. Read More

  • Samsung announces the world's first 64GB SSD full HD camcorder

    Samsung has just announced the H-series camcorders. Doug and I love Samsung’s camcorders and I think I’m ready to trade my SC-HMX10C for one of these. The HMX-H106 has the distinction of being the first camcorder equipped with a 64GB SSD. The HMX-H105 packs a 32GB SSD while the HMX-H104 is half that with a 16GB SSD. Bringing up the rear is the HMX-H100, which is sans SSD and… Read More

  • Full Stream Ahead: RipCode Raises $12.5 Million For Video Transcoding

    RipCode, a company that offers online video streaming and transcoding services, has closed a $12.5 million funding round led by Granite Ventures with participation from existing investors Hunt Ventures, El Dorado Ventures, Vesbridge Partners, and ATA Ventures. The company, which was founded in 2005, had previously raised $19.5 million in funding. As part of the deal, Granite’s Eric… Read More

  • Wireless Power: Wave of the Future?

    This year in CES we can expect some new products that feature a the latest wireless technology: wireless power. Of course, we saw stuff like this at last year’s CES and it wasn’t that cool, but still. Health hazards, efficiency, and cost have always been issues in the development of wireless power technology, but a growing number of companies are saying that they have solved… Read More

  • CrunchGear Loyalty Rewards Program contest winners!

    *Drum roll* And the winners of the first CrunchGear Loyalty Rewards Program are… Read More

  • Microsoft promotes Bob Muglia as one of four Presidents

    Capping a comeback from a demotion in the wake of Hailstorm’s failure to survive a privacy challenge led by bloggers, Server and Tools senior VP Bob Muglia was promoted to President of the Microsoft group. Muglia now commands a Microsoft unit with some 22% of the company’s $60 billion in revenue. Significantly, Muglia’s ascension puts him in a Gang of Four with… Read More

  • NSFW – Britney has her Twitter hacked, and it ain't pretty

    Handing your Twitter account to minions to post for you is common in the celebrity game, though some, like UK TV presenter Jonathon Ross, like to do it themselves. That latter strategy may well have been proved to be the wiser one. The perils of handing the Twitter keys to others has just been proved by singer Britney Spears. Most people know that it is her staff, not her, that updates her… Read More

  • MacWorld Keynote 2009: We'll be there

    MacWorld keynote? What? Isn’t Jobs dead? Who the hell is Schiller? Where am I?! Read More

  • Amazing mechanical watches from history

    I’m a watch fan but I’m mostly ignorant of how progress was made from, say, the Antikythera mechanism to TokyoFlash. As one might expect, there are a ton of one-offs, ingenious ideas, and mechanical indulgences which signalized the advancement of the art of the timepiece. There’s a great list here of some of the most influential watches and watchmakers in history. Read More

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