• Australian Schools Remain Mobile: Students Jump Like Kangaroos with Joy

    As an avid reader of MobileCrunch, you’ll recall yesterday’s article on a possible ban of cell phones from all Australian public schools. Australia is a country that loves to ban things. Law abiding citizens aren’t able to own a gun there, so only criminals have them. Even collectible swords are kept out of the hands of fellow citizens. But school children all over… Read More

  • AT&T and LG Electronics Reveal New Trax Mobile Phone

    If you like small devices that carry a lot of media devices, AT&T and LG Electronics MobileComm USA. Inc. (LG mobile phones) have announced the new traxTM by LG. At 3.55 ounces, this ultra-thin handset will have the skinniest model wishing she didn’t eat those 150 calories for dinner. All your favorite music can be installed on trax and the device can connect to music subscriptions… Read More

  • I-play Goes All In

    The national poker craze is showing no signs of letting up, but maybe I just haven’t seen the tell yet. If you’re looking to get in the game you can either try your luck, which we all know won’t get you that far, or you can hone your skills first. I-play may have just dealt you the ticket to a winning hand. Today mobile entertainment content provider I-play announced the… Read More

  • DJ Envy Turns Handsets in Mixtape Players

    While many hip-hop fans might not remember the cassette, everyone still knows what the “mixtape.” Now Cellfish Media and DJ Envy, who has an audience of over 10 million fans from his New York-based syndicated Hot 97, and Sirius Satellite Radio’s Hip-Hop Nation, are joining forces to bring the mixtape to cell phones. This new format, dubbed The Mobile Mixtape, will feature… Read More

  • Watchdog Warns Parents About Sexual Predators

    Sprint announced today that Family Watchdog is available free on select Sprint phones. Family Watchdog maps the location of registered sex offenders. Users can view maps of where registered sex offenders live and work from anywhere on Sprint or Nextel networks. Offender photographs, descriptions and conviction records are archived. Individual names can be checked out and active AMBER… Read More

  • AdMob Launches iPhone Mobile Ad Unit

    The iPhone apparently is so popular – or at least has the perception of popularity – that advertisers are lining up to get to its users. Thus AdMob announced today that it has launched a new advertising unit to help brands and companies reach the hundreds of thousands of Apple iPhone users. This new ad unit will work with the AdMob network of publishers to monetize their iPhone… Read More

  • Motorola Big in China

    Motorola announced yesterday contracts with China Mobile Communications Corp, which is part of China Mobile Ltd. The new contracts are worth a cool $394 million for which Motorola has supplied China Mobile with GSM infrastructure equipment including the Horizon II Base stations. This isn’t the first time Motorola has worked with China Mobile, and the two companies have had a relationship… Read More

  • Royal Bank of Scotland Now Offers Mobile Banking

    This week the Royal Bank of Scotland Group announced that it has launched a new mobile phone banking service, and RBS and NatWest customers will be able to user their handsets to keep track of their accounts from anywhere they have a signal. The service is being provided by MONILINK, which is a joint venture between VocaLINK and Monitise plc. Customers can sign up for the service, which will… Read More

  • Are Mobile Games a Threat?

    Will mobile games open your handset to the dark side? Eric Everson of MyMobiSafe ponders this question over at ZDnet.uk, where he talks about mobile security threats that are open thanks to a little gaming. More specifically Everson is talking about the iPhone, which can play games directly from WAP sites. Everson’s comments are worth a quick read, more importantly because it offers… Read More

  • Single Handedly Keeping AT&T in Business

    Over at MobileCrunch we thought we talked on mobile phones a lot. Seriously, I’m the sort of guy who would love the idea of using a mobile phone during an eight-hour flight. I’d use that time to catch up with everyone I need to talk to, but when I heard that some iPhone users had received bills more than 100 pages long I was shocked… shocked I tell you! But it gets better; Tasty… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Murder Mystery Edition

    Inky Gives Pac-Man The Big FU
    In Da Club: Bill Gates
    Wi-Fi Detective: In Case You’ve Been Living Under A Rock
    Rite In The Rain Notebooks
    Help the Aged: AARP Sees Wii Popular With Geezers, Oldsters Read More

  • 34 More Ways to Build Your Own Social Network

    A few weeks ago we posted 9 Ways to Build Your Own Social Network, a review of several hosted, do-it-yourself white label social networking solutions. Conspicuously missing from that round-up were many additional companies that specialize in the creation of social networks. These companies were intentionally overlooked in the first post because we wanted to focus on self-service websites. In… Read More

  • TimeBridge: Now Synching Your Meetings Through The Web

    TimeBridge is a San Francisco-based startup that wants to do one thing very well: help with scheduling meetings. They originally started out as a deeply integrated Outlook plug-in launched at the end of last year. While initially distinguishing them from other scheduling competitors, I have a feeling that the plug-in requirement added unnecessary friction to using the system. Now TimeBridge… Read More

  • Diet Television Trims Name, Takes $2 Million

    Later this week, weight loss community Diet Television will announce it’s shortened its name to DietTv.com and raised a $2 million series A. The round was led by MentorTech Ventures. The site consists of dieting resources and a social network. Their resources include a diet directory, videos, and articles. The diet directory consists of all sorts of diets rated by users and analyzed… Read More

  • Help-Key: How to Pimp Out your Treo

    One of the most popular smartphones on today’s market is the Treo by Palm (and formerly by Handspring). The original versions ran Palm OS, with Windows Mobile coming later. We cover WinMo quite a bit here at the Gear, as it’s on the majority of smartphones people buy right now. That being said, there’s a huge user base for Palm OS-based Treos. What’s sad is that many… Read More

  • Help the Aged: AARP Sees Wii Popular With Geezers, Oldsters

    Hey, hep daddios! Did you ever wonder if grampy and grandma might enjoy the Wii? Well they just might, an if this video from the AARP is any indication, they love to bowl. It’s nice the see the AARP is getting in on console wars. It distracts from Medicare problems. Read More

  • Idea: Big League PC Makers Thinking of Going Steampunk?

    We like Steampunk. For those not familiar with the term, it’s the name given to a modding movement that aims to recapture the warmth and style of the H.G. Wells and Jules Verne era, but with modern electronics. Computers and cellphones and other personal gadgets have all been modded with wood and iron and gears and valves to attain a Victorian-era look, while retaining all of their… Read More

  • hField Wi-Fire: Steal Someone's Internets From 1,000 Feet Away

    If you’re cheap like me then the Wi-Fire is something you should look into for your Internet needs. I can see at least 15 networks around my apartment, but most are encrypted or the signal is too weak. Thanks to this fancy compact range-extending USB device I was able to pick up signals as far as 1,000 feet away. Another month without having to pay for Internet, awesome. It’s… Read More

  • Study: Kids Download Illegal Music Because They Can

    When kids in Europe were asked why they illegally downloaded music, they answered “because everyone else is doing it,” which was also the answer to: “Why did you get a lame tribal tattoo?”, “Why do you hate America so much?” and, “Why did you do it with Nichole Ritchie?” In general, though, the poll found that the recording industries claims… Read More

  • LapWorks Laptop Desk 2.0 Review

    At first glance, and really, every glance thereafter, the Laptop Desk 2.0 from LapWorks doesn’t appear to be much of anything; basically, it’s two pieces of corrugated plastic attached in the center by a couple hinges. But that simplicity goes quite a long way towards protecting your lap from the heat of your notebook, while it’s also capable of acting as an ergonomic stand. Read More

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