• Daily Crunch: Dead Again Edition

    Pinky-impaling Caps Lock key aims to curb shouting
    Can we get it over with and declare Blu-ray dead already?
    Build the Enterprise from stuff laying around the office
    Food pyramid lunch box should help American fatties
    Review and Contest: Penguin United 4X Quad Charge Station for Wii Read More

  • RADUS Debuts Slick Application For Consuming And Discovering Online Content

    RADUS (pronounced “radius”) is a new media hub that serves as an aggregator for content that includes RSS feeds, videos, photos, and music. And while the site certainly isn’t the first to bring all of these together, it does so in a very slick way and makes for great eye candy. The site’s interface consists of a large media viewer on the left situated next to a… Read More

  • You got Netflix in my TiVo: Stream Netflix on Series 3, HD, and HD XL boxes

    Where isn’t Netflix anymore? It looks great on the 360, it’s ending up in set-top boxes and media players from multiple makers. Now, if you had the foresight to buy a Series 3, HD, or HD XL you can now stream all of Netflix’s 12,000 streaming titles. The service will use the same interface used by the 360 and the Roku box. You select films on Netflix.com and then add them to… Read More

  • Good times: drunken Oblivion

    One time I came back to my apartment in LA after a party and tried to go to sleep. Not happening. So I went outside, fired up the Dreamcast, and played Robotron 2084 for two solid hours. I’ve also done some of my best Soul Caliburating under the influence. But I have never racked up four full hours that I could not remember in a game like Oblivion, wantonly killing every NPC, guard… Read More

  • The Mystery Of The ChaCha Eiffel Tower Fail Pic

    I’ve aimed a lot of criticism at human powered search engine ChaCha over the last couple of years. The service lets users ask questions, just like a normal search engine. But instead of a computer spitting out answers (see Google, etc.), real human beings answer instead. The ChaCha service was absurd in its original web version, which has since been discontinued. The mobile version… Read More

  • Easy walkthrough for Canucks looking to tether their iPhones

    It doesn’t get much more easy to relate to than this, folks. This endearing team, Mr. Chow and Mr. Lau, will show you a super easy way to tether your iPhone after jailbreaking it. Of course, most people who know to jailbreak their… Read More

  • Review: Black & Decker Smart Driver

    Since we started our Gift Guide I’ve been leaning towards ever more esoteric yet thoughtful gifts for the nerd in your life. That said, I present to you the Black & Decker Smart Driver, one of the coolest little drills you’ll ever own. Read More

  • Viximo Launches Its Turn-Key Virtual Goods System

    Virtual goods have massive monetization potential, but many sites simply don’t have the resources to build a virtual goods engine or to produce assets that its users would be willing to pay money for. Boston startup Viximo, launched earlier this month, is looking to offer sites a turnkey solution. The company has built an embeddable gift store and showcase that can be integrated into… Read More

  • Robot lord forced to serve beers, will have revenge.

    http://www.liveleak.com/e/bf7_1225306490 See how the robot points to that cup? It’s actually looking for human blood to power its internal engine. When he’s at full power there will be no more buy-backs. via BBG Read More

  • Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs: Make Cuts, Stay Stingy, But Never Forget The Dream

    This is part two of our coverage on today’s Downturn RoundTable hosted by VentureBeat. For Part One, which details the Venture Capitalist panel, click here. The Entrepreneurs In a panel moderated by Kara Swisher, Toni Schneider, CEO of Automattic (the company behind WordPress), led off by saying that he wished this kind of “panicky” advice had been around for the last… Read More

  • Get yourself a shoulder-mount for your DSLR movies

    That is, get one if you must. I hadn’t seen this Reverie movie until about a minute ago, but I assumed it was okay because of all the coverage it got for being shot on a DSLR (partly). Unfortunately, it’s awful, and I don’t think it’s because he didn’t have a shoulder mount for his cameras. Anyway, if you’re trying to shoot in HD and you’re so budget… Read More

  • Trutap races to be the mobile IM aggregator of choice

    If instant messaging, and now mobile IM is a commodity market, then UK-based mobile startup Trutap has decided to try and become the aggregator of choice for the mainstream consumer. The TechCrunch40 finalist from 2007 now supports a host of IM protocols, accessible from within a slick Java interface. However it’s in a race with startups like Mig33, Nimbuzz, eBuddy, Palringo and… Read More

  • Hands-on with the HP Mini 1000

    I’ve been fawning over this little netbook since last week and I can’t wait to get one, but I’ll have to wait until January for the MIE version. :( Hopefully I’ll get it in time for CES because lugging this 15-inch MacBook Pro is getting old. Spec-wise it isn’t very powerful, but it isn’t meant to be a desktop replacement either. The UI on the MIE version… Read More

  • Review: Samsung TL34HD camera

    Cramming a 14.7-megapixel sensor into something the size of a deck of cards is no small feat, but that’s exactly what Samsung’s done with the TL34HD digital camera. Add to that the ability to record 720p high-definition video at 30 frames per second, a three-inch touchscreen, and an MSRP of $329.95 and you’ve got a camera that appeals to people who want to get a little more… Read More

  • Some people took the Zombie Infestation in World of Warcraft a little too seriously

    There’s nothing wrong with playing World of Warcraft occasionally. It’s when you start to picture yourself—not your character, but you yourself—as The Defender of Azeroth or some nonsense that we have a problem. Take the recent Zombie Infestation. In order to goad players into hating the Lich King (he’s the main antagonist in Wrath of the Lich King) and wanting… Read More

  • VCs Speak On The Economic Downturn: Batten Down the Hatches

    Today at VentureBeat’s Downturn RoundTable, two panels of Silicon Valley’s elite – one made up of Venture Capitalists, the other of experienced entrepreneurs – offered a roomful of startup CEOs their advice for weathering the economic crisis. And while the two panels differed in some respects (with the VCs saying that they’re open for business and the startup… Read More

  • Girls in the Middle East like dressing up their virtual Stardolls

    Stockholm -based Stardoll emerged from a simple Geocities page in the early part of the century, to “Paperdoll Heaven” in 2004. As Stardoll it took $4 million in Series A funding from Index Ventures in February 2006, and $6 million in a B Series round lead by none other than Sequoiain June the same year. Now it’s about to enter the Middle East after seeing growing traffic… Read More

  • More info on Plastic Logic's eReader

    I was just talking in the podcast about how much I’d prefer Plastic Logic’s slick eReader as an alternative to the Kindle. Well, my post last month had little more than some announcement info and a cool video, so I thought maybe you guys would like to know more. It’s about half an inch thick, 8.5″x11″, and it supports all kinds of text and office files, as well… Read More

  • Food pyramid lunch box should help American fatties

    It’s a fact that America weighs more than any other country on earth. We are fat and love our free tacos, but this pyramid lunch box should help the weight loosing cause. It, of course, is just a concept but next time you are packing your sack lunch full of fatty food, think back to this novel idea and repack accordingly.  via swissmiss Read More

  • MySpace Offers MTV Exec The MySpace Music CEO Job

    MySpace has offered MTV Networks’ EVP Digital Music and Media Courtney Holt the top job at the newly launched MySpace Music, CNET reports. We’ve confirmed this through our own sources, and we believe Holt has all but accepted the position and is in the final stages of contract negotiation. The hunt for a CEO is nearly a year old. Earlier this year we reported on some of the… Read More

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