• Daily Crunch: Dorm Move-In Edition

    Document scanner for your iPhone (or any phone)
    ‘Napbook’ laptop case good for students, unmotivated and/or lazy businesspeople
    Cardboard hard drive storage box
    Back to School: Welcome to cooking
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  • Wilson Audio speaker or Cylon cloning contraption?

    Yeah, it’s a Wilson Audio Alezandria X2 speaker. Otherwise this would have been one hell of a CEDIA. Read More

  • Negative Momentum: Newspaper Ad Revenues Gaining Downhill Speed (Even Online Is Declining)

    Can it get any worse for the newspaper industry? The steep decline in print advertising just keeps getting steeper and, for the first time, even online ad sales have gone down. Total print ads in the U.S. were down 16 percent in the second quarter to $8.8 billion. That makes nine consecutive quarters in which “print revenues have declined at an almost continuously accelerating… Read More

  • Monster Cable thinks you need special cleaner for your iPhone, camera, cell phone, GPS, and laptop

    ROFL. More Monster Screen cleaner and is there really a need for an iPhone cleaner, along with a separate cell phone cleaner. Really? Come on. LOL. And dedicated GPS screen cleaner? ROFL. On a personal note, my shirt cleans my Blackberry just fine and I didn’t have to spend the $10 bucks for these monster oils. Moving on…. Read More

  • Monster Cable launching GreenPower power centers

    Monster Cable. I know you hate ’em and you’re not planning on reading this post because of that, but these new power centers are kind of neat so I implore you to read on. It’s the hip thing to go green and these latest power centers from Monster Cable will help with that.    The Monster GreenPower IR Control is featured on the remote-control enabled EPIR 2450, EPIR 3650… Read More

  • CEDIAcrunch hands-on: JBL Control NOW loudspeaker

    JBL announced these quarter-toroid speakers a while ago, but seeing them in person really shows how versatile the speakers are. The Control NOW loudspeaker can sit alone, be hung on the wall, wrap around a corner, but when their powers combine, they form a round speaker thingie. I could totally see these speaker donuts hanging at an outdoor bistro or inside an upscale bar. They are kind… Read More

  • Today on MobileCrunch

    Not reading MobileCrunch yet? Why the heck not? While a MobileCrunch post or two make the jump over to CrunchGear each day, there’s a ton of good stuff each day that you’ll only see on that side of the fence. Here’s some stuff you may have missed on MobileCrunch today: Boingo Mobile Wi-Fi now plays friendly with (some) Sony Ericsson UIQ phones Qik adds support for HTC… Read More

  • CEDIAcrunch hands-on: Polk Atrium outdoor speakers

    Word leaked out two weeks ago that Polk Audio planned on releasing the Atrium Sat 10 and Sub 30 outdoor satellite/subwoofer system here at CEDIA. It’s kind of a novel idea if you think about it, with outdoor theaters and people craving the latest multichannel audio, I guess it’s a natural evolution. They sound great in harmony, but I don’t get the design. Is the… Read More

  • Back to School: Prepping your gadgets for a new year

    After 3 months of fun in the sun, it’s easy to forget just how much easier gadgets can make your life once class time rolls around. Unfortunately, it seems like the more useful they are, they heavier a beating they take. With each new year comes new people, new parties, and new opportunities for your gadget to disappear or get busted into a million pieces. We here at CrunchGear love… Read More

  • Epson 1080p PowerLite Home Cinema 6100

    Today Epson announced a new sub-$2000 projector. The 3LCD 1080p front projector provides full 1920 x 1080 progressive high definition resolution. Using Epson’s latest-generation D7 high definition resolution LCD technology, the Home Cinema 6100 provides an improved 18,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio delivering brighter and more accurate whites and darker blacks. The projector will be… Read More

  • New Epson PowerLite Pro Cinema 7100 and 7500 UB Projectors

    Epson’s two new top-of the-line projectors, the Pro Cinema 7100 and 7500 UB were announced today at CEDIA 2008. Both feature true 1080p (1,920 x 1,080 pixels) resolution and use 3LCD chips with D7 technology to deliver substantially higher contrast and brightness. The Pro Cinema 7100 has an 18,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, while the Pro Cinema 7500 UB has brighter whites and darker blacks… Read More

  • Microsoft commercial with Bill Gates, Jerry Seinfeld

    http://www.crunchgear.com/video/player.swf?movie=microsoft.flv Here’s that commercial we told you about earlier – the first in the series of ads for Microsoft’s $300 million campaign to help prop up Windows Vista. I just grabbed it off my TV while watching the Giants/Redskins game. While this ad doesn’t really tell us anything about Microsoft or its products, it does… Read More

  • JBL makes speakers wireless, pretty

    Once again, friends, into the breach. JBL has just released some speakers, a wireless subwoofer kit, and a wireless speaker kit that will have you singing in the aisles of your local Best Buy when they’re finally launched. The WEM-1 is a wireless speaker kit for $359 and is available in September. The subwoofers, ES250PW and ES150PW cost $729 and $599 respectively include a little… Read More

  • Infinity releases wireless subwoofer and high end speakers for the wireless subwoofer and high end speaker loving set

    Infinity has released the Prelude Forty speakers – $6,000 each, natch – and a wireless subwoofer line that starts a $549. The PSW310W costs $1,199. The subwoofers include a compact transmitter and can be placed anywhere in the room. The speakers, obviously, use ceramics, metals, and all kinds of audio mumbo-jumbo to make noises that are clearly worth $6,000 each. All models are… Read More

  • Microsoft Ads: First Phase To "Engage Consumers, Spark Conversation"

    So the tech and geek crowd is a little underwhelmed by the new $300 million Microsoft advertising campaign featuring Jerry Seinfeld that kicked off tonight. It’s mostly content free, with just one mention of Microsoft near the end. It’s a far cry from the brilliant Microsoft v. mac ads that Apple has run over the years. So what’s the deal? In an email we’ve obtained… Read More

  • Back to School: Booze

    Ok, you’re supposed to be a grownup now. What are doing still drinking that Boone’s Farm Strawberry Hill? In fact, what were you doing drinking that ever? You should be ashamed of yourself. You probably clicked on this link thinking you would get some good booze advice. Well, you were right and you were wrong. Instead of telling you what to drink, I’m going to tell you what… Read More

  • Secretive Storage Company Dropbox Took Sequoia Funding in 2007

    Dropbox is one of those infuriating startups that just won’t show us much of what they’re up to beyond the basic user experience (see video). We first saw them at Y Combinator demo day in August 2007, and talked to them again in March when they went into private beta. It looks like Sequoia was on them fast though. Last September, we’ve learned, the company raised a small… Read More

  • Integra rolls out the surprisingly affordable DBS-6.9 Blu-ray player

    Integra tends to put out very nice, abet pricey AV equipment, so the CE companies first Blu-ray players low price surprised the CEDIA out of me. According to one of their product minions, the DBS-6.9 is going to hit all Integra distribution channels for $599. Expect the normal Blu-ray tech of HDMI 1.3a output, bitstream compatibility, and unfortunately Profile 1.1. Sorry, no BD Live… Read More

  • NVIDIA and AMD are the Hummers of the tech industry

    While the world oohs and ahhs to tiny laptops and green benchmarks, there is a sort of blind eye turned to the excesses of extreme gamers. This interesting article points out that as everyone else is going lighter, smaller, and more efficient, video cards are getting bigger, guzzling power, and even multiplying themselves. A cutting edge card will draw nearly 300W at maximum, which is what we… Read More

  • Wixi's Media-Centric Social Webtop Launches To The Public

    Wixi, the social filesharing network that debuted at TechCrunch40, has finally been released to the public. The site offers a media-centric virtual desktop that allows users to play their media files from any computer that supports Flash, and also serves as a service for file sharing between friends. Any users that sign up by October 1 will get unlimited storage for life, while members… Read More

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