• BlackBerry 8820 coming to T-Mobile?

    BGR is at it again with reports that T-Mobile will be getting the BlackBerry 8820 on the 5th of March. Looks like I’ll be upgrading from the Curve since I have to have Wi-Fi and GPS. I can do without the camera and I like the keyboard a little better. Keep your fingers crossed, crackberry addicts. BlackBerry 8820 headed to T-Mobile on March 5th? [BGR] Read More

  • JPEG XR may offer a fix for DSLR users who need a higher burst rate

    I’ve never had a problem with my old Rebel XT’s 3-per-second rapid fire rate. Of course, I’m not a press or sport photographer, and it is kind of annoying that I can only take like 8 RAW photos at that speed before it has to stop and think for a while. Memory bandwidth and buffer size are not the Rebel’s strong point; more expensive cameras make a point of having… Read More

  • Golly Gee Willickers, Batman! Better answer the Batphone

    If anyone is old enough to remember when Adam West was Batman then you surely remember the red Batphone. I know it seems like it’s Dark Knight trailer day at CrunchGear, but I figured you’d have more fun watching videos than looking at pictures. [photopress:yhst_54302161802939_1985_1789778.jpg,thumb,pp_image] Product Page [via Slipperby Brick] Read More

  • Sprint announces Unlimited Access Pack [Update]

    Are you a Sprint subscriber? Always going over your minutes or texting way too much? Yeah, I’ve been there, too. Starting today you can get the UAP for $119.99 a month and that includes unlimited: minutes, texts, Web, e-mail and picture mail. For the Centro owners, Sprint also announced an unlimited plan for $99. My bad, the Centro is being offered for $99 after rebate. [Update]: Sprint… Read More

  • ARM to demo prototype Android device at MWC, says source

    While ARM and Google are both denying the rumors, I think it’s a safe bet that MWC is going to be centered around Android. It’s pretty much the hottest thing in the mobile phone world at the moment and we’ve yet to see any proof other than photos. Our intrepid Editor-in-Chief will be on hand in Barcelona to cover all the action. So stay tuned because it’s going to get… Read More

  • Kobalt wins funding for web-based music royalty tracking

    Kobalt, a London-based developer of online royalties collection and management services, has won £8 million of investment from Balderton Capital. As part of the deal, the firm now holds a minority stake in the publishing company, and Balderton Capital partner Tim Bunting joins the Kobalt executive board. Kobalt has developed a web-based centralised administration service allowing publishers… Read More

  • Recommendation Rescinded: Comcast's TiVo interface

    About two weeks ago, a Comcast technician came to my house to set me up with the new TiVo interface for my two Motorola DVR boxes. After some initial trouble, things started working correctly and everything seemed normal. I put together a video of the new interface and called it “way better than the alternative Comcast DVR interface.” Multiple online support sessions and one… Read More

  • People moves in UK startups: Palringo, Trutap, Webjam

    Kerry Ritz becomes CEO of push-to-talk voice and instant message startup Palringo, leaving the post of UK MD for Vonage. Trutap has appointed Wireless Industry Partnership (WIP) CEO Caroline Lewko to its board as a non-executive director. Kerry Ritz becomes CEO of push-to-talk voice and instant message startup Palringo (via Paidcontent). Webjam – a London-based European competitor to… Read More

  • ZTE enters US market with MetroPCS

    Today marks ZTE’s (who?) first crack into the US market with a CDMA clamshell for MetroPCS. The C88 features a VGA camera, Bluetooth, e-mail (@metro), 2-inch screen, WAP, 60MB of built-in memory and comes with Sudoku. We’ve got one in house and will be testing it in San Francisco next week since NYC isn’t one of MetroPCS’s markets. It’s a mid-tier device priced… Read More

  • Companies Change, So Do their Logos

    What does a logo say about a company? And what does it say when those logos change? A logo is more than just window dressing. It is a company’s identity boiled down to its bare essence, and is often the essential image consumers have in their mind when they think about a corporation. Products change, but logos endure. Or do they? Neatorama has a great post that goes through the… Read More

  • XBox Media Center project being developed for OS X

      Waaaaay back in 2002, a little project known as Xbox Media Center (XBMC) was developed by a group of open source coders. XBMC ran unsigned on the original Xbox via either a hardware modchip or as a software exploit and replaced the traditional Xbox Dashboard with a media-focused interface. There’s been a Linux version in development since early last year and there’s now… Read More

  • Heroku Lifts Ruby on Rails Development into the Cloud

    Y Combinator startup Heroku, which has been in private beta since October, is coming out today with more details about how it’s out to ease the development and deployment of Ruby on Rails (RoR) applications. There are two sides to Heroku’s offering. The first is a completely in-browser development environment where RoR programmers can build their apps instead of doing so with… Read More

  • Penryn invades Dell XPS M1330

    Looks as if those Penryn chips have made their way into Dell’s lineup a tad faster than we first thought. Not that it’s a bad thing. In fact, it’s a glorious thing and I’m so happy to tell you all about it. So far the XPS M1330 has been outfitted, as expected, with the 45-nanometer chips. The M1330 starts out at $999 but to get the Penryn chip you’ll have to add… Read More

  • Android Prototype may land in Barcelona Next Week

    ARM, a British chip designer, may reveal a prototype of a mobile phone based on Google’s open-source Android next week at the Mobile World Congress wireless show in Barcelona. The showing could come as early as Monday. Google and ARM have declined to comment on this, so don’t book a flight to Spain unless you’re willing to gamble on this rumor. Taiwan’s High Tech… Read More

  • NAVISURFER II in-dash computer with moving screen

      The other day, I got stuck behind a little Honda Civic hatchback that was swerving back and forth, crossing over into the lane on its left and then the lane on its right a few times before finally slamming on its brakes in deference to the red light and, in turn, the various non-moving cars in front of it. My initial assumption was that the driver was at least moderately, if not… Read More

  • Modu Revealed

    Last month, I posted a teaser video that Israeli startup Modu had put out to get people guessing about what its product might be. The company pulled back the curtains further in advance of the World Mobile Congress in Spain. It turns out that it is a tiny modular phone that can be slipped into different device “jackets”—like an MP3 player, a GPS device, a bigger cell phone… Read More

  • Kindo wins seed funding to map your living family tree

    The area of family tree social networks is growing as people move from seeing the benefits of social networking for business and friends through to using it to map their family social graph as well. Ancestry.com is about ancestors and Geni.com is, in the main, genealogy, but few have tackled the issue of mapping and communicating with your living family. Yes, you could do its through Facebook… Read More

  • Pantech Duo now in red, just in time for Valentine's Day (barf)

    AT&T is all about red devices lately and, of course, they’re pushing them hard for Valentine’s day. Already in the red line-up is Samsung’s Blackjack II, LG’s Shine and BlackBerry’s Curve. Enter Pantech’s Duo. Yeah, it’s still the so-so Windows Mobile device we reviewed a short time ago. A $99 smartphone isn’t too shabby. Product Page Read More

  • Street Fighter: The Later Years – Part 8

    http://www.collegehumor.com/moogaloop/moogaloop.swf?clip_id=1800749&fullscreen=1 The epic mini-series based on Capcom’s Street Fighter series made by the folks at College Humor is almost over. Here’s part one of a two-part conclusion. The previous seven installments can be found here. Read More

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