• Amazon participating in OLPC XO giving mission

    True to its word, Amazon is throwing its global retail reach into the OLPC XO mission this Christmas season. The site is now offering buy-one, send-one to a developing nation notebook program. Or if you as a seasonal philanthropist choose, Amazon will ship one to a child of your choice. ‘Tiss the season of giving, folks. via PC World Read More

  • Plista Secures Draper Investment For Social Recommendation Engine

    Social recommendation and personalization platform Plista, one of the companies in this year’s TechCrunch50 DemoPit, has secured an undisclosed amount of funding from Swiss Draper Investment Company. TechCrunch UK reviewedthe service after seeing it at work at the recent Web 2.0 Expo Europe in Berlin and called Plista basically a widget, API integration or Firefox browser plug-in… Read More

  • Zenbe Comes Out Of Beta With Social Communication Platform

    Zenbe, a social e-mail aggregator which made an impression on us when we first reviewed the service, is now out of beta and available to everyone. With Zenbe, users can import existing e-mail accounts into a single web-based inbox, and view messages by conversation or by person, or by favorite people, in views reminiscent of social networks. But Zenbe, besides sporting a beautiful interface, is… Read More

  • Amuso's Competition Platform Introduces Miss World To The Web

    Miss World is going digital. While many American readers may not be familiar with the competition (it isn’t the one owned by Donald Trump – that’s Miss Universe), Miss World is one of the world’s most popular televised events, and has a huge international audience. This year the competition has partnered with Amuso, a New York based media platform that specializes… Read More

  • Slydial Makes It Even Easier To Avoid Awkward Human Interaction

    Earlier this year we wrote about Slydial, a free service that lets you dial any mobile phone number and get directed straight to voicemail. It may sound counterintuitive, but it can be a godsend for avoiding awkward phone conversations – I’ve had it saved in my phone’s ‘Favorites’ menu since the service launched (though I’ve never used it… Read More

  • ONEsite Launches Proprietary Social Ad Platform

    White label social networking software maker ONEsite is launching its very own advertising platform InteractAd today, essentially declaring traditional online advertising is past its prime and that it’s time for social advertising to take its place. ONEsite wants to provide an alternative that leverages community features, content-driven participation and viral elements like relationship… Read More

  • Motrin screws up in Tweet-land

    This is a little off-topic for CG at least, but I’m actually amazed at the audacity of Motrin in drumming up their little social networking play aimed at Mommy bloggers. The video itself looks like they took something from column A that could cause pain (“Baby slings!”) and added a body part (“Backs!”) and got Motrin. The easiest equivalent to this I can think of… Read More

  • CrunchGear Week in Review: Mushroom Hunting Edition

    Burninate food with a Jacob’s Ladder
    Vort! Champagne oombrella! Wow!
    Review: Juiceman, Jr.
    GlowBots: Robots that learn what you like
    Community-designed VDC Mimobot Series now available
    More sweet electric motorcycles Read More

  • Digital Mission now auditioning for SXSW Interactive

    Digital SMEs in the UK with their sights set on South by South West interactive should get their skates on; Chinwag and UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) are currently auditioning for 40 companies to take to the festival in Texas in March 2009. Those that make the cut for this Digital Mission will get the chance to reconnoitre the local market, make connections and pursue new business… Read More

  • Flash Is Now A Platform, AIR Gets An Upgrade, And Adobe Puts A Catalyst In Gumbo

    Realizing that Flash is a better name than Flex for a platform, Adobe is now referring to everything it does related to Flash (including the Flash Player, Adobe AIR, Flex developer tools, and Flash media servers) as the Flash Platform. That’s what I’ve been calling it anyway, so I’m glad they finally caught up. Beyond the marketing shift, Adobe will be making some more… Read More

  • EMC Combines Two Acquisitions Into Decho, To Unleash Super Storage Product

    EMC Corporation is announcing the creation of a new subsidiary this morning called Decho (for Your Digital Echo), which has been formed from the assets of two acquisitions: Mozy (acquired in September 2007) and PI Corporation (acquired in February 2008). The new company is focused on protecting and managing personal digital data. It will continue to offer Mozy’s personal backup product… Read More

  • Adobe To Demo Flash On Mobile (But Only Windows). Still "Working" On The iPhone.

    Adobe’s Flash Player is on 98 percent of all desktop computers, but it is still struggling to make the jump to mobile phones. If you want Flash on a mobile device, right now you have to settle for a compromised version: Flash Lite. But Adobe is committed to bring the full Flash Player experience to mobile phones, as evidenced by its Open Screen Project. On Monday, at its Adobe MAX… Read More

  • Review: Infiniti EX35 Crossover

    The gadgetry in the Infiniti EX35 we tested was intense. Not only is there XM Satellite Radio there is a Bose sound system, front and rear curb sensors, and an amazing external viewing system that initially took my breath away. After driving around in a 2000 Beetle for six years, hopping into the $35,000 EX35 was like visiting Epcot Center after riding around on a carnival merry-go-round for… Read More

  • Google's voice search app coming on Monday, all Apple's fault

    When Google ran their big push about their new voice search application for iPhone, the plan was that it would go live Friday and all would be well. TC has word that the app his hitting tomorrow and that Apple inexplicably refused to push the app on Friday. It was, it seems, “in review.” Read More

  • Facebook Destroys Lucrative Birthday Reminder Industry

    Facebook just added another extremely useful feature for users, and in doing so took out a slew of applications that do that same thing. You can now get a weekly email telling you, simply, which friends have birthdays coming up. That’s good news for all of us who want more birthday information. It’s bad news for Birthday Alert and its clones that already do that on Facebook. Read More

  • Online Ad Growth Grinds To A Halt

    We all know online advertising decelerated in the third quarter, but how bad was the slowdown overall? To find out, we added up the online advertising revenues for Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, and AOL, which together account for the majority of online advertising. In the third quarter, growth pretty much ground to a halt. The combined ad revenues of those four Web bellwethers eked out only… Read More

  • ThePirateBay is five

    The Pirate Bay is turning five in a few days and look at the little shaver go. It’s now tracking 25 million peers and over 1.8 million torrent files. The company says that new software and hardware are helping them increase the traffic but I think it’s just that they’re cute as a button. Read More

  • German Politician Blocks Local Wikipedia

    This is the image that comes up when people try to access Wikipedia.de, which used to be forwarded to Wikipedia.org. It reads: The county court of Luebeck (North Germany) has issued an order in the name of Lutz Heilmann, Member of Parliament (left party/post-communist) that the German Wikipedia (Wikimedia e.V.) must not allow linking its domain wikipedia.de to the Web site wikipedia.org, as… Read More

  • Google's the latest hit by the arbitrary iPhone ban-hammer?

    Everyone is so excited – so excited! – about the Google iPhone app that is supposed to allow instant voice search. But where is it? The youtube video that preceded it is now down and all mention has been scoured from Google’s website, Soviet-style. Not a good sign. Read More

  • Microcasting

    When people come up against the realtime experience, they have one of several fundamental reactions. The first, and most pervasive, is excitement, following almost immediately by mistrust. This is great, followed by How can I keep up with this? Next is bargaining: attempting to manage the flow through a combination of filtering and exclusion, reducing the noise but also in the process the… Read More

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