• Redfin Rolls Out The Welcome Mat For Foes Amidst Real Estate Crisis

    In a surprising move, online real estate brokerage Redfin is entering into partnerships with real estate agents from more than a dozen other brokerages in areas that Redfin’s in-house agents can’t reach. Redfin appears to have changed its tune from its founding when the firm wasn’t really getting along with real estate agents. In fact, Redfin seemed to be founded with the… Read More

  • Yahoo Readies The Meter For Its First Web Services Business

    Yahoo is announcing several changes to its Search BOSS service, which lets developers incorporate web results from Yahoo’s main search index into their own web apps. The biggest of these changes intends to transform one of Yahoo’s most innovative projects into a real business. Since launch, the BOSS API has been provided entirely for free. Now Yahoo is putting in place a freemium… Read More

  • T-Mobile BlackBerry Curve 8900 goes on sale

    The day has finally arrived, folks. RIM’s BlackBerry Curve 8900 is officially available for the masses from T-Mobile here in the States. You’ll have to shell out $300 but there is a $100 MIR bringing the grand total to $200 with a 2-year contract. Well, what are you waiting for? Product Page Read More

  • Google Brings Location-Awareness to Email

    Google appears to have a new obsession with knowing and broadcasting your current location. A week after announcing Latitude, which shares your location with friends on Google Maps and threatens to render several startups irrelevant, an engineer has developed location-aware email signatures for Gmail. After turning on the “Location in Signature” feature in Gmail Labs, you’ll… Read More

  • Pollsb Nabs $1.3 Million In Funding For Lousy Interactive Polling Widgets

    Pollsb (short for Polls Boutique) has raised a Series A round of $1.3 million led by DFJ Tamir Fishman Ventures and early-stage investors Zelkova Ventures and PhilQuo Ventures. The Tel-Aviv, Israel-based startup had previously raised $700,000 from incubator and seed funding provider Connector Media, which brings the total invested in the company to $2 million. Here’s how they pitch… Read More

  • Nokia cutting phone production

    And there goes the mobile cell phone market. Nokia is slowing the Finnish production elves ahead of financial loss. It seems that the company isn’t in dire trouble, but is taking a responsible stance and cutting before things hit the fan in the form of 0.08 Euro expected loss per share. And so Nokia is laying off 20 to 30 percent of the main assembly facility on a rotational basis… Read More

  • BlackBerry 8900 now available from T-Mobile

    The day has finally arrived, folks. RIM’s BlackBerry Curve 8900 is officially available for the masses from T-Mobile here in the States. You’ll have to shell out $300 but there is a $100 MIR bringing the grand total to $200 with a 2-year contract. Well, what are you waiting for? Product Page Read More

  • Huddle adds OpenSocial apps to Intercall conference calls

    We don’t often report on distribution deals startups make with big companies. But it’s significant that InterCall, the world’s largest conference call provider, is to give each of their 1 million customers an account with UK-based Huddle. The UK startup has built a suite of social collaboration applications which were good enough to make it the only non-US partner for… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: New Mutants Edition

    FrankenDoll made from living cells
    New Hello Kitty alarm clock looks cute, runs away to annoy you
    ModBook stop motion assembly excitement Read More

  • Modu Comes Out Of The Woodwork With A Truly Innovative Mobile Offering

    Modu, the heavily-funded Israel-based modular phone manufacturer that enables you to slip a light mobile device into a variety of so-called “jackets” (think music players, other cellphones, car stereos, digital cameras, etc.), is prepping its big commercial launch for this year by unveiling its family of phones at the upcoming Mobile World Congress. The actual sales for the device… Read More

  • And Twitter Goes Down Again

    We’d have never thought breaking the news of Twitter co-founder and ex-CEO Jack Dorsey joining Ustream’s board of advisors would have that much of an effect on the micro-sharing service. As of 11:19 AM CET, Twitter is down for the count, which brings back a lot of memories here at TechCrunch. I hate to pimp services I was involved in myself, but since it’s a non-commercial… Read More

  • Twitter's Jack Dorsey Joins Ustream.tv Advisory Board

    Twitter co-founder and former CEO Jack Dorsey is stepping in as an advisor to Ustream.tv, the popular live video community site. By now, you will / should have read about how Twitter came to be and how vital the role of Dorsey was to the whole story, essentially laying the groundworks for the real-time updating service we’ve all come to love (or not understand). This history prompts… Read More

  • Microsoft's "My Phone" to debut at MWC next week

    Microsoft’s bid to make Windows Mobile relevant should take off at the Mobile World Congress next week. We’ll be seeing the latest and greatest from the big M, hopefully including their answer to Apple’s MobileMe. Microsoft would have to try pretty hard to roll out something more poorly than that, but cross your fingers anyway. Read More

  • Free Xbox LIVE for GTA IV and expansion

    Soon you will be able to play GTA IV or its The Lost and the Damned expansion on Xbox LIVE for free. Specifically from Tuesday, February 17 at 9:00AM PST to Sunday, February 22 11:59PM PST, multiplayer service that usually required a paid Xbox LIVE Gold subscription will be free for owners of those games. Read More

  • FrankenDoll made from living cells

    Researchers at the University of Tokyo, wanting to show off fabrication of living biological structures, have created a 5 millimeter tall doll made completely from living cells. Wow, that’s not creepy at all. Read More

  • SQLstream's Live Data Integration Could Be A Boon For Businesses

    In the current state of the economy, the phrase “time is money” has taken on an even more powerful meaning to the enterprise world. SQLstream’s new 2.0 technology allows companies to reduce the time required to turn data into readable information by capturing and reading the data in live streams (using SQL language) versus batch-techniques of data processing, which is… Read More

  • Visual Voicemail for BlackBerry is in the system

    Blackberry users will soon have one less thing for iPhone people to tease them about. Visual voicemail, which we’ve seen in leaked shots, should be coming soon to AT&T customers that have RIM handsets. Currently, in the account management system, you can try adding Visual Voicemail, but the system returns an error message. So even though it isn’t here yet, its appearance… Read More

  • Your car is efficient, but what about its sound system?

    As we enter this new, slightly different age of “efficiency as performance” (sounds weird, doesn’t it?), I predict we’ll be seeing a lot more of this “greening” in addition to the rather symbolic changes we’ve been seeing lately. Case in point: a stereo system designed to be lightweight and energy-efficient. Not something I would have thought of, but… Read More

  • If you buy a phone in Mexico, you now have to get fingerprinted

    It’s wrongheaded legislation gone wild! Monday saw a law passed in Mexico that will establish a national register of mobile users. Everyone who buys a cell phone from now on will be fingerprinted. Why, you ask? Because gangs use cell phones. Therefore, if you buy a cell phone, you may be a gang member. It’s all perfectly logical. Read More

  • Oh great, my Xbox 360 is flirting with the red ring of death

    What a day. First Barnes & Noble is a jerk to me, then I get the red ring of death. Oh, and Sirius XM may be going under. Isn’t everything just peachy? Read More

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