• CTIA09: Hands-on with the HTC Snap

    By all major counts, I should hate this phone. I don’t generally like candybar QWERTY phones, and I don’t like Windows Mobile 6.1. But somehow, HTC has brought both of these things together in a way that I really like. The hardware itself is rock solid; it’s well balanced and nicely weighted in the hand, and the 12mm profile looks deadly sharp. Read More

  • Never Nude Land: A Place For Cutoffs

    Well, the internet officially has a social network for everything. Today sees the launch of Never Nude Land, a social network for users who prefer to keep their dark nether regions housed in the comfort of clothing – at all times. It’s exactly what it sounds like: the site caters to a collection of individuals that consider portions of their clothing to be an integral part of… Read More

  • Another Dry Quarter For Venture Exits

    The first quarter is now officially over, and it was another dry one for venture-backed exits. Once again, there were zero venture-backed IPOs and only 56 M&A transactions, according to the National Venture Capital Association. Those numbers are down from five IPOs and 106 M&A exits in the first quarter of 2008. Six venture-backed IPOs were withdrawn from registration during the… Read More

  • AT&T offering discounted netbooks with Internet/data service

    As if we didn’t already know that this was going to happen. AT&T is now offering folks in Philadelphia and Atlanta discounted netbooks/laptops if they sign up for an AT&T Internet at Home and On the Go plan that includes AT&T DataConnect and AT&T Fast Access DSL. Rates start at $59.95 and the hardware includes the Acer Aspire One, Dill Inspiron Mini 9, Mini 12 and the… Read More

  • CTIA09: Motorola Evoke QA4 likely to launch on US Cellular, as well

    Yesterday, Cricket announced their plans to carry Motorola’s just disclosed Evoke QA4. What wasn’t announced, however, was whether US Cellular would also be carrying the device, as previous rumors had indicated. If the demo phones on the floor at CTIA are any indication, it just might. We just met with Motorola for a quick hands on demonstration of the Evoke (video of which just… Read More

  • Excelsior! iPhone 3.0 allows for 180 apps across 11 home screen pages

    If you’ve wanted to buy an iPhone but you’ve said to yourself, “I can only fit 148 application icons across nine home screen pages, which isn’t NEARLY enough for me,” then prepare to reconsider your purchase once the iPhone 3.0 software update hits. Read More

  • Has Conficker ruined your day yet?

    April 1, also known as “today,” was supposed to be the date of the Conflicker worm’s debutante ball. It’s the date that many had predicted would bring so many Windows-based computers to their knees. Yet, here we are, around noon EDT, and we haven’t seen much in the way of the widespread confusion and panic that we were promised. (Note: for confusion and panic… Read More

  • Specs confirmed for MSI X-Slim series, US launch in May

    Looks like the MSI X320 and X340 from the upcoming X-Slim series won’t hit the previously-believed April launch date, instead gracing us with their presence sometime in May. We’ll get a couple more color options, too, aside from the white casing as they’ll be available in black and silver as well. Read More

  • Anti-DIY: 4 Senses Lounger costs a lot for something you can make on your own

    Everyone likes to relax. Some people go to great lengths to create the perfectly relaxing environment for themselves, whether that’s a hammock strung between two trees in the backyard, or a recreation of Capt. James T. Kirk’s venerable Captain’s Chair. Now for people with more money than sense comes the 4 Senses Lounger. Read More

  • Is Twitter Turning Into MySpace?

    Editor’s note: The following guest post was written by Mrinal Desai, who was an early employee of LinkedIn before he co-founded CrossLoop, a startup funded by El Dorado and Venrock. You can follow him on Twitter. I try and test many social services and since 2003, there are only three that represent me—LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. MySpace was a service that I tried but it did… Read More

  • Big Gun Brush and Gun Hook: Two gadgets for gun lovers

    Do you consider cleaning your PC keyboard a tedious task? Are you tired of using the same old style of coathooks over and over again? If you don’t have any other problems (and you are a member of the NRA by any chance), a Japanese design company called cactus design GRAPHICA now comes to the rescue with two very special gadgets. Read More

  • HP and Microsoft team up on Natural Keyboard netbook line

    Typing comfortably has long been the bane of any netbook owner’s existence and, while building bigger netbooks with closer-to-full-size keyboards has been the trend as of late, Microsoft and HP have joined forces with the Mini 2140N series — the “N” denoting the use of Microsoft’s “Natural” ergonomic split-keyboard design. Read More

  • Pocket Tunes Radio: You can listen to Sirius XM on your iPhone right now

    Those of you who just cannot wait till Apple approves the Sirius XM iPhone app may want to check out Pocket Tunes Radio, from Ted’s iPhone Application Emporium NormSoft. With its latest update, to version 5.2, this $9.99 iPhone (and iPod touch) application can tune into both Sirius and XM stations, provided you have a functional Sirius XM subscription. Read More

  • Video: Presenting the "transistor"

    It’s been a few years since we first heard of small devices that can amplify small signals called “tubes.” Interestingly, work on these tubes could now cease thanks to something called the “transistor,” a miniature version of the tube. This solid-state device accepts a small signal and amplifies it for use in music playback and, potentially, the Internet. This… Read More

  • Review: GermGuardian UV-C Mini Wand

    I have an aunt who’s a germophobe. When she travels, she cleans the hotel room in which she’s going to stay. She goes so far as to clean the shower rod in the bathroom, lest some terrible contagion fall upon her. This Christmas, I’ll be getting her the Germ Guardian UV-C Mini Wand. Read on to enjoy the review. Read More

  • chi.mp Lets You Own And Keep Your Web Identity All In One Place

    Are you a chump for putting all your data on social networking and media sites and not having any real control over it? chi.mp thinks so. chi.mp is a service for owning and managing your online identity, and is now open to the public. Previously in private beta, chi.mp ( which stands for Content Hub & Identity Management Platform), allows people to bring together their presence on from… Read More

  • Squeez Bacon actually not a bad idea

    A ketchup-like bottle filled with bacon paste may never hit the market in real life, but perhaps it should. It’d go perfect with Batter Blaster pancakes and there’d be very little cleanup involved. Plus if you use bacon bits already, bacon paste is pretty much a lateral move. Read More

  • ReadMyBlogToMe.com reads blog comments over the phone

    ReadMyBlogToMe.com is a new service from Accross Media Limited that reads selected comments to you in MP3 format or over the phone. The service will cost $10 per month for blog posts and $50 per month for a complete feed of your Twitter conversations. Read on for a demo of the service and a free beta key. Read More

  • Disney Online Buys Kaboose Assets For $18.4 Million, Barclays Private Equity Limited Acquires Its UK Operations

    Disney Online, the online publishing business unit of Disney Interactive Media Group (DIMG), announced this morning that it has acquired a number of assets from Toronto, Canada-based firm Kaboose, in a deal worth CAD 23.3 million (approximately $18.4M). The acquisition encompasses Kaboose.com and other properties including Babyzone.com, AmazingMoms.com, Funschool.com and Zeeks.com. The assets… Read More

  • Japanese toilet analyzes stool, beams results to cell phones via personalized URLs

    As just about any other gaijin living in Japan, I came to love Japanese toilets. They have multiple buttons and functions to play around with, keep your bottom warm during cold days and are generally totally over-engineered. While this is pretty cool and fine with me, Japan’s Inax has now overdone it with a very interesting online feature. Read More

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