• Make in-flight Cell Calls with Air France

    Air France is experimenting with cell phone calls on a limited number of European routs. Passengers can send and receive short messages and send and receive e-mails if the phone supports Internet access. At first, travelers won’t be able to make or receive voice calls because of issues with other passengers. Air France hopes to allow voice calls within three months in a way that… Read More

  • DemystifyingDigital.com: New & Easy Point & Shoot Digital Cameras

    DemystifyingDigital is a feature written by Dan Havlik, editor of DemystifyingDigital.com Ok, face the music. You’ve procrastinated too long and it’s time go get a last minute gift for everyone on your list. If it’s people you really care about — friends, family, loved ones — get them a digital camera. There are those who like laptops and those who lean towards… Read More

  • Super Smash Bros. Brawl intro video

    http://www.gametrailers.com/remote_wrap.php?mid=29155 *Picks jaw up off the floor and changes boxers. I grew up playing the NES and my favorite game other than Tetris was this robot baseball game, which I’m unwilling to Google at the moment, but after the NES I didn’t really touch any consoles for a few years. I jumped to the Sega Genesis and rocked Sonic like no one’s… Read More

  • The X Prize: It's not just for space cadets

    Most of our readers should be familiar with the X Prize and its space travel initiatives. The first of which in 2004 awarded $10 million to a private sector team funded by Microsoft’s Paul Allen for reaching suborbital space. And now it’s offering $20 million in conjunction with Google for the first team to land on the moon. What many (myself included) might not know, however, is… Read More

  • One Million Deaths Per Day On Duels.com

    There are a fair number of our readers who admit to being addicts of Duels.com, a World of Warcraft-like game that lets users create characters, add weapons and spells, and duel each other. It’s asynchronous, meaning one player can fight another without both having to be online. And in the few months since it launched, the site has grown to the point that nearly a million duels per day… Read More

  • The guy from Once reviews IR helicopters: I know, WTF, right?

    http://p.castfire.com/Xu7m0/video/4413/bbtv_2007-12-20-220803.flv Not sure what Glen Hansard is doing reviewing wee little helicopters, but lets hope he finds love and affection in his new job as BoingBoing’s gadget reviewer. via BB Read More

  • Unboxing the OLPC: Couples therapy

    Dear Foreign Couple in this Video: This is the OLPC. For you to read the instructions and wonder what this “does” and hoot in mad-eyed wonder when you see a colored man on the screen makes me puke a little. You should be able to turn this thing on and make it work, mostly because it’s made for kids who have probably never touched a computer in their lives. Your failure hurts… Read More

  • Chicago Cell Phone Ban Under Attack

    Attorney Black Horwitz has filed a class action lawsuit against the city of Chicago, Mayor Richard Daley and several police officers over the city’s ban of talking or texting over a cell phone while driving. Thousands of drivers have been ticketed since the law went into effect in 2005. Drivers are typically fined $75 if caught talking on their cell phones and up to $200 if they are… Read More

  • Mario Christmas stocking, Kuribo's Shoe edition

    This Mario Christmas stocking reminds me of a Leonardo one I had as a youngster. I used to get quality toys in that stocking, too, like X-Men action figures and X-Men action figure accessories. Created by Greg, a certain loyal Kotaku reader (who isn’t one?), it depicts our favorite plumber in a Kuribo’s Shoe, an exceedingly rare power-up from Super Mario Bros. 3. It seems to me that… Read More

  • Mysto from Helio drops today, sort of

    Not to toot our own horn or anything, but we’re going to have to on this particular occasion. The Mysto from Helio, which is keeping up with surf-related theme (I obviously dig that. Mysto is a ultra secret spot that no one else knows about and some may consider a myth), was outed by us a few weeks ago and we just caught wind that it’s hitting the market today. It’s not… Read More

  • Ultimate Ears Super.fi 4vi: the review AND the giveaway (YES THAT MEANS FREE STUFF)

    If you’re the owner of an iPhone, then you’ve no doubt begrudged the stupid recessed headphone jack and spent many a night lying awake, hoping for a resolution to come swiftly in the night. If you don’t own an iPhone, you probably have no idea what I’m talking about, so move along. There’s nothing to see here. Read More

  • The Daily Show and Colbert Decide to Wing It Without Writers

    If Leno and Letterman can do it, so can Stewart and Colbert. The late-night comedy shows are the bread and butter of the networks and, writer’s strike be damned, they are going to air no matter how lame the jokes may become. Comedy Central’s The Daily Show and Colbert Report will be returning on January 7 in an all ad-lib format. I guess now we’ll see how funny those two… Read More

  • N-Gage First Access delayed till next year

    One week after promising us that N-Gage First Access would be available [this week], Nokia went ahead and delayed it. The improved N-Gage, which is now a service for the N81 rather than a stand-along cellphone, has now been delayed till 2008 in order to work ensure that it works “smoothly.” An exact date hasn’t been released, but you can bet that Nokia just ruined dozens… Read More

  • Going.com Gets Extra Social On Events

    Events based social network Going.com have launched their 3.0 version with several new features. Central to Going.com 3.0 is a new events and people recommendation engine that allows users to discover events and people in their area. The new features takes Going.com’s event focused social networking service to nearly a dating service. Where as before Going.com recommended events and… Read More

  • Can You Spare The Odd Pea For A Good Cause?

    The benefits of Twitter may still be subject to heated debate amongst TechCrunch commenter’s, but very few would doubt that Twitter has created new relationships and taken social networking to new (and perhaps different) levels. A cause that’s hot on Twitter today is Frozen Pea Friday, a Breast Cancer Awareness and fundraising day in support of well regarded blogger Susan… Read More

  • Mixx Democratizes Categories: Something Digg Should Have

    In late November I wrote that Digg is still the best online social news voting site online, but upstart Mixx is trying very hard to change this. Mixx has added groups to their social voting service. The new feature allows for the creation of public groups based on topic area, allowing for free and open categorization of news. For example Mixx users could start a Ron Paul group that only… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Symbian Mobile Disco Edition

    The most memorable quote from 2007 is…
    Holy gargantuan monkey goats!
    Smartphones Now: Symbian
    AT&T’s list of most downloaded ringtones in 2007 makes me sad
    Paramount, MTV forego theaters stream “Jackass 2.5″ Read More

  • Photobucket Now Available Inline For MySpace Users

    Photobucket has announced inline support for inclusion of Photobucket photos within MySpace. To use, MySpace users click on “Add Image From Photobucket” when leaving a comment, which then provides them the ability to browse their Photobucket photos. Users can also search Photobucket for images other than their own for inclusion in a comment. The only downside is that MySpace has yet… Read More

  • Lobster Eye X-Ray Inspection Device: real gadget, real name

    You’ll be seeing this at the airport soon, I think. Everyone was concerned when they started saying they would install X-ray backscatter scanners at the security checkpoints, and those things couldn’t move. Now we’ve got a similar (to laypeople) technology in a mobile, pointable form. Sounds great! These things work by emitting X-rays and analyzing the reflections; they… Read More

  • New touchscreen technology dubbed "SHISUTEMUONGURASU"

    I can’t say I got the full message from the translation of this page, but apparently Sony Japan is working on a new touchscreen technology that’s thinner and more durable than current models. If I’m reading this correctly, and I doubt that I am, it involves something called a “NARIMASHI hoop.” It seems you can also write on it with a special pen, and… Read More

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