• Sprint Expands Unlimited Pilot Plans

    Use Sprint to the MAXX? If you live in San Francisco, Minneapolis, St. Paul, Tampa, or Philadelphia (booh yah!), you’re now eligible to take part in Sprint’s unlimited plan trial. The unlimited plan costs $120 a month and gives you unlimited voice, texting, and data use. Need a PC card thrown in there too? For $150 you can get PC card access thrown in there are well. Some would… Read More

  • ZDNet Wants You To Review Products, Will Let You Keep 'Em

    Do you want to be a part of the glamorous world of technology writing? I mean, who wouldn’t? Beginning this week, ZDNet is giving you the chance to become a Deputy Product Tester. Every week, ZDNet will pick at least one person to do a hands-on test of a product of the site’s choosing. Afterward, you get to keep the product (so long as you’re based here in the U.S.). Should… Read More

  • LG Cuts Plasma TV Production, Focuses On Smaller Sizes

    There’s something rotten in the state of LG. It seems the Korean manufacturer is having some trouble offloading its plasma TVs, with sales last February down some $35 million compared to the previous year. To be fair, it does appear to be a general trend in the TV industry, with LCDs being cheaper to produce at larger and larger sizes. (It used to be that LCDs larger than 42 inches… Read More

  • Miracube 3D 32-inch LCD

    Miracube introduced a 32-inch 3D monitor and it’s geared towards gaming and home entertainment. Screen resolution for both 2D and 3D imaging is set at 1366 x 384. P0rn in 3D would be amazing wouldn’t it? Details are scant, but there is check out another picture after the jump. Read More

  • Crazy Video Homes: Fat Joe Reviews The Helio Ocean

    http://admin.brightcove.com/destination/player/player.swf Yeah yeah this is crazy son. It’s a walkthrough son of the Helio Ocean word one featuring Fat Joe, B. It’s incredible because you can watch videos on it, to say nothing of its ring tones. It’s straight fire. Which review is hotter, Fat Joe’s or Fat John’s? One. Helio Ocean walk through with Fat Joe [The… Read More

  • Help Key: Taking the 802.11n Plunge

    Actual results may vary It seems like only yesterday that 802.11g was burning up the airwaves. Today, 802.11g is the de facto standard and n, which ideally offers 242 Mbps but really offers around 50 Mbps. 802.11n also boasts increased range and quality of service, something that home video and audio streamers will just love. But is it ready for prime time? Read More

  • Mio DigiWalker C520, The GPS Device That Talks To You

    Mio first showed off the DigiWalker C520 portable GPS device during the heady days of CES back in January. Well now it’s out there, waiting for you to buy it so you can go on all sorts of GPS-guided adventures together. You’ll probably first notice its 4.3-inch widescreen, which, based on some of the company’s other devices, should be more than adequate to navigate the… Read More

  • Blame it on the (lack of) Media

    It wasn’t the $600 price point or the lack of systems at launch that kept Sony’s PlayStation 3 from becoming a smash hit. Not according to Sony Computer Entertainment America anyway. The company is blaming poor sales of the PS3 on the media – or more accurately the lack of media. GameDaily is reporting that Sony is putting the blame on the lack of new software available… Read More

  • MyPunchbowl: The Algorithm Schedules Your Event

    eVite has been a target of several startups over the past year. Sites like Skobee or Renkoo have differentiated themselves by helping plan the casual outings for drinks or dinner. Socializr is taking a social networking approach. MyPunchbowl is a later entrant that focuses on the details of planning your soirée. They’ve been building out tools for each step of planning a party… Read More

  • Europe To Get The Shaft on 80GB PS3

    Sony announced that Korea will be getting the 80GB PS3 next month, but Europe will not be shown the same love. This might catch some by surprise, but think about the ‘success’ Sony experienced when the 60GB PS3 was launched last month. They certainly don’t need stacks upon stacks of PS3’s laying around while consumers are snatching up the larger capacity units, right? Read More

  • Collaborative Film Making With Your Broadcaster

    Your Broadcaster is a social networking site with a specific goal; to build and create five feature length films through collaborative user generated input. The film projects fall into five categories: Bollywood, horror, thriller, drama and comedy. Members participate through the submission of scripts, auditions, characters, cartoons and stunts. Submissions are then voted upon by other members. Read More

  • LG Wine Phone Has Nothing To Do With Wine, Is Entry Level

    It’s either a phone made for drunks or for people who pretend they’re fancy, like our very own John here. It’s the LG Wine phone (or the LG-SV300) and, aside from the picture of a wine bottle and glass on the phone’s screen, I cannot figure out why it’s called the Wine. The Prada phone makes sense, as does the Shine, and the Chocolate I can understand to a point… Read More

  • Alltel Taken Over, Goes Private, Feeling Fine, A Little Dizzy

    It’s not MyFaves, but it’s close, right? Not huge news, but good enough for a Monday morning. A band of equity investors have essentially “taken over” Alltell, paying $71.50 a share, $10 over its closing price last week. The result? The company essentially becomes private, pwned for $27.5 billion by companies like Goldman Sachs and the Texas Pacific Group. What does… Read More

  • Watermelon Zune Spotted

    At a “recent press event”, a photographer managed to snap some pictures of the rumored watermelon-colored Zune. While a new colored Zune is about exciting as Bran Oats coming out in an exciting new off-brown color, what’s on the inside is the important thing to keep in mind. Unfortunately, this is just the same old Zune, in a boring, ugly new color. Microsoft apparently… Read More

  • 80GB PS3 Hits South Korea Next Month

    Break out that wallet of yours for Sony will, in fact, release an 80GB PS3 next month, confirming earlier rumors. For now, the 80GB model is only confirmed for release in South Korea (for the low, low price of around $556), but you can bet that it’ll come out here soon enough. Next Gen also speculates that a price drop could be in the works, a point Sony has repeatedly taken issue… Read More

  • Meet the 2007 Connected Innovators

    Kevin Werbach and I are pleased to announce this year’s finalists to present at the Supernova 2007 Conference, on Thursday, June 21, 3:30pm – 5:30pm, at the Westin St. Francis hotel in San Francisco. We had a record number of submissions this year, which made it extremely difficult to select the finalists. Many of the selected companies will be showcasing new products for the… Read More

  • AT&T To Use iPhone To Push Name Change

    With the iPhone about a month away, AT&T has finally gotten around to realizing they need to ditch the Cingular name. Using the iPhone as a catalyst, AT&T will be replacing signs inside all 1800+ Cingular stores with AT&T logos, adverts, and signs. Says AT&T Spokesperson Mike Coe: “The iPhone is one of the most anticipated handsets ever in the wireless industry, and we… Read More

  • The Video Bay – The Next Movement In Piracy

    Keeping true to its rule of piracy, The Pirate Bay has now officially announced plans for a new streaming video site similar to YouTube. Dubbed “The Video Bay”, this new site will offer uncensored streaming video. Basically what this means is that a week after the site is up, you’ll be able to watch Fast Times At Ridgemount High in a flash player as many times as you want… Read More

  • Zlio Banned From Amazon

    Interesting post in the TechCrunch Forums this morning about Zlio, a startup that lets people create their own shops and sell goods from Amazon and other ecommerce services. Jeremie Berrebi, the CEO of Zlio, emailed users to let them know that Amazon will no longer allow them to promote Amazon products on Zlio shops. It also seems that Amazon stopped paying affiliate fees on sales a week ago. Read More

  • The $100 Million Telescope

    When countries like the UK and USA unite for science, the opportunity for discovery doubles. A new $100 million telescope is now a joint project between the two countries with plans for a 2013 completion date. This new 25-meter, infrared telescope will be placed in the Atacama region of the Chilean desert for discovering plenty of new things in the sky with a two-part method. From the… Read More

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