• Warner Bros. acquires F.E.A.R. name, renames Project Origin to F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin, announces launch date

    http://videomedia.ign.com/ev/ev.swf I won’t go into all the gory details, but here’s a quick recap. Monolith and Sierra pushed out F.E.A.R. in 2005, but Monolith was acquired in 2004 by Warner Bros. and Sierra kept the rights to the F.E.A.R. franchise. Sierra was supposed to make the sequel with another publisher, which never transpired while Monolith and WB announced Project Origin. Read More

  • TC50: Angel Investors Say Now Is Their Time

    We’re in the middle of a wider economic downturn, there are no IPOs, funding is getting thin, but are the Angels unhappy? It looks like not. The downturn has sorted out the wheat from the chaff, the bar has been raised and they feel well-placed against even some of the biggest VC funds. Lucky, then, that working with startups remains a passion for these guys. Read More

  • Ashton Kutcher pimps (Blah) Girls

    Ashton Kutcher stopped by TC50 to represent and show off blahgirls.com. The Blah Girls are an animated clique of girls that comment on entertainment and celebrity gossip. Landing somewhere between South Park and the Powerpuff Girls, the humor is delivered in the form of a blog and a video that is updated twice weekly. Read More

  • Cargo cult excited about Gizmondo on Android

    A group of benighted acolytes dedicated to the dead god, Gizmondo, are talking now of porting the GPS/game device/flash in the pan to Android, thereby fulfilling the prophecy (In dark days a madman vanquished will make the Gizmondo dead/but hear me, followers, do not weep for on the eve of Gizmas the sun will rise and bring with it a compact mobile platform based on Linux/and the Gizmondo… Read More

  • New RFID chip claims to be "unclonable"

    So many people have raised the issue of RFID security that it’s practically common knowledge, even among technophobes, that they are easily cracked. Verayo has announced an augmented RFID chip with “Physical Unclonable Functions” (I don’t know whether PUF is pronounced “puff” or “poof,” either way it’s hilarious). PUFs are, I’m… Read More

  • Red Ring of Death: A 360 Biography

    I was reading this excellent article over the weekend; if you didn’t see it making the rounds, now’s your chance to hear the inside story on the Xbox 360’s troubled youth. While hard facts on failure rates are scarce (no surprise there), there’s enough collateral information to make clear that the 360 was at best a triumph of engineers under the worst of conditions, and… Read More

  • AT&T refreshes their deck with Yahoo! oneSearch

    Giving in to the fact that every WAP deck any carrier has ever made in house is just about useless, AT&T has refreshed their deck with Yahoo’s oneSearch at its core. Search for a movie, it gives you local show times. Search for a sports team, it looks for current games and reports scores. Tell oneSearch you’re having a bad day, and oneSearch will tell you that you’re… Read More

  • TrekStor creates a thumb drive that you might actually keep in your pocket

    Hot on the heels of our back to school week comes one of the most seemingly indispensable storage devices to date: The TrekStor USB stick with built-in bottle opener. Let’s face it, there have been a lot of stupid, dumb implementations of flash drives before (keychains, wristbands, necklaces, etc.) and a lot of brilliant implementations of bottle openers before (Reef’s… Read More

  • AOL To Add Third Party Services To AOL.COM – Leaked Screenshots

    The big portals redesign their home pages every year or so, and AOL is no exception – a little over a year ago they were roundly criticized for copying much of the look and feel of Yahoo.com . But the new trend is to retain user loyalty by adding third party content to these sites, which previously only linked off network for advertisements. Yahoo did this with the launch of Buzz… Read More

  • Bungie confirms achievements for Halo 3 Title Update 2

    Honestly, who still plays Halo 3? A few more tidbits about the Assembly Map Pack after the jump, which Luke says might not come out till the Halo 3 anniversary (That’s only 17 days from now). Read More

  • Spore incompatible with older MacBooks

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but if your MacBook is equipped with an Intel GMA 950 graphics chipset then you’re SOL. If you’re unsure then go to “About This Mac” and trickle down to the “Graphics/Displays” tab. If you have a GMA X3100 or a MacBook Pro then you’re okay. However, if you’re running Boot Camp then things seem to be fine. Read More

  • PSA: TomCruise.com launches iPhone version of wildly popular movie star Web page

    The end of the world is not coming on Wednesday. It’s going down today! Everyone’s favorite Scientologist pushed out a press release this morning announcing the launch of his iPhone friendly website. There isn’t a whole lot to it, but you can sign up for updates and there’s an exclusive video that’s chock full of scenes from his 27-year-career. Read More

  • Mobile chip handles music for longer battery life

    Japan’s Oki Electric today announced the ML2650 headphone amplifier. It’ll basically offload music playback from your mobile phone or MP3 player’s main processor, which should result in lower power consumption. That, in turn, should result in much longer battery life for portable devices that feature music playback. The chip itself features “a highly efficient… Read More

  • TechCrunch50 Session 2: Memes & News

    TechCrunch50’s second session introduced four companies related to breaking news and online trends. The judges for this panel were: Chad Hurley, co-founder of YouTube; Marrissa Mayer, VP product and search; Google; Ron Conway, prolific Angel investor; Dan Farber, Cnet, Editor in chief. You can see our coverage of the first panel here. Read More

  • Microsoft confirms new Zune features, prices [Update]

    I guess I won’t have to take my meeting tomorrow with Microsoft. Microsoft confirmed today the new features that were revealed over the weekend and storage capacity changes from a while back. Price cuts are expected for existing Zunes in the lineup. [Update]: MS has confirmed with us what CNET was reporting about an hour ago. Check out the press release after the jump. The gist is… Read More

  • Yammer Launches at TC50: Twitter For Companies

    David Sacks, the founder of genealogy site Geni, just launched a new company called Yammer on stage at TechCrunch50. Yammer is an enterprise version of Twitter. If Twitter asks: “What Are You Doing?”, Yammer asks: “What Are You Working On?” Engineers at Geni created Yammer internally for the company’s own purposes, but Sacks liked it so much he decided to spin… Read More

  • Air Music Remote: One controller for all your media needs

    Movea’s Gyration Air Music Remote with MotionSense may have the longest and stupidest name of all time, but don’t let it fool you because it offers home entertainment buffs the choice of controlling all their media with one remote. The GAMR connects to Windows Media Player and iTunes (displayed on the LCD) over RF and IR for all other A/V equipment. The MotionSense technology… Read More

  • Zune going lateral, multi-platform

    If you read this job description carefully — or just skim it for that matter — you’ll find a reference to bringing a connected experience through the Zune service spanning the Zune, Xbox, PC and mobiles. Portentous! Of course, they couch it in terms of “embarking” and “leading a team from the ground up” so I’m thinking there is a significant… Read More

  • HBO Launches A Web Video Show

    HBO on Monday announced that it will try to use the Web in a slightly different way than its colleagues at NBC and Fox have used it with Hulu: it will launch its own Web video series called “Hooking Up.” Read More

  • A New Way to Search: Use Your Mouse

    Here at TechCrunch 50, there are a slew of interesting companies worth writing about on-stage. But I came across one in the Demo Pit that’s just as noteworthy. Called KallOut, the service allows you to search the Web without minimizing the screen and going to the Web and replaces that with a couple clicks of a mouse. According to the company, its research shows that users can search… Read More

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