• 'New' MacBook Pro drop and we take the bait

    The Apple MacBook Pro rumor mill keeps churning out tasty ‘real pics’ with another MacBook Pro photo and accompanying web advertisement. We have to be honest though, these look the most believable yet. The laptop in question sports an iPhone-ish top lid with the Pro’s trademark aluminum interior. There isn’t anything crazy and out of place like a touchscreen… Read More

  • From The Makers Of iGolf, Comes iBowl. Just Don't Drop That iPhone.

    Who needs a Nintendo Wii when you’ve got an iPhone? The Social Gaming Network, which released a Wii-like golfing game for the iPhone two weeks ago, has now followed up with a bowling game. As with iGolf (which has already been downloaded more than 900,000 times), iBowl uses the iPhone’s accelerometer to detect a player’s swing. You can twist your wrist to give the ball spin… Read More

  • The T-Mobile G1 gets unboxed

    The first Android-powered handset’s launch is coming soon, but some lucky folks already have their dirty mitts on the complete package. The picture set doesn’t reveal anything spectacular including a lame carrying, but if you’re the type that gets giddy with pre-release photos, there is enough here to get you through this morning. The rest of us can wait until October 22 for… Read More

  • Rumour: Spotify raises €15m round for Bittorrent-meets-Last.fm service

    Spotify, founded by the former Tradedoubler team, is understood to have raised €15.3m from Northzone Venture Partners at a monster €71.6m pre-money valuation. The service is still in private beta. Northzone themselves have declined to comment, but Creandum, another of Sweden’s top VCs, is also understood to have taken part in the funding round. Spotif have released no statement but… Read More

  • No Exits. Liquidity Dries Up Even More For VC-Backed Startups In Third Quarter

    The liquidity drought for venture-backed startups, which was already declared to be a crisis in the second quarter when not a single VC-backed IPO went out, continued in the third quarter.
    For the first three quarters of the year combined, IPOs brought in only $470 million and M&A activity totaled $11.3 billion, a steep decline from prior years (see chart). Don’t expect the situation… Read More

  • CrunchDeal: Woot pawning Planar 720p projector for $599

    Woot has a decent deal this morning. It’s not a scamper and find your wallet type-dealio, but if you’ve been looking for a great, inexpensive home theater projector, you might want to meander over and grab your credit card. Quick note though, this 720p Planar projector only has 900 lumens, so you better have a dark room as it isn’t bright enough to counter ambient light. Read More

  • EA doesn't think BitTorrent downloads of Spore mean lost sales

    Plenty of people have downloaded Spore using BitTorrent, but EA doesn’t seem too concerned. Because on Earth 2, where EA is apparently based, people downloading torrents of the game doesn’t necessarily mean that the game is being downloaded. Nope, that makes no sense to us, either. Says an EA rep: Stepping aside from the whole issue of DRM, people need to recognize that every… Read More

  • Reminder: Nokia will announce many things later today

    Quick reminder, gang. Nokia is expected to announce all sorts of stuff in the next few hours from London, including the details of its first touchscreen phone, something we noted last week. It’s also expected that Nokia will talk about its Comes With Music program. You know, the free-songs-with-cellphone-purchase that the music industry desperately wants to succeed (so it doesn’t… Read More

  • Fossett Wreckage and Belongings Found

    Fossett’s belongings were found over the weekend and now the wreckage of his plane was just located. WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Rescue crews have found the wreckage of a small plane that appears to be the aircraft piloted by millionaire adventurer Steve Fossett, the National Transportation Safety Board said on Thursday. His plane has been missing for 13 months tomorrow and now the… Read More

  • Videos: Nintendo DSi, new games for Wii, DS

    [blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/ih_Qzj+J5FQ%5D I’ve ganked ’em straight from the source just so you don’t have to guess which button it is that takes you to the good stuff. The new DS stuff looks fun, of course, but the Wii lineup is looking hot as hell. Punch-Out looks filthy, space exploration game looks awesome, whatever Tales game that is looks phantastic, and I’m… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Collision Course Edition

    Apple responds to toxic Mac Pro claims
    True iPhone killer: the BlackBerry Terminator
    Steampunk phone does nothing useful, is very cool
    Man turns on train tracks, causes accident because his GPS told him to
    Video Review: WowWee Tri-Bot Read More

  • CBS Testing Social Viewing Room: Watch Stuff With Strangers And Talk During The Show

    CBS Labs, which has been testing new HD streaming products, has also rolled out a labs version of a new product called Social Viewing Room. The idea is that you show up to the site, pick a show that’s on right now, and watch it with your friends or whoever is there. You can comment, LOL or take quizzes for points. The link is live, but I’m not able to see any actual shows going… Read More

  • New StumbleUpon In The Wild; When Do The Rest Of Us Get It?

    Israeli blogger Tal Siach, one of the authors of the Walyou blog, seems to be one of the few people who can actually access the new, toolbar-free version of StumbleUpon. The new version was set to launch to everyone on Wednesday, but so far everyone I’ve spoken with is still on the old design, which requires the downloaded toolbar to function properly. Lucky for us, though, Tal is in… Read More

  • Has Spotify raised $20m round for Bittorrent-meets-Last.fm?

    Spotify, founded by the former Tradedoubler team, is understood to have raised €15.3m from Northzone Venture Partners at a monster €71.6m pre-money valuation. The service is still in private beta. Read More

  • Nintendo announces the DSi – and Punch Out!

    The DSi is 2.6mm thinner than the DS. The GBA slot has been axed. Screens are 17 percent larger, 3.25-inches. VGA camera. Music playback. SD slot allows you to transfer images to the Wii Photo Channel. Onboard memory. A DSi store will be launched to download content via Wi-Fi. You can use your Wii points, which is now being called Nintendo Points. Built-in Web browser. November 1 launch in… Read More

  • European startups prepared for the worst

    My colleagues over at TechCrunch.com have done some great number crunching and come up with a list of startups in CrunchBase that have raised at least $25 million over the past two years. The next two years are generally being referred to as another “nuclear winter” when startups will find it very hard to raise cash. They came up with a list of 160 startups, with Facebook topping… Read More

  • Vudu officially announces full HD service, HDX

    Well, look at that. We caught wind of HDX last month and today Vudu made their full high definition content service official. HDX is aimed directly at HD aficionados with 1080p screens larger than 42-inches. Pricing for HDX content won’t cost you anymore than the HD content they currently offer. A total of 65 HDX titles rolled out tonight, which include The Spiderwick Chronicles, In… Read More

  • Steve Fossett belongings may have been found by hikers

    Embedded video from CNN Video Hikers have found items near Mammoth Lakes that may have belonged to missing daredevil Steve Fossett reports CNN. A weathered sweat shirt, cash and a pilot’s certificate with Fossett’s name were found Tuesday near Mammoth Lakes, police Chief Randy Schienle said. The certificate did not have a photo, he said. “We’re not certain that it… Read More

  • AOL's Unhappy TVSquad Bloggers Stay, But Also Launch Competing Site

    AOL’s budget cuts across the board have been well reported, but the bloggers were the most vocal about it (as bloggers tend to be). Many bloggers have reportedly left. The group behind TVSquad is doing something a little different, though. They haven’t left, but much of the team has launched a directly competing blog called CliqueClack. The writers continue to punch the time clock… Read More

  • Live action Dragonball movie trailer

    http://www.traileraddict.com/emb/6704 Oh WTF?! That looks like crap. via Trailer Addict Read More

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