• If The Watchdogs Are Saved: Ethical Repercussions Of A Newspaper Bailout

    The somewhat depressing and controversial possibility of a newspaper bailout turned into a stone-cold reality in the past few months as politicians, including Sen. John Kerry, Sen. Ben Cardin and President Obama, have hinted at giving the newspaper industry a life vest to save a sinking industry. Kerry, in his dire remarks at the Senate hearing on “Future of Journalism” a few… Read More

  • The Swarms of Summer

    While we continue to debate the Death of RSS, another more interesting battle is taking place inside the walls of some important companies about the shape of the new realtime network. Though Google has seemed to capture the imagination of the Valley and the respect of Microsoft, it is Redmond where the impact of realtime is most sharply felt. Google’s 20 percent project has finally… Read More

  • Win a Moxi HD DVR from Digeo

    Want a Moxi HD DVR? Do ya? Really?!? Well, Digeo is giving away two of the DVRs. Read More

  • Video: Meet the Spy

    What is this? Team Fortress 2 day? Ah, well. I’m not sure if this is an official video from Valve, but it’s great. Seriously. Spend 3:20 of your lazy Sunday and watch it. And then watch it again. Read More

  • Construct your very own steampunk rifle

    This instructable is labeled as a “fancy steampunk blunderbuss rifle,” but we won’t go into the many reasons it isn’t a blunderbuss rifle model. Chances are the builder just liked the name blunderbuss and forgot about the part where those guns had short barrels and didn’t need a scope since they fire scatter shot. Still, this steampunk rifle isn’t that hard… Read More

  • Video: Team Fortress 2 done up Super Smash Brothers style

    Remember when Super Smash Brothers was the best game out? It was the greatest. Now Team Fortress 2 is one of the best games available and so it’s only fitting to have the Super Smash Brothers intro remade TF2-style. Major props to whoever made it too. Watch the video after the jump for a side-by-side comparison of the original and TF2 edition. Impressive. Read More

  • Jump Into The Stream

    Once again, the Internet is shifting before our eyes. Information is increasingly being distributed and presented in real-time streams instead of dedicated Web pages. The shift is palpable, even if it is only in its early stages. Web companies large and small are embracing this stream. It is not just Twitter. It is Facebook and Friendfeed and AOL and Digg and Tweetdeck and Seesmic Desktop… Read More

  • Did The UK Press Con A 104-Year-Old Woman Into Joining Twitter For Digg Bait?

    There’s a popular story on Digg right now about a 104-year-old British woman who uses Twitter. It’s an obvious headline: “World’s oldest Tweeter talks cuppas and casserole.” It’s Digg bait. But what’s worse is that if you examine the story closely, it looks like the UK press may have gotten the poor old lady to sign up for Twitter just for their… Read More

  • Star Trek was screened on the ISS

    Lucky cosmonaut and astronauts. Not only do they get the best corner office view ever, but they also have a legit version of Star Trek downloaded. The three men currently on board the International Space Station received a special copy of the film via NASA and settled into a dark node of the station to enjoy the show yesterday. Read More

  • Linux to finally get DisplayLink drivers

    Linux users have so far been left out of the USB monitor party thanks to non-existent DisplayPort drivers. Not anymore. The source code needed to develop such drivers has been released under the GNU Lesser General Public License V2 (LGPL). Linux developers can now code the drivers necessary for plug ‘n play USB displays. Yay! Read More

  • Video: Spock on the origin of the Vulcan salute

    I bet that you don’t know where the Vulcan salute came from? I also bet that you don’t know Leonard Nimoy himself that suggested the hand gesture for Star Trek and that it comes from his religious background. Click through to watch a short clip on the subject. Read More

  • The Music Store Apple Forgot About

    Last January Apple released iLife ’09, the latest addition to its highly regarded multimedia suite that ships with every new Mac. At the time, much of the media attention went to iPhoto and iMovie, which introduced impressive facial recognition and video stabilization respectively. But me? I was captivated by the GarageBand Lesson Store, a virtual marketplace built into… Read More

  • Not A Typo: Six Apart Opens Up Suite Of Products For Rival WordPress

    Anil Dash, chief evangelist for blogging software platform Six Apart, announced today that blogging platform has launched a a plugin that provides WordPress users with access to a suite of Six Apart’s add-on features for blogs. Dash made the announcement at WordPress blogger convention WordCamp Mid-Atlantic. While some of Six Apart’s functionality have been available to… Read More

  • Wolfram Alpha is ready for you to try

    Wolfram Alpha is a search engine that you can use to compute systematic knowledge immediately. You can put in anything you would like to know and you can compare multiple results with each other. There is no need to know how to search; just type in what you want to know. Read More

  • This Is Getting Ridiculous: Cat Amasses Half A Million Twitter Followers In 3 Months

    Ok, I dig Twitter and I understand why celebrities – who continue to flock to the service as if their careers and social status depend on it – manage to attract massive amounts of users following their every 140-character move, but this is getting plain ludicrous. Meet @Sockington, a cat on Twitter that has succeeded in surpassing the 500,000 follower mark some time… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Down the Line Edition

    Attention: The DustBuster is 30 years old this year
    Spira4u: Car made of foam goes fast, far, and floats
    Man photographs space shuttle from Earth Read More

  • Longer Queries Driving Down Ad Impressions? How About Bankrupt Advertisers?

    Comscore has a fascinating post today talking about the relative decline in paid search ad clicks when compared to search query volume in the U.S. Search queries are up 68% in the last year, but paid clicks are up only 18% in the same period. Comscore says the reason for the decline is that there are less search queries that show ads, and proposes that a reason for less ads is that searches… Read More

  • Digg Lead Architect Joe Stump Teams With Social Thing's Matt Galligan To Found Crash Corp.

    It must be something in the air. Spring perhaps. But when high level employees start to leave perfectly good startups before a liquidity event, there’s usually something pretty important that they think they need to work on. A recent example is Twitter creator Jack Dorsey starting his own mobile payments company. And today we saw Digg’s Lead Architect Joe Stump announce his… Read More

  • MindTouch Offers Collaboration Tools Across Windows Applications

    Opensource wiki developer MindTouch has released a desktop suite of productivity tools that lets you publish and edit information from Windows applications to MindTouch’s wiki. MindTouch’s portal connects teams, enterprise systems, web services and Web 2.0 applications with IT governance, enabling users to access, publish and organize data and systems. Customers include Mozilla… Read More

  • Is Sequoia China in Trouble?

    BEIJING, CHINA– Starbucks is a franchise in China that worked. The company opened locations at the bottom of all the major tourist hotels and downtown areas where returning Chinese, expats and business people traveling to China would pop in for some familiarity and to hold meetings, much like they do in the U.S. For people hoping to mix with that crowd, Starbucks became something of… Read More

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