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T-Mobile fires up 3G in St. Louis, MO

Fact: That is actually what 3G radio waves look like. Yep, little tiny 3Gs. Crazy coincidence. You feel that warmth, St. Louis? That’s the feeling of 3G radio waves swimming around your head. Fo

Zune HD, powered by Nvidia's Tegra

<img src="" />There's a reason why the Zune HD's interface moves so smoothly. Powering the device is the Nvidia Tegra, which Nvidia rece

The Zune HD: September 15. Apple iPod Event: Likely September 8.

<a href=""><img src="" width="215" height="122" />A lot of people</a>

For two days only, Metal Gear Solid Touch is $2.99

<img src="" />Didn't buy <i>Metal Gear Solid Touch</i> the first time 'round? Good, because Konami just dropped the price by $5. Yup, it'

Meet Springboard, a new kind of start-up incubator

A new start-up incubator called Springboard (@springboardnews) has “accidentally” emerged up in Cambridge. The guys at Red Gate have decided to officially share their facilities, free of c

Prezi finally adding an 'embed' function. Well, soon anyway

Prezi, the awesome collaborative flash-based zooming and storytelling tool, is plugging a gap in its feature set that we mentioned back in April. Prezi is currently testing a native embed function to

Outlook to be Offered with Mac Office in 2010

One major obstacle to use of Macs in the enterprise has always been the absence of Outlook. Sure Macs have Entourage, but the program just doesn’t cut it for business users entrenched in the way

Talkback Thursday: Would you use tags if we implemented them?

Welcome to our first ever Talkback Thursday, where we reach out to our readers for feedback on what they want to see. We generally feel that community committees lead to chaos (and that alliteration i

reMail 2.0 Nails Full-Text Search For The iPhone

<a href=""><img src="" width="110" height="20

Video: ‘To Catch a Pirate’ is like ‘To Catch a Predator,’ only with pirates

Shocking news: Sony to sell e-books in open format!

<img title="sony-reader" src="" alt="sony-reader" />Sony -- you know, the folks that brought us such wonderfully proprietary technol

Rumor: Dell's smartphone gets rendered, specs revealed?

We probably won’t be seeing Dell’s smartphone hit our shores anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t piqued our interest. I mean, come on: It’s Dell, who brings a f

New version of MyHeritage adds maps, search and social features

Leading Israel-based genealogy website has launched a new version of its popular Family Tree Builder. It’s more “colourful” than before and also adds photo slideshows

Samsung unveils a camera with a screen on the front

<img src="" />I don't know how else to say it. They put a second screen on the camera... right there on the front. It displays... you, and

Man burns down house in suicide attempt after losing his action figures

<img src="" /> You should never take away plastic models from a true Otaku. Case in point: A 29-year-old factor

How Can Tech Companies Make Customer Service Scale?

<img src="" width="165" height="200" /><em>This is a guest post by <a href="

Will The Online Advertising Recovery Be Led By Retail And Mobile?

<img src="" width="200" height="200" /> We've seen two quarters of declines in online advertising revenues, but signs of a r

China scales down controversial web filtering plans

<img src="" /> (Relatively) good news from China for the World Wide Web as a whole today: The government <a href="http://news.xinhuane

How do startups make customer service scale into awesomeness?

This is a guest post by Andrew Scott, a serial entrepreneur in London, CEO Rummble, Non-exec, Founding board m.Love & and “lover of all things mobile”. In 1901 a Swedish

The Facebook Death Star Moves Across The Web Universe (Slides)

<img src="" width="215" height="137" /> In June, Facebook became the <a href="
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