• Sony's new X-Series touchscreen Walkmen are lookin' kinda good

    Sony’s dropped a solid-looking touchscreen Walkman line with the X-Series. I can’t say I’m a big fan of the finish (looks a bit like the kitchen counter), but these tiny Sony players always make up for kind of standard looks with a really polished feel. It comes in 16GB and 32GB flavors, prices to be determined, and does what you’d expect regarding YouTube and that sort… Read More

  • Hands-on with the Sony VAIO P

    My, oh my. The Sony VAIO P is a popular netbook. After using some Peter Ha-taught ninja skills, I made my way through the crowd to this tiny netbook. Overall, the netbook feels Sony solid. The nub was a tad finicky but it works. The resolution though is astoundingly high on the small screen. I love small font but at the default setting it was too small for me. Thankfully the P Series does… Read More

  • Sony's P-series Vaios are sexy little things

    So these little P-series things are looking kind of weird, and kind of hot. I’m being pulled in two different directions. The screen aspect ratio is ridiculous: at 8″ and 1600×768 it’s just over 2:1, which is… pretty freakin wide. They may be tiny, but they’ve got guts: they’ll run Vista and they’ve got GPS built-in, but it looks like… Read More

  • Yahoo and Samsung getting Widgety together

    At the Samsung press conference earlier today at CES 2009, Yahoo’s involvement with Samsung’s new HDTV line was revealed to be an integrated system of Widgets, based on a new Konfabulator engine. They went through it very briefly, but Flickr, news, finance, and other Yahoo services are fully available and integrated into an on-screen display, for use during usual TV watching. They… Read More

  • JibJab Closes $7.5 Million Series C Round To Keep The Laughs Rolling

    JibJab, a site popular for its parody videos and irreverent eGreetings, has closed a $7.5 million Series C funding round with participation from new investors Overbrook Entertainment (a production company co-founded by Will Smith) and Sony Pictures Entertainment, as well as existing investor Polaris Venture Partners. The company had previously raised around $9.4 million. The site generates… Read More

  • New Tom Bihn bags for the new Apple MacBook Pro

    Hot on the heels of the MacWorld announcement of the new unibody 17″ MacBook Pro comes word of new Tom Bihn bags to hold those unibody MacBook Pros. With names like Smart Alec, Empire Builder, and Super Ego, you know they’re good! Read More

  • Damn! Panasonic releases 1/3" thick HDTV

    Panasonic seemed to be just going through the motions at first, and I had decided that a certain covered-up thing thing was just a barrier to block over-eager photographers from spying their new portable Blu-Ray player. No! It was a one-third-of-an-inch-thin television. The guy unveiled it at the last second and gave pretty much no info at all. It was about 40 inches, and people kept wanging… Read More

  • Those are MY hands on the Blu-Ray thing, Engadget, just for the record

    I was just fondling the world-first Panasonic portable Blu-Ray player and getting it on video, and lots of people were taking pictures all around me. And when I start uploading the video, I find I’ve been scooped! Oh no! Well, at least I got scooped by the official blog partner of CES, bless their hearts. Wait! That looks a lot like my jacket! Yes – and those are unmistakably my… Read More

  • New DLP chipset allows for tiny projectors

    Last year, Texas Instruments announced that they had developed what they called their “pico” chipset for DLP projectors. This year, some of them are actually available. Read More

  • MADS powering Euro mobile publishers with ad platform

    Somewhere along the line someone didn’t get the memo about how hard it was to succeed on the mobile Web. Netherlands-based MADS, has announced it has won over 150 of Europe’s online publishers with its mobile ad-platform, a reach which represents 60 million mobile consumers across across 15 countries. So far publishers including Gazzetta dello Sport (Italy), Telegraaf Media… Read More

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