• Yahoo Exec Bails: Bradley Horowitz Leaves For Google

    Bradley Horowitz, head of Yahoo’s Advanced Technology Division (and mentioned in a post earlier today), has accepted a position with Google, we’ve confirmed via a source at Yahoo. We have a message into Bradley for a comment, but have not yet heard back. He will be working with Joe Kraus, director of product management and head of Google’s OpenSocial initiative, although we… Read More

  • Our own Devin "Heavenly" Coldewey is Geek Sugar's Geek We Love for Valentine's day

    [photopress:devin_1.preview.jpg,full,center] That’s right, ladies, he’s single. And guys, go for it. He is from Seattle after all. That being said, right now he’s in India, so he can’t enjoy the praise. This makes two of our guys members of Geek Sugar’s “Geeks We Love” club in the last six months or so (they snagged Peter a couple months ago). I can… Read More

  • Fastest Jailbreaking app yet released

    Another day, another way to Jailbreak a 1.1.3 iPhone. And that’s the iPhone, the touch isn’t supported yet. But this promises to be the easiest and fastest way to Jailbreak your iPhone yet, taking less than five minutes from download to reboot. It only works on Intel Macs right now, but if you have one and an iPhone, you’re all set. Check out the product page for updates… Read More

  • Attention, other Apple TV owners: Is your update working?

    [photopress:noupdate.jpg,full,center] I’ve got my Apple TV all ready to go. I want to update for the “Take Two” upgrade that will grant me HD movie rental, fulfilling the promise of the Apple TV/iTunes duo. But no. I go to update and it’s telling me I’m up to date. Which, of course, I’m not. Other owners: Success? Failure? Movie rentals? Beers? Read More

  • Firefox 3 Beta 3 Released – Try It If You Dare

    The current production release of Firefox is version 2, but developer releases of version 3 have been available since November 2007. Today Firefox released the beta 3 version of Firefox 3. You can download it here. I love version 3 of Firefox since most of the memory leak issues on Macs seem to have been fixed (I added it to my list of top applications in December based on that). But a lot of… Read More

  • Video: PopCast shows a modded Wiimote instrument, controlled via yo-yo

    I’ve never seen PopCast before, but this is great for two reasons. First, we see how a Wiimote can be modified by a yo-yo into a sort of sample trigger. Second, this guy’s got amazing chops. I’m pretty good with a yo-yo, but I have nothing on this guy. Read More

  • Blue Organizer's Latest Indigo Release Lets You Surf Things Instead of Web Pages

    Semantic search applications are finally starting to gel this year. Tonight, Adaptive Blue is releasing the latest version (dubbed Indigo) of its FireFox add-on, Blue Organizer. Put simply, Blue Organizer lets you surf things instead of Web pages. It recognizes when a Webpage that you are browsing is about certain classes of things: books, movies, music, stocks, recipes, restaurants… Read More

  • Texas Instruments debuts pair of high-end video chips for portable devices

    [photopress:dlp_ti_mobile_projector_1.jpg,full,center] Texas Instruments is getting hardcore about supporting next-gen cellphone video, unveiling a duo of chips that could allow cellphones to record and project high-def content. Microprojecting is the next logical step for portable digital video. Sure, the Nokia 810s and iPod Touches of the world look great, but they’re personal players. Read More

  • Brickhouse Head Leaves Yahoo

    Salim Ismail, who has led Yahoo Brickhouse since since March 2007, left the company today as part of broader layoffs at Yahoo. Layoff packages were being offered, he said, and he left voluntarily. Brickhouse is based in San Francisco and shares office space with Chad Dickerson’s Advanced Products Group, which creates new products based on market research (the distinction between the… Read More

  • 'Take Two' Apple TV update unhooked from its leash

    It’s here! Hot damn, it’s here! I don’t own an Apple TV but I saw one in an Apple store once. It looked so awesome. Anyway, the new update is here. Check for the Software Update option under the Settings menu. Once everything churns and wiggles, you’ll be able to rent iTunes movies and access Flickr and .Mac photostreams. Enjoy! Apple TV ‘Take Two’ update… Read More

  • Resellers say MacBook Air sales aren't as brisk as original MacBook

    [photopress:mmbbaa.jpg,full,center] “The people that are interested in [the MacBook Air] are not interested in buying it.” Not exactly what Apple wants to hear, you gotta figure. Analysts over at Piper Jaffray met with resellers yesterday, resellers that voiced a fair amount of concern over sales of the MacBook Air. Of the retailers present, 60 percent said demand for the MacBook… Read More

  • HD DVD group calls Netflix Blu-ray decision 'unfortunate'

    [photopress:hdgr.jpg,full,center] What’s the HD DVD Promotions Group’s response to Netflix’s decision to exclusively stock Blu-ray and BestBuy’s decision to “recommend” Blu-ray? … it’s unfortunate to see Netflix make the decision to only stock Blu-ray titles going forward. While the Best Buy announcement says they will recommend Blu-ray, at… Read More

  • Stream Your Music Collection to Anywhere with JukeFly

    If you like the idea of listening to your music collection on whichever computer you choose but aren’t satisfied with the plethora of music lockers out there (including the very nicely designed Anywhere.fm which was acquired by Imeem recently), check out the streaming music service JukeFly as an alternative. JukeFly looks a lot like Anywhere.fm but there’s a crucial difference… Read More

  • Brit arrested at gunpoint for deadly Philips MP3 player mistaken for gun

    Attention Police: We’re really getting tired of reminding you about this stuff, bit you should really pay attention this time. MP3 players are not guns. Please quit tasing, arresting, and otherwise antagonizing those of us with them. This is Darren Nixon, and it wasn’t really the police’s fault, as a woman called them suspecting he had a gun. But the cops should have been able… Read More

  • How a lost laptop could cost Best Buy $54 million

    [photopress:raelyn_2.jpg,full,left]This is a tale of poor customer service and aggravated lawsuits and lost laptops, all things we love. Raelyn Campbell is suing Best Buy for $54 million after the electronics lost a laptop she’d brought in for repairs. That seems very high, but Campbell believes that the money she’s asking for isn’t just about the lost laptop but rather for… Read More

  • The PlayStation generation arrives, makes its mark in World Rally Championship

    [photopress:llega.jpg,full,center] Interesting perspective in this article from Spain’s AS sports newspaper today. (I read AS and Marca for La Liga news.) A 22-year-old rally race car driver named Jari Matti Latvala won the 2008 Swedish Rally at the weekend. AS’s headline put it this way: “The PlayStation Generation Arrives.” Almost poetic, which is how AS… Read More

  • Does the $500 million Microsoft/Danger deal hint at a new phone platform coming out of Redmond?

    These Microsoft logo mashups are getting out of hand. Om Malik puts the Om in GigaOM so when he says, “The deal’s big sticker price is intriguing — leading me to believe that Microsoft wants to pull an Xbox on its mobile phone business,” I hit the lever on my office chair that makes it so it stays in the upright position, allowing me to give those words my full attention. Read More

  • Google and Nokia shack up after a few pints

    Looks like Google’s insistent caresses finally broke down Nokia’s defenses. And Google got some. Nokia’s been putting it off for a long time, but I think that Google’s just too much of a stud to refuse at this point. Nokia will be including Google search into a few select phones (the N96, N78, 6210 and 6220) before rolling it out to more. Probably a good idea since… Read More

  • Spore gets September 7 release date

    [photopress:spore.jpg,full,center]When it was first announced like 100 Internet years ago, Spore sounded exciting. A game with a revolutionary new form of AI that evolves as you play it looked to good to be true. And since it hasn’t ever made it to the buying public, many people have mentally relegated it to the vaporware bin. But now we have a launch date of September 7 to look forward… Read More

  • Yahoo's oneConnect: One Mobile App to Rule Them All

    Today at the Mobile World Congress in Spain, Yahoo announced a mobile app called oneConnect that will be available in the second quarter as part of the upcoming release of Yahoo Go 3.0. I have not seen a demo of this myself, but it sounds like a much-needed integration of messaging and social apps. OneConnect will pull together contacts from your mobile phone, Yahoo address book, and… Read More

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