• A TechCrunch Party at LeWeb: are you coming?

    We are pleased to announce that we will hold a TechCrunch party that will close LeWeb conference next month in Paris. LeWeb is probably one of the most important web event in the industry and certainly the most important in Europe with more than 1500 participants coming from all over the world. TechCrunch has a been a media partner for a couple of years but this year we will do a little more… Read More

  • Review: Energizer Hard Case Professional Inspector Flashlight

    I’ve been through my fair share of Maglite Minis. They’re good flashlights, but they can’t hold a candle to many of the modern LED flashlights. Take the Inspection Light from Energizer’s Hard Case Professional line. It’s about the same size, but a fraction of the weight. It feels solid. The casing is an ergonomic combination of steel and rubberized plastic. Oh… Read More

  • Google And Yahoo Revise Deal To Get Government Approval

    Trying to push through their search advertising deal, Google and Yahoo have revised the terms of the deal to satisfy antitrust objections by the Department of Justice, reports the WSJ (article behind the pay wall). The main concessions are putting 25 percent cap on the revenues that Yahoo can generate from the partnership and making it a two-year deal instead of a ten-year deal. Putting a… Read More

  • Surprise! Holographic storage hardware delayed

    The only thing that surprises me about this holographic storage medium being delayed is that it’s being delayed till 2009 and not 2029. I remember reading about the idea some time ago in some rag like SciAm or New Scientist and it was being trumped as a major breakthrough, but I figured it was one of those breakthroughs that never takes off. That remains to be seen, but I’m… Read More

  • Yahoo Live Fades Out

    Live video streaming seemed to be all the rage for a while, popularized by startups like Justin.tv, Ustream, Qik, Mogulus and Flixwagon. Yahoo jumped on the hype wagon back in February 2008 by launching Y!Live, an ambitious effort put forward by internal incubator Yahoo! Brickhouse. Yahoo Live was supposed to tap into the troubled internet juggernaut’s vast online video audience by… Read More

  • Dash Navigation can't find its way, lays off two thirds of employees

    Dash Navigation is getting out of the hardware business and cutting 55 jobs, or 65% of its workers. The startup, which is backed by both Sequoia and Kleiner Perkins, makes the Dash Express car GPS device. This is a network-connected GPS that pools the location and speeds of all nearby Dash owners to give them back real-time traffic reports. It also supports geoRSS feeds, and other GPS… Read More

  • PerfSpot preps member marketing scheme, but will it work?

    PerfSpot is a MySpace-line social network which has rarely merited much mention, other than by TechCrunch UK last year when it was ranked as one of the UK’s fastest-growing social networking sites, beating Facebook at the time. Now the site, which claims 24 million members, is launching a word-of-mouth marketing service called Friendvouch. One can understand the desire to quickly monetise… Read More

  • Is the MacBook Air overpriced or just plain expensive?

    Is the MacBook Air overpriced at $2,499 fully loaded? Seventy percent of us here at CrunchGear think so—Apple worshiper Biggs calls it a “great machine,” however—but what do we know? Nothing, apparently, if we’re to believe CNet, which comes to the conclusion that the MacBook Air, compared to other ultraportables, isn’t overpriced at all. The argument… Read More

  • Contest Reminder: Win a Penguin United 4X Quad Charge Station for Wii

    We’re going to extend the deadline to 9PM EDT, so send in those pictures, folks. Contest details can be found here. Read More

  • Specs for upcoming Pentax DSLR leaked

    PMA is a good five months away but that doesn’t mean the rumor mill won’t start churning its filth this early. According to Chinese forum DCHome.net, the specs for the Pentax K20D successor have been leaked. They seem pretty generic and nothing we wouldn’t expect. Read More

  • 19% of mobile consumers in U.S. now using smartphones, according to study

    As the entry fee for smartphones drops lower and lower, the wallet friendly price point found with most feature phones (or, as some might say, “dumbphones”) is beginning to lose its luster. In a day when obtaining a smartphone requires little more than 50 bucks and a 2-year promise, what’s the point of going for anything less? According to the “Mobile Market… Read More

  • Three Billion Photos At Flickr

    A Flickr user named Garrett Ryan Smith uploaded the 3 billionth photo to the site today. The last big milestone was 2 billion photos, a year ago. They’re well behind Facebook, with 10 billion. And they’re falling further behind – a year ago Facebook had just 4.1 billion photos. Still, it’s a staggering number of photos for a site that launched in 2004. Read More

  • Update: 115 People Lose Their Jobs At Spot Runner, Weblistic Acquisition Is Washed Out

    The layoffs at Spot Runner are a lot worse than we expected. Instead of 50 to 75 people, Spot Runner is cutting much deeper—eliminating 115 jobs. Co-founder and CEO Nick Grouf characterizes this as “under 30 percent” of the company’s total headcount (which he declines to specify, but must be at least 384 people). We’ve added them to our Layoff Tracker. The… Read More

  • Adonomics Folds Into Adknowledge. How Much Are Those Facebook Apps Worth Now?

    Remember Adonomics (formerly Appaholic), the fishy analytics directory website for Facebook applications that we uncovered was used to pimp a service (the UADA, dead and buried now) from the same people who backed them (Altura Ventures), by ranking them as the biggest Facebook app creator before they ever launched? Well, we sure do. According to AllFacebook, Adonomics has now been acquired… Read More

  • VoxOx: Not quite a Skype killer, but close

    It’s hard out there for a VOIP solution. Skype rules the desktop and Vonage rules the den so where does an upstart like VoxOx belong? The product, founded by a group of voice networking ninjas who wanted to create a desktop-based VOIP and chat solution with full IM and social network integration. Think of it, then as a cross between Adium/Digsby and Skype with a little Grand Central… Read More

  • Some of Windows 7's features heavily protected in PDC build

    The attendees to Microsoft’s Professional Developers Conference all got to take home a build of Windows 7 to get a feel for and dig into a little bit. Unfortunately, some of the features talked up by MS at the event weren’t exactly… well, present in that build. One big one that appeared to be missing was the new task bar. While poking around looking for other new features… Read More

  • Alienware M17: When a 17-inch laptop outperforms your desktop (for a price)

    Dell-owned Alienware has released another gaming laptop that might interest some of you. It’s the M17, and it has that quad-core mobile processor, the Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9300. It also has CrossFireX, which is AMD’s fancy name for dual GPUs. As such, with two Mobility Radeons HD 3870, video memory goes up to 1GB. That’s quite a bit, and maybe just enough to get Crysis… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: $350 off VAIO VGN-TZ390 ultraportable

    Regularly priced at a gravity-defying $2,649.99, you can get the Sony VAIO VGN-TZ390 for “only” $2,299.99 by using coupon code TZ340SAVE350 during checkout from SonyStyle.com. It’s a configure-to-order system, so you can add extra stuff to it if you’ve got some money burning a hole in your tailored-pants pocket. The base configuration includes: Intel Core 2 Duo U7700… Read More

  • Don't download the leaked New Xbox Experience

    Lost in a flurry of caramel and processed sugar this weekend was news that the New Xbox Experience, also known as a user interface, has leaked online. The fancy, I guess, UI for the Xbox 360 can be found at the usual places—you know what they are. Keep in mind that it’s merely a beta, the same one that was handed out to a lucky few in recent days. Gee, I wonder where the leak… Read More

  • Sony, Universal begin rolling out PoP vending machines

    Frankly, I’m surprised it’s taken this long for such a thing to transpire. I think it’s safe to say that most of us have seen vending machines spewing out electronics at airports and other random establishments for some time, so this bit of news should come as no surprise. Read More

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