• Fluid Digital's latest media server rocks Media Server TV Pack

    Remember how Microsoft is only sending the TV Pack upgrade to OEM partners and not allow end-users an upgrade path? Fluid Digital is one of those OEMs and it seems they are one of the first companies annoucing availability. Their updated quad-tuner equipped servers will be available sometime later this year and will, of course, have ClearQAM capabilities thanks to the Media Server TV Pack. Read More

  • Hospital software allows docs to view complex medical data anywhere

    Say you get in a car accident and they need to do an MRI to determine if there’s damage to this or that in your brain. That MRI generates a ton of data, and until recently the only way you could view that data was on a specialized workstation meant just for that purpose. FiatLux, a Microsoft offshoot with modest funding, has created a way to take advantage of the extremely powerful GPUs… Read More

  • Sprint's roadmap for the next 10 months leaked

    Yikes. I’d imagine that heads are going to roll over at Sprint HQ over this one. BGR managed to get their hands on a presentation outlining everything Sprint’s currently got planned until the middle of 2009.

    The main morsel in the slides is the BlackBerry 9350i, a Nextel Direct Connect ready BlackBerry with Curve like aesthetics. In addition to its iDEN friendliness, it’s… Read More

  • iPig: Not what you call Steve Jobs when he pinches your buttock

    A pig. A speaker. An iPod. It may seem like a funny Matthew Mcconaughey but it’s actually the Speakal iPig, an iPod dock shaped like a pig. We’ve seen these things for a while now but now you can get your iPig in white, pink, and yellow and costs $139. This porcine dock has five internal speakers “pumping out” 25 watts of PURE ENERGY. It also has a 3.5mm jack for those… Read More

  • DIY HDTV tin foil antenna

    Not to ‘geek up’ the site or anything, but check out this DIY HDTV antenna. We can’t vouch for the strength of it, but what do you have to lose? It’s not like there is anything on TV these days nor does it cost anything but a bit of tinfoil and a couple of metal clothes hangers. Go ahead and give it a try. We have an thousand bonus points going to the first AV nerd… Read More

  • Oh look, the RAZR VE20

    Oh, RAZR series. How I loathe you. You’re ugly from every angle, your keypad is trash – yet, the fact that every carrier gives you away for beads and dirt means you’re in the hands of every soccer mom and sorority girl on the planet. Someone got their hands on the next in this series of trashphones, and sent a bunch of shots over to PhoneArena. Not surprisingly, it looks… Read More

  • Google Reader Finally Introduces Granular Sharing Control

    Back in December, Google Reader announced that it was introducing a feature that let users share posts with anyone in their Gmail/Gtalk contact list. Unfortunately, the sharing was all-or-nothing – if you decided to share a post, it would be available to all of your contacts, as there was no way to single out a group to share a post with. This lack of control led to a privacy debate as… Read More

  • 10 Days of CrunchGear: The Man in the Mirror

    We at CrunchGear know that you have a huge pornography collection. Sure, it’s not regular pornography – it’s furry porn – and by “you” we mean “me, John Biggs,” but I’m in such deep denial that I equate all my failings to everyone else. That said, we would like to offer you/me 2 terabytes of pornography storage as part of our 10 Days of… Read More

  • Funai to sell LCD TVs with built-in Blu-ray players in the US

    low-priced Sylvania 42-inch LCD/DVD combo (photos of the Blu-ray combo are not yet available) Starting next summer, Funai (Sylvania, Symphonic, Emerson) is planning to sell LCD TVs with integrated Blu-ray Disc players in the US. The Japanese company has a lot of good experience with this approach. Sales from cathode-ray tube TVs with built-in VCRs reached 40% of total TV sales for Funai a… Read More

  • Kohjinsha prepping 8.9-inch subnotebook

    Kohjinsha drops another tiny notebook/netbook/subnotebook/UMPC into the pool today with the W130 series. I’ve used the term subnotebook in the title of this post because this little guy runs Windows Vista. I like to save “netbook” for those machines that run Windows XP or a derivative of Linux. Here’s what you get with the W130: Atom processor running at 1.33GHz… Read More

  • Y Combinator To Offer Standardized Funding Legal Docs

    Early stage venture firm Y Combinator which has funded over 102 young startups, has “open sourced” the legal documents that they provide to their startups to use as they seek additional funding beyond what they’ve gotten from Y Combinator. The documents were created with their law firm, Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati and are available at… Read More

  • Europe finally gets Sony's mini OLED-TV XEL-1

    According to information the Nikkei, Japan’s largest business daily, spread today, Sony will finally start selling its XEL-1 mini OLED TV in Europe “sometime next year”. The device made its debut in the US in January, while it hit Japanese stores December 2007. Sony will become the first company offering OLED TVs in Europe. The price is unknown at this point. The company… Read More

  • Weight-sensitive floor lights up where you step on it, looks futuristic

    Mark my words: you’re going to be seeing these Sensacell floors on Battlestar Galactica on the Cylon base ships pretty soon. Doesn’t it seem like their kind of thing? I guess it could be actually practical for lighting your way with a minimal amount of light, but for places that’s necessary we already have motion sensors. Well, even if something works, we can always replace… Read More

  • Left 4 Dead to debut at PAX for Xbox 360

    Devin loved L4D when he checked it out at E3 and I have yet to demo it, but I’ll take his word for it. Those of you lucky enough to make it to PAX will have the opportunity to see the world debut of L4D for the Xbox 360 platform, which means Devin gets to play it again. Bastard. As a side note, I’m stoked to be getting my Orange Box in the next couple days. I know I’m a… Read More

  • Robopong lets you play friendless table tennis

    The Achilles heel of table tennis: people without friends can’t play. Unless you raise the one side of the table, I suppose. But why do that when you can buy an automatic ball-shooting machine? The Robo-Pong comes in a few different varieties starting at $229 for a basic unit (the 540) or $359 “for intermediate and tournament players” (the 1040) Finally, there’s… Read More

  • Bill Gates on future: The Internet! Robots! Touch!

    It seems to me that Bill Gates can’t be a geek anymore. At a recent Microsoft Asia forum he said that the future will be web-based apps, touch interfaces, and robotic artificial intelligence. This boils down to Bill saying a) Office is going to get eaten b) the iPhone is kicking butt c) the Roomba is great. Why doesn’t the richest man in the world offer more than these tired bromides? Read More

  • Kingston adds 32GB SDHC to Elite Pro line

    There’s really no need to get whimsical with this post. Kingston has announced a 32GB SDHC for you HD recording folk or anyone that really needs 32 gigs worth of room on an SD card. You’ll have to shell out about $308 for it, though. * Compliant: with the SD Card Association specification version 2.00
    * Secure: built-in write-protect switch prevents accidental data loss
    Read More

  • Barack Obama Overtakes Kevin Rose On Twitter. McCain Is Nowhere In Sight.

    Up until last night, the person with the most followers on the micro-messaging service was Digg founder and Web celeb Kevin Rose, with 56,482 other people following his every public mind burp. It took none other than Barack Obama (or, rather, Obama’s campaign machine) to take the Twitter crown away from Rose. Obama can now finally stand tall knowing that 56,791 people subscribe to… Read More

  • Polaroid wants your advice on remaking the Polaroid

    Well, not really your advice. They actually want the advice of readers of Amateur Photographer Magazine to decide on specs for an upcoming printing camera. You can enter here and the winner gets a trip to New York and VIP tickets to the Museum of Modern Art. That said, the Polaroid was a perfect technology for its time. Designed by Edwin Land as a “60-second photo studio” it ushered… Read More

  • Eidos, WB confirm Batman game, Batman: Arkham Asylum

    Sweeeeeeeeeeeet. Today, WB and Eidos announced Batman: Arkham Asylum for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. We sort of already knew there was one coming thanks to Gary Oldman, but now it’s official. Based on the “Dark Knight” storyline, based on conjecture, you will assume the role of Batman and you’re task is to deliver the Joker into the Narrows where the imprisoned swine… Read More

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