• Daily Crunch: Pour Some Ketchup on Me Edition

    The DIY 3-penny radio
    Horological Machine #3 shipping next year
    It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s USB Man!
    Spreadheads plus “Today’s lesson in PR pitching”
    Combination camera and multitool from 1930s – this is the greatest thing I have ever seen in my life Read More

  • A Small Data Glitch At Facebook

    We’ve received two reports tonight of users having their email notification settings on Facebook deleted. They were notified at login that there was a problem, and told to head over to the Notifications page to reset them. At least one user is angry about it. The other, who sent the screenshot above, was more contemplative. He suggests someone simply forgot to back up a table before… Read More

  • Google, It Wasn't Broke

    Bucket tests and experimental products are one thing. But to mess with the real Google search is serious stuff. Why did they do it? Google’s overall search share has grown substantially this year (and all other years since it went live). Their share of search advertising dollars is likely even higher. The changes Google made to search today certainly make it more interactive and social. Read More

  • Yieldex Takes Top Prize In Amazon Web Services Startup Challenge

    When we announced the 7 finalists of Amazon Web Services‘ Startup Challenge two weeks ago, we dubbed Yieldex an “online ad optimization engine for Web publishers”. It’s time to take a closer look at what that means, because the company has just been awarded the top prize in the contest, bringing home $50,000 in cash, $50,000 in services credits plus an investment offer… Read More

  • New beta version of m.yahoo.com in the works – we've got screenshots

    Further proving that security through (very, very light) obscurity isn’t a good means of keeping things secret, a new beta version of Yahoo’s Mobile Front Page (generally known as just m.yahoo.com) has been found hiding just one character away from the beta announced to the public back in January. Where as the public beta can be found at beta.m.yahoo.com, our tipster dug up the… Read More

  • Stalk That Twitterer

    A new site called TweetStalk is in private beta. It allows you to “follow” Twitter users without them knowing you are doing it (Twitter tells you when someone new has subscribed to your data). It’s all through a Firefox Add-On and appears to modify the Twitter page itself via Greasemonkey or otherwise. You are then able to follow the person without them knowing, and the… Read More

  • Mixx Growing Fast, But Are They Really More Mainstream Than Digg?

    Social news community Mixx is seeing healthy growth ever since they left stealth mode. They got a nice traffic spike last May after CNN integrated ‘Mixx it’ buttons in their articles, roughly doubling their number of unique monthly visitors to nearly 1 million, and it appears their new community building features aren’t hurting them either. A screenshot from their Google… Read More

  • TechCrunch Euro Tour 08: Yes, even Belgium has startups

    A couple of weeks ago I headed over to Belgium as part of my ongoing TechCrunch Euro Tour, to get a taste of the local web/mobile entrepreneur community (BTW, come to the London and Helsinki events soon). I hooked-up with another TechCrunch writer, Robin Wauters, who had kindly arranged a TechCrunch Belgium meetup in Gent. Gent is quickly becoming one of the main places to startup in that… Read More

  • BringIt lets gamers put their money where their mouth is

    Even before “The Wizard” enchanted and inspired the gaming generation, gamers have sought that final prize: making a living playing video games. Unfortunately, dreams of professional-gamerism have been shown to be as elusive as dreams of being a professional gambler. Luckily, startup BringIt is attempting to make both those dreams a little more attainable. BringIt made the… Read More

  • iPhone 2.2 firmware released, iPod Touch version missing some features

    The calendar now reads November 21st and, just as expected, iPhone firmware 2.2 has been released to the masses. Seeing as a pretty good number of developers have had their hands on test versions of 2.2 for sometime now, and as NDAs generally turn to pudding after a few hundred people are in on the secret, we’ve had a pretty good idea of what this release would bring to the table for… Read More

  • Crowbar successfully delivered to Gordon Freeman at Large Hadron Collider

    Well well, a happy ending! Or possibly only the grisly beginning, depending on what happens when they fire that thing up again. The crowbar, sent from Reddit and Destructoid, has been given directly to Doctor Freeman in case of… unforeseen consequences.

    Gallery here, and remember, Half-Life is still a buck! Read More

  • Who Would Have Guessed? Blackberry Users Love MySpace

    When I think of Blackberry users, I think of accountants, lawyers and anyone else who wears a tie and carries a briefcase. MySpace users, sorta the opposite. But there must be some significant overlap, because 400,000 people downloaded the MySpace Blackberry application in the last week, says MySpace – it was launched on November 12. Both RIM and MySpace say this is a record – no… Read More

  • YieldBuild Launches Self-Serve Ad Optimization In Public Beta

    YieldBuild, an ad optimization platform that helps users manage multiple ad networks and position advertisements on their webpages, has launched its self-service program to the public. When we last covered the company, YieldBuild was still in private beta and only sites with more than 500,000 monthly visitors were eligible to participate. Now, web publishers of any size are welcome to join… Read More

  • Google Makes Major Interface Change To Search: SearchWiki

    We’d noticed an increasing number of people emailing on a large-scale bucket test (a product change tested on just a percentage of total users) that Google has been conducting for months – adding a Digg-like voting feature to search results (which also changes the ranking) as well as user comments. Tonight, Google apparently said “what the hell” and turned it on for… Read More

  • Seiko Automatic Discusburger: Get you one

    This watch mixes three things I love: a nice size, a great brand, and a good movement. This odd digital watch is actually being sold by Seiko right now for about $898 direct from Japan and it’s actually totally worth it. This is a nice watch. It uses a 6R15 movement with hacking and it’s a hefty 43mm wide. You’ve even got a see-through back. I’m in love. Read More

  • BitGravity Testing New "Multiview" Product; This Is How I Want To Watch Sports

    Content Delivery Network BitGravity is testing a new product they’re calling Multiview (at least internally) that delivers up to six different synchronized high definition video streams at once. The viewer sees the normal view but can click on any of the other views at any time, and audio is obviously synchronized. The result is this: the viewer is put in the producer’s chair, and… Read More

  • A Sony president on Circuit City

    We all know by know that Circuit City is a world of hurt, with the recent bankruptcy and all, but what Sony Electronics President, Stan Glasgow, recently said about the retailer sums it up nicely. I don’t see Circuit City going away, I don’t want to see it go away. Jay and I have seen in our years in the business that there hasn’t been a successful transition out… Read More

  • GenevaSound Home Theater launches for Euro trash wannabes

    It takes a special pad for the GenevaSound Home Theater credenza to look right in but my goodness, if it can be pulled off, wow. The $3,999 stand has a 2.1 audio system within with a 12-inch sub, front and center. 700 watts powers the whole system and a CD player, radio receiver, along with the standard iPod/iPhone dock provides additional listening sources. There is even space within… Read More

  • Spreadheads plus "Today's lesson in PR pitching"

    This is something that goes on your ketchup bottle and spreads the ketchup. Fine. Looks like a nose. Kind of gross. Crazy. So this is the email that comes with it: Read More

  • What does the BlackBerry Storm mean for RIM, Verizon Wireless?

    I might not be a fan of the Storm but that doesn’t mean it won’t be flying off the shelves come tomorrow. You see, it’s not meant to be a gadget lover’s device. Just hear me out then flame away if you feel the need to. RIM felt the urgency to fill the gap between they’re entry level Pearl phones and their higher-end Bold. They obviously felt threatened by Apple… Read More

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