• Nintendo didn't like its E3 performance any more than you did

    Umm… Nintendo’s E3 performance didn’t please the hardcore types, the guys and girls who were by the company’s side since the days of the NES. Now Nintendo has admitted that it should have done an overall better job at the show, that it should have done a better job at catering to its fans. Says the head of marketing, Cammie Dunaway: I would say the message is we… Read More

  • Bigfoot finding a hoax? Say it ain’t so! It is so, though

      Just received a big, long comment on our original Bigfoot post (found here) concerning the events that have taken place over the past week or so. Would you believe that this whole Bigfoot thing is looking more and more like a hoax? Can you believe it?!! Looks like the Bigfoot’s foot was apparently made of rubber and that a sample of the creature’s hair, when burned… Read More

  • Video: Dell taps Mike Ming for five new Special Art Edition laptops

    http://i.dell.com/images/global/ac/shell/ac.swf?appWidth=239&SED=false&SDContent=true&BGColor=0xFFFFFF&allowCopy=false&basePath=images/global/ac/&skinPath=standard&cssPath=western.css&xmlPath=art_house_mike_ming.xml Oh, how I loves me some graffiti laptops. Brooklyn-based Mike Ming is front and center once again with five new Dell Studio 15 and 17 laptops. Read More

  • Fathead goes political, launches Obama and McCain Fatheads

    Who is going to buy these? Are you really going to hang an Obama Fathead in your ruckus room? Like all your buddies are going to want to hang out with you and your new, life size friend. What more do you need to know? The new Fatheads are $79.99 and available now. Pick either Obama or McCain.  PR Read More

  • Lenovo gives tiny X300 line a bump with the X301

    Lenovo recently announced the ThinkPad X301, the next in line for the X300 line. Surely you remember the X300, Lenovo’s answer to the MacBook Air. Well the X301 seems to be stuffed in the same less-than-three-pound shell, but the delicious candy inside has changed a little bit. For starters, you can get the X301 with a 64GB or 128GB solid state drive (available in September). Read More

  • In the Clouds

    Silverlight seems to be doing pretty well according to most accounts in its Olympics launch, suffering digs only at the hands of John Dowdell of Adobe and those unhappy with the lack of full screen display (a function not of a limitation of Silverlight technology but NBC wanting to sell the HD version of the events and avoid pissing off the cable and satellite companies.) The numbers were big… Read More

  • Kensington’s wireless USB hub with DVI port

    For about the price of a docking station, you could just skip the whole docking part altogether, assuming Kensington’s new Wireless USB Docking Station works as advertised. The device costs $229.99 and features a DVI port, five USB 2.0 ports, and an audio out jack. It can handle monitors up to 1680×1050. It appears to be simple enough to operate, too. You’ve just got to… Read More

  • Android video walk-through

    MobileCrunch has a fairly detailed look at the new Android emulator. We go through all the current apps and even crash the OS a few times for good measure. See the rest of our Android coverage here. Read More

  • Xbox 360 finally outsells PS3 in Japan

    The Xbox 360 outsold the PS3 for the first time ever in Japan. Microsoft’s console sold 28,116 units to Sony’s 10,705. That’s a significant difference, and one almost entirely due of the release of Tales of Vesperia, a JRPG published by Namco Bandai. Japan loves it some JRPGs. I would call out Reuters, though, in portraying the current console battle as a three-way race. Read More

  • Android video walk-through [Updated]

    Here is a quick walk-through of the Android OS. Put on some headphones – the voiceover is a little low – but this gives you a fairly clear look at what’s going on inside the new OS. Update: Audio should be a lot better now. Read More

  • Treo Pro officially bows early, then gets pulled off stage

    So on the 21st, Palm is going to make the Treo Pro official but the leaks keep flowing. Next up was the official press photos, but all we managed to grab was a screenshot before those were pulled. Unfortunately, there wasn’t anything new announced. Some Palm fanboys are still holding out for HSDPA but that doesn’t look good. Palm has unveiled a new moble device, the Treo Pro… Read More

  • No, Tim. We're Not As Bad As The New York Times

    Tim O’Reilly is tearing his hair out because he thinks that we link too much to CrunchBase, our startup database. He levels the unforgivable charge of self-linking at us, and puts us in the same company as the New York Times (which in this case is not a good thing). In his post (which I link to above), he makes the following connection between how we link to Crunchbase and how the New… Read More

  • Zune gets storage bump to 120GB, passes FCC

    Look at that Zune, there. It’s got a 120GB hard drive. And according to this report from the FCC (PDF file), it passed with flying colors, so you’ll probably see it on the endcap of your local Target store or other fine retailer in the near future. It doesn’t appear to diverge too drastically from the current 80GB Zune except for the extra 40GB of storage. No official word… Read More

  • Woman ordered to pay $6,050 for downloading 8 songs

    A Bronx woman will have to pay the RIAA $6,050 for making songs available to download on Kazaa. That works out to something like $756 per song (there were eight songs in question). The case, Electra v. Barker, matters a little more than serving as anti-RIAA fodder. The RIAA was trying to argue that merely making songs available in a shared folder was tantamount to copyright infringement. If… Read More

  • Ricoh updates their R8 digi-cam with the R10

    Ricoh today announced in Japan [JP] that on September 5th, they will replace their R8 digital camera with the R10. The new model will be sold in Japan first for $450. There is no word on release dates and prices for other territories yet. The R10 comes with the following features: – 10-megapixel CCD sensor with 7.1x optical zoom
    – 3-inch HVGA LCD display
    – ISO sensivity… Read More

  • Dell Mini-Inspiron specs a-leaked: Doesn't seem too bad at all

    Well I’ll be—the Dell Mini-Inspiron doesn’t look half bad. Gizmodo broke into Dell headquarters, beat up the security guard, and stole the full spec sheet for the Internet’s enjoyment. That, or some dude just e-mailed a copy to Rothman. Either way, the specs are now out there. The raw: 1.6GHz Intel Atom processor, up to 1GB of RAM, a solid state drive (4 to 16GB)… Read More

  • Nikon digital SLR is Europe's camera of the year

    Nikon says their digital SLR D3 has been chosen as Europe’s Camera of the Year 2008-2009 by the European Imaging and Sound Association. The camera has already won the Camera Grand Prix 2008 award in Japan and the Technical Image Press Association‘s Best Professional Digital SLR Camera 2008 award in Europe. Nikon is actually a late entrant to the market for professional digital… Read More

  • Google Sinks $10 Million Into New Geothermal Technologies

    Google’s philanthropic arms, Google.org, is investing a little over $10 million into the development of enhanced geothermal systems (EGS). Rather than extracting heat from the ground a few hundred feet down (or less) as traditional geothermal systems do, EGS goes several kilometers deep into the hot rock under the Earth. If we could tap just two percent of that heat under the… Read More

  • Silicon Avon – startups doing it 'Bristol fashion'

    In the first of a series of guest posts about the startup scene in various parts of the UK (get in touch if you’re interested in writing one), John Bradford gives us the low-down on the scene in Bristol. It’s not all stovepipe hats and clay dogs in Bristol. These days its more location aware gaming, mobile media and building businesses. Two Bristol startups you may have heard about… Read More

  • Casio Japan rolls out photo printer with keyboard and 7-inch touchscreen

    Today Casio announced the PCP-1200 [JP], a photo printer tailor-made for printing personalized post cards. It will be available in Japan on September 12th for $500. The device is Nippon-only at this point. The printer comes with two unusual features: a 7-inch touchscreen (480×234 resolution/32,768 colors) and a full keyboard. Text can be added to post cards (or photos similar in size… Read More

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