• Canon releases 10 cameras in one night – thanks, Canon

    Just when I thought it was safe to relax and read a little bit, my inbox lights up with a damn tidal wave of point-and-shoots. If you’re in the market, you’ll be doing more in-depth research and of course the outliers of this batch will be tested and compared to others, so for the moment we’ll just take a quick look at their styling, specs, and standout features. Read More

  • Logitech G19 delayed until May

    Not a whole lot of information on exactly why, but Logitech announced recently that they are delaying their new top of the line keyboard, the G19, until May. Given the amount of tech that’s going into this thing, I’m not surprised that they’re having issues. Read More

  • Facebook Backtracks Under Community Pressure, Goes Back To Old ToS (For Now)

    Isn’t it ironic that Facebook, which is so often used by groups of people to protest and demand changes for just about anything, has reverted to its former Terms Of Services under pressure of the community? After trying to calm everyone down first, Mark Zuckerberg has now posted a new blog post stating that the company will revert to its previous ToS while they “resolve the issues… Read More

  • CleanFUZE technology could save hospitals $150 million annually

    DiFusion Technologies, a medical device company based out of Austin, Texas, has developed a silver ion technology called CleanFUZE, designed to prevent infection after orthopedic procedures. Dr. Matthew Geck, the company’s founder, explained that “five out of 100 spine cases result in Surgical Site Infections (SSI) often leading to second surgeries that are extremely costly and… Read More

  • LG's solar powered gadgets

    Recently, many companies have announced green initiatives and recycling programs. LG is following suit and has announced its own green products and initiatives under its a new slogan: “Life’s Good When It’s Green.” We saw the beginnings of this with their big solar and wind charger at CES. Read More

  • WeddingBook Marries Search Aggregation With Wedding Vendor Listings

    With upwards of 200,000 wedding vendors in the U.S. alone, the wedding industry can be both fiercely competitive and highly profitable for businesses. A new website, WeddingBook, is attempting to become a highly comprehensive search aggregator for or U.S. wedding vendors by offering highly exposed listings for free. WeddingBook allows vendors to list an advertisement on the site without… Read More

  • DIY ultrasonic rangefinder finds ranges

    Check out these instructions to build your own ultrasonic rangefinder. No I’m not talking about some kind of weird DIY Leica M8. It’s a little device that finds the distance between it and another object. Read More

  • Did Hulu Just Pull The Plug On Its Deal With TV.com?

    Something is up at TV.com, the CBS-owned site that recently relaunched as a competitor to Hulu. Since last summer, when TV.com was owned by CNET and was still primarily a community hub, the site has featured content from NBC and News Corp through a partnership with Hulu. Now, only two months after TV.com relaunched as a CBS-supported direct competitor to the popular media portal, it looks… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: $99 Guitar/Mandolin package

    Wow, now this is something I can get behind: a $99 acoustic guitar and mandolin pack with free shipping. Think about it: once we reach the nadir of this depression, bloggers will have to become roving troubadours singing tales of the Silicon Bowl and busking for nickels near train depots. Read More

  • Snapstream Mini Is A DVR On Steroids For Enterprises

    Snapstream, who brought us BeyondTV and Snapstream Enterprise, has launched a more budget-friendly standalone TV search engine appliance for enterprises. The Snapstream Mini costs $2000 ($6000 less than the original Snapstream Server) and offers most of the capabilities of the more expensive product. One of the main differentiators is memory capacity; the Mini offers a little over 1000 hours… Read More

  • Rear-Projection TV hacked to use multitouch

    This impressive hack by IDEO labs makes a 67-inch rear-projection TV into a multi-touch display. They’ve mounted IR cameras into the TV and added laser projectors to the corners of the display, which are interrupted by your fingers and detected by the cameras. It’s a lot like the Surface approach, but more compact. A lot more money and testing has gone into the Surface, so it… Read More

  • Video: Unknown Blackrock Studios game coming March 11

    Video games haven’t really been on my radar the last two months, so I may have missed this one along the way. The makers of Pure appear to have another racing game waiting in the wings, but we’ll have to wait until March 11th to find out unless someone in the audience can enlighten me. Read More

  • Samsung: three Android, one LiMo by year's end

    Samsung’s revving up its PR machine for its Linux and Android offerings to come later this year. They’re still keeping everything under wraps and it doesn’t look like there will be anything at MWC, but I’m sure there are plenty of conferences to exploit between now and the end of the year. Read More

  • DocVerse: Building A Better "Office Live" (Beta Invites)

    When Microsoft launched “Live Workspaces” last year we were sufficiently underwhelmed. But Microsoft didn’t have to wow us. The software giant could, and has been taking its time playing catch-up with web enabled productivity suites (namely Google Docs) while it continues milking the desktop software cash cow. So far much of the competition has been centered around web apps… Read More

  • Toys: ‘Duck Hunter’ looks awesome

    Take a pair of flying robotic ducks, sprinkle in a little laser tag, and you’ve got the makings of a wonderful evening. Boing Boing Gadgets happened upon “Duck Hunter” by Interactive Toy Concepts, a game that looks a lot like a live-action version of everyone’s favorite NES Zapper game, minus the stupid laughing dog. Read More

  • Kisai Sensai watch: Don't expect to be able to read it.

    Tokyoflash strikes again, with yet another insane watch that’s almost impossible to read. The latest addition to their line, the “Kisai Sensai” is pretty much incomprehensible. Read More

  • New Canon point-and-shoots leaked

    Looks like Canon updated their site’s database a little too soon; a pair of point-and-shoots no one’s ever seen made it in there. Oops! They’ve since pulled the data, but the intrepid Canon Rumors snagged screens and stats before Canon realized the mistake. Here are the two new shooters in their modest glory. Read More

  • DTV Coupon Money still weeks out – sorry procrastinators

    Well that’s what you get for procrastinating. Some 600 stations switched off their analog broadcasts today and you didn’t register for your coupon in time so you couldn’t purchase a DTV converter box partly on Obama’s dime. The stimulus package will provide $650 million in funding, but it will take some time to get that cash in the appropriate account and into the hands… Read More

  • Capcom unleashes Street Fighter IV and a Visa card

    In conjunction with the launch of Street Fighter IV, Capcom announced the Capcom Unity Visa card. At first I thought this was a credit card and felt it necessary to go on a rampage with the economy being the way it is, but then the rage subsided and I kept reading the press release. It turns out this isn’t a CC, but a prepaid Visa card. Read More

  • Microsoft's My Phone looks simple, straightforward

    We heard last week that My Phone, originally Skybox (a lofty name if I ever heard one), would be making its debut at MWC. Well, that was true, although it’s not exactly the belle of the ball. With a lot of white space and progress bars, this looks to be a, shall we say, utilitarian service. I’m sure it will get options to doll it up before long, but this is like putting out a… Read More

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