• Meet Betty, a bionic goose with evil intentions (likely)

    What have they done?! Soon we will be ruled over by this bionic goose, Betty, and her devious minions. Why in the world did veterinarians in the UK cobble together the first bionic goose when Mother Nature obviously had different plans by leaving her a half a mile from land with a busted leg. It doesn’t matter now. Betty’s plan is already in motion. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Wii for $200, Wii Fit for $72

    Whoa, Dell, that’s some aggressive pricing on the Wii and Wii Fit. Assuming it’s not a price mistake, you can get — today only — the Nintendo Wii for $199.99 and Wii Fit for $71.99 with free shipping. Read More

  • OSes gone and very forgotten

    In honor of Chrome OS, here BusinessInsider has collected a nice selection of obscure old operating systems that basically died on the vine. Read More

  • Indie Kindle author lands book deal

    And you thought self-published books were all rubbish. Author Boyd Morrison sold two books, the first one called The Ark, to Simon & Schuster. Boyd uploaded and sold the books himself and raised awareness for his novels by being a member of Kindle Boards and generally self-promoting. He will be published in hardcover in 2010 and is working on his next book featuring swashbuckling… Read More

  • Video: Interview with multiple award winner Spotify at #Europas

    As you may well have heard, the big winner at The Europas Awards on Thursday night was Spotify, which won four awards (Best We app, Best New Startup, Best Founder Team and the Grand Prix). Here’s Shakil Khan (the video title is mis-spelt), Spotify’s Consigliere, sharing with writer and author Paul Carr and myself how he felt about winning four awards, including The Europas Grand… Read More

  • Use Setlist.fm To Collect And Share Track Lists From Any Live Performance

    It’s festival season, so this may be a welcome addition to the gigantic directory of music-related information websites and applications already out there on the Web, particularly for live gig buffs. Setlist.fm is an awesome free wiki site (although they prefer to call it a “wiki-like service”) that aims to become the biggest repository of live performance track lists with… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Catapult Edition

    Nixie Tubes: Like Pixy Stix with caffeine
    Review: Scottevest Cotton Hoodie
    Interview: Greg Grunberg and August Trometer, founders of Yowza, action heroes Read More

  • That USB chainsaw is not real

    So that fake USB Chainsaw from the other day is indeed fake. Hence the fakeness. It’s instead an eye-opening ad campaign aimed at educating the public about the wastefulness of printers. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Pioneer BDP-120 Blu-ray player for only $189

    Seriously. Please spend the extra cash and get this Pioneer BDP-120 over the $98 Magnavox Blu-ray player. You will be oh so happy that you did. Why you ask? Let me explain. Read More

  • Bad batteries: Apple forced to recall 1st gen iPod nano in South Korea

    Looks like the South Korean government has forced Apple to recall the first generation iPod nano over concerns that the battery can overheat, leading to fires. It’s the first time that the iPod nano has been recalled. Read More

  • App Roundup: four apps that try to make a good game better

    When you can’t think of your own original game, steal someone else’s and make it better (or don’t). That’s the motto of this week’s app roundup, where we feature four games that attempt to improve on an existing classic. App #1: The iPhone is just perfect for racing games, and so many have been made for it. The accelerometer allows you to use the device as a… Read More

  • NFL to stream live games on the iPhone, but doesn't want anyone to watch

    Excited about the NFL streaming live football games on the iPhone? I was, too, until I heard the “but.” Announced today, the NFL has partnered with DirecTV to stream live games via an iPhone app during the 2009 season. Great news if you’re a DirecTV subscribers willing to pay $280 on an NFL Sunday Ticket subscription and a $100 Sunday Ticket SuperFan subscription and be in… Read More

  • Nixie Tubes: Like Pixy Stix with caffeine

    While Pixy Stix may have gotten you all hopped up as a child, you’ll need something a bit stronger in your adult years. Enter Nixie Tubes — basically grown-up Pixy Stix laced with 100mg of caffeine. Read More

  • Be careful what you read about the Hadopi Router

    So the Hadopi Router is currently swirling about the Internet. Be careful what you read! Read More

  • Confirmed: Pandora Raises A Huge Round, Post Streaming Rate Agreement

    With its potential troubles behind it, having reached a deal to stream music while staying afloat financially, it looks like Pandora is getting flush with cash. The Internet streaming radio service has raised a new $35 million round of funding, multiple sources told peHUB earlier, and we’ve just confirmed the round with the company. Pandora is being mum on the huge number, but is saying… Read More

  • Video: Playing with App Expose in Snow Leopard

    Here’s a quick look at App Expose in Snow Leopard, a feature I was really looking forward to. It’s quite cool and works like a treat in the latest update. There are also a few improvements to the contextual menus in the dock but this is the only major UI improvement I saw. Sorry for the sound quality. I was trying something new. But the most important stuff is there. Read More

  • Microsoft VP says Google Chrome OS is a decoy

    Walid Abu-Hadba, Microsoft’s Vice President of Developer and Platform Evangelism, has gone on record to say that “[m]ost of what Google does is defensive.” He has an interesting point: all of the non-search stuff that Google invests in keep its would-be competitors on their toes, and prevent those would-be competitors from encroaching upon the cash cow of Google’s… Read More

  • Olympus sees error, credits original source of the E-P1 video

    That old adage of “Imitation is the best form of flattery” is bull. There is nothing fulfilling when your work is recreated without at least a hint of the source. The Olympus E-P1 Pen digital camera ad after the jump is a great example. It clearly rips off the video above which was posted three months ago. It wasn’t until the Internet erupted a few hours ago that Olympus… Read More

  • Review: Scottevest Cotton Hoodie

    The tagline for the Scottevest cotton hoodie is “A place for everything, and everything in its place”. Considering that the hoodie conceals no less then 13 pockets, it’s a pretty accurate description. Read More

  • CrunchUp Live The Main Event: Real Time Round Table

    Here it is. The final panel discussion of our Real-Time CrunchUp conference. Judging from the participants, it should be a good one. Here’s the roster: Iain Dodsworth, TweetDeck
    Nick Halstead, Tweetmeme
    David Hornik, August Capital
    Bret Taylor, Friendfeed
    George Zachary, Charles River Ventures
    Loic LeMeur, Seesmic
    Dan’l Lewin, Microsoft
    Craig Walker, Google
    Andreas Weigend… Read More

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