• Got a couple million to spare? Buy a 64-terabyte solid state drive setup

    Remember the RAM-SAN 500, that flash RAID array that basically is the fastest thing on the earth right now? Well, if you’re a special effects artist or run a huge, high speed media database or something, you might need a little more space than they have available. So what do you do? You stack eight of them on top of one another and you run that thing as one hell of a high-speed… Read More

  • Redfly drops in price to $399, supports a bunch of new phones

    I’ve got one of these sitting in my apartment right now, and we’ll have a review for you soon — but if you’re already convinced of the usefulness of these little smartphone symbiotes, now would be a good time to pick one up. They’ve just dropped $100 in price and now they support a dozen more phones — Treos, Touches, Tilts, and a ton of other WinMo… Read More

  • Want an EV car? Build one yourself.

    You don’t need a $40,000 Chevy Volt to be part of the green crowd. Just convert your current vehicle from gasoline to electric. It might cost you more than the car is worth, but you won’t be sending your bucks overseas.  CNN is showcasing two fellas that did just that. One with a Honda Civic del Sol and the other with a Chevy S-10. Both are now electric and both were converted… Read More

  • Yahoo Rounds Out Its Board With Icahn's Henchmen

    With the appointment of Frank Biondi, Jr. and John Chapple to Yahoo’s board of directors today, the last two slots on the board are now filled. Biondi, the former CEO of Viacom, and Chapple, the former CEO of Nextel, were both on Carl Icahn’s original alternate slate when he was still trying to replace the entire board. As part of his compromise with Yahoo, Icahn backed down from… Read More

  • Google and AT&T get in hissy fit over user privacy

    We’ve all seen how Google uses targeted advertising to supply web surfers with relevant advertising. ISPs monitor traffic by a different method, deep packet inspection. Several ISPs were preparing to sell the data they have been collecting, which caught the attention of Congress. The House Committee on Energy and Commerce sent out letters of inquiry earlier this month to 33 companies… Read More

  • Averatec to sell rebranded MSI Wind in September

    Remember Averatec? I sure do. I’ve owned two Averatec computers. One when the company used to be Sotec and another when it used to be Averatec. Now it’s sort of called TriGem, but sometimes called Averatec. Something like that. Anyhoo, Joanna Stern of Laptop Magazine spoke with Averatec’s marketing director and found out that Averatec and MSI are in cahoots. It turns out… Read More

  • Nokia requiring their suppliers to be AMOLED-ready?

    Citing oh-so-ambiguous industry sources, Digitimes is reporting that Nokia may be requiring its display suppliers to be capable of pushing out AMOLED panels. According to their source, the move is as much of a test of their suppliers R&D departments as it is preparation for the future. What is AMOLED, you ask? Check out the labcoat-filled video after the jump. Read More

  • XBOX 360's 'Braid' developer banking on game sales

    The utter nostalgic simplicity of Braid is making the indie developer swim in a lot of coin. Jonathan Blow’s game has already sold 55,000 copies and at $15 a pop, that works out to an impressive $825,000. Who knows how much he’s getting after Microsoft’s pimp tax but it’s got to be enough to cover his rent.  So what are you waiting for, 55,000 fellow XBOX 360… Read More

  • GotApps Brings Alerts To Apple's App Store

    One of the biggest problems with Apple’s still-fledgling App Store is that there’s no efficient way to sift through new applications. While users can view a list of the most recently uploaded apps, the list can be overwhelming and unorganized. Most users rely on the “Top Apps” lists, which do seem to change often, but these tend to consist mainly of games and… Read More

  • Sony's Eyetoy swordfighting game to battle Wii's MotionPlus to the death

    Although the swordfighting game in Wii Sports Resort is cartoonish and non-decapitatory, it’s still probably the most serious swordfighting game in the business. Afraid of Nintendo gaining a monopoly on yet another slice of the gaming pie, Sony has been working on an Eyetoy-based sword game called Hero. It’s story-driven and uses a prop sword, which it tracks with pixel-perfect… Read More

  • New Panasonic VIERA plasma said to have 42 year half-life

    So if a Panasonic VIERA plasma’s screen has a half-life of 42-years, that states that the screen will loss all it’s brightness in 84-years. Or 2093. Or when George Bush VI takes office. Or when we might finally have flying cars. Or when…you get the idea. CEPro presents an interesting question on this claim, “Will you die before your TV?” Hmmm. So even if the… Read More

  • Motorola ZN200 goes global

    After a month long exclusive premier in Brazil, the MOTO ZN200 has made its way to Motorola’s global site. Know what that means? Motorola will be releasing the ZN200 …somewhere else! Hurray! We’ll have to wait to see exactly where it pops up, but it oughtta hit someone’s shelves in the next month and a half or so. It’s like an easter egg hunt, where first person… Read More

  • Giro Sponge sops up plaque

    Fabio Dabori, an industrial designer based in Brazil has softened up the toothbrush game with his new toothbrush concept, Giro Sponge. The powered toothbrush is takes the concept of using bristles and completely throws that out the door, instead replacing the ‘brush’ head with a small sponge. Made with both adults and kids in mind, Fabio imagines the toothsponge to be useful for… Read More

  • Crunch Network

    10 Days of CrunchGear: Timing in Tokyo

    Want to turn Japanese? How about an S-Mode Oberon IPB or Tokyoflash Infection from Tokyoflash. We’ve got one of each, so two winners total. S-Mode Oberon IPB -Breaking through the atmosphere with the same velocity as its predecessor Titan, this high quality time piece has a radiance that can be seen from another cosmos.  The S-Mode series brings you a stunning wrist wear design featuring… Read More

  • Remote Wake coming to Intel motherboards

    You know Wake-on-LAN? Great tool for IT, but not for the general public. Enter Remote Wake from Intel. This feature takes WOL and ups the ante by allowing VoIP and media server programs to activate a sleeping computer. So if you have a Skype call from your buddy in Amsterdam while you and your computer is sleeping, the ‘puter will turn on and then wake you from your own slumber. Also… Read More

  • The Samsung Eco E200 – it's (kinda) made of corn!

    Fine – it’s made of bioplastic, which is derived from corn. Same thing, right? Plus, it’s better than the other title I was considering: “The Samsung Eco E200 – it’s corny!” While the definition of bioplastic varies widely depending on who you’re talking to, the important part is that it’s a material made (at least partially) of some sort… Read More

  • Psystar 'Definitely still shipping' Mac clones

    Despite Apple’s end user licensing agreement expressly forbidding the installation or sales of its operating systems on third-party hardware, Psystar is ‘still shipping‘ the computers. And don’t forget they now come with a restore disk. via Information Week Read More

  • Intel re-brands Centrino Atom to just Atom

    Intel is re-branding their Centrino Atom line, shortening the name to simply Atom. By making the brand name less confusing, Intel should be able to more specifically differentiate Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs) from more traditional laptops that are associated with the Centrino name. The Centrino Atom chip package was unveiled earlier this year. Formerly codenamed “Menlow”, the… Read More

  • Flixwagon Matches Qik With 3G iPhone Service, Apple Still MIA

    Hot on the heels of its competitor Qik, mobile video service Flixwagon has released an application for the iPhone 3G that allows users to stream live video from their cell phones. Qik released a similar application for the iPhone 3G yesterday. Unfortunately, like the Qik app, this will only work on jailbroken (hacked) iPhones, which severely limits the potential user base. Here are the… Read More

  • Netflix having shipping issues

    Email sent out to all 8.4 million Netflix subscribers today. Jim Goldman, CNBC, dug a little deeper and found out that Netflix is having, having severe system issues on our shipping Accroding to his Netflix source, the company didn’t ship any DVDs on Tuesday, only a few Wednesday, and none so far today. We’ll pass on the latest news as soon as we get it. No Dark Crystal for… Read More

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