• The Big Cheese: Powerful Version Of Google Search Appliance Can Grow Exponentially

    On average, most businesses currently double the number of digital documents they have every twelve to eighteen months. The impact of this rapid addition of content, argues Google, is that the search functionality of an organization’s databases and Websites need to be scalable in a dynamic environment. Google maintains that scalability is a crucial need of enterprises today, which is why… Read More

  • Garmin-Asus: Expect an Android-powered device next year

    Garmin-Asus is getting real good at announcing products. The original Nuvifone was announced almost a year and a half ago. Then, just a few months ago, they announced the smaller version called the M20 and renamed the original as the G60. Now, the joint venture company is saying that we can expect an Android-powered smartphone sometime next year. Great, but we’re still waiting for the… Read More

  • Twitter And Bing Shutdown In China As Tiananmen Date Looms

    It’s widely known that China runs a pretty tight ship – to put it mildly – on what its citizens get to see online, especially that content which is served from outside of China. YouTube has been blocked for some time and although Wikipedia was blocked for a while, it’s gradually become more available. However today Chinese authorities have brought the the Great Wall… Read More

  • LaVie Light: NEC Japan launches new netbook series

    Nec Japan today announced two netbooks [JP], the BL100 and the BL300/310/350, which are completely redesigned and come with Windows XP pre-installed. The new netbooks are part of the NEC LaVie series and are labeled “LaVie Light” because of the BL100 weighing just 1.07 kg and the BL300/310/350 models weighing 1.14kg or 1.32kg, depending on the model. Read More

  • According To Twitter, You're All Using Their Website To Tweet Your Hearts Out

    Few users seem to have noticed this, but apparently Twitter is no longer appending the correct application that was used to update user streams at the end of each message. Everything is marked as coming “from web”, even if the message was actually sent out from a desktop client, third-party web or mobile application. Here’s the kicker: after some digging, I found that the… Read More

  • Six for the ladies – new Casio "Baby-G" wristwatches announced

    Casio announced several new additions to their Baby-G line recently, including some eye-catchingly bright pink models. Despite the questionable style choices, the new additions are solid watches. Read More

  • Nokia N97 Slated For Worldwide Shipping This Month (Bonus: Factory Assembly Video)

    Yes, the rumors are true: Nokia will start shipping its N97 device (they call it a mobile computer) to no less than 75 countries this month, after starting to accept pre-orders earlier last month. In the second half of 2009, Nokia plans to start rolling out a bunch of new features and functions, but right off the bat it will be the first device to come pre-installed with the recently launched… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Run Away If You Want to Survive Edition

    LIVE: Ubisoft E3 2009 press conference
    Unlocking the “uncrackable” Medeco Deadbolt
    E3 2009: L4D Trailer with More zombies, chainsaws Read More

  • Search Smackdown: Bing Vs. Google

    That was fast. Irish programmer and SEO specialist Paul Savage has made this very basic web service, which lists all results for search queries on Google and Bing side by side so you can compare which one produces the best results for the keywords you enter on one single page. We’ve played around with it a bit and found that the tool proves that the user experience for both search… Read More

  • CrunchGear does E3: day one roundup

    We were on the scene down here in LA, and today was the first big day of the show — even though it doesn’t really even start until tomorrow. Today was actually the day of press conferences by some of the big players, where they drop all their big news and tell you where to check out the latest big franchise games. It’s also a showcase for the latest acquisitions and… Read More

  • E3 2009: Splinter Cell Conviction first gameplay footage

    You’ve seen the trailer, now see the gameplay. They actually modeled Sam Fisher on a younger, fitter now-CrunchGear-editor John Biggs. John was never quite that deadly, let’s be honest, but we have to allow a certain level of artistic license in these things. The lithe movements are very Biggs-ish, though. Read More

  • E3 2009: Red Steel 2 actual gameplay video

    Red Steel was a groundbreaking game in the truest sense: it broke ground. Not necessarily very well, but it was the first Wii game to really try to do what we were all thinking: guns and swords. Red Steel 2 may actually deliver on the promises its predecessor made, but at the very least it looks like a fun game to flail around in. Check out a few minutes of gameplay inside, including the… Read More

  • E3 2009: Lionhead's Project Milo

    Raise your hand if you thought Microsoft’s press conference was a bit of a bore this morning? Aside from Natal, I wasn’t all that impressed by any of the upcoming titles (except for Conviction and maybe The Beatles Rock Band) or the updates to Xbox Live. Lionhead really stole the show when they unveiled a little AI boy named Milo. Read More

  • E3 2009: Assassin's Creed 2 direct-feed trailer

    We had a bootleg that we almost uploaded, but we decided to download and re-up Ubisoft’s streaming version instead. Are you ready for some new-school Assassin’s Creed? Are you? Well then what are you waiting for? Click! Hard to tell anything specific about the game other than that part of it takes place in picturesque Venice (hopefully one of several locations you can again ride… Read More

  • E3 2009: Halo 3 ODST to include exclusive wireless Xbox 360 controller

    Fancy a ODST wireless Xbox 360 controller? Well, it’s going to cost you $99 when Halo 3 ODST drops on September 22, but don’t worry that includes the game as well. Hit the jump to see the controller and the official ODST trailer. Read More

  • E3 2009: Splinter Cell: Conviction trailer, shooting grenades in mid-air edition

    This, if you haven’t already seen it on G4 or whatever, is the début trailer of Splinter Cell: Conviction. Sam has gone rogue! Read More

  • CrunchGear Does E3: Day One

    CrunchGear is on the scene down here in LA, and today was the first big day of the show — even though it doesn’t really even start until tomorrow. Today was actually the day of press conferences by some of the big players, where they drop all their big news and tell you where to check out the latest big franchise games. It’s also a showcase for the latest acquisitions and… Read More

  • Want Your Service Integrated With TweetDeck? It'll Cost You A Cool $50,000

    One of Twitter’s greatest assets has always been its developer community. But with the countless link, image, and video sharing services available (many of which are very similar to each other), most new services are lost to obscurity. When it comes to determining which services will succeed, the popular Twitter clients hold all the keys. If you’re integrated with one… Read More

  • Sony Ericsson dropping Memory Stick Micro, apparently stopped taking moron pills

    Well here’s a welcome addition to today’s happiness bank: Sony Ericsson is dropping the Memory Stick Micro, Sony’s red hot memory stick platform, for MicroSD. The Memory Stick, if you’ll recall, was Sony’s attempt to rule the roost when it came to memory cards, a strategy that failed so spectacularly that they created an entire sidereal constellation of memory… Read More

  • Quirky Is A Social Network For Product Development

    Have you ever thought of a quirky but innovative product that might be useful to the masses but didn’t follow through with the idea? Sometimes these flashes of genius get lost in the shuffle. Startup quirky is hoping to be the platform for product ideas that are born on napkin doodles and in other unorthodox ways. The site then tries to use crowdsourcing to develop the product, by… Read More

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