• Copy/Paste references caught loitering in iPhone frameworks

    The ability to copy & paste is probably one of the most requested features still absent from the iPhone. Whenever word of an update gets out, it’s a safe bet that one of the first question amongst the comments will be “They put in copy/paste yet?” Well, it’s still not in yet – but Apple might be working on it. While digging around the iPhone SDK, an… Read More

  • Costume: The portable hard drive for senoritas

    Someone took the time to throw together a render of a portable hard drive for girls, the Costume. Overtly targeting girls with technology can be dangerous proposition; dipping a phone in pink and calling it “for girls, now!” usually has less than a snowball’s chance in hell of getting anywhere, but Costume seems to have been designed with care. It’s supposed to match… Read More

  • This robotic fish can explore the ocean by itself

    Researchers at the University of Kitakyushuu [JP] in Southern Japan (where else) developed a battery-powered robotic snapper that can swim in salt water for about one hour to gather oceanographic data. The fish weighs 7kg and is covered by a silicone body. It is able to move like a real snapper via a tailor-made propulsion system, making it possible for the the robot to blend into its… Read More

  • Video: BGR demos the BlackBerry Bold's Web browser

    http://services.brightcove.com/services/viewer/federated_f8/687242818 Dare I say it, but I think my interest in the Bold is beginning to wane. BGR demos both IE and FF emulators that both crash, but that OS sure does it look pretty. Of course, I can’t pass judgment on something I haven’t seen in person, yet. Any BlackBerry fans being swayed either way by this video? Read More

  • Video: You Suck At Photoshop #13

    http://www.mydamnchannel.com/xml/mdc_embed.swf?episode=834 Someone’s a little bitter. How is this series going to end? I’m pretty sure Donnie is going to off himself. What do you think? Read More

  • Samsung i8510 INOV8 cellphone with 8-megapixel digital camera

    How often do you use your phone’s built-in camera? More often than not, the cameras are so terrible it’s not even worth the time it takes to remove it from your pocket. Samsung aims to change that mentality with its i8510 INOV8. The phone, which is Europe-only, runs on the latest version of Symbian, and comes with a 8-megapixel camera. Of course, as we all know, unless the image… Read More

  • Redlasso Shuts Down In Response To Fox/NBC Lawsuit

    Redlasso, the video site that allows bloggers to post clips of television content, has shut down its beta in response to a recently filed lawsuit by Hulu-backers Fox and NBC. In May, Fox, CBS and NBC issued Cease and Desist notices to Redlasso for copyright violation, which the company largely ignored. In June the company established a “Media Advisory Board” headed by a number… Read More

  • Journey MP3 player pre-loaded with their new album

    Journey, the “band,” has a 1GB MP3 player out there, brought to you by the fine folks at ZVUE. It comes with 11 brand new songs from the album Revelation and 11 re-recorded songs. A neat venture, but one we’d like to see with a good band, like My Chemical Romance. via Anything But iPod Read More

  • iPhone battery dead and no outlet in sight? Try Brando's iPhone Power Station

    Awful iPhone 3G (or 2G for that matter) got you down? Brando has just released the iPhone Power Station that lets you charge your iPhone when you’re away from a proper outlet. The power station has a capacity of 1000mAh, so definitely enough to save you from the awful reality of being without your iPhone for more than two minutes at a time. $25, so nearly free for you Europeans. Read More

  • Flash: Mortal Kombat 9 will be bloody, violent

    The fine gents over at Kotaku spoke to Ed Boon, the Godfather of the Mortal Kombat series, who says that the next game in the series, Mortal Kombat 9, will be bloodier, more violent, and more Mortal Kombat than ever before. In other words, it’s the Mortal Kombat you fell in love with, all those years ago. Can we all agree that MKII was the bestt? It all sorta fell apart from there… Read More

  • That DNS flaw is the real deal, but many ISPs still haven't applied patch

    Oh, AFP That DNS flaw that we mentioned a few days ago has been discovered by “hackers,” and is currently being “weaponized,” says a top Internet security expert. The attack makes use of cache poisoning to re-direct traffic. Worst case scenario, you try going to yourbank.com, but instead are taken to a hacker’s phishing site. You put in your account details and… Read More

  • Japan gets the world's fastest Blu-ray recorder

    Today Buffalo introduced [JP] the world’s fastet Blu-ray recorder, which is Japan-only for the time being. The recorder is available as an external (BR-816SU2) and an internal version (BR-816FBS-WH in white or BR-816FBS-BK in black). The new drives are capable of burning single-layer Blu-rays at a speed of up to 8x (up to 2x for a double-layer disc). The internal recorders feature… Read More

  • Alienware m17x has been unboxed

    The art of opening a box while taking photos or video is known ’round these parts as unboxing, and it’s been played out since 2006. That said, an unboxing of the Alienware m17x , which Biggs lauded earlier this year, has now surfaced. As the lucky recipient says, it sure as hell does look a lot sturdier than the m15x. And as Biggs says, it’s an honest to goodness gaming… Read More

  • Want to Buy Xdrive? AOL Is Trying To Sell It For $5 Million.

    Continuing the tradition of selling bad Web businesses for less than they were bought for (in the vein of Cnet selling Webshots for $45 million three years after paying $70 million for it), AOL is trying to unload online storage service Xdrive. Three years after buying Xdrive for a rumored $30 million (never officially disclosed), the price it is now trying to fetch is $5 million, and… Read More

  • Amazon To Power Upcoming MySpace Music Downloads

    The as-yet unlaunched MySpace Music will likely partner with Amazon to handle all music ecommerce transactions, we’ve heard from multiple sources. Apple and Rhapsody are also bidding for the business, however, and one source says a final decision hasn’t yet been made. The project, which combines the music from three of the four major labels (Sony BMG, Universal Music Group and… Read More

  • MindTouch Revamps Enterprise Collaboration Platform

    Open source wiki developer MindTouch has recently announced Kilen Woods, the newest version of its collaboration and knowledge management platform. The version is the companies latest attempt to beef up their wiki collaboration interface. Users now have access to an expanded set of adapters to various systems and web-services including Salesforce, SugarCRM, LinkedIn, MySQL, Microsoft… Read More

  • Internet offing bike messengers faster than open car doors

    I’ve always wanted to be a bike messenger. It seems so cool – riding around fast in the city, dropping stuff off, getting fit, making a little money, going to special bars where you sit with other messengers and talk about gears and stuff. Well, it looks like my dream will never be realized simply because the Internet is forcing many companies to shut down simply because… Read More

  • iPhone 2.1 firmware to get better GPS functionality

    Turn-by-turn, anyone? Gear Live is reporting that the new 2.1 firmware will have better GPS integration and allow programs to sense the direction you’re moving and your speed which points to future turn-by-turn instructions. Not a lot of information besides that but the 2.1 firmware is being passed on to beta programmers so expect it soonish. Read More

  • Tweenky Brings Gmail's Good Looks To Twitter

    Twitter may be experimenting with a new design, but even its new interface still leaves something to be desired. Tweenky, a new mashup that launched in private beta last week, is looking to offer Twitter users an alternative. The site sports an AJAX-heavy design that borrows heavily from Gmail (which isn’t a bad thing), and integrates a number of features that should appeal to… Read More

  • Scrabble is suing Scrabulous for using too many letters…and that whole Facebook thing

    Scrabulous, which has been around for a few years, rocketed in popularity when developers made an application for Facebook. And that caught the eye of Scrabble makers, Hasbro, which recently released their own official version. And then sued Scrabulous. Now, I hate Scrabble as much as the next guy, but this is pretty low even for them. In essence, they let Scrabulous work the game back into… Read More

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