• NYC's Pogby Aims To Become The OpenTable For Events

    Why is it that you can book a table at a fancy restaurant through OpenTable, but you can’t book the bar for a corporate party? That is the question that a startup in New York City called Pogby is trying to answer. Barely in beta, Pogby is an event booking service founded by Joshua Gooch, who used to run JetBlue’s Website and helped build its TrueBlue customer loyalty program. … Read More

  • Celebrities + Twitter + A Good Cause = A Retweet Explosion Tomorrow?

    The race between actor Ashton Kutcher and CNN to a million Twitter followers at first seemed to be little more than an exercise in online vanity. But then it transformed into a race to help out a cause, Malaria No More, in a meaningful way. But really, why does anyone need a race to do that? With that in mind, tomorrow, Kutcher, with his nearly 1.4 million followers, and Digg’s Kevin… Read More

  • The Evolution Of Twitter Spin-Offs: Twitter Begat StockTwits Begat Chart.ly

    It was only a matter of time before an app was was built to support another app that was built for Twitter. Chart.ly is a stock charting app to be used directly in conjunction with another Twitter app, StockTwits. Chart.ly lets Twitter users upload and share stock charts via Twitter and StockTwits. It’s kind of like TwitPic for stock charts. Chart.ly lets you upload a chart of a… Read More

  • Next week: Two free Blu-ray movies with the purchase of a PS3 at Target

    Gamers! Target has a pretty decent promotion that kicks off this Sunday. The store will give you two (out of a total selection of four: Casino Royale, Hancock, Step Brothers and Resident Evil: Degenration) free Blu-ray movies when you buy the $399 80GB PS3. (The PS3 includes Resistance: Fall of Man and Motorstorm includes in the box.) Not too shabby if you’re in the mood for some PS3. Read More

  • LG Renoir KC910 goes pink

    Whoa! A pink phone! We haven’t written about a pink phone in months. It seemed like every company on the planet was re-releasing all of their popular handsets in pink for a few months there – then nothing. Looks like LG wants to kickstart the trend back up. Because nothing makes old things new again like a fancy paint job, LG is re-releasing the six month old Renoir KC910 in… Read More

  • What could have been: Nintendo Wii Remote

    To be quite honest, I’m surprised that it’s taken so long for someone to dig up the old patents for the Nintendo Wii Remote. Not that I’m the type to have gone digging for it, but the Wii has been out since ’06. Well, kudos to Siliconera for doing all the hard work on this one. Other patent images were found for the Classic Controller and Nunchuck, but the Wiimote seemed… Read More

  • Contest: Win one year of Slacker Radio Plus [UPDATE]

    Today is your lucky day! Slacker Radio is giving away one free 1 year subscription to their Plus service including: *Unlimited Skips
    *Unlimited Song Requests
    *No Audio or Banner Ads
    *Complete Lyrics – NEW!
    *Over 2 Million Songs What’s that you say? How can I win? Why were we put on this Earth? Read More

  • Bell&Ross BR 01-93 24H GMT: Bringing it all back home

    Finally, a B&R I can stand behind. I love B&R. I love GMTs. This is like two great tastes that taste great together. This new model is a bog standard GMT with a stationary central bezel – which means you can’t change the 24-hour markings – and a movement that will move the hour hand back and forth to show the local time as well as the time at home. Read More

  • LEGO! Flash Drives!

    Some geeks are extremely obsessed with LEGO. You know who you are. We’re not showing these homemade LEGO flash drives for you. Oh no, we’re not supporting your addiction. This post is for the rest of us who enjoy a well-built LEGO creation, but don’t lose girlfriends over the damn blocks. Read More

  • Cloudkick Now Lets You Migrate Your Amazon Machine Images To Slicehost

    Cloudkick, a Y Combinator startup that offers a free server management system to businesses whose web infrastructure is maintained by Amazon’s EC2 or Slicehost cloud-based servers, is unveiling a nifty feature today at Under the Radar. Cloudkick has added the ability for users to migrate their Amazon Machine Images (the template for servers on EC2) on their EC2 servers to another… Read More

  • @GeeknRolla – Bootstrapping, Scaling and Cashflow by William Reeve

    William Reeve, serial entrepreneur and Angel investor, spoke at Geek ‘n Rolla on “Bootstrapping, Scaling and Cashflow”. Since then I’ve had many people tell me how great his speech was. So he has kindly supplied his slides from the speech. (We are working on getting all audio from the day as well). Read More

  • Cupcake coming in May, says T-Mobile Germany

    Still anxiously awaiting a release of the Android v1.5 “Cupcake” build sometime this month? It looks like it’s time to uncross your fingers and take a breath. We’re running out of days in April, so we were already a bit skeptical – but T-Mobile Germany has gone ahead and confirmed a May roll out. While T-Mobile US has been slightly reluctant to talk about it… Read More

  • It's everywhere: Windows 7 release candidate leaked

    Flash! The Windows 7 release candidate has leaked. You can find it where you usually find such things. Read More

  • Apple doesn't like offensive apps – but offensive and pretty? Approved!

    After Apple announced that roughly 98% of applications that came there way were being approved within 7 days, there was a lull in the barrage of App Store submission horror stories bombarding our inbox. We thought that perhaps Apple had figured things out on their end, and that everyone was just happy; alas, it seems like everyone was just waiting for something like Baby Shaker before they… Read More

  • Lime green Nintendo DS Lite bundle dropping next week

    There’s no word on price, but Nintendo is releasing a new lime green DS Lite bundle in the US with Personal Trainer: Cooking on May 3 with a chichi case to match. Yay! I wonder who this bundle is targeted at? Can we please get Virtual Console for the DSi instead of this crap? Read More

  • Most G1 Owners Love Apps — But Not All

    Some numbers we published yesterday showed that while iPhone owners (not surprisingly) love to download apps, owners of other smartphones do not. As we noted, the numbers seemed a bit incomplete since the Android platform wasn’t represented. We asked Compete, which took the survey, to send those our way. To be clear, the sample size is “very small,” but it’s… Read More

  • Is Lenovo working on a high-end ThinkPad netbook for business folk?

    Lenovo is “exploring” the possibility of a ThankPad-branded netbook. Such a netbook would, one guesses, be the first specifically aimed at the business crowd. Does this mean that we’re beginning to see the blurring of the line between netbooks and notebooks? One can dream, friends. One can dream. Read More

  • Etymotic now offering ACS custom molding on the hf2 earphones

    A prominent sound engineer once told me that Etymotic was one of three headphone manufacturers in existence today that actually produces high fidelity in-ear ‘phones worth buying. That’s a pretty bold statement, but an accurate one. Of all the Etymotic earphones that I’ve tried, I’ve never had issue with the tree tips since they provide more than adequate… Read More

  • Spy tie! In your Life!

    Can you pinhold camera? Is it penetrated into your Life? It costs $66. It is hidden in the TIE pattern! Check carefully and have a remote! Add to cart! 2GB memory for store video! Read More

  • Canon outs new firmware for 50D, XSi, and XS

    New firmware time, shutterbugs! It’s a big firmware for the 50D and addresses the vertical banding issues that have plagued the otherwise fantastic digicam. Plus, the new firmware updates all three cameras so they will support the AF assist beam feature of the new flash, Speedlite 270 EX, which is scheduled to be released sometime this month. Canon via PhotographyBay Read More

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