• CrunchDeals: Free tall cup of coffee from Starbucks today

      Starbucks is giving out a free tall cup of its delightful brew today for anyone that asks for it. Originally, the coffee shop simply asked that you come in and tell the lady or gent behind the counter that you voted and then you will get a free cup but that is illegal in some states as it can be construed as a gift for voting. So now all you need to do is stroll in to your local… Read More

  • Open Source Collaboration Software Maker Open-Xchange Secures $9 Million

    Open-Xchange has closed a Series B round of venture funding to the tune of $9 million. The round was led by German venture firm eCAPITAL Entrepreneurial Partners AG and joined by BayBG and existing Munich-based investor BayTech Venture Capital. Open-Xchange received a total of $8.8 million in a Series A financing round from angel investors and BayTech back in 2006. Built as open source… Read More

  • BlackBerry Bold for sale and shipping from AT&T's website

    The BlackBerry Bold has been a long time in the making but AT&T finally has the so-called “unequivocally the best piece of hardware that RIM has ever put out” up for sale at ATT dot Com. It’s yours with a two-year contract price of $299 and free shipping. Sure, it might be a 100 bones more than a iP3G but don’t you think the Bold is a bit more upscale for corner… Read More

  • Perspctv Turns Its Election Monitor Mashup Over to Marketers

    For many Web startups, the elections offer an opportunity to showcase their technologies and reach people who might never otherwise hear about them. Vineet Choudhary launched his startup Perspctv around the elections. The site is a one-page dashboard that gives a snapshot of how Obama and McCain are doing in the polls, the news, the blogosphere, and Twitter, among other things. The site… Read More

  • Review: IOGEAR Powerline Stereo Audio System

    The IOGEAR Powerline Stereo Audio System connects your iPod or other audio input device to speakers in a different room through the magic of electricity, avoiding all the cancer enducing radio waves that pollute our air. The base station has an iPod dock, with several brackets included in the box to ensure your specific iPod model fits snugly, as well RCA jacks and a 3.5 mm input jack. The… Read More

  • Nokia Cuts 600 Jobs, Eyes Emerging Markets

    Finnish mobile giant Nokia has announced that it is trimming down its operations by cutting over 600 positions, mainly in marketing and sales departments. The Nokia Research Center (NRC), the business unit that explores and develops technologies that will be available in the marketplace in five to ten years, will also focus on fewer research areas from now on. In addition to the lay-offs, Nokia… Read More

  • Yammer Goes Down, Companies Silenced (Updated)

    Back in the heady, sunlit uplands of Summer 2007 we used to complain when Twitter went down, so useful had it become. Even Mahalo CEO Jason Calacanis once decided Twitter was so crucial to his business that he would pay $100 a year for a premium account. Well, as we all now know, a few people cottoned on to that idea, and so Yammer was born to bring the usefulness of Twitter to internal… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: LittleBigEyes Edition

    Gradius in LittleBigPlanet: Is this PS3’s breakout game?
    Review: Energizer Hard Case Professional Headlight
    Snowball Blaster: Now you’re all in big, big trouble
    Review: Tokyoflash Tibida Watch
    Today in CG Comments: I am become Death, the buyer of Chanel Read More

  • Combination iPhone battery pack and flash from FastMac

    Here’s my problem with this (admittedly perfectly good) product: if you need more battery time, you don’t need ten more hours of it. Usually you need maybe two more hours of it so you can get to a plug, or finish the flight, or what have you. Point being, why would you want to make your iPhone wear a big-ass battery backpack all the time? A little battery the size of a pack of… Read More

  • Olympus introducing prosumer DSLR, E-30, but introduces no reasons for buying it

    I like Olympus. They made my first discman and that thing was awesome, even if, as Hawk said “Freakin thing skips if you blow on it.” And they’re no joke in the digital camera world — but if they continue to put out products like the E-30, they will be. At $1500 you expect a lot of camera, and with a latecomer on the market you expect some interesting features. As… Read More

  • Bubble level for your DSLR – how great is this?

    I can’t believe I didn’t think of this before whoever gave to to Brando to sell. Stick this bubble level on your flash shoe and you’re lined up like a champ. It’s genius! I have a pretty good (one might say freakish) sense of my scene’s verticality, symmetry, and fatality, but this doodad would allow me to indulge my obsession with straight lines even further. Read More

  • Sprint picks up SANYO Katana Eclipse X, Pink Ranger swoons

    Oh Katana series, I both love and loathe you. On one hand, you’re basic and welcoming to all of those crazies out there who just want their phone to be a phone; on the other, you’re pretty much a RAZR minus the part where people buy you by the boatload. The Katana Eclipse X is not unlike the Katana Eclipse announced months ago, in that.. well, in just about every aspect. The only… Read More

  • Apple Store is down, but why?

    New iMacs and/or Mac Minis, perhaps? (or not) Apple Store Read More

  • Verizon nixing Pay as You Go data and requiring data plans

    Are you content with your Verizon Pay as You Go data plan? Well, hold on to it. Hold on to it closely, my friend. BGR spotted a leaked document over at HoFo indicating that changes are on the way. Come November 14th, Verizon’s booting the option from their systems, along with 1X data block and 10mb allotment plans. While folks already on the P.A.Y.G plan are set as long as they… Read More

  • Review: BlackBerry Bold for AT&T

    How can I put into words how I feel about the BlackBerry Bold? In short: I love it and never ever want to let it go, ever. For any BlackBerry user/fan the Bold is everything you’ve wanted and expected from RIM. Sure, it took a little longer than we all expected, but it’s definitely worth the wait. It’s far superior in every respect from anything that RIM has put out on… Read More

  • Tesla Roadster crashed at 100MPH during demo

    During a demonstration run of a Tesla Roadster in Southern France, the driver (who was demoing it for the passenger) attempted to take a wet corner a bit too fast and ended up going off the road, smashing the front left and rear right quarters of the car. The passenger was thrown clear, luckily not through the windshield, but miraculously neither party was seriously injured. What is it about… Read More

  • Awesome HDTV fake skylights are wasteful, awesome

    http://www.theskyfactory.com/products/ceilings/SkyV/flash/skyv.swf TV on the ceiling! I’m going to have to respectfully disagree with Treehugger, who suggest you “say no to faux.” I humbly counter-suggest you say “yes” to Sky Factory’s SkyV, if only for the sake of all the tricks you could play on people who came to your place. You could anything on… Read More

  • Review: Black & Decker Power Monitor

    If you’re anything like me, you have a slew of gadgets and a large electric bill. So when Black and Decker came out with their Power Monitor, I knew that this device was going to help raise awareness on how electricity was being used in my house. In order to use this, you will need access to your electric meter and a copy of your electric bill. You first mount the sensor around… Read More

  • Review: Tokyoflash Tibida Watch

    I’ve always had a thing for Tokyo Flash, but it’s always been from a distance. She was so alluring and yet so perplexing. I was awed and mystified. We’ve finally gotten together with the new Tibida. The best thing is how she looks on my arm, sleek and dark. When people see her, it’s all ‘wow’ and ‘cool’ and ‘how much did she cost… Read More

  • Gnip Takes A $3.5 Million Financing To Continue Data Unclogging Efforts

    I know this back end plumbing stuff is boring to most of you, but Gnip is worth the trouble to understand. The company, which helps ease the transportation of social content between services (like getting Twitter data to Plaxo, for example), took a new $3.5 million round of financing. Investors include Foundry Group, First Round Capital and SoftTech VC, and the company has raised a total of… Read More

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