• Leaked Screen Shots Of Mythical Digg Recommendation Engine

    Update: Overview videos of the new service and a white paper are here. Digg has been talking up a new Recommendation Engine that intelligently suggests new stories to users for almost a year. Well, a source says that the company will launch it soon, probably this week. We have some details and a couple of leaked screen shots, which may or may not be real (I’m betting on real). An average… Read More

  • Apture Gives Contextual Popups A Good Name

    I’m generally not pleased when a user interface does something I didn’t intend it to do. Such as when I click on a link but instead of taking me to a new page, it pops up an overlay with advertising or related content (see this Yahoo News article or any website “enhanced” with Vibrant Media to see what I mean). So I really should resist the idea behind Apture, a… Read More

  • CrunchGear Week in Review: War Room Edition

    Japanese company sells male-only combat cookies to fight obesity
    Six-person, round-table ping pong? If it ain’t broke…
    Piggy bank for RPG fans to be released in Japan
    Japanese company sells earphones shaped like “cute and wild” pigs
    Sound-sensitive table tells you who’s dominating the conversation Read More

  • Marc Andreessen Joins Facebook's Board Of Directors

    Marc Andreessen, founder of Netscape, Opsware and Ning and the former CTO of AOL, is adding a new notch in his belt: he has joined the board of directors of Facebook, two sources close to the company confirmed to us (speculation about Andreessen possibly joining the Facebook board started last month on the Boomtown blog). The company should be announcing it shortly, perhaps this… Read More

  • Book Restaurant Reservations On The Go With OpenTable

    OpenTable, the web-enabled restaurant management provider, has introduced a new mobile feature that lets users make restaurant reservations from their from their phone’s browser. The new site, which is available here, supports the 8,500 OpenTable restaurants scattered across the country. To book a table, users specify the date and the restaurant they wish to dine in, and the site… Read More

  • Rhapsody Agrees DRM Is Dead; Launches MP3 Store

    Streaming music service Rhapsody has joined the likes of Wal-Mart, Amazon, and Napster by launching an MP3 store. Its move to offer unprotected music downloads has been anticipated since last Fall when Real Networks joined forces with MTV and Verizon. The Rhapsody MP3 Store offers music from all four major labels (Universal Music Group, Sony BMG, Warner Music Group, and EMI) at 99 cents per… Read More

  • Governator to Help Announce New Tesla Sedan Tomorrow

    California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is holding a press conference tomorrow with Tesla Motors, makers of some of the coolest electric cars on the planet, to announce a 4 door, 5 passenger sedan slated for release in 2010. Not much information right now but rumor has it that it will be called the Whitestar and should be as efficient as the Roadster model now making the rounds. The… Read More

  • Matrox comes out of its cave, offers new video cards

    You may remember Matrox. They were a significant competitor back in the days when the graphics card scene was TNT2 vs. Voodoo3. The dark horse was always Matrox, whose dual-display-oriented cards always perplexed and intrigued me. I still don’t use more than one monitor but it’s far more common these days, with people like our own Doug, who is rocking I believe four monitors at… Read More

  • Building "Smart" dominos with sensors and circuits

    This looks like fun, and actually seems simple enough that even someone with a fear of wires could put together a pretty competent smart-domino setup. And it’ll give you a reason to go dig around in your parents’ basement for those old legos you secretly want to have around anyway. I like the marble circuit-break. The whole thing reminds me of stuff like The Incredible Machine… Read More

  • Hacking The Facebook Platform For Data Portability

    The following guest post was written by Dan Birdwhistell, founder of people directory Bigsight (reviewed here) and creator of Hacking Facebook, a website that teaches developers how to pull user data out of Facebook. There’s one thing about Facebook that most people still seem to have wrong: that it’s a walled garden. Quite the contrary, the Platform allows for full data… Read More

  • Stuck With a Gen 1 iPhone? Flipswap It

    Sending in your old phone or iPod for money isn’t anything new, but I recently found Flipswap and they’re a little bit different than other services out there. For one thing, everything is free and they even pay for your shipping costs. I’m not sure how their algorithm works, but they claim to give the highest trade-in value for your phone. Simply input your info, answer a… Read More

  • Grou.ps Pulls In $1.1 Million, Opens Up Code To Take On Ning

    Grou.ps, a startup based in San Francisco, has secured a $1.1 Million Series A financing round in a deal led by Golden Horn Ventures. Grou.ps will also now be open-sourcing a restricted version of its code, with a view to spreading its collaboration tools. This move is based around the idea of commoditizing the platform faster and then taking advantage of the fact that they can then hire the… Read More

  • Snackr: A tasty RSS reader

    It’s slow this weekend so let’s offer a bit of service “journalism” by pointing you all to Snackr, an Adobe AIR-based RSS reader that pulls stories from your feed list or pre-made OPML file and displays them in a running ticker along your desktop. It works in OS X and Windows. I’m a NewsFire man myself, but I’ve been looking for a good, unobtrusive RSS… Read More

  • Time Harp: It's music, but it's not beautiful

    Here we find the Time Harp, a harp that makes music electronically by rubbing plastic disks against a set of strings. Here’s how they built it in case you want to agitate some hyenas on your own. N.B. This is just the thing for a hangover. via Make Read More

  • Snackr: A Tasty RSS Reader

    It’s slow this weekend so let’s offer a bit of service “journalism” by pointing you all to Snackr, an Adobe AIR-based RSS reader that pulls stories from your feed list or pre-made OPML file and displays them in random ticker along your desktop. It works in OS X and Windows. I’m a NewsFire man myself, but I’ve been looking for a good, unobtrusive RSS ticker for… Read More

  • Motorola Blaze, a wonky flip-cover touch screen thing for Verizon

    At this point, writing a post bagging on Motorola is like writing a post about why punching babies is a bad thing. It’s just too easy, and no one really needs to be convinced. That said, all I see when I look at this phone is an odd attempt to strap a bunch of extraneous plastic onto a touchscreen and pretend the design is useful. Boy Genius has dug up some details on Motorola’s… Read More

  • Put your hand on the hard drive grinding wheel and hold on

    Blood! Hardware! Heavy metal! Add some sand paper to your old dead hard drive and turn it on to make an excellent grinder/sander for your next hard-core steampunk project. via Make Read More

  • Fake cops stop videographer in London, videographer wins

    http://current.com/e/88856223 “Give me a good reason why you’re filming around.” BakelBlog discusses some of the filming restrictions proposed in the UK and the resulting reactions of “community support officers” when folks try to film in public streets. Read More

  • Apple capitulating on revenue sharing to get iPhone into China

    Bad news for Apple. Although a deal with China Mobile to get the iPhone available to the biggest untapped mobile market in the world will be nice, their margins are going to be as thin as the skin on their teeth. China Mobile spokesperson Rainie Lei: “Apple is no longer insisting on a revenue-sharing policy, so the biggest hurdle for China Mobile to bring in the iPhone has been… Read More

  • Team Fortress 2 trading cards: Collect them all where all = 2

    Valve created, but never released, a set of trading cards for TF2. Now you can download them in full hi-res and make your own double-sided cards to trade with one or more of your friends, although the trading permutations are severely limited with only two items in the set. Why not make up your own cards? Or drop in some J.R. Grossouts? via Kotaku Read More

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