• European Mobile Market Predicted to Grow 2.35% over next four Years

    Industry researcher RNCOS predicts in its report, “European Mobile Market Scenario 2012”, that the mobile subscriber base in Europe will grow at a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of nearly 2.35% from 2008 to 2012. Young people and city dwellers make up the largest mobile phone demographic. Mobile penetration among European consumers aged between 12 and 24 reached 84% in 2006. Read More

  • Drobo 2 revealed: Dual FireWire 800 ports!

    We’ve been over the Drobo a few times, as well a couple of alternatives (I like this one), and I’ve always considered it a good product with one major drawback: it’s only USB 2.0. For people doing video editing or frequently copying super-big files, this meant unacceptable wait times, although for everyone else it was a jolly good backup system. Well, Data Robotics heard… Read More

  • TSheets Lets You Clock-in To Work From Your iPhone

    TSheets, a web enabled timeclock tracker, has just introduced an iPhone web app version of its site. The web application allows users to clock in or out of work from a remote location, and also gives professionals a handy way to keep track of their billable hours. The app itself is very basic, amounting to what appears to be a stopwatch with categories – you can assign a label to each… Read More

  • The Japanese can even rest in peace eco-friendly

    Next to supposedly green cars, green bikes and green TVs, here comes another idea from Japan: green death. Tokyo-based Tri-Wall [JP], a maker of packaging machines and materials, offers environmentally friendly coffins made of corrugated cardboard. Tri-Wall says instead of using plywood, they use material from trees meeting the standards of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, a program based… Read More

  • Microsoft Announces Hosted Exchange and Sharepoint Deals

    This morning during the keynote at the Microsoft Partner Conference in Houston, Texas, head of the business division Stephen Elop announced a new program and suite of hosted online services. The new service offerings include hosted Exchange, Sharepoint, Communication Server and Dynamics CRM – all hosted by Microsoft as part of the new online services platform. The new offerings… Read More

  • ScanLife: Barcode Scanning for the 21st Century and Beyond

    In the grand tradition of UPC codes and CueCat, ScanBuy/ScanLife is attempting to barcode the world. Their mission: to allow companies and individuals to place small barcodes on their publications that are readable by over 70 phone models including an upcoming application for the iPhone. The 2d barcodes – meaning that unlike standard barcodes they are read in both the X and Y axis… Read More

  • DeviceAnywhere rolls out remote Nokia application testing

    If you’ve done much developing for mobile handsets, you’ve probably come across DeviceAnywhere. Through a top-secret combination of pixie dust, unicorn hair, and good old fashion hardware hackery, DeviceAnywhere acts as a remote lab for mobile handsets. After signing up, you can pull up virtual versions of a variety of phones right on your screen, all tied to actual handsets in… Read More

  • ReiserFS Creator, Open Source Programmer Leads Police to Wife's Body

    Hans Reiser, creator of ReiserFS, an popular alternative filesystem, led Oakland, CA police to his murdered wife’s body yesterday afternoon. Nina Reiser disappeared on September 3, 2006 and no murder weapon or body were found. Reiser’s case lasted six months and it is believed that he brought the police to the body in order to bargain for a reduced sentence. “It was difficult… Read More

  • Vivaty Brings The 3D Web to Your Browser, Starting With AIM and Facebook

    Move over Second Life. The 3D Web is starting to make inroads into the plain old browser. By “plain,” I mean only Internet Explorer on Windows machines—which for now is what you need to experience Vivaty Scenes. But at least it’s a start. (Firefox support on PCs is coming in a few weeks, but Mac support is being pushed off further). Vivaty Scenes is launching today… Read More

  • Microsoft Crosses A Line

    Until today I’ve largely been a big supporter of Microsoft’s efforts to acquire Yahoo. A couple of days before Microsoft placed its initial $44.6 billion bid for the company, I told Fox Business Channel that a Microsoft merger had to happen to save Yahoo (and I certainly wasn’t the first to say this, I just had magnificent timing). Throughout the ups and downs and… Read More

  • Zurich Meetup – TechCrunch Euro Tour

    As part of the TechCrunch Euro Tour, TechCrunch is coming to Zurich, Switzerland, on July 17th, thanks to our co-organisers there. We’ll be throwing it at the Swisscom Bluewin tower in Zurich (pictured) for the Swiss web 2.0 crowd, including start-ups, bloggers and journalists. Thanks to our co-organisers Wuala, Doodle, Newscred, Sandbox and people like Jasper Bouwsma, Alfonso… Read More

  • Amsterdam Meetup – TechCrunch Euro Tour

    The TechCrunch Euro Tour continues. No sleep till Brooklyn! So, tickets for the Amsterdam TechCrunch Meetup on July 22nd, co-organised with eBuddy, are now up for grabs here (they’re free). We are planning for about 250 people, so best go grab your ticket asap. Thanks to our sponsors, and for more info on them and the event, see after the jump. Read More

  • Wired gets a hands-on with the iPhone 3G OS, not that impressive [Update]

    Danny over at Wired managed to wrangle himself a first gen iPhone with iP3G software installed, which is pretty exciting, but it’s actually pretty ho-hum. Maybe a few of these things weren’t known, but they’re not at all surprising. When using the camera it prompts the user to allow for geo tagging. Eh. Location based services can be turned on and off. You can now search… Read More

  • [UPDATE] Six-cell MSI Wind delayed again, this time until August September

    As I was preparing my review of the MSI Wind earlier today, I noticed that MSI’s product site pulled the notebook down for a bit. It’s back up, but I see that the six-cell battery version of the MSI Wind has been delayed until August now. Last time we reported, it’d been delayed until July. Looks like the battery shortage caused by the fire at the LG plant back in March is… Read More

  • 1938 Media Loses Verizon Deal Over Racism Charges

    1938 Media’s distribution deal with Verizon, announced just a week ago, is history. Yesterday a group of “civil rights activists” protested the deal and threatened to boycott Verizon. The reason? A 2007 video that Feldman created called “TechNigga” that the groups say is racist. The video was not included on Verizon, and television reports that Verizon financed… Read More

  • Most popular posts for July 7th, 2008

    Today’s Top Posts: Toyota to sell solar panel-equipped Prius next year Vodafone NZ iPhone 3G plans: $200 per month for 1 gig of data Pioneer develops world’s first 16-layer disc with 400 GB capacity What else can you get from AT&T for $199? Panasonic presents electric bike recharging its battery via the braking system Sony to release fixed PS3 firmware this week Rogers gets… Read More

  • Rock Band 2 guitar and drums priced to pre-order on Amazon

    We’ve got prices, people. For the standalone instruments, anyway, and only for the Wii at that, but it helps give a ballpark. At $70 the guitar is 20 bucks more expensive than what the year-old guitar is going for right now, and the drums at $90 are similarly more than the current ones. Looks like the pricing is more or less analogous with the old setup, and this is for pre-order… Read More

  • Italians may get to activate their iPhone 3G from home

    Bear with us, readers. We know you’re sick of iPhone news, but it’s almost over. This may or may not put your panties in a bunch, but the Italians supposedly have the pleasure of activating their iP3G from home because Vodafone and Telecom Italia are incapable of the task. However, Voda and TI customers will have to agree to a 2-year contract. Hutchison G3 Italy has also come out… Read More

  • Update: New iPhone, MobileMe and Macbook Upgrades At Apple Store

    Update: Store Back Online (1:00AM PST) The store is back up and online, with a laundry list of new products including: iPhone 3G MobileMe iMac upgrades 16GB iPhone 2GB shuffle UPDATE – None of these have been updated. False alarm. Apple’s online store just went down, a definitive sign that they will be launching a new product overnight. It could be the iPhone App Store, which… Read More

  • Voodoo Envy 133 notebook pricing revealed, you might want to look away

    My excitement for the Voodoo Envy 133 has been supplanted by the outrageous prices they expect one to shell out for the MacBook Air competitor. There are nine different configurations you can choose from that start out at $2,099 and ends with an astronomical $3, 999 price tag. If you really want an SSD the pricing starts at $3,099. Frankly, I’m shocked and appalled by this, but then… Read More

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