• CrunchDeals: Sony PRS-505SC Digital Book Reader $247

    Oprah might love the Amazon Kindle, but this Sony e-book is a heck of deal at $247. Dell is selling the device for $289 and then you can you use this 15% coupon (PWXNZVNDRWWX1P) to drop it down below the $250 mark. Not a bad price at all. via Gadgetreview Read More

  • Designer goes after mobile startup over alleged non-payment

    UK/US mobile social networking startup Next2Friends has run into problems with a dispute concerning a supplier to the US company it works with on the service. Elements of the site’s web design and development work is outsourced to a company called Genetibase, a company owned and controlled by two of the US-based co-founders of Next2Friends. Genetibase sub-contracted design work from… Read More

  • R2-D2 aquarium

    Leave it to Hammacher Schlemmer to sell an R2-D2 Aquarium. It isn’t very large with only a 1.75-gallon capacity but it should still provide enough room for a Beta fish or a couple of gold fish. R2’s eye-piece even works as a periscope so you can get an up close look at your little buddies while they meander around. Too bad the $129 price knocks it out of gag gift territory so it… Read More

  • Hiranao Tsuboi of 100% digital LED watch

    Sexy, just plain sexy. Too bad it’s just a concept. Read More

  • The Fourth YouTuber

    Most venture capitalists will tell you that a good idea isn’t worth much – the value is in execution, which is very hard. But that doesn’t stop people from coming forward to take credit when someone hits a home run. We saw it with Google and countless others. Someone gets rich, and someone else says they stole the idea. This time it’s YouTube. Herbert Elwood Gilliland… Read More

  • GetClicky GetsMad

    Web analytics startup GetClicky sure was happy when we linked to them a couple of months ago to show early Google Chrome usage stats. And now they want more. They’ve got a new user-translation tool to make their site available to non-English speakers, modeled on the the Facebook approach. The first I heard of it was a couple of days ago when the founder emailed us about it. But instead… Read More

  • About That MySpace Music Device

    Last Thursday John Battelle sat down with MySpace CEO Chris DeWolfe and Warner Music Group CEO Edgar Bronfman to discuss the future of music. Some interesting things were said, including remarks by Bronfman that Warner will only sign new artists if they agree to give the label a cut of all possible revenue streams. But the biggest story about the talk, by far, was this: MySpace may be creating… Read More

  • TeleNav launches their own PND calls it the Shotgun

    It’s just another GPS, right? Is that what you’re thinking? While it is just a GPS the Shotgun from TeleNav brings a bit more than your standard Garmin. It’s somewhat comparable to the Dash as well, but we all know what happened to them. The Shotgun has a 4.3-inch LCD and connects wirelessly over a GSM network for real-time traffic updates and OTA upgrades: • Restaurant… Read More

  • Blue 120GB Zune found, not yet announced

    The Zune team announced 46 new designs on Thursday and one of Zunerama‘s forum members was bored enough to sift through the press site and stumbled across an unannounced 120GB blue Zune. If you recall, Microsoft only announced a blue 8GB earlier in the year, so I wonder what else they have in store. Read More

  • Having trouble getting your Golden Lancer?

    Here’s how to get your Golden Lancer and Maps for Gears of War 2 if you’ve been having trouble. 1. Launch the Xbox Dashboard
    2. Sign into your Profile
    3. Go to the Marketplace blade Read More

  • I'm in China this week, guest posts and adding a contributor

    This week I will be heading over to China to take part in a pretty interesting trip. I’m heading out to the inaugural China 2.0 Tour which is shaping up to be one of the most interesting opportunities to learn about startups and high-tech in China I’ve ever heard of. I’ll be in Beijing (Nov 10-12), Shanghai (13-14) and Guangzhou (15-16). The trip is being organized by The… Read More

  • Comcast's march to 100% digital will raise rates and alienate millions

    Comcast is slowly converting markets into 100% digital, which happens to free up bandwidth for a lot high-def stations. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some HDTV, but how they are doing it will infuriate millions – including myself – with digital set-top boxes on every TV and dramatic price increases. The transition shows the weakness of the companies coax network that relies… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Aliph Jawbone 2 Bluetooth headset

    While you don’t get the fancy new color options and you’re stuck with just black, this is one hell of a good deal for the Jawbone 2 headset from CellHut. This is the second incarnation of the Jawbone and they work great and look snazzy doing it. Yes, snazzy. $79 after this coupon code: ALIP2B.  CellHut via GadgetReview Read More

  • Nintendo DSi unceremonially torn apart and examined

    You know the drill. A hot new gadget launches and someone – most often a nerd-type – tears it apart for some circuit board pr0n. Hey, we can’t blame ’em and the next up in this age-old ritual is the Nintendo DSi. The new handheld just launched to an eager Japanese gaming crowd last week, selling over 200,000 in the first few days alone. Chances are one of those units… Read More

  • The Onion sums up OS X Snow Leopard and Windows 7 sentiments

    Both Microsoft and Apple have important operating system releases dropping soon in OS X Snow Leopard and Windows 7. If previous experiences have taught us anything, the tech crowd will cheer at the minor feature bumps Steve Jobs announces and grumble at anything out of Redmond. The Onion did a fine job compiling some of the expected features and comparing it between the two upcoming… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Olens Personal Projector

    So this is more of a DIY idea than a CrunchDeals, but it could still go either way. Woot has this medium-size projector up for $179 and while it doesn’t HD, it sure likes mod-friendly and has an VGA port for easy computer hook-up. It measures in at 15″ L x 7″ W x  4″ T making it an almost perfect fit for the top of a computer case. With a little cutting… Read More

  • Conversation Consolidation: JS-Kit To Acquire coComment? (Update: No)

    We’re still looking to confirm, but alarm:clock says they’ve learned that web widget provider JS-Kit has agreed to acquire conversation tracking service coComment. JS-Kit raised a total of $4.8 million in two rounds, the Series B for $3.6 million dating back less than a month. coComment was also venture-backed: it had raised a total of $1.5 million from Netage Capital Partners… Read More

  • Weekend project: Build an Iron Man helmet

    Sure, Halloween is over but that doesn’t mean you can’t spend your lonely weekend constucting an Iron Man helmet. Instructiable should give you enough info but this might not be for fiberglass or Bondo virgins. Still, you have to start somewhere and if you’re good ‘nough, you too could be rocking an Iron Man helmet just like the winner above. Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Something Up the Stairs Edition

    Frog Tool 15 function multi-tool packs MacGyver know-how
    Meet G-Dog, Japan’s newest robotic dog
    Honda’s experimental walking assist device, now with extra crotch support and built-in seat
    Video: A tiny, smart alec parakeet lives inside the Nintendo DSi
    Old-school handset for people who still resist cell phones but realize they’re greatly outnumbered Read More

  • "360" Music Deals Become Mandatory As Labels Prepare For Free Music

    360 Music deals give labels their standard cut of CD and digital download sales, but also give them a percentage of event ticket profits, merchandise sales, endorsement deals and anything else that uses the artist’s brand or music. A year ago they were still seen as controversial and experimental. Labels defended them as justification for investing in an artist in a time of decreasing… Read More

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