• Why Yahoo Japan Is Worth Nearly As Much As Yahoo

    Yahoo’s stake in Yahoo Japan is often cited as one of its most valuable assets, and indeed Yahoo is considering selling it as a quick fix to appease angry shareholders in the U.S. While Yahoo seems to be treading water in the US, Yahoo Japan is sitting on top of the Japanese web industry. In fact, Yahoo Japan’s market cap at the Tokyo stock exchange is hovering at around $22… Read More

  • WidgetLaboratory Strikes Back At Ning Where It Hurts

    Yesterday we reported on Ning’s termination of its most popular premium widget developer, WidgetLaboratory. Although apparently justified, Ning removed all WidgetLaboratory widgets from its platform without warning to the community, and in doing so broke many of the social networks that had been created by its members. The decision was met with a backlash from the Ning community, as… Read More

  • Brightcove CEO Discusses The Future And Failures Of Online Video

    Earlier this week I had the chance to sit down and meet with a few members of the Brightcove team, including founder and CEO Jeremy Allaire. We discussed the direction that online video was taking and the stratification seen between consumer and professional markets. And perhaps most interestingly, Allaire was willing to discuss the failures that Brightcove (and the online video space as… Read More

  • Video: Joker from MK vs DC showcased at GC

    http://www.gametrailers.com/remote_wrap.php?mid=38956 Greatest special move ever? Is he serious? Read More

  • Asus stops to smell the roses

    I’m totally confused by this, but maybe the Stumptown coffee I’m slurping down hasn’t quite kicked in yet. Asus announced a new line of laptops dubbed the F6 and apparently they’re scented. That’s right, folks, these new notebooks not only come adorned with flower prints, but also smell like their visual counterparts. Weird. You can pick from four designs and… Read More

  • Vudu: 1,000 HD titles coming along with a lifetime content warranty

    Vudu has big plans for their IP-based content delivery service. Big plans and we don’t mean that .99 cent rental thing.  “In a very short time we’ll have 1,000 HD titles,” says Donnigan. “That’s more than Blu-ray. We have some huge deals.” That’s a lot of high-def content. More than any service we can think of. But also, the company wants to… Read More

  • Amazon Confirms Student Version Of Kindle

    Amazon confirmed our speculation that they are planning to target colleges and universities with a new version of the Kindle, reports the Seattle PI. Textbooks are a $5.5 billion annual market, and most publishers now offer electronic versions of their textbooks. McGraw-Hill Education, for example, publishes 95% of their books electronically as well as in print. But there is no compelling… Read More

  • Kevin Rose details new iPods, iTunes, OS X 10.5.6

    It’s all rumor and hearsay at this point, but Kevin seems to have decent sources, so we’ll believe him for now. Tasty salted pretzel from the corner vendor. Yum. Video detailing new iPods, iTunes and OS X after the jump. I may have to eat my hat or something now. Latest rumors:
    – Revamp of entire iPod line.
    – Small cosmetic changes to Touch, Nano to see significant… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Pre-order Spore from Frys

    Everyone’s favorite yet to be released game is up for pre-order at Frys for $41.99. This one is for the PC and Mac, but you can pre-order other versions as well. Thanks for the tip, Dylan! Read More

  • The Role Of Social Media In Covering The Political Campaigns

    With just the weekend between now and the start of the major party conventions, the amazing thing about the New Media is just how little it has impacted so far on the story. No major leaks about the vice presidential nominations, no blogger unmaskings of damaging revelations about the candidates at the top of the ticket, no shaky video of loose talk or surrogates jockeying for position. Is… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Satellite of Love Edition

    10 Days of CrunchGear: The End
    DIY photography of Miroslav Tichý
    Staying in the space hotel that opens in 2012 costs $4.46 million per guest, 38 reservations so far
    Japan gets roller coaster-like public transportation system
    Extreme concrete road barrier Read More

  • Concept: Tiny ultrasonic dishwasher

    Picture your flat’s sink full of nasty dishes. Ok, maybe not nasty nasty, but you know, dingy. Then all you do is fill up the sink with water and drop this little guy in. Press the indicator light to have your new roommate wash everything submerged with ultrasonic tech.  Who knows if this concept will ever make it out of CG-world and into my sink. If it helps though, I can provide… Read More

  • If you care, CNN is broadcasting the entire DNC in HD

    The boob tube has been squawking lately about some big political event next week in Denver. If you plan on tuning in, Multichannel News is reporting that CNN plans on broadcasting the entire shebang in high-def. Apparently, the outfit splurged on new cameras and related gear for the event. You would think that this gathering was important or something.  Multichannel News via TVP Read More

  • Motion 2 Energy moves to charge up external batteries with motion

    On Monday, Motion 2 Energy has plans to announce that they have been developing the world’s first external charger for mobile devices. The charger harvests the energy of everyday motion, converting it into electrical energy. The principle is based on electromagnetic induction, which was demonstrated way back in 1831 by Michael Faraday. Basically, if a magnetic field moves through a coil… Read More

  • Pioneer Elite BDP-09FD Blu-ray player leaks out

    Most AV guys will tell you that, currently, the best Blu-ray player on the market is the PS3. That reign is going to come smashing down when the Pioneer Elite BDP-09FD hits the market though. Simply put: this is one bad mother. 50lbs of steel and aluminum, this Blu-ray player is the stuff some guys dream about. Well, maybe just our dreams. The BDP-09FD is the first Pioneer unit to… Read More

  • Microsoft Conducts Research On Facebook With Collabio

    A team of Microsoft Researchers have released a Facebook application designed to explore metadata and the logic related to tagging. The app, called Collabio (a combination of collaboration and biography) is a basic game that asks users to tag each other with descriptive keywords. At first glance, Collabio’s Facebook app doesn’t seem to be anything special. Users simply guess… Read More

  • Ferrari's state-of-the-art racecar simulator to be built by Moog

    So Ferrari wants a “next-generation” super-accurate racing sim made to train its drivers the way military pilots are trained. No so surprising; certainly already in practice, in fact. But that’s where the normality ends. As if it weren’t weird enough already that Ferrari is outsourcing an American company to do this for them, and that American company is Moog, it puts… Read More

  • Maria Sharapova signing copies of Top Spin 3 at NYC Nintendo World Store on August 25

    If you’re near Rockefeller center on Monday between 12 and 1PM and you’ve got a crush on Maria Sharapova then stop by the Nintendo store. She’ll be signing copies of 2K’s Top Spin 3 before the US Open festivities begin. Read More

  • Most popular posts for Friday, August 22nd

    Today’s Top Posts: Duh: Grand Theft Auto IV for the PC looks really good Duracell: The first name in preventing kid rape Actors being paid to stand in iPhone lines in Poland Canon 50D specs find their way to the net Google, Verizon Wireless close to mobile search deal New technology to recover plastics from junk developed PSP now on FON Wi-Fi Sony S-Air Play, XROSS FADE: One’s… Read More

  • Travelon piles on the TSA-approved baggage

    Starting just last week if you have a TSA-approved laptop bag, you can slide that puppy* (*please to not x-ray the puppy) right on through their scanning machines. Of course that means a whole bunch new products to choose from. Travelon has created six new bags ready to start hitting the shelves in September. Ya got yourself a backpack version, a wheely thing and a briefcase style. For the lady… Read More

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