• Pre-inauguration pictures via The Big Picture

    We Americans are about to have every angle of the inauguration shoved down our eye sockets. Nevermind that ’cause The Big Picture has 31 stellar pictures from around the nation showing how everyone is preparing for the event. Didja know that the new moon buggy will participate in the parade? And that Legoland constructed a presidential inauguration scene complete with the swearing-in? Read More

  • TechStars Now Accepting Applications For Its Class of 2009

    TechStars, a startup incubator that offers mentorship along with a relatively modest amount of seed funding, has begun accepting applications for the third year of its program. Interested companies can apply here between January 19 and March 21, 2009, with winners selected by March 28. The TechStars team will select around ten companies to participate in the program, which takes place in… Read More

  • Buzz Newsroom Combines WordPress and Facebook Connect For Tracking News

    Like we need another memetracker. Buzz Newsroom came out of beta today to aggregate blogger-moderated headlines and article summaries for entertainment, politics, tech, sports, and geek news. The site describes itself as a mix between the Drudge Report and Huffington Post, but that is purely aspirational. It is more like a Digg-style Techmeme, with photos and more editorial content. … Read More

  • Guy beats ‘Marble Madness’ in 2:30

    It’s a shame that speedruns don’t get more widespread attention with “regular” people because this romp through Marble Madness is both breathtaking and mesmerizing. Show this video to your wife, girlfriend, friends, or family who aren’t into nerdly endeavors and they’ll likely respond, “So what? It’s a guy flailing his arms around for a… Read More

  • The G1 to land in more European countries on the wings of a lie

    T-Mobile is set to bring the G1 to more even more counties. Germany and Poland will be the first counties outside of the US and England to receive the Android-based phone with a launch of February 2nd, 2009. Eventually though, Netherlands, Czech Republic and Austria will all have the phone from the region’s T-Mobile branch. Pricing for every region, except Germany, haven’t been… Read More

  • Sony VAIO P: Almost 3.5 minutes from boot to browser

    What do you get when you combine a 1.33GHz CPU, a 4200rpm hard drive, 2GB of RAM, and Windows Vista Home in a tiny computer? As Akihabara found out, you get to wait almost three and a half minutes to get on the internet when booting the machine. Read More

  • Don't become a victim to the Conflicer worm

    There’s a Windows worm running wild out there—“skyrocketing,” in BBC parlance—so you’d best have your install all patched up and your anti-virus software up to date. Or, you know, get a Mac, biased Biggs often jokes in the official CrunchGear chat room. Read More

  • Upcoming PSP games sure to be hits, relatively

    For those of us who still – at least partially – care bout the PSP vgchartz has a nice list of upcoming games including Prinny: Can I Really Be the Hero?, LocoRoco 2, and whatever game involves a blond, androgynous man playing solitaire. Read More

  • Kana micro: New, cute and inexpensive DAPs from Greenhouse

    Greenhouse in Japan will start selling the Kana Micro, nothing-special-but-cute mini DAPs [JP] from the beginning of next month (ask this shop if they offer the players anytime soon for Non-Japanese people). Read More

  • ChaChaputer has eight screens, the sweet stink of obsession

    Scott Jones, the CEO of human powered voice/sms search engine ChaCha (our recent coverage), has one of the awesomest computer setups I’ve seen. It can be seen, along with everything else in his house, in this MTV Teen Cribs video (also embedded below) that focuses on his fifteen year old son. For the computer, jump to the 3:25 mark. They don’t say anything about the processor, but… Read More

  • Photos of Acer’s 10-inch netbook emerge

    Photos of Acer’s upcoming 10-inch netbook, the Aspire One 103, have seeped their way through the cracks in the floorboards of the web for all to see. It looks similar to the 8.9-inch version except that the trackpad’s buttons have been moved from the sides to the bottom of the swiping surface and there are flashy new translucent teardrop-shaped logos adorning either hinge. Read More

  • Any luck at Circuit City liquidation sales yet?

    Now that Circuit City retail locations are ran by liquidation scum, there are bound to be a few deals. Sure, most of the big ticket items have been marked back up to their MSRP but there has to be a good deal or two available. My old Circuit City location (3631) was more busy over the last weekend than during the ’08 Holiday Season. So did anyone score a good deal or two? Maybe a… Read More

  • Those Windows Mobile 6.5 screenshots might be real. Maybe.

    We still say that they look too crappy and fake to be real, but the same folks who broke the SkyBox/SkyLine/SkyMarket story this morning are saying that they’re at least partially legit. According to them, the shots (which first leaked out back in November) are conceptual images for Windows Mobile 6.5’s new “Honeycomb” theme. So it’s a concept shot for a… Read More

  • Sega's Wii gun for House of the Dead: Overkill can't be got in America

    House of the Dead: Overkill comes out for the Wii next month, and it promises to be a violent, superfun adventure for all of five minutes. (Kidding!) That said, the experience will benefit from this Sega gun-shell, which is currently penned for release only in Europe and Australia. What, America is too immature to handle fantasy gun violence now? Read More

  • Zoopla raises whopping £3.75 million to disrupt older property sites

    Property tracking startup Zoopla has closed a £3.75 million round of new funding from venture capital firms Atlas Venture and Octopus Ventures. The move goes against the grain of a lack of funding for startups and also the downward property trend, but is also unsurprising. Venture capital is supposed to be counter-cyclical and VCs are tending to put bigger rounds into the startups they have… Read More

  • Teragaki Labo sells a pair of beautiful high-end speakers (but they're Japan only)

    Tokyo-based sound equipment manufacturer Teragaki Labo today started selling the TERRA-SP3000 [JP], a pair of cool high-end speakers. Read More

  • The alessiphone proves some peeps still want a home phone

    Home phones aren’t dead yet. As long as designers pump out handsets like the alessiphone, which Target and Pottery Barn designers will promptly copy, they are here to stay. There isn’t anything technical fresh about this cordless besides the design. It doesn’t feature an accerelometer or custom apps. It cannot playback MP3s or video files. Who cares though. It’s dead… Read More

  • Skydeck Now Puts All Your Calls, Contacts, and Voicemails On The Web

    Today, mobile startup SkyDeck is coming out of beta with a serious set of features that bridges cell phones and the Web, and a serious business model to boot. Up until now, Skydeck’s beta took data from your cell phone bill to show you what your real social network looks like based on who you call the most. Now it is offering a service that syncs what happens on your phone to the Web… Read More

  • Microsoft to challenge MobileMe and App Store next month?

    Mobile World Congress is still almost a month away, and the rumors of who’s doing what are already starting to heat up. According to Neowin, Microsoft is prepping a series of “Sky” branded products purposed with taking on Apple’s MobileMe and App Store offerings. SkyBox: Over-the-air syncing of contacts, SMS, email, calendar items, and pictures. SkyLine: The… Read More

  • Fliqz Raises Another $6 Million For Turnkey Video Platform Solutions

    White label video host Fliqz is adding more funding to its war chest in a Series C round led by Triangle Peak Partners and joined by Mohr Davidow Ventures, which had already invested $5.5 million into the company in a previous round. The third round brings the total financing for the company to $12.2 million. While the name is virtually impossible to remember, Fliqz has a solid offering… Read More

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