• Sue Decker's Email To Yahoo Employees On Weiner's Departure

    The news is now official – Yahoo’s EVP Jeff Weiner has officially bailed. President Sue Decker addresses the troops in an all hands email, below. These types of emails leak regularly, of course (I actually think companies would be disappointed if they didn’t), so they tend to read like a press release. Nevertheless, it is amazing how she can talk about the “amazing… Read More

  • Webjam Introduces Portable Mini Feeds, Friends Lists

    http://www.webjam.com/techcrunch/~ShowBadge?title=markmhx%20on%20Webjam&location=true&activity=true&webjams=true&friends=true Widgets are the most consumer-friendly means toward data portability. Users who want to establish a “centralized me” – whether that be on a blog, personal website or favorite social network profile – often just need a simple… Read More

  • Ist dies das iCar? Nein, es ist der VW Von Morgan

    What with all the hullabaloo about syncing your car with your phone or mp3 player, it’s only natural that rumors would arise about Apple having exclusive dealings with some company — and maybe even helping in the design of the car. Well, here’s some more fuel for the fire. This VW concept car featured in the German car mag Autobild looks more Apple-inspired than… Read More

  • Confirmed: Yahoo's Jeff Weiner To Split Time at Accel And Greylock

    Jeff Weiner, the executive VP in charge of Yahoo’s network division (which includes the portal, search, media, and communications products) is officially leaving.
    The news, which already leaked last week, is that Weiner will become an executive in residence at both Accel Partners and Greylock Partners. He will advise portfolio companies for both firms, and help evaluate new… Read More

  • Microsoft announces ‘WiENR’ system for GPS devices

    Microsoft will be making a move into the portable GPS space with what it’s calling Windows Embedded NavReady 2009. Should companies like TomTom and Garmin be scared? We’ll see. Windows Live Maps is a pretty good service, I suppose. It’ll be more than just maps, though, as WiENR 2009 (as I’ll call it) will also do some Bluetooth tricks, harness MSN Direct services… Read More

  • Google looking to develop tool to monitor ISP network tampering

    Google will develop tools that allow people to determine if their Internet connection is being tampered with by their ISP. Net Neutrality, filthy customers, and so on. The comments here? The name-calling, the “I’m smarter than you,” the “Net Neutrality is good, Neutrality is evil!” back-and-forth… wow, I can’t stand that. Go plant a tree or something. Read More

  • Shock report: Teenagers have pirated songs on their mp3 players

    I don’t think this article could have featured a more ridiculous bit of research. I love how incredibly precise they are (14% of kids’ CDs are copyrighted, mp3 players hold 1,770 songs) when they must know their research is completely inaccurate. It’s far more likely that a person’s library of music is entirely pirated, or else entirely legal. These… Read More

  • Is the Google Toolbar a Trojan Horse for Ad Targeting? (Ballmer Plays The Privacy Card).

    Is Google getting ready to serve up display ads to people based on their Web surfing habits (as opposed to their Web searching habits)? Ever since the DoubleClick acquisition closed, industry watchers have been waiting to see how Google would dip its toes into behavioral ad targeting. One rumor going around is that Google is going to target ads to people who use the Google Toolbar, which is… Read More

  • Wii Fit seemingly blamed for £20.1 million worth of damage in the UK, don’t believe the hype

    I’m going to refrain from sensationalizing this story too much, as the UK’s Daily Telegraph is reporting that women that work out in their living rooms have caused over £20 million worth of damage to their homes in the past year in a post titled Wii Fit women leave £20 million toll of destruction to living rooms. That total is derived from in-home destruction over the past year… Read More

  • New stylish Bluetooth headphones from Sony

    Today Sony announced new Bluetooth headphones [JP] for the Japanese market. The company will offer the DR-BT140QP in white, pink, black and silver. It can be used for music players, cell phones and One-Seg digital TV receivers.
    The headphones, with a range of 10 meters, feature Bluetooth 2.0 EDR, frequency response of 16Hz-24,000Hz and support A2DP/AVRCP/HFP/HSP profiles. Sony says the… Read More

  • Why the hell not? It’s a keyboard made of leather

    Here’s a keyboard made of leather with no markings on the keys. I know, right?! It’s made by Japanese artist Kazuharu Sakura. Far be it for me to stand in the way of artistic creativity but from a functional standpoint, this thing might be pretty expensive and equally aggravating to type on – the two silver bullets against most keyboard purchases. If you really love… Read More

  • Guilded Age: Next Tony Hawk to use motion-sensing skateboard controller?

    Flickr’d Could the next Tony Hawk game (they still make those?) use a new controller? Like, maybe! Apparently Activision is toying with the idea of using a motion skateboard-like motion-sensitive controller for the next 360/PS3/PC game, which could be titled Amplitude, Adrenaline or Huck Jam. Yuck Jam is more like it, right?! I guess now that Wii Fit has single-handidly solved… Read More

  • Sidekick LX OTA rolling out June 25

    I’ve been a fan of the Sidekick for years now and, like everyone else, I was disappointed when the latest devices (LX and Slide) from T-Mobile were sans video recording capability. It was basically a slap in the face if you ask me. Who releases four new devices in the span of a year without video recording on any of them? Hello! It’s 2008 not 1998. In any case, Sidekick LX owners… Read More

  • Sega introduces a planetarium for your bathroom

    Sega Toys officially announced its newest update to the Homestar (home planetarium) series, the Homestar Spa planetarium [JP, PDF].
    The water-resistant device, which is shaped like the planet Saturn, has 3 different modes for enhancing your bathing pleasure. The bath star mode will produce a simulation of a starry sky right in your bath room. Using the rose bath mode, the Homestar Spa is… Read More

  • Nokia E71, E66 on the real: Exchange, Gmail support and front-facing camera

    One week after “some other phone” was finally revealed, Nokia today took the wraps off two phones that had been clogging the rumor mill for quite some time. Yes, the S60-based E71 and E66 are now officially real, and are officially for middle management types. Two words: Microsoft Exchange. Put those MBAs to good use! The E71, above, is available in both black and white, like… Read More

  • Foldable 3-in-1 mouse from Canon

    Canon will start selling a new device [JP] that triples as a computer mouse, a calculator, and a numeric key pad starting late July. The LT-100TKM will be available in black or white for $32.
    When folded, the battery-powered device can be used as an optical mouse (1,000 dpi). When you open it, the LT-100KTM turns into a 10-key numeric keypad. It can also be used as a stand-alone pocket… Read More

  • Rumor: 60GB Xbox 360 to be announced at E3

    Flickr’d Trusted Reviews first piped up about a 60GB Xbox 360 back in March, but nothing came of it in recent months. And now TR claims that Microsoft will announce the 60GB version of the 360 at E3, which takes place in July from the 15-17 in LA, with a August street date. This is directly correlated with the price cuts we reported on last week. I’ll be at E3, so we’ll get… Read More

  • FCC chairman Kevin Martin now supports XM-Sirius merger!

    It looks like Kevin Martin of the FCC is now supporting the XM-Sirius merger. I think my brain just exploded a little bit. Yes, 16 months after initially proposing the merger (and three months after the Justice Department gave the green light), the FCC’s chairman has given it a thumbs-up. Said the chairman: I am recommending that, with the voluntary commitments they’ve offered… Read More

  • JVC announces three new high-definition Everio camcorders, one of which records 50 hours of video

    Good morning and happy Monday to everyone. My name is Doug and I’m here to tell you about three new hard drive-based camcorders coming from JVC. It’ll be fun! Okay, so we’ve got the Everio GZ-HD10, the Everio GZ-HD30, and the Everio GZ-HD40. All three of them do high definition, while the HD30 and HD40 can do dual-mode recording – either MPEG-2 format or AVCHD format. Read More

  • ISP reaction could spell death of Usenet

    Is this the beginning of the end for Usenet as we know it? Wouldn’t surprise me. It broke last week that New York’s attorney general had targeted Usenet because of the existence of child pornography. Fair enough, no one wants that. But the reaction by several ISPs could set a dangerous precedent, and could threaten the way Usenet works. Time Warner, my ISP (for the time being), will… Read More

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