• Terrifying LED rainbow table makes your leprechaun dreams come true

    This kaleidoscopic fever dream of a coffee table is equipped with a 9×9 matrix of LEDs, which can apparently be set to “acid flashback” mode if necessary. It’s kind of like a demonically-possessed Lite Brite. When it’s not blasting color at your living room, though, I can think of a couple interesting uses for it. Read More

  • Google Reader Still Trying To Figure Out This Whole Social Thing. Still Failing.

    A lot of people use Google Reader as their primary RSS feed reader, so you’d think its social features would be extremely popular. But they’re really kind of lame, and extremely underpowered. And Google knows this, that’s why it’s continually shifting the way it presents the social elements. The latest change today allows users to more easily find and share with friends… Read More

  • Penguin United to launch CrossFire Remote Pistol for the Wii at E3 [Update]

    I refuse to play any game for the Wii that requires a gun unless it’s Duck Hunt. With that being said, Penguin United will launch the CrossFire Remote Pistol for the Wii at E3 this June. What makes this pistol accessory different from all the others is that it has a built-in Wii Remote. Update: After the jump is a rendering of the CrossFire Remote Pistol. Read More

  • DealBase Finds $1 Million For Hotel Deal Database

    DealBase.com, an online database devoted to aggregating hotel deals and packages, has secured $1 million in Series A funding from angel investors including Russ Siegelman, a partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers; Bob Zipp, managing director of Amicus Capital; and Josh Hannah, general partner at Matrix Partners and former CEO of eHow.com. Launched in November 2008, DealBase crawls the… Read More

  • SMSGupShup (India's "Twitter") Grows To 20 million Users, $150,000/month Revenue

    SMSGupShup, a Twitter-like service in India, is getting a ton of buzz over here in the U.S., too. In an interview with CEO Beerud Sheth now says the service now has 20 million users (and that’s without an appearance on Oprah), nearly all of which are in India. That’s up from 7 million late last year. The service can only be accessed via SMS, which works just fine for India’s… Read More

  • Amazing guitar hack has perpendicular strings, robo-fingers

    This video is one of the most pleasant surprises I’ve had in quite a while. Not only is the gadgetry excellent, but the music is very much to my liking as well. Paolo Angeli, an Italian musician (and clearly roboticist as well), has modified his guitar to have extra strings, a little strummer-bot, and a set of pedal-controlled string hammers. This is the kind of one-man-band I actually like. Read More

  • About Schmidt: Does The FTC Really Think Apple And Google Are Too Buddy Buddy?

    In terms of big companies with an overall glowing public perception these days, two seem to stand above all others: Apple and Google. And the two share a lot in common — notably, a common enemy in Microsoft, and both share two board members. The latter is apparently the subject of a new FTC investigation into possible antitrust ties, The New York Times has learned. Specifically, Eric… Read More

  • Survey Says: PR People Love Our No-Embargo Policy

    The PR industry never ceases to amaze me. Despite the fact that we stopped honoring most embargoes back in December, 2008 and sent out a very public memo about it, we still get flooded with unsolicited emails and press releases requesting that we publish the information contained in them only after a certain date. When we decided to stop playing the whole embargo game, we fully expected… Read More

  • OffiSync Brings Microsoft Office And Google Docs Together At Last

    Google Docs has been around since 2006, offering a powerful and free alternative to Microsoft’s dominant productivity suite. But for many people, it remains something of a novelty – it’s there, but they don’t use it regularly. This is in part because of the inherent security issues with Cloud-based services, which make busineses hesitant to upload their… Read More

  • Video: Hold me closer, tiny robot dancer

    Something about the world’s smallest humanoid robot dancing in front of its own certificate is both heartwarming and hilarious. Even the rude metal riffs just add a layer cuteness. Read More

  • Review: Moxi HD DVR

    Think of the Moxi HD as a hot, new Hollywood actress. She might have the look and desire to be the next big thing, but she just doesn’t have the goods to hang with the real starlets. That’s the Moxi HD DVR. It looks amazing, but the core functionality isn’t as good as other options and it fails to offer anything significant in comparison. Read More

  • HyperMac = portable battery for all MacBook models, promises up to 32 hours of juice

    Praise Jeebus! Today in Sunnyvale, CA, Sanho announced the world’s first external battery pack for all MacBook laptops. The HyperMac is available in 60Wh, 100Wh, 150Wh and 222Wh capacities with built-in variable power tech that adjusts output based on the MacBook model that’s being charged. You can also plug in your iPhone or just anything else via a USB port. Each HyperMac model… Read More

  • Showing Its Twitter Envy, Facebook Gets Serious About SMS

    It appears that over the past few weeks, Facebook has widely activated a feature that allows you to text Facebook to update your status, message your friends, or send a poke on the go. You can opt to receive texts with status updates, messages, pokes, and wall posts from selective friends right when they happen. This is all part of a larger Mobile strategy that Facebook has begun to… Read More

  • Video: This is the Fallout 3: Broken Steel trailer

    Within lies the Fallout 3: Broken Steel trailer. The expansion comes out tomorrow on Xbox Live and Games For Windows Live. It’ll cost 800 Microsoft points. It raises the level cap from 20 to 30, and it somehow fiddles with the game’s ending. That is all. Read More

  • Google Apps Will Soon Play Friendly With BlackBerry Enterprise Server

    Getting Google Apps to work properly on a BlackBerry smartphone has never been the easiest process. Take Gmail, for example: you could use POP or IMAP, but it won’t sync the read status of each message. That’s no big deal, until you go absolutely insane from a status light that never, ever stops blinking. Now you’re stuck using the Gmail for BlackBerry app. Want your… Read More

  • Thanko sells "mid-air" PC mouse

    A lot of companies and shops in Japan are currently closed due to Golden Week (a national holiday period), but that doesn’t stop Tokyo-based gadget maker and USB specialist Thanko. First, they put scorpions and spiders into a PC mouse, and now they offering one that doesn’t need to be placed on a surface to function [JP]. It can also double as a simple remote control. Read More

  • Fortunate Son: Soundtrack selection points to Vietnam era Call of Duty

    That Activision is looking to license music from the 1960s—plus Cuban, African and Soviet Union hits—can only mean one thing: the next Call of Duty will take place during the Vietnam War. (And what a fun war it was! Perhaps there will be an Escape from Saigon on a Helicopter, tail between your legs, quick time event?) Treyarch, of Call of Duty: World at War, Call of Duty 3, and… Read More

  • Facebook: We're Doing It Live, Sort Of

    Back when Facebook first announced its new homepage redesign, it billed it as ‘real-time’, offering users their friends’ most recent activity updates as they happened. Unfortunately, the homepage wasn’t quite as real-time as many of us would have liked – while it did show the most recent updates, the page was static, and you’d have to refresh it if you… Read More

  • Bill Gates v. Warren Buffett On Competing With Google: Charge The Moat!

    Fox Business landed an interview with Bill Gates and Warren Buffet this morning. Near the end (skip to the 6:10 mark) Fox’s Liz Claman talks about Buffett’s love of Google, quoting him: “Their moat of competitiveness is so wide and what they do is so tough to compare and to compete with that in that moat are sharks and crocodiles that no one can get near.”… Read More

  • 1% of web users using Linux

    Linux users, rejoice! We’ve been a minority for a long time, but we’re slowing gaining more and more traction in the world. Word is that in the last twelve months, Linux use online has increased two thirds, up from 0.69% to 1.02% Sure, it’s still a trivially small number, but the continued growth of our favorite free software operating system has some pretty interesting… Read More

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