• Innovid Launches New Form Of Video Advertising: The Clickable Canvas

    A lot of experimentation with video advertising on the Web is going on these days. Today, an Israeli startup called Innovid (see earlier coverage) is doing its part to help advertisers move away from the pre-roll with technology that allows for things like virtual product placements inside videos and turning entire surfaces into clickable canvases. In the demo video after the jump, for… Read More

  • HTC revamps the Touch Cruise, smoothing curves and adding geotagging

    We hadn’t heard anybody complaining that the HTC Touch Cruise (released at the beginning of 2008) had grown stale – but then again, we hadn’t heard anybody saying much of anything about it lately. Regardless, HTC has taken last years design and given it a polish job, shaving down the dimensions (102 x53.5 x14.5mm, down from 110mmx58mmx15.5mm) and about 21% off of its… Read More

  • Treo PRO now available from Sprint for $249

    Palm and Sprint might have a pickle on their hands. Now that the Palm Pre is the hottest upcoming phone of 2009, how are they going to sell the Treo PRO when the Pre is rumored to launch next month? Sprint thankfully has priced the PRO well with to a $200 price cut and a $100 MIR which brings the MSRP down to a respectable $249. Still, Windows Mobile on the PRO or the sexy, new webOS powering… Read More

  • Microsoft Lost Nearly $500 Million On The Web Last Quarter

    Overall, Microsoft’s quarterly net profits declined 11 percent to $4.17 billion for the fiscal period ended in December. Operating profits were down 8 percent to $5.94 billion. If you drill down to the individual operating businesses, every business unit except for Servers and Tools suffered from lower operating profits. The Client division (Windows) took the biggest hit, with… Read More

  • New In Google Talk: Embedded Videos From YouTube And Google Video

    I just received a Google Talk chat message from Orli Yakuel that contained an embedded YouTube Video. Turns out Google is testing a feature that automatically turns direct links to YouTube videos copied into the instant messaging application (seems to work only from within Gmail, not the desktop client) into embedded clips. Update: it also works with direct links to videos hosted on Google… Read More

  • Digitize your tapes with TapeLink

    Tape is dead. However my silly brother still has 400 of them in the bottom of the car, most of them in pieces but some are still enjoyable. The TapeLink from Alesis will let you digitize your old tapes, clean the sound with the bundled software and convert them to MP3’s. Read More

  • Huawei's Android phone to be shown next month

    Huawei’s Android handset might drop during the original first half of 2009 time slot instead of the 3Q 2009 some reported. The maker will at least show it off at next months Mobile World Congress, with production hopefully starting shortly there after. *fingers crossed* We don’t have any other details including if the phone will be a touchscreen-only, keyboard-equipped, or the… Read More

  • Sad Day For Microsoft: 5,000 Laid Off, Earnings And Revenues Down

    In the midst of declining earnings, Microsoft announced today that it will be laying off up to 5,000 people over the next 18 months, or about five percent of its total workforce. Of that amount, 1,400 are losing their jobs today. Microsoft also says that it will continue to hire and that the net headcount reduction over the next 18 months should amount to between 2,000 and 3,000. The… Read More

  • Social Search Engine Delver On Death Watch

    We’ve contacted the company to confirm, but former engineer of the Israeli startup Aviran Mordo is reporting on his blog that the social search company Delver has failed to secure follow-up financing due to the drought in VC activity and will be closing shop in 30 days unless they find a buyer. The company has raised $4 million from a single investor, Carmel Ventures, and was –… Read More

  • Treo PRO now available from Sprint for $249

    Update: Sprint did not intend for this page to go up yet – it has since been pulled. Palm and Sprint might have a pickle on their hands. Now that the Palm Pre is the hottest upcoming phone of 2009, how are they going to sell the Treo PRO when the Pre is rumored to launch next month? Sprint thankfully has priced the PRO well with to a $200 price cut and a $100 MIR which brings the MSRP… Read More

  • Veoh Video Compass: A Handy Automatic Video Search Plugin

    Popular video site Veoh has just released a new version of its browser plugin, Veoh Video Compass. The plugin, which is available for Firefox 3 and IE7, presents a selection of videos relevant to your search queries and the pages you browse in an unobtrusive ribbon at the top of your browser. It’s a nifty feature that seems to work pretty well, effectively adding a video search to… Read More

  • IAC's Ask.com Acquires Domain Name Monetizer Sendori

    Ask Sponsored Listings, a division of Ask.com (itself a subsidiary to IAC) has acquired Sendori, a startup that introduced interesting advertising exchange technology about two years ago that enabled advertisers to purchase direct navigation traffic generated by top tier domain names, bypassing PPC advertising providers like Google and Yahoo when it comes to monetizing parked… Read More

  • Feedburner Needs To Get It Together

    Complaints about Feedburner, a service that helps websites manage their RSS feeds, have been around as long as the company itself. But you’d think that when Google spent $100 million to buy the company, they’d get it together. But things haven’t gotten better. Instead, the service is becoming unreliable. Feedburner problems plague website owners far more than they should. Read More

  • UK Twitter use explodes ten-fold, poised to go mainstream as celebs get on board

    Twitter use is exploding in the UK and, with celebrities there starting to hat-tip the microblogging service, many are predicting it is poised to tip over into mainstream use, much as Facebook did a couple of years ago. UK Internet traffic to Twitter has increased 10-fold over past last 12 months, according to research house Hitwise. For the week ending January 17 2009 Twitter ranked as the… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Fire in the Sky Edition

    Smittens: World’s dumbest mittens
    Is it 2012? Because Hello Kitty just made her debut on the iPhone
    Paro, the robotic seal for the elderly, is shipping in April Read More

  • Twitter use in the UK explodes by ten times says Hitwise

    UK Internet traffic to Twitter has increased 10-fold over past last 12 months, according to Hitwise. For the week ending 17/01/09 Twitter ranked as the 291st most visited website in the UK, up from a ranking of 2,953 for the week ending 19/01/08. UK Internet traffic to the website has increased by a staggering 974% over this period. Hitwise also admits that Twitter is probably even more… Read More

  • Stanford Students Release A Cool Batch Of iPhone Apps

    Students from Stanford’s Fall 1008 iPhone class CS193P created a nice crop of apps that are now available or will be soon for the iPhone (see our Stanford Facebook apps posts here and here). A list of them is here, and some of them I’m going to keep on my phone. My favorite is iDiscover, which gives you random content you think will be interesting (text, videos, apps). You rate… Read More

  • Music community Rivmixx attempts to lure industry and fans

    Rivmixx is a new UK startup which is aiming to be the ‘one-stop shop’ for the music industry and music fans alike. That’s quite a tall order, so how are they going to do it? The site – currently in private beta – is designed to allows bands, DJs, clubs, music venues and record labels to showcase their activities via profile pages, and allow fans to stay in touch… Read More

  • Sony ignores struggling PS3, declares itself industry leader

    Sony claims to be the market leader in game consoles. This comes right after rumors that Sony might be experiencing its first loss in 14 years. Read More

  • Follett's new eBook reader is all software

    Follett, a distributor of educational materials, has announced that it has developed an eBook reader for education that is aimed at classrooms and libraries. Now, don’t be mistaken. This isn’t a portable eBook reader. It’s a software reader that is paired with its own online store. They claim that this reader should protect publisher content while introducing new… Read More

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