• Surface up close and personal: Microsoft reveals all

    I’m here at a Microsoft event where we’re getting into the nitty gritty details of Microsoft’s touch-screen table, Surface. If you want to see an earlier version in motion, check out Matt’s hands-on from CES where he makes a fool of himself. Meanwhile, we’ll be learning about what the thing is made up of, its parts and history (it used to be called… Read More

  • The Future! Car spotted in Japanese vending machine

    What this photo doesn’t show is the car salesman, who’s in the back getting the keys and a fistful of quarters from his manager to take this thing for a test drive. Ha! You can’t actually buy this Smart Car from a vending machine (yet?). It’s just a marketing gimmick. The machine doles out brochures about the car – cruddy, non-candy brochures – and I… Read More

  • The Hype Worked: Firefox 3 Downloaded 8.3 Million Times In First 24 Hours

    Despite getting off to a slow start yesterday, the official release of the Firefox 3 browser was downloaded 8.3 million times (that’s the unofficial tally as of 11:16 AM PT today). Mozilla beat its goal of 5 million downloads by 3 million and set a new world record! All right, there was no previous world record, but it still represents a massive one-day adoption rate. According to… Read More

  • Actual headline: Man gets Windows Vista to work with printer

    What sounds like a headline from The Onion is from the real story of an area man who did get Windows Vista to work with his printer, but not without the help of Microsoft software engineers. PI reporter Todd Bishop first brought word of the man’s trouble not long ago on the PI blog and local geeks wanted to help, as Seattle-area geeks tend to do. One helper was a Microsoft test engineer… Read More

  • ClickTale Tackles Frustrating Forms With New Analytics

    ClickTale, a hosted website analytics service that has provided a range of solutions from user experience videos to interaction heatmaps, is releasing a new tool today for identifying pain spots in online forms. The new Forms Analytics software, according to ClickTale, addresses three areas in particular: – Which fields take the longest to complete
    – Which fields are left blank… Read More

  • Philadelphia to Turn Free Wi-Fi back On

    In 2005, EarthLink began an ambitious project that would bring free Wi-Fi to the citizens of Philadelphia. EarthLink quit its effort in May because of complaints about signal service. In a city of over a million people, only 6,000 signed up for the EarthLink service. A new group of investors announced that they would finish the project. Network Acquisition Company, a group made up of local… Read More

  • You must try the Spore Creature Creator today! (I already made John Biggs!)

    Click To Play Has everyone tried the Spore Creature Creator yet? EA released it to the general public yesterday—apparently I had a preview password to play with it a little early—and I’ve already had a blast re-creating our very own editor John Biggs. I modeled him after this infamous photo. There’s a trial version, which I used, which gives you access to about… Read More

  • Louis Vuitton Brings Some Style To Audio Tours of China

    Louis Vuitton has partnered with Soundwalk to produce a series of surreal audio tours that whisk listeners through some of China’s most well-known cities: Beijing, Hong Kong, and Shanghai. The tours offer a strange and captivating mix of music, sound effects, and narration that are sure to enhance any traveler’s visit to the country. Listeners stuck at home can enjoy the tours… Read More

  • Panasonic develops the world’s first write-once Blu-ray discs with 6x writing speed

    Today Panasonic announced [JP] they will introduce the world’s first Blu-ray discs with 6x writing speed in Japan next month. The company will offer 25GB (LM-BR25MD) and 50 GB (LM-BR50MD) versions. The new discs feature a maximum data transfer speed of 216Mbps. Panasonic claims this is 20% faster than the transfer speed of 16x DVD-R discs. The 25GB discs will be priced at $16 per… Read More

  • Frets on Fire is like an open-source Guitar Hero

    Yesterday we brought news of a desktop version of Rock Band for Facebook that was mediocre at best. And today, we have Frets on Fire, an open-source Guitar Hero clone that looks like it could actually be pretty badass. You can play along to the included songs, or you can import your own from Guitar Hero 1 or 2 discs, a neat trick. Or you can create your own with the in-game song creator. Or… Read More

  • Meet Keromin: Half stuffed frog, half musical instrument

    Keromin is the name of a strange mixture between a stuffed frog and an electronic music instrument. Kero means “ribbet ribbet” in Japanese, while the Theremin is the world’s first musical instrument. The little guy has been featured in the Japanese media last year already but currently gets some extra-attention because 2008 is declared the year of the frog by the… Read More

  • AT&T will have Family Plans for iPhone 3G: $39.99 per month, $9.99 for each additional line

    A friendly tipster inside AT&T just told us that it will offer family plans for the iPhone 3G. Plans start at $39.99 per month for voice—the number of minutes unclear at this point—with additional lines available for $9.99 per iPhone. Not a bad deal, and a fine way to lock families, from dad all the way down to junior, to AT&T for at least two years. Read More

  • Verizon to bump FiOS speeds to 50 Mbps nationwide

    If you happen to live in one of the lucky areas of the 16 states where Verizon has made FiOS available, you’ll be able to top your Internet connection out at 50 Mbps down, 20 Mbps up. Verizon says the speed enhancements will begin next week. Some markets already have the 50/20 speed tier, but Verizon will be rolling out faster connections to FiOS customers where 30 Mbps had previously… Read More

  • FriendFeed and The Future Of Distributed Conversations

    Interview with FriendFeed
    Steve Gillmor and I did a video interview with Bret Taylor from FriendFeed. There are some interesting responses and content in here and it expands on a few points that were discussed during a panel today at the Supernova 2008 conference. To begin with, Bret states that they re-thought how FriendFeed could work as a communication tool, and are contemplating supporting… Read More

  • Xoopit Launches Gmail Media Search, We've Got 500 Invites

    Xoopit, the social webmail plugin that indexes your Gmail account’s media attachments, has launched Gmail Media Search. The new feature compliments Gmail’s standard text search by including a sidebar that lists file attachments, photos, and videos. The first 500 TechCrunch readers to sign up here will gain access to the service, which is currently in private beta. The Gmail… Read More

  • Protect your money with the Shocker ATM Bank

    Starting in the middle of July, Japanese design company Plex [JP] will sell an electronic, Kamen Rider-inspired savings box. The so-called Shocker ATM Bank will yell “Eeeee!” every time you put some money into it. The device is able to differentiate every coin between 1 and 500 Yen of value and displays what you saved up so far. Thieves have no chance to get your money since… Read More

  • Philips expands its GoGear line with Shuffle-like audio player (with display!)

    Philips, the progenitor of PSV Eindhoven in Holland, has released a few new digital audio players that may please the Sansa-loving crowd. They’re names are forgettable, with a hodgepodge of seemingly random numbers mixed together in a blender, but know that they’re all part of the GoGear family. GoGear, if you remember, had a heck of a showing at CES in January. As for these… Read More

  • Sprint Nextel Undercuts the iPhone with Price of the Instinct

    Carrier Sprint Nextel announced today that its smart phone, the Samsung Instinct, will sell for $129.99 when it goes on sale Friday. The cheapest iPhone model, which reaches the public on July 11, sells for $199. It looks as though Sprint is hoping to compete with AT&T in the smart phone market by being cheaper and quicker to market. The Instinct is similar to the new iPhone. It… Read More

  • Samsung Instinct to cost $129.99, launches Friday

    Just got word that Sprint’s new flagship wonderphone, the Samsung Instinct, will only cost $129.99, not $199 as was previously thought. That’s after a $100 mail-in rebate and with a new two-year contract, of course, but that’s a very good price for such a fully-featured phone. The Instinct will launch this Friday, the 20th, and requires one of Sprint’s unlimited data… Read More

  • Update: MySpace Redesign Now Live

    The MySpace redesign that Michael wrote about last week is now live to all of its users. The design is much cleaner, with fewer tabs across the top of the homepage and drop-down menus for everything else. Navigation in general, has been completely revamped to reduce the number of clicks it takes to get to what members want. Search has also been improved, ranking results based on your… Read More

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