• It's a Socialthing: AOL's Plan To Take On Facebook Connect With Lifestreaming and Chat

    If you want to take a peek at how AOL plans to take on Facebook, you need to look beyond Bebo (the social network it bought for $850 million last year) to theBoot, a country music site hidden away off in a corner of AOL Music. A very interesting experiment is going on at theBoot that represents a major plank in AOL’s social-networking strategy. It shows how AOL plans to take on… Read More

  • iPhone App Giveaway Spree: Hundreds of Promo codes. Here. Now.

    This contest is now over. We’ve now sent codes to the winners of rounds 16 through 41, and will continue sending them throughout the day. If you were contacted during the contest and were told that you won, please feel free to e-mail us if you do not receive your code by Sunday night. Round 42 -The Finale:
    I think it’s safe to say that Round 42, the Scavenger Battle for Mt. Jaadu… Read More

  • At last you can check your email on your 3D mouse

    This amazing piece of tech is more of academic interest to me than anything else, since I can’t imagine the kind of work one would have to do to necessitate such a device. I mean, obviously CAD and 3D modeling, that sort of thing, but I can’t actually wrap my brain around how it would all work. Its little dial actually moves with 6 degrees of freedom, allowing you to do all kinds… Read More

  • It begins: Palm Pre trickles out to accessory manufacturers

    Wow, who would have believed it? The Palm Pre actually exists outside of private tradeshow demos and the hands of celebrities? If that’s actually a real, functional pre and not a mock-up or a well-done knockoff, it looks like accessory manufacturers have began getting shipments of the much coveted Sprint handset. An anonymous Ludle employee tipster just posted a few shots of the Pre… Read More

  • Pirate Bay server heads to Swedish museum

    Hey, have you guys heard of The Pirate Bay? It’s this cool Web site that has all these things called BitTorrents. You just double click ’em and this program opens and then you can download movies and music and stuff. It’s gonna get real popular, you wait and see! In fact, a museum in Sweden will display one of the site’s servers as part of an exhibit. Read More

  • GameStop, the arbiter of the video game industry, would like to see some price cuts

    Since when the does video game industry bow to what GameStop thinks? Your guess is as good as mine, but the company’s CEO Dan DeMatto, wants Sony and Nintendo to cut the price of the PS3 and Wii, respectively. That’s all well and good—who wouldn’t want to see the PS3 at $199?—but why should GameStop be the kingmaker? Read More

  • YouTube Takes Aim At Hulu With "Party Of Five"

    YouTube announced today new measures it is taking to more prominently feature and broaden the range of content available on the site from studios including Crackle/Sony Pictures, CBS, MGM, Lionsgate, Starz, the BBC, Anime Network, Cinetic Rights Management, Current TV, Discovery, Documentary Channel, First Look Studios, IndieFlix, National Geographic. The site will now feature a new… Read More

  • Ubisoft officially announces Assassin's Creed 2, dated for holiday 2009

    Well, the teaser site launched a week ago and we’ve known about the sequel for a long time, but today, Ubisoft “officially” announced Assassin’s Creed 2. And it’s coming to the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC for the holiday 2009 season. Hit the jump for the complete breakdown from this month’s Game Informer and the second teaser trailer. Big thanks to Mark D. Read More

  • Target kicks off video game reservation program

    Hoping to woo gamers who somehow manage to plan ahead more than a day in advance, Target is implementing a new video game reservation program. The basic idea is that you pay $1 for a reservation card, which holds your game for seven days after the release date, and when you return to pick the game up, you’ll also get a $5 Target gift card good on future purchases. Read More

  • McKinsey's Cloud Computing Report Is Partly Cloudy

    McKinsey & Company released a report, “Clearing the Air on Cloud Computing,” today that claims that large corporations could lose money through the adoption of cloud computing. The report paints cloud computing as over-hyped and maintains that cloud computing services like Amazon Web Services (AWS) overcharge large companies for a service the companies could do better on their own. Read More

  • Google Shows a 3% Sequential Dip In Revenues: First One Ever

    Google has just announced its Q1 2009 results, and for the first time ever, there has been a dip. Revenue fell 3% for the quarter versus the fourth quarter of 2008. But, for the year, revenues were still up. And it’s actually not as bad as analysts had been expecting. JP Morgan, for example, had been expecting a 4% decline quarter to quarter. And, perhaps most importantly for Google… Read More

  • Quote of the day from RIM's CEO about the Storm

    We’re not the biggest fans of the BlackBerry Storm. Apparently that’s ’cause it was RIM’s first touchscreen device and we, as early adopters, should have expected this type of buggy device per the CEO. Sure, it’s a first-gen phone, but we expected more from Research in Motion. Didn’t you? Laptop Mag sat down with the CEO of RIM who spoke frankly about… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Refurbished 24-inch LCD for $185

    PC Connection is selling a 24-inch refurbished ViewSonic LCD for $184.95 with free shipping. It only comes with a 90-day warranty, but if you’re willing to take a chance on a refurbished screen, then this is a good deal for all that real estate. Read More

  • Oprah's First Tweet Will Be Tomorrow On Her Show. Soccer Moms To Take Over The Service?

    Talk show host Oprah Winfrey has taken control of her own Twitter name, @oprah, she announced on her Facebook page today. And tomorrow, she’ll start using it, on her show. Apparently, her guest tomorrow will be the man she calls “the King of Twitter,” Ashton Kutcher. I’m sure he’ll be talking about his race for a million followers on the service (he should be there… Read More

  • iPhone OS 3.0 Beta 3 unofficially jailbroken

    Yeah – we realize how odd that headline might seem. Apple doesn’t exactly endorse jailbreaks, so the idea that any jailbreak method is “official” may seem strange. But with just about every major release coming from one group, certain releases inherently just have more cred. The just released iPhone 3.0 Beta 3 has been cracked wide open, albeit not by the iPhone Dev… Read More

  • 300,000 Kindle 2s Sold To Date

    Amazon’s Kindle 2, which first shipped in late February, is selling at roughly double the rate of the first generation device, says a source close to Amazon. Approximately 300,000 of the Kindle 2s have been shipped to date, suggesting Amazon has made over $100 million in revenue from sales of the $359 device alone this year. The first generation device sold around 400,000 units total… Read More

  • Texas Instruments develops wallet-size notebook adapter

    Wanna know something about laptops? No matter how small and portable you make ’em, the AC adapter’s always going to be the size of a ham sandwich. Well that gravy train is about to crash into a brick wall of ingenuity thanks to Texas Instruments. The company has apparently developed a 90-watt AC adapter that measures 85x60x11 millimeters or, as the above photo shows, about the size… Read More

  • Best Buy to sling Instinct S30s for nearly 60% off

    With just about absolutely nothing changing between the original Instinct and the Instinct S30, it’s not really too surprising that the S30 is launching at the same price the first one currently goes for: 130 bucks. What is surprising, however, is that Best Buy (of all places) will be peddling it at a deep discount. According to a circular sent over to Engadget, the Blue Polo Brigade will… Read More

  • Bethesda's lawyers to Interplay's lawyers: Hey, where's that Fallout MMO you guys promised?

    The Almighty Dollar strikes again, with word that Bethesda is none too pleased with Interplay’s progress on a Fallout MMO. Interplay sold the rights to Fallout to Bethesda a few years ago, and those rights included everything except an MMO. Hence, Fallout 3. But! Now Bethesda, seeing so many dollar signs, is asking Interplay what’s up with its supposed MMO. Translation: Hey… Read More

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