• Cyber Monday CrunchDeals Round-up

    I’ll be adding to this list all day, so keep checking back for more stuff. If you find any killer deals, feel free to drop them in the comments section and I’ll add them. Amazon Smartparts SP1100B 11.3-Inch Digital Photo Frame for $99.99 Microsoft Natural Ergo Keyboard 4000 for $24.99 Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007 for $69.99 Belkin N1 Wireless Router for… Read More

  • Trutap decimates headcount, keeps skeleton staff, looks for sale

    Trutap, a leading UK mobile startup, is to let go almost 80% of its staff after failing to hit its window for a second round of funding. The blow comes only a month after the launch of its latest software application for aggregating social networks on the mobile, the milestone of over 250,000 users and the launch of a revenue-raising advertising platform. Trutap is headed-up by co-founder, CEO… Read More

  • Making Galaxies fun again: An interview with the developers of the Star Wars Galaxies PreCU Emulation Project

    Flickr’d There’s a group of developers who are trying to resurrect the old, fun version Star Wars Galaxies with the Star Wars Galaxies PreCU Emulation Project. The “CU” stands for Combat Upgrade, a term Sony Online Entertainment, the game’s harebrained developers, concocted to described the game-breaking changes it made to the combat engine. Longtime players… Read More

  • My Mojo HD is gone

    What a bad day. Long story but to top it off, Mojo HD is gone. My TiVo just informed me that the station has been removed from my Comcast lineup. No more Zane Lamprey on the best, damn drinking TV show ever: Three Sheets. MojoHD, previously InHD, was a pioneer in the HD world with one of the first 100% HD lineup but now that almost every mainstream station has a high-def feed, the suits in… Read More

  • Renesas to unveil full HD video processor for cell phones

    The days for Japan’s mobile digital TV standard One-Seg may be counted Renesas, the world’s biggest manufacturer of microcontrollers, is planning to unveil a processor that will make it possible to view full HD video in 30fps on cell phones during the ISSCC 2009 (International Solid State Circuits Conference) that will take place in San Francisco from February 8 to 12… Read More

  • QiGi 6 offers Windows Mobile 6.1 or Android – but not both

    Looking to dabble with Android, but the T-Mobile G1’s wonky banana-chin just doesn’t fit the bill? Well, how about a random touchscreen handset from an obscure Chinese manufacturer, instead? As an added bonus, this one actually comes in two flavors: Android, or Windows Mobile 6.1 Pro. Unfortunately it’s a one-or-the-other setup – there’s no dual booting to be… Read More

  • FBI Using Widgets To Fight The World's Most Notorious Criminals

    The FBI emailed us today – never a good sign – to let us know about their updated top ten fugitives widget. It’s a big improvement on the eyesore that they released a year ago. Get it here. Read More

  • Outgoing FCC Chairman Wants to Rid The Wireless Web Of Porn. Good Luck With That.

    In the waning days of his leadership at the FCC, chairman Kevin J. Martin is trying to push through some striking initiatives in his last chance to leave his mark on the agency. On Election Day, for instance, the FCC approved unlicensed use for white-space TV spectrum (aka, WiFi 2.0) that is being freed up. Now Martin wants to rid the wireless Web of porn. One of the issues he plans to tackle… Read More

  • Is this Sony’s upcoming netbook?

    The above image may or may not be a netbook-type computer from Sony. According to some mysterious FCC documents (which, conveniently, I can’t find anywhere were found by charliex using something called “the Google”) there are two separate model numbers — the PCG-1P1L and the PCG-1P2L – and tests have been performed on Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and 3G data connections… Read More

  • Video: O, Obama, what ever will you do without your BlackBerry?

    It seems people still watch the ABC network, specifically Good Morning America. I guess that’s why President-elect Obama agreed to a Barbara Walters interview. He addresses a whole bunch of “stuff,” but all we really care about is, What will he do without his BlackBerry? This short clip (fast forward to 1:15 for the BlackBerry part) explains Obama’s plan. Sounds like… Read More

  • Megaman's time of month

    megaman by ~eluted on deviantART Tools of the Trade: menstrual fluid, ink Read More

  • Verizon looks at what everyone else is selling, drops Omnia to $199

    Step one of pricing a product: look at what the competitors are getting for theirs. Now, let’s see here: AT&T has the iPhone 3G, which is blessed with the insta-hype generating Apple logo on the back, selling at $199. T-Mobile has the G1, an object of much desire to many a geek as the first Android handset to hit the market, for $179. So when Verizon was finally ready to push out… Read More

  • Ask.com Has Top Searches Too; They're Just Really Boring

    It’s the season for top searches, and Ask.com just doesn’t know how to play the game. To compile these, big search engines take all the top search terms for the year and promptly throw the data out. They then compile a list of terms that they think properly reflects key trends that people are looking for, occasionally looking at the actual data for guidance. We saw Yahoo’s… Read More

  • Simpsons get a ‘Mapple’ store with MyPods, a Brainiac Bar, MyCubes, and announcements from Steve Mobs

    Here’s the Simpsons’ take on Apple – the basic premise being that the Springfield Mall gets a “Mapple” store and everyone buys MyPods, MyPhones, and MyCubes. Everything’s pretty realistic, even down to the fine details like Steve Mobs (get it, “Jobs” but with an “M” instead?) urinating on each MyPhone before it gets shipped out and… Read More

  • Japanese company sells outlandish keyboard that's split in half

    Tokyo-based Personal Media is selling a QWERTY-keyboard of a special kind. The μTRON comes in two pieces and features a space bar that is reduced to a mini rectangle located at the left of the keyboard. Tab, Del, Enter and other keys have been placed in the middle of the device. The μTRON keyboard is Japan-only but this time that might not be so bad as Personal Media is selling it for a… Read More

  • Blockbuster OnDemand coming to Blu-ray players (PS3?), too

    Blockbuster went official with plans for a set-top streaming box last week and now the company CEO is stating that the same capability will soon be available in Blu-ray players as well. Allegedly this option will be available in the first quarter of 2009 but what player is going to have the option? The Playstation 3 perhaps? Read More

  • Le Web Nearly Sold Out. See You There

    The fifth annual Le Web conference in Paris on December 10-12 is approaching 1,500 attendees, says organizer Loic Le Meur, the most that have ever attended the event. Attendees are arriving from 26 different countries. We’re having a big party on the last night of the event. See you there, or watch for our coverage if you aren’t attending. Read More

  • Newegg.com has some ‘Cyber Monday’ deals for you: Draft-N Linksys router for $85

    Cyber Monday, online retailers’ version of Black Friday, may be a complete sham, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a few deals out there. Newegg, which throws the unfortunate phrase “Mega Monday Madness” into the mix, has hundreds of stuff that may interest you. Why, there’s a copy of Call of Duty 4 for $39.99 (the same price I paid last… Read More

  • Holiday Gift Idea: NotebookEngraver.com and JournalEngraver.com for custom notebooks

    When I was in Europe two weeks ago I fell in love with Moleskin notebooks. I know I am neither a college-age girl or a pretentious artist but these things are great. The paper is soft and thick, there’s a little pouch for your documents at the end, and they survived the abuse of me running around Paris doing research which is more than I can say for most reporters notebooks I’ve used. Read More

  • XOHM and Clearwire merger finalized

    Just under a month after the FCC gave them the go ahead, Sprint’s XOHM WiMax service and mobile broadband provider Clearwire are now one. There’s nothing new actually going on here – just the finalization of a deal that has been in the works for months. Miss something along the way? Here’s what’s going on: XOHM is Sprint’s WiMax service, which launched… Read More

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