• BuzzBox's Fast Forward Is StumbleUpon With A Train Of Thought

    I like StumbleUpon, the website recommendation engine that lets me click a button whenever I’d like to view a new, potentially interesting website. But for all the hours it has helped me waste, I wouldn’t go as far as to call it useful – pages that get recommended are rarely related to each other beyond a general category, so there’s never any logical train of… Read More

  • Review: AT&T Quickfire

    Short Version: The $99-after-rebate Quickfire from AT&T is an appealing alternative for the Sidekick crowd, but the promotion of AT&T’s music features without including earbuds or even some sort of adapter for the proprietary connector a real head-scratcher. Read More

  • Google drops truth bomb over iPhone API

    It hasn’t been too long since Google launched its iPhone search app missile and struck targets deep inside my heart. Like most missiles, it blew a lot of weak, defenseless things into oblivion (I’m looking at you, Google search bar in Safari). But also like a lot of missiles, it came with its fair share of fall-out. Read More

  • Apple sends baseless takedown notice to hackers discussing iTunesDB code

    It’s no secret that Apple wants everyone to use iTunes, especially to sync with their iPod. I personally can’t stand iTunes and prefer Winamp, and many others share my view but have enjoyed Apple hardware. Some more code-savvy people than myself have in years past determined how to read and write to the proprietary iTunesDB file, allowing non-Apple software to sync with… Read More

  • Help me find a quality Apple-friendly keyboard

    Well, I’ve burned through another Apple keyboard. The last one lasted about year. Not too bad, but I’m sick of buying ’em and I have been searching for a high-quality model with no success. What I’m looking for is something with-non membrane keys that’s equipped with an Apple key and volume control. Das Keyboard would be my ideal choice but some reviews state… Read More

  • Will online streaming change the way we watch sports?

    Let’s revisit a topic that we addressed several months ago: illicit online streaming of television broadcasts, namely sports. This is different from going to the Pirate Bay a few hours after a show airs and downloading a file. We’re talking about, hey, the big game’s on, let’s go to justin.tv or ustream to watch it. Read More

  • Check out CrunchGear's Holiday Gift Guide

    If you haven’t noticed, CG has spent the last few months reviewing things left and right including Tequila, shoes, and video games. Before you head out on Black Friday, we encourage you to pop over to our 2008 Holiday Gift Guide where every review from 2008 appears in its original, unadulterated glory. Doug has even cooked up some featured reviews and a great little video system for… Read More

  • In Praise of Bad Times: What we can learn from the last downturn

    The following is a guest post by Nigel Eccles, co-founder and CEO of Hubdub, the prediction trading game. If Silicon Valley checked into hospital, it would be diagnosed with severe bi-polar disorder. In mid-September, with the bad economic evidence mounting and the markets in freefall, its mood swung from vaunted optimism to extreme despair. Sequoia summed up the change in mood, titling… Read More

  • The BlackBerry Storm has issues – at least six of them, in fact

    With hype comes scrutiny. Build consumer interest in a device up to that which Verizon has built the BlackBerry Storm, and you’re bound to hear the complaints. The Storm has been on the shelves for less than a week, and forums around the web are already littered with word of reproach. A list of the issues that VZW/RIM has recognized as software flaws has been passed out to Verizon… Read More

  • Review: Griffin AirCurve

    Short Version: An iPod amp that sounds great – until you try to use it. Read More

  • Yelp's European Counterpart Qype Continues Global Expansion

    The German startup community has been notorious for blatant clones of popular sites developed elsewhere (my personal favorite is Freundefeed). One startup that is sometimes associated with this trend (perhaps unjustly) is Qype, a Yelp-like site for reviews that has established a strong presence throughout Europe. CEO Stephan Uhrenbacher says that he wasn’t aware of Yelp’s… Read More

  • Judge: Papermaster could cause "irreparable harm" to IBM at Apple

    When this legal melee began earlier this month, I guessed that the judge was simply taking IBM at its word and ordering Papermaster to stop work essentially at their whim. Well, you can’t blame me for underestimating the Judicial Branch, can you? Recently revealed records show that the judge had pretty solid reasoning for believing Papermaster was a serious threat to IBM in his new… Read More

  • Video: Sony Xperia Panels interface on an HTC Touch Diamond

    A group of tinkers have been hard at work getting the Panels interface from the Sony Xperia working on the HTC Touch HD. Progress is being made at a decent rate, as evidenced by a few YouTube videos that have been released. Why do such a thing? Well, as one of the guys says, “I like the look of this front end alot better than the TF3D.” So, rather than complain about the user… Read More

  • Faces.com – great URL, not so sure about the rest

    Back in February, in a small acquisition, UK mobile services provider 3Bill acquired UK social network Profile Heaven for an undisclosed sum. The idea was to integrate the youth-focused social network with 3Bill’s mobile software and content platform. Then in October, they also bought the nine year old Face-pic.com, a global photo-sharing site boasting around 700,000 users. Now the… Read More

  • Contest: Memory shot? Win a Livescribe smartpen!

    Wait. What was I supposed to write about? Oh yeah, we have another contest running starting today to give away a Livescribe smartpen. I really wish I could remember what I was supposed to tell you about this thing. Maybe you should just watch the video. How do you win? Read More

  • Happy Thanksgiving!

    The CG boys are taking a well-earned break tomorrow but thank you for another great year of CrunchGear. We wake up for you guys, whether it seems like it or not, and we could have made it through without your diligent visits to our little kingdom of jollity and mirth. Have a great Turkey day and we’ll see you on Friday. Read More

  • my6sense: Pioneering "Digital Intuition" (500 Alpha Invites)

    With the growing amount of information that is flowing into our lives, there is also a growing need for tools that help focus our attention on what should be the most relevant information for us. my6sense is developing artificial intelligence that does just that—it separates the signal from the noise and helps users shift their attention to the content they care about most. my6sense… Read More

  • First impression of Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix: Thumbs up

    The game Super Street Fighter II Turbo: HD Remix is now available on Xbox Live Arcade (and PSN) for 1,200 Microsoft points. I bought it this morning and promptly realized two things: one, it’s tremendous and two, I’m rubbish at Street Fighter nowadays. I played about halfway through Arcade mode before finally giving up—like I said, rubbish—but that was enough to ensure… Read More

  • Seagate's Rap Video Is Addictively Bad

    Just in time to get you in that purchasing mood for Black Friday comes a Seagate-sponsored video from the Sniper Twins (above) that looks like something from SNL. Called “Computer Friends” [Stack the Memory], two white rappers sing about the need to upgrade their computers. It’s so bad you can’t stop watching it. And the music is catchy too. 1.5 terabytes,
    stack… Read More

  • Plush scorpion will sting you repeatedly with love

    Twitchie Scorpion from make magazine on Vimeo. Get thee to the Makery and build yourself a Twitchie robot scorpion with plush casing. The robot itself is actually called Twitchie. It’s a DIY robot kit with everything you need to make… Read More

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