• Come See An Exclusive Pre-Screening of Batman: The Dark Knight

    The Dark Knight Trailer
    http://mediaservices.myspace.com/services/media/embed.aspx/m=35852214,t=1,mt=video Live in Los Angeles? Come see the latest Batman movie with us. We’re co-hosting an exclusive pre-screening of The Dark Knight with MySpace on Wednesday, July 16th at 7pm in Universal City (near Hollywood). We’re showing the movie, starring Christian Bale and Heath Ledger, 2… Read More

  • Video: Adobe LiveCycle Enterprise Suite

    Steve Gillmor and I met today with Brian Wick, a director of product marketing and the VP of the Livecycle division at Adobe. Livecycle is a J2EE based enterprise stack for data capture, management, assurance, etc. with the two main Adobe client formats – PDF and Flash. Currently there are over 5,000 customers using LiveCycle application server and apps within the enterprise, the… Read More

  • Kodak Zi6 quick look

    This was pretty sloppy but we needed to get the wee one into bed. Here is the Zi6, Kodak’s cool new 720p camcorder with YouTube upload functionality. It’s quite compact, especially considering it records in HD. It has an SDHD card slot and 2.4-inch screen. More info as we get it but it looks to be a definite Flip competitor. Read More

  • Most popular posts for Wednesday, July 9

    Today’s Top Posts: Blackberry Thunder’s keyboard kicks ass, reportedly and that post’s evil twin: BlackBerry Thunder isn’t quite ready for production, keyboard stinks Japanese company unveils solar-powered wireless keyboard Samsung announces YouTube friendly SC-MX20 60GB Xbox 360 on the way says leaked e-mail Meet Black OX, Gigantor’s rival robot (and pre-order… Read More

  • Index Puts $35 Million Into Cnet of Europe (BestofMedia) and $25 Million Into IP Surveillance (Milestone)

    The IPO drought is just as bad in Europe as it is here. Filling in the gap for high-growth companies hungry for capital are late-stage growth venture funds, such as the 400-million-Euro fund launched last January by Index Ventures. “The IPO market being closed is helping us,” confirms Index partner Dom Vidal. Today, Index is announcing two big investments in that fund: $35… Read More

  • Sequoia Capital Gets Serious About Fantasy

    Challenge Games, the maker of fantasy fighting game Duels and fantasy baseball game Baseball Boss, has raised a $4.5 million first round of funding from Sequoia Capital. Sequoia’s Roelof Botha has also joined the Challenge Games board of directors. Duels, where users create fantasy characters and fight other players asynchronously, first launched last year and scaled so quickly it… Read More

  • Druvaa Dusts For Fingerprints to Save Bandwidth and Storage

    Druvaa, an enterprise data backup solutions provider, recently launched their new product, Druvaa inSync. InSync is an enterprise PC backup system, that boasts 10x faster data backup while reducing 90% of the bandwidth and storage utilization. InSync is based around a new technology from Druvaa called SendUnique, that creates a fingerprint for each file to prevent duplication. When 80%… Read More

  • D-Link now shipping a fancy Wi-Fi picture frame

    Today D-Link is shipping a new 10 inch Wi-Fi digital frame (DSM-210) that will seemingly make it a snap to share photos from sites like Flickr and Facebook. Also, since it connected to the internet you can pull streaming content from websites and widgets. If you’re one of those “it must be green” types you’ll be happy to know that this frame has motion detection so it… Read More

  • Trek is testing a vending machine selling, you guessed it, bike parts

    For the next few weeks in Madison, Wisconsin, Trek is testing out a new vending machine aimed a bikers, called “Trek Stop”. The vending machine sells basic bike repair parts, water bottles, and energy bars. It also has an air compressor so you can put air in your tires. People are reporting that it also has a kiosk with how-tp videos to help you fix your bike. With the… Read More

  • Could it be? Another possible dual-touchscreen laptop?

    While we were stoked, if a little skeptical, about One Laptop Per Child’s dual touchscreen notebook design, it turns out someone has been working on one for years and it may actually be slightly more real than fairy dust. In an interview, Valerio Cometti, founder of the Italian industrial design firm V12 Design, told Laptop that the firm came up with a dual screened laptop called… Read More

  • Kodak releasing tiny super-easy Zi6 HD camcorder

    The field of tiny camcorders is going to blow up. Things like the Flip Mino are going to take over whether we like it or not (we don’t), because they’re so dang convenient. No bells, no whistles, just push-button controls and super-easy connectivity and YouTube uploading. Well, Kodak is announcing a new tiny camcorder called the Zi6, which sounds more capable than the popular… Read More

  • Swedish women more frustrated by computers than men

    A recent survey by Swedish computer magazine PC för Alla, (PC for Everyone) reportedly found that women get more frustrated than men over just about every aspect of computers and using the Web. While many women could say they find men more frustrating than computers, since we don’t speak Swedish its unclear whether the magazine included that question. Here’s Pingdom’s… Read More

  • Mophie ‘Juice Pack’ for iPod Touch coming in August

    Already available for the iPhone, the Mophie Juice Pack will be available in an iPod Touch-friendly version next month. The $99 apparatus contains a lithium polymer battery and doubles as a soft-grip case that holds the Touch, giving it an extra seven hours of video playback or 24 hours of audio playback. That’s an entire day! You may recall that I took a look at the Richard Solo… Read More

  • The Vigor Colossus desktop powerhouse PC: it's as manly as it sounds

    Those of us in the prestigious pro blogging field could probably get by with a Newton for all the processing power we use (or even a MacBook Air in a pinch), but not everyone is so modest in their needs. Developers, CG artists, and HD video editors need an insane amount of cycles to do their work, and they probably don’t care if their rig costs over seven thousand dollars. I… Read More

  • Nvidia committing to newfangled 55nm process

    Son, I remember the days when chips were 55 meters! Ain’t no one ever even heard of a nano back then. Had troops o’ monkeys cartin’ ice packs to and from the walk-in freezer just to keep that machine from meltin’ down and burying us all in hot copper — dag nabbit! Seriously, though. Nvidia’s newest, fastest cards are being done on a 55nm process, which… Read More

  • Barack Obama Breaks Promise, Flip Flops, and supports Telco’s

    Today, Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama voted for H.R.6304, which amends the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (F.I.S.A). In doing so he voted to give telecommunication providers immunity against civil damages that they might incur in the course of enabling the government to execute wiretaps and other types of electronic surveillance. He did so, after an amendment to the… Read More

  • Apple Notifies Developers: iPhone App Store To Launch Thursday Morning

    Apple finally let developers know when their iPhone apps will be live on the App Store for users to download and use: around 9 am PST Thursday morning. That, at least, is when the embargo lifts and press can start writing about the specific applications. Presumably the App Store will go live, along with iPhone 2.0 software in general, around that time. We’ve created a directory of some… Read More

  • The Inevitable: Standards and Openess By Proxy

    A few days ago we posted about Twitter switching off XMPP support to the public, but keeping it open to select partners such as Summize. Since then, a number of developers have been putting together ways to achieve the same thing but without actual official support from Twitter. One of those developers is Dustin Sallings (Twitter), who has written an XMPP proxy that uses both the Summize… Read More

  • Photo of new checkpoint friendly bag

    More news on the approaching possibility of keeping your laptop in a case while breezing through airport security. Along with bag-maker Skooba Design’s “beautiful prototypes, patents and trademarks pending,” they also posted a photo of a new security-friendly laptop case prototype for the new line, and they expect to have models available in time for the back to… Read More

  • One Step Backward: Playboy Asks Which Female Blogger You'd Like To See Sans Clothing

    Playboy has published profiles of nine women bloggers (loosely defined) – Xeni Jardin, Violet Blue, Julie Alexandria, Veronica Belmont, Amanda Congdon, Brigitte Dale, Sarah Lacy, Sarah Austin and Natali Del Conte – and asked readers to vote on which one is “sexiest.” The winner will be asked to pose for Playboy. Sarah Lacy, host of Yahoo’s TechTicker, is… Read More

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