• HTC beefs up the Touch line with the Diamond2, Pro2

    As much as we wanted HTC to announce the G2 at MWC, we knew it would be too much to ask. But if you’re into Windows Mobile (6.1) or, more importantly, TouchFlo 3D then you’re in luck. It looks like HTC took a page from Palm’s playbook on these updated Touch devices, but more on that later. The Diamond2 (4.25 X 2.09 X 0.54 inches) features a 3.2-inch WVGA touchscreen with a… Read More

  • Nokia Unveils Ovi Store, Application Sales To Debut In May

    At the Mobile Word Congress in Barcelona, Nokia has unveiled its initiative to try and repeat the runaway succes of Apple’s App Store with its own mobile storefront dubbed Ovi Store. This was an expected move as the rumors about the Finnish mobile juggernaut’s mobile applications store already spread last week; they were late confirmed to Reuters by industry sources. Here’s… Read More

  • Nokia makes the E75 official

    It was just about undeniable at this point, but Nokia has officially announced the E75. It will be available in March at the unsubsidized price of 375 euros (roughly $483 USD), with pre-orders beginning today. Nokia has yet to release the full specs, but the previously leaked (and most likely accurate) specs are as followed: Read More

  • Nokia unveils the E55 at MWC09

    Today at Mobile World Congress 2009 in Barcelona, Nokia’s “Dean of Devices” Kai Öistämö announced the Nokia E55, their slimmest QWERTY (SureType) device yet. It will be available in Europe this summer for roughly $340 USD. Amongst the details currently announced is an incredibly impressive one month stand-by time. Update: We got the deets. Read More

  • Hands on with the Garmin M20: Meh.

    This may give you an idea of how crazy Mobile World Congress can get: the first hands on demo of our trip went down when we were still at the airport. Well, in a car right outside of it – but still. Garmin/Asus offered us a ride to our hotel along with a hands-on of their newly announced nuvifone M20; a free ride and a product demo? We couldn’t resist. While we appreciate them… Read More

  • Pentax now shipping Stormtrooper K2000

    I don’t care that I already have an all black K2000, I want the limited edition all white DSLR. As a reminder, the white K2000 comes with a DA-L 18-55mm lens and DA-L 50-200mm lens. All that can be yours for $680. Want. Bad. Read More

  • Adobe Is All Flash. Announces Vaporware For Several Mobile Phones, Except The iPhone.

    Adobe wants everyone to know that its fully-featured Flash Player, not the dinky lite version, will be available on many mobile phones . . . in 2010. So hang tight until then. The phones that will support Flash 10 include the Palm Pre, Nokia S60 models, Android phones, and Windows Mobile (but we already knew about those last two). Seriously, Adobe has been working on this for how long now? Read More

  • Wii sells like Wii cakes

    If you didn’t get a Wii Fit for a gift this holiday season, you are not alone. Judging for the sales numbers that Nintendo is reporting for January, quite a few people didn’t get what they were hoping for. Read More

  • Xerox Alto old timer just wants a little credit for Apple's success

    Carl Clement, 87, claims that he and his company, Clement Designlabs, helped build the Xerox Alto long before there was the Apple Macintosh. The Alto is widely believed to have inspired some features of the first Mac, like the little folder icons and the mouse. Read More

  • Video: Palm Pre's calendar gets demoed

    Take that iPhone fanboys! Read More

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