• Second episode of Gears of War 2 developer documentary: Every Gun Has a Story

    BODIES AS SHIELDS!!! Here’s episode 1 if you’re just joining us. Read More

  • Slash says Activision is making a Guitar Hero: Jimi Hendrix

    In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Slash let slip that Activision was working on a Jimi Hendrix edition of the popular game. Who’s excited for that? Slash also mentions that he’d like to see an AC/DC version because they’re the “ultimate guitar-driven band.” As the original guy do you feel more invested in the game? Well, having the Aerosmith guys do it… Read More

  • The Social Enterprise

    There continues to be a misunderstanding of the enormous transitions enterprise software and IT are going through. While Web 2.0 technologies have substantial holes related to security, standards, and IT buyin, even those simple metrics are yielding data about accelerating adoption. According to Awareness, Inc. surveys, business acceptance of social media applications doubled from 37 % in 2007… Read More

  • More interview with Peter Moore (we're up to part three)

    I wish we didn’t have to publish this in episodic format (here are parts one and two), but really it is a good interview and we wouldn’t want you to have to wait to hear about it — since we know you get all your news from CrrrrrunchGear dot com. Today’s portion of the extensive interview with Peter Moore has to do with the internal reaction to the Xbox at Microsoft… Read More

  • Norton Internet Security/AntiVirus 2009: Fastest install of your life and a HUGE CONTEST

    How many of you are annoyed by pop-ups from your Internet security software? What about the time it takes to install? I think you know where I’m going with this. Inevitably you’re running virus protection from Symantec or McAfee. I know when I was using a PC it was Symantec and it would piss me off. The constant pop-ups asking me to upgrade or verify that it’s ok for it to… Read More

  • Amazee: Facebook-meets-BaseCamp for activists

    Zurich-based startup Amazee has come out of a five month public beta with the full launch today of its “collaboration platform” which allows people to organize, track, promote and fund projects of any size. Think Facebook “Causes” meets Basecamp with the ability to take PayPal and credit card donations thrown in. Amazee has also been signed up to provide the social… Read More

  • Spotted: Pentax BobCar in NYC

    Over the weekend I spotted this little BobCar from Pentax in Union Square and decided to see what it was all about being the Pentax guy that I am. The BobCar was really neat because it allowed anyone to just roll up and test out any of the cameras that were on hand. This is a much better solution than having potential buyers test them out in-store. The lighting is horrible and… Read More

  • Challenge Games Raises Another $10 Million. Well Played, Sir.

    Browser-based fantasy game startup Challenge Games has raised a $10 million B round just a couple months after raising its $4.5 million A round. Globespan led the round. Sequoia Capital, which led the last round, also participated (Sequoia partner Roelof Botha is on the board). Challenge is behind the online role-playing games Duels and Baseball Boss. Both are addictive, and are designed… Read More

  • iPhone 3G wins Stuff Magazine's "Gadget of the Year" readers choice award

    Congrats, Steve ol’ buddy! Your life long dream has finally come true! Yeah, yeah, selling millions of iPhone 3Gs was cool and all – but now it has won the UK’s Stuff Magazine readers pick award for “Gadget of the Year”! You can pick up your plaque and $50 dollar Hometown Buffet gift card next week. The other nominees for the readers choice award were the PS3… Read More

  • CrunchDeal: $1229 for Samsung 40-inch LCD and Blu-ray player

    While no one will tell you that either the Samsung BD-P1500 or 40-inch LN40A550 are top-tier products, when bought together on Amazon though, they make one hell of a deal. Best Buy’s website states they sell the TV alone for $1,399, and even Newegg lists it for $1,189. But on Amazon, you are getting the TV along with a Samsung Blu-ray player capable of being upgraded to BD-Live later on. Read More

  • Verizon rolls out the BlackBerry Storm site

    After a short delay and a few disappearing acts, Verizon’s official BlackBerry Storm page is now live. It’s not all that useful, being that it’s nothing more than a shot of the Storm and an e-mail alert sign-up form. “You’ll be the first to know when it’s available for purchase”, it says. After all of the leaks over the past two days, I sort of doubt that. Read More

  • Hazel Mail, A Dead Simple Way To Design And Ship Custom Postcards Worldwide

    Postcards can be found at nearly every tourist destination around the world. And while they’re always a popular and cheap way to keep in touch with friends, they also suffer from being incredibly generic – every shop seems to sell the same dozen postcards, no matter where in a city you go. A new startup called Hazel Mail is looking to give postcards a more personal touch, by… Read More

  • Review: Microsoft Sidewinder X5 mouse

    The hot new Sidewinder Microsoft gaming gear has hit. You’ll see a review of the freaky X6 keyboard next week, but as it is Mouse Review Week (at least where I am), I’m just going to be covering the enormous X5 gaming mouse. It’s big. I felt like I was Jack trying out the Giant’s mouse in his castle at the top of the beanstalk. Read on for more, or touch the movie above… Read More

  • TechCrunchTalk event will debate startups in Europe (Sold Out!)

    We’re holding a little event in London tomorrow, “TechCrunchTalk”: a series of panel discussions focusing on start-ups and the investment climate. I’m delighted to welcome such internet stars as Michael Birch, co-founder, Bebo and William Reeve, chairman of the UK’s hottest search startup, True Knowledge, as well as some great people from the rest of the UK… Read More

  • Verizon's BlackBerry Storm pre-launch details surface

    Click image for the embiggened version Further proving that there is at least one VZW employee out there who really likes leaking BlackBerry Storm details, CrackBerry has managed to get their hands on the BlackBerry Storm pre-launch marketing sheet. Now, don’t get too excited when you see the words “Launch Date” next to “9/17/08”; Verizon is not going to… Read More

  • Pioneer bringing LCDs to US in 2009

    For the first time ever, Pioneer is going to start selling LCD TVs here in the States starting next year. This cames after years of battling the endless plasma verse LCD war. The two sets, already on sale in Europe, are a 37- and 32-inch with the LCD panels coming from Sharp. I wouldn’t expect anything groundbreaking from the LCDs as Pioneer still probably wants to keep the focus on… Read More

  • Apple updates digital camera RAW compatibility

    Better download 2.2 if you want your camera (if it’s listed) to play nice with Aperture 2 and iPhoto 08. Read More

  • Rumor: HTC Dream (G1) to sell for $200?

    It’s barely even lunch time, and the HTC Dream rumor mill is already churnin’ away at full force. Just minutes ago, an insider involved with the development of Android confirmed to us that the HTC Dream will set you back just $200 bucks after contract. While they weren’t able to provide a sans-contract price, they did say that T-Mobile’s subsidization wasn’t… Read More

  • Lenovo: Six new low-power, enviro-friendly monitors

    Lenovo’s got six new LCD monitors to add to its ThinkVision line. Each uses 30-60 percent less energy than ThinkVision LCDs from the past and some of the packaging uses 65 percent recycled materials. Read More

  • BMW adding Google Maps to more vehicles

    Am I the only chump that wonders why Google isn’t in more GPS units? I have found that the Google Maps on my Blackberry works far better for general searches ’round town, than my GPS so I find the fact that BMW is adding Google Maps-powered system to the 1 and 3 Series encouraging. This means that the service is working its way down market, previously being offered only in the 5, 6… Read More

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