• Review: Stanley FatMax Utility Knives

    Short Version: One of these Stanley FatMax Utility Knifes impresses, one does not. One is solid and one is dangerous. One is useful, one is not. One will break, one should last. Read More

  • Fuji develops cleaning robot that's able to use elevators to clean floors

    Japanese mega companies Fuji Heavy Industries and Sumitomo today presented their jointly developed floor cleaning robot [JP, PDF] in action in an office building in Osaka , Japan. The autonomous cleaning robot can clean corridors and other similar spaces and also is able to move between the floors of the building by using the elevators. It can detect obstacles of any kind via a built-in… Read More

  • Mitsubishi outs a Blu-ray DVR destined only for Japan

    Japanese geeks get all the fun and the latest from Mitsubishi proves it. The DVR-BF2000 comes equipped with a 500GB HDD, two digital TV tuners, and a Blu-ray recorder drive. Amazing! Not only can it record two HD programs at one time (kind of normal), but can also burn recorded programs onto a Blu-ray disc. Best of all, it’s all wrapped up into a cute, soft white package that will… Read More

  • Did YouTube Just Turn On HD For Real?

    After teasing us for a year with the option to watch “higher quality” videos that weren’t quite high-def, it appears that YouTube is making the switch to HD, at least for some videos that have been uploaded in that quality. Earlier this month, there were reports of YouTube testing this feature, but this morning it seems to be more widespread. (This comes after YouTube adopted… Read More

  • Review: Logitech V550 Nano Cordless Laser Mouse for notebooks

    Quick Version: The V550 Nano from Logitech is by no means the first cordless mouse to be produced, nor will it be the last. But it is one of the better ones that have come out in recent years.
    Read More

  • Magical light to make you sleep well

    This new gizmo called the NightWave Sleep Assistant aims to induce pre-sleep relaxation. It projects a calming blue light in your bedroom that rises and falls. While you lay in bed, you synchronize your breathing with the light and eventually the light becomes slower and slower, causing you to drift off into sleep. Read More

  • Koobface Virus Still Making The Rounds On Facebook

    Yesterday, reports started circulating about a virulent piece of worm spreading through Facebook. The malicious code isn’t exactly new (it started surfacing in August), but has now been altered to strike social networking websites only and is currently making the rounds on Facebook pretty quickly, it seems. The virus can spread fast because they travel through messages which appear to… Read More

  • Add Licensed Indie Music To Your YouTube Videos, Courtesy Of Rumblefish

    YouTube has partnered up with music licensing startup Rumblefish to enable users to add fully licensed songs from its 25,000 tracks strong catalog of independent artists to videos. Users can add the songs through the AudioSwap feature, giving them a much broader choice than was the case until now. To use the feature, just pick any uploaded video and browse the provided audio library. Read More

  • New Samsung webcam sensor does 720p and more

    Seeing that PC users on desktop and laptop are embracing both HD video and built-in webcams, Samsung has decided to put the two together in the obvious form of a HD webcam. Until now, webcams have been pretty much limited to VGA (640×480) resolution, which is fine if you’re playing Wolfenstein 3D, but it is the year 2008, we have flying cars and spinning skyscrapers, why not a… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Where Is Groovy Town? Edition

    Listen to your Waveform ring
    Sanyo Internet Radio: It can connect to the Internet
    Review: Stanley 3-in-1 flashlight
    Ridemakerz Builds a Virtual World For Boys Filled With Its Toy Cars
    Meet Mamoru-Kun, the little robot that will get your misplaced glasses and slippers Read More

  • Amazon MP3 store will affect UK MP3 startups – in good ways and bad

    By launching a DRM-free MP3 store Amazon has fired the starting gun on a price war with other retailers. Most significantly it may affect Apple in the UK, but it will also affect startup retailers dealing in MP3s. Ben Drury, CEO 7digital has come out with some some strong views on Amazon’s entry. He calls it “a little late”, although it was only on September 16th that… Read More

  • Listen to your Waveform ring

    Japanese artist Sakurako Shimizu designed some cool waveform jewelry. He takes a sound wave from a sound editing software and cuts it into silver with laser. There are various forms, such as necklaces, brooches and earrings. You can even listen to the sounds if you can figure out a way to decode the waveform. I smell great nerd engagement present! Read More

  • Square makes pass at Lara Croft, Warner laughs heartily

    Earlier today, gaming news site MCV learned that Square Enix is preparing to bid against Warner Interactive in an attempt to purchase Eidos, or at least a part of it. Given the fact that Warner Interactive already owns a percentage of Eidos, and last month they were given the opportunity to buy more shares, industry pundits still expect Warner to close the deal. Given the financial problems… Read More

  • Another bag with speakers. This time from Sharper Image

    Sharper Image (actually ENE, a company that sells under the Sharper Image brand) has just released what they call the SoundBag. It is a backpack that is said to improve the listening experience for people on the go. It incorporates a detachable flat panel speaker system that
    is made from fabric, making it hard to distinguish from other parts of the bag. Read More

  • Flickr mobile updated; videos now work on iPhone

    According to a post at the Flickr blog, a new version of m.flickr.com has been released today, and one exciting development is that videos at Flickr should now work on the iPhone. I’ve got a video loading right now on my G1 but it’s taking ages so… yikes, what a terrifying racket! There appears to be some sort of problem with the G1’s native browser. They do say… Read More

  • StyleHop Matches Social Gaming With The Fashion World

    StyleHop, a new fashion startup launching today, is looking to help users pick out the best outfits of the season without having to wade through countless user reviews. The site ranks outfits on a five star scale based on user input. But instead of using a Hot-Or-Notesque stream of outfits to gather ratings, StyleHop offers a series of social games, each of which ask for a few ratings at a… Read More

  • Barack Obama: Zune user

    What if — bear with me here — What if this entire election was bought by Microsoft? No, stay with me. They went to Diebold and bought themselves an election, and now the viral starts. First Obama is spotted using a Zune at the gym. Then maybe there are candid shots of him sharing songs with his daughters’ Zune 16s in the presidential limo. Then, come January 20th, he takes… Read More

  • Sony sold a bunch of it's BDP-S350 Blu-ray players

    According to Sony the BDP-S350, their low-end BR player, was the No.3 best selling product in the US on Black Friday. In the article David Walstra is trying to convince you that Blu-ray isn’t dead and that you should buy one too because despite the recession and economic uncertainty most of you guys still throw out a bunch of money for “next-generation features that you just… Read More

  • PS3 Street Fighter IV FightSticks from Mad Catz up for pre-order

    The following two joysticks from Mad Catz won’t be shipping until February 20 of 2009, but that shouldn’t stop you from pre-ordering three months in advance. The $70 FightStick should be sufficient for all your Hadouken needs, but what sort of fanboy would you be if you didn’t get the Tournament Edition (pictured above) for $150? via Max Console Read More

  • New Rock Band 2 Instrument Coming (??)

    Could it be the flugelhorn? Official XBOX Magazine found that the orange input on the Rock Band 2 drum set is not an input for a second kick pedal as was previously thought. Harmonix have yet to release information about the functionality of the input but state that the functionality, and details for double-kick will be revealed. This could be the final unveiling of the rumored and much… Read More

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