• The $1 VLC remote control app for the iPhone (or you could just use the Web Interface for free)

    Sure, you could pay $1.00 for this new VLC remote control app [iTunes link] for the iPhone (and iPod touch), or you could simply select “Add Interface, Web Interface” then point your iPhone to the resulting Web server. After that, you can apply this skin to your iPhone to make the whole package look a little more elegant. Not to knock the new app, mind you, but it strikes me as… Read More

  • Ustream.tv working on mobile streaming app to take on Qik, Kyte, FlixWagon

    (Clarification Update on the video: The above video was sent in to us – not produced by us. While the source indicates that the devices were both running on 3G, there’s no way for us to positively verify that one wasn’t running WiFi while the other ran on 3G or EDGE.) With Qik, Kyte, and FlixWagon all battling for their share of the live mobile broadcasting market, is there… Read More

  • Fusion-io's ioDrive: the fastest storage on Earth today

    This incredibly fast storage solution from Fusion-io is made for servers, but could easily be repurposed for home use, if you’re interested in spending a few grand on the setup. The idea is actually very simple: it’s a NAND storage array that connects via PCIe. In most computers your PCIe slots are taken up by graphics cards, since they’re the only pieces of hardware that… Read More

  • DivX Cuts 21 People From Payroll

    More layoffs today at DivX, the publicly traded video codec supplier that recently sued Yahoo over canceling a contract that makes up as much as 20 percent of its revenue. According to a tip that came into our Layoff Tracker, 21 people were let go. I just confirmed that until-now unannounced number with DivX investor relations. It represents just under 10 percent of the workforce in San… Read More

  • The Perfect Unison x Parra: Wooden headphones with pretty pictures painted on

    The Perfect Unison x Parra, a pair of wooden headphones that make it easy to pretend to look like you care about the environment. Unfortunately, only 50 of them are being made, being that they’re exclusive and limited and all that. So limited, in fact, that they’re only on sale at a shop (The Lazy Dog) in Paris, all the way over in France. It’s the product of, you guessed it… Read More

  • Christian Sejersen confirms Mobile Firefox for Symbian in the works

    After dashing the hopes of iPhone/Android fanboys and girls everywhere with last month’s news that Mobile Firefox (Fennec) would not be ported to the two popular/emerging platforms due to licensing and technological reasons, Mozilla has instead turned to the widely adopted (mostly abroad) Symbian platform. Christian Sejersen, charged with heading up the engineering efforts for Mozilla… Read More

  • Chrome Shines A Little Brighter, Drops The Beta Tag With New Release

    Google’s Chrome browser is officially ready for prime time. As we reported earlier this week, Google has dropped the Browser’s Beta label after a mere 14 weeks (many Google products, like Gmail, have been billed as Betas for years). The browser now claims over 10 million active users worldwide. Since launching, Chrome has implemented a number of major bug fixes (audio and video… Read More

  • NBA to broadcast '08/'09 All-Star Game in 3D

    The NBA gave 3D broadcasting the ‘ol college try last year and this year, 80 theaters nationwide will broadcast the game in 3D HD. The February 8th, 2009 showing should hit 160 screens in Carmike Cinemas, Celebration Cinemas, Cinema West, Emagine, Galaxy Theatres, Marquee Cinemas, MJR, NCG, Rave Motion Pictures, Showcase and UltraStar Cinema in 35 States nationwide. Seeing as 3D… Read More

  • Review: Samsung SBH-700 Stereo Bluetooth Headset

    Short Version: I love wirelessness. I was using Bluetooth to connect handhelds, phones, and headsets since ~2004. While smart phones have mostly killed the PDA, their media capabilities scream for a good set of wireless headphones. Sadly the Samsung SBH-700’s are not those headphones. While the specs sound impressive, talk time up to 9 hours, play time up to 7 hours, standby time up to… Read More

  • Elitist numbers, figures show that NXE is doing quite well for Microsoft

    Major Nelson, the official mouthpiece of all things Xbox, has some numbers about the New Xbox Experience that might interest, like, 11 of you. There’s a tremendous amount of spin (“If LIVE were a U.S. city, it would be the largest city with over 14-million members. The equivalent of New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago combined.” Only it’s not a city, so…)… Read More

  • Symbian to be open source in 2 years

    It’s old news that Nokia bought Symbian, the software used to power many mobile phones today. The deal finally closed, and now the Symbian Foundation is officially in charge of Symbian development. There are currently ten participants in the Symbian Foundation, though membership is open to anyone with $1,500 to spare. The Symbian Foundation has big plans for the platform. Read on for… Read More

  • Sprint hoping Android will help to bring customers back

    Sprint Nextel Corp. wants to regain the 3 million customers it has lost this year (probably due to the iPhone) with the help of a new Android phone. It is ready to release a phone based on Google’s operating system within a year, and is hoping that a high-profile handset might help get back those lost customers. It might be too little, too late, but we’ll soon find out. Sprint is… Read More

  • Sony collects information on little kids, has to put sign in yard

    Sony, yours and my favorite MiniDisc purveyor, is being sued by the United States of America for gathering and disclosing information on kids without telling their parents. The suit, filed by the Federal Trade Commission, says that Sony violated the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. The FTC is seeking an unknown amount of money and wants them to stop it with the kiddie collecting. Read More

  • Japanese banks jam cell phones to prevent fraud

    Back in October, Japan suffered a spate of swindles executed by cell phone: con artists convince someone that their young son is in trouble and needs money. The banks got wise and started questioning elderly folk making large withdrawals. The con artists got wiser, and started directing the elderly victims to use ATM machines. The cops started patrolling ATMs, but that didn’t seem to work. Read More

  • Evernote now works with Eye-Fi cards (and it's about time)

    Evernote is a service that lets you send photos and select text and images then upload them to a central location. Then you’re free to search the items—photos of business cards, for example—in order to “remember” them. Now, couple Evernote with an Eye-Fi card and then you may have something. The new partnership between Evernote and Eye-Fi started yesterday… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Buy two watches, get one Free at BuscumDucis.com

    Sven at BD is offering a special deal for CG readers: buy two watches, get one free. You can get a couple for your employees, your groundskeepers, or your massage therapy team. Do it! Do it now! They’re honestly nice watches and you basically get a one-of-a-kind with these with a nice Swiss movement. Product Page Read More

  • Review: JVC HA-NC250 Noise Canceling Headphones

    Short Version: The first time you put on noise canceling headphones, you can’t believe your ears. When you flip the noise canceling circuitry on, it’s like hitting a mute button on the world (note: does not work on significant others, only constant noise. And no, your SO’s blathering does not count as a constant din.) I never realized how loud my office was until I put on… Read More

  • 5 Days of Cleaning Out My Office-Mas Contest: Day 2

    Day 1 of our contest is over and FlyGirl (a real pilot, apparently), yachris, and Harishio won the headsets. Good on ’em. But that doesn’t mean you should cry and or whine that the fix is in. In fact, it isn’t in. The fix is decidedly out. Why do I say this? Because another day, another set of winners. Read on for more details. Read More

  • American scientists have no idea what they're doing re: nanotechnology

    Apparently the U.S. is walking “ass-backwards” into nanotechnology, which is totally not surprising. We’re not properly assessing the risks involved with playing God, we’re not telling the public what we’re working on and we’re not even sure why we’re messing with the science. (“We” being the scientists involved.) What’s worse is… Read More

  • Longer life lithium-ion batteries coming to a hybrid near you

    Hybrid and plug-in vehicles have been plagued by poor battery performance in the past. The next-gen rides simply do not offer that much MPG improvement because of the lackluster batteries, but LG Chem and STMicroeclectronics are working on something new. By harnessing a more powerful and efficient battery management chip, they hope to improve lithium-ion batteries enough… Read More

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