• Tiny "Ember" military robot navigates curbs with ease

    This excellent little critterbot is far smaller than the other robots in use by the military, and is being considered as a way to scout possibly-hostile buildings and areas. I was skeptical of its usability until I saw its little flippers come out and get it up that curb. It looks simple but it was probably very difficult to get the weight and center of gravity right on this little thing. Read More

  • There's money in them thar microblogs – but only in the UK

    Mobile content provider AQA 63336 (whose name makes me think of that new emergency services number) has launched AQA2U, a commercial micro-publishing platform which lets UK users micro-blog for money. It works like this: you sign up as a publisher via the AQA website. Once approved, you set up topics ending in 2U which your ‘fans and followers’ subscribe to by texting that topic… Read More

  • Tesla Worth More Than Half A Billion Dollars After Daimler Investment

    Daimler got that 10% stake in Tesla that was announced today for $50 million, says a source with knowledge of the deal. They’ve actually taken 9% (they announced “nearly 10 percent” and the post money valuation is $550 million. Our source also says that Tesla’s application for $350 million in federal loans has been informally approved and will also be announced… Read More

  • The bus stop of the future… today

    This sassy little bus stop – it actually looks more like a cellphone, but who cares – is a design created by MIT architects and engineers. The system will let you tell when the next bus is due, figure out where you are, and even grab news headlines from the aether. It is “covered” in touch-sensitive e-ink screens and can sense where you are, where it is, and what… Read More

  • The first Palm Pre review in the whole wide world?

    So I got an email from Eric at Phonescoop with the message “WHAT THE FF****KK!” and I opened the link and I read a strangely stilted review of the Palm Pre by a site I’ve never visited. Go ahead and read it. It doesn’t say more than we currently know – just that lots of stuff doesn’t work yet – but it is, before god and country, the first real live… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Refurbished Logitech Harmony 890 for $120

    Pretty nice deal on a refurbished Logitech Harmony 890 remote. Selling new for almost $220, you can get a refurbished one for $119.99 if you’re down with owning a remote control that expensive. Read More

  • Larry Page: Twitter made Google focus on Realtime Search

    Larry Page and Eric Schmidt from Google did a double header interview from the Google Zeitgeist conference just outside of London today. But the real question on our lips was what is Google going to do about the astounding buzz around realtime search and Twitter? During a press conference I asked the question of of of Google’s executives, and the answer came back that “the kind… Read More

  • AT&T rolling out 3G netbook + home internet plans nationwide

    AT&T has announced that it’ll expand its subsidized netbook + home internet service packages that it’s been trying out in Atlanta and Philadelphia for the past few months. Starting sometime this summer, you’ll be able to package AT&T DSL with a 3G-enabled netbook from the likes of Acer, Dell, and HP for a (presumably) discounted monthly fee. Read More

  • Yahoo Search, As We Know It, Is Over

    Earlier today, we were at Yahoo’s “End of the 10 Blue Links” event. Basically, it was their state of search gathering, similar to the “Searchology” event that Google had last week. But there was a key difference, as anyone who was following along with the live notes likely saw: Google’s was interesting. Yahoo’s was not. That’s not necessarily to… Read More

  • International Playthings' Ecotronic Mr. Robot Head is like Operation, but way cooler

    International Playthings recently launched their line of ‘eco-friendly’ toys called Ecotronic and while most of them are really kiddy, I thought Mr. Robot Head was adult kid cool. Before we get to Mr. Robot Head, you may be curious to know why this particular line of toys is considered eco-friendly. First, the packaging is made from bio-degradable materials. Second, each toy in… Read More

  • Google Releases Tweaked Version of Reader

    Google has released a new version of Reader that’s been tweaked a bit. Google has added a new set of tabs in the trends page called “Friends Trends,” where you can see which friends share the most content and whose shared items you read. Another change relates to the comments feature, which is now available to Reader’s non-English users. Google says that sources of items… Read More

  • Hands-on: Energizer Induction Charging System for the Wii

    Induction charging equals magic. OK, not really, but if you were to show such a thing to a caveman he’d probably keel over and die. Actually, he/she/it would probably freak out and club someone, which is the exact opposite of what Brendan Fraser did in Encino Man. Sorry, I’m delirious from malnourishment. Anyway, I’ve had a week with Energizer’s Induction Charging… Read More

  • Microsoft's My Phone now available

    Hey, 2008! Microsoft is calling. They just released My Phone, a sync solution that backs up your info and keeps your appointments and contacts synced with a web app. Why it took Microsoft this long to release a service like this is beyond me, but there you have it. Read More

  • I'll be damned, Comcast and NFL Network finally worked things out

    Is this a trick? IT FEELS LIKE A TRICK! I’m either dead or dreaming because not only did Comcast and NFL Network just reach an agreement to make NFL Network part of Comcast’s Digital Classic package, but Comcast subscribers will also get access to the Red Zone Channel that’s usually shown only on DirecTV as part of the insanely expensive Sunday Ticket package. Read More

  • The Record Industry's Failed TotalMusic Project Finds A New Home At Project Playlist

    Remember TotalMusic, the failed music initiative created by Sony BMG and UMG that was built from the start with the goal of serving as Facebook’s music platform (and was ultimately rejected by the social network)? Its assets were recently acquired by Project Playlist, the troubled music streaming startup that just lost its CEO to MySpace last month and has had lawsuits pending from… Read More

  • Live from Google Zeitgeist

    AudioBoo chat with Google’s VP of Engineering in Europe: Listen! Read More

  • Snoozy the Sloth: Breathe with me

    http://vimeo.com/moogaloop.swf?clip_id=4703152&server=vimeo.com&show_title=1&show_byline=1&show_portrait=0&color=&fullscreen=1 Snoozy the Sloth from Justin Blinder on Vimeo. This odd little sloth has a real rubber diaphragm inside its tiny slothy guts allowing it to breathe gently as you hold it. Why would its creator, Justin Blinder, make such a thing? Perhaps he… Read More

  • European Social Network Netlog To Use Mollom's Spam Filtering Tool

    Spam filtering tool Mollom, a competitor to Automattic’s Akismet, has struck a deal to filter messages and comments for Netlog, one of Europe’s fastest growing social networks. Mollom will be filtering more than 4 million messages in over 25 languages for Netlog, which has 40 million worldwide users. Mollom says that it has set up dedicated servers within Netlog’s data center… Read More

  • 21st century GPS breakdown

    Apparently the space boxes that send GPS data down to our waiting TomToms and iPhones are breaking down. The entire system could start failing next year, sending all of us into a strange hell of missed turns and aimless driving. Read More

  • Vish Makhijani Leaves Operating Role At Yandex, Moves To Zynga

    Yandex Labs CEO Vish Makhijani, a former Yahoo executive, will be leaving his operational role at the company, we’ve learned, and will be taking a new “senior operating role” at fast growing Zynga. He’ll start at Zynga in June and will join the Yandex board of directors. Makhijani joined Yandex, the largest Russian search engine, in June 2008, less than a year ago… Read More

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