• Video: Joe The Plumber explains how to install a DTV converter box

    Oh God, yes! Velocitystore.com has released the second video featuring America’s favorite person from one month ago, Joe The Plumber. It’s so great, I’m literally ready for a pap smear. “Joe” unboxes a DTV converter then installs it on a terrible TV. This is more absurd than anything else. Factual, but still absurd. Remember, everyone, apply, buy and try! Read More

  • Delta jumps on the in-air WiFi bandwagon

    CNet is reporting that Delta will add WiFi service to some of its flights in 2009. Initially available on shuttle flights, long-term plans are to make WiFi available on all 330 planes in Delta’s domestic fleet. Expect to pay $10 on flights up to 3 hours, and $13 on flights over 3 hours. Read More

  • Brütal Legend trailer – roadie to rock god? What?

    Here’s the plot: You travel back in time as a roadie to the mythical age of metal. You lead an army of headbangers and creatures alike to a war againts barbaric overloards (?). Save the World with your guitar. Gamespot released an exclusive trailer of this crazy game starring Black Jack. Read More

  • 90% Growth in Malicious Attacks from Legitimate Domains According to Cisco Report

    This morning Cisco released their annual security report. Perhaps most disturbing was the increased hijacking of legitimate domains and legitimate e-mail addresses. When I met with the Cisco team last week, I was reminded that security begins and ends with people–the origin of an e-mail or web attack is a key flag for identifying threats. It wasn’t all bad news, thankfully. Read More

  • Bad for business: European Commission ponders import tax on cellphones

    Oh, Europe. It seems the European Commission is still trying to figure out if it wants to impose a customs duty of up to 14 percent (a tax, essentially) on imported multifunction devices, most notably cellphones. While such a move may be beneficial to European Taxmen, it’s not exactly something that consumers, or non-European manufacturers, want to hear. Reason being, obviously, that… Read More

  • Winner of the HP MediaSmart Server Giveaway

    A big congrats goes out out to Ryan Cello for winning the MediaSmart Server from our random drawing. Everyday I wake up and do a search for the HP mediasmart home server in hopes that I will find a great christmas deal. I feel like I am in a pit of quicksand and am slowly loosing the battle with my digital media. Between mp3’s flacs’ jpegs, avi’s mp4’s and 4 computers… Read More

  • Meet "the comical robot" (which isn't comical at all) and 2 other strange Japanese mini robots

    The people studying at Matsue College of Technology [JP] (located in Matsue in Southern Japan) not only refuse to set up an English home page but also seem to have a strange sense of humor. The video above shows three robots. The first one, a “silver mine exploration robot”, is actually quite useful as its small and agile enough to explore the tunnels of a silver mine closed for… Read More

  • Plan now for dealing with holiday e-waste

    Chances are you’ll be replacing some tried-and-true piece of personal electronics with a newer, faster, better model. Whether it’s replacing an MP3 player with a new one, or replacing an old computer or laptop, what do you do with the old stuff? Hopefully you don’t just throw it away, especially if it still works! Read More

  • ‘GAMEROX’ chair aimed at fidgety, slouching kids

    The yet-to-be-released GAMEROX chair is a mish-mash of one of those big core-strengthening Yoga balls that some people use as their office chairs and a pivoting wonderspring filled with magical fun-tacity for kids ages 7 to 12. Read More

  • Yahoo Announces Next Steps in Open Strategy

    Yahoo has invited the press to an event in San Francisco today where it will announce the next steps in its open strategy (details found here). As GigaOm speculated over the weekend, we should be hearing details about the deployment of applications on Yahoo Mail. We’ll post the details here as they become available, starting within the next few minutes. Read More

  • Beta Launch Invites: Kwyno Brings The Web Into Your IM And (Soon) SMS Inboxes

    For people who live inside their instant messenger clients and SMS text messages on their mobile phones, Kwyno wants to help bridge those worlds with the Web. Kwyno is a simple service developed by Raphael Caixeta out of Boca Raton, Florida that launches in private beta today. We have 200 invites here. Kwyno is very raw at the edges, and needs a lot more feedback before it becomes anywhere… Read More

  • Köln University to buy 45,000 iPhones for students

    André Bresges, professor at Köln University, announced that all the university students will receive an iPhone in the name of higher education. The plan involves the development of various applications that will help students to keep in touch with their teachers and keep track of to-do’s. They also want to develop a hierarchical application that will help organize university… Read More

  • Sony to close its last American TV plant by 2010

    The last Sony TV manufacturing plant in the U.S. will cease production by February 2009, closing completely one year later. It’s located in Westmoreland County in southwestern Pennsylvania, and some 560 people are expected to lose their jobs. A manufacturing facility in Mexico will supply the U.S. with Sony TVs following Westmoreland’s closure. This is part of the huge… Read More

  • Brad Pitt shoots pictures of naked girls in TV commercial

    Brad Pitt is a huge star in Japan and has been getting millions and millions of dollars as a calling card for Softbank, one of Asia’s biggest telecommunications conglomerates, for years now. But his latest TV commercial that is currently airing in Japan (and here only) actually did catch even my attention. In it, Burapi (as he is called over here) takes pictures of naked – OK… Read More

  • iPhone Nano rumor restarted with a case mockup

    Macworld is mere weeks and there really hasn’t been any substantial rumors besides this one involving a iPhone Nano. Ever since the original iPhone launched, Mac fanboys have been dreaming of a complete iPod-ish lineup that includes a small, nano version. It is widely known, and the source of many leaks, that iPhone/iPod case manufacturers receive basic specs and dimensions of… Read More

  • Nokia applies for Pivot Display patent, wants best of both worlds

    Nokia’s latest USPTO application for a “Pivot Display” provides possible insight into a future mobile form-factor.  Manufacturers, on a never-ending quest in search of the mobile holy grail (i.e. combining maximum screen real-estate and a tactile QWERTY keypad in a pocket-size device), continue to push the (patent) boundaries. Read More

  • Magellan jumps the consumer GPS boat

    Magellan is moving past the highly competitive consumer GPS market. The entire sector will be sold off to MiTAC International, the folks behind the Mio GPS brand, at the end of January ’09. The future of Magellan’s three brands, RoadMate, Maestro, and Triton, is unclear but one thing is for certain: there are way too many GPS options available. Sure, everyone should have… Read More

  • Samsung Pixon passes through the FCC with AT&T 3G in tow

    Uh oh, T-Mobile Memoir – looks like you’re not the only 8-megapixel camera phone en route to a US carrier. After what I’m sure was a lengthy bout of torture and humiliation (and, knowing the FCC, a bunch of poorly taken photos), the FCC has graced the Samsung Pixon with its stamp of approval. Now, the Pixon is nothing new – parts of Europe and Asia have had it for… Read More

  • TwitOrFit is Twitter-meets-HotOrNot

    Twit Or Fit launches today – effectively an idea borne of combining Twitter with a site like Hot Or Not, where you rate the appearance of people displayed. The project is a collaboration between UK RSS aggregator fav.or.it and collaboration startup huddle.net. So at least you can trust these reputable startups with your Twitter username/password – unlike some. It came about… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Complete Stargate SG-1 DVD collection for only $99

    I will argue with anyone that, if watched from beginning to end, Stargate SG-1 is the most complete Sci-Fi series of all time. It’s my one vice in life. If you don’t believe me, spend 100 bones and get the complete collection from Amazon and watch it from the R-rated first episode. It’s actually a hell of a deal down from $329. You get 54 DVDs spanning 10 seasons with… Read More

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