• QuickPwn 2.1 released for Windows

    It took a few days after the iPhone-dev team managed to tear the iPhone 2.1 update open for them to make the port, but Windows users are now free to get in on the 2.1 jailbreak good times. If you’ve yet to use QuickPwn, prepare to be amazed. As long as nothing goes awry during the process, QuickPwn doesn’t require any reflashing of the firmware be it that you’re already… Read More

  • Would you like that spy camera in hickory, or maple wood?

    Having a hard time keeping the ninjas riff-raff out of your ryokan, but can’t find a security camera that doesn’t clash with the tatami mats? Japanese security firm Const Net has the solution: Make the camera body out of wood. These creep my right the hell out. I mean, security cameras are inherently creepy, even in their standard industrial eye sore form. Wrap them up in a way… Read More

  • Crazy rotary phone watch won't get you laid here or in Japan

    First off, this ‘watch’ lacks any sort of display and you have to dial 117 to hear the time. Second, first one to rock the $79 watch in their cubical gets a 1000 bonus points.  AudioCubes via I4U Read More

  • Hubdub signs partner deal with Reuters

    Hubdub, the UK-based news prediction market aimed exclusively at a US audience, has today won a partnership deal with Reuters. Hubdub allows users to trade predictions with virtual money on the outcomes of breaking news stories and future events. It will run a new, dedicated Reuters section within the site. Reuters will generate questions for users to trade on based on the latest breaking… Read More

  • The Google Ad Deal Will Only Make Yahoo Stronger (If It Doesn't Kill Them First).

    In an effort to justify its ad deal with Yahoo, Google is making some very public statements defending it from antitrust critics. Yesterday, Google’s advertising president Tim Armstrong tried to argue, unconvincingly, that advertisers would not see increased prices as a result of the deal. Today, he tackles the anti-competitive issues. In the same Q&A style he used yesterday… Read More

  • We told you so/Rumor: Nvidia chipset coming to the new MacBook

    So, Mac Soda has the hot scoop that the new MacBooks, the ones that are already shipping, will be ditching the Intel graphics chipsets for the Nvidia MCP7A-U graphics chipset. Sure it’s embedded and all, but it supports HDMI. If you recall, we told you about this earlier this month. All of this propagates the rumor of a refresh coming next month. “MCP7A-U is the top class chipset… Read More

  • Yeah, so Packard Bell won't be coming back to America any time soon (and probably not ever)

    Time heals all wounds? Not if you’re the Packard Bell brand in America. At the Acer dog and pony show today, the company’s execs went on and on about how its goal of using its three brands—Acer, Gateway and Packard Bell (they said little about eMachines)—makes total sense. Acer for the more high-end computers, and Gateway and Packard Bell for the more entry-level computers. Read More

  • Comcast blasts out excessive use policy e-mail

    Reader Jason just sent us this e-mail he received from Comcast outlining their excessive use policy change: Dear Comcast High-Speed Internet Customer, We appreciate your business and strive to provide you with the best online experience possible. One of the ways we do this is through our Acceptable Use Policy (AUP). The AUP outlines acceptable use of our service as well as steps we take… Read More

  • Rumor: Xbox 360 slimming down, getting a name change?

    I don’t know what’s going on here, but desz over at CheapAssGamer has an image of what appears to be an internal document going around the Xbox team. Desz’s little friend GilZ was the one who sent in photos of the first Elite and HDMI-equipped Xbox, so I’d say this is legit, but you folks know as much as I do at this point. The possible name changes coming to the Xbox… Read More

  • NBC's Sites Grow In Leaps And Bounds Thanks to Financial Woes, iTunes

    NBC had a huge week thanks to the financial troubles being experienced on Wall Street and its new relationship with Apple. CNBC.com was the chosen destination for investors and businesspeople alike this week as the instability on Wall Street led to the site’s largest audience ever. For the first time in its history, CNBC.com served 1 million unique visitors on Monday and racked up… Read More

  • Seedcamp's winners reflect Europe's startup strength

    Seedcamp, the European-wide competion for startups, ended on a high this week naming a record seven winners rather than the five they originally set out to award. The seven will each get €50,000 seed funding from Seedcamp’s conglomerate of venture backers, but the stake in each startup will vary, along similar lines to the Y-Combinator model. This is a change from last year, when… Read More

  • Case Logic intros TSA friendly laptop cases

    The latest TSA security protocol allows laptop-touting travelers to keep their junk in their bag, but only pre-approved ones. Case Logic’s first batch offers up both a laptop case and sleeve options. Personally, if you already have a well-loved case, I would pick up the sleeve and all you would have to do is pull out the sleeve and not reveal your MacBook Pro to thieving eyes. Read More

  • Connect the dots

    Fred Wilson posts about inserting advertising into feeds via open API’s. In the comments, Gnip’s Eric Marcoullier doubles down on the idea. At BearHug Camp, Twitter tells us that Gnip is the gating factor in returning access to the full XMPP feed. Cisco buys Jabber. Let me know when you see a pattern developing. For years (particularly since Google Reader blew out the feed… Read More

  • Helio Ocean II (Oz2) gets the FCC photo treatment

    Now that the Ocean 2 has slipped back until January of ’09 at the earliest, we’ve cruised right by the September confidentiality date of the original FCC filing back in March. As a result, a handful of hardware photos and a pack of details have made their way out.
    Check’em out over at MobileCrunch >> Read More

  • Twittermoms Shows Why Twitter Needs Groups

    This is why Twitter needs groups. After only 15 days, mothers are signing up at an astounding rate to Twittermoms.com. According to its founder, the site’s growth has been unexpectedly strong, and about 39 percent of its 5,000-or-so daily users are considered “addicts” based on Quantcast figures. So what gives? Twittermoms is not what you think. It isn’t a Twitter… Read More

  • NTT Data paves the way for new kind of lead-acid batteries

    Tokyo-based NTT Data developed a manufacturing process to prolong the life span and reduce the weight of lead-acid batteries. The company said it will make use of its new technology in uninterruptible power supplies and possibly in automotive applications. Production of conventional batteries requires high quantities of lead to retain capacity because lead particles bind together over… Read More

  • Toshiba NB100 stumbles into the netbook party reeking of Ubuntu and high-quality aesthetics

    I’ve noticed a trend in netbooks. Why do most of the product shots never show the screen any more? It’s always either a shot of the netbook balanced precariously on one corner like in the photo above, or a shot of the netbook with the lid pulled way, way down (see the photo on the right). Show us the screen and keyboard already! Specs for Toshiba’s NB100 are similar to… Read More

  • Nokia E72 and E75 promo video leaked, quickly pulled

    Even with the first light of the day just peeking over the hills here on the west coast, today already brings a pair of unannounced hardware leaks: the Nokia E75 and E72. The E75 is a QWERTY slider, shown above on left, while the E72 is a QWERTY candybar, shown on right. Outside of their appearance, not a whole lot is known about these new additions to the E series. One of the forum members… Read More

  • Analysts predict 4% Q4 marketshare for Android

    Strategy Analytics announced this morning that they are expecting Android sales to account for 400,000 of the 10.5 million US smartphone sales they foresee going down in Q4 of 2008. “Google has the brand power in the USA to make a big impact at launch. The main issue will be operator subsidies,” said Chris Ambrosia, Executive Director of Strategy Analytics, “As seen with… Read More

  • Review: Kensington Slimblade Media mouse

    http://blip.tv/play/ih_OnB2J5FQ Mouse Review Week glides on with Kensington’s modest but successful offering. This is a short review because it’s a little mouse. Click below for pictures and a couple paragraphs. Read More

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