• GumGum Adds B5Media, DailyFill To Its Image-Licensing Network

    Image-licensing network GumGum is growing by leaps and bounds. Measured as an advertising network, it is now a Quantcast Top 100 site, reaching 13.7 million people in the U.S. and 23.5 million worldwide. More than 1,000 Web publishers are licensing images through GumGum, which allows them to pay based on how many people see the image or use them for free with embedded advertising. Today… Read More

  • Apple's iPhone and Bluetooth keyboard get together and party

    Who says that two isn’t a party? This Apple iPhone and Bluetooth keyboard look like they are having a rock’n good time. The two hooked up after an enterprising chap circumvented Apple’s approval and did it anyway. The hack isn’t mainstream or available to the public just yet, but judging by the interaction shown in the video, it must be coming soon. *fingers crossed* Read More

  • "Imagine" on the iPhone: Needs more cowbell

    I’m not one to disparage the creative output of others, but this guy needs a bigger keyboard. This cover of “Imagine” by John Lennon is played on an iPhone keyboard app and needs a little more throttle – maybe some sneers? A backup band of ocarina players? John Lennon was pretty angry when he wrote this song and this guy turns it into a decision whether to order waffles… Read More

  • Microsoft Research: A Look At The Intriguing Social Desktop Prototype

    Late last week, Microsoft Research shared a couple of things about Social Desktop, a prototype of which they are debuting at TechFest 2009 in a couple of days (along with dozens of other things). From the looks of it, this will be a much talked about product even if it stays in proof-of-concept phase for now. And if they decide to open it up even just a little, this could be a major… Read More

  • Rumor: PSP2 or PSP-4000 coming soon

    The fate of Sony’s portable handheld is wavering at the moment with poor sales and lackluster titles, but there’s still hope for a revamped design this year that might pull it out of the dark. Here we have two fresh rumors with one having a seed of truth while the other is ‘out there’. Read More

  • Samsung outs a pair of point and shoots ahead of PMA, again

    Unfortunately for Samsung, we’ve all known about the TL320 for the last week thanks to Amazon, but the HZ15W is brand spankin’ new. Read More

  • Huawei Android smartphones hitting T-Mobile later this year

    Huawei’s Android phone broke cover last week and while we weren’t able to get all touchy-feely with it yet, we might be seeing the phone soon. Reportable, the phone set to come from T-Mobile and carry the same nameplate as the brand. Details are still developing but it seems that the touchscreen ‘UPhone’ (their words, not ours) will start shipping sometime in the… Read More

  • Bebo Zeroes In On Lifestreaming For The Masses; Gets Massive Bump From AIM Profiles

    In the first of several major product changes that will sweep through AOL in the coming months, the company is adding more lifestreaming capabilities to its Bebo social network today, including activity stream updates from rival social networks Facebook and MySpace. It is also introducing a visual timeline called a “Lifestory” that puts uploaded photos, events, and (soon) videos… Read More

  • Creepy Resident Evil 5 spot features creepy Japanese actress

    Japanese TV isn’t short of strange TV spots, but this one for Resident Evil 5‘s XBOX 360 Deluxe Edition is creeping me out. It stars Chiaki Kuriyama, the crazy schoolgirl Go Go Yubari from Kill Bill (she is also one of the villains in Takeshi Kitano’s splatter action film Battle Royale). Read More

  • After MySpace And Facebook, Oodle To Power Brand New AOL Classifieds

    Classifieds aggregation service provider Oodle is on a roll and definitely one of the startups worth following closely this year. After signing up two social networking juggernauts – both MySpace and Facebook – the company is now apparently also behind the just launched AOL Classifieds platform, per blog post by Greg Sterling. The news comes right after a significant financing… Read More

  • Kyte Launches Turn-Key iPhone App Platform

    Given the incredible popularity of the iPhone, many entertainers (and the studios backing them) are eager to establish a presence on Apple’s App Store, but don’t necessarily want to invest in the resources needed to independently develop their own iPhone applications. Today Kyte has launched its iPhone Apps Framework – a turn-key solution that allows Kyte partners to… Read More

  • Stolen Windows Mobile 6.5 HTC Diamond wiped remotely

    It was reported last week that Telstra’s Sol Trujillo had his HTC Touch Diamond running Windows Mobile 6.5 lifted off his person during MWC. And today APC is reporting that the device was remotely wiped of both OS and user data once the theft was realized according to an anonymous higher up at Microsoft. We’ve contacted Microsoft as well and will update if we hear… Read More

  • CrunchGear Week in Review: Atlantis Check-In Edition

    German “PearC” Apple clones aim to succeed at the Psystar game
    Apple’s sales drop, the world gasps
    It just takes 70 cents and a day of work to beat biometric airport fingerprint scans Read More

  • Skimlinks Gets $1m To Give Publishers Control Of Affilate Ads

    Funny how a recession concentrates the mind. In just over a year UK startup Skimbit has made the full journey from Web 2.0 era “decision-making tool” with a vague business model about affiliate advertising, to re-engineer as an affiliate aggregator for publishers. Re-launching as Skimlinks, it now aggregates 11 affiliate networks for clients like The Daily Mail newspaper in London. Read More

  • Put This On Your T-Shirt: Spreadshirt Scores €10 Million

    German custom apparel company Spreadshirt has secured €10 million in funding from Kennet Partners and returning investor Accel Partners, which led an undisclosed round of Series A funding for the company back in 2006. Spreadshirt, which competes internationally with companies like CafePress and Zazzle, was founded in 2002 by graduate student Lukasz Gadowski (currently still acting as Chairman… Read More

  • More Consolidation In Europe: GoAdv To Acquire LeGuide.com For €50 Million

    After Meetic buying the European operations of Match.com last week, here’s another sign the online media landscape in Europe is changing in the face of a dire economy: pan-European online media company GoAdv will later today announce that it has proposed to acquire LeGuide.com, an 11-year old network of shopping portals operational in 14 European countries, for €50 million (about… Read More

  • In case you hadn't heard: EA and Spicy Horse announced a sequel to American McGee's Alice

    This news is a few days old if you were following D.I.C.E. last week, but in the off chance you hadn’t heard I thought I’d share the news that EA has announced a sequel to their popular Alice title from 2000. American McGee is back onboard with his Shanghai-based studio Spicy Horse to develop the new game. I dabbled with the first game a tiny bit back in the day and I’m… Read More

  • Letter to Obama: What the Car Industry Needs Is A Steve Jobs

    Editor’s Note: There are not a lot of fans of the $20 billion bailout of the auto industry outside of Detroit. But if the government is going to get involved, Spark Capital’s Todd Dagres believes it should insist on new leadership. In an open letter to President Barack Obama, Dagres argues that the car industry needs no less than a Steve Jobs to save it. In fact, he suggests… Read More

  • Thummit Scopes Out Twitter To Rate The Oscars In Real Time

    Thummit, a startup that evaluates Twitter messages to determine what subject they’re relevant to and if the sentiment is positive or negative, is running a special site for tonight’s Oscars ceremony. The site is currently monitoring tweets regarding dozens of actors and films, allowing users to quickly determine at a glance who is faring the best. It’s tough to tell exactly… Read More

  • Friedman Misses the Point and Economic Reality of Silicon Valley

    Thomas Friedman is a very smart man and a very good writer. He’s certainly sold more books than I ever will. But in reading his latest column arguing $20 billion in bailout money should go to VCs not auto companies, one thing was crystal clear: This man doesn’t live in Silicon Valley. Has he even ever visited? I totally agree we shouldn’t be bailing out “loser”… Read More

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