• Samsung M320 Photo Gallery

    A box o’ Samsung’s new M220 and M320 flip phones just showed up at MobileCrunch HQ. While it’ll be a few days before we’ve got full reviews prepped, we figured you guys may want to take a peek at’em in the mean time. The M320 gallery is after the jump, or check out the sans-camera M220 over here. Read More

  • Sharp knocks out D65U series AQUOS LCD HDTVs

    The CEDIA fun doesn’t stop with Sony, folks. We’re moving onto Sharp now! The AQUOS LCD D65U series are all 1080p sets ranging from 42- to 52-inches with 6ms response time, five HDMI v1.3 inputs, and a whopping 173 degree viewing angle. The 42-inch LC-42D65U is available now for $1,599.99. The 46-inch LC-46D65U and 52-inch LC-52D65U will arrive in October for $1,899.99 and… Read More

  • Samsung M220 Photo Gallery

    Samsung yesterday announced two new basic flip phones, the M220 and the M320, and Mr. FedEx man just showed up with’em in tow. We’ll have full reviews up once we’ve played with’em a bit more, but we figured some folks out there might wanna take a glimpse at’em now. Shots of the M220 are right after the jump, and the M320 gallery is right over here.. Read More

  • Sony BDP-S5000ES Blu-ray Disc player

    Sony today announced their new “Elevated Standard” Blu-Ray player. (That would be the ‘ES’ in the model number). The new $2000 player features Sony’s newly developed HD Reality Enhancer and Super Bit Mapping technologies. The new features sharpen edges and smooth color gradations. Also incorporated is their new Precision Cinema HD Upscale technology that… Read More

  • Battery operated web-controlled door locks

    Ok, now come on. Web-controlled door locks? Oh, Schlage, tell me it’s not true. It is? Your LiNK system is great you say? Ok, well, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt for your Z-Wave home automation technology. Being able to wirelessly control temperature, lighting and even the pool certainly sounds cool. Read More

  • Two new home theater setups from Sony

    What can I say? They look nice. They support all the popular ins, outs, formats and plugs. They’re ready for wireless and Dolby certified. There’s lots of stats after the jump but here’s the outline:
    The BDV-IT1000 (above) is the expensive, floorstanding one. 700W total, 200 of that in the sub and 100 per channel. Costs $2000.
    The BDV-IS1000 (below) has golf ball-sized… Read More

  • Sony announces two multi-room HD receivers at CEDIA

    So many friends hanging out in your mega-mansion that they can’t all fit around one HDTV? Sony feels your pain. They announced two new ES-series receives at CEDIA this morning: the STR-DA5400ES, and the STR-DA6400ES (shown above). While both come stocked with Cat5e ports for sharing HD content between multiple room, the 6400 model features a bonus Cat5e port with DLNA certification… Read More

  • Sony announces three all-in-one VAIO PC's with Blu-ray

    RT Doesn’t Sony know that Blu-ray will be dead within five years? Heh. Sony just let loose three new VAIO all-in-one (HDTV, Blu-ray player, PC) desktop PCs at CEDIA – JS, LV and RT. Read More

  • New Sony VAIO CP1 Wi-Fi photo frame

    As much as digital photo frames confuse and astound me, I can’t really say I don’t get it. They are after all, photos you (presumably) want to have displayed so as to look at them anytime. Plus they light up, and that’s always cool. Sony today unveiled their VAIO CP1 Wi-Fi photo frame, with more than 16 million colors and 800×480 resolution on a 7-inch LCD screen. Read More

  • Two new 1080p Bravia projectors from SONY

    The CEDIA lowdown: Both are 1080p with “Silicon X-tal Reflective Display” technology, which I’m sure is very nice thank you, and both allow RGB pixel adjustment down to 1/10px resolution. Both use the Bravia Engine 2 signal processor.
    VPL-HW10: 30,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, 1000 lumens brightness. $3500.
    VPL-VW70: The high-end one. 60,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, 800… Read More

  • Rapid prototyping gets rapider

    When you absolutely, positively have to have it by tomorrow, look to… ZoomRP. A division of Solid Concepts, the company is offering really fast rapid prototyping. Upload your STL file to them by 5pm, and get a rigid, plain white, 3D prototype in the mail the next day. Read More

  • Sony announces 240Hz BRAVIA KDL-52XBR7 LCD TV, skinny BRAVIA KLV-40ZX1M

    Today at CEDIA, Sony announced that the US will soon get their hands on some slender 9.9-mm thin LCD HDTVs. The KDL-52XBR7 has a whopping 240Hz frame rate displayed on a 1080p 52-inch LCD screen with 80,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio. No word on price but it ships in December. The 40-inch 1080p KLV-40ZX1M LCD weighs a mere 26 pounds, but this one can only claim a 120Hz frame rate. This, too… Read More

  • Lady arrested for allegedly holding ISP tech hostage

    Look. If I was an old Canadian playwright who couldn’t get on the Internet, I’d be mad too. People over 50 generally don’t understand the relationship between an Internet connection, a router, and an Ethernet port (or wireless connection). That is to say, when an old person’s connection goes down, they automatically just assume that it’s the ISP’s fault… Read More

  • Sony says PSP-3000 battery is the same as PSP-2000, so quit bitchin'

    Everyone and their mother have been bitching about the PSP-3000 and it’s supposedly atrocious battery life compared to the current gen because of the improved screen and rightfully so, IMO. Who wants to lose battery life for the sake of having the latest gen of some new fangled device? I’m talking about you iPhone 3G owners, myself included. Anyway, Sony Hardware Marketing… Read More

  • Has Twitter Solved Its Uptime Issues?

    One of my favorite pastimes over the last year or so has been to tear Twitter apart over uptime issues. See, for example, Twitter Suffers Minor Period Of Uptime (my personal favorite), Twitter: Something Is Technically Wrong and Amateur Hour Over At Twitter?. Twitter has been mostly stable for the last month or so, though. And today cofounder Biz Stone wrote an email to Twitter users that… Read More

  • Ponoko ID Offers Shopper/Designer Collaboration

    Ponoko ID is a new service from Ponoko that allows customers to “bid” on projects that they’d like to have build. As you probably recall, Ponoko.com is a rapid prototyping/design service that allows you to upload, build, and assemble projects to your exacting specifications. Read More

  • Wal*Mart bringing exclusive video content from the set of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

    I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Wal*Mart rules. Why? Because they’ve got a pretty sweet promo going on that will soon become obsolete since we’re posting the exclusives, but we’ll tell you about them anyway. So here’s the deal. When you purchase one of three special edition cover Transformers DVDs you’ll get a special access code that unlocks… Read More

  • New Panasonic AE3000 projector sports impressive contrast ratio

    Remember Panasonic’s AE2000, along with the first-gen AE1000, 1080p projectors? Panasonic is updating some of the specs and the third generation should make for an impressive unit. First off, the brightness is being increased from 1500 to 1600 lumens. There is new, proprietary digital processor to better handle movement and increase clarity. Panasonic even threw in a lens memory mode… Read More

  • Motion LE1700 slate: Slightly durable

    Motion, for some reason, is still making tablets. Their latest, the LE1700, is a semi-rugged model with low voltage U7500 processor, 1400×1050 pixel display, and a 65GB solid state drive. The tablets start at $1,9999 and run Windows Vista. It’s imed at construction works, policemen, bikers, and Native-Americans who need something svelte, sexy, and flat to do their computing on. You… Read More

  • Xbox 360 price cuts confirmed for September 5th

    Confirming the leak from a few weeks back, Microsoft has confirmed that all 3 Xbox 360 models will be gettin’ price slashed as of September 5th. The new prices: Xbox 360 Arcade: $199 (was $279) Xbox 360 Standard: $299 (was $349) Xbox 360 Elite: $399 (was $449) While the price cuts would certainly fuel sales regardless, a key point here is that this dethrones the Wii as the cheapest… Read More

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