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Tokyo Game Show: How Resident Evil 5 looks on an Alienware PC (video)

<img src="" /> Alienware announced yesterday they will <a href="

Behold the future of headphones – TODAY!

<img src="">EXCITING TIMES, MY FRIENDS! Meritline just dropped a headphone bomb of awesome-tastic proportions with these – WAIT FOR

Tokyo Game Show: First impressions and a look at Sony's and Ubisoft's booth

<img src="" /> I just came back from this year's Tokyo Game Show and must say I am pretty disappointed with the show this yea

Confirmed: Sprint Samsung Instinct HD dropping Sept. 27

Circumstantial rumor > confirmed rumor > official confirmation. Such is the storied life of a mobile gadget these days. It was just last week when word of a September 27 launch date for Sprint&#

Archos 9 tablet due October 22 for $499

<img src="">Here’s a little more info on the Archos 9 Tablet. Apparently it’ll be available here in the US on October 22nd, the

Verizon LG Chocolate Touch VX8575 gets a hands-on preview

After locking down pretty much the entire story on the VX8575, from the first shots to a launch date, PhoneArena has gone ahead and sealed the deal with a pre-announcement hands on. Here’s what

Water found on the Moon, BYOB for the pool party

That was quick. NASA just released some data last week recorded by the LRO that indicated water might be present and suddenly an Indian probe actually found some. India’s first Moon probe , Chan

Paul Wall shoots an entire music video on an iPhone 3GS

<img src="" alt="Screen shot 2009-09-24 at [ September 24 ] 9.35.57 AM" /> While this certa

More Investors Pile Into Twitter's Funding Round, Now Reportedly Close To $100 Million

<img src="" width="200" height="200" /> Twitter is about to raise a boatload of cash. Last week we broke the news that Twitter is ra

Palm Pre coming to UK, Ireland, and Germany

The Palm Pre is coming to Germany on October 13 and will pop up on October 16 in UK and Ireland. The UK model will cost 96.89 pounds for the 75 and 600 minute plans and will be free for the 44 and 73

Final Fantasy XIII PS3 Slim to land in Japan by year's end

<img src="">The <a href="">PS3 Slim</a> is a hit, but hopefully Final Fantasy diehards haven'

Opera Mini Tops 30 Million Users, But Is It The World's Most Popular Mobile Browser?

<img src="" width="214" height="125" /> There is no question that mobile browsing is taking off. The <a href="http://www

Google Chrome OS video does not suddenly show up after late night Twittering. We have a walk-through but it's fake

<img src="" />Good morning, <a HREF="">Chrome OS</a>! It seems that Google <a HREF="http://twitte

Is this a tasty, embedded version of the MiFi?

According to a recent FCC filing, this is an embeddable WWAN and WiFi module that could be the first step in creating an internal MiFi like device, a system that would allow those sitting around you t

SpeedTrack Sues Just About Every Major Online Retailer Over Patent Infringement

<img src="" width="215" height="46" /> Can you spell "patent troll"? Software developer <a href=""

Congrats To Dopplr I Guess. But Before The Champagne, Some Context

<img src="" width="186" height="34" />So before we get into this, let's build the case for the defence. Nokia has bee

Apple Locked Us In, But How Long Will The Sentence Last?

<img src="" width="144" height="184" /><em>This is a guest post by Paul Fisher <a href="

iTunes Connect Plagued With Serious Connection Problems [Updated]

<img src="" width="215" height="193" />We've been getting a number of tips about <a href="

NetSuite Launches iPhone App To Access Business Software On The Go

<img src="" width="117" height="200" /> <a href="">NetSuite,</a> a company that provides c

There's No Silicon Valley In Europe — But TechHub Might Help

<img src="" width="201" height="62" />Europe has no real equivalent to the big hothouse that is Silicon Valley, but it does hav
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