• Combine your keys with your multitool

    This looks pretty awesome, but it’s difficult to say just how practical it is until you try it. I’m willing to do it, but first I need a nice Leatherman. The process looks surprisingly easy, assuming you have some sort of way of cutting hardened steel. You just use one of the multitool’s bits as a guide and then drill the right size hole — presto! I think… Read More

  • Tidings from Microsoft's Gamefest 2008

    The very exclusive Microsoft Gamefest conference is in full swing right now somewhere here in the Northwest, and they’ve dropped a couple of newsworthy items. First of all is the revision of the Games for Windows – LIVE system they’ve got going on. Starting today every multiplayer feature of LIVE is free on Windows: chat, shared friends lists with the 360, achievements, and… Read More

  • 3-D TV task force looks for a set of standards

    The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers have created the 3-D Home Display Formats Task Force to develop a standard for home viewing of 3D content. 3-D programming has recently been utilized for such things as the 2007 NBA Finals, and earlier this year, the BBC broadcasted the Rugby Six Nations match in 3-D. The goal of the task force is develop a standard for 3-D playback… Read More

  • Biodegradable shoes, sounds great if they don't rot while you walk

    I presume that the time scale on these Brooks Trance 8 runners biodegrading is along the lines of years (as opposed to decades) and not months. Wouldn’t want them sloughing off while you run. It’s a nice move towards waste reduction, but as usual they carry a “Conscience Tax,” in this case bringing up the price to $140. I know you ballers pay more than that for your… Read More

  • AT&T talks tiered Internet, perhaps meant to say metered

    AT&T is looking to create tiered access to the Internet for subscribers. Currently, the company offers Internet speeds “up to” their subscribed amount. At a recent FCC hearing AT&T Senior Federal Regulatory Vice President Robert Quinn said, “When AT&T provides broadband service by speed, it will do so in discrete, non-overlapping tiers.” Of course, the knee… Read More

  • New York law targets video game violence

    Details are scarce right now, but New York’s Governor David Patterson just signed a bill into law that could lead to restrictions in video game violence. Good to see that with the worldwide economy collapsing around us New York’s governor is fighting for what New Yorkers are really concerned about. The law would create some sort of video game violence board, and would require… Read More

  • Google In Final Negotiations To Acquire Digg For "Around $200 Million"

    Google’s on and off negotiations with Digg have been back on in a big way for the last six weeks, we’ve heard from multiple sources inside and outside of Google. The two companies have reportedly signed a letter of intent and are close to a deal that will bring Digg under the Google News property. The acquisition price is in the $200 million range, says one source. We first wrote… Read More

  • Apple Launching App Store Beta Program

    Apple’s App Store has seen an unprecedented amount of success and exposure since its launch, with millions of total downloads and 909 applications already available. Unfortunately, Apple has been unable to keep up with the influx of submissions from developers (each app must be approved before it appears on the store), leaving many companies frustrated and confused as their apps sit… Read More

  • GE sold out of wind turbines till 2010

    What do former vice president and environmental activist Al Gore and Texas oil man T. Boone Pickens have in common? Both believe the U.S. should cut back on its dependence on foreign oil and that the government needs to stop pussyfooting around on issues of greener energy, particularly wind power. Forbes website, recentlyreported that GE Energy is the leading wind turbine manufacturer in… Read More

  • Video: Dragonball DS trailer

    It’s all in Japanese, but you only need to see the actual gameplay footage to figure out whether or not you’ll be shelling out the dough for this game from Namco Bandai. It launches in Japan on September 18th and a US launch is sure to follow shortly after if it doesn’t launch simultaneously. Read More

  • Learning The Hard Way That DNS Is Insecure: Attack Details Now Public

    There are times when the full disclosure of a security vulnerability works well for everybody, and there are times when it does not. One such case where it hasn’t worked out well is with the DNS security vulnerabilities recently ‘discovered’ by security researcher Dan Kaminsky. Some weeks ago after he called a press conference with the organizers of the Black Hat… Read More

  • Sugar Inc Breaks Up With NBC, Brings Ad Sales In House

    Fast growing women-focused blog network Sugar Inc announced that they’ve terminated their year-old ad sales relationship with NBC. All ad sales will now be via an in-house sales team, says the company. There was speculation that NBC’s recent investment in Blogher, arguably a competitor to Sugar, was to blame. But Sugar CEO Brian Sugar (guess where the company name came from) says… Read More

  • Even more distractions for drivers: A touchscreen steering wheel

    Spanish car-tech newcomer IFR Automotive has created a whole slew of distractions by allowing for the driver to control a whole host of functions. Not happy with the pitch, roll or yaw of your car? IFR wants to help. With the ‘Unidrive’ system, you can also change the parameters for the rev limit, valve timing, power output, steering assistance, ABS, noise valve, brake balance… Read More

  • Tiny dragonfly will deliver doses of fun, poison

    The DelFly Micro is an image sensing mini-dragonfly that weighs a mere 3 grams (0.000472419133 stone) . You can fly it manually or transmit video back to a PC which then moves the wee one through the air autonomously.

    This thing has become smaller and smaller over the years and now it’s a little bigger than a Euro coin. You sadly can’t buy this thing, but expect them to be in… Read More

  • Optimus Pultius: between Minimus and Maximus

    This might be something I can use. I enjoyed the easily customizable softkeys on the Microsoft wireless keyboard I reviewed a month or so ago, and this is more powerful and less attached to a bulky keyboard with non-separated F-keys. I’m pretty sure it’ll still cost north of, oh let’s say $400, but I think this is more practical than the actual full-LCD keyboard. Read More

  • WordPress application for iPhone launches

    As someone who blogs for a living, I am beyond pumped about this application. Being able to blog on the go is a must. A huge chunk of the time, news breaks at the most inopportune moment. News never breaks while you’re sitting around idly at the computer. It breaks while you’re on the train, or at the grocery store. By the time you’re online, you’re the 53rd blog to… Read More

  • Garmin looks to cover the earth with combined features for nüvi 500 series

    Garmin has combined features from several outdoor and automotive navigators into the nüvi 500 series. The rugged and waterproof units have the capability to transition between driving, bicycling, boating or walking mode. The ability to download geocaches is provided for hiking, and while on the water optional software can provide detailed chart-specific information, including locations of… Read More

  • TicketLeap Gets $2 Million For Modest-Sized Event Ticketing

    TicketLeap, a service that helps promoters sell tickets to their events though a self-serve platform, has raised $2 million in a Series A funding round led by MentorTech Ventures and Ben Franklin Technology Partners. TicketLeap differentiates itself from large ticket vendors by catering to small companies and events. Rather than charge event coordinators for selling their tickets… Read More

  • Sandisk rags on Vista for not being SSD-ready

    While I’m never the first to jump on Vista for this or that problem (I’m guessing it’ll be a great OS in a couple years), this is pretty dumb. Larger capacity solid state disks are in the works and, being more complicated internally, will require a more sophisticated controller. You don’t think about your hard drive controller that much, and that’s probably… Read More

  • WarGames creators talk about the early days of hacking, armageddon

    Wired recently hosted a sit down with the creators of the cult classic WarGames, discussing early inspiration for the script, the difficulties of selling a movie to studios who didn’t understand the technology it was based on, and how John Lennon, “was kind of a spiritual cousin to Stephen Hawking.” For more about Silicon Valley’s first favorite hacker film, check… Read More

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