• Greenpeace Rates Electronics Companies: Nokia Best, Sony Worst

    The tree-huggers at Greenpeace published their list of best and worst companies for the environment (specifically as it releates to harmful chemicals) last week and Nokia came out on top. Citing its policy of “eliminating the worst chemicals from many products,” Greenpeace gave the Finland-based cellphone an eight out of 10. Greenpeace rated Sony the worst, claiming that it has… Read More

  • HD DVD Not Dead, Not Even Close Says Toshiba

    HD DVD ain’t dead yet, no matter what Peter and his interviewees say. Toshiba had a press dealie Thursday that essentially pimped its HD DVD players and Regza HDTVs. (To be honest, I don’t give a damn who wins the high-def optical disc wars, so I’ll happily play each camp against each other until Hell freezes over.) I will say that the ability to upgrade its players’… Read More

  • XtremeMac Certified iPhone Car Charger Available

    The InCharge Auto is a certified iPhone car charger available in black or white for $19.95. It plugs directly into your cigarette lighter and features a usb-to-iPod/iPhone-port cable for juicing up your wonderphone for those long trips from mom’s basement to the LAN party two towns over. It’s backed by a lifetime guarantee, which should more than cover the 2 years you’ll… Read More

  • Alienware Hangar18 HD Entertainment Center Gets Reviewed

    The chaps over at Computer Shopper rubbed their paws all over the Alienware Hangar18 HD entertainment center and it looks good, definitely worth the $3,199 you’ll be spending on it. Here’s a quick rundown on the specs to refresh your memories since I know you’ve been bombarded with iPhone coverage lately. The Hangar18 includes an AMD Athlon X2 4600+, 2GB of DDR2, two 1TB… Read More

  • SimpleDrive Portable Hard Drive Designed by Pininfarina (They Design Ferraris)

    Fabrik has announced that shipments of its 250GB SimpleTech SimpleDrive have begun. Ferarri’s own design firm, Pininfarina, has designed a stylish and rugged portable drive that needs no external power, utilizes USB 2.0, runs at 5,400rpm with 8MB cache AND comes with 2GB of free storage on myfabrik.com. SimpleTech SimpleDrive portable drives are available in colors and capacities… Read More

  • Zelda: Ocarina of Time Named "Best Game of All Time" By Edge Magazine

    Edge magazine has named The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time the best game of all time. Yes, everyone hates these so-called “best” lists and many of them are created just as Digg bait nowadays, but Edge magazine, in my opinion, isn’t your typical video game magazine. It doesn’t use words like “awesome” or “super-de-dooper” to describe and… Read More

  • Deal is Confirmed: Google Acquired GrandCentral

    Google has confirmed the Grand Central Acquisition we suspected would be announced today or tomorrow. No official word on a price, but we believe it’s in the $50 million range. Google will be moving the service over to Google’s network. A limited number of invitations for GrandCentral beta accounts will still be available. If you have a U.S. telephone number, you can sign up for… Read More

  • Sony PSP Gets Wi-Fi Geolocation Software

    New software for the Sony PSP will allow users to use a GPS accessory for outdoor geolocation and then switch to indoor geolocation provided by a Wi-Fi signal when in a building. The new navigation software from Zenrin Map 2 and the Edia Maplus will still use the GPS accessory for the PSP, but add location data provided through Wi-Fi. For instance if the PSP is connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot… Read More

  • Belkin iPhone Accessories Now Available

    Belkin just launched their first wave of iPhone accessories in the form of a slim-fit case, an acrylic case, an armband, and a headphone adapter. The Slim-Fit is made of black leather and features a belt clip. It’s perfect for people who are cool enough to own an iPhone, but don’t want to look cool at all. I’ll set you back $29.99. The acrylic case provides less… Read More

  • Second GTA IV Trailer: Yup, the Game Will Be Good

    http://www.gametrailers.com/remote_wrap.php?mid=20932 Nearly lost in all the commotion of “something” last week was the release of the second Grand Theft Auto IV trailer. What’s most impressive about this trailer is that it’s far more “hip” and “stylish” than anything I’ve seen any CE company put out, save for Apple. We get a lot more… Read More

  • Great Outdoors: Have Video, Will Travel

    Why are you watching videos again? Summer is currently in full effect. It’s hot as hell outside, the sky is beautiful, the water is warm – you need to get out there. So bring your family or some good buddies and hit the trails, slope, or beaches. Find something to do. Just remember to be equipped with the best video gear possible. Because between the 14-hour car ride to your… Read More

  • Handle-It Begs You To Geek Out Your MacBooks

    Oh man, I’ve found my next MacBook accessory purchase. The Handle-It is exactly what I’ve been wanting without even knowing it. It bolts onto the underside of your MacBook or MBP and acts as both a handle and heat sink. The Italian pebblestone leather clad aluminum accessory is the neatest thing I’ve seen lately and I can’t wait to get my hands on one. It comes in… Read More

  • The Wii Is The Best Game Console Ever

    The Wii continues its game console domination in Japan with reports showing that the Wii outsold the PS3 6 to 1 in June. The tiny white console entered into 270,974 homes while the huge black BBQ only made it to 41,628 homes. The Xbox 360 was barely even looked at with only 17,616 units sold. It’s been a steady climb to the top for Nintendo as sales have increased every month over Sony… Read More

  • iDay: Where Were You When the iPhone Launched?

    Friday, June 29, 2007. iDay, in marketing lingo, the day Apple released a widget that compelled grown men to use words like “awesome” and “cool” to describe a fancier-than-most cellphone. Where were you that day? Where were you at 6 p.m. when it officially launched to an amount of pomp and circumstance usually reserved for a Roman triumph? Throughout the day I was out… Read More

  • Verizon Makes Bold Move With Mobile E-mail

    Verizon has finally pulled its head out of its butt and added a new e-mail client that supports Yahoo!, AIM, AOL, Windows Live Hotmail, Verizon.net and POP3/IMAP. Oh wait. Did I say they pulled their heads out of their butt? I meant they’ve shoved it even further up there because they’re charging $5 for this service when other carriers don’t charge a dime. The service is… Read More

  • Geni: 5 million Profiles In 5 Months

    We just got word that genealogy site Geni will be announcing that they’ve hit their 5 millionth profile, just five months after launching the service. This is up from 2 million in March. You can view the press release here. This is not the number of registered users (Geni had 100,000 when reporting 2 million profiles), but rather the number of people put into Geni family trees. A user… Read More

  • Nokia Making Cross-Platform Games About Crack

    TOTALLY cooler than a PS3 Nokia is on a mission to create a mobile game that’s cross-platform and doesn’t suck. The first project, which is rumored to run on both PC and mobile phones, is called “Project White Rock”. Judging by the name, I’d say the title will be an MMORPG in which players compete to become addicted to crack-cocaine. Or not. But after the… Read More

  • Sharp Announces 16 G-Series AQUOS LCD TVs

    Now that the iPhone has been launched and it’s the utter failure we all expected it to be we return you to our regularly scheduled ranting and raves. We’ll start with Sharp Japan announcing 16 new G-Series 120Hz AQUOS LCD TVs. The 37-, 42-, 46- and 52-inch sets are equipped with an ultra-thin 8.1cm panel. All models feature three HDMI ports, component, DVI, two FireWire, S/PDIF… Read More

  • Broken iPhones Appear on Flickr

    This is poetry. Photos are showing up on Flickr of destroyed, broken-beyond-repair iPhones and I couldn’t be happier. It goes beyond mere schadenfreude, mind you. All that hard work waiting in a line, talking to the mainstream media as if there weren’t more pressing matters that needed to be discussed, all just to post a photo showing a cracked screen. Poetry. Apple replaced… Read More

  • Google Should Announce GrandCentral Acquisition Today or Tomorrow

    A follow up to our post a week ago: A source close to the deal has confirmed to us that Google has closed the acquisition of GrandCentral and will be announcing it this week, probably today or tomorrow. Acquisitions are generally announced after the close of market, so look for this after 1 pm PST on the Google blog or in a press release (or both). If not today, possibly tomorrow. We have… Read More

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