• Seagate to Stop Selling the IDE, Maybe a Little SATA You Would Like?

    Photo via Jason Dunn Seagate, the company that I think I bought my first hard drive from, will stop selling IDE drives by year’s end, focusing exclusively on SATA. SATA currently is currently found in more than half of total desktops sold this year and 44 percent of laptops sold. Don’t expect IDE to go the way of the Dodo, however. Like all good standards (when’s the last… Read More

  • AT&T Mobile Backup has Your Back(up)

    Losing your phone means losing everything you have on your phone. But now you can make sure your data is safe, at least if you’re using AT&T. This week AT&T announced that users will be able to store, update and even access their contact information on their mobile handsets through a downloadable handset application. This new service, AT&T Mobile Backup will be available on… Read More

  • Helio Ocean Adds Microsoft Exchange and File Viewer

    For the next 60 days, during the beta trial period, Mail for Microsoft Exchange will be available free to Helio Ocean users, and $9.99 per month after world. The app brings full synchronization of e-mail, contacts and calendar entries to the handset. This is just one of two new apps that are now available for the handset. The other, Helio File Viewer, launched in conjunction with the Mail… Read More

  • Very BIG Deal for Mobliss

    Mobliss closed the deal last year when they released the mobile version of the hit quiz show Deal or No Deal. Mobliss has announced that the mobile game version of the Endemol show has been downloaded more than a million times in the United States. Mobliss, which also partnered with FremantleMedia to launch the mobile TV channel Atomic Wedgie, isn’t done deal making either. John… Read More

  • Oxygen Targets Women Gamers For Mobile

    There remains a common misconception that video games are just something guys like, but LimeLife and other companies have proven that theory wrong. And now Oxygen, the cable channel for women, is making the leap to interactive-gaming. Among the first titles is a game based its hit series Bad Girls Club, which is being developed in conjunction with Artificial Life, will available in late… Read More

  • Catch mywaves With Alltel Wireless

    Alltel Wireless users can now browse thousands of Web videos and watch them via the phones with the new mywaves mobile video service. Available for $3.99 per month this newly launched service lets customers easily download the app, which allows for users to browse through various genres including comedy, sports, health, business, music, technology and more. Alltel users can also choose for a… Read More

  • Developer Conference 2007 Kicks Off with Focus on Mobile

    The rains, which continue to fall over much of the U.K., haven’t dampened the mood at The Developer Conference 2007 in Brighton, which kicked things off this week with a one-day focus on mobile, notably mobile gaming. Games on mobile handsets continues to be on the rise in the U.K., and strong annual growth was predicted. But with the clouds came some negative news too. Among the… Read More

  • The Futurist: One (or Two) Sentence Reviews Of 18 Wii Games

    I believe in the Wii, I really do. I don’t care that it’s basically a GameCube with a white case and fancy controller. I don’t care that the graphics made the original Xbox look l33t. I just wish they would put out some decent games. And believe me, I’ve played most of them. And here’s what I think so far. And if, after reading this, it seems like… Read More

  • Sennheiser MX550 Headphones Review

    About a month or two ago, Proporta started carrying a limited selection of Sennheiser’s headphones. Most available come in the form of earbuds that are meant for travel, iPods, or on-the-go gadgets. Nothing special, but you don’t go buying a Sony-brand toothbrush without expecting it to be nothing short of an amazing tooth-cleaning experience. Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Treasure Vault Edition

    KanaSD Digital Audio Player: Bring Your Own Storage Cards
    Olympus Stylus 770SW Review
    Soundwave MP3 Player Unboxed
    Nintendo’s Profits Triple on Wii, DS Sales
    CrunchGear Meet-up: Budapest
    CrunchGear Meet-up: Warsaw Read More

  • Business.com Sells for $350 Million

    Business.com has closed another chapter in its long journey from a $7.5 million million domain name bought on a hope and a prayer, selling to RH Donnelley for $350 million (WSJ reporting up to $360 million). RH Donnelley beat out Dow Jones and the New York Times during the bidding. The site had been on the block since late June and drew a lot of attention for outlandish valuations that turned… Read More

  • Streamload Upgrade Goes Very Wrong; Some Users Revolt

    San Diego based storage service Streamload is having a hellish summer. On June 22, more than a month ago, they began rolling out “significant improvements” to the service. Users were told in a blog post that some files would become temporarily unaccessible and to expect downtime of up to two weeks. “Please rest asssured [sic] that we are doing everything possible to… Read More

  • Teh.Be$T.Kommenter.Evar

    Welcome to TBKE, short but sweet edition. Today’s post contains quick little quips that say a lot without saying a lot. There’s an old proverb that goes a little something like this: The fool speaks, the wise man listens, and the kommenter speaks succinctly with swift keystrokes, which makes people foolish and wise listen with their eyes. Something like that. I wasn’t… Read More

  • Toshiba Upgrades Transmemory USB Flash Drives

    Windows Vista users will be happy to know that Toshiba has announced the U2K line of Windows ReadyBoost Transmemory USB flash drives. In an effort to increase the performance of Vista machines, the new drives will now act as external memory. It’s a good idea, in theory, but I doubt anything will help Vista. The U2K line will be available this October in 1GB, 2GB, 4GB and 8GB ($200)… Read More

  • Toshiba Laptops Get UWB

    Toshiba has announced that the ultra-wideband, UWB, technology we heard about at CES is now readily available in the uber expensive R400 Tablet PC/laptop line. While UWB lets you transfer data faster than Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, the biggest complaint about UWB is that its range is limited to 3 feet. The docking station aka port replicator includes four USB ports, audio port and an Ethernet port… Read More

  • MySpace Looking for the Next "Prom Queen"

    MySpace had a great deal of success with their short form webisode, “Prom Queen”. The heavily hyped ode to teenage drama drew over 15 million streams during its run and is gearing up for another season. MySpace is looking to take the format to the streets, now soliciting film makers for their own shorts with a chance at earning some money. It’s part of a series of new… Read More

  • Second Life Bans Gambling Following FBI Investigation

    An ongoing investigation by the FBI into gambling in Second Life is believed to be directly related to Linden Lab’s sudden decision to ban all forms of gambling on Second Life. The FBI investigation commenced in April and was considering the legality of online gambling within the virtual world. The US Government prohibits most forms of online gambling. It was unclear at the time of… Read More

  • Online Details For Gran Turismo 5 Revealed

    GT5 producer Kazunori Yamauchi revealed some tasty details about the online portion of the hottest forthcoming game for the PS3 in a recent interview with Weekly Famitsu. As much as i hate on the PS3, i do realize it’s the lack of content that makes me so lovingly refer to it as a “hunk of junk”, but my reasoning is legitimate, right? This is going to be amazing and I… Read More

  • Samsung Digital Camera/Picture Frame Mashup

    Designer Jin Woo Han’s concept for a digital camera/picture frame mashup is simply spectacular. I often find myself wanting to flaunt my latest shots to friends, but the small LCD on the back just doesn’t cut it. With the concept Samsung SS700 you’ll be able to snap your pics and instantly display them to anyone, thanks to the built-in kickstand. Sure the LCD isn’t… Read More

  • Kaiser One Goose-Step Closer to AT&T

    That hot, hot Kaiser we told you about has cleared FCC muster, meaning it could be hitting the shelves of your local AT&T any time. For those in need of a refresher, the Kaiser is the latest rendition of HTC’s Slidy-McQWERTY line of Windows Mobile smartphones. With 3G, Wi-Fi, and a large touch-screen, its ancestors include the AT&T 8125 and the 8525. The standard Kaiser has a… Read More

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