• Skype Service Down For 12 To 24 Hours

    Skype is down. Woe is Skype. Currently its millions of users (including me) are unable to log in to the service. Skype staffer Villu Arak left the following on the company blog: Some of you may be having problems logging into Skype. Our engineering team has determined that it’s a software issue. We expect this to be resolved within 12 to 24 hours. Meanwhile, you can simply leave your… Read More

  • USAToday Says Traffic Way Up

    Less than twelve hours after I posted that USAToday’s traffic appears to be going the wrong way, they issue a press release saying traffic is way up. USATODAY.com, recorded a 20% year-over year increase in traffic for the month of July 2007 and a month-over-month growth of 24% according to Nielsen/NetRatings. It was also reported that more than 10.6 million unique visitors came to… Read More

  • AT&T Rep Talks About Lengthy iPhone Bills

    With all these 300-page iPhone bills being mailed out to AT&T customers, it was only a matter of time before someone started wondering how many trees would die a day. Now an AT&T rep is commenting on the issue and says that the company encourages paperless billing and is no longer giving customers detailed statements. Says the rep: Read More

  • 10 Days of CrunchGear: The Cavalcade of Readers

    It’s not often that we get to see our readers in the flesh, but thanks to our first contest we got quite a few pictures of the folks who visit us on a daily basis. Here they are, in no particular order. Thanks for reading, people. We appreciate it. Read More

  • Castlevania Figures From Comic Con

    “But enough talk, have at you!” I don’t do comics that much anymore and I rarely have time for video games. But you show me a good Castlevania action-figure and I’ll show you an excited guy in his twenties. Check out the frickin’ detail on Alucard and Belmont. Now this is what I call justice for one of the most popular Konami series’ of all… Read More

  • It's Official: BioShock Cooler Than Jesus, 99-cent Burrito

    The reviews are starting to trickle in and the general consensus seems to be that the highly-anticipated BioShock is a smash hit. Receiving a rare 10/10 score from both Games Radar and Game Informer. The ambiance, graphics, sound, and control seem to be flawless and I hear the gameplay isn’t half-bad either. Getting to control stuff with your hand is always a plus, not to mention uncommon… Read More

  • Confirmed: Sprint's WiMAX Solution is "Xohm"

    Photo via Engadget Are you ready to rock and xohm? Are you and your family xohmin’? Are you xohming like a… homing pigeon? If you answered any of these questions with a resounding “Xyes” then Sprint Nextel has something special for you. Enter Xohm, their WiMAX solution which should be announced later today. It xounds like “home” but with a z and the… Read More

  • Meebo Unveils New iPhone Client

    Just got a heads up from the Meebo people that they’re now offer a new client for people using iPhones. Meebo is fantastic as a web-IM client and now this will blow anything else out of the water. Though I have yet to personally test it, I hear it’s pretty lightweight and quick. You can login with your Meebo account and start chatting it up right away, ’cause this baby is out… Read More

  • Logitech Introduces Pure-Fi iPod Stereos

    The Logitech Pure-Fi Dream Guess what? Logitech is now stepping up its line of iPod accessories with a whole new series of music systems called Pure-Fi. First up is the Pure-Fi Anywhere, which offers one touch shuffle and repeat, a remote, 2-inch Max-X drivers, and a 10-hour rechargeable battery. That sells for $150 and will be available this month along with the Logitech Pure-Fi Dream… Read More

  • Guitar Hero Makes Kids Go to Eleven

    Farhad at Salon’s Machinis wrote a great piece on the effect of Guitar Hero on the popularity of guitar music. In my humble opinion, playing Hero has as much to do with playing the guitar as pounding on a bucket has to do with playing the xylophone, but Farhad points out that … “Guitar Hero” instills two important guitar-playing fundamentals: sensitivity to rhythm as… Read More

  • Where's The Beef? EA Delays OS X Titles

    Months after EA and Jobs made love on the WWDC stage, consumers have yet to see any of the games that EA promised. Titles like Madden ’08 and Battlefield 2142 are supposed to be coming to OS X, but have yet to surface. Now things are getting fishy. Apparently EA is not commenting on OS X-related games and Apple is directing all calls and inquiries to EA. In all reality, EA is probably… Read More

  • Sony Releases Swarovski-studded Walkman

    As the iPod reigns dominant, the Walkman brand still continues to chug along. Sony today released limited edition Walkman E010s, each with removable caps that are covered in Swarovski crystals. You can get the player in pink, violet, black, blue or gold and in sizes of 1GB for $135, 2GB for $160, and 4GB for $212. Don’t go thinking you can just order one from Amazon Japan or something… Read More

  • PatentMonkey: AT&T Wireless Lockdown for iPhone?

    Recent news that Apple had applied for a means to disable recharging on a stolen device, we now have learned that Cingular conceived an even broader concept: shutting down a wireless device when out of a communication with a WiFi zone. Applicable to a number of devices beyond just cell phones, AT&T has patented a means to lock out stolen (or borrowed) wirelessly enabled gear… Read More

  • The Futurist: Today's Phone Companies = The New Ma Bell

    Considering that most people these days go through a cell phone in a time frame shorter than the human gestation period, it may be hard to believe that there was a time when phones were primarily an item you rented from the phone company. Every once in awhile, we hear about a Renter — typically an elderly person — whose adult children discover AT&T has been charging them as… Read More

  • Skype Suffers Major Outage

    Skype has suffered a major service outage that started from approximately 3am PST Thursday. Skype advised that their engineering team had determined that the downtime was due to a software issue, with the problem expected to be solved “within 12 to 24 hours.” The issue was serious enough to cause Skype to temporarily disable all downloads of the Skype client. Skpe has had a very… Read More

  • USAToday's Social Network Experiment May Not Be Paying Off

    When USAToday relaunched its site in March as a social network around news, I and others thought it was big news. They integrated Pluck’s new Social Media Suite, a group of social networking products that a number of high profile news sites have adopted. Overnight, USAToday went from being an old school news site to something much different. Readers could now create profiles, comment… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Squid Slayer Edition

    Dragon’s Lair for HD DVD Now Available
    AAA Launches Cellphone GPS App
    Xbox Live Arcade Heads To PCs By Year’s End
    Apple Is Done With AppleWorks
    Helio Officializes the Fin, Thinnest Flip in North America Read More

  • TwitKu: Single Interface For Twitter And Jaiku

    TwitKu is a new site that is sort of a Meebo (web instant messaging) for the Twitter and Jaiku “presence blogging” services. The site brings your Twitter and Jaiku accounts onto one screen and adds a posting interface that allows you to post just to one of the services, or to both. The benefit for many people that use both services religiously is obvious. Very simple and very… Read More

  • Google Lends Credibility To Sun StarOffice

    Google has officially begun distributing office suite and Microsoft Office competitor Sun StarOffice as part of the Google Pack. The proprietary office suite is based on the same code base as Open Office and was previously offered for $70. The move was first revealed August 11 but was officially announced August 15. Don Dodge, Director of Business Development for Microsoft’s Emerging… Read More

  • Most Useful iPhone Site Yet: Meebo

    Facebook may have the best looking iPhone site to date, but Meebo for the iPhone is more useful, as it brings instant messaging, finally, to that phone. ICQ, AIM, MSN, Yahoo, and Jabber/Google are supported. Meebo took its time building the site, which is actually their first mobile application. There is no special URL, just go to meebo.com from an iPhone and the browser will load the… Read More

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