• Capcom announces Lost Planet 2

    Welcome to the jungle! Late last week, Capcom teased us all on Xbox Live that they would be announcing a new game on the 23rd, today, and they certainly didn’t disappoint. In a video only released to the Xbox Live community, RE5 producer Jun Takeuchi introduced the game with a subsequent Q&A with the game’s director Kenji Oguro. What happens in between can only be seen after… Read More

  • Concept video shows iPhone App sorting done right

    We love the iPhone’s ultra simple homescreen user interface – as long as we’re not trying to change anything. Once we get tired of the old arrangement of icons, moving them all around to match our new mood is like eating rice with a tool big enough for only one grain at a time. After about 5 grains, you decide you weren’t hungry in the first place. Want to organize 5… Read More

  • California law that banned sale of violent video games to minors found too restrictive

    The notoriously liberal, as if that’s a bad thing in and of itself, Ninth US Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that that California law restricting the sale of so-called violent video games to minors violates “free speech guarantees.” The ruling upholds a lower courts finding and, naturally, has upset those who have made a career out of trumping up the video game… Read More

  • Netbook Capoeria with the VAIO: A tale of Twitter

    @webmarketingguruUK What’s really going to shake things up for this new line of netbooks? @sonymarcomdude Viral videos. Like dudes in pajamas like doing doing dude things. @webmarketingguruUK like what Read More

  • Much fabled Kogan Agora Android phone prototype gets hands-on'd

    Back in December, the Kogan Agora was revealed and caused all kinds of excitement amongst mobile geeks. Not only was it going to be dirt cheap (around $250 bucks, unsubsidized), and not only was it being pushed out by what was about as close as you can get to a mom-and-pop electronics manufacturer, but it looked like they were going to beat just about everyone besides HTC to getting an… Read More

  • Review: Nokia 7510 for T-Mobile

    I found a new phone for my Mom. It’s the Nokia 7510, a basic flip phone with just enough features to be dangerous yet it’s basic enough for even my sainted mother to use to dial us on the daily. The 7510 is a phone for the ladies, plain and simple. That’s not to disparage the ladies – it’s just that I haven’t seen a simple, stylish phone that’s not… Read More

  • Two more X-Slim notebooks coming from MSI

    After getting everyone worked up at CES over its X320 netbook, MSI has let slip two additional models in the X-Slim series; both actual notebooks with Centrino 2 processors, too. The 15.6-inch X600 and the 13.4-inch X340 are expected to be formally announced at CeBIT in a little over a week and MSI has already revealed that the X340 will cost under $1,000. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: $5 off BeejiveIM for BlackBerry

    Beejive has announced a $5 discount off its popular BeejiveIM for BlackBerry app (regularly $19.95) in an effort to thank its “loyal BlackBerry community.” The sale starts tonight at midnight and lasts until midnight (PST) on Sunday, March 1. Read More

  • KTM's electric dirtbike gets dated, sort of

    Now that the race to get electric cars on the road is over, it’s time for the two-wheel variety to get in the mix. KTM recently announced that the EV Enduro, a race ready dual sport that was first announced last October, would be rolling off the production line sometime next year. A protoype of the EV Enduro has been in testing since 2008. Read More

  • Skimlinks secures first round investment

    Funny how recessions concentrate the mind. In just over a year UK startup Skimbit has made the full journey from Web 2.0 era “decision-making tool” with a vague business model about affiliate advertising, to re-engineer as an affiliate aggregator for publishers. Re-launching as Skimlinks, the site now aggregates 11 affiliate networks for clients like Future Publishing and The… Read More

  • Chumby coming to TVs and Blu-ray players

    Everyone’s favorite hacky-sack-with-a-screen, Chumby, will soon make the leap from your nightstand or desk to your TV or Blu-ray player. Future internet-connected TVs and Blu-ray players containing Broadcom chips from companies such as Samsung and Sharp will feature Chumby’s web-based widgets – there are currently over 1,000 – ranging from music and video streaming to… Read More

  • Ever wanted to swing your iPhone around in a way you probably shouldn't? Danglet!

    I don’t care if the pins that hold the Danglet lanyard/wriststrap thing into the iPhone are made of friggin’ Adamantium – if you swing your GLASS SCREENED device worth hundreds of dollars around like the chumps in this video do, it’s going to get broken. And you probably deserve it, too. Read More

  • Verizon Wireless drops CDM8975 Push to Talk handset, business world yawns

    Verizon Wireless launched its creatively named CDM8975 Push to Talk handset today.  This new business-meets-multimedia walkie-talkie mobile phone was developed by Personal Communications Devices and comes dressed to impress, er, ready for the job site as it’s wrapped in an “industrial clamshell.” The CDM8975 will be available beginning March 9th, online and in good… Read More

  • Driver-free internet connection sharing via USB

    It’s not too common nowadays for two computers sitting side-by-side to NOT be able to both access the internet, but on the off chance that such an occasion may arise, Brando’s got a (theoretically) no-fuss remedy in the form of a little USB dongle. Read More

  • Panasonic updates its W8 Toughbook in Japan

    Panasonic has announced a new Toughbook today [JP], a special version of its W8 notebook, which is also on the sale in the US. The new Japanese premium edition has no release date for overseas markets yet, however. Read More

  • GumGum Adds B5Media, DailyFill To Its Image-Licensing Network

    Image-licensing network GumGum is growing by leaps and bounds. Measured as an advertising network, it is now a Quantcast Top 100 site, reaching 13.7 million people in the U.S. and 23.5 million worldwide. More than 1,000 Web publishers are licensing images through GumGum, which allows them to pay based on how many people see the image or use them for free with embedded advertising. Today… Read More

  • Apple's iPhone and Bluetooth keyboard get together and party

    Who says that two isn’t a party? This Apple iPhone and Bluetooth keyboard look like they are having a rock’n good time. The two hooked up after an enterprising chap circumvented Apple’s approval and did it anyway. The hack isn’t mainstream or available to the public just yet, but judging by the interaction shown in the video, it must be coming soon. *fingers crossed* Read More

  • "Imagine" on the iPhone: Needs more cowbell

    I’m not one to disparage the creative output of others, but this guy needs a bigger keyboard. This cover of “Imagine” by John Lennon is played on an iPhone keyboard app and needs a little more throttle – maybe some sneers? A backup band of ocarina players? John Lennon was pretty angry when he wrote this song and this guy turns it into a decision whether to order waffles… Read More

  • Microsoft Research: A Look At The Intriguing Social Desktop Prototype

    Late last week, Microsoft Research shared a couple of things about Social Desktop, a prototype of which they are debuting at TechFest 2009 in a couple of days (along with dozens of other things). From the looks of it, this will be a much talked about product even if it stays in proof-of-concept phase for now. And if they decide to open it up even just a little, this could be a major… Read More

  • Rumor: PSP2 or PSP-4000 coming soon

    The fate of Sony’s portable handheld is wavering at the moment with poor sales and lackluster titles, but there’s still hope for a revamped design this year that might pull it out of the dark. Here we have two fresh rumors with one having a seed of truth while the other is ‘out there’. Read More

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