• Skyscanner adds holiday search function

    Travel search and price comparison site Skyscanner has just been upgraded with a “holiday search” function, adding deals from Thomas Cook, Airtours and others. It offers total itineraries from these providers, rather than just flights. From today, it can tap into 35 million holidays. Trips can be searched by destination, duration and the type of trip and then compared by price… Read More

  • Is this not the greatest iPod speaker you have ever seen?

    The only reason I’m writing about this is because it looks ridiculous. It’s the “Retro Cassette Stereo Mini Speaker for iPod/iPhone,” and it’s exactly as it sounds. Plug your iPod in there, and off you go. Read More

  • Center'd Brings Its Local Discovery Engine To The iPhone

    Center’d, the service that looks to help you figure out what to do with your day, has released a new iPhone application that lets you tap into the site’s restaurant, event, and activity recommendation engine on the go. The application is free and you can grab it here. Center’d competes with sites like Yelp and CitySearch, but instead of simply offering text reviews, the… Read More

  • 140 Characters? That's A Lot Of Writing. Just Post A Picture On DailyBooth

    It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Translated into this Twitter world we now live in, that’s like, thousands of characters. Thousands easily beats 140, so the people constantly complaining about Twitter’s brevity need to check out DailyBooth. What is it? It’s a Twitter-like quick message service, only the main form of communication is pictures. You can… Read More

  • Rumor: No Palm Eos in 2009?

    Shortly after we broke the news that Palm was had at work on device to follow the Pre, the details came pouring in: first we got the codename (Pixie), then we got the tentative marketing name (Eos). A few days later, we had a launch window: according to a leaked AT&T slide, the Eos would launch in the second half of 2009. Alas, things get a bit crazy when you’ve just launched a… Read More

  • Someone needs to stop playing Shadowrun: New Orleans Arcology Habitat

    I remember dreaming about living in an arcology while I read William Gibson’s Count Zero. I planned out elaborate arcology floor plans for various aborted Shadowrun campaigns. All the while, I knew these megastructures were things of science fiction — like the flying car I always wanted — that I could dream about but never enjoy in my lifetime. I couldn’t help but… Read More

  • What we think about: District 9

    Who else saw District 9 at the weekend? A few of us did, and we wanted to share our thoughts on it. Why? Because it’s sci-fi, and, generally speaking, we’re (your humble CG writers as well as you guys) all sci-fi fans to one degree or another. That is to say you won’t be seeing our thoughts on, say, The Goods any time soon. (Fair warning: there will be spoilers.) Read More

  • Ow.ly And Bit.ly Fastest, Most Reliable URL Shorteners. Tr.Im Comes Up . . . Short.

    When it comes to shortening links, the brevity of the URL is not the only factor you should consider. Speed and reliability are also important. After all, the main purpose of URL shortening services such as bit.ly and TinyURL are to redirect you back to the original (long) link someone shortened in the first place. You want the redirect to be fast and reliable. The rise of Twitter and… Read More

  • Police try to trick hackers, with hilarious results

    Here’s a fun story. Police in Australia thought they were being mighty clever when they took over an “underground hacking forum.” (The forum is r00t-y0u.org, though it seems to be down right now.) One of the hackers on the forum then retaliated by breaking into police computers using a simple SQL injection. Security fail. Read More

  • Blockbuster OnDemand movies coming to a Motorola near you

    Blockbuster – the once dominant, now prehistoric video rental company where you used to rack up incredible late fees (and anger towards their employees) – is not only still kicking, but seems to be positioning itself for a 21st century “comeback” of sorts via a new partnership with Motorola. Talk about two companies who could use some new-found success (read… Read More

  • O2 Germany opens mobile network for VoIP and Skype

    O2 Germany will not block VoIP services like Skype any more and has no plans to charge extra for their usage. Until now, all four German mobile network operators had banned the use of mobile VoIP in their terms of services. Technically it was possible to use it, bt it was verboten. But O2 clients can now use internet telephony like any other data service with O2’s internet packs and… Read More

  • The Screw Key is a key that screws

    The Screw Key is simple enough: a key with a Philips or straight bit on the end. I like it. The construction is solid and there isn’t any colorful plastic parts anywhere that will eventually break. The top of the key is large enough for sausage fingers but not so big that it will become a pain in the pocket. Genius! Read More

  • Twicli adds a ton of requested features, with more to come

    Yesterday, Twicli, the photo and video sharing utility for Twitter, rolled out a set of new features. There’s now audio support, you can tag friends in photos and a friend activity feature helps you keep track of what others are up to. There’s a new “multimedia tweet box” which gives you more control over how your tweets appear and “mixed content sets”… Read More

  • Sony's FeliCa Launcher lets you use smartcards and phones on your PC to launch websites

    Even though virtually unknown in the US or Europe, Sony’s Felica technology, mainly materialized in the form of a contactless RFID smart card or a chip built into cell phones), is used for electronic payment by millions of people on a daily basis. Now users in Japan (one of the main markets apart from Hong Kong and Singapore) get to use it for other things (and on computers), too. Read More

  • Sony delays OLED TVs, the world weeps

    OLED TVs were in major attendance at this year’s CES. Afterall, Sony declared that 2009 was going to be their year. But apparently the marketing flacks and bean counters are on difference softball teams because the thin TVs have been delayed because of Sony’s huge profit loses. Read More

  • Palm now reviewing paid applications for the App Catalog, sales begin in mid-september

    The Palm Pre has taken a lot of heat for its limited App Catalog, which, months after the launch of the device and its respective SDK, still only contains roughly 30 applications. It’s easy to look at the numbers and forget the backstories; the iPhone went a whole year and entire model before they even had an App Store. BlackBerries have long had access to third party apps, but only as… Read More

  • Is Mint Going After Freshbooks? Its New Features Point In That Direction.

    Personal finance tracking site Mint.com added a bunch of new budgeting and trending features today. Mint presents consumers with a financial dashboard based on spending and income data from their bank, credit card, and other financial accounts. It expanded its charts to include spending over time, income history, asset allocation, and net worth over time. You can now plan for irregular… Read More

  • HTC updating the Hero, possibly removing some of the slow

    SlashGear has been on the HTC Hero case and is reporting that there will be a software update for the Hero in the “coming weeks” which could also be inferred as “the next 10 days.” Read More

  • Sony and Best Buy team up on the ALTUS wireless audio system

    Because everyone including your mother wants to rid their world of wires, Sony and Best Buy have new audio systems that feature…wireless audio! The ALTUS audio line includes basic setups like wireless computer speakers, iPod docks, and even multi-room a systems through a little add-on.[PSGallery=ab2pig1vih] Read More

  • BlackBerry App World hits the browser

    Browsing your device’s app store is great when you’re on the bus, on the can, or on the run – but it’s a whole lot easier to take it all in when you’re at a full-fledged, big boy computer. Apple’s been leading the pack on this front, with iTunes providing a computer-side storefront for casual perusal. Google’s got a very limited selection of featured… Read More

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