• Roller Bears!

    Unlike most of the other writers here at CrunchGear, I’m not a 20-something. I have a kid, and that means that I get to give the parent perspective on things. Things like Roller Bears. Read More

  • Review: BlackRapid RS-4

    A camera strap is just one of those things; you have to have the “right one” that works for you, or you’ll go crazy. I bought a new Nikon not too long ago, and during a trip to the San Francisco Zoo discovered that what was a minor irritation, turned into a major pain in the neck with extended wear (pun intended). By the end of the 2 hour walk-through the strap had rubbed my… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Universal laptop dock for $23

    While the concept of a “universal” dock for your portable computer is certainly a welcome idea, the actual execution has been limited to what are essentially glorified USB hubs with so-so external video capabilities. Still, these docks shave seconds off of hooking up a regular USB hub, plugging a VGA cable and an Ethernet cable into your laptop, and connecting an external… Read More

  • Glove-like ping pong paddle for improved accuracy, superior backhand

    Oh man, I would really like to once again be able to play some ping pong on a regular basis. My kingdom for a larger apartment, money for a ping pong table, and at least one friend in real life! On a somewhat related note, this weird-ass ping pong paddle is intriguing. You wear the entire thing on your hand, which I’d assume makes it an almost spiritual extension of your body. Read More

  • With Chernin Out At News Corp, What Happens To FIM?

    Peter Chernin, the long-time president and COO of News Corp, is leaving the company after protracted negotiations over his contract could not be resolved. Chernin’s salary was $28.8 million in the last fiscal year, which was $1.3 million more than even Rupert Murdoch’s take-home pay. Chernin helped Murdoch build and oversee his vast media empire over the past 20 years, and… Read More

  • Pentax bargainizes the K20D, lowers price by $200

    If you were vacillating over which entry-level DSLR to get this year, your decision was just made a little more difficult by Pentax. Their K20D, which is by all accounts an excellent camera, has had its price dropped by two bills. Those are some serious savings, kemosabe. $800 recommended means you can get it for a song once the big e-tailers start undercutting each other. They did this… Read More

  • Software *sorta* lets you cut through SSL encryption like nobody's business

    Break out the siren.gif! One of those security research types demonstrated last week how he was able to get around SSL authentication, enabling him to collect private information—Gmail login/passwords, credit card numbers, and the like—with very little trouble at all. It’s not a flaw in SSL itself, but a flaw in the way people use the Web. Read More

  • There goes Ritz Camera

    And so the economic crisis hit America’s largest digital camera retailer: Ritz Camera. The retailer just filed for Chapter 11 thanks to lower than expected sales during the ’08 Holiday season. Thankfully for everyone involved, Chapter 11 bankruptcy is simply a reorganization which means they will probably stick around for a bit. That is if a judge approves $85 million in financing. Read More

  • Kodak has no friends in Korea: LG sues on cameraphone tech

    First, Kodak sues Samsung and LG for some patent infringement, then Samsung sued Kodak. Now LG is suing Kodak. Bloops! Read More

  • AT-AT boombox rocks out with its Hoth out

    This evil-looking boombox is definitely what Vader would have had in his room as an surly teenager — which is to say, during Attack of the Clones. The best part about this AT-AT stereo is that it’s pretty much cassette-only. After all, that was the business in 1980 when the AT-AT was at the height of chic. Read More

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