• Sony: PSP Go price is juuust right

    While we certainly don’t think that companies should just drop their prices when bloggers like us whine about it, the PSP Go really is overpriced and Sony won’t admit it. It’s similar to the PS3’s situation, and if Sony’s pricing on that thing is any indication, we’re not going to be seeing a PSP Go for under $200 for a long, long time. Andrew House, SCE… Read More

  • TechCrunch Berlin After-party @Soundcloud

    The TechCrunch Berlin event is tomorrow and, to be frank, we screwed up. We should have realised that we’d need a lot of space to house all the people who wanted to come, especially since Berlin is one of the largest cradles of the startup scene in Germany. So, our bad. But well done to the just over 100 people who will get to see this awesome lineup of speakers and pitches. However… Read More

  • John Stewart takes on Twitter and CNN

    Last week Conan poked fun at Twitter. Now Jon Stewart is taking his turn by stating that CNN using Twitter and Facebook constantly is desperation. Is it? Maybe, but it is funny how mainstream media is finally embracing this Social Networking thing and encouraging everyone to use the services – once or twice. Read More

  • Microsoft no longer sending "coffin" boxes for RRoD Xbox 360s

    While we’ve known for some time that Microsoft was no longer shipping out boxes for those with bricked Xbox 360s, Joystiq now confirms that Microsoft has officially axed the “coffin” policy. In lieu of that, Microsoft will provide gamers with an e-label to put on whatever box they use to send their RRod Xbox 360 in for repairs. Read More

  • I, for one, welcome our new prosthetic robot arms

    The Department of Veterans Affairs is testing a fancy new prosthetic arm developed in conjunction with DARPA, the folks that brought us the Internet, and Deka Research, founded by Dean Kamen, creator of the Segway. Unlike a traditional rigid plastic arm, or God forbid a metal hook, the Luke Arm — a reference to Luke Skywalker’s artificial hand from Empire Strikes Back —… Read More

  • Volkswagen Routan goes wireless with Autonet Mobile

    Starting this month, prospective VW Routan buyers will have the option of equipping their minivan with Autonet Mobile’s Wi-Fi service, uconnect. Service for uconnect in your Routan will cost $29/month for 1GB of data or $59/month for 5GB of data. Read More

  • New brain machine lets you play pinball by thoughts alone

    It’s one thing to develop an interface that lets you control slow-moving robots with your thoughts alone, but it’s quite another to let you play pinball that way. But a machine built by researchers at prestigious Technische Universität Berlin in Germany makes just that possible. Read More

  • The Harman Kardon BDP 10 gets a US price

    The H/K BDP 10 was announced almost a full month ago and the company finally went live with its US intentions. Thankfully, us here in States will not have to spend $940 like the Europeans. Nope, it’s coming Stateside with a $499 MSRP and all it’s Profile 2.0 goodies. Read More

  • Google Releases A Search App That You Can Tweet From, But Can't Search Twitter From

    A hot area of development right now is in the field of desktop Twitter clients. Some like Tweetie, are Twitter-only, while others like Seesmic Desktop, handle a few different services with a focus on Twitter. The area is apparently so hot that Google is now even getting involved. While technically, its Google Quick Search Box (QSB) is a desktop application meant to make searching the web and… Read More

  • When It Comes To Getting Local Content On Your Phone, The Mobile Browser Is Still King

    Despite the avalanche of mobile apps that let people access local information, the mobile browser is still the king when it comes to finding out what’s going on in your city or neighborhood. People across the board are using their mobile phones to look up local info. ComScore reported today that the number of people in the U.S. who sought local content on mobile devices grew 51… Read More

  • Exclusive: MoGo Talk Bluetooth headset for iPhone folds down to 5mm thin — we're giving 50 away, plus a 30% discount

    Ah, the Bluetooth headset. Often times, it’s the bane of any cell phone owner’s hands-free existence. You’re too cautious to stick it in your pocket because it’ll get caught up in your keys and covered in lint, so you forget to bring it with you. Or if you have it with you, it’s never charged because you always leave the proprietary cable at home. Newton… Read More

  • Twisty memory from NIST

    This flash memory from the National Institute of Standards and Technology is completely flexible and can fit under human tissue or against organs and that can scan and report back on your health status. The best part? They did a little video with dancing people in it. The memory can also act as a “memristor,” leading to possible implementations in artificial intelligence and… Read More

  • Video of TomTom's iPhone accessory and app

    We saw photos of the TomTom accessory for the iPhone yesterday but now we have video of it. This is basically a little dock with a USB cable and a GPS booster. Not a huge deal but this could feasibly mean the end of standalone GPS devices, which is kind of important. What think you? Read More

  • You got your cube in my WinMo

    Is it just me, or is that cube that comes up at about the minute mark totally ridiculous? Supposedly this UI feature will be in the Omnia II and possibly other Samsung WinMo handsets, but I’m really not feeling the magic. The gallery was pretty nice, though. I liked the visual indicator for zoom. [Mobile Port via Phone Arena] Read More

  • Stealth Startup Udorse Raises $500k From Founders Fund

    Udorse, a New York-based startup currently in stealth, has raised a $500,000 round of seed funding from Founders Fund. Founders Fund’s Peter Thiel will be serving on the company’s board of directors. At this point we know very little about the startup. It was founded by Trevor Austin and Geoffrey Lewis (pictured below), both of whom were previously employed at Thiel’s… Read More

  • Beach Cocoon: A little bit of WTF after lunch

    It’s a chair and an embryonic sac without the organic suspension and feeding tube! Check it out in cocoon mode after the jump. Read More

  • Heinz eyes USB-powered microwave for desk drones

    If there’s one thing I’ve always wanted as a “professional” blogger, it’s a tiny $160 USB powered microwave for cooking beans next to my computer. Since no company’s had the balls to — helllloooo, Heinz. What have we here? Read More

  • You Have Three Days To Pick Your Facebook Vanity URL. Choose Wisely, Or You're Screwed.

    What are you doing this Friday night? Going to a bar with friends? Going to a movie? Wrong. If you’re a real web addict you’ll be sitting at your computer waiting for the clock to strike 12:01 AM Eastern Time. That’s when Facebook’s new vanity URLs are going to go live, and the landrush to get one will begin. And it’s going to be a landrush because it’s… Read More

  • Pure Digital: Thanks For The $1.3 Million Check! How Do I Cash It?

    So here I am this morning opening a pile of mail – schwag from companies, bills, checks for Heather, payroll stuff, the usual. I rip all the envelopes open and then dig in. And I look down and see this check for $1.3 million and change. Trust me, there’s nothing quite like opening up a letter addressed to you and finding a check inside for $1,334,261.05. First thought: woohoo! Read More

  • Acer to replace 11.6-inch netbook already? [UPDATE]

    Yikes, looks like Acer’s recently-released 11.6-inch Aspire One A0751h netbook might either be on its way out or headed for the bargain bin already. Read More

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