• Internet everywhere

    Show of hands: who remembers WebTV? It was a great idea that was ahead of its time. Today, though, it seems like every product under the sun is Internet-connected, whether there’s demonstrable benefit or not. Sure, there’s an in-dash computer in a Ford F150 pickup allows service techs to browse the web. Is that a good idea? Tech companies are struggling with the question of… Read More

  • Sony Vaio P doesn't quite fit, gets ridiculed by Japanese geeks

    Sony’s new subnotebook Vaio P does look like a neat little machine but several official promo shots of the device triggered a wave of mockery in the blogosphere of its home country Japan. Read More

  • 13-year-old girl sends 14,528 text messages in a single month

    Man alive! This young lady sent an astonishing 14,528 text messages in a single month, embarrassing her entire family, yes, but giving the New York Post the opportunity to use “lol” and “omg” in its story. It’s a great paper, really. The girl, 13-year-old Reina, from California, sent the texts during her winter break because she was “bored.” Reading a… Read More

  • Palm Pre pricing update: $399 is indeed sans contract

    When the rumor mill set the Palm Pre pricing at $399, outcries of shenanigans were shouted through the halls of CES (and the comment corners of MobileCrunch.) It just didn’t make sense: Both Palm and Sprint need this phone to be a success – if it’s out of everyone’s mid-slump price range, it’s not going to do any good for anyone. Turns out, the rumor was… Read More

  • Post-Palm Pre, what's up with Android?

    Quo vadis, Android? You were pretty much a no-show at CES last week; the Palm Pre is now the gadget geek’s new plaything. (Even I would like to use it for a bit, and my cynicism is crippling.) Mobile World Congress—sort of like CES, but specifically for cellphones—is coming up next month. Will you be there, or be square? (See what I did there?) Read More

  • Is Your Senator On YouTube?

    Can’t get enough speechifying from politicians on C-SPAN? Now you can catch them on YouTube. Many elected representatives in Congress already have their own YouTube channels, but YouTube has just launched two central hubs to make it easier to find videos from your Senator or Congressman. These channels are pretty spare right now, but they tend to consist of actual speeches on the House… Read More

  • Extra, extra: Full 2009 HTC lineup outed (maybe)

    Ah, the Interwebs.  A magical land of glorious product-outing forums like PPCGeeks, where user Arlen was kind enough to post 25 leaked images of what are supposedly HTC’s “full” 2009 lineup of devices. Unfortunately, there is not a lot information about any of the particular handsets other than that 2 of them are apparently headed to AT&T (Topaz, Barium), 2 of ’em… Read More

  • Amazon's Gold Box sale today is all about video games (including, maybe, Left 4 Dead)

    Heads up, gamers! Amazon’s Gold Box thingy is all about video games today. That means an additional percentage off Amazon’s already low prices. Read More

  • Microsoft Leads $24 Million Round In N-Trig To Bring Multitouch To PCs

    We’re going to be seeing a lot more touchscreen computers. One of the features of Microsoft’s Windows 7 operating system is that it supports a multitouch user-interface (much like on the iPhone or a Tablet PC). To further the adoption of such touchscreen technology, Microsoft led a $24 million round in Israeli startup N-trig. Other investors included Aurum Ventures, Challenger Ltd. Read More

  • Startup Tip: Don't Pick A Name With "ebay" In It. (Tweebay Now Tweba).

    After being “asked to rename Tweebay by a rather large corporate,” UK developer Paul Rawlings tells me he has decided to rename his Twitter marketplace Tweba. When I first wrote about Tweebay, a classifieds service that uses direct messages on Twitter to confirm bids, I wondered if “eBay might consider it a violation of its trademark.” The name effectively conveyed… Read More

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