• Last.FM Needs More Than A Redesign To Catch Up To Imeem

    Yesterday, CBS sent out a press release touting the success of Last.fm’s month-old redesign, citing a 20 percent increase in unique visitors and a 36 percent increase in total minutes between June and July. Despite a few bugs on the day of launch, the redesign seems to be paying off. But why is CBS so keen on beating its chest when it comes to Last.fm? Ever since CBS bought Last.fm in… Read More

  • Google Turns On AdSense For Feeds

    After more than two months of testing, Google has finally turned on AdSense for Feeds. Formerly, these were FeedBurner ads. The acquired company has moved its advertising program over to Google’s system, and now any AdSense advertiser can tap into the Feedburner network. The ads are contextual and come in different sizes and formats. Google Operating System, which noticed that the… Read More

  • 35-story indoor ski resort planned for Long Island

    The official car of Long Island The Great Indoors? Developers out on Long Island, the fashion capital of the world, plan to build a $2 billion resort, whose crown jewel will be a 35-story ski mountain. The resort, at Riverhead, which is 75 miles east of New York City (about an 18-hour drive on the LIE), isn’t expected to be open until 2013. Naturally, environmentalists oppose the… Read More

  • Trust me, I'm a start-up

    This is a guest post by David Cruickshank, co-founder of Business IT Online, the web-based suite of business software applications for small businesses. David blogs at Internet business. Many of the greatest challenges start-ups face involve trust. Earning it, growing it, rewarding it, avoiding the loss of it and recovering it when you fail. To succeed, we need to be trusted in key… Read More

  • CG Presents the Robotic Fish: The Best Thing You'll See All Day

    Here comes another robot fish from Japan. Starting today, toymaker Nakajima [JP] ships “Dynamic Fishing”, a toy kit that consists of an angling rod, a lure and a robotic fish. The set is Nippon-only, but If you are interested and live outside Japan, you can order it via Amazon Japan [JP/ENG] for $27 plus shipping. The fish is passably similar to a real bass, 22.5cm long and… Read More

  • July NPD numbers are here: Once again, PS3 outsells Xbox 360

    The July NPD numbers have come out, and the PS3 continued its fine June performance, once again topping the Xbox 360 in units sold. Sony sold 224,000 PS3s to Microsoft’s 204,000. Meanwhile, the Wii continues to be in a league of its own, with Nintendo selling 550,000 units. The DS tops them all, of course with 608,000 units sold. The industry as a whole made $1.1 billion in July. Read More

  • Microsoft now has a blog about Windows 7's development

    Microsoft has a blog about Windows 7 now. It’s called E7, and it’s aimed at people like us, people who scrutinize the development (or lack thereof) of Windows to the nth degree. It’s supposed to be a conversation, right, about how they’re making Windows 7. The blog will primarily be written by two senior project managers, along with occasional input from the rest of… Read More

  • T-Mobile Is Dreaming Of Android Riches. And It Might Have To Keep Dreaming.

    The long wait for the first Android phone should be over this fall, when T-Mobile is expected to release an HTC phone based on the Google-backed mobile operating system called the Dream. Following up on growing rumors online, the New York Times has confirmed that T-Mobile is hoping for a pre-holiday launch. (FCC approvals seem to be the last hurdle). The Dream is expected to have a… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Rat Brain Attack Edition

    Study: Wind power = nightmares, inner-ear disturbances – I say FUD
    This robot has a rat brain
    Memory foam neck pillow with built-in speakers
    Giro Sponge sops up plaque
    XBOX 360’s ‘Braid’ developer banking on game sales Read More

  • 10 Days of CrunchGear: Oh, Mama, is this really the Samson H2 Recorder?

    Do you need four mics? Do you need something that records to SD card? Is your dream to bootleg 311 shows up and down the Eastern Seaboard yet are unaware that the band is no longer really touring and their last hit was for an Adam Sandler vehicle? Well, the Samson H2 is for you. It’s a simple idea: provide brilliant stereo recording in an easy-to-use, ultra-portable device. Now everyone… Read More

  • Palm accidentally leaks shots of the Treo 850, now Treo Pro

    Every once in a while, someone at a handset company uploads somethings that just aren’t meant to be seen by the public yet. Sometimes, if we get reaaaaally lucky, someone else stumbles across these before they get taken down. Such is the case with the Treo Pro, previously seen in a leaked live image as the Treo 850. Forum member “Scottymomo” from WMExperts [Via… Read More

  • Palm accidentally leaks shots of the Treo 850, now Treo Pro

    Every once in a while, someone at a handset company uploads somethings that just aren’t meant to be seen by the public yet. Sometimes, if we get reaaaaally lucky, someone else stumbles across these before they get taken down. Such is the case with the Treo Pro, previously seen in a leaked live image as the Treo 850. Forum member “Scottymomo” from WMExperts [Via… Read More

  • William Shatner's Message to Mike Arrington

    Confirmed: William Shatner Loves TechCrunch

    On May 15 I ordered a personalized autograph on LiveAutographs.com from William Shatner. For $149 I was promised a signed photo with the message “I Love TechCrunch” along with a video recording of the autograph. Today I received an email notification that my autograph will be shipped within 48 hours, and the video above. It took three months, but they came through for me. So… Read More

  • Intel tick-tockin' for years to come

    Intel’s “tick-tock” process of alternating between shrinking the die and updating the microarchitecture has done them well so far, and apparently they see no obstacles to continuing it through 2012. Unfortunately, that’s when things go a bit pear-shaped and you start having to deal with quantum properties (10nm is edge-of-comprehension small) and doing drastic things… Read More

  • CrazyPC 5.25-inch bay toaster – seriously

    It’s only $29.99 (!!!) and CrazyPC has ’em in stock.  Fits in a standard 5.25 drive bay Toasts bread in just minutes (bread sold separately) Requires available USB port and 4 pin Molex power connector Attractive aluminum finish face plate Windows based software interface controls variables for time duration and heat intensity (Mac OS version coming soon!) Includes crumb tray… Read More

  • As Twitter withdraws SMS, startups rush to fill the void

    Assuming the founders of Twitter are listening, then they will have been be hearing about the outcry from users outside the US (just read these comments) after they completely cut off all outbound SMS services in the UK and chose not to replace them with premium rate SMS services – services which, surprise, surprise – millions of people in Europe already happily pay for. But no matter. Read More

  • Study: Wind power = nightmares, inner-ear disturbances – I say FUD

    I have to say, I’m pretty skeptical of this study. On the surface it seems pretty straightforward: most of the families who lived near wind farms had a similar (if vague) constellation of symptoms including sleep trouble, nightmares, migraines, and other generically scary stuff. Dr. Nina Pierpont suggests this is an effect of long-term exposure of the inner ear to low-frequency… Read More

  • Confirmed: AOL Acquires FriendFeed Competitor Socialthing

    We’ve received confirmation from AOL that the company has acquired Socialthing!, a lifestreaming service that competes with FriendFeed. We originally reported the deal on August 1. AOL says that the Socialthing! team will report to SVP of AOL and GM of People Networks David Liu, and will be incorporated into its People Networks division. Socialthing’s lifestreaming will be… Read More

  • Most popular posts for Thursday, August 14th

    Today’s Top Posts: 10 Days of CrunchGear: Get thee to the Wii-ery Logitech gobbling up Ultimate Ears Memory foam neck pillow with built-in speakers Another look at the HTC Touch Pro Panels for this year’s Blizzcon announced: Diablo, WoW as far as the eye can see CrunchDeals: Get a G4 iBook at a netbook-like price iPhone stylus handles dragging, SIM eject tool Lian Li producing… Read More

  • Got a couple million to spare? Buy a 64-terabyte solid state drive setup

    Remember the RAM-SAN 500, that flash RAID array that basically is the fastest thing on the earth right now? Well, if you’re a special effects artist or run a huge, high speed media database or something, you might need a little more space than they have available. So what do you do? You stack eight of them on top of one another and you run that thing as one hell of a high-speed… Read More

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