• Lenovo Announces Industry First, Wha?!

    Lenovo has announced an industry first with the ThinkVision L220x. The 22-inch widescreen WUXGA resolution monitor supports 1080p video, 178 degree horizontal and vertical wide viewing, 103 pixels per inch dot density for the blackest black you’ve ever seen. It also sports a 5-port USB hub (four out), VGA/DVI inputs HDCP support and a few other technological marvels, but it’ll set… Read More

  • TechCrunch 40 Day 1: Wrap Up

    As the party goes on in downtown San Francisco, a quick wrap up of the first day of the TechCrunch 40 Conference. We live blogged the whole event, and added some great pictures as well. I’ll clean up the typos tomorrow…or the day after. TechCrunch 40 Session 1: Search and Discovery. The first session in front of a crowd of around 1,000 people, all wielding laptops and… Read More

  • Dash Express: The Next Generation GPS

    All GPS units are the same, right? One would think that, but Dash certainly doesn’t think that’s the case. The Express is cut from a different cloth because it rocks Wi-Fi and as well as a 4.3-inch LCD screen, a larger battery, two dedicated touch screen buttons for calls and menus. What makes the Express even better is that it will send you an SMS and tell you to scoot based… Read More

  • Live from London: iPhone launch

    I’ll be attempting – Wi-Fi willing! – to live-blog the Apple iPhone launch in London on Tuesday morning. The full-blown live blog will be over at sister site CrunchGear (for the gadget obsessed) but it will also be reproduced here (on this post) for your entertainment, delectation and information. Tune in from 9.30am GMT… Read More

  • HD Format Wars: It's a Draw?

    According to Screen Digest the format war won’t be ending anytime in the near future. The argument they’ve put forward is quite compelling and makes a lot of sense. HD DVD could be the format of choice in Europe, but Blu-ray could own the US and Asia. There’s also the chance that studios backing one format could potentially lose $270 million in 2008. The upcoming holiday… Read More

  • Cubic Telecom: Roam If You Want To, Roam Around The World

    Cubic Telecom is a global MVNO that aims to lower those outrageous global roaming charges we all incur while traveling. The service combines a simple to use no frills handset that works over the GSM network or Wi-Fi and a MAXroamSIM card that stores your contacts and allows you to make calls to anyone that’s up to 80 percent cheaper than what you’re paying now. If you’re… Read More

  • Google Completes Office Triple Play With Presently

    Google has officially launched the missing piece in Google’s online office suite: Presently, a presentation product that competes directly with Microsoft PowerPoint. We’ve know it’s been coming for a long time, the PowerPoint competitor was first rumored in February then confirmed by Google CEO Eric Schmidt in April. More recently Google integrated PowerPoint viewing… Read More

  • Mashup Demo event for startups

    TechCrunch UK is backing a pitch-style event for startups in October called Mashup Demo. Mashup is a regular event in London looking at digital business, but this is their first ‘demo’ style event. It’ll be on the afternoon and evening of 2 October in London, presenting 15 companies who will each get a 5 minute slot. It costs £35 to attend, and £350 to be a demo company… Read More

  • MusicShake: March To Your Own Beat

    South Korean MusicShake is an online amateur music mixing service that was unveiled to the US at TechCrunch 40. I know Vince and Nicholas enjoy DJing and mixing their own music, but I don’t have the music background or know-how to cut beats or whatever it is they call it. MusicShake allows you to mix tracks and sound effects to use on your personal sites or as ringtones. If you’re… Read More

  • Viewdle Promo Video

    http://progressive.playstream.com/playstream/progressive/flashplayers/FLVPlayer.swf This is what the Viewdle guys were showing off during TC40. It all looks like some kind of crazy futuristic blockbuster thriller but it’s real and it works. Very cool tech. It basically lets you search inside of video. Say you’re looking for Brad Pitt. Viewdle will recognize faces within video and… Read More

  • iKan: Scan Your Groceries at Home

    I’ve seen a number of these “do your shopping from home” products over the last few years but iKan seemed to have some value. It’s a little white device that sits on your counter and connects to the network via Wi-Fi. The device has a barcode scanner that can scan almost any product — you could feasibly put this in your office as well and order pens and paper… Read More

  • Live Coverage from Apple Announcement in London Tomorrow

    TC writer Mike Butcher will be in London tomorrow liveblogging the Apple announcement as it happens. We will be using a new subdomain, live.crunchgear.com to livepost the news as it happens so check back early and often. It at 10am GMT, 2am PDT (Cali), 5am (New York) EDT, but we’ll be here, slaving away for you all. Read More

  • TripIt: Put All Your Trip Stuff Into One Place

    Cool little thing from TC40. There’s a new site, TripIt, that adds bookings to one central location. For example, you make multiple reservations for a trip — flights, car rentals, hotel reservations — and send them to TripIt. TripIt puts them onto one easily readable page and adds basic information like directions, weather, and special events. You can also send your streams… Read More

  • Facebook, Accel and Founders Fund Launch fbFund; To Give Grants To Facebook App Startups

    During his keynote conversation with Michael Arrington this afternoon at the TechCrunch40 conference, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that the company will be launching a new entity called fbFund with Accel and Founders Fund. The size of the fund will be $10 million (coming from Accel and Founders Fund) with anywhere between $25 to $250 thousand in grants available for… Read More

  • Admish: One Stop Shopping For Colleges

    We should have included this in our Back To School roundup, but Admish just launched today. What can you do? Anyhoo, I’m sure a lot of you, readers, have kids in HS or know someone that has a kid in HS. Preparing yourself for college is never an easy task. I had no idea what I wanted to study and my counselor was a complete twit. It’s hard to pick a school anyway you look at it… Read More

  • TC40 Keynote Conversation: Mark Zuckerberg

    Our live blogging coverage of the Keynote Conversation with Mark Zuckerberg: The boss (Michael Arrington) comes on stage to introduce Mark Zuckerberg. The conference space is packed: no matter what your views on Facebook, very few could argue that Zuckerberg has done simply amazing things, particularly for someone still so young. Huge round of applause as Michael hands over to… Read More

  • College Students Use Plenty Of Technology, Albeit Selectively

    College kids use technology. A lot of it. Back to school, hooray! Read More

  • Ponoko: A Funny Word That Will Make Your Dreams Come True

    Don’t ask me what Ponoko is, was, or isn’t, but I signed up to be a Beta user. Actually, I do know what it is, so I guess I’m obligated to tell you. The clip I posted to the right pretty much sums it up. Let’s say you have a great idea, but you have no means of producing it or making a prototype. Well, with Ponoko you send in said idea and they make it for you or make… Read More

  • TechCrunch 40 Session 4: Crowd Sourcing

    Session four as follows, including our live notes. Cake Financial Cake Financial is a social investment service that lets people track all their investment portfolios in one place. The service allows individual investors to track and analyze their historical performance up to ten years. Users can also view the real-time portfolios and performances of their friends, family and top investors… Read More

  • SiSi Technology Turns Speech Into Avatarian Sign Language

    You may have noticed, but I’m generally more pro technology that helps people than pro technology for technology’s sake (megahertz races, megapixel races, console wars, etc.). “Say it, sign it” helps people, I’m happy to say. Developed in the UK, it’s a technology—with a very Second Life-looking on-screen avatar—that interprets spoken English… Read More

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