• The Dark Knight Blu-ray Limited Edition 2-disc set comes with a Bat Pod

    The regular Blu-ray edition of The Dark Knight is selling for $25 while the LE is fetching a hefty $65, but it does get you that badass Bat Pod. TheHDRoom via Giz Read More

  • Transformers theme park coming soon

    According to ENI, Universal Studios have struck a deal with Hasbro and Dreamworks to bring those cuddly killing machines known as Transformers to the Hollywood-based Universal theme park in 2011. You’ll be even more surprised to know that the Universal theme park in Singapore will be getting it a full year before us. It was, after all, introduced in Asia long before the US, but… Read More

  • Weblogs, Inc. Three Years Later: Impressive Page View And Revenue Growth

    Earlier this month News Corp. celebrated the three year anniversary of the acquisition of MySpace. Today, AOL does the same for the Weblogs, Inc. blog network they acquired in October 2005. Since the acquisition, AOL says, the Weblogs, Inc. blogs (which include Engadget, TMZ, Download Squad, TUAW, Joystiq, Autoblog and others) have seen worldwide unique visitors climb nearly 1000% (122%… Read More

  • Apple: No 9600M GT capabilities for you!

    Back when we announced ahead of time that Apple was switching to an NVIDIA chipset, you might have taken a look at what was then already suspected of being the new laptops’ GPU. Notice if it promises anything the MacBook Pro doesn’t have? Like say some major selling points like Hybrid SLI and on-the-fly switching between the two GPUs? That’s funny; other laptops can do it!

    Read More

  • BMW car keys could soon double as your credit card

    BMW and NXP are set to demo a prototype key at the CARTES & IDentification show in Paris next month that will double as your credit card. While the concept is nothing new with the advent of those fancy little key fobs that let you pay for items with a simple swipe. We have something like that in NYC for the subways with one of the banks. It’s nice to know the automotive industry… Read More

  • Honda's motorcycle safety system being demoed in Germany

    Honda is demoing a GPS-based warning system to help keep motorcycle riders safe from cars at the Car 2 Car Communication Consortium event in Germany today. The system built by Honda works with 8 other vehicle manufacturers that relay messages between motorcycles and cars with information like direction and position. Said information will be fed to riders through a HUD and in-helmet audio. Read More

  • Sony updates their digital photo frame lineup with the D80, D100

    The PDN PhotoPlus Expo is set to begin tomorrow in NYC and tonight Sony jumped the gun with the announcement of two digital photo frames. The D10 (10-inch) and D8 (8-inch) frames have 800×600 resolution LCDs with a 4:3 aspect ratio. Each display is capable of exhibiting images that are up to 48 megapixels or 100MB and each frame has 200MB of on-board storage. You can transfer images over… Read More

  • MySpace Music Signs IODA, Gains 6,000 Indie Labels And 50,000 Artists

    MySpace Music continues to sign key music deals – today they announced the addition of the no. 2 independent music aggregator, IODA, to the platform. Orchard, the no. 1 indie aggregator, has been on board since the launch. IODA brings music from 6,000 labels and 50,000 indie artists like Cake, Billie Holliday, Ray Charles, The Stills, Tokyo Police Club and Broken Social Scene. MySpace… Read More

  • LinkedIn Announces $22.7 Million Infusion From SAP, Goldman Sachs, and McGraw Hill

    Business networking startup LinkedIn is announcing today that it has raised another $22.7 million, on top of the $53 million D round it closed last June at a $1 billion valuation. The new round is a follow-on to the series D at the same valuation, bringing on strategic investors SAP, Goldman Sachs, and McGraw Hill. Existing investor Bessemer Venture Partners also participated. This brings… Read More

  • The Hoff aka David Hasselhoff is coming to a PlayStation near you

    http://static.ning.com/daivdhasselhoff/widgets/video/flvplayer/flvplayer.swf?v=3.7.3%3A10395 Please put the Hoff out of his misery in Pain on November 6th! via PlayStation Blog Read More

  • LiveRail Lets iPhone Developers Put Commercials In Apps, Get Paid

    Since the launch of Apple’s App Store, developers have faced an ongoing dillema: “For Free, or Not For Free”? Putting a price on an application to generate some revenue obviously adds a significant barrier to entry, especially when there are so many free apps available. But it also adds a level of credibility – many people assume that because free apps… Read More

  • All-electric concept Porsche-alike: the E-Ruf

    I suppose everybody’s doing it. It’s actually strange that Porsche hasn’t net; the eventual replacement of the internal combustion engine is all but certain, and they’ve spent enough time designing the other parts of the car to not feel so bad in replacing one (albeit major) component. In the meantime, they’ll just be lending a chassis to the Ruf effort to make… Read More

  • Don't Hold Your Breath For The Facebook Android App

    The bad blood between Facebook and Google may go deeper than anyone has really realized to date. The spat became public earlier this year when Facebook banned Google’s Friend Connect, theoretically over security issues (but really over competitive issues). The source of the feud: Facebook chose Microsoft as their ad partner and investor a year ago; Google had already put their money… Read More

  • Email From Jason Calacanis: How To Handle Layoffs

    In his latest email newsletter, Mahalo CEO Jason Calacanis discusses “How To Handle Layoffs.” It is a topic he knows too well, having had to go through a layoff of 10 percent of his staff earlier today. After repeating the text of his blog post announcing the layoffs, he offers some advice for other entrepreneurs on how to do it right. The email newsletter is reprinted below in… Read More

  • Android Video Reviews from AppVee

    The team behind AppVee, a directory of video demos for iPhone applications, has launched a new site called Android Apps that – you guessed it – provides video demos for Android applications. They just finished creating their first batch of these Android demos now that the T-Mobile G1 has hit the shelves. And they’ve sent us ten of them (most of which overlap with… Read More

  • Fast: New Japanese Maglev trains to travel some 500 km/h

    Current Japanese “bullet trains” can travel at an average speed of 300 km/h (188 mph). Recent proposals could mean that we’ll be looking at trains with average speeds of 500 km/h (310 mph). That’s approaching commercial airline speeds. The trains would run between Tokyo and Nagoya and would cost somewhere in the neighborhood of ¥5.1 trillion ($51.3 billion) to… Read More

  • Details on Dexter game for the iPhone

    I have no idea what the heck Marc Ecko is doing pimping video games, but I cannot wait for Dexter to come out for the iPhone. It is, after all, one of the best TV shows out at the moment. Icarus Studios will be developing the “investigative” game that will require you to do some CSI-style work and then decide whether or not you will be hacking the victim or taking them to court. To… Read More

  • Floppy disk gift tags for tagging your boxes of gift floppies

    I really love these things. Floppy disk labels were great. It was an amazing feeling to peel one off and place it on a fresh disk and then write “Leisure Suit Larry Disk 1” or whatever on it. These gift tags allow you to relive that joy whenever you give a gift to your loved ones. They’ll be thrilled to remember just how nerdy you are. $5.50 on Etsy. via TechNaBob Read More

  • Wow, colleges are spending a lot of money to combat P2P

    How much does it cost to monitor college students’ anti-American P2P activities? A whole lot, and that’s money colleges could be spending on, I don’t know, education. This chart breaks down the cost of complying with, specifically, the new provisions of the Higher Education Act of 2008. That law, which the RIAA and MPAA were able to lobby their way into, requires colleges try… Read More

  • The Examiner.com Now Wants to Become A Bastion Of Citizen Journalism

    The Examiner.com is not what it appears to be. It is not the online outlet for the Examiner newspapers (the San Francisco Examiner,Baltimore Examiner, and Washington, D.C. Examiner) owned by billionaire Philip Anschutz. It is, however, owned by the same Anschutz-backed company that owns those newspapers, the Clarity Media Group in Denver. That’s how it got the URL. But the… Read More

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