• Mario Kart Wii: Steering wheel just OK?

    Only so-so? Spring is right around the corner, and with it Mario Kart Wii, the latest version of Nintendo’s seminal racer. Nintendo let IGN play with it for a minute (actually, under an hour, I only used “minute” to sound worldly); IGN liked the game. The Wii steering wheel, eh, that took some getting used to. First, the game itself. Read More

  • MP3 player for infants: Just what growing brains need

    Shake the baby — with block-rockin’ beats! The SweetPea3 is an MP3 player with 256MB of memory designed for kids 0 to 8 years old. It is a “robust” music player that is clad in pink or blue “food grade” rubber and lasts about 40 hours on one AA battery. It also comes with music and stories from Susie Tallman and Jim Weiss. I don’t know why you… Read More

  • Hitachi creates UTHDTVs with wireless HDMI-compatible video

    [photopress:HITACHI.jpg,full,center] Not only is Hitachi using Tzero’s Ultra Wideband tech to make it’s new ultra thing HDTVs capable of playing HD video wirelessly, it’s also creating a new acronym it wants us all to use. UT, which stands for Ultra Thin, is being added as a prefix to HDTV, which we are now to call UTHDTVs. Great! Anyway, the technology more or less acts like… Read More

  • The UK is now crucial to Google's revenues

    Now that Google is probably pulling down more ad revenue than ITV, the biggest TV network in Britain, it looks like it is the the UK’s single largest advertising channel, posits Seamus McCauley (via). The “10k” document Google filed with the SEC at the weekend showed: – Google £1.28 billion revenue from the UK in 2007 (2006: £814 million; 2005: £446 million) –… Read More

  • Intel offers up eight cores for gamers, video editors

    How many cores does a processor need before it’s officially overkill? Not eight, according to Intel. Here comes the “Skulltrail” platform, “for those who crave more performance than what four processing cores and a single graphics card can deliver today…” Skulltrail was actually the codename for the new platform, which has now taken on the much more… Read More

  • SGN Starts to Look Like a "Real Company." Adds Jetman To Its Gaming Platform, About to Raise $10 Million

    (Update: SGN raised $15 million on May 13, 2008). It was only last week that the Social Gaming Network (SGN) and Zynga announced their respective developer platforms for games on Facebook and other social networks. I said the game is on between these two companies to win the hearts and minds of social gaming developers. The folks at Zynga took exception to this characterization. If you… Read More

  • Video: Street Fighter IV in high-def looks mighty fine

    http://www.dailymotion.com/swf/x4dqrn Street Fighter fans owe Akihabara News today. Their coverage of some arcade trade show thing over in Japan has resulted in a high-def gameplay video (you may have to go to Aki to see the high-def version, I’m not sure how the embed code works) and more than 20 photos of IV. The video more than speaks for itself, so rather than re-hash what… Read More

  • Universal goes Blu, too

    [photopress:uniblu.jpg,full,center] Isn’t this a moot issue already? Universal said today that it, too, is going the Blu-ray-only route. In so many words: While Universal values the close partnership we have shared with Toshiba, it is time to turn our focus to releasing new and catalog titles on Blu-ray Moot because Toshiba had said earlier today that it was pulling out of the HD DVD… Read More

  • TrialPay Taps Europe For Big Second Round Of Financing

    San Francisco based TrialPay will announce a $12.7 million second round of financing tomorrow, which brings them to $15.8 million raised in total. They tapped European money for the round, bringing in London based Atomico, as well as previous investors Index Ventures, Baseline Ventures and Battery Ventures. The service provides users with an alternative payment method at 3,000 or so… Read More

  • T-Mobile to offer unlimited voice/text plan for $100

    This is starting to get a little silly. Once reports of Verizon Wireless’ unlimited voice plan hit the Web last week, all the other carriers have followed suit issuing their own releases for unlimited voice plans. This morning we were informed of AT&T’s switch and now T-Mobile is announcing an unlimited text and voice plan for $99.99. The new plan is set to begin on February… Read More

  • Woman divorces husband over World of Warcraft addiction

    Flickr’d Some boring woman is divorcing her husband in California because she says he spends too much time playing World of Warcraft, ignoring her in the process. Boo-hoo lady, that man is having the time of his life either raiding or getting wicked PVP gear. What do you want him to do, sit down, after his long day at work and watch Lipstick… Read More

  • How To Get Your Job Listings On TechCrunch For Free

    There are basically two ways to get your job listings highlighted on TechCrunch: shell out $200 for a listing on CrunchBoard, or write a blog post talking about how you read TechCrunch in the bathroom. Either option is fine by us. More than twenty new jobs have been posted to Crunchboard in the last week. Here are a few highlights: Business Development Manager, MySpace
    Ruby on Rails… Read More

  • New BitTorrent feature to nullify Comcast's traffic shaping

    [photopress:btfightsbck.jpg,full,right] BitTorrent users were never likely to take Comcast’s measures lying down. Developers of various BitTorrent applications are working on a mechanism that will defeat (or hopes to defeat) Comcast’s packet interruptions. When Comcast users begin to seed, Comcast injects an RST flag that kill the upload. So Comcast users can download (from… Read More

  • He said, she said: Consumerist vs. Monster Cable — Fight!

    [photopress:24121.jpg,full,left]So the Consumerist published a post about how Monster Cables are overpriced and unnecessary, and don’t really add that much, if anything, to the listening experience. So Monster wrote back, drafting a letter detailing that it’s the retailers who set the very high prices, not Monster. Sadly, Monster doesn’t do any damage to the (true) claim that… Read More

  • TI's DLP picoprojectors are real and have started production

    [photopress:ti_pico_dlp.jpg,full,center] Remember those microprojector chips TI was working on? The ones that could potentially implant tiny DLP picoprojectors into mobile phones? They’ve entered production and should “hit the street”, as we bloggers say, sometime in the middle of this year. That means they might — just might — make it into production models in… Read More

  • MirrorPilot: Like a pilot in your mirror but a digital GPS pilot, not an airline pilot hiding in your back seat

    I have seen the future and her name is MirrorPilot. Sure, you’d think that her name would be some sort of amalgamation of the word “future” like Futura, Futurosa, or Futurama, but it’s just MirrorPilot. The MirrorPilot will be announced at CeBit in Germany early next month. It’s basically a replacement rearview mirror with integrated GPS features and a little… Read More

  • Fujitsu-Siemens debuts new home servers called Scaleo

    [photopress:gallery_47_10_14684.jpg,full,left]This is the Scaleo. While is sounds like a derogatory term for an emotionless ex it’s really a home server, coming in two configurations, a 500GB model with 3 open drive bays and a 2x500GB model with 2 open drive bays, called the 1500 and 1900 respectively. They both share Celeron processors, 512MB DDR2 RAM, 256MB for flash storage (likely… Read More

  • LG: I can't quit you, HD DVD

    Kick ass cover by Willie, BTW LG will not give up on selling hybrid players says UK’s pocket-lint, following in the footsteps of folks like Samsung. Expect more of these “announcements” to come out in the next few days as HD DVD backers scramble to retool their factories to produce hybrid or Blu-Ray only players. “With the recent announcement from Toshiba, Blu-Ray… Read More

  • Ergonomic $30 mouse looks like heaven on a desk

    Oh man, my poor brittle RSI-ravaged wrists feel better just looking at this mouse. I can’t wait until this time next month when I’ll undoubtedly have one of these $30 “Wow-Pen Joy” mice sitting atop my desk when they hit American soil. It appears to function just like a regular mouse except that it’s gigantic and lopsided so as to keep my claw-like hand in a… Read More

  • Phosphor E-Ink Watch review

    After years of suffering, watch geeks are finally getting products dedicated to their quirky and specific tastes. Sure, any oldster can sport a gold Rolex, but what is an Emo kid with a gadget fetish to wear? A Swatch? Companies like Tokyoflash and Nooka have filled that techno-void with watches that are both high-tech and cool looking. Now… Read More

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