• Seero helps McQueens fan destroy their mustangs

    Got a spare Mustang laying around? Wanna tear up San Fran, Bullitt style? Seero.com will help. The site plays back the film in one window, while tracking McQueens iconic route via Google Maps in another. Keep in mind, the producers used two heavily modified 390 CID V8 Mustangs to jump those hills so your ‘stang might not survive the run. Plus, one of those cars were scraped after… Read More

  • Attack of the 50 foot Roundup of Solid-State Drives

    The guys from Tom’s Hardware have a lot of time and solid-state drives on their hands. They compiled a list of 14 SSDs and compared them. In the end, they feel (just like I do), that SSD isn’t really the best choice right now. The technology is still too new and expensive, so the benefits do not justify the cost — yet. If you’re dying to know and really don’t want… Read More

  • 3Jam Offers Refuge For Abandoned Twitter Users

    Last week Twitter announced that it had disabled outbound SMS updates for nearly all of its international users because it has been unable to negotiate favorable deals with cellular carriers. Up until this point, Twitter has allowed users to receive incoming SMS messages free of charge, footing a bill that it says amounted to up to $1000 per user, per year. The service will continue operating… Read More

  • Review: Audio Technica ATH-ANC3 QuietPoint noise-canceling in-ear headphones

    The ATH-ANC3 noise-canceling headphones from Audio Technica feature make for great travel companions thanks to active noise cancellation, which basically entails using built-in microphones to take an audio sample of surrounding ambient noise and then creating the exact opposite noise to cancel the ambient noise out. Sound amazing? It is! So how well does it work on such a tiny pair of headphones? Read More

  • Most popular posts for Monday, August 18th

    Today’s Top Posts: 10 Days of CrunchGear: The Iceman Processeth Denon working with NBC for ’08 Olympics Old watch-like navigation gadget from 1920 Wearable, Tron-ish motorcycle concept, looks nice and safe BlackBerry to kill itself with virtual keyboard? Business ultraportables coming from HP next month Amazing Olympic scenes – this time with playing cards Thirty Helens… Read More

  • Braid Papercraft brings your gaming to life

    True Braid fanboys are going to have a little Tim papercraft on their cubicle by the end of the day. David Hellman via Kotaku Read More

  • The Office of the UK Prime Minister owns the interwebs

    In case you were wondering, Number 10, the UK Prime Minister’s website uses a WordPress theme called Networker. A WordPress theme, they decided to take credit for. Or at least, not give credit as to where they got it. The theme was designed by Anthony Baggett and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License. In contrast, we here at CrunchGear are using a… Read More

  • 10 Days of CrunchGear: Noki-it!

    This, my friend? It’s a Nokia BH-703. You like? I give you nice price. How much? Free! I could never part with it for that! # Enhanced audio quality
    # Digital signal processing (DSP)
    # Three earplug sizes
    # Touch sensitive volume control
    # One multifunctional button
    # Fast charging How do you win? Read More

  • Yahoo Buzz Opens Doors To Everyone

    Buzz, Yahoo’s Digg-like effort to leverage reader gestures and third party content in determining the most popular news, removes it’s barriers to entry tonight. Until now only a hundred or so invited publishers could post news to Buzz. This was a big plug – Yahoo pushes a few Yahoo Buzz stories to their home page every day, resulting in huge, server-melting traffic surges to… Read More

  • Take-Two (finally) makes EA do a re-do

    EA has been after Take-Two since late last year. The process went public in February with Take Two letting EA’s offer expire five times. Now, EA has finally given up on its attempts to acquire Take Two at around $25-26 per share. The deal would have been worth around $2 billion, however Take Two has held fast that the offer was too low. It looks like EA is finally going to listen and take… Read More

  • Zazzle pushes out custom kicks

    I come here today to present to you the fruition of years of labor. Between research, design, eating snacks, and playing video games, countless man hours were spent on what I am about to unveil. It is with much pride that I present to you: The P. Has. Okay. So it wasn’t really countless man hours. It was more like 15 man minutes. I just grabbed a picture of Peter Ha and stuck it… Read More

  • iPhone software updated to version 2.0.2

    Hurray! It’s bug fix Easter egg time! Apple has pushed a minor software update (2.0.2) to the iPhone, citing only “bug fixes” in the release notes. If you’ve got an inquisitive itch, go pop open iTunes and get’cho update on. Let us know if you spot anything. Personally, I’ll be waiting until word comes ’round that jailbreaking is working unless Apple… Read More

  • Take it Easy on Dell

    Dell‘s controversial attempt to claim ownership of the coinage “cloud computing” has officially been denied. The request was rejected by the US Patent and Trade Office on the basis that the term was “generic” and “therefore incapable of functioning as a source-identifier for applicant’s services.” This makes a strong case against… Read More

  • SF Chronicle wardrives all over Bay Area, puts up results

    Wardriving is not nearly so exciting as it used to be, what with half the city blanketed in unsecured wi-fi, but the San Francisco Chronicle wanted to test it out anyway. It’s controversial, but only among technophobes; everyone else knows that having an unsecured network is like leaving your front door swinging on its hinge and you pay the consequences if you’re dumb enough to do so. Read More

  • Android SDK v.9 Image Gallery

    Wanna see Android v.9 in all of its not-quite-final glory, but don’t feel like downloading the big ol’ SDK? Check out our screen shot gallery after the jump. Read More

  • Special Citizen Review requests

    Hey, winners: we’d love it if you could post citizen reviews of the gear you got at BFF. We built that site for you guys to share your opinions with us and it’ll be great to get lots of feedback from you all. Read More

  • Android SDK v.9 released, along with '08 Developer Roadmap

    We’ve got good news, and we’ve got bad news. The good news: After a five month stretch without a publicly available update to the Android SDK, Google has finally pushed a new release. They’ve also released a Developer Roadmap for the rest of ’08 which, amongst other things, re-re-re-confirms that device(s?) are on the way for Q4 ’08. The bad news: Android 1.0 will… Read More

  • DTV Transition now less than six months away

    Americans are now less than six months away from the analog to digital transition. Barring any legislative roadblocks, February 17th, 2009 should be the last day of analog broadcasts. Some stations might have an extra two weeks due to the NAB quite period but don’t count on your station staying lit. We just don’t want to see anyone lose their television signals because of… Read More

  • WineGong – Might be your next doorbell

      Is this doorbell classy or nerdy? We can’t decide. Part of us digs the natural material and wine glasses, but then, it is a DIY project that involves gong’n two flutes all controled by a homebuilt circuit board.  The setup is quite easy: – The two glasses (Butlers) are srewed to a wooden board (OBI)
    – The servo (Conrad) is attached to the board via angle brackets… Read More

  • RED files infringement lawsuit against LG for "Scarlet" usage

    When I heard about LG’s “Scarlet” line of HDTVs and its misleading ad campaign, the first thing I thought of was the real Scarlet and then “Is RED going to sue these mothers or what?” And so, four months later, they have. A post at the RED forums by Jim Jannard reveals that the legal gears are turning in Orange County and they’re going to be doing a little… Read More

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