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Apple Gets A Mapmaker. Where Does That Leave Google?

<img src="" width="215" height="175" />In case you haven't had enough <a href="

Verizon announces the Razzle, endless puns ensue

When we first got word that Verizon would be announcing the Razzle today, a handful of potential posts popped into our brain almost instantly. Thing is, when it comes that easy for us, it came that ea

Verizon debuts the HTC Imagio, their first smartphone with V CAST TV

Aaaand the rumor mill nails it again. Confirming rumors from a few weeks back, Verizon has just announced that their big, beautiful Windows Mobile 6.5 handset, the HTC Imagio, will be launching on the

Verizon announces Nokia 2705 Shade flip phone

Think what you will, but we’re big believers in “keeping it real” ’round these parts. While we swoon whenever a new smart phone hits the scene, the vast majority are still stuc

Holographic storage rears its head again: Blu-ray-compatible 500GB discs?

<img src="">We hear about holographic storage time and again, but look around — do you see any holographic drive arrays around you? D

Nokia Booklet 3G to be a Best Buy exclusive in the U.S.

While we’re still in the dark as to when it’ll launch or how much damage it’ll do to our wallets, we just got word of where future owners will be picking up their new Nokia-made netb

Twitter's Geolocation API Appears To Be Live. But Most Of You Are Lost.

<img src="" width="133" height="200" /> I noticed something interesting tonight. In the new build of <a href="http://www.beta.techc

Tabletop gaming hits the silver screen

Anyone who plays Warhammer 40K knows how much work goes into your army. The modeling, the filing, the painting, on and on and on. Then you send hours compiling your army list, carefully pack the Emper

A gullwing hybrid from Subaru? Let this be true

<img src="" />We try not to cover too many concept cars and devices, but sometimes it's just too compelling. I'v

OpenCandy Suggests Apps You Might Actually Want During Installs, Lands NitroPDF

<a href=""><img src="" width="215" height="54" /></a>Ah, the Windows install process. Long associated

BumpTop Goes Multi-Touch. Um, Awesome.

<img src="" width="215" height="187" />What if the desktop on your computer was just like your actual de

Make your own Street View rig for fun and profit

<img src="" />If you suddenly find yourself with $300 to burn, an old laptop, and too much time on your hands this weekend, I might sugg

Bojam Launches Web-Based Collaborative Sound Studio

<img src="" width="215" height="122" /> One of last year's <a href="

DTV box sales "plummet" – surpise, surprise

<img src="">Remember the big technology story of the first half of the year? Analog signals were suppose to be shut-off on February 17,

Reader Survey: What Makes You Tick?

<img src="" width="197" height="200" /> Top technology advertisers are finally catching on to the fact that we are kind of obse

TENQA rolls out three new Bluetooth audio devices

<img src="" />Bluetooth is a really versatile technology, and despite the fact that it has been out for years, we're still seeing new

The Qualcomm FLO TV retail box leaks out, launch imminent?

<img src="">The Qualcomm FLO TV is slowly taking shape. First we saw <a href="

Failblog, Engadget, and Joystiq Now Selling Video Ads Through Viddler AdWorks

<img src="" width="183" height="101" /> Did you know that <a href="">Failb

Twitter's New 'Lists' Feature Finally Introduces Grouping, Offers An Alternative To The SUL

<img src="" width="215" height="146" /> Twitter has just <a href=""

Greenpeace hates Apple, HP a little bit less today

<img src="" />Like many of you, my knowledge of Greenpeace begins and ends with that one Seinfeld episode, the one where the NBC exec
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