• A USB flash drive sealed with wax

    There is something classy and timeless about a wax seal. This porcelain and silicone USB drive brings it back into style. Now, we just all need to wear a signet ring with our Twitter pic as a seal. Read More

  • World Of Warcraft Still Suspended In China Indefinitely

    Blizzard’s World Of Warcraft appears to be down indefinitely in China, which is one of WoW’s largest user bases. Blizzard recently changed the company that was operating WoW for them in China from The9 to NetEase. WoW was supposed to be up and running by the end of June. Apparently the transition hasn’t gone so well because WoW isn’t up in China and it appears that there… Read More

  • AllenPort Supports the "Hybrid" SaaS Model

    Software as a service (SaaS) is all the hype these days as tough economic times demand leaner and meaner software solutions within the enterprise. Gartner research has predicted that revenues from SaaS will reach $8 billion is 2009, a 21.9% increase from revenues in 2008. However, despite the promising implications of SaaS in the enterprise, AllenPort feels that the all web-based approach is… Read More

  • Madden NFL 10 downloadable demos coming soon

    Proving that it’s never too early to start thinking of the upcoming football season, two demos for Madden NFL 10 will be rolling out next week and the week after. Read More

  • Random Microsoft patent could portend ‘first Natal shooter’

    Patents, patents as far as the eye can see. Today’s is from Microsoft, a small start-up based in Redmond, Washington. It shows some sort of camera system for third-person shooters, something that CVG is already rumor-calling it “Natal’s first shooter.” Read More

  • Justin.tv Redesigns To Make Broadcasting Easier And Chat More Obvious

    There’s a lot of live video streaming competition out there right now, but Justin.tv remains the biggest. And it’s looking to hold that lead with a redesign launching today, along with some new features. The new site has an overall cleaner and simplified look. And simplification is the key to another big change: The addition of big front page broadcaster. When you first load up… Read More

  • Quick.tv launches out of private beta with clickable video

    Earlier this month Joost set down its arms in the race to beat YouTube, Hulu and others to become the predominant consumer online video giant. It fixed its sights instead on providing white label video platforms for companies. However, there is of course already plenty of competition. Brightcove is a long, well known player and Magnify is growing its white label service. Ooyala recently… Read More

  • eMachines all-in-one priced to move at $399

    eMachines comes out swinging with the EZ1601-01 all-in-one PC. The “EZ” stands for “easy on the wallet” — I should have been in advertising — as the machine is priced at just $399. Read More

  • Socialtext Microblogging Appliance is Twitter in a box

    As if the world needed more microblogging services we present the Socialtext Microbloggin Appliance, a rack server that basically builds out social networking and microblogging applications instantly inside an Intranet. Instead of relying on outside services like Yammer, Facebook, and AdultFriendFinder, your employees can tweet or whatever you want to call it all from the comfort of your… Read More

  • Pandora teams up with record labels: Wants regular radio to pay music fees too

    The enemy of my enemy, right? Pandora, the Internet darling that lets users stream music for a newly nominal fee, has teamed up with record labels to get Congress to pass a law that would require regular radio stations pay the same music rights fee as that it has to pay. The labels want regular radio to pay up to help offset the losses connected with the industry’s transition from a… Read More

  • My God, Scoble, Did You Think We Wouldn't See These?

    What happens in London when a group of American blogger types heads over to geek out? They get drunk, put on wigs and get friendly with the locals, apparently. Former Guardian columnist Paul Carr (@paulcarr) sends us links to a disturbing group of photographs, likely taken about five minutes apart. What was Scoble, the poster boy for RackSpace’s new Building 43 project… Read More

  • LendingTree Wants To Be Your Financial Advisor And Your Mortgage Marketplace

    The online mortgage industry is chock full of online platforms that match buyers and lenders. Although lending has slowed and credit is tight, sites like LendingTree, Bankrate, SmartHippo and other sites still provide a valuable marketplace for finding mortgages for those who still qualify. LendingTree, which was spun off from parent company IAC in 2007, is overhauling its site to offer more… Read More

  • Finally: Time-release caffeine capsules

    If you find that the arduous task of keeping yourself sufficiently caffeinated all day long has gotten to be too much for you to handle, help is in sight. ThinkGeek is now selling “Time Release Caffeine Capsules” — each of which slowly dole out 200 milligrams of caffeine over the course of an eight hour day. Read More

  • Federated Media Teams With Bing For BingTweets. It's Exactly What It Sounds Like.

    Bing certainly isn’t wasting any time in showing off how much it loves Twitter. The search engine has just launched BingTweets, a new site created in tandem with Federated Media that combines Twitter Search results with Bing Search. The hybrid allows users to browse through Bing while they see a stream of real-time results fly by, which could be particularly useful for researching… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: 2TB Acer easyStore WHS for $399

    Quick, you wanna buy this Acer easyStore before the deal expires. Newegg is throwing in an extra 1TB drive for the price of nothing. That means you get a 2TB WHS for only $399. Awesome! Read More

  • New Guitar Hero controller gets delicate refinements

    Guitar Hero 5 will launch in September and with it, a slightly new and slightly-improved Guitar controller featuring, among other changes, an all-digital slider and colored dots along the neck of the Guitar which ought to make it easier to glance down and see where your fingers are. Read More

  • Pre-order Battlestar Galactica Blu-ray set on Amazon for $219

    It’s going to take a serious BSG fan to spend $219 on the complete Blu-ray set, but something tells me there are a bunch of you out there. That gets you the complete series, all the extra features, the web episodes and Capica spread over 20 Blu-ray discs. But is Battlestar Galactica worth $219? Serious. I’m asking. Read More

  • Cheat Sheet For GOOG's Second Quarter Earnings Later This Week

    Google is scheduled to announce second quarter earnings on Thursday afternoon, and Citi analyst Mark Mahaney just sent out the handy cheat sheet above showing consensus estimates, as well as his own. The Street is looking for $4.05 billion in net revenues, Mahaney is predicting $3.97 billion. Anything above $4.05 billion would be viewed as positive, and anything below Mahaney’s… Read More

  • MPAA will hound isoHunt founder till the End of Days

    You wouldn’t want to be isoHunt founder Gary Fung these days. He’s currently facing an MPAA lawsuit that could well result in fines in the millions of dollars. (TorrentSpy was ordered to cough up $100 million last year.) And even if Mr. Fung doesn’t have that kind of money, and he doesn’t, the MPAA is prepared to pursue any judgment “for the rest of his… Read More

  • 3,700 Tweets And 480,000 Characters Later, There Will Be An Original Novel On Twitter

    Who says 140 characters isn’t enough to say something constructive? Matt Stewart is writing an entire novel that way. Yes, Stewart is publishing his entire 480,000 character book at 130 characters at a time (to leave room for hashtags and links) on Twitter. To be clear, the book, called The French Revolution (being released today, appropriately on Bastille Day), is already written. Read More

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