• Bloops! Motorola loses $3.6 billion

    Motorola lost $3.6 billion last quarter with revnue of $7.14 billion, 26 percent down from the same time last year. The biggest decline was in mobile phones with a 51 percent decline in revenue. Read More

  • Room for one more? LG Arena touch screen phone image leaked

    Move over FADs (“for a day”), it’s time for FAFYs (“for a few years”). Thanks to Apple’s lead, touch screen mobile devices have just about consumed the entire mobile industry. Including a touch screen just for the hell of it is like putting lipstick on a hockey mom pig. On the other hand, more competition helps everything: prices drop and innovation… Read More

  • Eight unannounced Samsungs leak flood prior to Mobile World Congress

    Yikes – between yesterday’s leak that Samsung might be debuting as 12-megapixel camera phone at MWC and this leak of what likely makes up a huge chunk of their remaining MWC announcements, someone at Samsung needs to be clued in a tried and true slogan: “Loose lips sink ships.” Actually, wait – wrong one. “Loose lips make my job easier”. That’s… Read More

  • Dell Starts Offering Exclusive Discounts Through Twitter

    Dell’s Twitter experiment seems to be working. After making $1 million during the holidays by alerting Twitter followers to sale items, Dell is now offering discounts exclusively to the 11,844 people who follow @DellOutlet. For instance, here is a Tweet with a link to a 30-percent-off deal on an XPS laptop. The new marketing program was, of course, announced on Twitter, as well as on… Read More

  • iPhone app helps reduce stuttering

    Researchers at the Hollins Communications Research Institute have created an iPhone app that helps treat speech impediment disorders. As a former stutterer – I wasn’t that bad but it was hard to stop – this is actually very cool. Stuttering treatment usually require a feedback loop to retrain the brain. This application listens to your voice in the field and offers… Read More

  • Google backs school that supports ‘smarter than human’ machines theory

    Is Google trying to alienate people here? Last week’s freakout certainly didn’t win it any new fans, and today there’s news that it’s helping to “back,” whatever that means, a new school whose director is a proponent of singularity theory. That is to say the director believes that, one day, machines will become smarter than humans. Please, machines smarter… Read More

  • AT&T going elemental with LG Neon

    Apparently, 2009 is the year of the Periodic Table, at least in terms of mobile device names.  First, we caught wind of HTC’s upcoming Rhodium, and now comes word that AT&T will be offering the LG Neon. Originally known as the LG KS360 (or at least it appears to be identical), the newly coined Neon features a 2.4″ touch screen (for on-screen dialing purposes only), a full… Read More

  • Toshiba TG01 fondled on video

    [blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/AeqmCYzSQQ%5D The fact that the Toshiba TG01 even exists is still as fresh as can be in our minds, but folks lucky enough to be over in the UK for the announcement have already gotten a chance to get some lens time with it. Amongst those returning with footage is MobileComputer, who brought back a glorious nine minutes of footage for all to see. What we can glean… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Acer Aspire One for $259

    Here’s a handsome deal on an Acer Aspire One netbook if you’re in the market. Buy.com has an XP Home version with 1GB of RAM and 16GB of storage for $259 with free shipping. Read More

  • Hey, Timmies did you POWNZER your FWAP?

    When I was a kid, Pac Man was big. There were backpacks, lunchboxes, and even Pac Man board games. I remember one Christmas in particular when we were fascinated by the game even though none of the kids I played with were old enough to go into arcades – we must have been five or six – and none of us had really actually touched the game. We were enamored of the concept. The video… Read More

  • Environmentalists: Japanese whalers used sound gun against us!

    How’s this for using exciting, new technology to get your way? Environmentalists have accused Japanese whalers, the most fearsome of all whalers, with attacking them with “sound guns,” such as the kind pictured here. The gun is called an LRAD, which stands for Long Range Acoustic Device. It’s said to cause “nausea, panic and ear damage.” Nothing says… Read More

  • G1 update RC33 brings new features, bug fixes, lacks frosting

    Well, we’ve got good news, and we’ve got bad news. I’ve always been the type to just tear the band-aid off, so we’ll go with the bad news first. The bad news: It’s not cupcake. The good news: an update has just been pushed to the G1! Crap. It doesn’t make sense in that order, does it? I’m horrible at this. While it may not be the deliciously… Read More

  • Toshiba comes out of nowhere with the ultra-slick TG01 touchscreen phone

    In an announcement timed quite perfectly for maximum resonance without being lost in the noise of the upcoming Mobile World Congress, Toshiba has dropped word of a new touchscreen they’ve got in the works. In our scientific survey with a finely tuned control group (Fine. It was one guy who was outside walking his dog), the general reaction seems to be “Wait, Toshiba makes cell… Read More

  • How to recognize different types of speaker from quite a long way away

    Number 1: The Carton Speaker. The Carton Speaker. And now number one, the Carton Speaker. And now… Read More

  • Apple’s App Store gaining momentum

    comScore reports that totals for mobile game downloads in November 2008 were up 17% from the previous year. They also noted that 34% of all game downloads that same month were downloaded to a Smartphone instead of a regular mobile phone. Interestingly, the Smartphone stat represents a 291% increase from the previous year—no small affair. Read More

  • Bloops! Motorola loses $3.6 billion

    Motorola lost $3.6 billion last quarter with revnue of $7.14 billion, 26 percent down from the same time last year. The biggest decline was in mobile phones with a 51 percent decline in revenue. Read More

  • MoshiMonsters secures further backing, acquires TutPup

    Mindcandy, best known for its MoshiMonsters educational virtual world for kids has pulled off a number of moves in a short space of time, including raising a new round and acquiring content. Firstly, it’s raised further amount of funding, although the amount was not disclosed. It’s emerged that just before Chistmas MindCandy raised a round of Convertible Loan Notes. All its… Read More

  • CrunchBoard Jobs of the Week

    This week’s first TechCrunch Europe Job of the Week is for a UI software developer for Centre for Applied Research in Educational Technologies (CARET). The second is for a Senior Developer at Gigjunkie.net. Remember, it costs only £20 to post *any* kind of advert on the CrunchBoard related to your startup/business, whether it be jobs, searches for office space or requests for new… Read More

  • Thousands Of MySpace Sex Offender Refugees Found On Facebook

    MySpace is in the spotlight today because it revealed that 90,000 registered sex offenders have been kicked off its site in the past two years. But where did all of those sex offenders go? Some evidence suggests that a portion of them are now on Facebook. John Cardillo is a former New York City police officer and the CEO of Sentinel, a security technology firm based in Miami which helps… Read More

  • Oops! LinkedIn Goes Down, Can't Get Up

    LinkedIn may be profitable and growing fast, but something seems to be going very wrong with the business social networking service today. The service has been going up and down all day over here in Europe, and has now been displaying an ‘Oops’ page for the past 55 minutes (4:30 PM CET). Update: it’s back up, downtime lasted exactly one hour. Update 2: and it’s back… Read More

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