• The AudioFile: Audio Quality Cheapskates

    Last week I got a 16GB Creative Zen V Plus, the first flash-based MP3 player to move past the 8GB mark (aside from players with microSD card slots). And we’ll be seeing a 16GB iPod nano before the holidays. Aside from simply holding more songs, more flash means those tiny players can hold bigger and better-sounding digital files, which is right on time for the glut of DRM-free… Read More

  • Mobile Web Buyers Better than SMS Buyers?

    New research from Bango shows that consumers who buy content on the mobile web buy more content, and require less support and fewer refunds than users who buy content through Premium SMS. The mobile web also has three times as many add-on sales. This gives marketers a greater return for advertising costs. “The mobile web gives consumers a payment experience they are already familiar with… Read More

  • 84% of Americans to have Mobile Phone by 2017

    SNL Kagan, a company that provides revenue projections for various communication outlets, predicts that in the next 10 years 84% of Americans will have a mobile phone. Mobile subscriptions are supposed to grow at a rate of 3% despite the fact that the American population is only projected to grow at a modest 1% rate. This growth rate is attributed to an increase in mobile data use, including… Read More

  • MocoSpace Has Strong Growth; Race To Be MySpace For Mobile

    Forget watching the big social networks slug it out for market share. People want to take their social networks with them when they step away from the computer. That means applications have to be mobile friendly. Most of the big networks have mobile versions of their site, with stripped down functionality. Facebook has, hands down, the best mobile application if you happen to own an iPhone. Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Stars of Track and Field Edition

    Sony’s Sugar Fuel Cell: Tasty, Big Electricity
    Reebok Wants You To Get Ready For The Fit, Ride Of Your Life
    Scientists Find Way To Trigger Out-of-Body Experiences
    The Futurist: Why Vizio Is Now The #1 Flat Panel Maker In The US
    VIA Announces New 1-Watt, 500MHz Processor Read More

  • Is Orkut A Social Networking Heavyweight? Comscore Says Yes.

    The upcoming Orkut redesign prompted us to check out Orkut’s page view numbers according to Comscore. U.S. Comscore data shows, as expected, barely a blip from Orkut (Facebook shown for comparison). Orkut has 425 million monthly page views compared to 15 billion for Facebook: But, wow, take a look at the worldwide Comscore numbers – Facebook doubles to 31 billion monthly page… Read More

  • Could The GPhone Be Nigh?

    Todays completely unsubstantiated rumor comes from Rediff News, a usually well respected source of news based in India. Rediff is reporting that the Google Phone is set to be launched in 2 weeks time! The GPhone is said to simultaneously launch in both Europe and the United States, with the only thing standing in Google’s way being US regulatory approval. The report goes on to claim… Read More

  • Google Teases Us, Promises A New Orkut

    We rarely mention Google’s three year old social network Orkut these days. Except to point out down time or flawed Alexa stats that suggest it is bigger than MySpace. But now some real news. Take a good look at that screen shot because Google is promising an “updated look” for the site. They are staging this to users in batches, so it may take a while to make its way to… Read More

  • Thumbalizr: A Really Good Idea, If It Worked

    Thumbalizr is a newish online image tool that allows users to take screen shots of web pages. Users can customize the dimensions of each screenshot taken, from standard sizes through to a custom option. Screen shots can consist of an entire page, or just a standard screen shot. To use Thumbalizr, users simply type the URL of the site they require a screenshot of, and hit the “thumb… Read More

  • Hitachi Hits One Terabyte: New Deskstar Hard Drive

    Holy Toledo, that’s a lot of storage for a desktop hard drive. Hitachi’s new Serial-ATA Desktar 7K1000 offers up a full terabyte of disk space (actually 931GB after some standard binary conversion trickery), 300MB/s transfer rate, 7200RPM spindle speed, and a monstrous 32MB cache. It’s not all that expensive, either — available… Read More

  • Teh.Be$T.Kommenter.Evar

      Comments are the greasy oil that keeps the blog machine running. Here are three great (and 100% unedited) comments recently posted by your fellow readers. Read More

  • Stat Gaming Services Come To YouTube

    The creation of automated friends and general profile gaming has been a part of MySpace for a long time now. The general idea is that by creating more friends and more data you are more likely to gain traffic for what ever it is you are ultimately trying to sell. YouTube has been fairly immune from widespread gaming to date. YouTube Friend Adders have been around for a while, but given the… Read More

  • Honesty In Media

    Credit where it’s due: Rupert Murdoch’s online news properties are at least now being honest. This post admits that it has no news value other than to note that the MSM has further gone to the dogs…or cats as the case may be. “Meh watching yuz az a takeover target” perhaps? Will the new online honesty will policy extend to the News Corp owned MySpace: “yuz… Read More

  • Why Darwin Beats Danny Carlton

    Danny Carlton writes a little known personal blog under the pseudonym “Jack Lewis” at jacklewis.net/weblog. But don’t try to visit it if you use Firefox, because he’s banned users of the popular browser from visiting his site. Firefox users are now redirected here. Why? Because he objects to the fact that some of those Firefox readers are using an ad-blocking extension… Read More

  • Major Burnage: zunePhone Parody Mocks Microsoft's Unstable Software, Poor Device Design, Late Launches

    Ooooh, that’s gotta sting! Hitting Microsoft right where it hurts. This is actually a pretty funny video. Rotary dial, Polaroid photos, lackluster battery life — it’s all here! zunePhone ad [YouTube] via The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) Read More

  • Wikipedia Edits Cause Australian Political Scandal

    The Australian Prime Minister’s Office have been caught editing Wikipedia, the latest in a growing line of Wikiscanner entrapments. Staff from the Office of Prime Minister and Cabinet (PMC) edited Wikipedia entries that were damaging to the Goverment, including pages covering the Children Overboard Affair and Mandatory Detention. Other edits included deleting the nickname of… Read More

  • Scientists Find Way To Trigger Out-of-Body Experiences

    Before we get into the nitty-gritty of how this is scientifically possible, take a moment to read the following quote: “The researchers say their findings could have practical applications, such as helping take video games to the next level of virtuality so the players feel as if they are actually inside the game.” Wow…so this is what Wii 2 will be like. Read More

  • New York Times Launches…MyYahoo

    The New York Times took their personalized home page product out of beta today – see it here. The look and feel is about the same as it was a a year ago when it went into private beta – Think MyYahoo, Pageflakes or Netvibes, with the New York Times logo and without the widgets. There’s an argument that the product will bring customized home pages to the masses, although… Read More

  • Bloops! Apple Legal Essentially Confirms Fat Nano Existence [Updated]

    Gizmodo got a letter from Apple asking them to take down the images of the little fat Nanos we’ve been seeing all day, which in legal talk means blood will soak the halls of Cupertino tonight as the leakers are tortured long into the morning. [Update: Apple’s lawyers came at us and demanded we remove the photo because it “violates Apple’s copyrights”. So… Read More

  • CrowdStorm Revamps, Seeks Wisdom Of Your Crowd

    Social shopping site CrowdStorm has launched a beta trial for their new site revision. It’s been seven months in the making. CrowdStorm always had a social bent, with users supplying the listings and reviews for products listed on the site. However, the new version is a significant upgrade that incorporates content pulled from around the web with relevant reviews intelligently selected… Read More

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