• European Ruling Against Microsoft Could Be Bad News For Apple, Others

    Thank you, Jeremy Latham The European Commission told Microsoft yesterday to play nice with the neighborhood kids, but don’t think that the Apples and Intels of the world weren’t watching as Microsoft was punished. For if there’s a theme or message big companies are taking away from the ruling it’s this—getting too big, running a business too effectively may draw… Read More

  • Myxer Works with AmieStreet on Ringtones

    Myxer has been at this weeks TechCrunch conference (the flagship of all the Crunches) showing its wares, when it announced yesterday that Myxer has been hired by AmieStreet to create and distribute mobile ringtones. The Myxer platform simplifies the delivery of any professional or user-generated content (including ringtones, images, audio and video) to mobile devices, no matter which carrier… Read More

  • Google Adds Adsense to Mobile

    It is everywhere… advertising, and escaping ads and marketing campaigns might just get a little harder. But this isn’t necessarily a bad thing either. Because, while Google may not have invented online advertising, its efforts certainly brought ads to sites that wouldn’t have otherwise been able to sell any sort of banner ads or generate other forms of revenue. Now the mobile Web… Read More

  • Some iPod Touches Have Screen With Cruddy Video Quality?

    Let’s cry wolf. Any number of iPod Touches seem to exhibit a flaw that makes viewing videos all but impossible. If you believe the Washington Post—my favorite newspaper, actually—then you may be alarmed by its warning that video looks “reversed out in dark areas, creating a very distracting negative effect.” Hmm, that’s odd. I certainly don’t want my… Read More

  • Belkin TuneBase iPod FM Transmitter Adds ClearScan, Automatically Chooses Best Frequency

    While I’ve only had spotty results with FM transmitters in the past (spring and summer 2004, oh to be young again), I guess Belkin has the research saying people love ’em. That would explain its latest transmitter, the TuneBase FM (model F8Z176). For whatever silly reason, all of the pictures on Belkin’s Web site right now are corrupt, so I’ll instead put a totally… Read More

  • iPhone UK: The news so far

    So here are the basics about the iPhone launch in the UK, as announced by Steve Jobs in London. It was a pretty utilitarian affair with a predictable demo by Jobs of the iPhone’s features, an announcement about the carrier, a chat from the O2 CEO and some Q&A. Almost everything was predicted beforehand, except the rather clever idea behind O2’s service which will see it… Read More

  • Numark's iDJ2 iPod DJ System Almost Here, So Here's Some Pics

    Right, so if you haven’t caught wind yet, Vince and I are totally into house music and want to be DJs once this CrunchGear gig runs its course. It’s a pie-in-the-sky dream is all. I think Numark iDJ2 would help get us on our feet, no problem. She’s fairly pricey when compared to the average tech toy—the $799 price will have to be floated on my credit card for a few… Read More

  • iPhone UK launch live blog

    [Note: This is the ‘as live’ blog I did for the Apple launch today, even though the London Apple Store, which usually has WiFi, did not have WiFi today. Go figure. Not only that but the venue was shielded from any mobile signal. I had to leave to get WiFi straight after the launch. Apple needs to “sort itself out” in this respect and… well, I’m being as… Read More

  • iPhone Goes British on November 9

    Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced today that the iPhone will be available to British customers on November 9 of this year. The O2 network has the exclusive carrier rights to the iPhone brand in the British Isles. As MobileCrunch reported last month, Apple to Share Operators Revenue, it is believed that other European carriers are working on exclusive licensing agreements for the iPhone brand. Read More

  • iPhone UK: The news so far

    So here are the basics about the iPhone launch in the UK, as announced by Steve Jobs in London. It was a pretty utilitarian affair with a predictable demo by Jobs of the iPhone’s features, an announcement about the carrier, a chat from the O2 CEO Matthew Key (pictured next to Jobs), and some Q&A. Almost everything was predicted beforehand, except the rather clever idea behind… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Beans and Rocks Edition

    Dress Up That Old iMac In Chrome
    Kensington Slims Down Peripherals
    Free Music Download Site ‘SpiralFrog’ Hops Out Of Beta
    SiSi Technology Turns Speech Into Avatarian Sign
    iKan: Scan Your Groceries at Home Read More

  • IBM Deals Itself Into Microsoft Office Space With Free Lotus Suite

    IBM has announced the launch of a free Microsoft Office competitor: Lotus Symphony, at the same time Google launched its final product in the triple play office suite Presently. According to the New York Times, IBM Lotus Symphony includes word processing, spreadsheets and presentations. Lotus Symphony, like Sun Star Office is based on the Open Office code base. Melissa Webster, an analyst for… Read More

  • UK iPhone Released November 9 Plus Win an Unlocked iPhone

    An 8-gigabyte iPhone will be launched in the UK (according to CrunchGear) on November 9 for 269 quid or USD $542, a considerable price increase as it leaps over the pond. O2 will be providing service and free WiFi will be available from The Cloud, a UK pay-as-you-go public WiFi provider. The WiFi music store will also appear on UK iPhones next month, allowing for on-the-go downloads from… Read More

  • 8GB UK iPhone Released November 9: No 3G, Free Wi-Fi, Pints for All, Win an iPhone

    Click through this story to see the goods. Steve is apparently on the ground and TC writer Mike Butcher is ready. Mike is in line and ready to roll. They’re fussing about Wi-Fi at the Apple Store so it looks like we’re using SMS and Twitter to get the job done. In honor of our friends over the pond, I’d like to offer one free 8GB iPhone — already unlocked by our own… Read More

  • Exclusive: ProfileBuilder Acquires ZingFu.com

    Update: This deal fell through. ZingFu was never acquired. Online identity management platform company ProfileBuilder has acquired ZingFu.com, a social-networking resource site with 600,000 registered members. Milwaukee based ZingFu.com provides “zany content,” with products including Zing, a photo manipulation tool, Pets, a “tomgatchi style toy,” and Zany Cards… Read More

  • Teh.Be$T.Kommenter.Evar

    Comments are the greasy oil that keeps the blog machine running. Here are three great (and 100% unedited) comments recently posted by your fellow readers. Yap: Voice-To-Text Translation On Your Cell James Talvy Nothing new…. my Verizon Samsung SCH-u740 does that now but when I ask dictate “Can you meet me at 5 o clock” it says… “Can you meet be at… Read More

  • Google Announces Adsense For Mobile

    Google has announced a new advertising program, AdSense for Mobile, a contextually targeted ad platform for mobile website content. AdSense for Mobile gives the ability to AdSense publishing partners to earn revenue from their mobile websites through the targeted placement of mobile text ads. According to Google, “advertisers can connect with the growing number of mobile publishers… Read More

  • TechCrunch40 startups from our side of the pond

    There is one Irish and one UK startup presenting at TechCrunch40 this week: Ireland’s Cubic Telecom is creating a global Mobile Virtual Network (MVNo) to drastically reduce international calling rates by lowering mobile roaming and call charges. Founder Pat Phelan is a well known communications blogger in Ireland who “wants a world in which anyone can pick up their mobile phone… Read More

  • The End Of The Pay For Content Model Is Nigh

    September 18 may mark the second day of one of the most famous operations of World War Two, Operation Market Garden, but in 2007 it also marks the beginning of the end of the pay for content model favored by some in the main stream media. Yesterday the New York Times announced that as of midnight tonight (US EST, 19 Sep) the New York Times pay to view Select Service is no more. All content… Read More

  • Lenovo Announces Industry First, Wha?!

    Lenovo has announced an industry first with the ThinkVision L220x. The 22-inch widescreen WUXGA resolution monitor supports 1080p video, 178 degree horizontal and vertical wide viewing, 103 pixels per inch dot density for the blackest black you’ve ever seen. It also sports a 5-port USB hub (four out), VGA/DVI inputs HDCP support and a few other technological marvels, but it’ll set… Read More

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