• Best Buy showing signs of trouble due to poor sale numbers

    Best Buy isn’t immune to the economic crisis and had a very rough last quarter. The country’s largest electronic retailer watched same-store sales fall 5.3% over last years and net earnings take a 77% face plant. Best Buy did see a net sales increase but that was due to new store openings. Blue-collar terms? They aren’t doing so well, haus. The company… Read More

  • Your finger’s all sweaty, you been drinking tonight?

    A couple of grad students in China have developed a method for testing someone’s blood alcohol level directly from a middle finger. The system consists of a small box mounted inside of a car, connected to the vehicle’s ignition. A would-be motorist sticks his or her swear finger into the box for twenty seconds and the system first checks the fingerprint to identify the driver and… Read More

  • Answerpedia: The Yahoo Product That Never Launched

    Yahoo Answers is three years old this week, and it is the fifth most popular property within Yahoo after the homepage, search, Yahoo Mail, and Yahoo Shopping. (See the table below). According to Quantcast, it attracts 24 million monthly unique visitors in the U.S. ComScore puts the number a bit higher at 33 million monthly U.S. visitors, and 154 million worldwide. It’s a pageview… Read More

  • Meet Cam Baby, the world's ugliest mini robot

    I have no idea what on earth makes a company, in this case Japan-based Cube Works, produce a mini robot that wears diapers but it actually exists. And the so-called Cam Baby has some amazing skills. It walks when you clap your hands. Its eyes flash. It moves its head. It walks. It makes sounds. It starts crying when it stumbles and falls down. And it’s pretty ugly, too (please watch… Read More

  • Epson intos the tiny, Blu-ray pack'n PC ST120 computer

    This could possible be the answer to dwellers of shoe-box sized apartments looking for a full-featured HTPC. Check it: a Core 2 Due P8400 CPU, 1GB of RAM (upgrade that), up to 320GB HDD, a digital TV tuner, HDMI-out and a Blu-ray burner. What more can you want from a computer smaller than a toaster? Throw an external hard drive on there for more storage space and you’ll have the… Read More

  • Twitter Hiring Product Manager To Bring In The Revenue

    Twitter’s business model (or rather lack of one) is a topic of endless debate. Like many successful startups that came before it the company has been successful in getting users and usage when it doesn’t charge a cent. But ramping up revenue is a different matter. And Twitter is now in the process of doing just that. Most startups in this position simply sell themselves before… Read More

  • Swiveling MID prototype with Palm-like keyboard is an enigma wrapped in a riddle wrapped in a mystery

    Where to begin? The above device was apparently displayed at Computex back in June and had been speculated by some to be called the Palm Roteo (due to the very Palm-like keyboard) but has since been identified by Pocketables as the Compal Tabasco. Well, wouldn’t you know it, apparently in August a little rumor was floating around about Palm placing an order for five million units of… Read More

  • Stax Networks Launches: Google App Engine For Java

    Seattle-based Stax Networks launches this morning into private beta. Stax is offering a platform as a service product for Java applications – basically, the easiest way to think about it is Google App Engine for Java applications (or Heroku for Ruby on Rails applications)., Java is still extremely popular for business applications (Indeed has 64,000 Java job openings currently as… Read More

  • Rumor: HTC Shadow II to drop 1.28.09

    The recently outed (thanks FCC) HTC Shadow II is apparently making its way to T-Mobile shelves on January 28, 2009.  Pretty exciting, huh.  Another boring uninspired slider phone coming stateside. A recap of the (questionably) noteworthy features includes: WinMo 6.1, WiFi w/ UMA @Home functionality, 2.6″ display, MicroSD slot, 2mp photo/video cam, stereo Bluetooth, slide-out keyboard… Read More

  • Harmonix says Wii Rock Band 2 coming real soon, "sorry 'bout the delay"

    Rock Band 2 has been available for ages on the PS3 and Xbox 360, but the Wii version has yet seen a retail shelf. According to the Harmonix website though, that will change on December 18, 2008. So hopefully, within a few days, you can get your fantasy rock’n on the Wii, but we’ll believe it when we peep the box at Wal-Mart. We want to apologise for the delay in getting RB2 onto… Read More

  • Video Glasses Lite: Thanko presents inexpensive head-mounted display

    Our favorite crap gadget vendor Thanko has today started listing the “Video Glasses Lite” [JP], essentially a head-mounted display that is supposed to produce images measuring 38 inches. Thanko says this is the perfect solution for TV junkies and gamers who are suffering from their lives in small apartments. The device features a 2 TFT LCD display (230,000 pixels/320×240… Read More

  • Reminder: Please use your laptop ergonomically

    Flickr’d Oh man, the Wall Street Journal sure is concerned about your Health and Well-being. It seems that laptop sales have, for the first time in recorded history, have overtaken desktop sales. That’s bad news because laptops encourage people to sit in all sorts of unhealthy positions and develop poor computer-using habits. (“Golly gee, why don’t I surf YouTube all… Read More

  • Samsung Memoir (T929) for T-Mobile passes through FCC

    Just last week, we passed along a few shots of an 8-megapixel Samsung garnished with a T-Mobile logo. While there wasn’t much reason to doubt its authenticity, the FCC has gone and verified it for us anyway. Yesterday evening, the FCC spilled the beans on a Samsung-made, 8 megapixel camera phone running on T-Mobile’s 1700mhz 3G. That’s about as concrete as it gets short of… Read More

  • Rubber tracks for military vechicles

    One of  the weak points of tracked military vechicles are the metal plates. They need to be repaired after every 250 miles while constantly shaking soldiers inside the vechicle. This is about to change for rubber tracks are more durable and convenient while allowing the tanks to use less fuel. According to Treehugger, fuel consumption could be improved by 1/3 by using rubber tracks on MPG… Read More

  • The Sony PSP2 to come after one last PSP update

    The PSP has had a good run, but Sony is ready to move onto the next generation according to EuroGamer.  The PSP will receive one more refresh with the PSP-4000 in late ’09. It’s PSP2 after that. Details are not available about either the updated PSP or the successor as of yet. The last update of the PSP involved an updated screen (which is hated by some) and a couple of… Read More

  • Company produces plastic made of rice instead of oil to protect the environment

    Agri-Future Joetsu, a venture company based out of Western Japan, is selling a special kind of plastic without using oil but rather rice and wood in the production process. Although Japan is (rightfully) known as one of THE rice-crazy nations in the world, Agri-Future is the only company in Nippon offering “rice plastic”. Agri-Future is even able to use perished rice and powdered… Read More

  • Sharp lays Linux-based Zaurus to rest, delicately closing both eyelids with thumb and forefinger

    File this one under “Things I Thought Were Already Gone But Are Now Gone For Real,” as Akihabara News reports that Sharp has officially relegated the Linux-based line of Zaurus PDAs to bargain bins and flea markets everywhere. The SL-C3XXX series paved the way for many of today’s QWERTY-based PDAs and smartphones with units like the SL-C3000 back in 2004, which contained a… Read More

  • Pandora now available for Windows Mobile

    More than two years ago, Pandora began working on a Windows Mobile client for their personalized music streaming service. Right as that project was entering alpha, they penned distribution deals with AT&T and Sprint, who both had one requirement: it needed to work on their standard, run-of-the-mill feature phones. With their relatively small development team, Pandora shifted their efforts… Read More

  • Intel gets the ‘touchscreen netbook’ thing right with Convertible Classmate PC

    So Intel will officially be rolling out a new version of its Classmate PC at CES – this one, called the Convertible Classmate PC. It’s a tablet netbook with a touchscreen and an accelerometer that adjusts the display for use in both portrait and landscape modes. Read More

  • Dev-Team jailbreaks the iPhone3G and suggests fixes for 10.5.6 PwnageTool issues

    iPhone owners have been foaming at the mouth for an iP3G unlocking solution since its release and it seems that hack is right around the corner. The Dev-Team has announced that they have successfully done the seemingly impossible and will make the hack available via PwnageTool and QuickPwn sometime around the New Year. Which is just in time for Steve Jobs to announce something new at… Read More

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