• New, Tighter Wii Remote Control Straps Spotted: Clips That Actually Lock In Place

    I bet Nintendo didn’t anticipate so many people losing control of their Wii remote controls, destroying TVs and ruining marriages in the process. To remedy that, the company has been releasing improved remote control wrist straps since the system’s launch. Another such Wii strap revision has appeared over the weekend, this one featuring even tighter clips. These clips lock rather… Read More

  • Id Software Hops Aboard The Steam Train

    Sup guys? Digital Trends didn’t expect it and neither did I. Seems Id Software has teamed up with rival Valve to release Id titles through the Steam distribution service. The announcement comes during QuakeCon, which is currently going down in Texas. Price is key here and not just the newer titles, but all of Id’s catalog will be available for purchase. You can get Commander Keen… Read More

  • Six Things That Suck About Each Next-Gen Console

    It’s no surprise that I think the Wii sucks. It’s a terrible console, but that’s OK. PS3 and Xbox 360 both have plenty of flaws to make them suck just as much as any Nintendo console. Pixel Perfect Productions compiled a list of what makes these consoles suck so bad. Notable mentions for the 360 include the dreaded “red ring of death”, Microsoft’s points… Read More

  • Disney Mobile Scores Two New Samsung Handsets

    Apparently, you’re not a cool company anymore unless you have your own MVNO. This must mean that Disney is the coolest around town, especially with the two new Samsung handsets it just picked up for Disney Mobile. The DM-S105 and DM-S110 are both basic CDMA clamshells with a VGA camera, Bluetooth, SMS, yadda yadda yadda. You get the deal. The DM-S110 comes in either pink or silver, so… Read More

  • When LEGO Meets Guitar Hero

    You can build just about anything out of LEGOs if you’re crafty enough. A dinosaur, a spaceship, or a working PS2 controller that’s in the shape of a Gibson Explorer guitar. In this case, it’s the latter and this LEGO guitar for Guitar Hero actually looks better than the standard guitar controllers. Shred, anyone? It works for PS2 and no, you can’t get one. But you can… Read More

  • Microsoft Web Site Tracks Xbox 360 Repair Status

    Like many of you, I recently had to send in my Xbox 360 for repairs because of the Red Ring of Death. (Going without Viva Piñata this long has put great strains on my family.) To help alleviate the “when will it be fixed?” calls, e-mails, threats, etc., Microsoft has launched a Web site that tracks the repair progress of your Xbox 360. You’ll need a Windows Live ID as… Read More

  • Lindy Mini NAS On The Cheap

    Searching for a bargain NAS and own a Mac Mini? You really couldn’t ask for more with the Lindy Mini NAS. Aside from looking like the Mac Mini’s illegitimate brother, the Mini NAS has space for full-size 3.5-inch drives and comes with a built-in FTP server, Samba support, and 10/100 Ethernet. Oh noes! No gigabit! Not a networking guru? Who cares. Use a USB cable to easily connect… Read More

  • Logitech Wave Wireless Desktop

    Keyboards are such a fundamental component of computing that they often exit largely unnoticed. That old dependable cornerstone of your life that you probably only consider when something is wrong with it. It’s easy to do. Unfortunately, this position leaves the keyboarding with few advancements as the computing world upgrades at the rate of Moore’s Law. But change is in the air… Read More

  • Toshiba Unveils Third-Gen HD DVD Players

    I could have sworn about 2 months ago I saw these three HD DVD players sitting in the back of some Toshiba event. No one talked about them, the feature listings weren’t any different than the other HD DVD players , so I thought nothing of it. Now Toshiba is formally introducing the HD-A30, HD-A35, and HD-A3 HD DVD players. They all feature an ethernet jack for ‘net connectivity… Read More

  • Air Musician Air Guitar Wrist Strap: Because You're Worth It

    First, watch this video. Wish you could be as cool as that guy? The Mad House Airmusician wrist band, which hit Japan later this week for around $16, turn you into a bona fide fake rock star. So long as your wrist keeps moving, the band will keep belting out the appropriate guitar licks. There’s five built-in songs—”Black Night,” “Smoke On The Water,”… Read More

  • Hands-On With The Wowwee Roboquad: It Crawls, Dances

    In the 1997 film Fast, Cheap & Out of Control, documentarian Errol Morris took a look at a variety of eccentric characters whose work blurred the line between the human, the animal, and the mechanical. One of the featured characters was an M.I.T. robotics scientist who had spent his career making machines that moved like bugs. That’s basically the idea behind Wowwee’s… Read More

  • PatentMonkey: Nokia > Apple in the LT

    As a consumer, I love the idea of the iPhone (=interoperability with Macs, iTunes, etc.), but in reality there are a number of features that need considering when looking at dropping several Franklins on a phone (e.g. GPS, WiFi, maintenance). Namely, Nokia announced this week that the N-Series line drove sales and profits. Despite being a big Apple fan, I’m going to lay out some facts… Read More

  • Nokia and Microsoft Partner on Protection

    Today mobile-phone maker Nokia and software giant Microsoft announced that Microsoft’s copy protection software will be used boost the use of wireless entertainment content, including music and videos. Nokia will license Microsoft’s digital rights management (DRM) technology and incorporate it in its own S60 operating system software, which is built on the mobile phone software… Read More

  • FIBA and Nokia Announce Partnership

    Today Nokia and the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) announced a partnership to create mobile services for FIBA, including the basketball championship events in 2007. The new mobile FIBA service will let fans check scores and schedules and even watch interviews from their mobile handsets. And this is limited to Nokia-produced devices either. The FIBA mobile content can be seen… Read More

  • Nokia 6110 Navigates The Long Way Down

    When failed communist revolutionary and t-shirt icon Ernesto “Che” Guevara made his trip around South America on motorcycle neither he nor his best friend had any high-tech phone helping lead the way. Maybe if Che had the Nokia 6110 Navigator he wouldn’t have tried to bring “socialist justice” to various South American countries. Well, the world never know, but we… Read More

  • Fake Nokia Handsets Seized in India

    It isn’t uncommon to find counterfeit goods coming out of India, but last weekend Indian policed seized fake Nokia mobile phones worth approximately $40,000. The Indian government received a tip-off from the Nokia staff, and a total of ninety handsets were found at a warehouse in the Watgunge, just outside Kolkata. The investigation suggests that the mobile handsets may have come from… Read More

  • Yodlee Announces SMS Banking Solution

    SMS can now be used for mobile banking and to make payments. Today Yodlee Inc. announced that it launched a new SMS banking capability for its Yodlee Mobile Solution. Yodlee Mobile SMS alerts can help customers avoid overdraft fees, while users can use the service to check balances, review transaction, view spending reports and even make emergency bill payments. ”It’s clear that… Read More

  • 4×4 Monster Trucks Drives to Mobile 3D Platform

    Time to put the pedal to the metal. Micazook has announced the release of 4×4 Monster Truck, which is the latest in a series of mobile game titles developed on the 3D blade engine. This game features four terrain types, along with three mission styles that let you race against the clock and other trucks. 4×4 Monster Truck is available now, and is supported on a variety of J2me… Read More

  • Blast SMS From ClearSMS

    If you have a legit reason to send out bulk SMS messages, there are a few tools you can use. One new one is ClearSMS, which will allow you to promote a new product, send out announcements to your friends and of course collaborate with employees. This service from ClearSMS is a Web-bases SMS system, and because you do need to sign up this means that we shouldn’t have to worry too much… Read More

  • Zimbabwe Mobile Network Expansion

    Massive unemployment, decades of sporadic civil war and other economic hardships aren’t enough to keep people from wanting to stay connection. Thus Zimbabwe, the landlocked southern African nation once known as Rhodesia, is looking to increase mobile subscriber capacity in the next six months. Zimbabwe’s Econet is in the process of expanding the nation’s cellular networks… Read More

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