• Internet Celebrity Doesn't Translate: Amanda Congdon Let Go By ABC

    Amanda Congdon, best known as the original host of Rocketboom, has been let go by ABCNews.com. ABCNews.com said in a statement: “It’s been a great year with Amanda — a great experiment for both of us. We thank her for her many contributions and know that she’s about to embark on new endeavors and expect there will be times in the future that we can again work… Read More

  • MacBook Rumors: We Told You So!

    We really hate when we have to utter the phrase, ‘we told you so’, but it’s times like these that make it justifiable. 9to5Mac has some insider scoops about the impending MacBook redesign, which we first told you about months ago. Some of what they know falls inline with what we know, such as: slimmed down MacBooks that are a tad skinnier than the MBP, ‘something… Read More

  • Google Plans Pacific Cable, Wireless Bid In The UK

    Google is planning a multi-terabit undersea communications cable across the Pacific Ocean for launch in 2009, according to a report from Commsday. The Unity cable has been under development for several months, and Google is said to have met with Telstra (Australia’s largest telco) and Asia Netcomm in Sydney last week. The cable would run to Australia via Guam and Hawaii. Interchange… Read More

  • Film vs. Digital: Are We Really Still Discussing This?

    Dan Havlik, our photo guy, posted a thought-provoking forum question on PDNPulse, a fairly geeky photoblog. His question is simple: How many professional photographers use film on a regular basis? The responses, needless to say, were vociferous and varied. I came into photography after the digital revolution. A buddy of mine in Boston called me about a year ago and asked me which camera to buy. Read More

  • PDF Files Can Steal All Your Base

    GnuCitizen just published an interesting bit of news. PDF files, the lingua franca of online documents, have an exploit that can offer up control of Windows “completely, invisibly, and unwillingly.” All you have to do is open the file. From the site: My advise for you is not to open any PDF files (locally or remotely). Other PDF viewers might be vulnerable too. The issues was… Read More

  • PodShow Available On TiVo

    Adam Curry’s Podshow will formally announce an alliance with TiVo next week that sees PodShow content becoming available to TiVo’s 10-12 million users in the United States. According to our source, the news is planned to be formally announced the day before the Podcast and New Media Expo to maximize Podshow’s coverage during the event. At this stage there is no word on the… Read More

  • Snapvine Raises $10 Million

    Online voice messaging service Snapvine has raised a $10 million round led by Bridgescale Partners, a new Silicon Valley firm. This is on top of a $2 million round they raised back in last year from Draper Fisher Jurvetson, First Round Capital, and Russell Siegelman. Snapvine makes a widget that lets you leave voice comments for friends and is one of the many competing online voicemail widgets. Read More

  • Woot Joins The Social, Gets Beaten Up

    Woot, purveyor of all that is discount gadgetry, is receiving a healthy amount of backlash from its customers because it continues to slash the price of Zune media players. The white Zune first showed up a month or so ago and $150 was a great deal on a sub-par device. I have one and it’s not that great, which is how I feel about my iPod, too, so don’t think I’m hating on MS… Read More

  • MatchMine Takes $10 Million From Kraft Group

    Media discovery startup MatchMine has raised $10 million from original seed investor the Kraft Group. Boston based MatchMine launches Sunday with a product that is advertised to “unlock a whole new world of music, movies, video and other cool stuff to match the tastes of the original, quirky, one-of-kind inner you.” MatchMine’s “MatchKey” technology uses… Read More

  • Details On Eye Of Judgment Emerge

    One of the more exciting reasons for owning a Playstation 3 has to be The Eye of Judgement, Sony’s new title that uses a camera for game interaction. Today on the official Playstation Blog, Sony unveiled five new things about the upcoming title. While a few were silly jokes like how “Judgment” is spelled with only one E, the rest was valuable information for the rabid PS3… Read More

  • Halo 3 Leaked, Now Finish The Fight

    Oh snap. Halo 3 was uploaded onto the Web sometime yesterday and it’s making the rounds like wildfire. The 6.14GB file has shown up on multiple file-sharing sites and it’s said to be playable on hacked Xbox 360s. I’ve searched on a few sites, but haven’t seemed to track it down. My bread and butter torrent site that usually has everything is currently sans Halo 3… Read More

  • Meizu M8 GUI Screenshots: What Chinese Piracy Problem?

    I’ve said this over and over again in multiple forums, but I’ll repeat it here. Chinese technology companies have to stop intellectual piracy. From the look and feel of the Chinese Facebook to the plethora of Chinese-made Rolex knock-offs on eBay, Chinese design is derivative to the extreme. I don’t know what it is about the mentality — perhaps it’s a… Read More

  • Piracy Costs Industry $5 Trillion, May Have Killed Grandmothers, Kittens, the Unborn

    According to reports by the Canadian Mounties (Motto: Like Police, Only On Horses), the piracy industry cost Canada $30 billion in Canadian currency (USD $45,454). This figure had been bandied about by lobbyists and even the US Ambassador to Canada, ensuring sensationalist headlines much like the one above. The problem, however, is that it isn’t true. Blogger Michael Geist asked the… Read More

  • Sprint Rolling Out LBS Next Tuesday

    Those of you still sticking it out with Sprint will be happy to know that next Tuesday is your lucky day. Sprint will be rolling out location based search (LBS) for almost all handsets. Windows Mobile devices are exempt, but all other devices will be able to pinpoint where you are geographically the next time you search from your mobile phone. This means if you’re in a new town and want… Read More

  • World of Warcraft Account Sells For $9500

    World of Warcraft is a game that will drive you nuts from day one, so it’s normal practice for people to buy pre-made accounts for several hundred dollars. But when the value of an account shoots up to several thousand dollars, Blizzard is sure to catch on. Player Zeuzo went and apparently spent countless hours getting the widely known Twin Blades of Azzinoth heroics, only to end up… Read More

  • Meet the New Michael: Erick Schonfeld

    Business 2.0 is one of the few paper magazines that I could ever stand to read — Shaved Sex and Professional Goat Breeder are two others, if that tells you anything about the state of the magazine industry. While I was at TC40, Michael leaned over and whispered something in my ear. An hour and a motel room refund later, I realized I what he had really said was that Erick Schonfeld… Read More

  • The AudioFile: Apple Is the New Sony

    Locking players to specific software, tracking digital music downloads, and now requiring authorization chips for compatibility with accessories… Is Apple still thinking different, or is the company following in Sony’s once-ubiquitous footsteps? The Walkman was once king of the hill, and look how far it has fallen; the iPod could very well share its fate, thanks to… Read More

  • Sony Looks To Blu-ray To Save The PS3 During The Holidays

    Blu-ray, the technology seemingly pushed onto an unreceptive and not ready public, will be the key to the PS3’s success this holiday season. That’s what Sony thinks, while admitting that its strategy of “it’s a game console! no, it’s a Blu-ray player!” may be tough to employ. Kaz Hirai, the SCE president, gave an interview to the Financial Times wherein he… Read More

  • iHome iHC5S: This Time, An iHome For Cellphones

    There’s no way to follow gadgets and technology without knowing about the 11 thousand models of iHome clock radio deals that have been released. (Side note: I thought Apple sued everyone with an “i” in the name.) The latest one—iHC5S—is designed with cellphones in mind and looks like it would make a fine partner with the iPhone. Unfortunately the iPhone… Read More

  • Fox Gives Free TV Downloads On iTunes

    Fox replaces NBC in the iTunes lineup, only its shows will be free. Sorta. Starting next week, Fox will offer—completely free to download—the season premier episodes of “Prison Break” and “K-Ville,” among other Fox hits. Conventional wisdom says that Fox wants to expose as many of its shows as possible to an iPod-totting public—a public that, maybe… Read More

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