• Old watch-like navigation gadget from 1920

    Way, way, way, way, way before the days of the Global Positioning System, people had to navigate using devices like the Plus Fours Routefinder, shown above. It’s from back in 1920 and consisted of a collection of small scrolling maps that you’d “load” into the watch-like device before your trip. As you progressed along your route, you’d scroll the map forward… Read More

  • 10 Days of CrunchGear: Day 5 and 6 Winners

    Whew. Here we go. Only three more days to go. Stay tuned. This is going to get interesting. USB Charger – Thomas Ho
    Vuzix AV920 – John
    Agent 18 cases – Dwalk, furiouscookie
    mStation – Jeremy
    RCA Small Wonders – Rithe, Alireza
    HTC Touch Dual – Jonny U, Kyle Read More

  • James Perse gadgetless beach cruiser bike

    Forgive us. This post won’t highlight something made out of carbon fiber or have LED lights. No micro-processor or iPhone crap. Nope. Just a classic vintage-style beach cruiser. We don’t know the price, and we don’t care. Just look at the bike. Classy. Single speed. Semi-clunky. Gorgeous. Just steel, rubber, and leather make up the beach cruiser. The James Perse Cruiser… Read More

  • Because your mouse pad might as well do something

    Here’s the Zone ZUP8020 Multifunctional Mouse Pad. That’s a long name! It’s fitting, though, because the ZZMMP (as I’ll now call it) does so many things beyond supporting the undercarriage of your human interface device. It’s got a four-port USB (2.0) hub, a drive-through style microphone, not one, but two (two!) speakers, and an audio input and output in case… Read More

  • Nicholas' new MO: Pretending to be a DJ

    Learn how to hack at 5min.com By looking sufficiently urban, bedraggled, and clueless, you can essentially show up anywhere, say you’re a DJ, and get past tight security. Since our own Nicholas Deleon displays all three of those characteristics, look for him in the streets of Barcelona wandering up to clubs carrying his TechCrunch bag and a Zune… Read More

  • Japanese company offers "green", inexpensive digital camera

    Tokyo-based Plaza Create started selling a recycable digital camera [JP, PDF] this weekend (Japan-only at this point). And considering its low price ($18), the camera doesn’t seem to be too bad. The so-called “Eco digi mode” measures 120×53×71mm (weight: 245g), is waterproof (up to 3m depth) and can be used for 50 pictures. After these are used up, the cameras can be… Read More

  • Whoa, lots of Fallout 3 screenshots have leaked

    Well look at that, a bunch of screenshots of Fallout 3 have leaked. The game, which is the prequel to Fallout 4, apparently stole the show at this year’s E3, showing that no matter how many times you re-create Doom you’re guaranteed a receptive audience. That is, of course, your name is Daikatana. Yikes. These particular screenshots come to us by way of Japan, where a recent… Read More

  • Yet another iPhone 3G case

    iPhone owners. Tired of jealous nerds peeking over your shoulder for a glimpse at your Jesus-phone? We hear ya. We have showcased iPhone cases with cell phone boosters, Oakley ‘style.‘ leather, and even solar powered units but none with mirror-like screen protectors. It sounds like the it will give iPhone users a bit of privacy.  Details are sketchy, but for a whopping… Read More

  • Where Are We In The Hype Cycle?

    New technologies tend to follow different trajectories of hype, hope, and despair as they are discovered by different groups of people and finally adopted (or ignored) by consumers. Gartner actually goes ahead and charts this hype cycle for different technologies. Its latest hype cycle for 2008, shown above, is making the rounds. (It was released in July, but is just now reaching the… Read More

  • Sony Japan presents stand-alone DVD writer/recorder for Handycam owners

    Sony Japan today unveiled a new DVD writer [JP] for the living room, which makes it possible to record and view video from camcorders on 12cm DVDs without using a PC. The VDR-MC10 will hit Japanese stores October 10th and is expected to cost $410. The device is Nippon-only at this point. However, given it’s tailor-made for use with Sony’s Handycam brand (which spread all over… Read More

  • DIY MP3 clock: DIY in Chinese means "Buy it from us wholesale"

    Not only does this clock look absolutely insane (you basically pick sounds and “stack” them under Windows, adding Frog, Cuckoo, and Hammer noises to your morning wake-up call) it was pitched to us as a product that we at CrunchGear might want to sell. While CrunchGear employees and friends have sold blood, sperm, pot, Arby’s roast beef, and looked at the occasional pile of… Read More

  • Amazing LEGO Olympic scenes

    The Hong Kong LEGO User Group used some 300,000 LEGO blocks and 4,500 LEGO people to recreate some amazing scenes and venues from the Beijing Games. Hit the jump for some views of the Water Cube, table tennis, beach volleyball, and more… Read More

  • Using captchas to digitize old, damaged books

    Those dumb captchas may actually serve a purpose now. A gentleman by the name of Luis von Ahn at Carnegie Mellon University (Biggs went there!) has devised a system whereby software-unreadable words are sent to captcha providers. Since the software is unable to discern what the words are, captchas then step in, and we humans get to identify them when logging into our favorite sites. As… Read More

  • New girls-only earphones unveiled in Japan

    Accessory maker Radius today unveiled [JP] new earphones specifically designed for girls. Two different models in 6 colors will be available on the Japanese market starting at the end of this month. The 6.4mm fiore Elegant (HP-WHF3) will cost $18, while the 10mm fiore Cute (HP-WHF11) will be priced at $27. The fiore Cute version is available in either red or purple.  The fore Elegant… Read More

  • FCC Greenlights First Android Phone (HTC Dream)

    The only thing holding back the launch of the first Android-powered phone, the HTC Dream, was approval from the Federal Communications Commission. That approval has now come through, and T-Mobile can launch the phone. The filing asks for a November 10 release date, but (as Matt Marshall at VentureBeat points out) T-Mobile could launch it earlier. This means that Android will be on track to… Read More

  • Canadian movie theaters rent screen time to gamers

    If you live in Canada, have 11 friends, and like to play Xbox 360, then you’ve got what appears to be a dyn-o-mite formula for what I’m about to tell you. As of last Friday, Cineplex Entertainment, which owns 29 theaters across Canada, started renting out screen time for playing Xbox 360. The theaters have a library of games, too, so you don’t have to worry if you don’t… Read More

  • Final Fantasy XIII demo to be two-plus hours long

    Remember this demo? Japan’s Famitsu magazine reports that the upcoming Final Fantasy XIII demo will be upwards of two hours in length. A two-hour demo, people! Who has that kind of time nowadays? Well, I do, but I don’t have a PS3, nor do I have any intention to get one, so… The demo, remember, comes with Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete (on Blu-ray, ergo the demo… Read More

  • Google Uses YouTube To Try To Rally Public Support For WiFi 2.0

    The fate of an important chunk of wireless spectrum in the U.S. is being decided by the FCC, and Google wants to rally public support for turning this spectrum over to unlicensed uses, just like we do today with WiFi. The spectrum in question is the “white spaces” in the analog TV broadcast signal that will no longer be needed once all TV broadcasters shift to digital signals. … Read More

  • ‘Subtle but noticeable’: Toshiba XD-E500 upconverting DVD player

    Toshiba may be out of the high definition disc war altogether (not that many people are participating anyway), but it knows there’s plenty of life left in plain ol’ DVD. To that end the company has been showing off its $150 XD-E500, an upconverting DVD player that’s supposed to, I don’t know, beat the pants off other upconverting players. The AP uses the phrase… Read More

  • Aiming your startup at the US – without leaving the UK

    Four guys in Edinburgh now run a site aimed entirely at the US. Even the UK section of the site appears under “International”. What have they learnt? The following is a guest post by Nigel Eccles, co-founder and CEO of Hubdub, the prediction trading game. Many start-ups in the UK face the challenge that their major market is the US. While Hubdub is based in Edinburgh, 75% of our… Read More

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