• New piggy bank: The Coin Penguin swallows your coins, then dances for you

    Japan sure has a penchant for extraordinary piggy banks. Tokyo-based toy maker Banpresto is now selling a quite unusual model, too. The Coin Penguin [JP] is a cute little, well, penguin, that can open its mouth, swallow coins and then reward the user by performing a quick dance. Read More

  • Gadget Club Round 2 Winner

    OK. I’m happy to report that Round 2 of the Gadget Club Contest passed by without a hitch and now we’re on to Round 3. Before I show you the new entrants, however, let’s announce the Round 2 winner, shall we? Read More

  • Flickr Turns Up The Awesome On Image Search

    Searching for photos on the Web takes way too much time. There are simply too many photos to sort through and not enough good ones. Image search is a major priority for all the big search engines (Google, Yahoo, and Bing), and they’ve all been tweaking their image search to make it better. But for the longest time, Flickr (which is owned by Yahoo, but separate from Yahoo Image Search)… Read More

  • Review: Thrustmaster T.16000M joystick

    With a name like the T.16000M, you kind of expect this joystick to sync with your cerebellum and control eight games at once. But no, it’s just Thrustmaster’s latest, which uses a magnetic sensor to provide extra precision in your controls — 16,000 analog states per axis, to be precise (many analog sticks use 256 or even 16). I’ve always thought of joysticks as… Read More

  • The (Bill) Clinton Touch: Current TV Reporters Free After He Visits North Korea

    Last March, two reporters for Current TV were caught and detained by the North Korean military after illegally crossing into the country from China as they reported on fleeing refugees. While some initial reports seemed optimistic that the pair — Chinese-American Laura Ling and Korean-American Euna Lee — would be released shortly in an act of good-will, that didn’t prove to… Read More

  • Spinvox Raises $25 Million More, But A Live Demo Still Leaves Questions

    When I walked in to SpinVox’s plush UK HQ this morning the tension in the building was obvious. Following a fortnight of controversy and allegations that the whole thing is powered not by technology but by a simple, massive, call center operation, this was the first ever live demo to the media of their famed voice to text platform. There were nervously exchanged glances and bad jokes… Read More

  • Tarot cards now available in 8-bit form

    The traditional Tarot deck has finally been updated with some new artwork, although the update didn’t quite make it past the mid-to-late 80’s. ThinkGeek is selling “8-Bit Tarot Cards” which look like a cross between the ancient mysteries and the also-ancient Nintendo Entertainment System. Read More

  • Spotify's €200m valuation and music label schmoozing is music to We7

    So the rumors that Spotify is raising a new round of financing of around $50 million have been confirmed by TechCrunch. That gives it a valuation of $250 million. The money will come from Asian investor Li Ka-Shing and another venture firm, potentially Wellington. Our report from October that Spotify had raised €15.3 million from Northzone Ventures and Creandum at a €71.6 million… Read More

  • Digeo updates the Moxi HD DVR and releases the Moxi Mate

    Digeo is committed to the the Moxi HD DVR and has rolled out some updates. So far I like what I see as the updates addresses many of issues I had with the DVR. First and foremost, the DVR now has an optional grid guide, which is a great alternative to the the vertical bar layout that was previously the only option. Thank goodness, I say.

    But this summer update isn’t just all about… Read More

  • Delicious Freshens Up With Twitter, Which Its Founder Hates

    Delicious was once one of the hottest social sites on the Internet. That’s why Yahoo bought it in 2005. But it’s weird now to even think about it as a social site, I get more of the utilitarian vibe from it these days. People still use it, but it’s more of a repository. Or, to put it another way, it’s where links go to die. Contrast that with services like Twitter… Read More

  • Homemade Street Fighter IV arcade stick looks mighty fine indeed

    Yeah, this Street Fighter IV arcade stick looks better than Mad Catz’s efforts. It was created by a certain Mekishiko916, and it can be yours, too, if you’re willing to part with $190. Read More

  • IT grad can't find job, sues her college

    Who hasn’t thought about suing their college for some reason or another? Trina Thompson is doing it. She’s a 27-year-old IT graduate from the Bronx who’s suing her alma mater, The Monroe College, for the $70,000 worth of tuition she spent there. Why? Because she doesn’t have a job and she doesn’t think the college has tried hard enough to help her find one. Read More

  • Rumor: BlackBerry Storm 2 to hit VZW in November

    Remember last year when everyone was stoked about the new touchscreen BlackBerry called the Storm? Oh man, the hype was huge. There was iPhone-ish lines, media coverage, the works. But then the first reviews came out and we all realized the truth: the phone sucked. It’s now a lot better thank to firmware updates, but the upcoming BlackBerry Storm 2 will hopefully recapture some of… Read More

  • LG GM750 "Layla" gets Wi-Fi certified, details leak

    It’s becoming a standard process at this point: First, BigPhoneCompany submits their new handset to the Wi-Fi Alliance. Wi-Fi Alliance approves it, and throws it into their big list of Certified Products. Eagle eyed mobile mavens prowl the newly granted certification for a model number, and then turn to BigPhoneCompany’s own records for more information. The latest gem… Read More

  • MySpace Subtly Debuts A Posthumous Heath Ledger Work

    When Heath Ledger passed away in January 2008, he had no shortage of things he was working on. Just about everyone in the world, it seems, saw The Dark Knight, but he had smaller projects too. One of those was directing a music video for the band Modest Mouse, for their song “King Rat.” Today, that video debuts on MySpace Music. The video, which is animated, is meant be a… Read More

  • Intuit Enables Mobile Credit Card Payments on the iPhone

    Today Intuit has announced that GoPayment, a mobile applications tailored to process credit card payments, is available in the App Store for the iPhone or iPod touch. The app essentially turns the iPhone or iPod touch into a credit card terminal that can process payments, track past charges, and generate electronic receipts for the customer. Rather than wait for checks to clear or invoices to… Read More

  • PS3 Slim, anyone? Sony just ordered a whole bunch of PS3 components

    The rumors surrounding a possible PS3 Slim continue, annoyingly. DigiTimes, the paper of record when it comes to what’s being manufactured in eastern Asia, says that Sony “has ordered enough parts to make one million consoles in the third quarter of this year, twice as many as in the last three months.” In other words, Sony just ordered an extraordinary amount of components. Read More

  • Zelda-fy your baby with this handmade Link outfit

    If you’re on the fence about having a baby, consider the fact that you can dress it up however you please. Case in point, this very excellent handmade Link outfit that a user over at the Crafster forums whipped up. Read More

  • TeleNav coming to the Sidekick LX, as well

    Jeez, TeleNav. Leave some for the rest of the GPS-making-folk. We barely just got the chance to mention that TeleNav was bound for the T-Mobile myTouch, and now they’re announcing a TeleNav Navigator port for the Sidekick LX ’09. Same deal here as with the G1: 3D maps, Turn-by-turn voice directions, automatic rerouting, and speech recognition, all for $10 bucks a month. We… Read More

  • I Have A New Theme Song: Mistah F.A.B.'s "Hit Me On Twitter"

    When I walk into a bar, it’s always been a dream of mine that they’ll play a theme song for me. You know, kind of like how when a batter steps up to the plate in a baseball game, he gets his own song. (Okay, really what I’m thinking is more along the lines of X’s version of “Wild Thing” playing when Ricky Vaughn takes the mound in Major League.) The problem… Read More

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