• Rumor: RED iPhone on the way for the holidays?

    The rumor of a (RED) iPhone 3G has been coming and going since for a while now – before the phone had even been made official, even. The rumor died for a while after launch, but alas – it’s back. According to the guys over at MacBlogz, a red-backed iPhone may be in the works as an easy/cost-effective product revamp for the holiday season. Seeing as Apple’s had a… Read More

  • Video: Behind the scenes of Bionic Commando Rearmed Part 1

    The original Bionic Commando was one of a handful of games that I was actually good at as a kid. I’m pretty stoked that Capcom is bringing this game back. Read More

  • Microsoft Scores Facebook Search Deal And May Get A Little Live.com Branding To Boot

    Microsoft SVP Satya Nadella has announced that the company has expanded its deal with Facebook to integrate Microsoft’s Live Search into the social network. There are few details at this point, but Microsoft will be serving up advertising (both traditional and sponsored search results) through Facebook by the end of the year. Microsoft previously bought a $240 million stake in Facebook… Read More

  • Mossberg, Levy And Arrington Talk iPhone, Yahoo On Charlie Rose

    http://video.google.com/googleplayer.swf?docId=-4166135682969279719:726000:1424000&hl=en (video has been moved, is now here) Our own Michael Arrington joins Wired’s Steven Levy and the Wall Street Journal’s Walt Mossberg on last night’s Charlie Rose show. Most of the discussion was on the iPhone 3G and how Apple continues to turn the mobile world on its head. At the end… Read More

  • BlackBerry offers free Media Sync software to talk with iTunes

    BlackBerry owners can now download Media Sync for their smartphones. The free download allows for the ability to transfer music from your desktop iTunes collection to most BlackBerry phones. Whole playlists or a random mix of songs can be imported via a USB cable. Changes made in an iTunes playlist will be updated on the BlackBerry the next time they are synched. Supported files include… Read More

  • Slow news day: Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates

    http://i.current.com/swf/pods/supernews/mac_vs_pc.swf This is probably old, but it’s really, really slow today, so I’ve been playing this for the last 30 minutes. Thanks to the fine folks at Super News. Read More

  • Rumor: Guitar Hero World Tour track list revealed

    Well, well, well. It looks like the set list for Guitar Hero World Tour has been leaked or, at least, that’s what people are saying. There are 87 tracks, 14 being bonus and there’s word that three guitar battles will pit you against Ted Nugent, Zakk Wylde and Sting. Wait. What? Sting? Doesn’t he play the bass? There are seven “sample songs” as well from the likes… Read More

  • Nokia and Qualcomm kiss and make up

    Just when we were finally going to see LIVE coverage of a technology patent hearing, Nokia and Qualcomm have settled their lengthy legal battle, at least for the next 15 years. Settling a licensing dispute that has spawned lawsuits in three countries and dragged on for more than 3 years, Nokia agreed to pay Qualcomm an upfront payment as well as royalties for use of some pretty basic mobile… Read More

  • Review: Lexar Professional UDMA 8GB CF card, Professional UDMA FireWire 800 CF card reader, Professional SDHC 4GB card

    How does one review a memory card without getting super technical and uber nerdy? Test it against every other memory card in your camera bag! That’s how. I’ve had the great pleasure of having the aforementioned memory cards from Lexar in my arsenal for the better part of two months. I hate to pit a Class 6 SDHC card against a lowly Class 2 SDHC, but that’s all I have. (Feel… Read More

  • AOL Makes Big Budget Cuts Across Blogs (Updated)

    AOL is making across the board budget cuts on its blogging properties, we’re hearing from multiple sources. The cuts range up to 25% of each properties total budget, which falls mostly on personnel costs – bloggers are simply being told to take a couple of weeks off for now, and there may or may not be work for them later in August. One area that seems to be immune from the cuts… Read More

  • No format war for digital books

    Next month, new Sony Reader Digital Books, model PRS-505, will be able to support the EPUB format. The International Digital Publishing Forum’s XML-based standard format has gained acceptance among major trade book publishers. Current owners can download the software upgrade now. The Readers will continue to support Sony’s proprietary BBeB format. Adobe eBooks with digital… Read More

  • More for the Zune phone rumor file

    The good people over at jkontherun have “totally unconfirmed” news about Microsoft’s plans for a Zune Phone. Yep, that’s right, even though the Zune hasn’t made much of a splash, Microsoft seems to think that making it a phone will help it compete against the hugely popular iPhone… jkontherun’s anonymous source said that there was a meeting in Redmond… Read More

  • Sprint to sell towers to TowerCo

    Struggling wireless carrier Sprint Nextel has agreed to sell almost all of its cellular towers to the aptly named TowerCo in an effort to generate some cash. The Wall Street Journal reported that the deal is expected to raise about $670 million, which Sprint will most likely use to pay down some of its $24 billion debt. Though the exact number of towers to be sold hasn’t been… Read More

  • Apple's App Store: The New Walled Garden

    One reason startups and developers are so excited about the iPhone is because they can create richer mobile applications for it and it promises to become a more open platform than the carrier-controlled home decks on most other cell phones. But don’t be so sure that they are not trading one walled garden for another. The home deck is being replaced by the iPhone App Store on iTunes. … Read More

  • Neil Young doesn't like the iPod one bit

    Why so serious? Famous Canadian Neil Young thinks Apple is responsible for ushering in an age of terrible audio quality. At a conference in California, the rock start accused Apple of “driving down the convenience highway,” whatever that means. The poor quality of MP3s (not Apple’s fault, but who’s counting?) and the iPod itself, I don’t know, are ruining… Read More

  • iPhone 3G: AT&T cares about you, Apple couldn't care less

    I like to pound on AT&T when given the chance, but I can’t justifiably rag them over iPocalypse. Apple dropped the ball when the iTunes servers crashed from everyone and their mother trying to update their first gen and/or activate the 3G model. They didn’t even bother sending out a release over the matter, which is sort of a PR no-no, IMO. But what else is new these days? Read More

  • Bam, pow, etc: DC Universe Online being shown at Comic-Con

    The San Diego Comic Book Convention is going on right now, and one of the bigger games that’s debuting there is DC Universe Online, an action MMO developed by Sony Online Entertainment, the same group that brought us the ultimately underwhelming Star Wars Galaxies. I read a rather lengthy preview of the game in this month’s Edge magazine, and SOE hired some comic book expert to… Read More

  • Windows iPhone 2.0 jailbreak available now!

    Image courtesy of Kottke
    Enjoy Now! Read More

  • Lots of Macs sold = new hacker target?

    Could the Mac be the next big “hacker” target? Apparently one corner-office analyst thinks so, and that, in turn, is freaking The Times out. Part of the reason for Apple’s terrific second quarter was because of the record number of Macs sold. More and more Macs out there, we’re led to believe, means that the platform is the next big hacker target. What’s most… Read More

  • TechCrunch Euro Tour – Amsterdam meetup wrap, and more to come

    Tuesday this week we had the Amsterdam TechCrunch meetup, the last city in the Summer TechCrunch Euro Tour before I kick off again in September. In just over a month and a half I tracked down startups in Paris, Berlin, Warsaw, Rome, Dublin, Istanbul, Athens, Barcelona, Zurich and now Amsterdam, not including the TechCrunch Pitch! event in London recently (thanks to Boingo for the great… Read More

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