• This device may or may not upscale your Wii's output

    Well here’s another wacky Japanese gadget that you’ll forget about before the end of the day. I say that not because it’s junk, but because it’s so niche you’ll be like “Oh, wow. Now what am I going to eat for lunch?” It’s the Castrade CG-USC02HD, and, nearest I can tell from Google’s translation robot, it upscales your video game… Read More

  • Find The Good, The Bad And The Spammy Twitter Users With Chirpio

    Perhaps the biggest problem facing Twitter these days is the influx of users who just wish to use it for spamming purposes. When someone follows you, it’s hard to know their intentions at first and you may follow them back. If they’re a spammer, your stream will be bombarded with junk. A new startup, Chirpio, wants to solve this problem and offer better user recommendations with… Read More

  • 'Moto Horn' is not a new Motorola phone — it's much, much, much cooler

    Of all the times I’ve longed to go back to 1987, this might be one of the stronger nostalgiac chin-quivers I’ve felt in quite some time. I’d totally bring this Moto Horn back in my time machine and haul ass through the neighborhood on my Huffy, giving each passerby a quick shot of sweet motorcycle revving sound effects eminating from my handlebards. I’d be treated to… Read More

  • Twine Is Taking Off, Now Bigger Than FriendFeed

    It turns out that people are following more than just their friends online. Look at the comScore chart above comparing unique visitors in the U.S. to FriendFeed versus Twine. Yeah, I was shocked to see that Twine has more than three times as many unique monthly visitors as FreindFeed (714,000 vs. 188,000). On a worldwide basis, comScore shows FriendFeed still slightly ahead of Twine. … Read More

  • Pentax releases four official K-7 sample images

    Despite my new found love for manual film SLRs, I can’t help but lust over the new Pentax K-7 that was announced earlier this week. Our good buddy Dan Havlik got a full week with a pre-production model and his positive hands-on of the K-7 gives all of us Pentaxians hope that the seventh gen SLR is going to kick some much needed ass. Read More

  • The newest USB stick weirdness: Cat ears

    We covered USB sticks shaped like cat tails, mini cats, humping dogs, puppies and countless other weird things, but cat ears [JP] are new. And the Japanese maker (no, not Thanko this time) suggests you buy two of them for enhanced cuteness. Read More

  • This isn't the burger you're looking for…

    Oh yum, doesn’t that quarter-pound burger look delicious? Mmmm… I can almost taste it. Oooh, nice big slice of cheese on top of a thick, juicy–IT’S A TRAP! THE WHOLE THING IS MADE OF MARSHMALLOW! Read More

  • Video: OS X 10.5.7 runs on Sony UMPC like buttah

    Not that OS X hasn’t been loaded onto various non-Apple ultraportable machines already, but if you’re looking for a pretty slick UMPC option, Mark Perrin over at Micro PC Talk has managed to load up the latest version of OS X onto the Sony VAIO UX390 UMPC. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Debaufre redoes their fatty Aviator-8s, sells them cheap

    Debaufre, a watch company that uses great movements inside cool cases, has redone their line to reflect a more personal touch – a great move considering their Aviator-8s were just on the edge of copyright infringement. The new models have a curved case with a different, more attractive marker font and come in all of the Aircraft-8 colors. The new models also have an exhibition back and… Read More

  • Review: TeleNav for the G1

    The GPS Navigation system has become a utility that is essential to travel, whether it be daily commute or cross country excursion. Once seen a luxury, this now-necessity has been a sweeping success all around the globe, allowing the world’s atlases right at your fingertip with near surgical precision in tracking and guidance. TeleNav, established veteran of the GPS marketplace, has… Read More

  • Video: Beatboxing flute Super Mario Brother's theme

    If a beatboxing rendition of the Super Mario Brother’s theme doesn’t make you smile, you’re on the wrong website. Click through for an awesome, but also old, video that will burn a bit of time before the long, three day Memorial Day weekend. Read More

  • Petrofix Promises To Cure Summer Woes At The Gas Pump

    Most Americans felt the burn of volatile gas prices over the past year, especially last summer. For those people who use their car frequently for work or vacation, spikes in the cost of gas can be frustrating and costly. And as more people forgo expensive vacations for budget-friendly road trips this summer, gas prices will once again come into focus, especially considering the predictable rise… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: 26-inch LCD for $200 plus $15 shipping

    Back in the day, you’d have to sell a kidney to get your hands on the money for a 26-inch monitor. Now Costco is selling a 26-inch Westinghouse for $200 plus $15 for shipping (apparently if you’re not a Costco member, it’s $210 plus $15 shipping). Read More

  • Locate a Sprint store that will stock the Pre with this handy tip

    Now that we know that the Pre will be in very short supply at Best Buy, you may want to try a Sprint store. But, in Sprint’s and Palm’s infinite wisdom, not every store will stock them right away. At least you can use the Store Locator tool on Sprint’s website to figure out which stores will stock the phone on June 6th. Read More

  • RidetheCity.com Gets An Update In Time for Biking Season

    RidetheCity.com is a service that maps the best bike routes in New York. You add a starting point and an end point and the service finds dedicated bike lanes, greenways, and other “safe” routes for you to take on your two-wheeler through the mean streets of the city. We’ve just been given permission to let you folks beat up their latest incarnation, RidetheCity 2.0 with a… Read More

  • Half-Life Fridge Magnets: Need, not want

    I like how the artist who makes these Half-Life magnets gets from start to finish. First, imagine Half-Life if it were an 8-bit NES game, then make magnets based on what the characters would look like. Or maybe it was: make Half-Life magnets, realize they look like 8-bit NES sprites, then say they’re from the imaginary 8-bit version of the game. Either way, finding cooler fridge… Read More

  • Photo Scoop: Fotolia Takes A Massive $50 Million To $100 Million Round From TA Associates

    Microstock photography site Fotolia has taken its first outside round of investment since it was founded in 2005 and it is a doozy. The company isn’t talking about it, but an exceptionally good source with knowledge of the deal confirms that private equity firm TA Associates has invested between $50 million and $100 million in Fotolia. In comparison, rival iStockPhoto was acquired… Read More

  • Advances in robotic breakdancing overshadowed by Cosby Shuffle

    I don’t want to speak for everyone in the entire world, but breakdancing robots will always be welcome to pop and lock anytime, anywhere as far as I’m concerned. While the little guy in the above video shows off some pretty sweet headspins and does the splits, most of his routine consists of a pretty spot-on impression of Bill Cosby dancing in the opening credits of early episodes… Read More

  • Best Buy stores to only stock 4 Pres on launch day, better bring your sleeping bag

    We knew that the initial stock of Palm Pres was going to be light, but only 4 per Best Buy store seems down right suicidal. The total amount of Palm Pres in Best Buy’s inventory will be 4,250, which works out to be 4 per store according to one source. Better go dig out the sleeping bag and lawn chair now if you were planning on getting a Pre on June 6th Read More

  • New technology allows flawless viewing of content across multiple devices

    Japan’s national TV station NHK and technology giant Nippon Telegraph and Telephone (better know as NTT) have developed a technology allowing users to interrupt watching online content on one device and resume the playback later on a different device. Read More

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