• Samsung Haiku contest ends tomorrow

    To recap: Every week we’ve been giving away a cool Samsung phone culminating in the Samsung Instinct this week!
    To win, you need to write a haiku. The haiku should focus on touch and must be tweeted to UseYourInstinct. We will close entries for this week at noon on Tuesday, July 29. If you entered the previous contest and didn’t win, feel free to re-enter. Here are the rules. Read More

  • New thermal compound for hardcore tweakers

    I know “hardcore tweakers” sounds like I’m talking about meth addicts, but I mean people who get involved with every aspect of their computer and care about every component. If you’re not familiar with the term, a thermal compound is a sort of heat-conducting paste, often metallic in composition. It’s used as a middle layer between a component that generates heat… Read More

  • Interview: Rich Dancaster, soon to be Virgin Galactic space pilot

    Rich is apart of the Virgin America and Virgin Galactic exchange program that allows VA captains the opportunity to pilot the Virgin Galactic flights when they start in 2010. He’s pretty stoked to have been picked from the VA fleet and who wouldn’t be?! Rich has an extensive resume in aviation with over 16,000 hours clocked and he overlooked the testing for Virgin American… Read More

  • Copy and Paste Finally Coming to the iPhone. Sort Of.

    Copy and Paste has long been one of the most requested features on the iPhone, and its continued absence has been both frustrating and confusing for many. How can it be that the iPhone – running a finely tuned version of Mac OS X – is unable to perform functions that have been included in text editors since the 80’s? MagicPad, a new application from Proximi that is… Read More

  • Some Guy: "Pedophiles use video games to get naked pictures of kids"

    Jump cuts! Call to Duty! Final Fantasy! Maniacal Laughter! Space Invaders! Today brings us some absolutely insane reporting by Orlando’s Channel Six that involves the assertion that many games require you to send pictures of yourself to others to get points and that those others could be pedophiles and that your children could be stripping down naked to get the Show Your Weenus… Read More

  • Nvidia GPU chipset problems affect Dell laptop line

    What was previously reported as an issue contained to HP laptops, has now been linked to 10 Dell models. Nvidia had acknowledged that certain GPUs are suffering from high failure rates when undergoing “temperature fluctuations”. The problem stems from a weak die/packaging material set. While Nvidia is dealing with their supply chain problems, Dell has provided a list of… Read More

  • White Knight 2 photo gallery

    Isn’t she beautiful? Read More

  • eDeck lets you gamble for real money via Wi-Fi

    Here’s a handheld electronic gaming device that’s hooked directly into the Venetian’s gambling empire via a simple Wi-Fi connection. Let me be the first to say: FINALLY! The Venetian is such a dump but I love gambling there. Now I can just go lock myself in one of the rooms instead of actually hitting the (dirty, sticky, grimy) floor in person. In another stroke of genius… Read More

  • Motorola cleans out closest, reorganizes, again

    Motorola announced plans for another reorg, this time in its home and networks mobility unit. The division is the company’s second largest business unit after its flailing mobile phone unit. It supplies carriers and cable companies with networking equipment and currently is organized into product units including cable set-top boxes, modems, cable infrastructure and networking… Read More

  • Airvana and Alcatel-Lucent combine femtocells with IMS

    Airvana and Alcatel-Lucent announced plans to jointly develop a CDMA/EV-DO femtocell platform that incorporates an IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS). The two said that: “this initiative will ensure that CDMA/EV-DO network operators are able to make use of femtocells to improve the in-building wireless experience for their subscribers, while ensuring that these new network elements work… Read More

  • Sprint launches new default mobile portal

    This morning, Sprint pushed a new default mobile portal called Sprint Web to around 40 of their handset models, with plans to bring it to all models within the next few weeks. Built on technology developed by ChangingWorlds, Sprint Web takes a stab at what it thinks the viewer finds most important based off of past usage patterns, and places it at the top of the page. (Anyone wanna take bets… Read More

  • Ford Flex wagon: Not nearly good enough gas mileage to justify its awkward appearance

    The Ford Flex is not a joke, but going by what the Wall Street Journal has said, it might as well be. The new car, which goes on sale this year, is one of them there wagons, a type of car last seen on the Nickelodeon show Pete & Pete. Needless to say, no American male in 2008 wants to be seen driving a wagon, especially when the wagon’s gas mileage isn’t too hot. It gets 24… Read More

  • BlackBerry Curve Sunset slips back until August 4th

    Sometimes when you’re working on cramming a bunch of new features into a handset, you just can’t make the deadlines. Between compiling, testing, bug repo.. wait, it’s pretty much the Curve painted orange? Erm, well, whatever the cause of the delays, the Curve Sunset has been pushed back a week. Expect it to roll out in all of its orangey-redness on T-Mobile come August… Read More

  • Replacement LCD for iPhone 3G just $85 via Brando

    Go ahead and throw your new iPhone about with reckless abandon because it appears that replacing a cracked screen will set you back less than a hundred bucks. Our favorite WTF store, Brando, has the "spare part for iPhone 3g" for $85. Another $10.50 grabs the iPhone Opening Tools Kit for, well, opening up your iPhone. I’d be interested to see if the replacement screen would… Read More

  • Cuil search engine: Reinventing the wheel

    There’s a whole lot of buzz online today over the new search engine Cuil.com (pronounced “cool”). There’s two reasons for this. The first, most accessible reason is that Cuil.com claims to index more Web sites (120 million) than Google does. Theoretically, when you search for something on Cuil, you’re drawing from a larger pool of data. The second reason is that… Read More

  • iPhone sales lead Apple to open the doors 2 hours early daily

    17 days after the iPhone 3G launch, could Apple still be pulling a crowd each day? A bit doubtful, I cruised over to the local Apple spot this morning. Sure enough, the line was about wrapped around the corner, 20+ iPhone-hopefuls deep. In what’s being declared as an effort to make getting an iPhone 3G “easier and more convenient“, Apple has decided to open the doors to… Read More

  • Blippr Is Twitter For Micro-Reviews

    If you cannot say something in 160 characters or less, then it is not worth saying (except for anything you read on TechCrunch, of course). That text-message ethos is now moving over to other forms of communication like Twitter (which caps messages at 140 characters). The latest example is Blippr, a site where you can review books, games, music, and movies in SMS-sized bites. Paring a… Read More

  • Verizon escapes economic hard times, thanks again to wireless

    Verizon reported another strong quarter, with little thanks to the few remaining landline customers. Verizon Communications, the 51% parent to Verizon Wireless, says its second quarter earnings were up 12%, reaching $1.88 billion, or 66 cents per share, up from $1.68 billion, or 58 cents per share a year ago, even as more landline customers disconnected service. The company reported an… Read More

  • Robotic noblewoman walks like a lady, retells world's oldest novel

    Japanese people are proud of the fact that many scientists credit “The Tale of Genji” as the first novel ever written. Now famous Kyoto University spinoff Robo-Garage has revived Murasaki Shikibu, the tale’s author and a noblewoman, in robotic form. MURASAKI stands 31cm and weighs 1.5kg. The robot wears a kimono in the style of the early… Read More

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