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    Here’s a nostalgic look back at the items we’ve recently reviewed here at CrunchGear… Review: WickedLasers Photonic Disruptor “We’re a WickedLasers family. We enjoy shooting them at napkins to make them burn and zapping friends legs while they’re sitting at our picnic table.” Review: TuneUp for iTunes “If you’re like me, your entire… Read More

  • Got Biceps To Spare? Sell Your Secrets To Bodybuilding Success On ZodBod

    Think you’ve found the ultimate fitness regime to attain the body of a Greek god? ZodBod, a new fitness startup that launched last month, wants to help you share your secrets to success – and possibly make some money in the process. The site invites users to write up and sell their own fitness guides, in which they can instruct visitors on diet and exercise regimes designed to… Read More

  • Paul McCartney is no fan of Google Street View

    I’m of the opinion that if you write a song like “Yesterday” you can do whatever you want. That’s why (well, partially why) I’m not upset at Sir Paul McCartney, who is having a bit of a hissy fit vis-à-vis Google Street View. McCartney recently asked this his house be removed from Street View because, as a spokesman put it, he felt “unsettled” that… Read More

  • Sharp and Mitsubishi to out new HDTVs in Japan

    Both Sharp and Mitsubishi have announced new LCD TVs for the Japanese market, and both devices seem to be pretty interesting. They will be available over here as early as next month, with neither Sharp nor Mitsubishi having said anything about an international release yet. Read More

  • Six Small Conferences About Twitter, And Counting

    It’s no surprise that Twitter, the current darling of social media and one of the fastest growing web sites, is now becoming the subject matter of entire conferences. There is a tremendous opportunity for businesses and brands to use Twitter to their advantage, including through customer support, brand management, advertising, job search and much more. But everybody is still trying to… Read More

  • Review: WickedLasers Photonic Disruptor

    Were a WickedLasers family. We enjoy shooting them at napkins to make them burn and zapping friends legs while they’re sitting at our picnic table. Obviously these things are as dangerous as all get out, but a little innocent fun is always in the offing and we always play it safe with glasses and appropriate safety measures. The Photonic Disruptor is a different animal altogether, however. Read More

  • Infinity Ventures Summit Launch Pad in Japan (Part 2: The Best Of The Rest)

    The Infinity Ventures Summit (IVS) in Sapporo/Japan, one of Asia’s most important web industry events, is a wrap, and we were there to witness a total of 12 startups presenting at the launch pad. The judges awarded 3D model maker MotionPortrait with the top prize. Graph sharing service Vizoo [this and many of the following links are in Japanese], recommendation engine Deqwas, photo… Read More

  • How Facebook, MySpace and YouTube Killed eBay

    Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Keith Rabois, vice president of strategy and business development for Slide, the social entertainment company. On Monday afternoon, I was speaking on a panel at the Social Graph Symposium when the moderator asked me what eBay could do to revitalize its marketplace by leveraging the social graph. Dave McClure, like many pundits, presumes the social… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Mallow Burger Edition

    Half-Life Fridge Magnets: Need, not want
    This isn’t the burger you’re looking for…
    The newest USB stick weirdness: Cat ears Read More

  • Della, we hardly knew ye

    Della, the ill-conceived Dell-for-ladies site, is no more. The mind-bendingly idiotic endeavor was probably well-meaning, but mostly in the condescending and abusive way that wife-beaters say they’re “well-meaning.” After only ten days of existence, it’s now a slightly more generalized “lifestyles” section with only a passing resemblance to the… Read More

  • Moore's law for storage to level out soon?

    Although engineers continually devise new ways to conquer obstacles previously thought insurmountable, in the case of solid state storage, we may actually be approaching a point where the current theory just doesn’t work. The size of cells in memory arrays is getting so small that each one now holds just 100 electrons. That means that an array based on current theory can only get 100… Read More

  • Brand new 9 trailer

    With all the blockbuster hits coming this year, I’m most excited for Shane Acker’s 9. I haven’t even seen this trailer, but I know it’s going to kick so much ass. If you’re unfamiliar with 9 then check out the original trailer here and then check out the two-minute clip here. Read More

  • Deny This, Last.fm

    A couple of months ago Erick Schonfeld wrote a post titled “Did Last.fm Just Hand Over User Listening Data To the RIAA?” based on a source that has proved to be very reliable in the past. All hell broke loose shortly thereafter. Before posting Erick reached out to the RIAA, Last.fm and parent company CBS for comments. The only response was from CBS – “To our knowledge… Read More

  • Tap Tap Revenge 2.5 Hits Tonight, Takes Steps To Consolidate Popularity

    If you’ve got an iPhone, there’s a good chance you’ve got Tapulous’s Tap Tap Revenge installed – the game is ranked as the iPhone’s most popular game of all time. Tonight the latest update to the game lands, adding a handful of new features including themes, “battles”, and a new song import feature. The features are part of the latest update of… Read More

  • Netflix recommendation system improvements

    There hasn’t been too much buzz lately about that Netflix programming contest. You remember the one: Netflix ponied up $10M US dollars to any team that could improve their movie recommendation system by 10%. When I was a Netflix user I was never really dissatisfied by the recommendation system, so it’s hard for me to imagine how they’d gauge that it was 10% better than it… Read More

  • Facebook's Valuation Heading North Again. Up To $10 Billion Now.

    A few days ago, we reported that Facebook turned down an investment term sheet that placed their value at $8 billion. But it was apparently the board seat the investors wanted and not the valuation that was the hold up. Now that valuation number has jumped to $10 billion thanks to an offer from some new investors, sources tell The Wall Street Journal. Specifically, Digital Sky Technologies… Read More

  • Video: Fred Wilson Talks To Google About Disruption

    Venture Capitalist (Union Square Ventures) and blogger Fred Wilson gave a talk a few days ago at Google’s headquarters in Mountain View. The key point of his talk was about disruption — what companies are doing out there to change the technology space. Nothing Earth-shatteringly new, but interesting insights from a smart guy. The talk includes his six words to live by on the… Read More

  • NileGuide Unveils iPhone App For Customized Travel Guides

    NileGuide, one-stop travel planning site, has launched an iPhone app for its travel guide and planning portal. The startup, which lets you create a customized trip itinerary, will now let users view the customized guides they create on Nile’s site on their iPhones. Users can browse all the descriptions and map locations of events, restaurants, hotels, bars and landmarks that are scheduled… Read More

  • Make Your Google Analytics Data Public

    Last year we called on Google to let users have the option of making Google Analytics data public. Today they’ve done that, in a fashion. They aren’t aggregating the data into a public site (although adding it to Google Trends over time would make sense). But they are allowing websites to access the data via an API and publish it to the web or in applications. From the blog post: Read More

  • MPAA argues in RealDVD courtroom that copying DVDs is illegal under the DMCA

    What’s another phrase for, “meh, who cares?” That’s what I’m thinking when I read that the MPAA tried to argue in court that making a personal copy of a DVD is illegal under the DMCA. Is it shocking to people that the MPAA would argue in favor of its own interests, possibly at the expense of the your ability to make rip a DVD? No. No it’s not. Read More

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