• Acer announces ultraportable 'Timeline' series, plus new Gateway 'EC' notebook

    Much more than a netbook but more portable than your average notebook, Acer’s Timeline series is set to go up against the likes of the MacBook Air, the Lenovo X301, and MSI’s X-Slim notebooks. There will be three models available; a 15.6-inch version, a 14-inch version, and a 13.3-inch version weighing in at 5.3, 4.2, and 3.5 pounds, respectively. Read More

  • Intel celebrates the Atom's 1st B-Day with two new chips

    The Intel Atom had a great first year. There probably wasn’t a day on CrunchGear where we didn’t announce or talk about a random gadget powered by the the Intel CPU. The new models keep on rolling too, with two new options announced today. One, bumps the CPU into previously unavailable speeds, and the other should find its way into MIDs. Read More

  • Hot Rods: Top Car Social Networks CarDomain And StreetFire Merge

    CarDomain and StreetFire, the no. 1 and no. 2 social networks for car enthusiasts, respectively, have merged. An announcement will be made later this morning. StreetFire CEO Glenn Rogers will run the combined entity, although the CarDomain is the acquiring company and has a majority of the equity. CarDomain founder and Chairman Alex Algard will become Chairman of the combined entity. The… Read More

  • Chevy Chase nails his Steve Jobs impression on Chuck last night

    We all love Jobsy. His iconic keynote addresses set the bar so high that Steve Ballmer takes notes. Anyway, Chevy Chase played a character earily close on last nights Chuck sans Steve Jobs traditional jeans and black turtleneck. Check it out after the break. Read More

  • IPEVO announces Skype desktop phone

    IPEVO announced their new desk style Skype certified phone today. Designed for the “love Skype, hate the headset” crowd or people who need something that looks a bit more professional, the SO-10W is the latest addition to IPEVO’s product line. Read More

  • TweetDeck Counters Seesmic Desktop Release With Major New Features

    Yesterday, Loïc Le Meur announced a TweetDeck rival dubbed Seesmic Desktop that not only looks a lot like the popular AIR application (more popular than any other desktop client according to statistics) but also heavily competes with it on a feature level. TweetDeck founder Iain Dodsworth, not to be outdone by the announcements, sent an e-mail out to his contacts just now about an… Read More

  • Does Israel Still Have its Mojo? AOL Certainly Thinks So

    In a recent post, Sarah Lacy posed the question of whether Israel has lost its mojo. It looks like AOL believes the mojo is still very much somewhere in the Holy Land, as evidenced by its tapping Avichay Nissenbaum as AOL’s first Country Manager for Israel. Nissenbaum, considered by Israel’s startup community as “one of the good guys” is known for two startup… Read More

  • Toshiba Japan rolls out new LED backlit Regza LCD TVs

    Toshiba announced a total of 10 new full HD Regza LCD TVs in Japan yesterday [JP]. The company just recently said it decided to step up production of LCD TVs. It’s new LCD TVs are marketed as the “Z series”, the ZX8000, ZH8000 and Z8000. They will be sold in Japan starting April 25 through July this year. Read More

  • Mendix Helps Enterprises Streamline Application Deployment

    Mendix’s software 

. Mendix
’s technology enable
s companies 
 people… Read More

  • Sosius launches a zoomable fractal map of data pleasure and pain

    I don’t cover enterprise applications often, but today Sosius launches something that not only made me sit up and notice, but I could also see scaling into a tool which almost any web application could make use of. Sosius provides online collaboration and group workspaces, but before you close this tab, you need to check out their new visualization application. This is a fascinating… Read More

  • Zuckerberg Admits Facebook Now Has 200 Million Users

    Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg just posted a message on the company blog confirming the number of users for the social networking service that’s been floating around for some time now. The blog post, titled ‘200 Million Strong’, says the milestone will effectively be achieved today (no more speculation needed). Zuckerberg goes on with the usual talk about how the service does… Read More

  • Micro-Blogging Meets Micro-Payments, Courtesy Of Tipjoy's API

    Social micro-payments enabler Tipjoy is releasing an API today that allows charities but also companies and individuals to handle relatively small payments over Twitter. This opens up a lot of opportunities (and possibly also a can of worms) for applications that can benefit from small transactions, from e-commerce services selling content, subscriptions, etc. to charitable causes and… Read More

  • Rumor Redux: Storm 2 has Wi-Fi, better text input

    So now some Dutch guy who seems to represent RIM in some vague sense now says that the Storm 2 will have an improved text input system, which seems to suggest a slide-out keyboard. Read More

  • RCTiger is now free

    Obviously it’s really hard to convince people to drive tanks in a German office remotely over the Internet for a few Eruro so the folks at RCTiger have now made their service free. The service, as you’ll recall, is basically a fun game that lets multiple players compete in real-time using model tanks in a cute little wooded playing field. They’ve made the game run 24/7 now… Read More

  • Dictionary.com Launches Free iPhone App

    Dictionary.com, part of the Ask.com network, has launched a free iPhone app that delivers lets you look up definitions and synonyms from Dictionary.com and Thesaurus.com, reaching into a database of more than 275,000 definitions and 80,000 synonyms. The app also features audio pronunciations, similarly spelled words and Word of the Day. The app lets you easily access spelled words… Read More

  • Good morning my friend are you involved in wanting a mini iPhone? For you I have nice one!

    SlashyG has a 9 minute video of some vaguely Russian man describing the failbox that is the CECT M188 MINI Dual SIM Card Phone with Bluetooth, essentially a mini iPhone knock off with a VGA camera, FM radio, and memory card slot. Best of all, the bugger only costs $103 which makes it perfect for your strange little kiosk in the smoky central train station where you unlock Nokias and sell… Read More

  • Open Text Buys 3D Interface Innovator Vizible

    Later today, enterprise content management juggernaut Open Text will announce to the world that it has acquired Toronto, Canada-based Vizible for an undisclosed sum. I’d never heard of Vizible before, but now that I have I’m stunned that this 10-year old company received so little attention for its achievements so far. Vizible essentially transforms consuming just about any type… Read More

  • CrunchGear PSA: Don't buy Smartparts products

    I’ve recently discovered that Smartparts, makers of Wi-Fi enabled picture frames, is going out of business and will no longer be supporting their products. Your best bet is to wait until their junk is on clearance and then pick it up cheaply. Otherwise, steer clear. A word from the company after the jump. Read More

  • Card skimmers becoming bolder, less elusive

    Cue breathless martial music! Get the hot anchor on this story! Hurry, local news, before these guys give up! Giz reader Sean spotted a Chase ATM in Manhattan with a custom-made card skimmer and PIN camera attached in such an odd and unconvincing manner that you kind of wonder what that heck is going on here. Read More

  • Motorola's Co-CEO Sanjay K. Jha got $104 million last year, you got laid off

    Remember Motorola? They used to make phones. Anyway, co-CEO Sanjay K. Jha (the other CEO is Batman, but you never see Sanjay and Batman in the same room so…) works for the company and apparently spent most of last year and all of this year fishing, taking dance classes, and spending time with his kids because Motorola has done fuck-all to save itself in the face of high-powered… Read More

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