• Brando tests the limits of consumer behavior with folding credit card light bulb

    I’d love to be a fly on the wall during one of Brando’s product development sessions. This product, for instance, is a folding credit card-sized “light bulb” that appears to be nothing more than a little LED shining upward against some sort of translucent plastic. Read More

  • Rumor: BlackBerry Storm 2 to hit VZW in November

    Remember last year when everyone was stoked about the new touchscreen BlackBerry called the Storm? Oh man, the hype was huge. There was iPhone-ish lines, media coverage, the works. But then the first reviews came out and we all realized the truth: the phone sucked. It’s now a lot better thank to firmware updates, but the upcoming BlackBerry Storm 2 will hopefully recapture some of… Read More

  • Love fraggin' dudes and checking out graphs? Treyarch's COD: World At War app is for you

    If you’re constantly getting into intense debates with your closest compadres over who has the most headshots or the best Kill-to-Death ratio in Call Of Duty: World At War (and really, who isn’t? I mean, besides normal people), Treyarch’s got a little surprise for you. This morning, the folks behind CoD: World At War (otherwise known as the first WWII shooter that anybody… Read More

  • Video: Demo of Nikon's S1000pj projector camera

    Okay, so Nikon’s S1000pj just launched a few hours ago and I think we all want to see how it’s going to work. We’ll have a hands-on shortly, but here is the official Nikon video that demonstrates the camera clearly. We just hope that the room doesn’t have to be pitch black inorder for it to work. Interstingly enough, the French version of the video shows a cream… Read More

  • Review: BlackBerry Tour 9630 (Sprint)

    Short Version: Unless you’re shopping specifically for the Palm Pre, this is the smartphone to buy for Sprint customers. The weight is right, the speed is right, the OS is at the perfect point in its evolution. Read More

  • Unifying by Logitech is a proprietary system we can get behind

    Now this just makes sense. Instead of having a receiver for every USB wireless device, Logitech managed to stuff the right goods into its Unifying receiver. This little guy can pair with up to six Unifying-compatible Logitech mice and keyboards at the same time, just like Bluetooth peripherals have been able to for ages. The first device should be picked up by Windows and each device after… Read More

  • Delicious Freshens Up With Twitter. Founder Hates It.

    Delicious was once one of the hottest social sites on the Internet. That’s why Yahoo bought it in 2005. But it’s weird now to even think about it as a social site, I get more of the utilitarian vibe from it these days. People still use it, but it’s more of a repository. Or, to put it another way, it’s where links go to die. Contrast that with services like Twitter… Read More

  • RealEstate.com Launches Useful Twitter Bot

    I continue to be amazed at how companies use Twitter in a professional way (see for example my profile on Best Buy’s efforts with @Twelpforce). Another case in point: RealEstate.com is today launching the beta version of @Housewatch, a Twitter bot that can instantly deliver statistics and information to home buyers, sellers and agents who use the social networking service. Here’s… Read More

  • WeFi's Directory Nearly 30 Million WiFi Hotspots Strong, Raises More Funding

    Lightspeed Venture Partners and Pitango Venture Capital are pouring more capital into WeFi, operator of a global, community-based network of WiFi hotspots, in an undisclosed Series B round of funding and following an earlier round by both investors secured back in May 2007. The follow-up financing was provided to support WeFi’s business and financial needs, and according to the release… Read More

  • Toshiba announces world’s first 64GB SDXC memory card

    After unveiling the first 16 GB microSDHC memory card back in October 2008, Toshiba today announced the world’s first 64GB SDXC memory card, which also boasts the fastest data transfer rate out there. The card has a top write speed of 35Mbps and a read speed of 60Mbps, enough for handling a 2.4GB video file in 70 seconds. Read More

  • iPhone users: This virtual girlfriend will never leave you (video)

    There are a number of Tamagotchi-style apps for the iPhone out there, but now Tokyo-based Xtone gives us Amamiya Momo, a virtual catgirl girlfriend that lives in your iPhone, speaks to you and expresses emotions (there are English subs for when she speaks Japanese). You can use the GPS function in your iPhone to let Momo know when you’re home and when you’re out. She will act cuter… Read More

  • Ginipic: Neat Image Search App For Web And Desktop

    Ginipic is a nice desktop application that allows you to crawl a host of photo sharing services as well as your own machine for pictures, making it a close to ideal image search tool. Can’t believe it took me so long to discover it (Orli was quicker than me). It’s basically a tool that you can dock on your desktop and use whenever you’re in need of imagery (which… Read More

  • Spotify Closing New Financing At €200 Million Valuation; Music Labels Already Shareholders

    Has European music startup Spotify finally figured out the online music business? Some big investors seem to think so. Rumors surfaced today that the company is raising a new round of financing of $50 million or so, at valuation of $250 million. We’ve confirmed those rumors from a source close to the company, and have uncovered lots more information about the secretive startup. First… Read More

  • iLike's Pushtastic iPhone App Lets You Know When Your Favorite Bands Are Coming To Town

    iLike is launching a new iPhone application today that takes advantage of the iPhone 3.0 update’s new features in some of the best ways that we’ve seen yet. Dubbed “Local Concerts”, the application lets you follow any artist you’d like and receive alerts whenever they announce that they’re coming to a local venue. For anyone who has ever tried to keep tabs… Read More

  • Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill & James Taylor Rip Facebook Hard In Funny People

    Let’s start off by saying the clip below, taken from the new Adam Sandler movie Funny People, is NSFW. So don’t click it if you don’t want to deal with a lot of swearing. About Facebook. And apologies for the atrocious quality. The studio said it would takes weeks or something to get all the signoffs for approval, so we just found the movie on the interwebs and used that. Read More

  • Daily Crunch: A Cry for Help Edition

    Pre Philosophy: Why are Palm’s ads the way they are?
    Batman: Arkham Asylum demo due out this Friday
    One part NES. One part iPhone. All parts awesome. Read More

  • Social Recruiting Startup KODA Completes $3 Million Round Of Angel Funding

    Social recruitment service KODA.us has just raised $1 million in funding from a group of private angel investors, bringing the total of seed investment injected into the San Francisco startup to $3 million. KODA.us essentially wants to bring social networking and job recruiting together into one unified service, which it claims is “more professional than Facebook but more personal… Read More

  • Yahoo Shuts Bix Down. Did Anyone Notice?

    It must be disconcerting to a big Internet company to shut down a whole website and nobody even notices. Not even a short note on Twitter from a concerned user until now. But that’s what apparently happened. At some point Yahoo shut down Bix, a karaoke and contest website that they acquired in late 2006. Yes, at some point in 2006 someone at Yahoo said “Karaoke? Contests? We gotta… Read More

  • 80GB PlayStation 3s to be discontinued in Japan on August 9?

    According to the above notice from 7-Eleven, Sony is requesting that all 80GB PS3s in Japan be pulled along with any and all displays. Pre-orders for all trims of the 80GB PS3 will stop on August 9 at 10AM local time. So that leaves the 160GB PS3 as the only SKU in Japan. Does this mean that the PS3 Slim is really on the way? via Kotaku Read More

  • ROFL: WET Shot at Love viral video

    Not too shabby for Bethesda’s upcoming third person shooter. It’s good enough for a chuckle or two, right? via Destructoid Read More

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