• Redesigning For A Reason: Towards Better Conversion Rates

    Mint, an online personal finance site, has gotten a facelift. The new site sports a much cleaner design than the previous iteration, and appears to be focused on describing what Mint actually does rather than presenting pretty (but somewhat overwhelming) graphics. For now the improvements are mainly on the external portion of the site (for non-members), with the members’ portion… Read More

  • Jitterbit: An Open Source Project That Bridges Data Gaps

    Jitterbit, a service that helps companies bridge and integrate data from different sources, has released a new 2.0 version of its software along with a new pricing model that it hopes will make it more appealing to businesses and consumers alike. Jitterbit is an open source project that allows users to efficiently use and modify data from multiple sources that may not typically communicate… Read More

  • Review: Sprint KATANA Eclipse by Sanyo

    Also making its way into CG HQ is the Sprint Katana Eclipse from Sanyo. This too is a simple, yet effective flip phone. It’s nothing fancy, but it’s the tiny details that make this particular device stand out from the crowd. Said tiny details are the two light bars on the front flap that can be customized for contacts, messages, phone calls, etc. in one of 40 different variations… Read More

  • Review: Sprint MOTORAZR VE20 from Motorola

    Landing in the CG office is the latest flip phone from Motorola to hit Sprint, the Motorazr VE20. My first reaction to the VE20 is that it’s very thick, but that’s in comparison to the original RAZR line. The VE20 may be fatter, but it certainly has more features. The VE20 is equipped with a 2-megapixel camera capable of video recording. The camera loads up rather quickly once… Read More

  • CrunchGear Week in Review: In Buenos Aires Edition

    Ten Days of CrunchGear
    My day with Bigfoot
    This robot has a rat brain
    iPig: Not what you call Steve Jobs when he pinches your buttock
    Got 5 minutes and an old pair of sunglasses? DIY Terminator shades, baby
    Air and noise monitors to be placed throughout Buenos Aires Read More

  • Pouring Our Heart Into TechCrunch50

    TechCrunch50, where fifty new startups (give or take) will launch, is less than a month away. The conference team is fried after reviewing over 1,000 applications from companies preparing to launch. We’ve been interviewing these startups for weeks, often scheduling calls in the middle of the night because there just weren’t enough business hours to schedule everyone in. The NYTimes… Read More

  • I Don't Understand Y Combinator Hate

    The vast majority of entrepreneurs I’ve spoken with who’ve been funded by seed stage VC/incubator Y Combinator are happy that they took the investment. And the ones that applied but weren’t selected generally have nothing bad to say, either. So I continue to be surprised to see journalists write stories that suggest that the deal Y Combinator offers to entrepreneurs is… Read More

  • Yearbook Yourself For A Good Laugh

    Find a picture of yourself looking straight at the camera and then go to YearbookYourself for a good laugh. The site morphs your picture into a classic looks from 1950 – 2000. A few of the ones that it created for me are in the image to the right (and the middle left one is my new Facebook profile image). It’s free and ad supported. Full disclosure, I had that hair in the bottom… Read More

  • Review: Razer Piranha headset

    I’m new to the video review thing, so forgive me if the thing above is too long by half, which I’m pretty sure it is. I’ve included a traditional text review as well, in case you don’t want to look at my smirking video-face. Anyhoo, I’m reviewing Razer’s Piranha gaming headset. If you’re in the market for a headphones/microphone combo, this is a… Read More

  • SportsFanLive: It's Like Netvibes For Sports

    If you go to any of the major sports sites on the Web—ESPN.com, Yahoo Sports,, Sports Illustrated—you’ll find pretty much the same thing: a picture of Michael Phelps, Olympics coverage, and maybe some fantasy baseball. David Katz, a former Yahoo executive who used to run Yahoo Sports, is trying something different with SportsFanLive, which has just launched in beta. Rather… Read More

  • 10 Days of CrunchGear: Your cables in a twist

    This is how we do it down CrunchGear way: we charge via USB, yall. With this new Mobile Device Charger from Proporta, we’re all totally down whatever kids are down with these days. Tired of getting your cables in a twist? For a limited time only, receive a free orange Cable Tidy when you order the Proporta Mobile Device Charger or Mobile Device Charger – Micro. How do you win? Read More

  • It's a guitar, it's a computer, it's – it's – a compuitar!

    http://blip.tv/play/hVbIpGMA TechEBlog has a cool little pair of guitars that also happen to be PCs (or are they PCs that also happen to be guitars? Go ask Chuang Tzu). The one in the video above is actually a touchscreen laptop embedded into a guitar body and appears to have working frets and all. I’m thinking he needs to take it easy on the delay a little bit (bwee-ow-ow-ow-ow-ow), but… Read More

  • Wi-Fi "heat map" of office generated by signal strength

    This is really cool. This guy wrote an app that essentially saves the signal strength at a given location and then collates the data points into a little map, giving an approximate location of the access point and the places where one finds the best average signal. This seems really practical to me; if it’s not too hard to do, IT departments around the globe might take it up and use it… Read More

  • Utah researchers suggest OLED efficiency not so hot

    [Image credit: University of Utah]
    The LEDs you see in use all over these days — in traffic lights, flashlights, and all over your computer — are able to convert somewhere between 50 and 70 percent of the energy passed to them into light. This high efficiency makes them ideal for those purposes mentioned, but high costs have prevented them from replacing other types of… Read More

  • Sharemo: How Japanese people share used stuff using their cell phones

    Swapping sites are nothing new (see Dig N’ Swap), but in Japan we like to trade our junk via our mobile phones. That is what the Japanese social sharing service Sharemo is all about. The site’s ambitious idea is to contribute to overcoming Japan’s throwaway society. This is how it works: Users can offer any item they don’t need anymore (DVDs, comics and clothes… Read More

  • Web Censorship Is So Bad in Turkey That Blogs Are Shutting Themselves Down In Protest

    It doesn’t take much to get your Website banned in Turkey. Pretty much any complaint to a lower court can get a Website blocked in the country. Websites including YouTube, DailyMotion, Alibaba, Slide.com, and some WordPress blogs have all been banned, usually because of some purported slight to the Turkish government or Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. (The Youtube ban was the result of a… Read More

  • DIY USB coil cable

    Why is it that the vast majority of USB cables are 6 feet long? The majority of my time, I need a 1-footer to connect random gadgets to my USB hub. Heck, even a 6-incher would be nice, but a USB cable that coils like a phone handset cord isn’t a bad alternative.  instructables’ user, Plusea, has a comprehensive walkthrough on how to make one of these puppies. All it requires is… Read More

  • 10 Days of CrunchGear: Secret Agent Mang

    We know why you need one of two Agent 18 iPhone 3G ClearShields: you dip your iPhone in bacon fat. Don’t worry. Intern Mosley does it too. It’s fine. Just don’t get any on your good coveralls. * Clear and durable plastic construction
    * Easy access to all connectors and touch screens
    * Unobstructed opening to camera lens for clear picture taking
    * Docks in… Read More

  • This Week on MobileCrunch

    Lots can happen in a week. Sometimes it gets tough to keep up. Have a busy week, and feeling left behind? Here are some of the biggest MobileCrunch stories from the week of 8/10/2008 – 8/16/08: Pwnage 2.0.2 now available Steve Jobs talks App Store: 60 million downloads, $30 million in the first month Latest Android rumor: presale beginning Sept 17 Sprint’s roadmap for the next… Read More

  • For anyone still interested, we have more Palm Pro info

    Yeah, we’re getting Palm overloaded too, but there might be some Palm fanboys that crave this info. Maybe.  Updated spec list – italicized means new info 400Mhz CPU 256MB ROM, 128MB RAM 320×320 screen GPS Full Tri-band 3G, Quad-band GSM 2 Megapixel camera microUSB connector 3.5mm Earphone connector 1500mah battery  Comm Manager’s Airport Mode MicroSD up to 32GB HTC… Read More

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