• Peek + unlimited service for $299 (today only)

    Whoa, ho, ho there. Take a look at this. If you’ve been intrigued by the e-mail-made-simple Peek device but thought the $20 per month outlay for service was a bit too steep, you can get the device with unlimited service for $299 today. Read More

  • Wine Review Site Snooth Raises Cash And A Following

    Raise a glass to Snooth, a social wine review site that is gaining some traction and recently closed another angel round of financing of about $1 million. Angel investors included Joe Meyer, Kevin Fortuna (both from Quigo) and Ted Jansen (former SVP at Expedia), who are now on the company’s advisory board. The New York City-based startup last raised an angel round a year ago for the… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Guitar Hero World Tour for $20

    Who’s ready to rock this weekend? Who?! If you answered, “I am, Doug! I don’t want to work! I just wanna bang on the drum all day!” then you might want to find your nearest Micro Center store. Read More

  • Space Invaders piggy bank from Japan

    30 years went by since the original Space Invaders. It’s one among the few things I like and are older than me. You put in the coin, one invader goes to the tally. Read More

  • Twitter Me This: TweetDeck Secures Angel Funding

    TweetDeck, an increasingly popular tool for accessing the Twitter service from your desktop, is close to securing a round of angel funding to the tune of nearly $500,000 from seed funding house Betaworks, reports MediaMemo. Update: funding is confirmed; amount is just south of $500,000, and comes not only from Betaworks but also from The Accelerator Group, Skype veteran Taavet Hinrikus… Read More

  • Boss reveals multi-effect processor and tuners at NAMM

    A major drawback of multi-effect processors is that they are digital. The sound coming out of them usually lacks the analog warmth. The ME-70 is easy to use, has knobs for every parameter so you can edit your sound quickly. Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Eyes on the Prize Edition

    Meet Kintore-Z, the world’s most useless robot
    MCH Media’s iPod Killer from the UK!
    Android-based ‘camera hat’ for remote tech support Read More

  • Salesforce keeps ahead of the conversation

    Marc Benioff has an uncanny sense of how to stitch together the multitude of social media and Web service resources that dominate the technology space. While many of the audience decry the notion of the enterprise applicability of these tools, Benioff and Salesforce think they’re on the way to what he calls “the next billion dollar opportunity” on top of this realtime… Read More

  • Watch The Obama Inauguration From Your iPhone With Ustream

    John Ham, the cofounder and CEO of live video streaming site Ustream, stopped by this afternoon to show me their newest stuff – a yet-to-be-released application that lets users watch live streams from the service on their iPhone. I took a brief video of the product and embedded it below, along with the more official video from Ustream. The application will let users watch any Ustream… Read More

  • Samsung splitting into two "just 'cuz"

    Actually, there’s a real reason they’re splitting. Their LCD and semiconductor arms will be combining, being the two most stricken in these dark economic times, which leaves mobile and media to be together in (hopefully) lasting harmony. Sudden loss of credit (that probably never existed really) and loss of consumer confidence have hammered income in their LCD and memory… Read More

  • And Intel joins the ranks of the economically disadvantaged

    Intel released its quarterly earnings report today, which revealed a 90% drop in profits compared to the same quarter last year. I’m no economy major, but if I try to work through the jargon I believe they’re saying that their profits dropped by 90% over a year period. Considering how much of a lead they have on rival AMD (also hurting) and the immense popularity of Atom-based… Read More

  • Browser Showdown At The Churchill Club; IE 8 Release Candidate Coming This Month

    Representatives from Microsoft (Dean Hachamovitch), Opera (Christen Krogh), Mozilla (Mike Shaver) and Google (Sundar Pichal) met at the Churchill Club in Silicon Valley tonight for a panel called “Browsers are Hot Again!”, moderated by Businessweek columnist Steve Wildstrom. The event is timely. There has never been such robust competition in the browser space. Google recently… Read More

  • My chat with Verizon about FIOS

    I’ve been eying FIOS for a few years now – I know Doug has it and likes it – and was just inspired by a commercial on cable to pop by the Verizon site to check on FIOS in Brooklyn. Almost immediately I was shunted into a chat with “Philip” who proceeded to offer me DSL. Phil then encouraged me to “check back” with some regularity, something that would… Read More

  • Nintendo sets industry records in 2008

    Folks may have been renting Xbox 360 titles like mad last year, but that didn’t do much for console sales. The NPD group announced sales figures for the Wii and DS earlier today and the numbers are astonishing. Read More

  • THX teams with Radiient for wireless surround sound

    The fine folks at THX have taken note of the current home theater landscape and deemed it sub-par when it comes to surround sound. That may or may not be true, but I’d like to think someone at THX thought that at some point. Developed in conjunction with Radiient, the THX Roomcaster system taps ultra-wideband wireless technology to unshackle your surround system from its wired overlords. Read More

  • LED watch tells time in a heartbeat

    Trying to find that perfect wristwatch that combines insane Japanese technology with poor fashion sense? Your prayers have been answered. Check out the new EIN Cyber Heartbeat LED. Since the instructions are in Japanese, it’s fairly hard for me to understand, however it appears you read the minutes through the EKG display, and the hours below. Read More

  • Age matters when it comes to web site navigation

    Shocking news, everyone! Age plays a factor in how we figure out web site navigation! According to a new study in the journal Psychology & Marketing, younger kids do better with maps and visual “learning clues” while older kids are better at scanning lists of content. Read More

  • My day with Windows 7

    Windows 7 and I went for a little spin today and I’m pleased to report the old girl is doing quite well. As hard as it is to beleive, I’m not actually a total anti-Windows douche and I was actually very excited to be able to try out a fresh new version of Windows free and much earlier than expected. Read More

  • Experience inauguration overload with DirecTV's Mix channel

    DirecTV has the ultimate inauguration station in case you were planning on watching Obama’s big night at home rather than at your local theater. The mosaic combines eight, high-def stations into one mix that lets you select which station you wanna watch in full screen, high definition. DirecTV has been doing this for a few years with sports but this is probably the first time a President… Read More

  • Congress wants $650 million to subsidize more digital TV converter boxes

    The FCC may not have done enough to promote next month’s transition to digital TV, but that doesn’t mean Your Government has given up on you! Congress has just asked for an additional $650 million to pay for more digital converter box vouchers. Read More

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