• Trademark Fight: Intel Is Worried You Might Think It Is A Chinese Travel Agency

    Do these two logos look the same to you? Is there the remotest chance that you might confuse Intellife Travel, a small travel agency in Santa Clara, California that caters to Chinese Americans and expats, with Intel the company? You know, the one that makes computer chips. Me neither. But tell that to Intel’s trademark lawyers, who filed a lawsuit against Intellife on September 18… Read More

  • Panasonic toughens up the Toughbook series, unveils the Toughbook F8, adds new features to the T8, W8

    Today, Panasonic unveiled the latest rugged Toughbook in Tokyo, the F8. If you’re unfamiliar with the Toughbook series then take notice because these laptops are built like tanks and deliver on all the features you’d expect and want. The F8 can claim a world’s first by being the lightest 3G-ready 14.1-inch widescreen notebook, too. See that handle? Read More

  • Step right up, get your plug-in Jeep

    Chrysler really threw their hat into the electric vehicle ring today, revealing not one, not two, but three electric or semi-electric vehicles. The one getting all the eyeballs, of course, is the Chrysler EV (real creative name there), which is all-electric, based on a Lotus Elise, and does 0-60 in five seconds. Of course, that one probably won’t ever enter production, or if it does… Read More

  • Like Sister Site Hulu, New MySpace Music Is Just For U.S. Users

    The new MySpace Music launches tonight for everyone. But like Hulu, another joint venture backed by News Corp. (MySpace’s parent company), it’ll only be for U.S. users. International users will see the new design and functionality, but the new content won’t be there. Hulu is now a year old and most video content is still only watchable in the U.S. MySpace already has tens… Read More

  • Motorola intros its first WiMAX adapter – the USBw 100

    The WiMAX rollout should be right ’round the corner and Motorola is here with the USBw 100 adapter just in time. The companies first WiMAX device is coming in three tasty flavors – 2.3GHz, 2.5GHz and 3.5 GHz – to ensure a compatible version is available for your network’s frequency range. Thanks to multiple antenna technology and some Motorola wizardry, the… Read More

  • The Mate – a stay-put mat & plate for your little one

    Don’t have a kid? The Mate isn’t for you then chap, but you’re welcome to keep reading for some free birth control. Feeding a toddler often involves place a plate of food on-top of a large tray and praying you don’t have to get out the mop. Generally, it starts out innocently ‘nough but eventually there is corn on the wall – even if you aren’t… Read More

  • Developers, nerds, and geeks – the Android SDK 1.0 has been released

    The first Android phone launches on October 22, and while the Android SDK has been out for a while now, Google just released version 1.0. The latest version allegedly fixes numerous bugs and adds a few things API thingies. So if you’re a developer, fed up with Apple’s iron fist over the App Store, now might be the time to switch over to Google’s laissez-faire… Read More

  • Awesome: Kodak announces a new film, Ektar 100

    Kodak’s really on it. In addition to creating some of the best digital camera sensors on the market, they are now also putting out the film with the finest grain on earth, in addition to it having extremely high contrast and color saturation. Very nice. Although the film in my fridge is nice big-grained T-Max 400, something like this might still be useful for fashion photographers and… Read More

  • Today on MobileCrunch

    Not reading MobileCrunch yet? Why the heck not? While a MobileCrunch post or two might make the jump over to CrunchGear each day, there’s a ton of good stuff each day that you’ll only see on that side of the fence. Here’s some stuff you may have missed on MobileCrunch today: Kingston 8GB SDHC Kit Giveaway: 2nd winner announced, but we’ve still got 3 more to… Read More

  • Sprint's XOHM WiMax service slips back to October

    Remember just last week, when someone at Sprint said they’d still be launching their XOHM WiMax service in September? Turns out “September” is just a fancy way to spell “October” around the Sprint campus, with the company announcing that XOHM will launch in Baltimore come October 8th. Don’t cruise out to Baltimore to try to bask in the glorious rays of… Read More

  • Now that's one leet media center

    I’m going to make a confession here. “1337” used to be the combination for my bike lock. Stop laughing. I said stop laughing. But not only is Donn’s leet little media center face-palmingly geeky (for the moment), it’s also actually leet: did you notice there are 4657GB filled available on the thing? Good lord, the man must eat, drink, and sleep TV! Read More

  • Tipjoy Raises $1 Million For Its Simple Micropayment Platform

    Tipjoy, a Y Combinator-funded micropayment startup that launched in February, has closed a Series A funding round led by Betaworks, with The Accelerator Group and Chris Sacca also participating. The company hasn’t disclosed the exact amount of the funding, but says that it is just shy of $1 million. Tipjoy offers as a basic micropayment system that allows bloggers to leave virtual… Read More

  • Voodoo responds to closure rumors

    Late last week, a rumor broke that HP might be giving its gamer enthusiast brand, Voodoo, the boot. Turns out, that wasn’t entirely true as it sounds like Voodoo is going to be brought in under the HP umbrella similarly like Compaq. In fact, this was first announced a few months ago, proving that the Internet rumor mill is a crazy, crazy bastard.  Read More

  • iPhone 3G can now be purchased online but read the fine print

    Ah, how nice is it for Apple to bring back quasi-online iPhone purchasing option. When the jesusphone 3G launched, the option disappeared, forcing you to head down to your local Apple or AT&T store only to be at the mercy of their limited supply. Apple spun it saying that it was for your benefit, but here we are, praising the reborn online purchasing option. Bad news? Your iPhone… Read More

  • Whether you go Leica or Hasselblad, you're buying Kodak

    This is interesting. I really had no idea that Kodak was the sensor provider for both Leica and Hasselblad, whose near-medium-format professional DSLRs have been the talk of the town lately. Good for Kodak! I like it when companies are behind the scenes and don’t steal the thunder — companies like IBM and Broadcom that make the hardware that makes the hardware. I wonder then if… Read More

  • WinMo 7 delayed until the second half of next year?

    Imagine today, but a year from now. You might still be waiting for the next version of Windows Mobile. Apparently hardware vendors had been expecting the final version to arrive “by early next year” but were recently told that it wouldn’t be ready until the second half on next year, according to CNET. In other news, guess what’s white hot right now? Operating systems… Read More

  • Sylvania realizes it can’t make good netbooks on its own, rebrands MSI Wind as ‘MAGNI’

    Sylvania had the right idea when it rebranded the 7-inch Everex Cloudbook as the Sylvania “g” netbook except for the fact that the Cloudbook never really took off. Then came the 8.9-inch Sylvania MESO, which was a kinda-sorta rebranded Amtek Elego by Digital Gadgets, a licensee of Sylvania. Huh? Now, Sylvania seems to be on the right track by rebranding the 10-inch MSI Wind as… Read More

  • Twenty Startups Pool Resources To Recruit Developers

    Big tech companies may be preparing to downsize, but startups are still hiring like mad. Particularly engineers. It’s hard for one startup to get noticed above the crowd, but what if twenty of them pool their resources, hold a competition and throw a five day party for top recruits? That’s the goal of Gnip and 19 other Boulder, Colorado based startups who are pitching in $5,000 each… Read More

  • Honda's "singing" road sounds like crap, gets paved over

    Because nothing sells Civics like the William Tell Overture, some marketing master over at Honda decided to cut grooves into a Lancaster, CA road in such a way that the tune would play anytime a car drove by. Unfortunately, everyone hated it. It’s distracting, which is exactly what you don’t want on a 2 lane highway, and sounds nothing like the William Tell Overture (though it… Read More

  • Motorola Q11 spotted in the wild

    GPS! Bluetooth! WiFi! 3-megapixel camera! Windows Mobile 6.1 *sound of record scratching to a halt* Yeah, another Moto keyboard phone with Windows Mobile. Behold, the Q11 courtesy of Mobility Today. I honestly have no problem with how Moto builds these things – the Q9M was a really pretty phone – but I honestly wouldn’t get WinMo phone even if it came with a puppy and a back rub. Read More

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