• Exclusive: iRiver Clix Rhapsody Review

    The second-generation iriver Clix is an impressive little device, but iriver followed in SanDisk’s footsteps and used its partnership with Rhapsody to create a pretty slick little end-to-end solution called the Clix Rhapsody. That means the Clix now comes with Rhapsody DNA firmware and works with the Windows-only Rhapsody software, which lets you transfer Rhapsody Channels and… Read More

  • EA Says Games Need to Innovate, Releases "Games Need to Innovate 2007," Soon to Launch "Games Need to Innovate 2008"

    “We’re boring people to death and making games that are harder and harder to play.” That’s what John Riccitiello, CEO of EA said to the WSJ. Sing it, Johnny. EA, the kings of launching boring and hard video games that try to cash in on franchises and crappy movies, has finally seen the light. His criticism is nothing new. Everyone from Peter Molyneux to the drunk… Read More

  • Java Could be Activated on iPhone

    This is some wishful thinking, really, but there is Java acceleration built into the Samsung S3C6400 processor which iPhonistas believe could possibly feasibly allow Java to run natively on the iPhone. Since Steve said that Java eats rotten goat tongues, don’t expect to see any Java any time soon, but it’s nice to know that we can, potentially, at some point in time, see Java… Read More

  • OpenDNS Honcho David Ulevitch Profiled in NYT

    Would you buy DNS from this man? Well, you don’t have to. We love us some OpenDNS. It’s useful — the new “short-cut” feature and pR0n blocking are great to keep us undistracted and working — its CEO, David Ulevitch, was a really cool guy. Plus the kid is only 25. Well, John “The Animal” Markoff wrote all about him and his company. It’s… Read More

  • Google Acquires Postini for $625 million

    Google has announced the acquisition of communications security and compliance company Postini for $625million. Postini offers a number of on-demand communications security and compliance solutions and serves more than 35,000 businesses and 10 million users worldwide. Postini’s services include message security, archiving, encryption, and policy enforcement tools which can be used to… Read More

  • No Free Phone Calls For You: Blyk Delayed

    Blyk is supposed to be some sort of Euro-only free cellphone service that depends on ads and interstials to offer free calls and texting to subscribers. As we all remember, this business model really works well — just look at eMachines, for gosh sakes — but that won’t stop fools from trying it. To that end, it turns out the the service is currently delayed and probably… Read More

  • CrunchGear Central European Meet-up: First Stop, Budapest

    I’ve been hinting at a CrunchGear reader meet-up somewhere in Central Europe and I’ve decided to hold the first one next week in Budapest. I have to confirm the date, time, and location, but I’m looking for Hungarian folks who might have something to show off or talk about to a group of cool, tech savvy readers and I’m also looking for sponsors and/or giveaways. If… Read More

  • Creative ZEN Stone Plus Shipping?

    Reader Rajiv sent in a note informing us that he spotted the ZEN Stone Plus — the Stone with the screen — on Amazon. It’s $69.99 and apparently they have it in stock, although it could be a glitch, especially because the Amazon says that it weighs “1 pounds.” Pounds, baby, pounds! Product Page Read More

  • Sprint Muziq by LG Review

    Creating a musicphone in this post-iPhone landscape is a difficult proposition. You used to get the obvious comparisons to the iPod and now you have to contend with what some folks are calling the “bestest iPod in the whole wide world and even in China! (TM)”. It’s enough to make a carrier cry. But Sprint knows that it has to keep releasing phones and it knows that it might… Read More

  • Riverside, CA Gets Muni Wi-Fi

    I’m not sure how many CrunchGear readers are based in Riverside, CA, but if you are then you’ll find a nice surprise in the morning if you’re in the downtown area, near Hunter Technology Park or Adams Auto Center. Riverside will be AT&T’s first foray into Wi-Fi wireless broadband Internet service for municipal and public use. The ad-supported free Wi-Fi currently… Read More

  • CrunchGear Week in Review: Really Lost Edition

    The Great Outdoors: A Bright, Scary Place
    Great Outdoors: In Car Diversions
    The $50 Paint Job For Your Vehicle
    The Reason For Owning A PS3: Turok 3
    Fox News Gets Out Of Line
    Great Outdoors: Bugz-B-Gone Read More

  • Sony Slashes $100 Off PS3

    Despite adamant denials of cutting prices on the PS3, Sony has come clean and officially announced the price cut along with the addition of the 80GB version for the US. The 60GB model will drop to $499 while the beefier version will cost $599 and include a copy of Motorstorm, which will become available in August. Our neighbors to the North will also be privy to the price cut with the 60GB… Read More

  • iChat For The iPhone Could Be Coming Soon

    iPhone users were greeted with a survey over the weekend asking how they liked the amazingly fast EDGE service, which isn’t surprising since the iPhone has been on the market for a little over a week. Now this is all speculation and a possible flub on AT&T’s part, which shouldn’t be ruled out because it happens, but iChat was included in the list of services that run on… Read More

  • Google, Yahoo Both Working On Next Generation Social Networks

    It’s a busy Sunday evening – first the news on Yahoo Mosh, and now news that Google is working on its own next generation social networking service called Socialstream, possibly to take the spotlight away from the ailing Orkut.

    Yahoo Mosh We don’t know much yet, other than the project exists, it will be launched at mosh.yahoo.com and is being called a “new cool… Read More

  • MyGame: Create & Publish Simple Flash Games

    Online games site King.com will officially launch MyGame Tuesday, a social gaming site that brings together user generated content, casual games, and revenue sharing. MyGame users can play existing games or develop their own games using a game builder. Users pick a game template, personalize it with text, sounds and photo, then start playing. User generated games can be shared on social… Read More

  • Sprint Sponsors First File-Share Song

    Record companies have been fretting over P2P networks for the better part of the decade and for good reason. The top selling album of 2000 sold close to 10 million albums while the #1 album of 2006 sold just under 4 million. The number of file sharing individuals has nearly doubled since 2002 with 9.4 million patrons sharing all sorts of things online in 2006. Sprint is hoping they can turn… Read More

  • Teh.Be$T.Kommenter.Evar

    Welcome ladies and gents to another TBKE. After this one we will start doing them weekly, which will make it just a bit harder for all of you to grace the front page of CrunchGear. For those of you who haven’t made a commenting account yet, send an email to commenter at crunchgear dot com with your desired name, password, and email address in the subject line. We love everyone with a… Read More

  • IM For The iPhone Ala Trillian Astra

    The lack of IM on the iPhone was a huge deterrent for me other than the network it runs on as well as a few other features that weren’t included on the $500+ phone. But Cerulean Studios is pulling some overtime to get Trillian Astra for those users who braved the waters to be the first to have Apple’s latest wonder. So what’s going on with the Beta? Read More

  • Mosh, Yahoo's New Social Network Initiative

    Here’s a juicy tip – we’ve been hearing about a new Yahoo social network initiative called Mosh, which is at mosh.yahoo.com but can only be accessed from inside the Yahoo offices. If you happen to be using the guest wifi at Yahoo, you should be able to access the site, although this may be shut down soon. It’s likely this would replace Yahoo’s 360 social… Read More

  • FCC Approves Wi-Fi Blackberry

    The FCC has finally approved a Wi-Fi enabled Blackberry for the GSM/EDGE 850/1900 band, which will run on 802.11 a/b/g. Something that caught me off guard was the series of BB that was approved for Wi-Fi. We’ve all been under the impression that the 83xx series will be the first to market seeing as how T-Mobile will supposedly be getting the 8320 in September. Was there some mix up at… Read More

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