• Someone Needs To Stop Tripping Over The Power Cord At Rackspace

    As much of the web seemed to notice this morning, several sites running on Rackspace’s servers went down. Yes, again. For the second time in 8 days, a power outage interrupted service at one of its data centers. And again it was the Dallas center that was effected. This time however, Rackspace was able to get things up and running fairly quickly, and more importantly, communicated… Read More

  • Europas nominee Mobypicture expands to UK, Germany

    Mobypicture may be one of the few startups in the world headquartered on an Amsterdam houseboat but it is one of many jostling for position in the crowded world of mobile image/video/audio sharing services.The company is one of several Dutch startups (eBuddy, My name is e, IRLconnect, Nimbuzz) on the Europas shortlist and is currently planning an aggressive expansion into the UK and German… Read More

  • Video: i.Saw USB-powered chainsaw (mm-hmm)

    Behold the world’s first USB-powered chainsaw. Available now for pre-order from USBChainsaw.com, the i.Saw is the size of a standard computer keyboard and features “zero startup time” while “Patent-pending technology allows for an unparalleled distribution of power.” Read More

  • VLC 1.0 released!~!1

    Attention, sons of Adam! VLC 1.0 has been released! Read More

  • Kazaa still kicking, brings HD video to the Pre?

    Seriously, we’re just as surprised as you are. Not only is Kazaa somehow still in business, they’re also trying anything they can to set themselves apart from all the other digital music retailers you’d rather use instead of them. Now the property of Brilliant Digital Entertainment, Kazaa is setting its sights on bringing HD movie downloads to the masses (well, the masses… Read More

  • Get on your party hats: GSM Palm Pre hitting O2 and Movistar

    We’re all quite excited here to find out that O2 and Movistar will get the Palm Pre in GSM form, opening the phone up to unlocking, hacking, and all sorts of molestation. UK, Ireland and Germany will get the phone on O2 and Spain will get it from Movistar. When, you ask? Christmas. That’s right: by the time Palm pinches off the GSM Pre Apple will have probably released iPod… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: 28-inch monitor for $299 shipped

    Big-ass monitors are so hot right now. They’re like 21-inch CRT monitors back in the late 90’s. So hot. So very, very hot. Luckily they’re coming down in price, as evidenced by the 28-inch Hanns-G widescreen HDMI monitor that Newegg.com is selling for $299.99 with free shipping. Read More

  • New LG Chocolate gets teased

    Attention, free/cheap phone fans everywhere! Is your LG Chocolate ready to be replaced? Seeing as these things tend to last about 6 months, chances are you’re nodding. Fortunately for you, it looks like a new Chocolate is just around the corner. LG has released a handful of teaser shots, showing off the.. the.. well, showing off absolutely nothing. It has a volume rocker! If… Read More

  • Pentax K-7 now shipping

    Break out the credit card, photogs. Pentax is now shipping the K-7 DSLR body for $1300. You can find the HD shooting, all weatherproof, magnesium alloy shooter at the Pentax Store or Amazon. Adorama and B&H don’t seem to have them in stock yet. My birthday is this weekend, so if one of you could buy this for me that’d be great. K? Thanks. Read More

  • Google Apps Standard Edition Findable Again

    Last night we reported that Google had stripped all references and links to the free version of Google Apps from the landing page for the product. New users had just one option – to sign up for the Premier version and pay pay $50 per user per year after a 14 day free trial. Google responded, saying “In experimenting with a number of different landing page layouts, the link to… Read More

  • The Viliv S7, everyone

    Viliv is back again with yet another UMPC for the Korean market. Inside, the hardware is about on par with the X70 that I just reviewed with 1024 x 600 touchscreen, an Intel Atom Z520, 1GB of RAM, a 32GB SSD hard drive, and Windows XP. The S7 is equipped with a physical keyboard which should make it a tad easier to tweet. There is a chance though that by the time Viliv imports the UMPC to… Read More

  • Feedburner Founder/CEO Dick Costolo To Leave Google

    It’s always hard to hold onto those pesky entrepreneurs after you acquire their company – the best ones always get restless and bail. Feedburner cofounder and CEO Dick Costolo will be leaving Google within the week, we’ve confirmed. Costolo and his team, based in Chicago, joined Google two years ago when Feedburner was acquired for $100 million. Like some other Feedburner… Read More

  • Goodbye, Printed Blog

    Remember the Printed Blog? It was a newspaper – on actual glossy paper – that would syndicate posts from the Interwebs. Josh Karp founded it six months ago and he ran through 16 issues and 80,000 copies – all on his own dime. And now it’s dead. The paper was published and distributed in Chicago and raised quite a bit of slightly laudatory prose from folks like the NYT… Read More

  • Palm Pre launches with Telefónica/O2 in Europe

    There were a few leaks and rumours about this last week, but now it’s been officially confirmed that the Palm Pre will launch exclusively with mobile network Telefónica, initially in four major European markets. Spain, United Kingdom, Ireland and Germany will get the device first on the O2 and Movistar networks, just before the winter holidays. Pricing has not been announced. This… Read More

  • Reminder: Motorized ice cream cones exist

    This thing has been around for quite a while but just in case you’ve never seen it before (or just in case you’ve forgotten about it), here it is: a motorized ice cream cone. Read More

  • Seedcamp opens applications

    Applications for Seedcamp Week 2009 are now open for the next wave of European web-tech talent to apply. If you haven’t heard of Seedcamp and you’re a startup in Europe, you should. Since starting in late 2007 they’ve built up a head of steam, making them the closest thing Europe has to a YCombinator model – but they concentrate on developing more well-rounded startups… Read More

  • Sony netbook features hi-res screen, costs $500, coming next month

    When Sony launched the VAIO P, the company kept insisting it wasn’t a netbook. Perhaps this is why: Sony has a netbook coming next month. An honest netbook, too, with an Atom CPU, Windows XP, and a maxed-out 160GB hard drive. Curiously, Sony appears to have been able to sidestep the “no screen resolution over 1024×600 when using an N-series Atom CPU” rule by offering a… Read More

  • Grab Some Lunch And Watch MJ's Funeral!

    In case you haven’t gotten enough of the non-stop coverage of Michael Jackson since his death last week, grab some lunch and watch his funeral, which is starting right now at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. You can watch it on TV, or on pretty much any video site on the Web. CNN.com is covering it live with the same Facebook chat integration it used for Obama’s Inauguration. … Read More

  • Twinity scoops a further €4.5m to develop 3D cities

    Virtual worlds can be pretty dull when nothing you see there is recognisable as anything remotely real-world, which is perhaps why Twinity has such confident investors. The virtual world which re-creates the world’s cities for real-looking avatars to wander around, has closed another round of financing from existing investors to the tune of 4.5m Euros ($6.26 million). Twinity’s… Read More

  • You Put Your Aardvark In My Twitter (Bonus: Interview With Founders)

    Yesterday we sat down with two of Aardvark’s founders, Max Ventilla and Damon Horowitz, to get an update on the company and learn about today’s integration of Aardvark into Twitter. Aardvark is a question an answer service with a twist. Instead of services like Yahoo Answers where the anonymous masses try to answer your questions (resulting in mostly spam), Aardvark sends questions… Read More

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