• Breaking: iPhone, Apple TV to receive updates in 2008

    If rumors from Apple Insider are to be taken as truth, next year will see two new iPhones from Apple. The first will be a minor upgrade, likely nothing more than a storage bump from 8GB to 16GB, matching the iPod touch. Later in the year, though, will see the iPhone 2, which will offer the lacking 3G and likely have an updated design. To both of these, we must give a qualified “No… Read More

  • Yet another 3G phone surfaces for 3g-less T-Mobile

    Now this is just getting silly. Samsung has a new phone very similar to the Blast that just cleared the FCC. The dual-band GSM phone purportedly also features dual-band WCDMA, or, as we call it, 3G connectivity. By itself, that’s nothing, but in the leaked FCC cert pics, you’ll notice T-Mobile’s myFaves logo on the back. This would be the third 3G phone offered by T-Mobile in… Read More

  • Sharp sues Samsung over alleged LCD infringement

    I guess it’s kind of a normal thing right now for tech companies in the far east to sue each other regularly over technicalities in order to get a leg up competition-wise. So, feeling the fever, Sharp decided to get in on the frenzy and throw down against LCD TV rival Samsung. The suits concern “brightness, response speeds and viewing angles of LCD panels,” apparently… Read More

  • Last Chance to Nominate Startups For the Crunchies (Nearly 72,000 Entries So Far)

    Since we started taking nominations for the 2007 Crunchies Awards on December 3, there have been nearly 72,000 submissions so far, across 20 categories. The companies with the most submissions will have a greater chance of making it as a finalist (but that is not the only factor). The deadline for putting in your nominations is midnight tonight, December 12, pst. So if you haven’t… Read More

  • Mobile Social Network Crush or Flush Shares Growth Stats

    Crush or Flush, a mobile social network that draws comparisons to Hot or Not for its users’ focus on identifying the attractiveness of strangers, has shared some statistics that suggest it is doing quite well. This, despite the fact that I’ve never heard anyone mention Crush or Flush before, and the service is strikingly simple (perhaps very intentionally given the current state… Read More

  • Sega teaming up with NeuroSky to make mind-powered games

    In case you missed the Wired feature in October about the NeuroSky “thought control system,” it’s basically one of those cool alpha wave measuring devices you saw at the science center that shows how relaxed you are with a graph or whatnot – except now it’s hooked up to Half-Life 2 or some other modern game that might want to take advantage of it. The… Read More

  • Orb interface coming to iPhone, iPod Touch soon?

    The original boxless Slingbox, Orb might just be unveiling an iPhone/iPod Touch version of its excellent-and-free interface in the next couple of days. Orb has apparently found a way around Apple’s RTSP port cockblockery by streaming your goodies as MP4 files. You’ll also be able to use Orb features with Winamp to "turn your home media player into a very limited kind of… Read More

  • CrunchDeals Redux: RCA noise cancelling headphones now $2.99, shipped!

    When our own Doug brought us news of a pair of RCA HPNC250 noise cancelling headphones for $15, shipped, we featured it as a CrunchDeal. At $15, it’s a great bargain, the headphones work perfectly, I have a pair myself. But Buy.com has given us an update, and you can now get them for $2.99 shipped if you’re a first-time Google Checkout customer. Even if you’re not… Read More

  • Steelcase Giving Away a Leap Chair

    Want a Steelcase Leap Chair? Sure you do. Why? Because it’s awesome, as our review earlier this year irrefutably proved. Steelcase is running a contest right now asking entrants to describe their most uncomfortable office experience — by drawing a pictograph in a fancy web applet. Don’t worry though, your inability to make an amusing picto won’t be challenged too… Read More

  • He's got the touch! Guy in suspenders builds 10-foot transformer suit

    Sometimes it’s just great to be a nerd. I mean, it’s great for other people to use their nerditude to create something this cool. Not as agile as I remember Prime being, but maybe since he passed on the Matrix of Leadership he’s gotten a little creaky. Feature: Transformers Fan Builds 10-foot Optimus Prime Suit [TechEBlog] Read More

  • DNS Poisoning and You

    Could your befuddled, computer inept parents be at risk of DNS poisoning? Find out more after the drop! Read More

  • Van Halen, Dave Matthews Band now in ringtone form

    Here’s a tip for bands that don’t make new music any more. If you’re offered to sell your songs as ringtones, do it. It’s one of the last places that most people are still actively (and even happily) overpaying for music. Dave Matthews Band has been crapping out live albums left and right but hasn’t released a new album in over two years and they’re… Read More

  • Point/Counter Point: Xbox Live Age Matching

    Kotaku’s Mark Wilson took issue yesterday with the varying ages of Xbox LIVE users, concluding that the service needs age matching. Wilson’s point is a valid one. As I shamelessly squander all of my tangible real life relationships playing Call of Duty 4 (CoD4), I’ve frequently noticed that the tinny sounds piping through my (probably toxic) Xbox headset belong to… Read More

  • Wal-Mart stays classy

    Only 13 more shopping days ’til Christmas and now you know what to buy little Kaytlynn! Wal-Mart is selling these sassy unerpants in little girl size, ensuring that the will-power they’re teaching at those abstinence classes they’re teaching over at the Three Pines Ubermegachurch and Mall won’t go to waste. Granted, it does say “When you have Santa Claus” on… Read More

  • The random endorsement: the movie "Once"

    Well, well, I’ve just been giving permission to expand my “Random Endorsement” column beyond the world of tech. That’s fantastic news for everyone, because, if you couldn’t already tell, I was running out of tech-related things to endorse. Today I endorse the movie “Once,” easily the best movie I’ve seen all year, and that includes… Read More

  • Analysis: Bebo Snubs Google With Facebook Platform Clone

    Let’s call a spade a spade here. When the third largest social network in the U.S. announces a platform for social applications that mirrors Facebook’s and appeals to Facebook developers, it is a snub to Google. For all the promise of Google’s competing OpenSocial platform (which Bebo is also supporting), it is just not ready yet. Bebo’s embrace of Facebook says a… Read More

  • Le Web 3 startup competition winners

    This year’s Startup Competition at Le Web was very closely fought. Thirty three companies participated out of more than 125 applications reviewed. The judges said the scores were very close (judges had to mark startups out of seven categories). The winners were announced on the main stage at LeWeb3 in a session that also included many of the judges of the competition talking about… Read More

  • Greenpeace on Gaming

    “Wooooo Widespread Panic jam for the environment!.”
    Greenpeace, that bastion of left-wing enviro-propaganda, has issued a statement condemning the makers of gaming consoles for not taking enough measures to reduce the toxic burden of their products. During a rare break from “jamming out to Dave Matthews Band,” the RIAA of the environment sent angry patchouli… Read More

  • Hands on with the Kingston Media Reader

    I hate being woken up by the UPS/DHL/FedEx delivery guy. I’m not much of a morning person and I hate giving people stank attitude on top of stank morning breath. It’s in their best interest to deliver later in the day or to the office. Makes no difference to me, but let me sleep. That’s what I went through yesterday morning. Read More

  • HP customers could get haxed on support site

    Don’t visit the HP Info Center with your HP laptop — you could be open to remote execution attacks! A problem with an HP dll appears when you visit HP’s Info Center site with IE. Presumably you’re safe with Firefox, but you can click here to see if you’re vulnerable. Then again, why are you using IE in the first place? Hey, HP laptop owners: click here to get… Read More

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