• Seagate hit by woes of every kind – and you might want to back up that 1TB HDD

    Looks like Seagate is being dashed on the rocks by the worldwide financial gale as much as anyone else. In addition to cutting nearly 3000 jobs, they’re changing course by giving their CEO the boot. Not only are sales down, but their flagship line of hard drives has been plagued with failures (including this bargain drive, which I urge you not to buy at the moment). And just lately… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Nikon D90+18-55mm+55-200mm= $1,299.99

    I just got back from a run to Costco (Redwood City) and took a quick spin through the electronics section and spotted this deal on the D90. Well, I think it’s worthy of a CrunchDeal since I haven’t come across this specific combo at a comparable price on the Web. Read More

  • Video: Gardening exoskeleton makes you – say it with me, folks – THE GERMINATOR

    Apparently, radish-related lifting injuries are common enough in Japan that an exoskeleon has now been repurposed for the task of bending down, lifting roots and veggies from the ground, and carrying them to a bin. The exoskeleton weighs 25kg and will cost somewhere between 500,000 and 1,000,000 yens, which is between $5000 and $10000 (the price would of course drop with bulk orders). How… Read More

  • Xbox 360 titles dominate 2008

    In the year 2008, that’s last year in case you’ve just awoken from your cryogenic slumber, folks who rented games from the likes of Blockbuster and/or Gamefly were keen on Xbox 360 titles. The most rented game was Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto IV for Xbox 360. In fact, seven of the top 10 games rented last year were all Xbox 360 titles with the top five going to the big green X. Read More

  • Salesforce.com Launches The Service Cloud, A Customer Service SaaS Application

    These days, when I have  technical question, I reach for Google long before customer service. What if customer service could reach for Google? Salesforce.com just launched a new customer service application called Service Cloud. The new application, built on a SaaS model, tries to capture the crowdsourced pools of knowledge floating across the internet and use them for commercial customer… Read More

  • Gigantic Stargate SG-1 LEGO ship available on eBay

    Star Wars isn’t the only franchises with LEGO-loving fans. This massive Asgard Beliskner-class battleship proves there is at least one for the Stargate world. The 5L X 6W x 2T foot model has a buy it now options of $3500 and so far – cause the auction is still up – no one has purchased it. I’m thinking it would take a pretty big Stargate SG-1 fan to purchase this… Read More

  • Wii finally able to download content and rock out

    The moment that Wii owners have been waiting for has finally happened. Yep, Harmonix announced yesterday that the Rock Band store for the Wii is finally open, and owners of the game can start downloading tracks and getting their rock on with some new music. Read More

  • Google Axes Dodgeball, Jaiku, Video and More

    At Google, when it rains, it pours. In the wake of announcing its first round of layoffs this afternoon, Google has released several blog posts detailing the upcoming shutdown of a number of services (compiled here by Danny Sullivan). Included among the upcoming closures are: Google Notebooks, Google Catalogs, Dodgeball, Google Video, Google Mashup Editor, and future development of Jaiku… Read More

  • The Sony VAIO P unboxed

    The Sony VAIO P is only available for pre-order here in the States, but the lucky chaps at Akihabara News already have a retail model right from Sony. In true Internet geek fashion they have a large unboxing slideshow for your gadget pr0n fetish. Go get ’em while their hot. Read More

  • Polls: Has the FCC done enough to promote the analog switch off?

    The transition from analog to digital broadcasts is just over one month away and some peeps on the Internet are getting a little antsy. Some say that the FCC and appropriate agencies have not done enough to prepare Grandma Patsy and Uncle bob. Personally, I don’t know what else can be done. It seems there is a ad spot nearly every commercial break about the subject during primetime.and… Read More

  • Rumor: BlackBerry 8900 pricing revealed

    After over 6 months of rumbling around the rumor mill, the T-Mobile-branded BlackBerry 8900 is almost upon us. We’ve got purported release dates (January 19th for corporate users, February 11th for the general public) and we’ve had the specs for ages, so there was really only one thing left: the pricing. ‘Till now, of course. Read More

  • Inside the design process of Logitech's hot new G-series

    We saw the leak, we got the release, and we got the hands-on; Logitech’s new G-series is sexy as hell. Of course, the G15 may be hard to sell and the G9 is pretty much unchanged since I reviewed it, but the G19 is gorgeous and functional. I’m reserving judgment on the headphones, given how many surround sound headsets are coming out soon. I may just have to do a round-up! If you… Read More

  • Video: Surprise, Zero Punctuation does not like Tomb Raider: Underworld

    This is this week‘s episode of Zero Punctuation. He reviews Tomb Raider: Underworld. He doesn’t like it. Read More

  • Motorola lays off 4,000

    New to Motorola’s stable of handsets – the Moto DWNSZR. Motorola has just announced it is cutting 4,000 jobs in its handset division. Read More

  • HubDub's news 'game' secures it a $1.2m Series A funding

    News prediction site Hubdub has secured £810,000 ($1.2m) in Series A funding led by Pentech Ventures and Scottish Co-Investment Fund, along with a group of angel investors including Rikki Tahta, founder of Covestor.com, and Simon Murdoch, founder of Friendsabroad.com (recently sold to Babbel) and Tim Jackson, founder of QXL.com. The investment gives HubDub a runway of 18-24 months during… Read More

  • Apple after Steve

    Mr. Jobs is taking a well-deserved breather from Apple. We here at CrunchGear hope he gets well soon, and think he’s doing the right thing: few jobs are more important than one’s own health, and certainly not being the CEO of a company that makes computers and portable music devices. And while Steve is taking care of Steve, Apple can take care of Apple. I think Steve’s… Read More

  • Facebook Blows A Whopper Of An Opportunity

    Burger King, through their insanely creative advertising agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky (see their recent Burger King perfume launch), launches a Facebook application that encourages users to remove Facebook friends. Sacrifice ten of them and you got a free Whopper. 233,906 friends were removed by 82,771 people in less than a week. Facebook is overjoyed, right? What a great example to show… Read More

  • Microsoft relinquishes ‘worst promo video ever’ award to another department within Microsoft

    Remember this video from last April? The video featuring a Springsteen-like band singing about Windows Vista? We all watched, jaws on the floor, for three minutes and two seconds, each of us wondering if another video would ever come along to make this one go away. Read More

  • Motionbox Raises $6 Million Series C For Its YouTube Alternative

    Video sharing site Motionbox has just closed a $6 million Series C funding round led by Constellation Ventures, with Canaan Partners and SAS Investors also participating. Alongside the funding, Motionbox is also announcing that its founder and CEO Chris O’Brien will be assuming the role of Chairman of the Board and EVP of Strategy and Corporate Development, with former COO Josh… Read More

  • Obama's official portrait shot with 5D mk II

    The first ever Presidential portrait shot with a digital camera is up and it looks great. From the metadata we can see that it was shot by Pete Souza on a 5D mk II at f/10, at 105mm. They probably were using this lens, which is a great zoom for sitting portraits, but costs 1500 ducats. Somehow doubt they cut corners for projects like this. Focus is good, bokeh is smooth, and the Prez-elect… Read More

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