• WebMynd Makes Your Search Engine Smarter With New Browser Plugin

    WebMynd, a Y Combinator company that launched early last year, has released a new plugin that is looking to streamline the way you search. The plugin, which is available for Firefox and Internet Explorer, enhances the search results on most popular search engines by inserting a handy sidebar with related search results from a variety of other sites. You can test out a web-based version of… Read More

  • iMovie '09 high-definition fail

    The world of home movie creation is an increasingly exciting one. Digital files are easier to store and make sense of, and our computers are becoming powerful enough that editing and sharing all that footage is no longer difficult. iMovie is the poster child for this change: it has made directors out of many who would otherwise have left their movies raw or sitting in the camera media. Now… Read More

  • Woman finds cell phone in bag of chips

    A Wisconsin woman opened a bag of Clancy’s Ripple Potato Chips and found a super old Nokia cell phone inside. Ewww! Who uses a Nokia that old?! I mean, ewww, a cell phone in a bag of chips! The phone apparently wouldn’t turn on but it had a T-Mobile SIM inside “and a discolored circle on the back, as if it was once connected to a belt clip.” Read More

  • Airplane converted to hostel at Stockholm airport

    Travelers to Sweden’s Stockholm Arlanda Airport don’t have to venture too far to find a place to sleep. A converted Boeing 747-200 airplane now known as Jumbo Hostel has 25 rooms, 85 beds, and is a quick ten-minute walk from inside the airport. Read More

  • HOLY CRAP: Acer 22-inch LCD for $49.99 [UPDATE – it's over]

    Best Buy has a 22-inch Acer monitor in the outlet section for $49.99 plus $15 for shipping. I don’t know if it’s a mistake or if that’s the actual price but I just ordered one. They estimated my arrival date at after March 15th due to the incredible backorder that’s been caused by the low price so we’ll see if they actually send it out or if I get a… Read More

  • Office 2019: In the year 2019, your finger will make dogs bark

    I Started Something has some cool video of what Microsoft foresees as the future of MS Office. Dubbed Office 2019, the video is a mish-mash of Surface-esque drawings and lots of cute little applications talking to each other by throwing data from circle to circle. Sadly, what we’ll really get in 2019 will probably look more like Office 95 than anything involving multi-touch puppies… Read More

  • AT&T mulling handset trade-up program?

    Everybody stay calm. Sit down if you’re standing up. If you’re already sitting, stand up and then sit back down either in the same chair or find a different, more comfortable chair. Okay, ready? AT&T might implement a handset trade-up program. Read More

  • Information Technology, 50 Years Ago

    This guest post is written by Jack Arrington, who contributed 50% of the genetic material required to produce TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington. Jack was around at the very beginning of what we today call the Information Technology business. In 1950 pure business necessity drove Bank of America, then the largest bank in the world, to look for ways to automate the labor intensive job of… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: 19-inch Samsung monitor for $99

    Staples (home of the Easy Button) has a pretty good deal on a 19-inch Samsung monitor — $99.98, down from almost $170. It might make a cheap second monitor for your home or office rig. Read More

  • What An Antitrust Case Against Google Might Look Like

    Editor’s note: The following is a guest post by Eric Clemons, Professor of Operations and Information Management at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. The views he expresses are his own, and we present them here to foster debate. The mainstream press, such as The New York Times, has noticed that even Google itself is starting to worry about the possibility that the… Read More

  • “The Cloud Is The New Dotcom” (Video Highlights)

    On Friday, during our cloud computing event, Whose Cloud Is It Anyway?, Charles River Ventures partner George Zachary noted, “The cloud is the new dotcom.” He was one of the judges for the demo startups, and for good or for bad, he might be right. Cloud computing as a term is broad enough to encompass most internet startups and already is in danger of being latched onto as the… Read More

  • "The Cloud Is The New Dotcom" (Video Highlights)

    On Friday, during our cloud computing event, Whose Cloud Is It Anyway?, Charles River Ventures partner George Zachary noted, “The cloud is the new dotcom.” He was one of the judges for the demo startups, and for good or for bad, he might be right. Cloud computing as a term is broad enough to encompass most internet startups and already is in danger of being latched onto as the… Read More

  • Embedr Lets you Create And Share Good-Looking Video Playlists

    Embedr is a relatively new free service that lets you build custom video playlists from a variety of online clip sources and gives you the opportunity to aggregate the entire playlist into a good-looking widget which you can easily share on your blog or website. It’s an elegant solution for those times you want to embed multiple videos in a blog post or on any web page without… Read More

  • Nokia flagship store pulls XpressMusic 5800

    The fellas at the Nokia Blog went down to the flagship store in New York looking for the 5800 and were told that the phone was no longer for sale. Read More

  • A truly practical TV remote mod

    Yes, it’s funny, but it’s also a very good idea. Remote controls are among the worst-designed pieces of technology we have to deal with these days. They’re being replaced, somehow, but even more complicated controllers, but one of these days we’ll get it right. Read More

  • "Kijiji" Isn't Kutting It. How about eBay Classifieds?

    eBay is having second thoughts about how easy it will be to spread the Kijiji brand in the U.S. The company is testing out the name “eBay Classifieds” in two cities, San Antonio and Pittsburgh. A letter sent out to Kijiji members states: We here at Kijiji thought it made a lot of sense to start using the eBay brand name. After all, we are part of the eBay family and we are a… Read More

  • Nice: Earl Weaver Baseball coming to iPhone

    Anyone over the age of 30 may fondly remember Earl Weaver Baseball for Amiga, DOS, and the Apple II. I myself had an Apple IIc and split most of my time between Earl Weaver Baseball and Hardball! during my formative elementary school years. Now we’re hearing that one of Earl Weaver Baseball’s original designers, Eddie Dombrower, is porting the game to the iPhone. Read More

  • Review: Westinghouse L1916HW 19" LCD monitor

    If you’re moving to a two- or three-display setup, one of the questions you have to ask yourself is whether you want two “equal” displays or a “primary-secondary” setup. A smaller monitor like this Westinghouse is a good option for a secondary, being cheaper and smaller yet still reasonably sharp and bright. Whether this particular Westinghouse is for you depends on… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Wii keyboard $19.99 after rebate

    The Wii Cordless Keyboard from Logitech is eligible for a $20 mail-in rebate until March 7th. Amazon carries the keyboard for $39.99 before the rebate, although it’s currently out of stock. If you don’t mind waiting a bit, though, you can buy it now and Amazon will ship it to you when it’s back in stock. Read More

  • Psion defends ‘netbook’ trademark, saying it still sells ‘Netbook Pro’ computer

    And here we go again. After Dell (and later Intel) petitioned to have Psion’s “netbook” trademark canceled, claiming it was a generic term and that Psion wasn’t even selling anything called a “netbook” any more, Psion responded by saying it’s been actively selling the “Netbook Pro” (above photo) even though the machine is no longer… Read More

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