• DIY: Create a toddler-proof remote control

    Kid-less people do not understand a young child’s obsession with electronics. Being a cell phone or a remote, if their parent uses the device like crack, the kid wants a piece of the action. It’s not that they want to actually talk to someone or control the TV, but rather mimic what their parents are doing. I have my doubts that this DIY remote will actually hold a… Read More

  • Polar Rose Combines Facebook Connect With Facial Recognition Technology To Tag Photos On Flickr

    Polar Rose, a photo tagging startup we wrote about during its private launch, has released a new version of its application that lets you name and tag people in your photos on your Flickr account using your Facebook contacts. Polar Rose will detect people in your photos, let you name the people using your Facebook contact list, and then suggest tags of other photos that include your… Read More

  • You can now buy Xbox Live download codes from Amazon

    You can now buy digital downloadable Xbox 360 goodies from Amazon. That is, you can head over to amazon.com and buy a, say, Duke Nukem 3D download code, then download the game from your Xbox 360 using said code. Yes, sorta like using xbox.com, but now it’s Amazon, so there Read More

  • Digital King's Fish-eye magnet mount conversion lens for the iPhone looks promising (video)

    As far as the hardware is concerned, one of the biggest weaknesses of the iPhone is the camera (although I personally think it’s enough to take the occasional shot here and there), prompting accessory makers especially from Asia to come up with add-on lenses. Crunchgear featured these three times so far. Most of them are cheap and seem to be pretty crappy. But a new conversion lens from… Read More

  • The Samsung Formally Known as OmniaHD gets thumbs up from FCC

    Just yesterday we learned that Samsung had dropped the Omnia moniker from its upcoming HD-capable smartphone. Despite this last minute name change, the Samsung currently known as i8910 has just received approval from the phone-reviewing folks down at the FCC. According to its official Certificate of Compliance, the US-bound i8910 will include the following radios: 850/1900 GSM/GPRS/EDGE… Read More

  • Space tourist returns safely to earth

    Everyone. You can resume breathing normally as U.S. billionaire Charles Simonyi and the rest of the Russian-American space crew returned to earth from their space trip.We know you were worried about the space tourist after the original landing site was changed as it was deemed too swampy. Read More

  • T-Mobile Customer Survey hints at alternative HTC Magic names

    With T-Mobile-branded Dreams making accidental appearances and FCC filings abound, it’s pretty much inarguable that the HTC Magic is coming to ol’ Magenta. Seeing as it’s the second T-Mo Android phone and borrows much of its aesthetics from the G1, you might assume that T-Mobile would be branding it the G2; call the HTC Magic the “G2” around an HTC rep, however… Read More

  • Video: chicks, lightsabers, and beer

    Sorry, ladies. This one is for our guy readers. If we ever run across a similar video that is distinctively targeted towards women, we’ll post that one as retribution. Anyway, guys, click through for an awesome video titled on YouTube as “SABER sexy lightsaber underwear fight.” Read More

  • Who the Hell Is Enrolling in Journalism School Right Now?

    A little more than ten years ago, I stumbled out of a liberal arts college with a mediocre GPA into a job with a weekly business journal with a smallish circulation in my hometown of Memphis, Tenn. I’d never studied business or journalism, and I came from a family of academics. I didn’t even really understand what a stock was. But there was something I loved about it. I had… Read More

  • Facebank 2: The creepiest piggy bank ever?

    Creepy gets an upgrade. The first version of the Facebank wasn’t really a picknick for the eyes, but now Japan-based toy maker Banpresto not only decided it’s time for an update but that their piggy bank must even get scarier. How? By just replacing the eyes with ears. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: 1TB hard drive for $80

    Amazon.com is selling a 1TB Seagate hard drive for $79.99. It’s an OEM drive with 32MB cache and 7200 RPM spindle speed. This is the same drive that had those problems earlier this year, but the new firmware has supposedly fixed all that bad mojo, so feel free to make this purchase with reckless abandon and copy all your photos and home movies to it without a second… Read More

  • YouTube Quietly Rolls Out AdSense For Video To Claimed Copyrighted Content

    Youtube is doing everything it can to turn the professionally-produced content on its site into a big source of revenues. Through its Content ID program, it digitally fingerprints the video libraries of 600 content partners and offers those media companies and video creators the option to place ads against any video that contains their copyrighted material. They also have the option to… Read More

  • Director of Pirates of the Caribbean movies will direct BioShock movie

    The director of those not-too-badPirates of the Caribbean movies has told Disney, the films’ bankroller, that he’s done; he won’t be directing the fourth movie in the series, which is scheduled for release next year. What’s his next project then? A movie based on BioShock. Let’s cross our fingers! Read More

  • Mitsubishi outs a bevy of new HDTVs

    It’s new HDTV time from Mitsu! The company that brought you the LaserVue HDTV, now has 3D ready sets and flat screens equipped with 16 speakers. Thankfully, it seems that these sets are better priced for the fledgling economy. It’s hard to imagine that many American’s have enough available credit to squeeze the ultra-lux LaserVue onto the credit card, but these sets start out… Read More

  • One Brilliant Hoax Later, Hotelicopter Joins The Hotel Aggregation Fray

    Just over a week ago a number of blogs presented us with Hotelicopter, the world’s first flying hotel, featuring a modified Soviet helicopter decked out to create a five-star aerial resort. Of course, this turned out to be a total hoax in honor of April Fools day (albeit an early one) – Hotelicopter is in fact a web startup, and it launches today to the public. Hotelicopter is a… Read More

  • Acer announces ultraportable 'Timeline' series, plus new Gateway 'EC' notebook

    Much more than a netbook but more portable than your average notebook, Acer’s Timeline series is set to go up against the likes of the MacBook Air, the Lenovo X301, and MSI’s X-Slim notebooks. There will be three models available; a 15.6-inch version, a 14-inch version, and a 13.3-inch version weighing in at 5.3, 4.2, and 3.5 pounds, respectively. Read More

  • Intel celebrates the Atom's 1st B-Day with two new chips

    The Intel Atom had a great first year. There probably wasn’t a day on CrunchGear where we didn’t announce or talk about a random gadget powered by the the Intel CPU. The new models keep on rolling too, with two new options announced today. One, bumps the CPU into previously unavailable speeds, and the other should find its way into MIDs. Read More

  • Hot Rods: Top Car Social Networks CarDomain And StreetFire Merge

    CarDomain and StreetFire, the no. 1 and no. 2 social networks for car enthusiasts, respectively, have merged. An announcement will be made later this morning. StreetFire CEO Glenn Rogers will run the combined entity, although the CarDomain is the acquiring company and has a majority of the equity. CarDomain founder and Chairman Alex Algard will become Chairman of the combined entity. The… Read More

  • Chevy Chase nails his Steve Jobs impression on Chuck last night

    We all love Jobsy. His iconic keynote addresses set the bar so high that Steve Ballmer takes notes. Anyway, Chevy Chase played a character earily close on last nights Chuck sans Steve Jobs traditional jeans and black turtleneck. Check it out after the break. Read More

  • IPEVO announces Skype desktop phone

    IPEVO announced their new desk style Skype certified phone today. Designed for the “love Skype, hate the headset” crowd or people who need something that looks a bit more professional, the SO-10W is the latest addition to IPEVO’s product line. Read More

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