• Vodafone Adds Internet Service

    Want better mobile Internet access? Well, moving to the British Isles might be in order, or at least a trip to Ireland and the U.K. Vodafone has announced that has teamed up with Google, Myspace, eBay and YouTube in an effort to provide a more enhanced and robust service with those sites. Additionally Vodafone mobile Internet users will access compressed and rearranged content of these and… Read More

  • Linux Mobile Moves towards Standardization

    The free operation system Linux is gaining more support in the mobile handset industry. Entities like the LiMo Foundation and the Linux Phone Standards (LiPS) Forum met recently at the Linux World Conference to support Linux as a mobile phone operating system. Supporters from around the world have made Linux a major player in the mobile phone business. While supporters like the LiMo Foundation… Read More

  • CrunchGear Week in Review: Breakfast Edition

    Wooden 4GB Zen Stone: If Shop Class Had Been Cool
    Sony’s Sugar Fuel Cell: Tasty, Big Electricity
    VIA Announces New 1-Watt, 500MHz Processor
    Poppet: Not A Small Child From the Victorian Era, Is Actually Useful
    Probo: ‘The Intelligent, Autonomous Huggy Robot’
    Lokesh Dhakar’s Fancy Coffee Drink Cheat Sheet Read More

  • NoSo – Backlash Against Our "Always On" Culture

    “Meet no friends, attend no events and make no connections.” NoSo, short for No Social, is more of an art project and cultural backlash than an actual startup. You join, get a user number (everything is anonymous) and then create and/or join “NoSo’s,” which are held wherever the organizer chooses to have it: parks, cafes, street corners and other public… Read More

  • I Want This In Photoshop Immediately

    Update: see a third party online working demo here. This image resizing and manipulation demonstration is sort of jaw dropping, particularly as the video goes on. The related paper, written by Dr. Ariel Shamir and Dr. Shai Avidan is available here. Read More

  • Google Will Be Beaten By Facebook, Mahalo: Scoble

    Above is part 3 of a 3 part Robert Scoble video blog series on “Why Mahalo, TechMeme, and Facebook are going to kick Google’s butt in four years.” To see the other parts scroll on the player; Part 2 at around the 6 minute mark gets… Read More

  • All New Bloglines Launches in Beta

    Bloglines, the grandfather of web based RSS readers, launched a new beta site this evening at beta.bloglines.com. Like everyone else these days, the most notable new feature is an Ajax customizable home page where users can drag and reorder feeds for a quick view. Bloglines now has three viewing options – quick view (the new Ajax drag and drop view in the image to the left), three… Read More

  • AllofMP3 To Rise From The Dead

    The owners of the now infamous cut price Russian MP3 retail site AllofMP3 have posted that the site will soon recommence trading. The announcement follows a Russian court decision August 15 that found AllofMP3’s previous CEO was not guilty of breaching Russian copyright laws, and therefore the AllofMP3 service was legal. EMI, NBC Universal and Time Warner had led the legal case… Read More

  • NFL/DirecTV To (Finally) Stream Games Over The 'Net

    If you’re a DirecTV subscriber and you’re prepared to cough up the $368 it’ll cost you to get the NFL Sunday Ticket package plus the SuperFan upgrade, you’ll be able to stream every game to your computer (Windows only) this season. Read More

  • Twitter Adds Gmail Import Feature

    Buried by the news this week of Twitter adding search was another Twitter feature release: invite friends. The new invite friends option in Twitter allows users to invite friends by adding an email address or by importing Gmail contacts. Twitter investor Fred Wilson writes that to date “Twitter has made it nearly impossible to find friends on Twitter. That’s a very big shortcoming… Read More

  • Teh.Be$T.Kommenter.Evar

      Comments are the greasy oil that keeps the blog machine running. Here are three great (and 100% unedited) comments recently posted by your fellow readers. Read More

  • Yahoo Mail Out of Beta; New Features

    The new Yahoo Mail interface went into public beta in September 2006, although Yahoo was testing it long before that. Tonight Yahoo takes the “beta” label off of the product and makes it the default interface for all new Yahoo mail accounts. Yahoo mail already has an integrated RSS reader and instant messaging. They also recently announced unlimited storage for all mail users. They… Read More

  • Lokesh Dhakar's Fancy Coffee Drink Cheat Sheet

    New to the world of fancy coffee drinks? So is Lokesh Dhakar, as he admits on his blog. I couldn’t figure out for the life of me where I’d heard his name before but I assumed he was famous for some reason. Any web developer that’s used the Lightbox technique before may have been thinking the same thing I was, for Lokesh is the guy who wrote that now-famous… Read More

  • 25 Minutes of Pure Killzone 2 Madness

    http://image.com.com/gamespot/images/cne_flash/production/media_player/proteus/gs/proteus_embed.swf Through the powers of Digg, I give you a developer video showcasing Killzone 2. You will buy a Playstation 3. This is the killer app for the console and not even Halo 3 can match this title’s graphics and gameplay. Fanfare aside, the developer from Guerilla Games speaking in the… Read More

  • Ooh, Not Good: TrekStor Calls MP3 Player 'i.Beat blaxx'

    Yikes. Not good. Not good at all. South Hessia, Germany’s TrekStor has launched a new MP3 player in its “i.Beat” series called the “blaxx.”  Put that all together and you’ve got yourselves a nice little marketing/PR nightmare. TrekStor Press Release via Gizmodo Read More

  • MSNBC Quotes Fake Al Sharpton As Real Al Sharpton

    Look what you’ve started, Fake Steve Jobs. In a report on the Michael Vick dog fighting case, MSNBC reporter Alex Johnson mistakenly quoted Fake Al Sharpton as the real Al Sharpton. Read More

  • Dapper to Launch Instant Facebook AppMaker

    This Tuesday, Israel-based Dapper will launch the private beta of Facebook AppMaker, a new tool that the company claims will provide people with a dead simple way to create new Facebook applications. At its core, Dapper allows users to create API’s called “Dapps” by selecting data from Websites, RSS/XML feeds, Google Gadgets, and more. Each “Dapp” is an XML which… Read More

  • Is The Internet Dead And Boring?

    Mark Cuban wrote Friday that he believes the internet to be “dead and boring.” Cuban argues that: “Some of you may not want to admit it, but that’s exactly what the net has become. A utility. It has stopped evolving. Your Internet experience today is not much different than it was 5 years ago….Web 2.0 is proof that the Internet has stopped evolving and stabilized as… Read More

  • See All Sex Offenders In Your Neighborhood

    Vision 20/20 offers a free web based mashup of sex offender data and Windows Live Maps. Users simply add their address, city and/ or zip code to the Vision 20/20 site, and then the locations of sex offenders in the immediate vicinity are displayed over a map. Clicking on each sex offender leads to a profile which includes the name, address, and crimes of the sex offender, as well as a mug… Read More

  • Windows Genuine Advantage Server Down Worldwide

    UPDATE: Looks like it’s working again… Wuh oh. According to everyone, everywhere Microsoft’s Windows Genuine Advantage server is down for the count. Both 32- and 64-bit versions of XP and Vista are affected and allegedly some Microsoft support personnel are telling irate consumers that the server could be down until Tuesday. Read More

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