• BlackBerry Bold headin' to Canada later this week

    Jeez – after hearing about the Bold for over 3 months, it’s hard to believe this thing still hasn’t touched down in North America. Fortunately, that won’t hold true much longer. Read the rest at MobileCrunch >> Read More

  • BlackBerry Bold headin' to Canada on August 21st

    Jeez – after hearing about the Bold for over 3 months, it’s hard to believe this thing still hasn’t touched down in North America. Only 2 more days to wait, according to Canada’s Rogers Wireless. Those of us south of Saskatchewan are still on hold until AT&T pushes it out the door, but everyone on the other side of the border will be able to pick one up on August 21st. Read More

  • Textronics releases DIY heart rate monitor kit

    Are there any interactive clothing developers in the audience? Well, maybe you know someone that does then. Textronics has announced a “Design Your Own” kit (PDF) for those inclined to make outfits with textile electrodes that can monitor your hear rate. The sensors are able to capture ECG-quality data from your blood pumper and the entire kit is machine washable. Get yours now… Read More

  • Caution: Samsung Omnia box may contain little exploding people

    Looks like Samsung is sending little exploding paraders as ambassadors for the Omnia. Check out the video over at MobileCrunch >> (Thanks, David!) Read More

  • Street Fighter IV launching alongside movie, says producer

    GameDaily Biz recently interviewed Patrick Aiello and the producer of the upcoming film, Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li had some divulged a rough launch date for the Capcom title. Capcom is releasing Street Fighter IV in 2009, which is the 20th anniversary of the game. The film and game release dates will coincide, but I’m not certain how much of the game will coincide with the… Read More

  • Team Fortress 2: Meet the Sandvich

    http://blip.tv/play/ih_I5h6J5FQ WHO TOUCH SANDVICH? More excellent filmmaking from Valve.
    See you in the game; I’m going to enjoy sniping you suckers. Read More

  • Apple will gladly replace your exploding iPod nano

    Things aren’t looking too good for Apple in Japan today after it was reported that first-gen nanos have been smoking and/or sparking causing minor burns. And now Apple will gladly replace your first-gen Nano if it’s been smoking or sparking. They should replace them all regardless, IMO. Might as well contact AppleCare like they say to find out. “Apple has determined that… Read More

  • Voxeo Flies Under the Radar

    IVR and VoIP provider Voxeo has been putting up annual growth numbers near 100%, serving dozens of big name companies, and getting considerable attention from VC’s in the Valley as of late. However, the company has remained largely under the radar since its founding in 2000, and has done so deliberately. CEO Jonathan Taylor explained to us how keeping a low profile while doing high… Read More

  • Samsung Omnia unboxing goes viral

    You’ve set the bar high for yourselves, Samsung. If a parade of tiny exploding people doesn’t rain out while I unbox my Omnia, I will be sorely disappointed. (Thanks, David!) Read More

  • FCC outs MOTOROKR S7-HD Jay-Z bluetooth headphones

    Good ‘ol FCC. You are peering at the MOTOROKR S7-HD Jay-Z headphones. Clearly, this ugly set is not after the same market as Sony’s new stylish digs, but at least these have bluetooth work’n for ’em. Plus, Moto managed to stuff a microphone in the headset somewhere. Too bad they couldn’t stuff some style in ’em too. No word on price or availability; the… Read More

  • Dell kind of bites the bullet on faulty GeForce M rigs

    Dell is offering a 12-month warranty extension for those of you suffering (or about to suffer) from faultily manufactured GeForce GPUs on your laptops. Their previous solution was to fool the BIOS into turning the fans up all the time, thus preventing overheating at the cost of noise and wear and tear — not really the best trade-off. So now they’re essentially saying… Read More

  • German teens unfairly busted for being awesome

    Not actually the actual chair the teens actually built in actuality. Two 17-year olds in Germany got busted on Saturday for tooling around town on their undeniably awesome office chair outfitted with a lawnmower engine and bike brakes. It’s being called the world’s fastest office chair but I’d be really interested to see how fast it actually goes and also the office chair… Read More

  • Wall Street Journal opens the walled garden just a titch with BB application

    For those of you who read the WSJ for the articles, the new BlackBerry-compatable WSJ.com Mobile Reader will open up that nasty walled garden that is WSJ.com. The application will be free and most of the content will be open, although there are plans to lock it down in the near future. The application will draw in stories from WSJ.com, AllThingsD.com, and MarketWatch.com. You can track… Read More

  • First look at Toshiba's new XD-E500

    Those crazy kids over at Engadget got their grubby hands on Toshiba’s new XD-E500 upconverting DVD player. Their take?  Most consumers will see a visible quality improvement when playing their DVDs, particularly in the realm of sharpness. Toshiba’s new filters are “intelligent” enough to spice up the grass while leaving the sky and clouds free of noise, and while… Read More

  • Dell saves 60% on shipping by using complex predictive models

    If ever anyone tells you that math is all theory and no application, slap them in the face. Then tell them that in just the latest example of applied mathematics having real-world effects, Dell has employed a complex mathematical model to predict shipping rates, inventory problems, and so on, with phenomenal success. Professor of Operations Management Jérémie Gallien says: “Before… Read More

  • Apple kills the MobileMe status blog, starts up MobileMe News

    We mentioned last week that the MobileMe blog had been awfully silent lately, which lead us to wonder if it had been nixed. Sure enough, ol’ David G. updated the blog one final time to let everyone know that, after just three posts, they’d be flipping the switch. They’re not killing communications all together, however – they’re just making the jump from bloggers… Read More

  • Songsterr: A Flash Guitar Tab Player That Might Rock, Someday

    One of the reasons why the guitar has become a staple in pop culture is its immediate accessibility. In lieu of standard notation, guitar players have developed tablature – a more intuitive representation of a song that uses numbers to indicate which fret on a guitar each note is played. Even the most inexperienced musicians can usually learn the system in a matter of minutes. One of… Read More

  • Universal Remote intros two new remotes

      With CEDIA right around the corner, AV geeks can expect a steady flow of new products. Universal Remote is going to be showing off their newest remotes at the show but we have a sneak peak.  The MX-440 clocks in at $249 and gets you a nice slender, remote equipped with IR-only control, color LCD screen rock’n 220 x 176 resolution, LED backlit screen and buttons, and on-remote… Read More

  • Yet another Batman LEGO character emerges from the shadows

    Batgirl (!!!) is going to be around to help Batman and Robin catch all the baddies in Batman LEGO.  Powers and Abilities: In LEGO Batman: The Videogame, Batgirl has the ability to utilize Batman’s technology suits including the Glide suit, Heat Protection Suit, Sonic Suit and Demolition suit in her efforts to fight crime alongside the DYNAMIC DUO. Click through for the latest… Read More

  • Review: Maestro Dobel Tequila

    We’re a gadget blog, true, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get a mean drink on when we’re cornered. Luckily, Maestro Dobel was nice enough to send us a bottle of their $74.99 Diamond Tequila, offering us entree into a world that was once reserved for Jay Z and mortgage brokers between 2002 and 2007. Read More

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