• RIM: Disable the Storm's auto rotating main screen, please

    I have been using a BlackBerry Storm for about a month now and have came to like the phone. While I don’t have an iPhone love affair going on, it’s a solid phone I wouldn’t not recommended. (understand?) It has its quarks like any phone, but the single most annoying feature could – and should – be resolved by Research in Motion. You see the Storm auto rotates… Read More

  • Romain Jerome takes space pills

    I honestly don’t know what Romain Jerome is smoking but this Roswell-inspired watch – actually just a funky render – is a hot mess. When he started playing with the Titanic theme I thought it might be worth a second look but now he’s making these weird little vignette watches for the super rich that I really can’t get behind. Read More

  • EMI's Outrageous Lawsuit Against Developer Takes Its Toll

    Last month I wrote about a lawsuit filed by major record label EMI against Seeqpod, the questionably-legal free streaming music site. The suit isn’t Seeqpod’s first (Warner sued them last year), but it is notable for taking the music industry’s war against the web to a new low. Beyond naming a number of Seeqpod executives as part of the suit, EMI also decided to sue a… Read More

  • Thanko sells neckband earphones with integrated MP3 player

    Tokyo-based online gadget store Thanko (they have an English site) is now selling the Sport MP3, a combination of neckband earphones and an MP3 player [JP]. And this time it’s nothing weird. Thanko just says the Sport MP3 is the perfect solution for people wanting to listen to music and do sports at the same time. Read More

  • Topps releases mind-bending webcam hologram baseball cards

    Allow me to quote Keanu Reeves in the Matrix and Joey Lawrence in every episode of Blossom: “Whoa.” Remember baseball cards? Topps just released new baseball cards that, when placed in front of a webcam, create 3D characters of the players on the card. It’s not just animation, either. You can actually control the players and play simple mini games. Read More

  • 5 things Apple could be doing with their new touch screens

    Now that the Internet is blowing out a kidney over news coming out of Asia that Apple bought up a bunch of touchscreens, I thought it might be nice to posit what Cupertino has in store for those babies. The news came from Digitimes this morning: “Wintek revealed that it is currently working with Apple to develop some new products, but it said it does not know what applications the… Read More

  • Plate Gauntlets? That'll be 59 gold please.

    Every notice it’s really hard to find good deals on plate armor these days? What with kevlar and carbon fiber being the next big thing in personal protection, what if you just want some old school steel to wear? Read More

  • ‘Ultimate Gamer’ TV show debuts tomorrow

    Lest you think people won’t be interested in watching other people play video games on TV, don’t forget about how ridiculous the idea of watching people play poker was when it was first televised. In that spirit, a show called WCG Ultimate Gamer will debut on the Sci-Fi channel tomorrow night at 10:00 PM Eastern. WCG being short for World Cyber Games, which is apparently some sort… Read More

  • Shinkansen bullet trains get wireless LAN with 2Mbps

    Japan is widely known as the nation with the world’s best broadband, and it knows how to live up to its reputation. Passengers on Shinkansen bullet trains will be able to access the web via wireless LAN starting March 14. Japan’s No. 1,2 and 3 telecommunications companies NTT, KDDI and SoftBank are among the companies that have launched the infrastructure. Read More

  • Be mad, Apple fans: RIM to sponsor U2's upcoming tour

    Oh. Your. God. If you’re standing, sit down. If you’re sitting down, stand up, then sit down again. Huge, huge news: U2, once Apple’s favorite band, has now signed a deal with Research in Motion, which will sponsor the band’s upcoming tour. It’s called the 360º Tour, and it starts its North American swing in September in Chicago. Read More

  • Quick Look: SanDisk ImageMate USB 2.0 reader/writer

    About two weeks ago SanDisk announced their refreshed ImageMate memory card readers and most times we’d pass right by it without a second thought, but these seemed different. The transfer speeds that SanDisk boasted seemed intriguing and the one-touch transfer button seemed like a novel idea, but it’s all a sham, folks. Well, we haven’t tested the transfer speeds yet, but… Read More

  • Thesixtyone Is Building a Digg For Indie Music

    The concept of building a Digg for music has been tried before (see Contrastream or iJigg), but a music streaming site called thesixtyone is the closest I’ve seen so far to getting the formula right. It features only about 50,000 tracks self-uploaded by indie artists and music labels, but visitors can listen to the full stream of each track and vote their favorites up the rankings… Read More

  • Blog from your Peek

    Now in addition to SMS and email messages, Peek users are going to be able to use WordPress from their handheld, which makes it more and more competitive with smart phone devices, but a hell of a lot cheaper on a monthly basis then most data plans. I still have trouble with the idea of carrying two different devices just so I can get email, but the more I read about the Peek, the more I wonder… Read More

  • Calling All Student Entrepreneurs: Highland Capital Wants You

    VC firm Highland Capital Partners is issuing a call for applicants for their 3rd annual “Summer@Highland” entrepreneurship program. Highland is trying to tap into the same early-stage, young talent pool as start-up incubators like Y Combinator and TechStars. Highland’s 10 week program is only open to enrolled graduate and undergraduate students or recent graduates (no later… Read More

  • Y Combinator's Voxli Targets Gamers With Browser-Based Group Voice Chat

    Voxli, a new Y Combinator startup launching today, is looking to make group voice chat as simple as possible. The service allows gamers and team members to visit a static persistent URL to join a group chat session, and features push-to-talk using a browser plugin. Voxli is available on Internet Explorer and Firefox (both Mac and Windows) with support for more browsers on the way. At… Read More

  • Mimi ear switch: Not what we need right now

    Some Japenese folks invented the “ear switch,” an in-ear device that uses light to trigger switches based on your facial expressions. You will be able to turn on room lights or swing your washing machine into action with a quick twitch of your mouth,” said its inventor, Kazuhiro Taniguchi of Osaka University. Read More

  • Japan plans to let robots and humans work hand in hand on the moon

    The Japanese government said Friday the nation should do everything it can to send a robot to the moon by 2020 followed by a human astronaut 10 years later in order to explore the moon’s natural resources. Japan, a country famously poor in natural resources, has a space development strategy task force in place that’s ready to execute the plans and is headed by the Prime Minister. Read More

  • How Time Flys

    As the Kindle/iPhone platform builds out, the possibility of pulling free content back from the abyss has sent tremors of hope through the media business community. Boxee’s continued struggle with Hulu suggests the content cartel has decided to double down on the hardball approach while they still can make it work. On the other side of the river, the technology companies are busy shoring… Read More

  • Early iPhone prototype up for auction

    A fella in Illinois has himself an iPhone protoype with an early beta OS and it’s up for sale on eBay if you’re into that sort of thing. In fact, he has two prototype iPhones for sale, but only one works and it has a matte plastic screen. The dud has a glass screen and doesn’t seem to offer much of anything save for spare parts at best. The working prototype appears to be able… Read More

  • Ooma looking good in this economy

    Ooma – the $250 VoIP box that lets you make free calls in the US (and that lets you call the US for free from international locales, an undocumented perk to be sure) – is getting more and more popular thanks to the downturn. With a new Chief Marketing Officer, Rich Buchanan, and a new price the system is now selling like cakes that are hot. The boxes are now sold at 1,300 stores and… Read More

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