• RGM North Pointer GMT: American made, American pride

    RGM is a watch company in Pennsylvania dedicated to recreating and preserving the watch know-how of the classic old American makers. Back in the 1880s, America’s watch industry was booming along with the growth of the railroads. A little savvy marketing and the rise of the automobile killed all the huge factories of Hamilton, Ohio and Elgin, Illinois but the dream is still alive. Read More

  • Small girl dies after dad drops TV on her

    Wow, this is sad news. A little girl in England was killed over the holidays when her father accidentally dropped a large TV set on top of her. Read More

  • Meet Mar.Com, The Techmeme For Marketing And Communication That Isn't

    I just stumbled upon the freshly launched Mar.Com, dubbed a ‘Techmeme for Marketing and Communication’ by co-creator Giovanni Gallucci on Twitter. It’s essentially an aggregation and filtering service for news related to advertising, digital marketing, search engine optimization, etc. where users can also submit events and jobs related to those topics. First of all, I have… Read More

  • Can Music Production Be Crowdsourced? Minimum Noise Thinks So.

    Copenhagen, Denmark-based startup Minimum Noise wants to take a crack at crowdsourcing music production, by connecting musicians around the world in an open marketplace where like-minded artists can get together to create music tracks. Basically, users can submit a project, describe what they’re looking for and what they’re prepared to pay for it. This can be anything from vocals to… Read More

  • Want To Be A Reality TV Star? RealityWanted Could Be Your Missing Link.

    Why people even want to go on reality TV shows is beyond my understanding, but it could be just me. Heck, there’s even a social network centered around reality TV programs and its protagonists, so it is probably just me. RealityWanted is such an online community, and its focus lies in one important aspect of the whole thing: the casting. RealityWanted claims to have accumulated… Read More

  • CrunchGear Week in Review: Christmas Memory Edition

    Fold & carry keyboard for me
    George Lucas approves production of Star Wars musical: Say goodbye to your childhood
    Christmas Memories: The Nintendo Entertainment System
    Japanese company releases Sushi guide for the iPhone
    Informal Central Ohio Meet-up on December 29 in Columbus, Ohio Read More

  • HP's new MediaSmart NAS lets Apple in on the party

    We just reviewed and gave away one of these things, and now they’re dropping a new one! Well, that’s the business we’re in. The new HP MediaSmart server works with both Windows and OS X, so if you’re on a mac and don’t want to pay a premium for a brushed-aluminum NAS, this may be your lucky day. Read More

  • Carbon sheets may power next generation of flash storage

    Miniaturization is one of the driving forces in the tech world, not just in the size of your media player or whatnot, but in the size of the nano-scale components that make it up. Processors, for example, are approaching the barrier of quantum effects on their transistor units, and are having to work around it. Similarly, flash memory makers are going to be hitting a wall a few years down the… Read More

  • DMFail: Another Reason To Just Not Send Private Messages On Twitter

    If you are the kind of person who can’t help but look when you drive by an accident scene, DMFail is for you. The site, which has been all the rage on Twitter for the last few days, shows direct (private) messages that were sent improperly on Twitter and are therefore public. If you want to send another Twitter user a message that only she or he sees, you type [D + username + message]. But… Read More

  • UK government wants to regulate the Inter Tubes

    In the US tech scene you have weekend “bitchmemes”. In the UK, there is a kind of equivalent known as “government minister opens mouth and inserts foot”. This weekend it was the turn of Andy Burnham, the secretary of state for the Department of Culture, Media and Sports (DCMS), and as such supposed to take an interest in the Internet. Unfortunately his weekend… Read More

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