• A Fresh Look At Google Gears

    There’s a common misconception that Google’s “next-gen” web platform called Gears only (or even primarily) enables offline capabilities for web applications. The truth of the matter is that Google’s ambitions are far greater, and the browser extension’s capabilities are more multifarious, than this reputation suggests. MySpace’s implementation of… Read More

  • Accel Partners To Help Bring You Cheap, Eco-Friendly Diapers

    Ok, further proof that it’s looking like 1999 all over again. A huge financial meltdown is just around the corner, and front line venture capitalists are spending money on ecommerce sites. Except this time around it isn’t pet sites. This time, it’s diapers. Diapers.com, was founded in 2005 by two new dads and has raised two rounds of capital, including a $7 million round led… Read More

  • eBay Won't Take Less Than $75 Million For StumbleUpon

    Deutsche Bank is still out there trying to find a buyer for eBay’s StumbleUpon business, we’ve heard from new sources (we first reported on this on September 18). But there’s one problem: while eBay wants to unload the business, they aren’t willing to sell it for less than $75 million, the price they paid for it in May 2007. StumbleUpon’s 2008 revenues are… Read More

  • RealNetworks Versus Hollywood Case Will Be Heard In Silicon Valley Court

    Often, the court that hears your case can determine whether you win or lose. RealNetworks just improved its chances in a lawsuit against Hollywood studios over its recently launched RealDVD software. The software lets you rip DVDs to your computer so you can play movies from your hard drive or turn your PC into a digital media server. The suit was originally going to be heard in the… Read More

  • Casio EQW-500DBE-1AVER: A watch for Iron Man, but does Iron Man need a watch?

    In conjunction with the release of Iron Man in Blu-Ray Casio has announced the EQW-500DBE-1AVER, a Waveceptor watch with alarm, world time, two stop watches, and an automatic backlit face. It uses a dual-region radio to automatically sync with atomic clocks around the world. Interestingly, this red, white, and blue confection is being touted as a Iron Man watch in the UK, which doesn’t… Read More

  • Skype President: "I SRY FR SPYING ON U, CHNA!"

    TOM, Skype’s local partner in China, was censoring and tracking Skype chats, flagging conversations that could have been embarassing to the ruling junta. Originally, TOM filtered by keyword and threw out objectionable material – a good comprimise – but now it seems TOM was also storing and reporting bad messages to certain Communist Parties. Not so good. They also discovered… Read More

  • PSP firmware v5 will surely save the platform from extinction

    There’s not a lot of content in this video of PSP firmware v5.0 but you can expect to see the PSN store, a new RSS reader, and a snapshot tool for taking screenshots of games. Pretty exciting, right? More importantly, a firmware upgrade will ensure that PSP hackers will have to spend a few minutes hacking this version of the software and then go back to drinking Mountain Dew and eating… Read More

  • Elevator Pitch Friday: eRepublik takes strategy games to the Web

    It’s Elevator Pitch Friday, which means another startup has created a video that’s worth showing you. This week’s presentation comes from eRepublik, a Spanish startup that wants to take strategy games and make them more social, more interactive, and therefore, more fun. eRepublik wants to change the way that strategy games are played by taking out the hours of game play. … Read More

  • Star Wars: Chancellor Palpatine-themed home theater

    Ah, nothing like unwinding at the end of the day by watching some TV in your home theater while looking out your windows at the sun setting over the beautiful Coruscant skyline. That’s what Steve Simon gets to do in part of his garage, which has been remodeled into a home theater resembling Chancellor Palpatine’s office from Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith. Read More

  • Zoom's Teeny Tiny Bluetooth Adapter

    While I’ll only be impressed if they release a Bluetooth adapter the size of a Tic-Tac, you folks might enjoy looking at this amazingly tiny little monster from Zoom. This is a 2.1 Bluetooth adapter that is about as big as U.S.B. plug. The 4322 sticks right into your U.S.B. port and hangs out, innocuously, waiting patiently for the Bluetooth mood to strike and strike it will, friends. Read More

  • One guy's experience shooting on RED

    You know, to be honest, I could probably get a less fluffy account of shooting on a RED ONE from my friend Mike, who has been shooting on RED for quite a long time now. But he can’t write, and I’m lazy, so in the meantime we have a pretty solid article here that describes the experience of shooting in 4K, the trouble they had, some of the strengths and limitations, and so on. Since… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: 500W PSU and 2GB of RAM for $39 shipped

    Damn, that’s hot! If you’re not running a crazy system that needs more than 500 watts of power (you’d know if you do), you might just upgrade here. I’m thinking about it. OCZ StealthXStreams are good PSUs and very quiet, and then getting two DDR-2 6400 DIMMs into the deal for a dollar less? Yes, with the $20 combo discount and the two $25 rebates, you pay less for… Read More

  • XCM Rapid Fire mod adds NES-style Turbo mode to 360 controller

    XCM is offering an add-on system to turn any 360 controller into a rapid-fire shooterator. The mod requires some soldering although you can send your controller in for modding.The mod also improves the controller’s D-PAD, adding a bit more space for those with fat, fat fingers. You can pre-order the mod right no with no pricing announced. via Giz Read More

  • The Microsoft Cloud: In a vista, no one can hear you scream

    Joy of Tech takes on Microsoft’s promise to create a “cloud” operating system for all of us to loose our data into. Peter Ha over here is screaming his head off because Vista ate a list of RSS feeds and we want to trust Microsoft to store our precious files? Read More

  • BlackBerry Bold being delayed again by AT&T, says RIM CEO

    RIM CEO Mike Lazaridis made it known today that AT&T is still testing the Bold to ensure that it’s sub-par 3G network can support it and those of us waiting for it to come out won’t go ape shit like we did when the iP3G came out. In all fairness, it was more or less Apple’s fault and not AT&T’s, but I’m grumpy and just want this damn phone to come… Read More

  • Automatic for the people – Free ads (jobs/want-ads/office space etc) all THIS week

    In recognition of the tough economic times we’re facing, and the fact that lots of startups are looking for people right now, I’m – perhaps naively? – going to have a go at kick-starting the market. But the “market” we are in is not just about jobs. It’s about office space. It’s about trying to find a mentor for your startup idea. It’s… Read More

  • New Hitachi camcorder streams HD signal wirelessly to HDTV

    This new Wooo camcorder, on display at CEATEC right now, eliminates the need for an HDMI cable when reviewing or showing your footage — as long as you have a compatible Hitachi TV. I’ve never been a big fan of the in-camera viewing and editing, but a lot of people use it and you know you can always use less wires around the house. And I know you’re thinking it, so yes it… Read More

  • Nikon P6000 reviewed for G.P.S. accuracy, deemed "good enough"

    Friend of CrunchGear Jack Deneut wrote up a review of the new Nikon P6000, the camera with G.P.S. and a freaking Ethernet port built in. Jack runs Nelso, a visual business search system for Prague, and has tried multiple G.P.S. systems in order to “mark” where he took each business picture with pinpoint accuracy. He found that the camera offered a considerable positioning… Read More

  • Fring brings Skype and other VoIP services to iPhone

    After 6 months of not-quite-official availability for those of us with jailbroken iPhones, Fring, a free mobile Voice-over-IP service (VoIP), has made its way to the App Store. With that, a day that some said would never come has arrived: Skype calls can now be made on the iPhone, no hacks required. Beyond the Skype functionality (which I imagine would be its most popular use), Fring also lets… Read More

  • As eBay preps layoffs, startup investment crashes – it's going to be a cold winter people

    It looks like Monday will be when we find out if how many staff go from eBay’s offices globally and the UK/European offices specifically. Last month reports started to emerge that eBay was poised to cut 1,500 jobs, or 10% of its workforce globally, according to an article in Barron’s weekly. It cited a report published by investment-research firm Wedge Partners. My sources tell me… Read More

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