• Sony's new earbuds are ergonomically Cinnabon-shaped

    I guess Sony got enough complaints about its earbuds that they actually decided to address the design decision at the root of them, namely that the fundamental shape of the earpiece was incompatible with the human ear. The new MDR-EX500SL is designed with a UFO-ish style, almost like a cinnamon roll — a Sonybon, if you will — and is meant to accommodate the folds of the pinna… Read More

  • Solar powered emulator also charges other doodads

    Here’s an example of good convergence. It’s the $169 Media Street eMotion 2GB Solar Powered Media Player and Battery Charger. Look at all those features just from the title! Not only does this little handful of sweetness play 8- and 16-bit ROMs, it also doubles as a solar charger for your other devices too. There’s more! It plays MP3s and 320×240 MPEG4 video files. And… Read More

  • Sony PS3 wireless keypad priced, dated

    Sony’s answer to the Xbox 360 messenger kit has been priced and dated on Amazon. The wireless keypad will be available on November 30th for $50. Read More

  • Rumor broken? Don't bother Sprint about it

    Reader Mark sent us this chat he had with Sprint’s customer relations bot informing him that his broken Rumor was his problem and none of their own. The phone has been regularly borking for people for the past eight months and it seems people are trying – and failing – to get help from Sprint. 1:55:38 PM System Connected to Sprint Web Chat Server 1:55:38 PM System Session… Read More

  • Viewsonic's 120Hz LCD prototype is a gamer's dream come true

    Today at Nvision, Viewsonic showcased a 22-inch LCD prototype with a 3ms gray-to-gray response time and 120Hz technology. The unnamed display (currently dubbed the VX2265wm, but it could change) also features two 2W stereo speakers and Dual Link DVI digi input. With a resolution of 1680×1050, 300 nits brightness and a 1000:1 contrast ratio it’s not a bad setup to have. Of course… Read More

  • Nokia announces N79 and N85

    Though we’ve been hearing whispers of these guys for a while, Nokia’s finally gone and made the N79 and N85 official. The N85 will be replacing the year old N81, while the N79 will be replacing the just months old N78. Manage to read through all of those NXXs and NYYs without getting a headache? Head on over to MobileCrunch for more details. Read More

  • AMD talks up DirectX 10.1 gains and features

    AMD is, I think, releasing press releases just for giggles. This one is pretty insubstantial, but it linked the neat demo video above so it’s worth mentioning. Essentially, AMD is attempting to extend its current (and possibly short-lived) dominance by emphasizing how well the conquering 4800 series works with DirectX 10.1. I have to say, the lighting tools shown in the extremely long… Read More

  • Leaked Verizon docs: Whatever, iPhone sucks anyways

    You know things are goin’ awry when your employees interpret “Confidential and proprietary material for authorized Verizon Wireless personnel and Agents only” to mean “Send this to the Boy Genius immediately.” The document pretty much rounds up every nit pick the blogosphere has had with the iPhone 3G since day one — faux price drops, whonky data plans… Read More

  • New consoles “more likely” in 2012

    An analyst from Lazard Capital Markets laid down a pretty safe bet in an investor note today by stating, At this point, we believe the consensus opinion among industry professionals is that the next significant hardware refresh is unlikely to occur before 2011, and more likely in 2012. Read More

  • Open Tech for sale

    Remember that company that was going to try to one-up Psystar and sell OS X compatible PCs without installing the OS itself and running afoul of Apple’s lawyers? Well, they’re for sale and best of all, they take PayPal. The Company Open Tech is up for sale. We are selling the Open Tech name, the website,the trade secrets, and press contacts all in one package.If you decide to… Read More

  • What We Need Is A Digital Bill Of Rights

    As the Democrats and Republicans gather at their national conventions, it is time to really think about a comprehensive national technology policy for the Internet Age. Many laws and policies governing the Internet and digital property are inadequate attempts to transplant rules from a different era. The problems that arise are not just about Net Neutrality (see Comcast) or copyright… Read More

  • Microsoft Invests In Silverlight Streamer Move Networks

    Microsoft making a strategic investment in Move Networks, which helps deliver Web video for Silverlight-powered sites. Technically, the investment will be a follow-on to the $46 million C round Move announced last April. But it involves an undisclosed amount of new money With the Olympics over (NBC’s video was all Silverlight, although not powered by Move), Microsoft is now focusing on… Read More

  • Nokia announces N79 and N85

    Nokia announced two new handsets this morning, both revamped replacements of models yore. First up is the Nokia N79, which will be replacing the N78 that hit the shelves only months ago. You ever meet a pair of twins, but its blatantly apparent which one got the good genes? The N79 got the good genes here. It’s got the 5 megapixel camera (up from 3.2), dual LED flash, 3G, GPS, and… Read More

  • Samsung intro's 8 new HDTVs – 5 LCDs and 3 plasmas

    Just ahead of CEDIA, Samsung just announced five new LCDs and three plasmas to the global market. Specific model detail is low on availability but we do know that LED technology is going to be incorporated for a more energy efficient process. While LED backlit exactly ‘bleeding edge’ anymore, we are finally seeing the tech seep down into the general market. The sets should… Read More

  • M-Audio DSM1 and DSM2 speakers: They're high-end and expensive

    I’m not going to get into the pricing on these – $649 for the DSM1 and $749.95 for the DSM2 – but they’re specially tuned for Digidesign’s Pro Tools and has both analog and digital inputs with 180W amplification. The front of speaker is pretty ho hum but look at all the little buttons on the back! On-board digital EQ and a 6.5″ cone driver should make your… Read More

  • Wired finally goes all out on the RED

    I have to say, the Wired I used to love would have covered the RED camera about two years ago when it was all buzz, phantom tech, and prototype sensors, and not now when it is essentially an established cinematic tool limited only by the small amount yet manufactured. At any rate, they’ve written a pretty comprehensive long-format history of the RED from birth to current success… Read More

  • iPhone's 3G antenna put to the test in a $110,000 metal box

    SCIENCE. When murmurs of the new iPhone’s purported subpar 3G performance made its way around to Sweden, a company called Bluetest decided to try and determine once and for all if we all just had a case of the crazies. They stuck an iPhone 3G into a $110,000 noise-free chamber along with a simulated base station, and tested communications in both directions. Then they did the same tests… Read More

  • Verizon launches the LG Voyager Titanium and the Blitz

    LG’s Voyager Titanium is Verizon’s latest touch-screen handset, and pretty much the same Voyager previously available in black but with a “lustrous titanium finish” and support for V CAST Music with Rhapsody and Visual Voice Mail. Read more Read More

  • Xbox 360 Dashboard Update coming in November

    I can’t wait to create my own avatar. Joy. At least I can share Netflix movies with my party people. The other features seem dandy, too. Here’s a video demo of the Netflix service on the Xbox in case you missed it. And another video from the Microsoft press conference at E3. via Kotaku Read More

  • "Green" super-toilet reduces usage of water, improves odor in rest rooms

    No country can rival Japan when it comes to toilets. The local market (worth several billion US dollars) is controlled by two companies, Toto and Inax, both of which are also active in the USA. Especially Inax recently managed to make a name for themselves as an innovator by offering a music-playing and light-emitting toilet for home use (Inax Regio) or a model that supports SD cards (Inax… Read More

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