• Konami releases first screenshots of the iPhone's Metal Gear Solid Touch

    Right around Christmastime was the last time we heard anything about Metal Gear Solid Touch, Konami’s first game for the iPhone/iPod touch. (Why do people refer to the iPod touch as the “iTouch”?) You play as Old Snake, as he sashays around international hot spots—Eastern Europe, the Middle East, South America and Shadow Moses. Who knew the whole of South America could… Read More

  • JerkStopper saves clumsy laptop owners from themselves

    Of all the laptops I’ve owned over the years – at least a dozen or so – I’m proud to say that I’ve never, ever dropped one of them or violently yanked an AC adapter out of its port. I realize, though, that I’m in a very small minority and that it’s also only a matter of time before some sort of laptop catastrophe is brought about by my own human… Read More

  • Blu-ray and flat-panels sales are increasing in Japan

    Shocker of the day, folks: modern A/V technology is selling well in Japan. DfK Marketing Services Japan just announced the results of a 2008 study which concluded that the Blu-ray format and flat-panel TVs are seeing sales numbers increasing. Actually, it’s impressive as the country is experience an economic slow down similar to ours here in the States. Read More

  • Carnival Hammer for the iPhone – this won't end well.

    Step right up, ladies and gentleman! Test your strength and potentially break the hell out of your iPhone! Carnival Hammer is a new game for the iPhone that simulates.. well, a carnival hammer. You know, that game where you smash a little pad with an awkwardly weighted hammer to try and impress your lady friend with your smash-a-little-pad-with-an-awkwardly-weighted-hammer skills? Read More

  • Boxee adds Hulu support (kind-of). App Box, and auto update

    We’ve already shown you one dirty way of re-enabling Hulu on Boxee but now there is an official work around direct from Boxee via RSS. The latest build adds support for video RSS fees and so…all you need to do is add Hulu’s public RSS feed to the app’s reader. It’s surely not as sexy as the past application, but it’s better than nothing. Plus, App Box and… Read More

  • Facebook fbFund Winner Wildfire Launches Promotion App (Beta Invites)

    Facebook fbFund winner Wildfire is launching the private beta of its web application, The Wildfire Promotion Builder, which allows companies to create their own branded interactive promotions, including contests, coupons, sweepstakes and giveaways. Using Facebook Connect combined with the power of the application, companies can simultaneously publish promotion campaigns on the designated… Read More

  • Circuit City's closing all stores by March 8th

    It’s almost over, folks. The saga of Circuit City is about done as the company plans to shut all stores by March 8th. Some stores, including my old location of 3631, closed weeks ago. It all depended on the individual store’s inventory. If the store sold everything, there wasn’t any reason to keep paying the employees. Read More

  • Video: The latest Star Trek trailer

    Oh, man. I cannot wait for this movie. The latest trailer starts like some of the early teasers until you see the Enterprise in a fierce space battle. Damn, I can’t wait. Visit the official site for a higher quality, full screen video and don’t forget we are running a contest to send someone to the L.A. premiere. Read More

  • In times of crisis, watchmaker Ulysse Nardin gets drunk, hooks up with UK cellphone OEM

    I saw this last night and in my evening haze I though I might have been hallucinating. Sadly, I wasn’t. Ulysse Nardin makes nice watches, mostly designing for yachting and diving, and they have a certain style that I particularly like. However, some douche convinced them to make a phone with a little automatic movement weight attached. Apparently this movement will actually… Read More

  • Lifeblob's Redesign Takes Social Timelines To The Next Level (Invites)

    Social timelines are going mainstream (see AOL/Bebo), but startups are pushing them to the next level. Today, Lifeblob, the Indian startup working on ways for you to visualize your life on the net, is introducing a refreshed version of its social timeline creation tool. With it, you can easily patch together a visual representation of your life’s most memorable moments by… Read More

  • Pretec intos the world's first SDXC card

    SDXC got a 2009 CES unveiling and we are finally seeing the first batch thanks to Pretec. The companies first offering will come sporting 32GB capacity and a mighty respectable transfer speed of 50MB/s. While the card sounds great and even if it was available, there isn’t a device on the market that’s compatible yet. Sorry to get your hopes up. Read More

  • Japanese company sells USB cat tail for some reason

    The USB madness coming out of Japan doesn’t come to an end, it seems. This time, it’s not USB specialist Thanko but an unknown Japanese company selling a USB memory stick that looks like a cat tail. Read More

  • Topify Lets You Manage Your Twitter Followers Via Email (200 Invites)

    If you are not a Twitter power user, you can ignore this post. But if you find yourself increasingly relying on Twitter and spending way too much time managing your followers, trying to figure out who they are, or responding to their private direct messages, you’ll want to try out Topify Created by former TechCrunch France editor Ouriel Ohayon and Arik Fraimovich as a tool they needed… Read More

  • BackType Gets More Conversation Tracking Features, Seed Funding

    BackType, one of the better conversation tracking tools we’ve come across so far, is releasing a couple of new features today that arguably make it a top gun in the space. The startup, launched in August 2008 on $15k thanks to Y Combinator’s summer program, has also closed a round of seed funding to the tune of $300,000 from True Ventures, led by the firm’s founder and… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Huggable Creatures Edition

    Brando’s ‘USB Buffalo Speaker’ tells tale of a marketing meeting gone awry
    Video: “Eyeborg” project underway to implant eyesocket camera
    Well now, IKEA makes solar-powered lights Read More

  • Robert Scoble To Leave FastCompany

    Super-blogger Robert Scoble is leaving his full time job at FastCompany, he confirmed by phone tonight. He first joined the company nearly a year ago and has been running their FastCompany.tv site. He says he’ll continue to write a column for the magazine, but his video work with them is over. Part of the reason behind his departure: His long time sponsor, Seagate, hasn’t renewed… Read More

  • Sapphire launching Radeon HD 4870 with 2GB of memory

    Video card technology seems to compete with CPU technology, both of them continuing to obey Moore’s law, and becoming faster and faster with each iteration. Many manufacturers have also taken to increasing the amount of memory on their existing cards to make them run better. Most the time, this results in at least noticeably better performance, as we’ve seen. Read More

  • AvaLung backpack provides breathable air when you're trapped in an avalanche

    The AvaLung backpack does more than just carry your personal belongings; it also functions as an extra set of lungs. Imagine that you’re on the mountain skiing and all of the sudden an avalanches rolls down after you and traps you under the snow. No need to worry, AvaLung saves the day, transforming the CO2 built up under the snow into breathable air. Read More

  • Solution to increase figure skating's appeal: Lightsabers

    I don’t know if this video is new or has been floating around Star War’s fan site for years. Nor do I really care, cause it’s awful entertaining. There is something mesmerizing watching this Russian skater glide around the Salt Lake 2002 Olympic’s rink throwing and catching lightsabers. Hell, maybe if lightsabers were involved in figure skating, I would actually watch… Read More

  • OCZ jumps into the netbook game with the Neutrino

    OEM hardware makers have been making a consumer-oriented push in the last year, not least of which being OCZ, which has put out an interesting DIY computer line designed for hardware tweakers. The latest edition to the line is the Neutrino, essentially a netbook but designed like their other DIY lines: expandable and customizable. The basic setup isn’t going to be any different from… Read More

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