• Hendrickson! We're Gonna Miss You.

    When you are introduced to new Web products and businesses every day, as we are here at TechCrunch, it is difficult not to get the startup itch. Mark Hendrickson, who has been with TechCrunch as a writer and Web developer for two years, has decided to scratch that itch and build his own Web service. It doesn’t have a name yet, but it will combine location with social discovery, will… Read More

  • iPhone Nano Rumor #5,838,321: Screen stays the same, Home button moved to the side

    According to Le Journal du Geek, the much-fabled iPhone Nano is coming in June, and will be debuted by none other than Jobs himself. The new, meaty bit: to make it smaller (for the sake of the whole “Nano” bit), they say the home button has been moved to the side – but that 3G, GPS, and WiFi get to stay! Okay, look. The whole iPhone Nano thing is bananas. I’m pretty… Read More

  • The ur-iPhone in action

    The guy who is trying to sell the original prototype iPhone on eBay just posted a video of this mutant in action. Thrill to half-hearted UI! Wonder in awe at the strange color scheme! Enjoy the brain-dead YouTube comments! Read More

  • New Dell Adamo ‘robots video’

    Ah, finally some little computer parts flying around before being assembled by robots. My initial frustration with the lack of geekery in the Adamo marketing process is withering as today the company has released a new video chock full of components, circuit boards, and laser-wielding robotic arms. Read More

  • AlertThingy Adds Filters, Groups, Deeper Search

    AlertThingy, an Air app for aggregating social networks developed out of the UK, is poised to release an update to its recent version that improves filtering, adds groups and integrates powerful search. Next Tuesday AlertThingy 3.1 will have new filtering options which lets users identify items tagged as ‘very interesting’, as well as messages and comments ‘directed at… Read More

  • The Woz proves we geek types need to stay off the dance floor

    OMG. At least he still has money ’cause he lost his dignity last night. We’ll see if my month old prediction comes true tonight and he’s the first one voted off the island. Read More

  • Happy International Day Of Awesomeness

    Rejoice! Today is International Day Of Awesomeness. It’s time to celebrate just how awesome you are, and to recognize how awesome everyone else is! Read More

  • Legacy Locker: An Online Will For Your Digital Life

    For many of us, the internet is quickly becoming a comprehensive digital archive of our lives, housing our photo albums, documents, correspondence, and video clips. Unfortunately, when someone passes away, the mechanisms for transferring this information to family members are archaic, requiring intervention from lawyers and in some some cases made impossible by a web site’s Terms of… Read More

  • gCubik: The awesome 3D mini cube display gets an upgrade (video)

    Japan’s National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) has updated its gCubik, an amazing 3D display box whose first version was shown to the general public in June last year. The cubic box is now six-faced (the first prototype had just three faces) and features touch screens. Video after the jump. Read More

  • Drop.io Speeds Up Its File-Sharing And Adds Chat

    Private file-sharing service drop.io is jumping on the “real-time” bandwagon, speeding up its application to make it a near-instantaneous experience and adding chat. Before, drop.io was slightly asynchronous in that one person would have to upload their photos, movies, music, or documents that they wanted to share, and everyone else would have to wait until they were uploaded… Read More

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