• If Amazon Really Wants To Get Serious About The Kindle…

    More rumors about the new Kindle are emerging, which we first wrote about on July 15. The first device will have a similar sized screen as the existing model but will have a much enhanced form factor. The second will be a large screen device aimed at students and will come later. Somewhere around a quarter of a million Kindles have been sold to date and Amazon is clearly pushing out the last… Read More

  • It's Official: The G1 From T-Mobile is the First Android Phone

    Images from around the web are showing the HTC Dream AKA the T-Mobile G1 in all its bendy, screen-sliding glory. This Sidekick-like phone has a pop up screen, full QWERTY keyboard, and none of the buckets of suck that characterize Windows Mobile phones. Android is still fairly nascent so I worry that the application environment will be limited on launch but an open, powerful platform backed by… Read More

  • NAVIGON launches the 7200T GPS Navigator

    NAVIGON has just announced the availability of their latest high-end GPS device. The company took the great 7100 model, threw in a Centrality Titan 600 MHz processor, an updated GPS chip, and still managed to pop out an overall smaller unit model.  The 7200T still maintains NAVIGON’s free, real-time traffic and most of the goodies from it’s predecessor, but the UI is… Read More

  • Happy Birthday Animoto. You Guys Make Me Happy

    New York based Animoto, which turns one year old today, is one of those startups that has success written all over it. And I bet it’s a fun place to work too. We are unabashed fans of this do-one-thing-very-right service. If you aren’t yet a user, here’s what it does: It creates videos that combine music and your photos. You upload photos directly to the service or authorize… Read More

  • XIHA Life: A Social Network For Multilinguists

    XIHA Life, a site that calls itself “the world’s first truly multilingual social network”, has launched in the United States. The site is geared towards multilingual users who feel constrained by the single language networks offered by sites like Facebook (while most social networks have begun integrating foreign languages, they limit themselves to one language at a… Read More

  • Canon officially drops 50D, new point-and-shoots

    In true camera company style, Canon has gone and released about five million cameras all at once, and it falls to yours truly to summarize the pages and pages of PR into something readable at a glance. I’d scribble it on a napkin and scan it if I could, but I learned better than that at blogger school. We’ve already covered the 50D, but these new point-and-shoots are virgin territory. Read More

  • College Sophomore Sells His iPhone App To Flixster

    Movie focused social network Flixster acquired a popular iPhone application called Movies.app (iTunes link) last week, and has re-released the application this evening. As far as we know, this is the first acquisition of an iPhone app. The price isn’t being disclosed. Movies.app was created by Jeffrey Grossman, a sophomore at Carnegie Mellon University. The application lets users find… Read More

  • Review: Aluratek Internet Radio Alarm Clock

    These Wi-Fi radios have come a long, long way. Case in point, I have an old Linksys WMLS-11B from almost five years ago that requires me to spin around in a circle two times, add a single drop of blood to exactly 6.3 ounces of room-temperature tap water, and paint the Toyota Camry logo on my chest backwards before I can get the thing to reliably stream music wirelessly. Fast forward to the… Read More

  • Live from Philps Research Labs: Shop Lab

    The ShopLab at the Philips research center is a prototype retail store room used to test lighting technology to improve the sales experience for both the establishment and the customer. First up is the Show Window, a series of projectors displaying on the exterior showcase
    windows. These projectors show a rotating collection of images on the glass, behind which sits the showcase products. … Read More

  • Touchscreens soon to (please) stop being a novelty

    At least I certainly hope so. There’s a mall here in downtown SF that has an information panel that uses a touchscreen interface. It’s about the dumbest use of the technology I have even seen. If you have ever been to a mall, you know that occasionally you have to look at a map to see where the store you want is located. Luckily, a long time ago, someone decided that malls should… Read More

  • Most popular posts for Monday, August 25th

    Today’s Top Posts: CrunchGear Week in Review: Eye Poke Edition Sony’s new earbuds are ergonomically Cinnabon-shaped ABC World News, Nightline, 20/20, & Primetime going high-def Sony PS3 wireless keypad priced, dated Solar powered emulator also charges other doodads Rumor broken? Don’t bother Sprint about it Joe Biden, Obama’s running mate, isn’t exactly… Read More

  • The Register rips on Amazon and Goog's cloud computing

    This is a great editorial. The author takes shots at Amazon’s EC2, Google’s App Engine, and “green” tech in general. I’m not convinced of the utter shamelessness and opportunism he accuses the companies of, but it’s nice to hear a little venom about these bleeding-edge products that claim such high ground. I do like this bit, though: I do have to give… Read More

  • Live from Philps Research Labs: Home Lab

    Our roving cub reporter Scott Merrill is live in Amsterdam at the Philips Research labs. His first report is on the HomeLab. The HomeLab at the Philips research center is a model home built to test and monitor real-world response to prototype technology. Thirty cameras and microphones record subjects as they use and interact with products for the home; then researches review the recordings… Read More

  • Rambus gets silicon up to Terabyte speed

    In November of last year, Rambus announced The Terabyte Bandwidth Initiative in which they stated they were going after, well, a terabyte of bandwidth. They have been making progress and recently showed off some working silicon. Rambus is looking to provide the architecture that will be needed for tomorrow’s hungry graphics processors. They plan to achieve the goal by using 32x Data… Read More

  • Amazon Acquires Shelfari: Moves To Corner Book-Centric Social Networks

    Shelfari, a social network for bibliophiles, has been acquired by Amazon for an undisclosed amount. Amazon has been a longtime supporter of the Seattle based startup, having invested $1 million in the site in February 2007. The move comes less than a month after Amazon’s acquisition of AbeBooks, a vendor of rare and used books from independent publishers. As part of that acquisition… Read More

  • Hydrogen Road Tour ’08 completes cross-country trip

    For the past two weeks hydrogen fuel cell cars have been lighting up the nation’s highways on a cross-country trip designed to showcase the emerging technology. This last weekend, they rolled into the Los Angeles Coliseum completing their trip that started in Portland, Maine. Not only was the demonstration designed to be a positive reinforcement about the road-worthiness of the cars… Read More

  • More Proof That Canada Hates The Environment

    Despite the fact that I lived there, I have a long running feud with Canada, which I loving refer to as the 51st state. Now we have more absurd news coming from the frozen wasteland to the north. And it is also awesome PR for the previously little-known Barbados-based (It’s actually Canadian, but they are almost certainly officially in Barbados for tax minimization) startup PickupPal… Read More

  • Box art for Halo Wars revealed, in case anyone cares

    Check out other Halo Wars coverage here. Image courtesy of the Gamerscoreblog. Read More

  • Nikon D90 official stats, pics from all angles

    Yes, you’re probably tired of hearing about the D90, what with post after post after post, all by me. And I’m not even a Nikon guy! It’s not our fault the info has been leaking out in fun-size pieces rather than the whole kit and kaboodle. At any rate, this is the last D90 post until — ah, who am I kidding. We’ll probably have another one tonight. Pics from… Read More

  • (Robot) BEAR to the rescue

    This is where it all began. Remember that. When the robot overlords are eating our children and grinding the rest of us into slurry, it will be all because of how robots are treated in the next century. This is nothing new; we all know it is coming. Humans build robots, robots take over, children get eaten. Hell, it’s even in the bible. Look it up. At the recent Taipei International… Read More

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