• Apple updates 15-inch MacBook Pro at WWDC 2009

    Quick and dirty: Apple just announced an updated 15-inch MacBook Pro at WWDC, with prices starting at $1,699. It’s the same unibody design that’s proven to be so popular, but this time with much improved battery life (it lasts about two hours longer than before, and can withstand about three times as many charges as before). Oh, and there’s a built-in SD Card slot. Read More

  • AT&T on iPhone 3G/3G S tethering, MMS, availability, etc.

    We’re trying to get through all of this Apple iPhone related news as fast as possible so just bear with us. To start, AT&T will offer tethering, but there’s no official announcement on that just yet. On the MMS front, AT&T will offer MMS on the iPhone 3G S later this summer once system upgrades have been completed. These upgrades are unrelated to the 3G network, says AT&T. Read More

  • WWDC 2009 CrunchGear Liveblog

    We’re here in Moscone and ready to rock. Watch this space for upcoming coverage and live streaming from the convention center. What will we see from Apple? An iPhone 3GS? A tablet? Steve? Follow along with WDDC Bingo. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Xbox 360 Elite for $319, Pro for $254 over at Dell

    Dell has two Xbox 360 deals that may interest you this morning. There’s the $254.99 Pro model (regular price is $299.99), which comes with a 60GB hard drive. Read More

  • Movie studios launch Epix: 720p streaming video for free

    I’m much too “handy,” wink wink, with a computer to personally care about Epix, the movie studios’ latest attempt to take the Internet head-on. It’s part cable TV channel and part 720p Internet streaming, and it’s run by Paramount, MGM, and Lionsgate. No cable companies have announced that they’ve signed up as yet. Read More

  • Palm Pre, Who? Recession, What? Meet The $99 iPhone.

    Alongside its unveiling of the new iPhone today at the WWDC keynote in San Francisco, Apple also unveiled a secret weapon in its quest to dominate the smartphone market: A cheaper iPhone. This new iPhone will be the iPhone 3G. While the newly released iPhone 3GS will offer more storage, and presumably a faster processor, more RAM and faster download speeds, this iPhone will have the same specs… Read More

  • Apple Store is down, act surprised

    <sarcasm>*gasp* The Apple Store is down before today’s WWDC keynote!!!!!!! Must…have…new…iPhone. </sarcasm> Read More

  • Official: The iPhone 3G S

    Here it is, kiddies: the latest iPhone. Just one year after Apple announced the iPhone 3G, the iPhone 3G S has been announced. There is much to love in this update including larger storage options, a faster CPU, HSDPA support and a better camera all for the same price as the current set. The OS should now run faster thanks to a 50% bump in CPU speed; it now runs at 600MHz. The system memory… Read More

  • WWDC 2009: Apple's Quicktime has a new logo!

    Apple’s Quicktime has a new logo, and it’s very silvery! Read More

  • Find My iPhone helps when AT&T's insurance can't

    It may be one of the iPhone’s newest features, but we can already tell it could become of the most touted. I’m talking of course about the new Find My iPhone feature in the iPhone’s 3.0 software release. Only available to MobileMe customers, Find My iPhone will help do you exactly what its title would lead you to believe. Should you (gasp!) lose your iPhone, you can log into… Read More

  • Say Hello To The iPhone 3G S — "S" Is For Speed

    Today, during its WWDC keynote address, Apple has unveiled the new iPhone 3GS, the successor to the iPhone 3G that was unveiled one year ago. Available in the U.S. on June 19, the new iPhone is giving people a lot of what they’ve been asking for in the past — and some stuff that Apple undoubtedly hopes will make buyers forget all about the Palm Pre. First of all, the new iPhone… Read More

  • AT&T Fails iPhone Users Once Again

    MMS and Tethering — two features that have been readily available on many smartphones for years — are finally making their way to the iPhone. But if you’re in the United States, you won’t be able to use them for at least a few months. Because AT&T, the network with an exclusive lock on the iPhone in the US, couldn’t get it together in time to support them… Read More

  • Wonga.com to expand globally following $22m financing round

    Wonga.com, the startup that has started to change the face of short-term lending in the UK, has closed a $22.25m round of funding led by Accel Partners and Greylock Partners, with the support of its existing investor, Balderton Capital. Founded by Errol Damelin and Jonty Hurwitz, Wonga provides cash advances to UK consumers, helping solve occasional cash flow problems. It’s provided… Read More

  • Acer shipping 3D notebook in October

    It appears that, come hell or high water, companies are determined to push 3D features. Acer’s the latest, announcing a 15.6-inch notebook due in late October that features software to convert regular 2D movies into 3D, along with movies specifically shot in 3D. Read More

  • Convergence! Keychain GPS unit

    If you have trouble remembering where you parked your car or where you buried a treasure chest full of pirate booty, maybe you’d like this keychain GPS unit from ECCO. You lock in whichever position you’re looking to eventually return to and follow the magic arrow on the screen to find your way back. Read More

  • State Of The iPhone Ecosystem: 40 Million Devices and 50,000 Apps

    Apple has just announced yet another milestone for its popular App Store: 50,000 applications are now available in the store. The announcement was made at the WWDC event in San Francisco, alongside the news that Apple has sold some 40 million iPhones and iPod touches. This follows Apple hitting its 1 billionth app download in April, and 35,000 apps later that month. The platform shows no sign… Read More

  • Is Sony really working on Android-based mobile devices? Most likely yes

    Does Sony dream of Android? The Japanese web is currently filling up with rumors about Sony preparing not one but two Android-based mobile devices. Both the Android-powered Walkman and a personal satellite navigation device are rumored to launch next year. I just checked all Japanese news sources I could find reporting on the topic and the short answer is that the rumor seems to be true. Read More

  • OS X Snow Leopard Should Purr Along — With A Smaller Footprint

    Today, at its WWDC keynote, Apple publicly unveiled the majority of its new operating system, OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard for the first time. As promised, the majority of the changes are under the hood, where things are tighter and should purr. Perhaps the most impressive thing about Snow Leopard is that saves 6 GB space versus OS X Leopard. That’s half the footprint, and that’s… Read More

  • Your old PSP accessories won't work on your PSP Go!

    Before we’re inundated with Apple news—not that there’s anything wrong with that—there’s still a few other issues to address. First on my docket this morning: did you know that the PSP Go!, Sony’s updated, senselessly expensive PSP, will require all new accessories? Oh, it’s true. It’s damn true. Read More

  • The Unibody MacBook Goes Fully "Pro" — With Huge Battery Life

    When it came time to deciding which Apple laptop to get a few months ago, the choice was pretty clear to me: The 13-inch MacBook. While I had previously had a last-generation MacBook Pro, the new MacBooks built with the sleek unibody process (carved out of one piece of aluminum) offered more than enough power for what I needed, in a smaller package. I didn’t really see an advantage is… Read More

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