• Hands-on: Wildstorm's Resident Evil #1

    After some mishaps thanks to UPS, I finally got my copy of Wildstorm’s Resident Evil #1. I’ll get right to it, kids. Kevin Sharpe’s artwork is vibrant and great to look at but it doesn’t seem to mesh well with Ricardo Sanchez’s rather quirky storyline that follows B.S.A.A. (Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance) agents Mina Gere and Holiday Sugarman in… Read More

  • Self-repairing plastics could lead to a scratch-free world

    Plastic has be given Wolverine-like self-healing capabilities thanks to the work of Biswajit Ghost and Marek Urban, material scientists from the University of Southern Mississippi. The scientists have created a new polymer that can repair itself when scratched using UV light from the sun. Read More

  • The Amount And Value Of Twitter Traffic

    Much is being written today about the value of a large following on Twitter. Jason Calacanis wants to pay $125,000 a year to have Twitter recommend him to other users, for example. He thinks that over time accounts with massive followings will somehow be able to pull in $1 million a year or more in incremental revenue, assuming they then have millions of followers. We have unique data to… Read More

  • Paragon announces NTFS for Mac OS X 7.0, lets you access NTFS partitions from a Mac

    Are you using both Windows and OS X? Have a load of NTFS formatted hard drives? Want to access them with your Mac? You’re in luck, friend! Paragon announced NTFS for Mac OS X 7.0 today and it’s exactly what you’ve been looking for. There’s also a new MacBrowser that allows your Windows machine to access Mac partitions transparently. Get it now for $40. Read More

  • Microsoft to reduce carbon footprint by 30%

    Expect to see a tad less smoke billowing out Microsoft’s smokestacks. The company plans on reducing its carbon footprint by 30% of 2007’s level by 2012. In order to do this, standard techniques will be employed that will also reduce energy bills and help the bottom line. Read More

  • You've never seen so much cabling, so neatly arranged

    No, it’s not a rainbow air duct. It’s geek porn of the highest order. My own wire-wrangling skills are pretty limited, so I can only stand in awe of this amazing job, which is unfortunately a bit of a mystery. Who is the miracle worker who can put together thousands of twisted pairs in a conduit like this, and where can I hire him? What does the system overview look like on paper? Read More

  • G.I. Joe game screenshots reveal generic enemies, environments

    We all like G.I. Joe here, although we’re split on whether the movie will be terrible or barely passable. Same thing goes, apparently, for the game. Not that we’re surprised, but it looks like the movie tie-in will be as soulless as any other. The environments look generic, the enemies look generic, and somehow I doubt Snake Eyes is going to have as many sweet moves as Ryu from… Read More

  • Panasonic plasmas, BD players to get Amazon Video-on-Demand & YouTube

    Panasonic is stuffing some streaming goodies into it’s latest plasmas and set-top Blu-ray players. These services were demo’d at CES this year, and we’re glad to hear that they will be implemented. This Viera Cast builds upon past builds and adds connectivity options to Amazon Video-on-Demand, YouTube, Picassa, along with others without the need for a set-top box. So, now you… Read More

  • French police saved millions by switching to Ubuntu

    French officials from Gendarmerie Nationale reported recently that they’ve saved millions of dollars by migrating their desktop infrastructure away from Windows to Ubuntu. The Gendarmerie started moving away from Windows in 2005 when they replaced MS Office with OpenOffice across their entire organization. Read More

  • ‘Dark Ops Wii Light Gun’ brings some style

    If you’re gonna shell out $20 for a hunk of plastic to turn your Wii-mote into a gun for shooting games, it might as well look cool. That’s likely the thought behind the Dark Ops Wii Light Gun from Cobalt Flux. You load your Wii-mote into the back of the gun “like a clip” which leaves the bottom exposed so you can hook up a nunchuck and use it unencumbered. Read More

  • Hands-on: iPod Shuffle 2K9

    For an Apple product, the new iPod Shuffle is a bit underwhelming in the aesthetics department. It’s tiny, for sure, but I can’t and most likely won’t ever get over the fact that I have to use Apple’s earbuds. What am I supposed to do with my Ultimate Ears and Shures? Read More

  • World of Wacraft, Second Life could face lawsuit from little known virtual world Web site

    From the frivolous lawsuit department: The folks behind Worlds.com are looking to sue the likes of World of Warcraft and Second Life for infringing on one of their longstanding patents that covers “virtual worlds” or somesuch. While that may seem pretty ludicrous, keep in mind that a similar lawsuits, against City of Heroes‘ NCSoft, was filed in a plaintiff-friendly district… Read More

  • Will a new 50mm lens debut alongside the next Rebel?

    Adding on to that hot new Rebel rumor from the other day: Canon may well release a new EF 50mm f/1.4 II USM lens alongside the Rebel. Evidence of this: the [old] 50 f/1.4 is on back order [in Canada], and has been for a few months now. Don’t surprised if the new lens has image stabilization. Read More

  • Check out this crazy-ass bathroom stall

       It’s a ski jump! The best part about it is that if you’ve never ski jumped before, you’d probably do the same thing you’d do in this bathroom, so it’s a good way to prepare for your first real-life jump. Apparently the whole setup is an elaborate advertisement for a canned beverage called Georgia Max Coffee and the bathroom stall is located in a… Read More

  • CrunchDeal: $79.99 T-Mo G1 at CostCo

    Head down to CostCo, my little monkeys, for there you will find a T-Mobile G1 for $79.99. Note you have to bring the coupon from your CostCo flyer but it’s $20 less than Amazon had it yesterday. You have to get a 2-year contract, but who cares, right? You’ll be keeping the G1 for years! Read More

  • New York governor kills ‘iPod tax’: Stimulus money will make up budget shortfall instead

    Itunes users in New York state who complained about President Obama’s OMNIBUS SPENDING BILL should pipe down, since Gov. Patterson has dropped plans for that “iPod tax” that upset so many people. Some of the stimulus money will be used to make up the budget shortfalls that the “iPod tax” was supposed to cover. Read More

  • Google Ad Chief Tim Armstrong Replaces Randy Falco As Chairman And CEO Of AOL

    Breaking: AOL has named a new CEO and chairman. Tim Armstrong, who headed up ad sales in North America for Google, will replace Randy Falco as chairman and CEO. AOL President and COO Ron Grant will also be leaving the company. Armstrong’s name has been bandied about as a potential CEO or top executive at several companies. He takes on a challenging post at AOL, which does not have… Read More

  • With no cars being sold, Sirius XM turns to iPhone to promote itself

    Now that nobody on planet Earth is buying cars anymore, Sirius XM has to find a new way to promote itself to would-be buyers. It used to be that buyers of new cars would get a couple free months of Sirius or XM included; but what now? If yesterday’s conference call is any indication, Sirius XM, which was rescued at the ELEVENTH HOUR by Liberty Media last month, will really begin to… Read More

  • MSI makes the CS120 ‘Nettop’ official

    If you’ve always longed for a netbook but you don’t want to have to put up with all that pesky “portability”, MSI is hoping you’ll take a liking to the CS120 “Nettop” computer. It’s decked out similarly to the cornucopia of currently-available netbooks – 1.6GHz Intel Atom CPU, 1GB RAM, 160GB hard drive – but you’re not saddled… Read More

  • WeedMaps Wants To Be A Yelp For Cannabis Clubs

    With the increasing number of states approving marijuana use for medical purposes (and the recent proposed legislation to legalize the drug entirely in California), it’s no surprise that startups are popping up looking to capitalize on the growing number of patients looking for legal marijuana dispensaries. One of these is WeedMaps, a site that aspires to be a Yelp for cannabis… Read More

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