• Can Hulu Be A Bigger Business Than YouTube?

    Google’s foray into the online video market has been criticized by many. In fact, some believe that Google’s decision to acquire YouTube was one of the worst it has ever made, thanks to the confluence of massive copyright violations and Google’s financial backing, which gave copyright holders the impetus they needed to sue the popular site. Others believe that… Read More

  • Adam Savage of Mythbusters on Discover's shut-down of RFID segment

    Adam Savage of Mythbusters basically busted the myth of RFID security – and the Discovery Channel wouldn’t air the segment. Here he talks at the HOPE conference about the experience. Read More

  • First Modular Multi-Touch LCD Screen Takes Aim At Microsoft

    MultiTouch, a company specializing in, you guessed it, multi-touch technology, today launched the world’s first modular multi-touch LCD screen, which will allow owners to create screen tables and walls to their desired size. Dubbed The MultiTouch Cell, each LCD screen unit is available in both 32- and 46-inch sizes and offers Full HD capability. The Cells can be positioned in portrait… Read More

  • PAX 08: The Omegathon final round is "VS. Excitebike"

    Another year, another PAX Omegathon. After a year of theories and a whole lot “ZOMG Do you know what the final round is?” murmur, the final round game iiiiiis: VS Excitebike! We’ll have tons of pics and happenings as soon it’s all wrapped up.
    Update: Uploading. Joey Geko, the underdog whose name they drew randomly at the door at the beginning of PAX, has triumphed. He… Read More

  • Tipster: T-Mobile G1 coming October 23rd

    An anonymous tipster has confirmed that a major T-Mobile press conference is scheduled for October 23 in LA or NYC in anticipation of a full G1 launch. That’s right, folks: the Android phone is coming. To recap, the G1 is a rebadged HTC Dream from T-Mobile. We have full coverage here but we know the following: First off, that “chin” that’s got everyone talking… Read More

  • More PAX pix for you

    Just a couple more pics for you guys before we enter the belly of the beast again. These TF2 cosplayers were all over the place, but I didn’t see any Heavies. Well, there were some heavies all right, but to be precise I didn’t see anybody dressed as a heavy from TF2. Read More

  • Daewoo unfurls a digital folding screen

    The DID-FS Digital Folding Screen from Daewoo is a 4-panel room divider that integrates 4 separate LCD video displays. Each screen can be fed independently of the rest, so you can really go to town with this display array. Play all your video game systems at once, or perhaps watch four different shows. Hell, set up a camera to keep track of what’s happening on the other side. Point a… Read More

  • Facebook: The Movie! Wait, what?!

    As long as we’re talking about certain people who should be kicked in the balls for making bad movies about technology products, let’s add Aaron Sorkin to the mix. He’s thinking of making a movie about, you guessed it, Facebook. If Sorkin goes through with this wonderful (eye-roll) idea, I’m sure it’ll be a really great movie (double eye-roll). He sounds like… Read More

  • Blowback from the Green Offensive

    Green marketing may be hitting a saturation point. At least, I’ve come to think that at some point it will. Is it now? I don’t know. It just seems to me that all marketing pushes eventually run out of gas. I would hate to see Green-thinking fall away as just another fad, because advertisers shoved it down our collective throat. Read More

  • Google's Strategy In Japan: Avoid Yahoo And Take Over The Mobile Web First

    Google may be the leader in the worldwide search engine market, but in Nippon, it has some catching up to do: In 2007, Yahoo Japan saw a whopping 76% of the nearly 350 billion search engine and portal-related pageviews registered in the country, clearly outperforming Google (second with 5.4%, according to Nielsen Japan). More recently, ComScore shows that in July, Yahoo Japan had ten times… Read More

  • Utagoe Live 100 Is FriendFeed for Video Streams

    If FriendFeed displayed only video, it might look like Utagoe Live 100. The service lets you track live video streams from all of your friends on one screen. Tokyo-based Utagoe just launched it as a hub for broadcasting and watching multiple, free live video streams simultaneously (from sites like Qik, Ustream, Justin.tv etc.), video-based chatting and conferencing. Aiming mainly at the U.S. Read More

  • Govtweets: Election Coverage One Random Thought At A Time

    It’s not enough that you watch the political party conventions on TV, read the political coverage in newspapers, and the reactions in blogs. Some people are not reacting on blogs, they are reacting on Twitter. But how do you follow all of that raw political discourse, and do you even want to? Stephen Taylor, a Canadian blogger and political analyst, has hacked together govtweets, a… Read More

  • The Net Neutrality Debate All On One Page

    Are you confused about Net Neutrality? Who isn’t? Some people argue it is necessary for continued innovation on the Internet, and point to Comcast’s bandwidth metering as a sign of things to come. Others claim that it is unnecessary regulation that will create unintended consequences in its wake. Opposing Views, the debate site that pits experts against each other to argue the… Read More

  • Update On The TechCrunch Tablet: Prototype A

    Update on the TechCrunch Tablet: A humble (and messy) beginning. Prototype A has been built. It’s in a temporary aluminum case that a local sheet metal shop put together for us that’s at least twice as thick as it needs to be, but the hardware has been defined and is nearing lockdown. We booted the machine in the case for the first time today, accessed the Wifi network and were able… Read More

  • Here's hoping…

    Our former writer and good friend Mike Kobrin now lives in New Orleans. Keep him and NOLA in your thoughts tonight. Read More

  • "World's thinnest MP4 player" is 4.5mm thick

    At some point we are going to run into the issue of media players just cutting their way out of our pockets. You’ll have to buff the edges so you don’t slice your fingers off while changing tracks. I guess we’re not quite at that point, but 4.5mm is pretty damn thin. This thing doesn’t have much branding, and I’m not sure I can count on a place called… Read More

  • Some pretty real-looking shots of the Android phone

    We have here what appear to be some actual, big-boy shots of the impending T-Mobile HTC Dream. You know, the Android phone? As always, take these types of things with a grain of salt, although these photos do look pretty convincing. The shots were grabbed from a Chinese-language forum and sent to Engadget. My Chinese isn’t all that good, considering I’ve never been there, spoken… Read More

  • PAX 2008: Ye Olde PAX Gallerie

    Behold! PAX in pictures. There will be more later, I’m taking a photo every other step. There are cosplayers, nerds, enforcers, classy ladies, and everything in between. Click through for our first batch of PAX-y stills. Read More

  • Now we’re cookin’ with…ceramic

    Microwave cookology keeps getting better and better. Back in the day, one would just throw whatever in the box and nuke it ‘till done. Problem with that was that many meals turned out soggy and unevenly cooked. Some meals turned out better than others, but ultimately nothing ever browned, which gives food good ol’ deliciousness. Eventually microwaveable pizzas showed up on the… Read More

  • Wide format affordable ink jet printer from Brother

    Brother has come out with a wide format printer for only 200 bucks. The MFC-5890CN is part of the ‘Professional Series’ line of Brother all-in-one printers. Combining the capability to print, scan, fax and copy the company is marketing these for business users who would like the ability to make ledger size prints. Big prints make for a better impact in any presentation, and… Read More

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