• Artiklz Launches Public Beta Of Conversation Search Engine

    Artiklz is debuting its conversation search engine to the public today, and it’s definitely worth taking a look. What the service does is aggregate comments from the more popular blogging and commenting platforms as well as a number of services including Digg, Reddit, FriendFeed, Delicious, etc. and make them available through a single search engine. This is very similar to what… Read More

  • Panasonic announces Blu-ray standard for 3D movies in HD

    I am wondering if this news will ever be of significance but here we go: The Nikkei, Japan’s largest business newspaper, is reporting today that Panasonic has set a new standard for Blu-rays that are capable of reproducing 3D images in HD (the picture above shows an older Panasonic plasma 3D TV). Read More

  • Apple now allowing iTunes music downloads over 3G

    Finally! No more having to find the nearest Starbucks just so you can get that blasted Beyonce song out of your head – now you can download that drivel over 3G! During today’s MacWorld Keynote Phil Schiller announced that iPhone iTunes downloads are now enabled over 3G, where as they’d been previously limited to WiFi connections only. Audio quality for 3G downloads is… Read More

  • iTunes Sells 6 Billion Songs, And Other Fun Stats From The Philnote

    It’s an annual tradition. Every year at Macworld, Apple releases a smattering of stats that gives a peek at how its business is doing. At this year’s Philnote (Phil Schiller gave the speech instead of Steve Jobs), which was Apple’s last Macworld appearance, the stats were few and far between. A few morsels for the information-starved Apple faithful (and investors). But here… Read More

  • Live: Phil Schiller's MacWorld 2009 keynote

    Welcome to our live coverage of Phil Schiller’s MacWorld 2009 keynote. We are hoping and praying that the server holds out so we’re no trying any special tricks this time – just good old fashioned blog posting. To see updates, please hit F5 to refresh. Read More

  • Skype me! – Truphone adds Skype to iPhone

    With the launch of Skype integration, Truphone’s mobile VoIP service is fast becoming a unified client for other VOIP and messaging services. As well as the ability to make low-cost calls over Wi-Fi or GSM networks and send cheap SMS, it is now supporting Skype and other messaging services via its application for the iPhone or iTouch. The software comes out on Jan. 12, at which point… Read More

  • Kensington: The worst CES press release in the world

    Guess what? Kensington is releasing a bunch of stuff? What does it look like? How big is it? Is it on their site? Heck, is it even in their current press releases? No! All you get is: Read More

  • Japan to get Resident Evil 5 Xbox 360 bundle

    Not that Microsoft needs any help selling the Xbox 360 here in North America (more on that later today), but it will release a Resident Evil 5 bundle in Japan in early March. If you liked Resident Evil 4 (that’s everyone, right?) you’ll be sure to enjoy this one. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: $199 Eee for Newegg.com newsletter subscribers

    Newegg’s got a deal for its loyal newsletter subscribers in the form of a $50 instant rebate on the $249 Asus Eee 4G netbook. Sure, it’s the old, tiny, 7-inch model but you’d be jumping on the netbook bandwagon for cheap! Read More

  • Toshiba: We now love solar energy, too

    Toshiba was one of the few major tech companies left in Japan (maybe even the last) that has never fully embraced solar energy as a significant pillar of current and future business. But this radically changed yesterday. Read More

  • Unpleasant Google Trends Subversion: ✈ ▌▌

    Google Trends, which shows hot queries on Google at any given time, is sporting a nasty item at no. 2 today: a plane flying into two towers. In July a swastika appeared on Google Trends, leading to endless debate on whether it was an ugly symbol or not. Later that month the site was attacked again. 4Chan was the culprit last time, we’ll see if they’re again… Read More

  • Western Digital now has Mac-specific My Passport, My Book external hard drives

    Hell Week is upon us, and the first thing that I bring to you is word of new Mac-specific hard drives from Western Digital. (I type this as a nearly two-year-old 500 GB MyBook hums, seeding untold numbers of albums and movies.) Read More

  • CES 2009: Prepare for "green" lip service

    Every year around CES time we get a slew of emails describing the thinnest this or most of that. A few years ago it was GPS devices (“The most points-of-interest in Scranton!”) and then it was TVs (witness Samsung’s recent announcement of a 7mm thick TV). Now it’s green. Take the Renew for example. Through an alliance with CarbonFund(TM), Motorola offsets the energy… Read More

  • NEC develops speech interpretation software for cell phones

    NEC today announced [JP] they developed automatic software for mobile phones automatically translates travel-related words and phrases from Japanese to English and English to Japanese and that seems to be more advanced than this solution. Read More

  • Oops! I Crapped My Pants: Japanese space diapers to the rescue

    Not content to repeat the great space toilet fiasco of 2008, the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency has developed a wearable space toilet. Yes, that’s right: a wearable space toilet. It’s only a matter of time before this thing gets turned into a consumer product, too. Read More

  • iPhoto Gets A Facelift

    Apple’s Phil Schiller announced at the Steveless keynote at Macworld today (CrunchGear is liveblogging it) that a new version of iPhoto will include facial recognition software. The feature, called Faces, lets you put a name to face, then it tries to find other images with the same face and lets you confirm whether the software got it right. I really hopes this works, because I… Read More

  • When Livestreams Go Wrong: MacRumors Gets Hijacked

    MacRumors has long been one of my favorite sources for Mac-related gossip (largely because the site has generally avoided overly sensational articles that were clearly wrong), but today it has been having a few issues with its Macworld Livestream. At 9:24 AM the stream issued an alarming announcement that “Steve Jobs just died”. Moments later this was corrected, with a statement… Read More

  • HTC fills a gap we didn't know existed with the S743

    Existing somewhere between (and a sidestep or two away from) the full-touch HTC Touch Diamond and the HTC Touch Pro QWERTY slider is the S740, a non-touch, Windows Mobile 6.1 QWERTY slider. While it’s been floating around Europe for a few months now, HTC is just today announcing its US brethren: the S743. Surprised that HTC is still making non-touch Windows Mobile 6.1 phones for the… Read More

  • Move Networks Streamed 100 Million Hours Of HD Video On The Web Last Year

    Who needs cable TV? Move Networks, which powers the Web video streaming for ABC, Fox, the Discovery Channel, and Animal Planet, streamed 180 million hours of premium video last year, 100 million of which it claims was in high-definition (at a resolution of 720p). With YouTube turning on an HD viewing option in December, and adding an HD section (as did Hulu), you can expect that 100… Read More

  • AT&T East Coast data network on the fritz

    Early this morning, we woke up to a thicket of tips informing us that a hefty helping of AT&T’s East Coast data network had gone done. From New York City to Chicago, anybody lookin’ to do some early morning mobile browsing was out of luck. Fortunately, word is now trickling in that everything is up and happy again. These quick-fixes have a tendency to be a bit shaky, though… Read More

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