• Elecom's "Scope Node" mouse is supposedly like holding a pen

    Elecom is an excitable (lots of exclamations) Japanese electronics manufacturer that makes a lot of different stuff, among which is an extensive line-up of mice. I like the Egg Mouse and this one with a thumb wheel orientated differently from most. But this “Scope Node” one is intriguing, even if I’m a bit skeptical. It purports (as far as the translation allows it to purport)… Read More

  • Nonoba Enters The Flash Games Arena With GameRise, A "Ning For Gaming Sites"

    We already had HeyZap, the “YouTube for Flash games” and Game Curry, a search engine for Flash games, so not that much of a surprise we now have a “Ning for Flash games” that lets anyone create a gaming website much like Marc Andreessen’s service does the same for social networking sites. Danish startup / gaming community Nonoba is taking a crack at just that… Read More

  • Starsiege Tribes coming to a browser near you

    Hot on the heels of Quake in a browser comes word that Dynamix’s team shooter Starsiege Tribes is scheduled to get the same treatment. Read More

  • SocialCalendar Organizes Your Social Life

    Facebook application SocialCalendar is steadily gaining popularity as a go-to calendar for users to manage their social lives on the network. With over 11 million total installs and about 2 million monthly active users, SocialCalendar is one of the only widely used, general purpose calendars on Facebook. SocialCalendar lets you plan events among Facebook friends, get movie showtimes and… Read More

  • JotNot Turns Your iPhone's Camera Into A Document Scanner

    We’ve all tried to use our camera phones to capture whiteboard notes, doodles, and other documents, but oftentimes poor image quality and odd perspectives can make them illegible. JotNot (iTunes Link) is a nifty new application that just went live on Apple’s App Store that allows users to take photographs of documents using their phones and runs them through an advanced filter… Read More

  • The iPhone OS 3.0 Announcement Final Scorecard

    The iPhone 3.0 Announcement has come to an (abrupt) end. So how did Apple fare according to our Scorecard? Well, as you can see there is still room for improvement, but slighty better than expected – 75 out of 120 possible points. Here is the specific point breakdown: Read More

  • Sony testing the water for possible PSP comic book store

    Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has been asking PSP users what it thinks about, you know, a possible comic book store. The store would be accessible from the PSP, and users would be able to download ’em to their portable device. This here video, highlighted by some of Joystiq’s spies, shows what the store could look like. Read More

  • Discovery suing Amazon over Kindle patent

    The suits at Discovery Communications – yeah, the TV stations – have laid down the law and have sued Amazon over a patent. Discovery claims that that its founder, John Hendricks, was a significant player in the development of digital content and delivery during the ’90, and inventing a system they claim is similar to what the Kindle uses. Uh oh. Read More

  • iPhone to finally get cut and paste

    That is all. Read More

  • Hypocritical Artists and Secondary Ticket Sales

    People seem to understand that things have fluctuating prices based on supply and demand (like stocks, or gold, or ice cream). But when it comes to event tickets people ignore the realities of supply and demand and talk about fairness. Anyone who tries to sell tickets for a profit is greedy. Or, as Nine Inch Nails’ Trent Reznor says today, ticket resellers are parasites. People pay… Read More

  • Hands-on: LG Rumor 2 for Sprint

    We just got a couple Rumor 2s into the CG office and in the short time we’ve had with the device, we can say that it picks up where the first one left off. The hardware feels sturdy and the keyboard is quite nice. The camera seems like it takes decent pictures (test shot: Canon lens box) when there’s enough light available as well, but we’ve only taken one test shot and… Read More

  • Live from Apple’s iPhone 3.0 Press Conference

    We’re live at Apple Headquarters in Cupertino, California. Don’t forget to print out your play-along-at-home scorecard. Read More

  • Android ‘Cupcake’ demo shows browser zoom box, new desktop shortcuts, more

    A recent video demo of Android’s latest “Cupcake” release shows off some interesting new features. It’s a 12+ minute thrill ride where you’ll see the following: Read More

  • Google Chrome Unleashes a Speedier Beta

    Although it came out of beta last December, Google’s Chrome browser has a new beta version that is faster than its “stable” version (and buggier too). Starting today, Google will be developing its browser along three parallel tracks: a stable version for mainstream users, a developer track for the programming crowd, and the new (or rather re-introduced) beta track for… Read More

  • Spigit Launches New Version Of Idea Generation Innovation Software

    Social productivity startup Spigit, has launched a new version of its idea generation software, InnovationSpigit 2.0, which tries to use social networking to promote innovation with the enterprise space. The software helps businesses and teams contribute ideas, offer feedback and evaluate concepts to streamline idea generation and promote innovation. InnovationSpigit 2.0 uses game-theory… Read More

  • Peek e-mail device goes after small businesses with $150 five pack

    Peek is trying to drum up some small business business (I meant to type “business” twice, ROFL!) with a five pack of its $20-per-month e-mail devices for $150. A single Peek e-mailer now costs just $50 out the door, so the five pack results in $100 worth of savings. Read More

  • iPhone 3.0 wrap-up: Cut and paste, MMS, Push, and more

    We’ve just finished liveblogging the event, and the iPhone 3.0 press conference has definitely yielded some delicious morsels of functionality. Here is pretty much everything you need to know, though as things get more clear throughout the day, we’ll update this post. You guys will probably be seeing these features sometime this summer. Read More

  • FCC authorizes use of Kyocera's 3.9G iBurst Mobile Broadband Wireless Access System

    Not quite 4G, but better than 3G, Kyocera’s 3.9G iBurst Mobile Broadband Wireless Access System (MBWA) has received a Grant of Equipment Authorization from the FCC’s certification arm – the American Telecommunications Certification Body. Read More

  • Nokia cutting 1,700 poor souls

    Oh, Nokia. Over the next few months, the handset maker plans on cutting 1,700 jobs. These cuts will effect the handset and marketing unit, as well as corporate development and global support functions. It’s all because the company is expecting the weakest first quarter since the first part 2001. So, help ’em out, will ya? Buy a N96 or two. (or just win the one we’re giving… Read More

  • Our life with cables

    Designer Christoph Niemann hates cables as much as the rest of us, but he has the skill to creatively describe his disgust. Summarizing the obvious problems and flawed solutions he gives us an overview of the cable misery with a clever pictorial storyboard. Read More

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