• Ditch your old paper business cards for a dot matrix one

    I’ve contemplated ditching my business cards for some time, but every convention I attend and every PR flack requires me to donate one dead tree to them. A friend recently told me he had ditched business cards altogether a while back and immediately directs people to connect with him on linkedin, which is a great idea. But, I really want a kickass looking business card that won’t… Read More

  • Official Gears of War 2 achievement list and some other exciting news

    http://www.gametrailers.com/remote_wrap.php?mid=33781 Yesterday’s list was incomplete and/or inaccurate. Today, MS released the full achievement list to IGN. The full list and a few other goodies from the horse’s mouth aka Cliffy B. after the jump. I can’t f*cking wait for this game! BODIES AS SHIELDS!!! Read More

  • Some CrunchBase API Stats and Apps

    Six weeks ago we launched an API for our technology database, CrunchBase. The idea was to give away lots of clean, structured data about the companies we cover, data that could be used to build new services and improve upon existing ones. Since then we’ve seen a number of impressive things built on top of the API. And the traffic has started to add up: between July 15th and August 15th… Read More

  • The Mysterious Ways Of Apple's Top Apps List

    Apple’s App Store is quickly becoming a hotbed for elite developers looking to capitalize on the store’s easy distribution model and huge exposure opportunities. Since the store’s launch less than two months ago, we’ve seen reports of apps reaching massive user bases and and collecting millions of dollars. But while the store has seen its share of its successes, it… Read More

  • Video: Fallout 3 gameplay videos #4 and #5

    Have a great holiday weekend y’all. Read More

  • Mooncake.Flash.Drive

    God is dead. $28 on Brando. Read More

  • German Custom agents spotted at IFA 2008

    Large, international tradeshows can showcase the absolute bleeding edge of technology. Sometimes though, said tech was developed with the unknown help of another company, so obviously, this can come to a breaking point at these tradeshows. According to The Register, German Custom agents have been busy this year at IFA.  A spokesman for German Customs told us: “We’ve raided… Read More

  • Dolby is all over IFA 2008

    From the standard fare of receivers to gaming headsets, Dolby has invaded IFA this year. Harman Kardon is going to launch the first receiver with Dolby’s touted Volume technology that ensures constant volume across all content media. Then there is the Plantronics GameCom 777 headset aimed at gamers with surround sound. PCs are getting a sound upgrade as well with Dolby Home Theater and… Read More

  • Harman Kardon breaks glass with GLA-55 speakers

    Indiana Jones or Superman prop; classy or just plain tacky? I can’t decide but I’ve to give the boys over at Harman Kardon for suck a clever name: GLA-55. ‘Cause it’s made out of glass. Get it?  Anyway, getting down to the details. Only two to three thousand are going to be made and priced at £500. Within the crystal speakers lay a 56 watt per speaker… Read More

  • How not to hide from CCTV cameras

    There’s been a lot of lip service paid about hiding from CCTV cameras using LEDs and IR lamps. Well, randolfo on Instructables just showed us that none of those solutions work and, in fact, will make you stand out even more. Towards this end, I lined the hood of a hoodie with 10 high-intensity IR LEDs all the while documenting the project to share with others. In fact, I was super-excited… Read More

  • PAX 08: Bungie showing (part of) Halo 3 "Mythic" map pack

    Live from the floor of PAX 08: Bungie is demoing a new Halo 3 map called Assembly; the picture above shows the title “Halo 3 Mythic,” which the Bungie guy said was just a placeholder name for the map pack. He said he “doesn’t know how it’s going to manifest itself to the public,” whatever that means. More on this as we get it. Read More

  • Android: T-Mobile to sell how many G1s?

    According to the AndroidGuys, T-Mobile is shooting to make the G1 the best selling device of the year with only 2-3 months left in the year. The numbers are looking a little like this: Read More

  • Sexy EEPROM cufflinks

    ROM — James ROM. I know this kind of thing gets done every once in a while, but that doesn’t change the fact that these are lava-hot. The colors are tasteful (although the white balance in the photo was irreparably messed up, silver and black are classic), and the design is understated. If someone looks closely, you get credit for geekiness and stylishness. How often does that happen? Read More

  • Video: Fallout 3 gameplay #2 and #3

    And now here’s #2 Megaton. Check out #3 The Wasteland after the jump. Read More

  • EA's Dead Space coming a week early

    EA announced today in the UK that Dead Space would be releasing a week earlier than expected. The console version will hit store shelves on the 24th while the PC version is still set for October 31. There’s some speculation over the US release as it’s been reported elsewhere that it’s going to be the 21st, but IGN has it listed on the 20th. Either way, it’s coming a… Read More

  • Valve announces dedicated servers for Left 4 Dead on 360

    Boy am I excited for L4D. I got to play it at E3 and it was fun as hell, and although I never trust console ports of PC FPSes, at least Valve is doing it right. Playing online will, if I read this correctly, always take place on a dedicated server, which means no more juggling connections to find out who’s the best host. DLC (new weapons, maps, and monsters) will be quicker to come than… Read More

  • Orinda says Sony PS3 infringes on their patent, sues, needs a kick to the balls, too

    Why is America so freakin’ sue-happy. The latest comes from Orinda Intellectual Properties USA as they claim that the Sony Playstation 3 infringes on patent #5,438,560. Said patent depicts the methods by which you record and reproduce information on an optical disc. Sounds absurd, right? What a bunch of jackasses. Seriously, they want a jury trial and the immediate injunction on… Read More

  • Congratulations to the winners of our caption contest!

    Your task was to come up with a caption for the above photo, which shows our intrepid editor John Biggs wearing one of his new shoes from Aussie Soles. Here are your winners, ladies and gentlemen. They’ll each take home an IPEVO POV webcam for their troubles. Winners, we’ll contact you via e-mail to arrange shipment. Read More

  • Is The iPhone Coming To China?

    A rumor is circulating that the iPhone may be finally making its way to China. The original source of the rumor is China Communications, which has cited a China Mobile insider as its source. According to the source, China Mobile will be offering the iPhone at a heavily subsidized discount in order to court the massive Chinese population, many of whom would have trouble affording an… Read More

  • Enhanced MPAII monitors from Samsung announced at IFA

    So what’s “Enhanced MPAII”? It’s a technology that was developed to reduce ghosting effects and reduced the MPRT from 27ms to 9ms (although, the spec sheet says 5ms, but they could be two different things). That applies to both the SyncMaster 2233HZ and SyncMaster 2243HZ, which both have resolutions of 1680×1050. Specs after the jump. Read More

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