• PogoPlug NAS Adapter takes it to the next level

    I enjoyed using the Addonics USB NAS adapter: it was easy to use, and did a few simple things quite well. Now PogoPlug is entering the NAS fray, and takes things to the next level of simplicity. More details inside. Read More

  • The Photo Marketplace That Never Launched: Flickr Stock

    In late 2007 Flickr was strongly considering creating a marketplace where users could buy and sell photographs hosted on the service. It was to be called Flickr Stock. Then-employee Sarah Cooper worked on the project and describes (Update: it has now been removed) it as “The concept of Flickr Stock was to create an online marketplace where existing Flickr users could offer photos for sale… Read More

  • Real multi-touch (and limitations) demo'd on the G1

    We saw a Pink Floyd-themed G1 multi-touch video a little while back, but it wasn’t very illuminating. This one is much more in-depth, and the (Canadian?) narrator reminds me of myself, so it was relaxing as well. Plus, his page explains in minute detail what’s going on and what we can expect from the device. Read More

  • BarackBerry may bite the bullet

    President-elect Barack Obama loves him some BlackBerry. And who can blame him? Apparently the Secret Service can, as they’re trying to wrest it from his grasp. In these litigious times, the Executive Branch is understandably eager to stave off as many Freedom of Information Act requests as it can, and the President’s email-on-the-go would likely be a popular target for such requests. Read More

  • New LED Cinema Displays?

    Looks like the second largest manufacturer of LCD displays, LG, has just inked a deal with Apple to provide it with LCD panels for the next 5 years. They haven’t disclosed the full extent of the deal, but did say that Apple will be paying $500 million in advance. So does this mean that we’ll be seeing new LED backlit displays soon? Read More

  • Look out Yelp – Qype CEO brings in new guy to take the fight to the enemy

    Local online reviews startup Qype has switched CEOs. Founder/CEO Stephan Uhrenbacher (pictured), who remains Qype’s largest private shareholder, is moving to the board after deciding to bring in Stephen Taylor, a former Yahoo! Europe head honcho. What appears to be clear however, is that this is a not you usual ‘startup-founder-ousted-for-experienced-CEO’… Read More

  • Confirmed: Delicious Founder Joshua Schachter Joins Google

    We’ve confirmed that Joshua Schachter, the founder of Delicious and a Yahoo exec until June 2008, joins a number of ex-Yahoo’ers at cross-town rival Google. In a phone call Schachter says he hasn’t been assigned to a specific project yet and declined even to state who he’s working for at the Internet giant, but he did confirm that today was his first day on the job… Read More

  • Did Joshua Schachter Just Land At Google?

    According to this Tweet by First Round Capital’s Josh Kopelman, Google has just hired del.icio.us founder Joshua Schachter. We have e-mails out trying to confirm. What would be a good project for Schachter at Google—creating automatic bookmarks based on surfing history? Or perhaps he is going to move beyond social bookmarks to help with social search. In any case… Read More

  • Motorola to cut handset division by half?

    Our compadres over at Phone Scoop have it on good word that Motorola will cut up to half of their handset division in an upcoming round of layoffs. This move wouldn’t surprise us considering the number of lackluster devices to come out of the company since the popular RAZR was released. All other divisions of Motorola seem to be in the clear. Read More

  • Western Digital WD TV, tagline contest winners

    The number of comments for this contest were overwhelming and thanks to everyone who entered. Unfortunately, we only have three Western Digital WD TV HD Media players to give away. But we selected more than three taglines that will soon rotate through the site. To be perfectly honest, a lot of the entries were disappointing. Crunchy with milk and such? Come on. You guys can do better than that. Read More

  • IOGEAR’s ‘Wireless USB-to-VGA’ kit

    Here’s a quick glance at IOGEAR’s Wireless USB-to-VGA kit. It consists of an ultra wideband (UWB) USB adapter that plugs into your computer and a VGA receiver that mounts behind your TV. Read More

  • 'Just Leap In' Tries To Succeed Where Lively Failed

    Given the relatively dismal performance of Lively, Google’s short lived browser-based virtual world, you’d think that smaller startups might be a little hesitant to jump into the space. But Canadian-based Leap In Entertainment thinks it can do what Google couldn’t, and has just launched a brand new virtual world that might actually stand a chance. Just Leap In (JLI) is a… Read More

  • Balderton raises £285m fund, but don't expect much for your early stage startup

    London-based Balderton Capital has announced it has secured a new £285 million ($430 million) fund to invest in technology and media startups in the downturn. Amazingly, despite the banking crisis, Balderton got the new fund together in only two months, which indicates that Balderton’s limited partners like its track record. Balderton made $140 million from the sale of Bebo to AOL and… Read More

  • Testing out the Barbie Digital Nail Printer

    Here’s Mattel’s “Barbie Digital Nail Printer” due out in August for an undetermined price. Which design will I choose for my own nail? Find out after the jump… Read More

  • Hands and feet on the $299 Ion premium Rock Band drum set

    Greg and I got a chance to flail about on ION’s premium Rock Band drum set in the final hours of CES. Greg played Bad Reputation as though he’d been secretly having an affair with Joan Jett for years and I paid homage to my home city of Boston by tearing through Where’d You Go? by the Bosstones. Read More

  • Another Enterprise Administrative Tool Shifts to the Cloud: Pirelli Broadband Group adopts SaaS Capacity Management System

    Pirelli Broadband Solutions, the broadband arm of the Pirelli Group, announced they adopted Neptuny’s Caplan SaaS. Capacity management has long been the domain of large enterprises; it wasn’t cost effective for smaller companies. The cost to implement a capacity management system was higher than the cost savings from optimizing capacity. Neptuny claims the new SaaS version of… Read More

  • GlobalPost Tries To Save The Endangered Foreign Correspondent

    As the newspaper industry continues to spiral into the abyss, one casualty will be the expensive foreign correspondent. Gathering on-the-ground reporting from far-flung locales does not come cheap. But GlobalPost, a new foreign news site that launched today, is applying a Web business model to international news. The company plans to make money from advertising (good luck with that… Read More

  • FriendFeed Wish List Q1 2009

    I saw Paul Buchheit at the Crunchies and took the opportunity to buttonhole the FriendFeed co-founder about the usual subjects: Track, track, and realtime search. Basically, track. He told me a variation of what he’s posted on FriendFeed over the holidays, that once the team was back to work they would be prioritizing the next set of work to be done. Given the times they are… Read More

  • Time again for Techfluff.TV

    Yes folks, it’s that kerrrazeee Techfluff.TV bunch again with their latest episode (No. 5), another look at the lighter side of the tech scene. This features the new electric Tesla, a 13 year-old entrepreneur you may have heard of, a pitch from BookingBug and an interview with serial entrepreneur and former Dragon, Doug Richard. [TechCrunch Europe is a proud media sponsor of… Read More

  • Futuristic robot suit gives farmers a power boost

    The Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology has developed a robot suit, which is tailormade to improve the efficiency of agricultural work, i.e. pulling radishes out the ground or collecting oranges from trees. Read More

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