• Hulu Launches Fall Lineup, Premieres Before TV Broadcast

    Hulu on Tuesday announced that it has launched its Fall Premiere Lineup, which over the next seven weeks, will be the place to find season premieres of Prison Break, Bones, House, Heroes, The Office and 30 Rock. To build up the hype around new shows or those in their second season, Hulu will also debut the first episode of Knight Rider, Lipstick Jungle, Chuck and Life, one week before they air… Read More

  • Psismic Matches People Over Things They Like

    Psismic has a novel approach to internet dating. Rather than simply stating who you are, or taking a personality profile, Psismic lets users upload interesting pictures and videos, text posts and links. Then others indicate if they like what you’ve posted and the site serves up matches based on who likes the same items. Read More

  • Fallout 3 acheivements now online

    The full list of achievements for Fallout 3 is now online. There’s 50 of ’em worth 1,000 points, so nothing out of the ordinary. One of them is called “You Gotta Shoot ‘Em in the Head,” so don’t tell Jack Thompson about it. Read More

  • Nokia's Comes With Music launches next month in the UK

    Nokia’s Comes With Music will launch in the UK next month, before spreading to the Continent and to Asia next year. Comes With Music, you may remember, is Nokia’s scheme to include music from the top record companies (less EMI, for now) with its cellphones, slowly getting the company into the Apple-dominated music business. Nokia has not given any specific price points for Comes… Read More

  • Chrome: Google's new Web browser

    While not totally a surprise, Google announced (somewhat accidentally) not too long ago that it will launch an open source Web browser later today, named Chrome. (Screenshots have also leaked.) Quite literally, every site on the Web is talking about it, because when Google jumps, we all need to say “how high?” Google’s rationale for launching a new Web browser is that… Read More

  • Happy Tenth Birthday Google! When Are We Celebrating?

    One day this month will mark Google’s official tenth birthday. They’ll most likely celebrate with a blog post and a special logo (this one was tweaked based on an earlier one). And we’ll see a slew of articles about how much they’ve accomplished in those ten years. A few publications couldn’t wait and got out there with their Google tributes last month. So all we… Read More

  • TechCrunch50: We Need Student Volunteers, Last DemoPit Tables Have Opened Up

    TechCrunch50 starts next Monday. We’re on track to sell out the 1,500 available tickets sometime in the next 48 hours. We’ll have a bunch of updates for attendees here and on the TC50 blog over the next few days. Here are two updates now: We need more student volunteers, and we’re opening up the last five demopit spots to non-TC50 applicants. Read More

  • Hurricane In Louisiana? This Time, FEMA Is Prepared. This Time, FEMA Has MySpace Widgets.

    FEMA isn’t screwing around this time. There’s a hurricane hitting the gulf coast, and they are not going to take the blame if things go wrong. They’ve evacuated 2 million people, for example. And now, they’ve got widgets, which have been created by the Department of Homeland Security. Earlier this evening, MySpace says, Homeland Security phoned MySpace’s Chief… Read More

  • Meet Chrome, Google's Windows Killer

    Make no mistake. The cute comic book and the touchy-feely talk about user experience is little more than a coat of paint on top of a monumental hatred of Microsoft. Chrome, the Webkit-based Google browser that launches tomorrow at Google.com/chrome, will give them a real foothold on the desktop and way more control over how web applications perform. They’ve built their own Javascript… Read More

  • Google Launches Video For Businesses

    This certainly won’t be the most interesting product launch of the day for Google, but it’s worth noting anyway. This morning Google is launching Google Video for business, a customized video platform aimed at businesses for internal use. Think training vides, HR videos, etc. (anything that isn’t outside facing). The product is included in Google Apps Premier Edition for… Read More

  • Zero Punctuation on Braid

    http://static.escapistmagazine.com/media/global/movies/player/FlowPlayerDark.swf?config=%7Bembedded%3Atrue%2CplayList%3A%5B+%7B+%27url%27%3A203%2C%27linkUrl%27%3A%27http%3A%2F%2Fwww.escapistmagazine.com%2Fvideos%2Fview%2Fzero-punctuation%2F203-Braid%27%2C%27linkWindow%27%3A%27_top%27%2C%27name%27%3A%27Braid%27+%7D+%5D%2CsplashImageFile%3A%27http%3A%2F%2Fwww.escapistmagazine.com%2Fglobal%2Fcastfire%2Fsplash%2F203.jpg%27%2CshowVolumeSlider%3Atrue%2CinitialScale%3A%27fit%27%2Cloop%3Afalse%2CautoPlay%3Afalse%2CautoBuffering%3Afalse%2CusePlayOverlay%3Afalse%2CautoRewind%3Atrue%2CbufferLength%3A15%2CmenuItems%3A%5Bfalse%2Cfalse%2Cfalse%2Cfalse%2Ctrue%2Ctrue%5D%7D Yes, you, Adrian&hellip… Read More

  • Windows Mobile's SkyMarket promises online Microsoft App Store

    Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Probably realizing they’ve been down the wrong path and missing out on a couple of millions from revenue sharing, Microsoft is looking to roll out its own centralized marketplace… Read More

  • Dell Laptops raking in cash

    Even though Dell saw a decline in profit during the second quarter, the companies laptops are selling great. That division of the PC maker experienced 26% more revenue than last year which partially helped in the companies overall 11% revenue gain. So when a company sees such a decline in profit from $746 million to $616 million while the revenue gains, that indicator can tell a story of… Read More

  • First Images of Google Chrome

    Google appears to have soft launched a site for Google Chrome, its open source browser, which is slated for release on Windows tomorrow. The site provides this screenshot, plus a set of demonstration videos that can’t actually be played because they have either been removed or set to private. We’ve uploaded the splash screens to these videos so you can at least get a fuzzy sense… Read More

  • Gamer glasses coming soon

    Truckers have driving glasses, hunters have shooting glasses, and now gamers can have custom lens too. Currently, Gunnar Opitks have glasses geared towards heavy computer use (Halogen pictured above) but word is that the company is going to have custom lens just for gamers. The idea is that the glasses will of course reduce eyestrain, but also fit better with headphones. Gunnar Optiks specs… Read More

  • Why Twitter is winning

    Twitter is winning and most of its competitors remain in denial. In spite of almost 5 months of unavailability of its most viral service, Twitter remains the platform of choice for most users. FriendFeed remains a hybrid of conversations and semi-realtime aggregator, capturing most of the energy of Google Reader as a citation engine but stubbornly refusing to allow its metadata to flow back… Read More

  • Review: Zv-100 ZvBox

    There hasn’t been a gadget that I was initially interested about more than the ZvBox. In my world of 250 press releases a week and thousands of random gadgets, that’s something. The device hijacks a QAM channel over your home’s coax network and streams digital media through it. Since most people already have coax ran, at lease close to their HDTVs, the concept is solid. Read More

  • How To Demo Your Startup (Part Two)

    Jason Calacanis’ just posted part two of his “how to demo a startup” advice to his email list earlier today. Part one with his initial advice is here. Last week Jason coordinated rehearsal demos at Sequoia Capital for the companies that are launching at TechCrunch50 on September 8-10. He spends a lot of time with each company and gives solid advice for improving the… Read More

  • No Joke: Google Introduces The Chrome Browser With A Cartoon

    Update: Google has posted on its official blog saying they screwed up by mailing this cartoon out early. A beta version of Chrome will be made available tomorrow in over 100 countries – but, alas, for Windows only to start, with Mac and Linux on the way. Update 2: It looks like Google has at least semi-launched its Chrome site here. It provides this screenshot of the browser. Google… Read More

  • Apple Puts One More Nail Into the CD Coffin

    Apple will release an application next month that will provide users with interactive albums, which will include lyrics, behind-the-scenes images, and exclusive artwork. According to Music Week, Apple will make the app available to users in tandem with Snow Patrol’s upcoming album, A Hundred Million Suns. The app will add the extra features to more iTunes albums over time, but because… Read More

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