• Our Nation's Finest News Source Shines

    Self described reformed crack dealer/New York Times columnist David Carr continues the fine tradition of bad video creation by New York Times writers in a post in today’s Carpetbagger (The paper’s Oscars blog). What is he saying? Why is he saying it? I don’t know. No one knows. No more complaints about TechCrunch, people. This is what you get when old media tries new things. Read More

  • Nokia N810 WiMAX Edition taken out behind the woodshed, shot

    Linguo, dead? Linguo… IS… dead. Replace “Linguo” with the Nokia N810 WiMAX Edition, though. Nokia’s just pulled the plug on the device, according to MobileBurn, citing “slow WiMAX roll out in the USA as well as an issue with current WiMAX switches in use not offering optimal performance” as the precipitators for the internet tablet’s demise. Read More

  • Free Dating Sites Give Paid Sites A Run For Their Money

    This post was written by guest contributor Mark Brooks, an analyst/consultant whose blog Online Personals Watch summarizes the daily internet dating industry news. Earlier this week InterActive Corporation (IAC), which owns and operates popular paid dating sites Match.com and Chemistry.com, launched a completely free dating site called DownToEarth.com (you can check out an ad for the… Read More

  • Netgear announces another set-top box

    Along with the Netgear Internet TV player announced today, Netgear also unveiled a more practical set-top box, the Digital Entertainer Elite (EVA9150). Click on if you’re interested. Read More

  • Secure Digital EXTREME Extended Capacity holds up to 2 TB

    The venerable Secure Digital memory card is getting a refresh at CES this year. The new SDXC — Secure Digital Extended Copy — will hold up to 2 terabytes of data, and promises transfer speeds of up to 300MB/sec. That’s 4,000 images in super-uncompressed RAW format, or 17,000 finely compressed JPEGs. Read More

  • Engine Yard Cuts 15% Of Workforce

    The bad news for startups keeps on coming in. This time it’s RubyOnRails application hosting provider Engine Yard that has laid off 15% of its staff, as publicly reported on the company’s blog earlier this week. We’ve contacted co-founder Lance Walley and can confirm that 12 out of 82 people have been let go, across several departments. The TechCrunch Layoff Tracker has… Read More

  • Netgear unveils the Internet TV Player set-top box

    Yep, another set-top box. Netgear unveiled the Netgear Internet TV Player (ITV2000) today. From this box you can stream content to your TV from sites like BBC, CNN, ESPN, EuroSport, NBC, PGATour, and TMZ, as well as video sites like YouTube, Google Videos, Yahoo Videos, and MetaCafe. Click on for press release. Read More

  • Another year, another round of Olympus cameras, one of which has 26x optical zoom

    Olympus has unveiled a bevy of new cameras, and they’re targeting just about the entire consumer and prosumer market, with offerings that will appeal to many people. Whether you need a camera that can survive a serious beating, or just want some fun shots in the pool, or an enormous zoom factor in a point-and-shoot camera, Olympus aims to please. Read More

  • LG's HDTV lineup streams, has Hz, will block out the sun

    LG just released a vast amount of information detailing their latest lineup of HDTVs, but most of it you can make up yourself: imagine a list of TV sizes, a descending list of model numbers, and a likewise descending list of features. The ones worth mentioning are the LH50 (below) and PS80 series, which will both have ethernet ports and the new Netcast streaming technology, allowing you to… Read More

  • Move over camera phone…its projector phone time!

    Logic Wireless (who?) is showing off what it’s claiming to be the world’s first projector-packing mobile phone – the Logic Bolt – at CES 2009.  This quad-band GSM, 3mp shootin’ candybar handset is supposedly able to project an image up to 64″ and is expected to do so for up to 2 hours thanks to its 1800mAh battery.  It also appears to have an external… Read More

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