• Mahalo Sets Out To Liveblog The World

    When Mahalo launched about 16 months ago, we called it a human-powered search engine and began thinking of it as a Google competitor. But it’s so-called “guide pages” for topics as diverse as the Boston Marathon and Patriotic Drunk Rednecks provide not only links but quick facts, making Mahalo an editor-driven, Wikipedia competitor as well. And with a new site-wide design… Read More

  • Fitbit Raises Healthy $2 Million From True Ventures And SoftTech VC

    Fitbit, producer of a sleek little device that clips onto your clothing and tracks your movement throughout the day and night, has raised $2 million from True Ventures, SoftTech VC and several angels in what appears to be the company’s first round of institutional funding. The device, set to go on sale in early 2009 for $99 a pop, uses the information it gathers about your movement to… Read More

  • Tokyo Game Show 2008: Unknown man dances for hours with the Wii Hula simulator (2 videos)

    I am sorry for the ladies that these Wii videos I took at the Tokyo Game Show are (probably) not as interesting as this one for us guys, but the guy you see is incredible: I saw him early in the morning and he was dancing. I saw him in the late afternoon and he was still dancing. Read More

  • Tokyo Game Show: New Resident Evil 5 trailer (and more)

    Capcom released a new trailer for Resident Evil 5 (which will launch in the US and Japan on March 13, 2009) at this year’s Tokyo Game Show. The company made a huge fuss about the game. I made a video at the TGS (see below) that shows the space Capcom dedicated to Resident Evil 5 alone at their (gigantic) booth. Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Convertible Lawn Edition

    Hands on with the RoboDynamics TiLR telepresence robot
    ‘Aquaduct’ adult-sized tricycle produces clean drinking water, keeps you from tipping over
    Gallery of public blue screens of death
    Trap door pool table is a good weekend project
    USB Mice Wheel: a live measure of your productivity Read More

  • An Ignoble But Much Needed End To Web 2.0, Marked By A Party In Cyprus

    In May 2007 I wrote “Times are good, money is flowing, and Silicon Valley sucks” in a post about how, in my opinion, Silicon Valley was ripe for a downturn. This week, without any doubt, we got that downturn. It was different from the last downturn in that it wasn’t driven by the crazy bullishness of Silicon Valley venture capitalists and investment banks. This time, Wall… Read More

  • Sequoia Capital’s 56 Slide Presentation Of Doom

    We were able to track down the presentation that Sequoia Capital gave to its portfolio company CEO’s earlier this week (and so did VentureBeat). It’s a long, 56 slide Powerpoint message of doom and gloom in Silicon Valley that we covered yesterday along with an email that angel investor Ron Conway sent to his 130 active portfolio companies. The final text slide reads “Get Real… Read More

  • FUZEbox: home media all-in-one setup

    I’m no expert in these little home media boxes, but I suspect they are excellent investments for those of you with too much money. Certainly the abilities of a Vista Media Center type setup are enviable, but for $2000 you could have put another 10 inches on that screen and built a media box yourself. But I digress (and am probably wrong). This FUZEbox has up to 2TB of space, does DVR… Read More

  • Benchmark Capital Advises Startups To Conserve Capital, Look For Opportunities

    Yesterday Sequoia Capital and Ron Conway communicated with their portfolio companies to guide them through troubled times. Today Benchmark Capital joins the fray, with what a source says is an email from General Partner Bill Gurley to their portfolio companies (See our interview with Gurley and new partner Matt Cohler from earlier this year). Like the advice being given by Conway and… Read More

  • External MacBook Pro battery adds life, costs ducats

    I would caution you all against buying accessories for your Apple laptop now, a week before a major Apple announcement, but this external battery does look pretty handy. It plugs right into the MBP as if it were an outlet and gives (they say) 6-10 hours of extra battery life. Of course, my MBP is so borked that that would mean 6-10 hours of total battery life (thanks Apple), but hey. Two… Read More

  • Freestyle Audio updates their waterproof MP3 player lineup with the Soundwave

    Look at what the cat dragged in. Freestyle Audio (you remember them, right?) has updated their product line with a more rugged MP3 player, the Soundwave. It’s waterproof up to 10 feet, which is perfect for most water sports like surfing except for diving and comes with 2GB built-in, which trumps the Sport’s 1GB of built-in memory. It boasts an 18-hour battery life, FM radio… Read More

  • 360 Avatar customization needs 256MB card

    The upcoming NXE update will feature the controversial avatar feature (you know, the one that makes me barf), but you’ve got to have either a HDD or 256MB card installed to take advantage of it. If you’ve got one of those pansy 64MB cards or (shudder) a naked Core system, you’ll be SOL, my friends. Of course, if you’ve just got a Core, how likely is it that… Read More

  • American Airlines: no airporn for you!

    Sorry, people. The dream is over. American Airlines has decided that it, along with Delta (and the flight attendants), does not want porn on its flights — despite receiving no complaints whatsoever. Say they: Based on the feedback of our customers and employees, American Airlines is working with Aircell(R) to implement technology to filter pornographic content over the Gogo(R)… Read More

  • CrunchGear: 16-Zone Creston system found on Craigslist

    A 16-zone Creston system will run you a lot of coin – or you can pick up this chump’s system on Craigslist. I wonder if he used to work for Lehmans Brothers and needs to his McMansion’s mortgage payment. I have a Crestron system currently installed in my house that I would like to sell. All components are in excellent working condition, one Amplifier has two small… Read More

  • Wallet Feeling A Little Light? Check Out The Expense Tracker

    With the economy slipping closer to rock bottom every day now, many of us are going to have to start cutting back on our day-to-day expenditures. Cue Voice2Insight’s The Expense Tracker, an online expense tracking system that makes entering every transaction as easy as calling a phone number and saying a few words. Most expense trackers require users to input their daily transactions… Read More

  • Yahoo Shareholder Asks Microsoft To Re-Bid At $22. Good Luck With That.

    Private equity fund Mithras Capital, which holds 1.9 million shares of Yahoo (about 0.14%), will propose to Microsoft that they buy Yahoo at $22 per share, Reuters reports. Microsoft would then unload Yahoo’s Asian assets adn non-search businesses, take $3 billion worth of cost savings and some tax benefits, and end up with Yahoo’s search business for $10.3 billion. Microsoft… Read More

  • Transformers: Chevy Beat revealed to be Skids

    Remember Skids from the original cartoon? TF2 is or was filming at the Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Arizona and one intrepid fan took a few snaps and sent them along to Jalopnik. The rear license plate revealed Skids, but no one knows what the Chevy Trax plate says. Oh, Skids is the bright green one. Bumblebee is still a Camaro if you’re keeping track at home. Check him out after… Read More

  • USB Mice Wheel: a live measure of your productivity

    In case you have an extra USB slot and perhaps an excess of whimsy, this may be the nonsense desk accessory for you. The mouse in the wheel will run faster the faster you type — useful if you don’t want to use how quickly the words appear on the screen as a metric for how fast you’re typing. Now, if I ran a blog, I would just have my office filled with these mice, attached… Read More

  • Hands on with the RoboDynamics TiLR telepresence robot

    http://vimeo.com/moogaloop.swf?clip_id=1924675&server=vimeo.com&show_title=1&show_byline=0&show_portrait=0&color=00ADEF&fullscreen=1 After we wrote about TiLR last week, RoboDynamics invited us down to their headquarters to check one out in person. The idea is simple, straight out of countless science fiction flicks: rather than physically going somewhere, you… Read More

  • FOWA rocks London, while startups pitch to TechCrunch

    The Future of Web Apps conference kicked off in London today and almost 2,000 startups and developers hit the East of London for the event. Highlights from the day included Kevin Rose from Digg and a bunch of great speakers. Every year the event changes and there is an interesting pivot point going on as the European scene develops. In his opening keynote Kevin who seemed to imply that the… Read More

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