• Is Netflix throttling PC streaming?

    This is a little geeky but BreakItDownBlog did some analysis on a strange problem he was having. When he viewed Netflix video on the 360 it was coming through without jitters or problems but once he tried viewing it on his PC it was failing catastrophically. Read More

  • GumGum Wants To Turn Celebrity Pics Into Shopping Sprees With ShopThisLook

    Image licensing startup GumGum is introducing a new ad unit to go along with all of those celebrity pics that it helps to distribute. Next time you come across a paparazzi shot of Lindsay Lohan on the Web, you might see a ShopThisLook badge next to the image courtesy of GumGum. Click on the badge and window will pop up with shopping links for clothes and accessories similar to what Lohan… Read More

  • The Wii remote, used for the spraying of paint

    I actually just said “oh, wow” in reaction to reading about this thing right here, the Wii Spray. It’s a Wii remote-based spray paint can, for graffiti. It uses Flash, the Wii Flash Server and, yes, the Wii itself to simulate graffito-tagging. It’s the handiwork of Bauhaus students. Bauhaus is a proper school in Germany; it’s not some dopey kid’s junior… Read More

  • Facebook's fbFund Is Accepting Applications For FB Connect And iPhone Apps

    fbFund, a $10 million seed fund focused on supporting entrepreneurs who are building their business around Facebook.com or with Facebook Connect, is now accepting applications for its third funding round. The fund, which is backed by Facebook, Founders Fund and Accel Partners, is shifting its focus to funding Web and iPhone app developers leveraging Facebook Connect. In the past, fbFund focused… Read More

  • Sony feeling pressure from developers to discount PS3, Sony wants them to STFU

    The facts are all splayed out for Sony, but they just don’t seem to want to listen. Perhaps an ultimatum from its content providers might make the company take another look at dropping the price of the bloated console. Janco Partners Inc. believes Sony will discount the console anywhere from $50 to $100 in the coming weeks. Surprisingly, the real outcry is not from consumers who… Read More

  • Optoma's Pico projector gets a mini screen in Japan

    Japanese owners of Optoma’s DLP projector Pico for use with the iPhone/iPod Touch can soon buy a corresponding 8.5-inch screen [JP] from a company called Hometheater (the projector itself is able to produce 60-inch images). The A5-sized NS-01 will go on sale in Nippon on March 20 for $75. Read More

  • Reminder: We'll be liveblogging the iPhone OS 3.0 event tomorrow!

    As if the Crunch folk have missed an opportunity to cover an Apple event any time in the recent past, a surprising number of people have been asking whether or not we’ll be liveblogging tomorrow’s preview of iPhone OS 3.0. The answer? Of course we are. We’ll be at the Apple campus bright and early tomorrow morning, and we’ll be blogging away as soon as the WiFi juices… Read More

  • Video: Cajun Crawler ready to spice up ya gumbo!

    This odd Segway-like carrier is called the Cajun Crawler. It’s a belegged walking system made by students at the University of Louisiana. Created by Don Tamosaitis, the system was a senior design project and uses 18V drill motors and can support heavy loads – one rider was 325 pounds. Read More

  • Video: Second Generation Surface

    In two to three years we will have the next gen. Surface. It will feature a second projector that will project images above it’s screen allowing to overlay images on each other. Infrared sensors will let you control the Surface without touching it. Read More

  • Wedding cake made from 80 Pac-Man cupcakes

    Oh… my… word. As if a giant rendition of Pac-Man made out of cupcakes wasn’t enough, this thing is a wedding cake, effectively making the bride, the groom, and the cake maker the three coolest people in the entire world for at least the next 24 hours. At least. Read More

  • amadana SAL: Japanese company rolls out stylish mini pocket camera

    A Tokyo-based design company called amadana today announced the amadana SAL [JP], a palm-sized video camera that can be pre-ordered in Japan starting April 17. Non-Japanese people interested in the stylish gadget can ask Japan Trend Shop, Gizmine, Geek Stuff 4 U or Rinkya to list it. The Japanese street price is $210. Read More

  • Then Blizzard looked at its huge Orc statue, and wept

    You’re Blizzard. You develop a little game called Word of Warcraft. You move into a new office building—a sign of your importance—and want to commemorate said action. You hire the dudes responsible for the Lord of the Rings special effects, and tell them, “Make us a big statue of an Orc on his mount, looking sinister.” And they do. Read More

  • Sprint's device lineup for Q1-Q3 leaks

    Secrets, Secrets, are no fun. Well, unless said secrets have to do with a ridiculous number of unannounced devices and details, and said secrets leak all over the internet. Then they’re a blast. PhoneNews managed to get their hands on Sprint’s entire device roadmap for Q1 through Q3 of 2009, and each page packs a bit of fun – so be sure to look through them all. Update… Read More

  • Shut up and sing with this weird-ass Japanese karaoke mic for the Wii

    We’ve all been there before: you sing like a nightingale – a damn nightingale – but your neighbors don’t appreciate it one bit. So you either give up on your dream of singing in the privacy of your own home or face the wrath of the cops and/or your landlord. If only there were a big, weird karaoke microphone with a rubber cup around the mouthpiece that muffled your… Read More

  • Cupcake in April? Maybe not. But probably.

    Uh oh, folks – looks like the “Cupcake” Android update for the G1 might not be coming out of the oven as soon as we’d heard. Last week, the folks over at PocketLink declared that they’d managed to get a T-Mobile spokesperson on the record saying that the G1 would be getting the Cupcake update in April – but now another T-Mobile spokesperson is calling… Read More

  • When life gives you lemons, make a USB finger

    Wow. Jerry Jalava lost the tip of his left ring finger in a motorcycle accident and made his own prosthetic fingertip which doubles as a USB memory stick. Read More

  • Colorful PSP-3000 gets a racy TV spot

    Japan is getting a set of four colorful PSP’s this month and the set now have their very own TV commercial. Why do you care? Eh, I don’t know, but the 15 second video is slick and worth watching. It’s after the break. Read More

  • Socialmedian Makes It Easy For You To Spread Social News On Facebook

    Socialmedian just made an interesting announcement about connecting its services to Facebook in a big way. As of about an hour ago, you can log in and participate on socialmedian with Facebook Connect, which is a noteworthy move considering the fact that socialmedian was recently acquired by European business social networking service Xing, news we broke in December last year. Socialmedian… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Guitar Hero World Tour band kit for $119 on Wii, PS3, Xbox 360

    Save money! Normally going for $190, you can get the Guitar Hero World Tour full band kit on your favorite current-generation console for just $119 — today only. This is an Amazon.com Gold Box deal, which typically sell out pretty quickly. You can also get the PS2 version for $109. Guitar Hero World Tour [Amazon.com] Read More

  • More photos of the Lenovo ultraportable, apparently called ‘Pocket Yoga’

    Pocket Yoga? Okay. Hopefully that’s just a working codename for that VAIO P-like Lenovo computer that popped up last week. More images have surfaced over on Flickr along with the “Pocket Yoga” moniker. One photo, in particular, shows the Pocket Yoga being written on with a stylus, so it seems we’re looking at a touchscreen here. Read More

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