• Arcade on wheels? Yes, please

    An arcade on wheels? Now THAT is a good idea. Don’t get too excited, though, as these are basically glorified console setups, not old-school arcade machines. This isn’t about us, though, this is about the children. And the children think Ms. Pac-Man is boring. Ergo, no stand-up arcade machines. Read More

  • iPhone app review: Flick Fishing

    Let’s face it: there are a lot of crappy games available for the iPhone. Even 99 cents — as cheap as that is — is more than I’m willing to pay for most games, since I’m unlikely to get even a dollar’s worth of enjoyment from them. Not so with Freeverse’s Flick Fishing. This 99 cent game offers a lot for that very small price tag. In addition to… Read More

  • Flickr And Twitter are Now Officially Sucking Face

    Earlier this month, Flickr started flirting with Twitter integration by allowing users to link their Flickr accounts to their Twitter accounts. The experiment was only for email uploads, which simultaneously created a Tweet with a short http://flic.kr link back to the photo on Flickr. Now that integration is an official feature called Flickr2Twitter. In addition to email uploads, Flickr now… Read More

  • What Went Down At Rackspace Yesterday? A Power Outage And Some Backup Failures.

    As many of you know, a lot of the sites that use Rackspace as their hosting provider were down for about an hour yesterday. That’s because Rackspace went down. Apparently, it was a power outage at a data center that caused it, an incident report that we’ve obtained explains. While Rackspace has backup systems in place, a series of events apparently caused those backups to fail… Read More

  • Sony patent shows surefire method of PS2 emulation possible on all PS3 models

    Think back to the autumn of 2006, right before the big PS3 launch. Expecting someone to pay five-hundred-and-ninety-nine-U.S.-dollars was (rightly) considered ludicrous, but the ability to play the entire PS2 library on the system somewhat lessened the blow. But then Sony removed the Emotion Engine chip from the PS3, thus rendering it unable to play PS2 games. (More recent models, like the… Read More

  • FriendFeed Feels Pretty, Oh So Pretty

    FriendFeed now lets you individualize your account with six new designer themes. When you select a theme, your FriendFeed account will always include your theme, and other people looking at your profile page will see it in whatever theme they have chosen. FriendFeed says that it plans to allow users to customize themes down the line as well as give users the ability to create an entirely… Read More

  • Paper Speaker: Japanese company sells DIY cardboard speakers

    It seems Japanese papercraft art isn’t limited to Origami or Pellermodels but also has something in store for us gadget fans. Case in point: The Paper Speaker [JP], announced yesterday by Tokyo-based Princeton for use with your PC (or any device sporting a USB port). Read More

  • Video: DIY transformer

    Not much to say about this DIY transformer except that it’s pretty darn cool. It can transform from a car, walk, and even right itself if it falls. It could use some cool styling – maybe they could stick it into a Yugo body or something – but it’s still much better than anything I ever made in school. Read More

  • Air NZ's air safety video: Notice anything?

    Don’t pull it until you’re leaving the aircraft. Is it just me or are they all cracking up through this whole thing or is just their bright, happy smiles and, erm, chests? Read More

  • High Gear Media Scores $5.5 Million For Auto Media Network

    High Gear Media, the publisher of automotive media sites, has secured $5.5 million in Series B funding led by DAG Ventures with Accel Partners and Greylock Partners participating. The company raised $6.5 million in Series A funding in November 2007 from Accel Partners and Greylock Partners. High Gear will use the funds expand its media network and acquire other media properties. High Gear owns… Read More

  • Firefox 3.5 Soars Past A Million Downloads. Approaching 100 Downloads A Second.

    Mozilla today released Firefox 3.5 into the wild. Not surprisingly, it’s flying off the virtual shelves. And unlike when Mozilla released Firefox 3.0 last year, its servers are staying up and reliable, so the rate of downloads is pretty incredible. This site, run by Mozilla, shows the download stats for the new browser. Overall downloads are now approaching 1.3 million worldwide, with… Read More

  • TBD's Deadpool Date Finally Determined

    Back in 2007 I did a column on TBD, a social network aimed at baby boomers. I’d spent some time looking at the space, and thought TBD was the best designed site, avoiding Eons age restrictions and fascination with death and building something a bit broader than Gather. The site borrowed heavily from what worked on sites like Yelp and Facebook, the design was delightful and it gave you… Read More

  • Solar Vest: For those times you actually have to go outside for some reason

    This is a solar vest. You can tell because it says SOLAR VEST in big letters across the shoulders, right above the four weatherproof solar panels. This fine gentleman is carrying more than a few gadgets in the pockets of his SOLAR VEST, which he’ll be able to recharge when they run out of juice. Read More

  • Video: HTC Sense gets ported to the G1, Flash and all

    When it became clear that HTC’s oh-so-pretty Sense UI wasn’t going to make it to the G1 by any official means, we figured it wouldn’t be too long before the goods leaked and an unofficial port was made. Hell, we outright said so. Read More

  • Blizzard may soon let you change from Alliance to Horde, vice-versa

    There’s currently a 144-page thread on the official World of Warcraft message board discussing this latest earth-shattering news: you’ll soon be able to take your Horde character and transform him to the closet Alliance equivalent, and vice-versa. So, for example, taking your Orc Warrior and changing him into a Human Warrior. And then cats and dogs will break bread with each other. Read More

  • Attention Executives: 73% of You Need to Fire Yourselves

    I still think “Enterprise 2.0” is a meh business trend with a horrible name. It’s not that social media/collaboration tools don’t have a role in business, and I agree there are some situations where consumer tools aren’t the right fit. A great example is Twitter versus Yammer. (Oh, if you only saw the conversations that happen on TechCrunch’s Yammer… Read More

  • iPhone 3GS getting really, really burny and hot

    The Wired Gang has an investigation into the hot and burny iPhones 3GS that are coming out, finding that many are getting so hot as to be uncomfortable. Once these reach a certain point they become a toasty brown and could completely fail. Read More

  • The MySpace Exodus Continues: SVP Engineering Allen Hurff Jumps Ship

    Around this time last year we saw a stream of high ranking employees leaving Yahoo as the web portal reached new lows following the fumbled Microsoft deal. Now, we’re beginning to see a similar trend from MySpace, the once-shining social network that has been recently hit by stagnating growth, waves of layoffs (both in the US and abroad), and the ousting of its co-founder CEO. The… Read More

  • Video: Classic video games done up LEGO-style

    If this LEGO stop motion video doesn’t bring a nostalgic smile to your face, you’re probably on the wrong blog. I like the asteroid one the best, btw. [via offworld] Read More

  • HEADLINE: Palm sold 300,000 Pres in June

    Ed Snyder of Charter Equity Research estimates that there were 300,000 Palm Pres sold in June and there should be sales of about 1 million this quarter, on track with expectations. He estimates Palm is able to make 15,000 phones a day and that all is right with the world. via Inquirer Read More

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