• Flip Video: Wrong, Wrong, Wrong And Then So, So Right.

    Pure Digital Technologies, the creator of the Flip Video line of digital video recorders, got their payday today: $590 million in Cisco stock, a deal we first reported may be happening a couple of weeks ago. The San Francisco-based company is well known today for creating extremely small, well designed and inexpensive video cameras that take exceptional video. And the software that comes with… Read More

  • The iPhone Gets A New Weapon In The War On Drunk Dials

    The ubiquity of the cell phone has made communication easier than ever, allowing people to reach their friends and family on a whim though phone calls and text messaging. Unfortunately, many of us become especially motivated to use these powers in various states of intoxication, often resulting in incoherent or potentially offense messages to former flames, co-workers, and people with whom… Read More

  • Seedcamp Warsaw seeks out the Eastern startups

    Seedcamp Warsaw wrapped up yesterday after a day of startup pitches and mentoring. It’s becoming apparent that there are gradually more startups appearing in the region – rather clumsily known as “Central and Eastern Europe”. The region is also well known for its strength in outsourcing companies who often work with Western European and US-based startups and I’m… Read More

  • Man installs 6,400-watt sound system in garage, subwoofers the size of mini-fridges

    How loud is too loud? Apparently NOT 120 decibels, according to Todd Whitworth, who has a large barn full of classic cars and a stereo system that pushes out more that 6,000 watts. Whitworth uses the barn to relieve stress, saying “I go to my car barn, crank the music as loud as I can and wax my cars. No matter what happens with my work, that drowns out everything else. It’s my… Read More

  • Enable tethering under iPhone firmware 3.0 [UPDATE]

    ModMyi forum members The inimitable Erica Sadun has found a way to update the 3.0 Beta firmware to enable tethering. Ivan is trying it right now, but here are the steps: UPDATE – We got it working and there is a walk-through coming soon. Screenshots appear below. Read More

  • Hitachi splits company after huge loss

    Hitachi, for those not in the know, also makes parts and motors for cars and trucks in Asia. The new economy, however, has forced the company to split into consumer electronics and automotive and they’ve just fired their current president as all as reduce costs by $5.1 billion by cutting 7,000 jobs. Whomp. The company hit a $7 billion loss last year and will slow investment over the… Read More

  • Safari cracked in seconds, MacBook completely taken over in security contest

    All three “big” Web browsers—Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari—were cracked like nobody’s business at the Pwn2Own contest. Safari was cracked first, within a few seconds, actually, while the other two took a little while longer to crack. And by “crack” we mean remotely exploit the browser, then use said browser to take over full control of the… Read More

  • Cloud Service Bus

    A heavy news week has seen substantive improvements to the iPhone and Silverlight platforms, a Sun buyout rumor, Sun and Cisco weighing in to the Cloud expansion, and continued reverberations from Facebook’s full frontal assault on Twitter and the realtime stream. Any one of these stories would have sufficient legs by itself, but the combined jolts to the system add up to something… Read More

  • T-Mobile's soccer contest could win you a trip to the FIFA Club World Cup in Dubai

    Finally, a cellphone promotion (called Pasaporte a los Partidos) I can get behind! T-Mobile is teaming up with CONCACAF, North America’s, Central America’s and the Caribbean’s soccer governing body, to help promote the CONCACAF Champions League, the region’s main club competition. (Think UEFA Champions League or the Copa Libertadores in South America.) Anyway! If… Read More

  • Streamy Launches FriendFeed-like Community RSS Feed and Social Network

    Streamy, a real-time news reading and sharing site and social activity aggregator, has launched the public beta of its platform. We wrote about Streamy at the launch of the site’s private beta in 2007. As we wrote back then, Streamy is a personalized news service and social network that combines elements of Google Reader with FriendFeed. Like Google Reader and FriendFeed, Streamy lets… Read More

  • DIY Megaman koozies turn cans into ‘E’ tanks

    What’s your “E” in the morning? Is it liquid? Powder? Just high on life? If it’s liquid and it comes in a can, maybe you’d be doing everyone (including yourself) a favor by knitting up some Megaman E-tank koozies. You’ll help yourself by keeping your hands warm and dry while your favorite bevarine stays cold and you’ll help those around you by showing… Read More

  • Rumor: Apple readying multiple new iPhone/iPod Touch models

    If the earlier news from LG didn’t whet your appetite over new Apple hardware then BGR’s tidbit of news will certainly send you into a frenzy. One of BGR’s many “ninjas” was sifting through the 3.0 restore ramdisk and found a string of code that may or may not allude to multiple new devices. According to the “ninja,” Apple historically IDs their iPhone… Read More

  • RentBits Launches At-A-Glance View Of Housing Rental Market

    RentBits, a search engine specifically focused on helping find apartments and houses for rent, has released a new feature that allows users to see the average and median rental prices of properties in 4,000 cities across the United States. With this information, RentBits proposes that prospective renters will be able to use the information to better negotiate, and that apartment owners will… Read More

  • Do It Yourself: How To Set Up An Auction Using Craigslist and Google Docs

    Craigslist is a cool place to buy and sell stuff, it has a massive audience and you don’t have to pay the listing fees that Ebay charges. On the downside, though, Craigslist doesn’t have any method for conducting auctions, a proven way to get a good price for whatever you’re selling. My friend Keith Teare solved that problem, though, by using a combination of a Craigslist… Read More

  • Has Nintendo ridden the success of the Wii, DS as far as possible?

    Has Nintendo finally exhausted all the momentum out of the Wii and DS? DeutcheBank seems to think so, which earlier today downgraded its rating of the Japanese super-happy-fun company to “sell.” The logic is pretty simple: odds are this is as good as it gets for Nintendo, so investors would do well to cash out now, and collect whatever profit it is they’ve accrued over the… Read More

  • Peek Pronto leaked, Peek confirms with details

    So the other day a new device from Peek called the Pronto was leaked out and Peek wasn’t afraid to disavow any knowledge of it. In fact, they told us what’s been improved on the Pronto! I don’t have much to say, but I will give a leak away.. it is much, much faster in every way possible. The time to open a menu on 1.08 is .09 seconds. The time to open a menu on Pronto… Read More

  • Done deal: Cisco buys Pure Digital (Flip Video)

    Earlier this month we reported that Cisco Systems had acquired Pure Digital Technologies, the makers of the popular Flip Video cameras. Today, Cisco officially announced the deal, which was for $590 million in stock. (We had the price at “north of $500 million). Pure Digital will become part of Cisco’s consumer business group, which includes Linksys home routers and set-top boxes… Read More

  • Facebook Poll: 94% Of Users Don't Like Redesign

    A Facebook application is polling users on the the new site layout . So far, just over 5% of the nearly 800,000 respondents give it a thumbs up. The rest go the other way. Users can also leave comments with their thoughts. Recent user comments include “Missing so many features I used to adore. I am saddened,” “Please change it back to the way it was,” and “I hate… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Refurb EeePC 900 for $179

    Anytime netbooks dip below the $200 mark is a good time to buy, no? In that spirit, Sellout.Woot! has the 8.9-inch Eee for just $179, today only (or until they sell out). Specs are sparse, as is to be expected – 4GB SSD, 512MB RAM, Linux — and the systems are refurbished with a 90-day warranty but, hey, cheap couch computer. Asus EeePC 900 Netbook [Sellout.Woot.com via UMPC Portal] Read More

  • Sony Ericsson no longer sitting in tree, no longer kissing

    You know you’re in for a treat when the story you’re reading has, in big red letters, “Please note that this story is based upon rumor and/or speculation.” So let’s begin with that and move on to points rendered. Manager Magazin in Germany is reporting that both Sony and Ericsson are thinking of shutting down or selling their Sony Ericsson joint venture, a… Read More

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