• How many times have you read ‘What's next for Apple?’ today?

    How many dreadful articles about Steve Jobs have you read today? I’ve lost count. News outlets from sea to shining sea have asked the hard questions, made the tough demands. What’s best is that they all say the same thing, over and over again. So this looks at a small sample out the thousands of words written in the past day. Read More

  • Apple The Religion. Steve Jobs The Man.

    If there’s one thing we can all take away from Steve Jobs stepping down temporarily from Apple, it’s this: People love Apple like no other brand, and they are rightfully scared that an Apple without Steve Jobs is not really Apple at all. (we also know that CNBC’s Jim Goldman got pwnd, but that’s another story). How sick is Steve Jobs? His message is ominous… Read More

  • ED-E robot for edumacation

    This 17 servo robot is specially designed to teach kids about robotics and programming. To make ED-E move you select a few motions on a computer and upload the file to the toy. He then acts out the actions you see on screen. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: HTC Fuze for $149.99

    The HTC Fuze is on sale for a namby-pamby $149.99 with two-year contract. That’s a good deal for a device that had previously cost twice as much. Read More

  • YouTube Comes To The Wii And PS3, But Not Xbox

    YouTube wants to be on your TV set bad. It’s squeezing its way in through Apple TV, TiVo, and now videogame consoles: the Nintendo Wii and the Sony PS3. Just point those videogame browsers to http://www.youtube.com/tv and you can now watch a customized version of YouTube from your couch. The YouTube Blog reports: Read More

  • Trongs: Get a grip on finger food

    BW3, my local wing joint, has an all-you-can-eat special for $10. Of course, I’m a sloppy eater, and wind up with spicy garlic sauce all over me whenever I eat wings. And heaven forbid should someone call me while I’m dripping in wing sauce, requiring me to fish into my pocket for my phone! If only someone would invent some kind of gripper to allow me to eat wings without… Read More

  • Hitachi Maxell develops no-leak alkaline batteries, gives a warranty

    Hitachi Maxell Japan has developed a new kind of alkaline battery that’s supposedly shielded well enough to prevent leakage in the case of misuse. The new batteries will be part of the company’s Voltage brand and go on sale in Japan in April this year. Read More

  • Boost Mobile unveils $50 Monthly Unlimited plan

    Starting January 22, Boost Mobile (Sprint Nextel’s prepaid brand) will offer a $50 all-you-can-talk/text/web-browse plan in an effort to better compete with other smaller, regional niche carriers like MetroPCS and Cricket. Boost is hoping to draw in more budget-conscious consumers with this contract-free unlimited offering. “Wireless consumers know there’s a lot of wrong… Read More

  • Post Steve Jobs Apple stock watch

    Apple’s stock (AAPL) was down last night in after market trading and the trend continued this morning. We gave the market a few minutes but it looks like Steve Jobs taking a six month medical sabbatical isn’t sitting so well with stock traders. Currently (as of 10:30) the stock is trading at 80.62 which is 4.27 below the close yesterday. We’ll check on it later today but… Read More

  • HTC Shift’s UK price gets lopped in half

    Got an e-mail from Expansys this morning announcing that it’s dropped the price on the HTC Shift X9500 in the UK to £499.99, almost half of what it’d previously been selling at. Read More

  • To the ramparts, Apple apologists!

    Dan “Fake Steve” Lyons appears on CNBC and basically takes down Jim Goldman, the fellow who believed everything that came out of Cupertino up to and just a little beyond the ultimate admission by Steve that he was really sick. Read More

  • Wiimote controlled coil gun

    First, a note from the inventor: I’ve seen some of ioBridge projects recently, and in inspired by “ServoBeer” I thought I’d try my hand at one too! I’m really interested in pervasive sensors and opening up more intuitive ways to control systems and have been fascinated by all the great ways the wiimote been used. Yeah, right. Check out the video after the jump. Read More

  • The CTO of Pandora loves him some webOS

    While we here at MobileCrunch have been worked up like little kids at a Ringling Bros circus since we first got wind of the Palm Pre and webOS, there has been one small matter we’re still a bit shaky about: application development. In Palm’s own words, webOS’ Mojo framework is “a new application framework based on the HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript standards”. Read More

  • Sharpcast Raises $10 Million In Down Round For File Syncing

    Sharpcast has raised a $10 million round from existing investors Sigma Partners, Draper Fisher Jurvetson and Selby Venture. This brings the total raised to $26.5 million. Sharpcast offers file-syncing through its SugrarSync service, which syncs data across multiple devices and the cloud. Syncing is becoming a serious technology trend as people split up their digital lives across devices… Read More

  • Now there's a Barack Obama-branded cellphone (in Kenya)

    Hah! A Kenyan cellphone company has released a Barack Obama-branded cellphone. It’s decked out in red and blue, with fun phrases like “Yes We Can” all over it. The company, Mi Phone, has named the phone the Mi-Obama. (Obama’s father was born in Kenya.) It’ll cost around $30 there. In other Obama-branded news, there’s a guy on 14 Street in New York who sells… Read More

  • Inauguration to be shown live at theaters, Starbucks thanks to MSNBC

    Obama’s inauguration is right around the corner and everyone (read: everyone but us) with a media connection is trying to capitalize on what’s sure to be an extremely popular event. MSNBC and Screenvision will show the event live and free in 27 theater covering 21 markets. (register here) Plus, 650 Starbucks in three markets will also show the event live and spearhead a… Read More

  • Free lunch? – What does UK government funding mean to startups?

    This is a guest post by Nick Halstead, CEO and founder of fav.or.it As I am in the midst of raising another round of funding for fav.or.it I wanted to cover some of my thoughts on the government’s recent announcement of further funding for business that is meant to help SME’s survive through the credit crunch. The question is: is there real substance to any of this, or is it just… Read More

  • Meet Kintore-Z, the world's most useless robot

    As CrunchGear’s Japan correspondent, I have come across many robots both off- and online in my time: small ones, big ones, cute ones, ugly ones, useful ones, even some sexy ones. But this one beats them all. Read More

  • While Facebook Fiddles, MySpace Music Signs Up Another Five Indie Partners

    MySpace Music added a few hundred thousand songs to its streaming music service today by signing up four more independent-label aggregators (Nettwerk Music Group, INgrooves, IRIS Distribution, and RoyaltyShare) plus indie label Wind-up Records. This comes at a time when Facebook is still facing hurdles to launching its own music service. Read More

  • DIY: A cheap flash diffuser

    Properly controlling your dSLR’s flash is a good first step in becoming a great photographer. Most dSLR’s flashes are just so harsh and external flashes are just so expensive, so what’s a photographer on a budget to do? A little help from a piece of Velum and a piece of tape is all you need to diffuse the built-in flash. Eventually though, you are going to have to cave to… Read More

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