• Microsoft releases new developers tools

    Microsoft announced today that they are making it easier to develop applications and games for the Xbox platform, with new tools in their XNA Game Studio kit. The updated kit includes better video and audio API’s, which will allow more games using the Avatars and LIVE Party content to be developed. Microsoft also stated that their improved Xbox 360 Development and Test Kit hardware will… Read More

  • Yet another microphone for your podcast that no one listens to

    There you are, sitting in your basement with your headset on, getting ready to record the latest episode of your kick ass Transformers podcast. You glance at your Feedburner stats and wonder, for the millionth time, why your subscriber volume has remained so low for so long. Maybe it’s because no one can understand you, what with your crappy headset mic? Read More

  • MySpace Toolbar Launches To The General Public

    MySpace has just launched its official toolbar, giving users immediate access to their MySpace activity notifications regardless of what site they’re currently browsing on the web. MySpace has been testing the browser plugin since last year (we originally wrote about it in December), but it was only available to a limited number of users. Beginning today, it will be available… Read More

  • Review: Shaun White Snowboarding Road Trip (Wii)

    Short Version: Shaun White Snowboarding Road Trip for the Wii is a must-have game for anyone who owns a Balance Board and is even remotely interested in snowboarding. Read More

  • DIY musical instrument: the clubhouse strummer

    That kooky Mark Frauenfelder over at Boing Boing is always making crazy stuff. His latest invention is what he’s calling the Clubhouse Strummer: a homebrew quasi-guitar thing. You know, for kids! Read More

  • No! Never Surrender To Your Users, Facebook.

    “A camel is a horse designed by committee.” (source) The camel/horse quote (no disparagement to camels meant, of course) perfectly captures the problem when too many people have input into a product. Seth Godin talks about how the Walkman would never have been built if Sony had asked its customers what they wanted (see Purple Cow). A few days ago Robert Scoble talked about how… Read More

  • Seagate announces BlackArmor storage solutions

    Seagate announced a new product line today, the Black Armor NAS. Targeted at small businesses, the new device has hardware level encryption and is available in 2, 4, 6, or 8TB capacities. Read More

  • Facebook Relents: Users Get More Control With Redesign Tweaks

    Facebook has just posted a lengthy letter to its users on its official blog detailing some of the changes we’ll soon be seeing on the site’s recently-redesigned homepage. Included among the new features are live updating to the homepage stream, which will make the homepage truly real-time (previously it would show up-to-the-minute results, but only when you refreshed the page). … Read More

  • Google Street View may meet its match in Europe – to our loss

    When Google Streetview was given the green-light by the UK’s Information Commissioner last July, it appeared as if sanity had prevailed. Despite the protests of Privacy International, which pops up like a Meerkat every time Google or another tech company tries do do something innovative, the Commissioner ruled that it was “satisfied” that Google’s Street View… Read More

  • Review: iVO-Sound 4GB portable media player

       Short Version: A good, solid, cheap PMP with decent battery life and built-in speaker. Read More

  • Making yourself glow in the dark – the Gilbert U-238 Atomic Energy lab

    It’s amazing that children ever managed to survive the 50’s. Between the shoe fitting x-ray unit that leaked radiation so badly it caused brain cancer, the skull impaling lawn darts, children must have been dropping like flies. Luckily, the most questionable item out there, the Gilbert U-238 Atomic Energy Lab, was only available for about a year. Read More

  • Samsung ready to roll out Papyrus touchscreen ebook reader

    eBook readers are here to stay, and if you’re a CE company you’d better have one if you want to stay in the game. Samsung Electronics will soon be rolling out their Papyrus ebook reader in the US and UK. Will the touchscreen make this a Kindle killer? Read More

  • Quick Look: Kodak Zx1 camcorder

    We’ve been excited about the Zx1 since they announced it at CES and now it’s finally arrived. This successor to the popular Zi6 is a mini-camcorder with direct-to-YouTube capability along with an SD card slot for storage expansion. This new model is weatherproof but not submersible, something you’ll discover if you drop it into the toilet. Read More

  • Whiskey Media Quietly Growing, Innovating With Former CNET Team

    Former CNET cofounder and CEO Shelby Bonnie founded Whiskey Media in 2007 as a platform to build media and entertainment content sites. The company, located in stunningly beautiful Sausalito, California (north of San Francisco) has no outside shareholders pestering them for a quick exit – the five cofounders, all former CNETers (Shelby Bonnie, Mike Tatum, Ethan Lance, Dave Snider and… Read More

  • Palringo IM released for Android

    Uh oh, Meebo – it looks like you might finally have some decent competition in the Android IM client space. Palringo, makers of the iPhone IM client of the same name, has released the first beta of their Android port. Like the iPhone application, Palringo for Android supports MSN, AIM, ICQ, Yahoo!, Jabber, Gtalk, Gadu-Gadu and Facebook chat. It’ll also allow you to send picture… Read More

  • Netflix creeps into Facebook with Netflix Updates

    Movie recommendations have most often been through word of mouth, but Netflix wants you to work harder to talk about the movies you watched over the weekend. The Netflix Updates application for Facebook users allows you to share your movie ratings with friends and view friend’s ratings through your news feed. I am expecting the common reactions: “But I don’t want everyone to… Read More

  • Lessons in parenting: Here's a baby pillow with a built-in MP3 player

    Since being a lousy parent seems to be all the rage these days, here’s another weapon for your doing-the-bare-minimum arsenal. It’s a baby pillow—see how it contours to your child’s neck—that has a built-in MP3 player and speaker. Presumably you’d put your baby on the pillow (well, it’s merely a render, so you won’t be doing any of this, as a… Read More

  • Shapeways rapid prototyping service enters the brass age

    We’ve been in love with Philips off-shoot Shapeways for months now and the service just got nominally better. While you can still fab in plastic, today you will be able to fabricate the first 3D items in brass, a cool and unusual addition to the Shapeways service. Read More

  • Trusera's Health 2.0 Portal Nearly Out Of Money

    Trusera, a ‘Health 2.0’ site founded by former Amazon exec Keith Schorsch, is facing tough times. The startup is nearly out of money, and Schorsch says that unless it can raise more funding by the end of April, it will have to shut down on April 30. Trusera launched ten months ago, offering users a community where they can share their stories about how they’ve dealt with… Read More

  • Laser guns becoming a reality

    Well, we’re getting closer to having laser weaponry. Northrop Grumman announced recently that they were able to get a laser to fire at 105.5 kilowatts for a sustained amount of time, suggesting that a vehicle mounted or stationary weapon can’t be far behind. Read More

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