• The CTO of Pandora loves him some webOS

    While we here at MobileCrunch have been worked up like little kids at a Ringling Bros circus since we first got wind of the Palm Pre and webOS, there has been one small matter we’re still a bit shaky about: application development. In Palm’s own words, webOS’ Mojo framework is “a new application framework based on the HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript standards”. Read More

  • Sharpcast Raises $10 Million In Down Round For File Syncing

    Sharpcast has raised a $10 million round from existing investors Sigma Partners, Draper Fisher Jurvetson and Selby Venture. This brings the total raised to $26.5 million. Sharpcast offers file-syncing through its SugrarSync service, which syncs data across multiple devices and the cloud. Syncing is becoming a serious technology trend as people split up their digital lives across devices… Read More

  • Now there's a Barack Obama-branded cellphone (in Kenya)

    Hah! A Kenyan cellphone company has released a Barack Obama-branded cellphone. It’s decked out in red and blue, with fun phrases like “Yes We Can” all over it. The company, Mi Phone, has named the phone the Mi-Obama. (Obama’s father was born in Kenya.) It’ll cost around $30 there. In other Obama-branded news, there’s a guy on 14 Street in New York who sells… Read More

  • Inauguration to be shown live at theaters, Starbucks thanks to MSNBC

    Obama’s inauguration is right around the corner and everyone (read: everyone but us) with a media connection is trying to capitalize on what’s sure to be an extremely popular event. MSNBC and Screenvision will show the event live and free in 27 theater covering 21 markets. (register here) Plus, 650 Starbucks in three markets will also show the event live and spearhead a… Read More

  • Free lunch? – What does UK government funding mean to startups?

    This is a guest post by Nick Halstead, CEO and founder of fav.or.it As I am in the midst of raising another round of funding for fav.or.it I wanted to cover some of my thoughts on the government’s recent announcement of further funding for business that is meant to help SME’s survive through the credit crunch. The question is: is there real substance to any of this, or is it just… Read More

  • Meet Kintore-Z, the world's most useless robot

    As CrunchGear’s Japan correspondent, I have come across many robots both off- and online in my time: small ones, big ones, cute ones, ugly ones, useful ones, even some sexy ones. But this one beats them all. Read More

  • While Facebook Fiddles, MySpace Music Signs Up Another Five Indie Partners

    MySpace Music added a few hundred thousand songs to its streaming music service today by signing up four more independent-label aggregators (Nettwerk Music Group, INgrooves, IRIS Distribution, and RoyaltyShare) plus indie label Wind-up Records. This comes at a time when Facebook is still facing hurdles to launching its own music service. Read More

  • DIY: A cheap flash diffuser

    Properly controlling your dSLR’s flash is a good first step in becoming a great photographer. Most dSLR’s flashes are just so harsh and external flashes are just so expensive, so what’s a photographer on a budget to do? A little help from a piece of Velum and a piece of tape is all you need to diffuse the built-in flash. Eventually though, you are going to have to cave to… Read More

  • Yahoo Search Adds Deep Links To Wikipedia Via Search Monkey

    Yahoo has turned on deep links and images from Wikipedia in its search results as part of its overall effort to add structured data from third parties via the Search Monkey platform. What this means – when a Wikipedia result is returned for a query (and this happens a lot, see this search for TechCrunch for example where it is the second result), Yahoo will include deep links to the… Read More

  • Obama's presidential limo revealed and it's a beast

    Technology has made leaps and bounds since the last President was inaugurated so it’s only right that Obama gets a new ride. “The Beast” as it has been dubbed, is still a Cadillac but not one you can buy off the shelf. Of course it’s heavily modified and some claim that it can keep rolling even after a direct hit from a rocket propelled grenade, but even the style… Read More

  • Brief Obama With Salesforce.com's Idea Generator

    Do you have a good idea for President-Elect Barack Obama, a concrete policy proposal? All week long, Obama’s transition site Change.gov has been soliciting policy proposals from people across the country through an app called the Citizen’s Briefing Book. Friday is the last day it will be accepting ideas, so submit yours now. The Citizen’s Briefing Book is very similar to… Read More

  • Coming soon: Voice-controlled toy helicopters

    Tokyo-based Taiyo Corp. [JP] yesterday announced they will start selling a toy helicopter that responds to voice commands in March (price in Nippon: $60). This date is confirmed for Japan only but Taiyo said Asia, North America and Europe will also get the toy. It will respond to commands given in both Japanese and English. Read More

  • Best Buy to get the Palm Pre exclusively?

    If the latest Internet rumor is true, Best Buy Mobile is going to be the only place – besides Sprint stores – you will be able to pick up the hot Palm Pre. It seems that the boys in blue will have an exclusive for 60 days. While this is simple just a rumor, it isn’t unrealalistic and might work in Sprint’s favor. Read More

  • Best Buy to get the Palm Pre exclusively?

    If the latest Internet rumor is true, Best Buy Mobile is going to be the only place – besides Sprint stores – you will be able to pick up the hot Palm Pre. It seems that the boys in blue will have an exclusive for 60 days. While this is just a rumor, it isn’t unrealalistic and might work in Sprint’s favor. The two worked together last summer on the Samsung Instinct… Read More

  • Akai unleashes the APC40 for Ableton Live

    It’s hard to find good controllers for Ableton Live. The APC40 from Akai Pro could change that. The controller talks to Live and vice versa so you get feedback on the led rings around the knobs. That allows you to see the state of each function that is controlled. That is way too cool because setting up a midi controller with Live usually makes me have a heart attack. Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Oldenburg Edition

    Damn, this bed is making me hungry
    Toshiba’s develops imaging software that can more accurately identify human forms
    Yet another Comcast FAIL post Read More

  • How Warner Music Killed Facebook Music

    Facebook’s ongoing effort to launch a free streaming music service is stalled, according to multiple sources familiar with the situation. The company was close to a deal that would bring free streaming music from three of the four big labels (Universal, Sony, EMI) through the Total Music joint venture. But the deal stalled when the lone holdout, Warner Music, refused to… Read More

  • iMob Hits The iPhone: Prepare To Become An Addict

    Mob Wars – a largely text based strategy game that throws users into a virtual underworld of organized crime – has become a Facebook phenomenon, with 2,680,129 monthly active users and monthly revenues rumored to exceed $1 million. The game isn’t the first of its kind (in fact, similar text-based games have been around for many years), but it is among the first to go… Read More

  • Video: "Objectified" documentary shows secrets of industrial design

    Ever wondered what happened behind the scenes when your IKEA table was being designed or what was going through Jonathan Ive’s head when he penned the design for the original iPod? Well then you have to see this. Its a new documentary called Objectified. It covers the industrial design behind big names such as Muji, IKEA, Apple, Flip Video, and BMW. More info and a trailer inside. Read More

  • Ears-On with the $50,000 Gemme Audio Phenix Green Gem loudspeakers

    Even at over 2 million square feet, the Las Vegas Convention Center isn’t big enough to pack it all in during CES. With everyone around the world battling for a spot to hawk their wares at the world’s biggest electronics show, many showfloor “extensions” spring up around Vegas. Like some crazy geeked-out version of Diagon Alley, these extensions may not get as much… Read More

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