• Call of Duty: World at War coming November 11, multiplayer Betas out next month

    Activision and Treyarch have just announced that multiplayer Betas will be going out in October before the November launch of Call of Duty: World at War. Betas will be out for both the Xbox 360 and PC and will give players a chance to test out the new squad system. Register nowbeat or pre-order from GameStop to get yourself a Beta token. Read More

  • Quick and dirty free airport web surfing trick

    Raise your hand if you like paying $10 or so for 24 hours of airport Internet access that you’re only going to use for 15 minutes. While I certainly wouldn’t suggest that you use this trick for endless, free web surfing on a for-pay wireless network, maybe your conscience would allow you to just quickly jump on to grab your e-mail or some music for your MP3 player before you… Read More

  • TechCrunch50 Is Oversold

    The TechCrunch50 conference in San Francisco next Monday through Wednesday is now oversold. We had originally anticipated as many as 1,500 attendees (50% more than last year), but we blew through that number earlier this week and are now at around 1,650 attendees. The venue actually holds this many people without any problems, but we have to order more infrastructure stuff to accommodate everyone. Read More

  • 3 new Sonic Chronicles videos, now with terribly useless narration!

    http://www.gametrailers.com/remote_wrap.php?mid=39541 My hopes for Sonic Chronicles are remarkably high. I mean, come on – it’s Sega’s attempt at recreating the glory that is Super Mario RPG with the Sonic cast, and it’s made by Bioware, the only company to make an RPG worth playing since 1997. Sega/Bioware released 3 new videos today: an introduction, a gameplay video… Read More

  • Document scanner for your iPhone (or any phone)

    I hate scanners. Hate ‘em. They’re slow, noisy, and they take up too much space. Here’s a departure from the traditional scanner that aims to truly offer no-bullshit document archival. It’s simply a tower for your iPhone (could probably use any phone, though) that uses the camera to take snapshots of the documents underneath. Best of all, you’ll likely have all… Read More

  • Hulu vs. Amazon: Amazon Never Stood A Chance

    Since Amazon released its video on demand service earlier today, I’ve pored over each and every section of the site to determine if it has what it takes to supplant Hulu as the best online video service providing professional network content. And after doing just that, I’ve quickly realized that it doesn’t. Amazon has done all it can to solidify its stance in the online… Read More

  • Yahoo Stock Falls Off The Cliff. When Will Jerry Give Up?

    Yahoo’s already crushed stock price has fallen further today – its down 8.36% since this morning, bringing it to a nearly five year low of $17.75. Yahoo has been as high as $34 in the last year (thanks to that Microsoft takeover bid), which means nearly $23 billion has been taken out of shareholder pockets in that period. How long can Jerry weather this storm? Read More

  • Qik adds support for HTC devices, SE XPERIA X1

    Even after having Qik on my iPhone for a month, I get the worst friggin’ case of stage fright every time I hit that record button. I have no problem being in front of an audience; nor do I generally mind cameras. But there’s something about streaming live to the internet that turns me into a babbling fool. That said, there are probably plenty of folks out there with more e-courage… Read More

  • ‘Napbook’ laptop case good for students, unmotivated and/or lazy businesspeople

    It’s been a while since I’ve fallen asleep at my desk – never done it while a productive member of the US workforce, but it happened plenty of times in college. So for those of you desk-sleepers who happen to live near Reykjavik, Iceland, here’s the Napbook. It’s the brainchild of designer Hafsteinn Juliusson and “is sewn by a 105 Reykjavík local sewing… Read More

  • Election '08 for iPhone Offers Up-to-the-minute Political Info

    After so long in gestation, the 2008 election season has actually kind of snuck up on me. And what with the App store being released, I thought there would be a ton of politically-orientated apps out there. Incredibly, there are virtually none, and certainly none this cool. Take a gander at Election ’08. Read More

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