• Should we expect a Nintendo DSi App Store this year?

    Apps, Apple’s or otherwise, make the world go ’round, and now Nintendo wants some of the action. Allegedly. Apparently there was a super-secret Nintendo developer conference in London last week, and the company told its developers, in so many words, “Please make other, general purpose applications for our upcoming DSi App Store.” So goes the rumor, at least. Read More

  • Hey Twitter, Here's A Way To Call Jason's Bluff And Maybe Fight Breast Cancer

    We love Jason Calacanis here at TechCrunch, which is why we partner with him on our TechCrunch50 startup event. Not only is he a proven entrepreneur (he sold Weblogs Inc. to AOL, and is now running Sequoia-funded Mahalo), but he’s one of the best self promoters on the Internet. He famously shut down his blog, but somehow he’s now running it again with thousands more followers… Read More

  • Banged in the Olufsen: Tough times call for a $136,220 plasma TV

    If you have a lot of disposable income or you work for AIG and need a way to spend that sweet, sweet bonus check for all your hard work, might I suggest the 103-inch BeoVision 4-103 plasma TV from Bang & Olufsen at just under $140,000? Read More

  • LinkedIn Finally Makes Groups More Useful

    Managing Groups in LinkedIn so far didn’t require a whole lot of management, nor was it very useful to those who created them. While other social networking services have long incorporated ways for group administrators to communicate more efficiently with their members, LinkedIn for whatever obscure reason never even bothered to create a feature that allowed admins to e-mail group… Read More

  • Michigan man takes bite out of Apple, Apple bites back

    An enterprising young man in Kalamazoo, Michigan, found an easy way to make money fast by exploiting Apple’s iPod Shuffle replacement process. Basically, he guessed serial numbers for Shuffles still under warranty and used Apple’s online replacement service to have them shipped to him. He then sold them for $49 a piece. When the authorities caught up with him, he had acquired… Read More

  • Photobucket teams up with T-Mobile and Danger to create mobile apps

    Understatement of the day: Apps are in. Having already released an iPhone app, it should come as no surprise that Photobucket has teamed up with T-Mobile and Danger to create mobile Photobucket apps for select T-Mo handsets and Danger’s Sidekick. Read More

  • Third quarter to bring super thin notebooks with more powerful processors

    It appears that later this year, we’ll start to see a proliferation of ultraportable notebooks that bridge the gap between netbooks and full-fledged standard laptops as “first-tier notebook vendors” like Dell and HP start pushing out systems with Intel’s CULV (consumer ultra low voltage) chipsets – basically low-wattage Core 2 Solo CPUs. Read More

  • Ballmer: Apple is over

    “Apple gained about one point, but now I think the tide has really turned back the other direction,” Ballmer said, via webcast. “The economy is helpful. Paying an extra $500 for a computer in this environment — same piece of hardware — paying $500 more to get a logo on it? I think that’s a more challenging proposition for the average person than it used… Read More

  • Sekai Camera: Mobile social tagging is coming to Android phones, too

    Does Android dream of Sekai Camera? The answer is yes. The augmented reality app, which was unveiled for the first time during TechCrunch 50 last September, isn’t iPhone-only anymore. Sekai Camera is supposed to make it possible for phone users to tag objects and locations in the real world by using their camera phones. Read More

  • Guess the MPG! Win a Navigon 4300T MAX GPS

    We’re off! We’ve just left Ford HQ in Dearborn, MI and are on our way through Chicago heading towards Rapid City, SD. All you need to do is guess the average MPG this 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid gets during this short leg of our 3,000 mile trip to win the Navigon 4300T GPS unit. Google says that it’s 245 miles to the I-90 interchange East of Chicago and this car has an EPA… Read More

  • Smoking Mittens challenge Smittens in fight for ‘World’s Dumbest Mittens’ title

    Two months ago, I brazenly called Smittens – the mittens built for compulsory hand-holding – the “World’s dumbest mittens”. Now a new contender has emerged in the Smoking Mittens – an unassuming pair of mittens with a small hole for a cigarette. Read More

  • Happy Birthday, Little People!

    Awwww… Fisher-Price’s Little People are 50 years old tomorrow which means that that weird-looking dog and his staid-looking plastic friends are now half a century old. My own childhood involves hours spent playing with the treehouse playset – with trap door – and the castle playset – with trap door. Kids of a certain age will remember that these wee ones used to… Read More

  • Video: History of the Internet according to MS

    You know, I have to give props to Microsoft’s ad agency Bradley and Montgomery for a hilarious new ad promoting IE8. It’s full of celebrities poking fun at the Internet with intermittent sprinklings of IE8 that don’t overwhelm and bore you like other MS ads. Kudos all around. Happy YouTube Friday! Read More

  • Visualize Data (Including Google Search Results) In 3D With iFree3D

    The tool is only in concept stage at this point and at times rather buggy, but here’s a pretty cool way to visualize data in a slightly different way than you’re used to: iFree3D, a nifty visualization app developed by Israeli startup TLG View, lets you pull in data from different sources inside your browser and displays it in 3D. Currently you can perform Google searches for… Read More

  • YouTube Now Lots Better On Windows Mobile And Nokia Phones

    YouTube can now be widely accessedthrough an application on most Window Mobile and Nokia S60 devices. You can visit m.youtube.com from your phone to download the app. YouTube says that the devices will have a faster application start-up, searching capabilities, and video loading and will allows users to easily access YouTube via an icon on the device’s screen. YouTube has also improved… Read More

  • Geek 'n Rolla – Tech Startups Rock! – April 21, London

    It’s my pleasure to announce a grand day out for tech startups old and new to share real, hard-core knowledge about their experiences on April 21st – an event we’ve dubbed “Geek ‘n Rolla” in a light-hearted homage to a certain movie which also pulls no punches. You can buy early-bird tickets already here. Geek’n Rolla is sponsored by Viadeo one of… Read More

  • Atom CPU to get bumped to 2GHz?

    Next month may bring a new and improved Atom chip from Intel in the 2GHz Z550. The CPU features low 2.4-watt power consumption, 512KB of level-2 cache, and a 533MHz frontside bus. It’s expected to be pretty close to the currently-available 1.86GHz Z540, with the added bump in gigahertz. Read More

  • AT&T's Nokia E71X set to launch next week

    Some 8 months after the launch of the Nokia E71, the AT&T-branded E71x (which made its unauthorized internet debut four months ago) is finally set to hit the shelves next Tuesday. According to BGR, AT&T locations from coast to coast began receiving boxes full of’em sometime in the past few days. Whispers from the inside are pinning the handset at $199 bucks after rebate, which… Read More

  • CrunchGear drives the 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid across America

    This is going to be one heck of a trip: 10 days, over 3,000 miles, two people all in one 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid. We have a lot planned for readers on this trip too. A bunch of companies have provided some gear in the spirit of the road trip. Navigon gave us a bunch of GPSs, Jabra is throwing in BT350 headsets and Bluetooth speakerphones. We have Black and Decker power inverters, a couple… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Polaroid HD camcorder for $119

    Buy.com has a pretty good deal on the well-received Polaroid DVC-00725F HD camcorder at $119 with free shipping. The camera records to SD cards, has a 2.7-inch flip-out LCD, and a 4x optical zoom. Video is captured in 720p. Pretty good user reviews on the camcorder, too. Polaroid DVC-00725F High Definition Digital Camcorder [Buy.com] Read More

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