• Automated house construction

    Wouldn’t it be great if things could just build their own damn selves? Just press the button and walk away. I’m not talking about some small injection molder churning out car parts; think bigger than that. No, not cars. Bigger. Houses. More details and a cool vid after the jump. Read More

  • Speculators are saying Samsung wants to buy SanDisk

    Before we dive into what the speculators are saying, here is SanDisk’s statement on the issue: “SanDisk periodically has conversations with multiple parties, including Samsung, regarding a variety of potential business opportunities. We evaluate all of these opportunities, but maintain a policy of not commenting on market rumors or speculation.” So the big rumor SanDisk… Read More

  • N96 and N78 get Fring support

    Bummed out because the N78 doesn’t offer VoIP compatability right out of the box? Fear not – Fring has got you covered. Apparently using their own VoIP client rather than the Nokia-made client (which Nokia decided not to build into the latest N-series devices) required by other services, Fring has added support for both the N78 and the N96. If you’ve got an N78 or by some sort… Read More

  • CEDIAcrunch hands-on: The two Marantz Blu-ray players

    First and foremost, these new Marantz Blu-ray players are Profile 1.1; sorry, no BD Live on your pricey Marantz players. With that important tidbit out of the way though, these two players are obviously geared for different crowds. The low-end BD7003 has the standard fair of 1080p24 HDMI 1.3a out, scalers for different resolutions, and an admission cost of $799. The big boy Marantz though… Read More

  • SideTaker: Crowdsourcing Your Private Disputes, With Hilarious Results

    Every couple has its ups and downs, but most people try to keep their dirty laundry to themselves. But what about those times when you just can’t come to an agreement with your significant other? Today sees the launch of SideTaker a site that asks couples to upload both sides of their arguments and let the crowd settle their debates. SideTaker members can vote on which side they… Read More

  • Nokia falls short of their own predictions for Q3

    Anybody hedging bets on Nokia’s Q3 market share results at the local mobile market gambling hall based off of the company’s previous predictions might want to see if they can weasel their way out. Where as Nokia previously predicted that their third quarter sales would be right on par with those of the second, they’re now warning folks that it may come in a bit lower than… Read More

  • Dell selling factories

    The WSJ is reporting that Dell is looking to “sell most — and possibly all” of their factories within the next 18 months. The move, designed to cut costs, isn’t a sign of Dell throwing in the towel, rather the computer giant is looking to overhaul their production model. According to their source, Dell has approached contract computer manufacturers and then they would… Read More

  • Gillmor Gang talks Google Chrome

    The Gillmor Gang talked with Google Chrome’s Group Product Manager Brian Rakowski and Tech Lead Ben Goodger. The conversation focused mostly on the open source fundamentals of the new browser project. Rakowski and Goodger have both been with the project since its inception two years ago, and seemed focused more on the deeper goals of improving and extending the security, robustness… Read More

  • T-Mobile launches the Sony Ericsson TM506

    Oh, hey! It’s the SE TM506, that pretty little green 3G flip we mentioned a few weeks back. Last anybody knew, it was set to launch sometime in early September – turns out, that meant today. You can nab T-mobile’s first HSDPA handset at any of the normal T-Mo outlets for a cent short of $80 after a 2-year blood pact and a $50 dollar rebate. If you’re itchin’… Read More

  • T-Mobile launches the Sony Ericsson TM506

    Oh, hey! It’s the SE TM506, that pretty little green 3G flip we mentioned a few weeks back. Last anybody knew, it was set to launch sometime in early September – turns out, that meant today. You can nab T-mobile’s first HSDPA handset at any of the normal T-Mo outlets for a cent short of $80 after a 2-year blood pact and a $50 dollar rebate. If you’re itchin’… Read More

  • Back to School: Dorm room light show

    Well, well, well. It’s been quite a back-to-school week here at CrunchGear. We learned a little bit about affordable notebooks and netbooks, what time-draining video games to avoid and even what to do about feeding yourself now that you’re on your own. To close out the week and in honor of Friday, we got a little dorm room light show for you after the jump. Remember to have a… Read More

  • Butcher's Bunch Episode 1

    We kicked off the first Butcher’s Bunch podcast yesterday. This is the first “bunch” – there will be more (get in touch if you want to come on). Here’s an explanation: Butcher’s Bunch is the podcast from Mike Butcher, Editor of TechCrunch UK & Ireland which will feature startups and entrepreneurs from the UK, Irish and European tech scene. Kindly hosted… Read More

  • All these chargers are driving me crazy

    One of the drawbacks of technology is with each new piece of gear, you get a new charger. After awhile you find every outlet in your house is filled with chargers and adapters. I don’t know about you, but this drives me crazy. When I want to charge something I have to remember where I put the damn charger, and then find a place to plug it in. Lucky for me, Make Magazine found someone… Read More

  • Tatango Opens Their Group SMS Service To The Public

    Tatango, the ad-supported group SMS service previously known as networkText, spent the last few months in a private beta following a functional and visual overhaul and a round of funding by Bellingham Angel Organization. Now everyone is free to get in on the group texting good times; they’ve opened the doors to the public. The service is dead simple to use, as it should be. I made the… Read More

  • Family racks up $19,370 in AT&T bills in one month

    Because sending emails home while abroad should be expensive. Now this is certainly excessive, but couldn’t this kid have found some wi-fi? Well, that’s neither here nor there when the issue is that there should probably be safeties on these accounts so that bills don’t go past, oh I don’t know, ten times their normal amount before anyone thinks to call. Fat chance… Read More

  • CEDIAcrunch hands-on: 60th anniversary McIntosh upcoming bookshelf mini-system

    I love McIntosh gear. The processors big, the amps are bad and when combined, Twisted Sister feels so right. But for some trust fund kids, the huge equipment just doesn’t fit in their West Village studio and so McIntosh is developing a rock’n bookshelf system. Dubbed the Mini-Mac by McIntosh staffers, the 60th Anniversary System is powered by two, separate tube amps, each… Read More

  • Dell: "By the way, your Inspiron Mini secretly has 3G" (update: not)

    People have found that their little Minispirons are sporting 3G capability that was unadvertised and is at the moment unsupported. I don’t know whether this is sketchy or cool. On the one hand, they’ve included a part in a computer that has no functionality and you have to assume that you’re paying for it. On the other hand, they didn’t BS the world and try to sell it… Read More

  • D90 Box looks like every other Nikon box, except for the "D90" part

    That other site has some pictures up of the new Nikon D90, that storied camera whose features and capabilities have been the subject of many a post here at the Crunchness. The pics they have appear to have been taken by a meth-addled man jumping up and down and waving at someone with his camera hand — and he’s riding a Harry Potter vibrating broomstick. Anyway, the box is… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Xbox Live Marketplace Extended Play Download Days

    Get it while it’s hot, folks. Actually, you have until the end of October. Hopefully they offer a better assortment, but that’s just me. Read More

  • MyAWOL Becomes LP33.TV, Launches IMDB For Musicians

    Last July I wrote about MyAWOL, a web-centric music label looking to compete with traditional labels, which are becoming increasingly less relevant as artists turn to digital distribution methods to gain exposure. While the site has the potential to break some new ground in the online music world, it has run into a major snag during its buildup to launch: its name sounds almost exactly… Read More

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