• Rumor: RIM to launch downloadable TV show service

    Here’s a spicy rumor for you all to enjoy. Apparently RIM is planning some sort of BlackBerry TV store/service/thing, and may launch it as early as CTIA next week. (CTIA is like CES, but just for cellphone stuff; actually, a more accurate comparison would have been with Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress; thank you.) It’d be a subscription service, and the TV shows download over… Read More

  • Shock: Zero Punctuation doesn't like Resident Evil 5

    Yahtzee, of Zero Punctuation fame, is never wrong. In his crosshairs this week is Resident Evil 5, a delightful romp through T-Virus-ravaged (or whatever virus it is this time) Africa. You have a partner, a woman named Sheva (not to be confused with Andriy Shevchenko), who’s totally useless. Read More

  • Robot helps Japanese avoid pollen

    Weather News, a Japanese weather company, has created 500 spherical robots that sense pollen content in the air and report back to the mother pollen ship with potential allergen levels in different spots around the world. The robot then transmits data to mobile phones and online apps, ensuring that the sararimen won’t sneeze into their fifteenth beer before stumbling home to a… Read More

  • IBM cutting 5,000 U.S. employees, sending jobs to India

    Populist outrage in 3…2…1. IBM is laying off 5,000 U.S. employees and “building its work force in India and other locations,” according to the WSJ. Foreign workers now make up 71% of IBMs workforce of 400,000. Read More

  • Guess the MPG, win a JBL On Stage Micro & H/K earphones

    We’re nearing the end of our long road trip but we still have a bunch of stuff to giveaway. This edition of Guess the MPG involves us driving from Las Vegas, NV to Pomona, CA. We are headed to a Garage of Tomorrow event with the Fusion Hybrid and this route should involve a both high speed freeway travel and stop/start LA traffic. So far the Fusion Hybrid has recorded an average MPG of… Read More

  • Get Ready For Java On AppEngine

    Here’s a juicy rumor (if you’re a geek, this is good stuff): A source tells us that Google AppEngine, a platform for building and hosting web applications in the cloud, will begin letting developers write applications in Java in the near future. Until now only Python applications were supported. The announcement should come at the Google I/O conference in late May. Java… Read More

  • Video: Mario warps to Chicago, hilarity ensues

    Matthew Dominick made this clever Mario mash-up in which the plumber blows the warp whistle and ends up in Chicago, a city that probably already has a surfeit of mustachioed ethnic plumbers but could always use one more. Read More

  • Redefine intimidation by wearing your PSP around your waist

    Your friends, family, and coworkers may have laughed at you in the past but nobody, and I mean NOBODY, will be laughing when you walk into the room with your PSP mounted around your waist, ready for some serious portable gaming. Read More

  • Video tour of the 2010 Ford Fusion's interior

    So far we have traveled 2000 miles in the Ford Fusion Hybrid and we’re pleased to say that it’s been comfy. The seats are supportive, but still soft. The leg and headroom is sufficient, and it rides nicely. We have traversed high mountains, rolling hills, and endless flatlands while enduring high winds, rain, snow, and even some hail over the last week. But this Fusion kept on… Read More

  • Mugen Can Beer: Experience the fun of popping beer cans over and over again

    Bandai is behaving pretty strangely lately. 60-foot tall robots, outrageously expensive figures and now this: A gadget that allows you to relive the feeling of opening beer cans as many times as you want. I am doubting if this is really that exciting but the so-called Mugen Kan Beeru (Endless Can Beer) will go on sale in Japan in June [JP]. Read More

  • Announcing TechCrunch50 2009

    It’s that time of the year again. We are pleased to announce the opening of business for the third annual TechCrunch50 event, to be held once again on September 14-15, 2009 in San Francisco, California. Last year we hosted 250 start-ups pitching to nearly 2,000 attendees, including 200 VCs, corporate buyers and angels and more than 150 members of the press. All the details are at… Read More

  • Triple Deadpool: FileFront, Cruxy, Documentary-film.net

    Busy day for the deadpool. Earlier today we had to drag a startup out of there, and now three others are tumbling into it (although one might still be saved in time). Here’s a quick overview: Popular game-centric file download service FileFront is closing down on March 30. – Cruxy, a nearly 5-year old provider of marketing, monetization and analytics tools for digital creators… Read More

  • Video: Metallica's Lars Urlich uses BitTorrent while drunk, says two bad words

    To recap: Lars and his buddies downloaded Death Magnetic into the computer there and found the quality quite good and was expecting “fireworks and dancing girls” but instead received a “download finished” message. He then listened to it. Then he sat down with Wired and described the experience. Click to view entire interview. Read More

  • Greetings, Space Ranger!

    It seems that our own Greg Kumparak has been kidnapped by Space Pirates and is now being forced to grab hold of metallic, disembodied breasts and swing them too and fro in order to free himself from Space Prison. Either that or Greg had too many fish tacos and is suffering in a fever dream. Read More

  • Japanese company sells $20,000 action figure

    Two weeks ago, Bandai announced that it gives a 60-foot tall Gundam robot suit to the city of Tokyo, now the Japanese toy giant plans to build robot action figures that cost a whopping $20,000 apiece [JP]. The figures are based on an action anime called Mazinger Z (Tranzor Z in North America). Read More

  • More Security Loopholes Found In Google Docs

    Security consultant Ade Barkah checked in with us to alert us to a couple of serious security issues associated to Google Docs, the web-based office software from the world’s most famous search engine company, giving a whole new meaning to its mission to make the world’s information universally accessible. On his blog on software, infrastructure and security, Barkah outlines no… Read More

  • Europeans still shopping as Russia's KupiVIP raises another $8m

    Online shopping clubs along the lines of Vente Privee (which started in France) and Brand For Friends in Germany are spreading like wildfire across Europe – and no wonder. They are business models tailor-made for the recession, offering big discounts on designer goods among almost guaranteed buyers. They hit revenue almost from the word go and the jungle drums tell me that Vente-Privee is… Read More

  • Windows Mobile 7 to have Zune functions

    Not that you particularly care, but WMPowerUser is reporting that Zune functionality is coming to Windows Mobile 7 and will allow operators to charge phone users for music purchased in the Zune store, thereby opening the Zune experience up to a millions upon millions of unwitting customers. Read More

  • Sony Ericsson T707: Maria Sharapova likes it

    There’s a reason you can’t really see the phone in this picture. Let’s start with a little gem from the press release for this new S-E phone, shall we? Maria knows that all eyes will be on her this season and thanks to her new T707; she can rest assured that whatever she does, she will look stylish, glamorous and be in control of her life with just the wave of a hand. Now… Read More

  • Mystery PE Fund Throws A Lifeline To Niche Social Network Sneakerplay

    A new private equity fund has picked up what was left of Sneakerplay, the social network for sneaker fanatics that we deadpooled late last year when its founders pretty much abandoned the service (but kept the website online, hoping for a buyer to step up). The fund, dubbed Keroch, has acquired the assets and IP of Sneakerplay and plans to grow the niche community site to a more relevant property. Read More

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