• CrunchDeals: Harry Potter HD DVD Gift Set for $25

    You may want to pull your HD DVD player’s Craigslist ad if you’re a Harry Potter fan. For only $25, you can get the first five Harry Potter films in glorous high definition with free shipping. And did you see the spectacular gift box? Why wouldn’t you spend $25 on this? Really, tell me one good reason… Deep Discount via dealnews Read More

  • Zoom Zoom: Office 2010 promo video

    Office Team Lead: Guys, we need something really exciting to make people excited about Office 2010.
    Some Office Programmer Guy: Can we call Google to hint at ChromeOS to take the heat off of us when we launch on Monday?
    OTL: Already done. We need a video. Read More

  • Is journalism dead in the 21st Century?

    The Traveling Geeks gathered together for a great turnout (despite the torrential downpours) at the Guardian’s Media Talk (live) podcast. Our agenda was to discuss journalism and it’s rapid change in the 21st Century. Listen here. While more and more newspapers lose their audience and their advertisers, print is quite quickly, becoming obsolete. In the video below you will see… Read More

  • Someone At Apple Has A Sense Of Humor

    No one likes limitations. Though Apple has been opening up more and more of their API with each software update, a good chunk of it is still off limits to anyone outside of their own team of developers. Be it because they’re unstable, unproven, or just outright blacklisted, a number of methods exist that no one but Apple is supposed to use. Of course, people try to use them anyway. Read More

  • DIY continuous ink printer solution

    Printer ink cartridges, like razor blades, are a scam. Manufacturers practically give away printers, and then rob us blind again and again with exorbitant ink prices. Here’s your chance to stick it to The Man by creating a “continuous ink printer”. Never buy ink cartridges again! Read More

  • Location Now Built-In To Google Maps — In Chrome And Firefox

    With many of us using smartphones with GPS now, we’re starting to take for granted applications like Google Maps being able to pinpoint us. But using computer is a different story. Sure, there have been plugins, and things like Google Toolbar, but those are things that most people aren’t going to bother to install. But starting today, location is now built in to Google Maps in… Read More

  • The ZZZ Checker monitors and analyzes your sleeping behavior

    A Japanese company called Spec Computer is selling a cool new gadget that makes it possible for insomniacs to get behind the reason for their sleeplessness. The good thing about the so-called ZZZ Checker [JP] is that in contrast to similar devices, it doesn’t require you to wear anything on your body, for example a wrist band. Read More

  • Scorpion actor confirms third Mortal Kombat movie in the works

    Well this is a sentence I’ve been wanting to write for some time now. There will be a third Mortal Kombat movie. So confirmed the actor who played Scorpion in both Mortal Kombat and Mortal Kombat: Armageddon. Read More

  • We hit the big time! Fake CrunchPads are coming out of China

    Now this is a jolly little happenstance. A Chinese manufacturer is selling what he says is a prototype CrunchPad “internet tablet” made by the inimitable Michael Arlington. Read More

  • Speeding Up RSS

    I’m sorry, but RSS feeds are way too slow. I know this first-hand. As part of my job here at TechCrunch, I monitor a lot of RSS feeds for breaking news. We also produce our own feed and I can see how quickly it propagates to various feed readers and feed-powered news aggregation services. The lag time between posting a story and seeing it pop up in the RSS feed is usually a few… Read More

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