• The Sorry State Of Music Startups

    Online streaming music startups are in one very sorry place. On demand streaming rates range from .4 cents to 1 cent per stream – this is what the startups pay to the labels every time they play a song for a user. Add bandwidth and storage costs on top of that, which aren’t trivial for services that want to stream music quickly on demand. The result is hundreds of millions of… Read More

  • The $70 Million Obopay Deal Is More About The UnBanked Than The Banked

    When news came out earlier this week that mobile payments company Obopay raised another $70 million, effectively doubling its total funding raised to date, some observers were surprised at the sheer size of the round. While others expressed skepticism that mobile payments would ever really take off, at least in the U.S. But the bigger opportunity for Obopay and mobile payments in general is not… Read More

  • Video: LGenius innovations are silly yet stupid

    A profanity filter that replaces swear words with baby laughter? Wholly tone-deaf happiness filter? A viral video designed to convince a demanding public that LG is actually trying? All this, and more, are available in this lumpen video from LG’s marketing department. Read More

  • Android handwriting recognition app coming

    If the thought of turning your G1 90 degrees to the left and THEN sliding the screen up to reveal the keyboard has you chomping at the bit for an alternative input method, you’ll soon be able to use your sweaty, greasy finger to write out simple words – just like a real business man from the 1990s except you’ll be using your finger, not a stylus. Read More

  • Fizy Is The Speedy Gonzalez Of Music Search

    Check it out before it gets blown off the interwebs: Fizy is probably the simplest, most powerful and fastest music search engine I’ve ever seen, and that’s saying a lot. Seemingly designed for mobile browsers rather than traditional web browsers, it lets you dig up virtually any song you’re thinking of and stream it in a heartbeat. It’ll even display an associated video… Read More

  • Dell to offer 192GB PC… for a price

    Intel’s new Nehalem chipset allows for hugenormous amounts of high-speed RAM, a selling point companies like Dell and Cisco are now touting in their latest high-end server systems. Microsoft Vista flavors can support up to 128GB of RAM. Read More

  • Youth Bloggers Network Acquired By Teens in Tech

    Teens In Tech, a blogging network founded by 16 year old Daniel Brusilovsky, has acquired the Youth Bloggers Network (YBN). YBN consists of a network of over 100 young bloggers, and was founded by Patrick DeVivo, who is also a young entrepreneur. The terms of the deal were not disclosed, but given how similar the networks are I suspect that if there was any monetary exchange it was very… Read More

  • Hello Kitty is now 35 and gets a $152,000 figure

    Hello Kitty, the cutest cartoon cat in the world and dream of millions of (mostly) Asian teenage girls, celebrates her 35th birthday soon. Reason enough for Sanrio, the Japan-based company behind Hello Kitty, and luxury brand Swarovski Crystal to produce a Hello Kitty figure of a very special kind. Read More

  • Video: Tag Heuer Caliper Chrono Ti2 is truly weird

    Another bit of news from Tag is the RS2 Caliper chrono Ti2 running the Caliber 36 movement for 1/10th of a second accuracy. The 36 isn’t new – it appeared in 2008 – but the “caliper” system is quite interesting. The dashboard is a stylish black 43mm dial designed for optimum readability and information. The spotlight feature is the exclusive Caliper Rotating Scale… Read More

  • Tag Heuer launches concept Monaco at Basel this year

    Tag has launched a number of retreads and a new concept at Basel this year. The Monaco chronograph, worn by Steve McQueen in the movie Le Mans way back in 1971, is a TH stalwart and they’ve been tweaking the timeless design for years. This year they have a concept chrono with 36,000 bph movement that “floats” inside the case to ensure shock absorption even in a 20 meter… Read More

  • It's official: iPhones 3G now selling without a contract

    Apple stores are selling iPhones 3G without contracts, en masse, for $599 for 8GB and $699 for the 16GB. You can activate the phones in the privacy of your own home or, more importantly, you can downgrade the firmware and unlock them. Read More

  • The new Windows ads ignore what they're selling

    Earlier this evening we saw a new ad come out of the Microsoft hive mind showing Lauren, a charming everywoman, purchasing an HP laptop for $699 after finding that the lowest-priced Mac matching her meagre requirements would cost her nearly double. The resulting commercial is effective in these lean times but isn’t it a bit disingenuous? I’ve often spoken of the PC… Read More

  • New Microsoft ads remind you that being a Mac is expensive

    They’ve got a point on the cost to feature ratio of Macs v. Windows machines in this new Microsoft ad. I have to say, these things are getting a lot better over time. And the price difference is the key weak point in the Apple product lineup. Mac fanatics couldn’t care less. But to a recession-beaten regular computer user, this message is right on the money. “I’m just… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Your Name Is Wild Edition

    Trailer for Where the Wild Things Are: Looks great
    Support Radio: Internet walkie-talkie concept is like audio Twitter
    Recent ‘Mythbusters’ explosion shatters windows up to a mile away Read More

  • MyID.is Now In Public Beta, Aims To Become The Digital Certification Standard

    Digital certification platform MyID.is is taking a crack at offering a way for people to claim their real identity online, in order to be able to prevent ID theft and to verify content they publish on their blogs, social networking accounts, photo & video sharing sites, and so on. Additionally, the site offers (yet another) way to manage your online identity and doubles as a certified… Read More

  • Samsung plops out a Wimax MID

    The Samsung SWD-M100 Mondi is the first Wimax device in the U.S. and hopes to pick up where Nokia’s Wimax tablet, now discontinued in the U.S., left off. Read More

  • If Objects Could Talk They'd Say, "SendMeHome."

    In his book Shaping Things, Bruce Sterling imagines a future where objects are tagged, tracked, and all tell their own stories. He calls these objects “spimes.” I read the book years ago, but it was the first thing I thought of when I visited SendMeHome. The site is wacky but brilliant. It lets you register any object with a unique code, which is printed out on a small sticker… Read More

  • Big Google Product Announcement Coming April 7

    Google is holding one of its occasional “Campfire One” events for developers on April 7. These events, which are held outside on the lawn at Google Headquarters, have always included big product announcements in the past. At a May 2008 Campfire One Google announced details of Friend Connect. A month before that, in April 2008, Google announced App Engine. What will they announce… Read More

  • YouTube Adds A Twitter Button

    Everybody’s doing it. Even YouTube has succumbed to Twitter mania. Below every video if you click on the “Share” link you will find three options: MySpace, Facebook, and now Twitter. You can expand the box for even more sharing options, but those are the main three and Twitter was just recently added. Clicking on the Twitter button opens a pop-up window that takes you to… Read More

  • Twitter re-launches SMS in the UK – But only if you're on Vodafone

    Whispers started to come out today about this, but Twitter has now confirmed that it has re-launched out-going SMS in the UK on a shortcode, but with only one provider, Vodafone. So while Vodafone UK customers will be able to receive SMS updates from Twitter as part of their package, and send for free to begin with, users on other networks will have to wait while Twitter negotiates… Read More

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